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Copyrighted, 1904, by the Frank Queen Publishing Company f Limited*. 

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VOLUME U.-No. 50. 
Prloe 10 Cents. 

Mi$5 CIipper'5 

foals, Personalities ail Counts, 


STAGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


Edward Barton, of "The Limited Mall" 
Company, voices In rhyme the plaint of the 
traveling actor. When the first greetings 
are over between members of the profession 
encountering each other "on the road," at 
railroad stations, In hotels, or on the street, 
the Inevitable question which Is the "catch 
line" of Barton's verses is then nsked. The 
traveling actor, however, Is not alone In the 

P, P. Craft, manager for Conroy & Mack, 
In "The Rising Generation," drops Tai 
Clipper a little line telling how be recently 
saved ten cents on a deal with a transfer 
man, white all the time the man thought he 
was getting the best of the bargain. 

The company made a one night stand at a 
small town in West Virginia. They had left 
most of the baggage in Cumberland, where 
they had played a Ave nights' engagement. 
The agent ahead of them had mnde the iisuul 
baggage contract of twenty cents the round 


right," said Craft, "I accept your 

Manager Craft copied thn following rule* 
and regulations posted on the doors of a 
small hotel In Alton, West Virginia. It will 
Le noted that the restrictions are prohibitive 
of ordinary hotel freedom. Perhaps the land- 
lord la one of the church deacons of the 

"Notice, subject to the Court of Dpilmr 

pany. now en route In the Weat, tells a 
story of an excessive, though an amuatng. 
charge made by the landlady of a boarding 
house where some of the company were stay- 
ing during a one night stand In tho town. 
One of the members had a room with a lire, 
the price being 1 1.60. Another of the com* 
pany bad an adjoining room with no heat. 
Ing resources. As there was a connecting 
door, the two actors took advantage of this 
by leaving It open during tbelr 6tay, thus 
rendering tho tireless room comfortable. 

After the occupant of the room with the 
tiro had settled his account with the land- 
lady the other approached, tendering his 
settlement for his short tenancy of bis room, 
which would bave been cheerless but for the 
courtesy of his neighbor. 

asking and answering of the oft repeated 
question, "Where do you go from here?" for 
the commercial drummer asks and answers 
It fully as often. Those "on the road" will 
appreciate the following lines, written In a 
moment of Inspiration, and sent to Tbb 
Cmffib for these columns, by. Edward Bar- 

Where Do Yon Go Fboh Hebe? 
The oft repeated question . 

That's asked of you and me, 
Is heard the wide world over, 

Wherever we may be. 
We hear It on oar travels, 
We hear It far and near, 
That hard-worked, worn-out chestnut, 
"Where do you go from here?" 

We hear It In the morning, 

Likewise again at night, 
We hear it served for dinner, — 

To avoid it, try we might 
'Tie asked us on the highway, 

In weather dark or clear ; 
Will they put some other query 

Than "Where do you go from here?" 

Qod help the poor old actor, 

Our troubles help us bear; 
Oar paths are rough and stormy 

Enough to turn our hair. 
And when our days are ended, 

And we're stretched out on our bier, 
Let's hope onr mourners will not ask, 

"Where to you go from lurtt" 

ssssst''^ wMBKr •*&^i^' '" 

l? ' WSfefHS 


| L , Jm 'Op'- *•• "^^"^^^VKKfrt 


E?l . // -•>■ ■ 

'■■'- -w^^^'-'^IBm 

I - 





Kara ££ 

r f\ >v? 



'<*-*-'* assTj ' V * 'JaSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBDy\ 

Bpwje-' H 1H 

i&Vv" Wbl-- ■ ^| |P ''^ 

BssnssssKaV»B»llP^f^7 +* i. ^^BW^ssssWasssssI 

Wr ' iSCL- anfuj ■ 'jbW W ' ' Mm 


sssT am 'iW 


8 M HlmII' 4Pm 

IKsfiiisV vnaWBH 

1 ft* Am PP'^aiBi«LSi 

CEtifetmvMF ' 'Jr #* l !Cp4j||n^»»!l 



■1 wLmmjB l^™li 

11 wlmWFjrWmtl 


11 LWrnmnw-^mm 

liuQsf l^flaWl 

\B*m M W ^R&Bmw^t/iim 1111 

asm fJl m¥ Jk * ' ,'i-i T, r' assssaWS— ■/ JAiMM IB'/. 1 ,: 

■ 8 MjA m»m " m Ktt£9 Lvsag 

fip r\ a» <sfg|| 

ml imSrjm wmmTM 

HLJbii^ . --3S Jr Jsal /• 

trip. When the company alighted from the 
train, which left only eight trunks on the 
platform, the transfer man approached Man- 
ager Craft, and In disappointed tones asked : 

"And Is that all your baggage T 

"Tea," was Craft's answer, "we needed 
only that much for this stand." 

"But your agent said you had thirty 
pieces," said the man ; "you couldn't eipect 
a fellow to haul only eight, trunks at twenty 
cents the round trip." 

"Well, how much do you want?" ssked 
the manager, quite willing to pay a reason 
able advance. 

"Well," said tbe man, making a hurried 
mental calculation, "I can't do the Job for 
a cent leas than a dollar and a half." 

"Is that your final decision 7" asked Craft, 
smiling Inwardly. 

"That Is," was the firm reply. 

"All persons stsy out of the kitchen. No 
drinking allowed In tbe house or on tbe 
premises. No vulgarity. No swearing. No 
gaycty, romping or rowdy'ng, and no shoot- 

"All persons thst are drunk or intoxicated 
will stay out They are not wanted, and 
we bave no place for such persons. 

"Visitors will only be admitted to tbe door 
and there they must mske tbelr business 

"Each boarder will go to tils room, but 
will not admit any visitors. 

"Also all rooms up stairs will be locked 
on Sunday. 

"If any one thinks they cannot abide by 
these rules please stay away." 

Cecil J. Lionel, of Hoyt's Comedy Com- 

The landlady, after accepting the amount 
agreed upon, Ihon hold out hor band, and 
curtly sold : 

"I'lfty cents extra, please." 

"I "or what?" naked tbe surprised actor, 
unaware of having Incurred any additional 

■Tor beat," was the terse reply. 

"Ilut thore was no fire In my room," re- 
monstrated the actor. 

"But you bad tho door opon Into your 
friend's room," said tho careful landlady, 
"and I want fifty centa extra for the 'hot 
air' that went Into your room from bis." 

When Lionel settled his lire bill tbe land- 
lady magnanimously Informed him that she 
was charging only for tbe coal and wood con- 
sumed, and that sho never charged anything 
for the "uae of the stove." 

There Is a certain playwright In tbe pro- 
fession who has a far higher estimate of 
bis own work than bare bla friends. One 
day at the Lambs' Club not long ago, while 
exploiting one of his plays that had ones 
been presented for two consecutive nights, 
he grandly exclaimed : 

"At all events, though my play had not a 
long run, It waa heralded with a big 'flourish 
of trumpets.'" 

"They must hove been penny trumpets," 
was the satirical rejoinder of one of the 
group, a remark which happily was not loud 
enough for Uw would-be playwright to hear. 



Febeuaey 6. 



(.Continued from B. 0. it.) 


"The Bev. Horatio Bolton has new, per- 
haps, received his Just due of honor as a 
pioneer of the modern problem. In Germany 
be seem* to have been chiefly known through 
the medium of Alexandre; but most of the 
beat work la actually dated later than the 

fublkatloo at Alexandre's great collection. 
n England fair too little attention baa been 
given to the history of the problem, and Bol- 
ton has too often been regarded merely aa tbe 
last of the composers of long problems after 
tbe fashion of Mendhelm. ft Is, In fact, 
true that Bolton was essentially a composer 
of long problems at a time when tbe prob- 
lem In more tban Ave moves was fast be- 
coming eccentric, and of seventy positions by 
him given In Alexandre's collection only six 
ure In less than Ave moves, while only 
eighteen are In less tban six. His earlier 
work Included conditional problems In 44, 
51 and 67 moves, respectively. Tbe compo- 
sition of such monstrosities he abandoned 
later, but In bla later work the proportion 
of. long problems la at least aa high as It 
was earlier. His last .published problem was 
In 24 moves. (This, 'The Propeller,' we have 
given.) He composed no two-en, and rela- 
tively very few conditional problems. 

"It must be observed that the tendency 
to shorten tbe problem did not arise directly 
from the abandonment of realism or plans! 
blllty. Tbe sacrifice of plausibility merely 
made It easier than before to compose short 
problems capable of giving to a solver tbe 
pleasures of effort and of admiration. This, 
of course, Involved an Increase In tbe num- 
ber of such problems ; but that Increase was 
directly due to other causes. It waa due to 
the attempt to obtain pure and economical 
mates, and to tbe desire for strategical unity 
and brilliancy of point ; and It was due to 
tbe desire to obtain variation of value and 
an lncreaae in atragetlc aubtlety by tbe use 
of quiet moves. 

"In bo far aa Bolton was a composer of 
long problems In tbe style of Mendhelm or 
of Bone, and in so far as he adhered to the 
doctrine of plausibility, he was not so much 
tbe head of a school aa an Isolated reaction- 
ary. But adherence to the realistic theory 
of the problem was merely a tendency In 
him, and a tendency from which he constantly 
freed himself In order to give full play to his 
invention. He waa an experimenter at once 
on tbe old and along the new lines. His 
practice waa on tbe whole far less realistic 
than that of Anderaaen. It was not essen- 
tially reactionary; It was rather of tbe na- 
ture of an attempt to combine the new Ideals 
with the construction of long problems. For 
the character of tbe mating position he, In- 
deed, cared little, nor did he aim at obtain- 
ing variation of value for Its own sake, even 
though owing to bis free use of quiet moves 
some amount of variation la a common feat- 
are In his problems. Like Andorisen, he was 
essentially a strategical composer; but be 
was superior to Anderssen In tbat bis power 
of Invention was less fettered by considera- 
tions of plausibility, and In that be made a 
more careful and economical use of Black 
pieces. As an exponent of essentially pro- 
blematic strategy lie stood, I think, higher 
than any of his contemporaries." 
(To he oonHnuerf.) 
We can not resist adding the only 4. . of 
the author under treatment given in "Eng- 
lish Chess Problems," though It may not 
especially Illustrate Mr. Allen's theme. Like 
our Enigma Part I, the great masters who 
complied that work must have Judged them, 
at least, among the best of the Rev. Bol- 
ton's work In their No. of moves. — iEt>. Clip- 

* 1 I H ft ft 

QRsq.KKtsq, KRO, K B 0, QR2, QKI3. 

*'« 1 I ft ft ft 

KBsq, KBwi, KKt3.QR9.QRtJ, B.B2. KR3. 
White to play and mate In four moves. 

Problem No. 2,4»n. 

"A tendency towards real Ism, and much 
admired at the time of Its publication. 



may aay that Part I of this Enigma Is the 
only specimen of Mr. Bolton's 5-movos se- 
lected for that standard work, "Bnglleh Chess 
1'roblems." Of Part II Mr. Allen says: "A 


remarkable problem of the type that borders 
on tbe end-game, and Is not In Bolton's style, 
but la a quite admirable thug of its kind." 

K. J, KB J,, ML 
KB 4. 

** ft ft 

II. QR4. QB8, KR4. 

Whl.e mates In Ave. 

("The Approaefia.") 

6 * & 

KBsij, KB4, KK'.S. 

& « ft 

KR7, KKtO, KKta. 
wnito mates In 11. 

A French antbor l» already engaged on department for .Amsterdam, where he It due 

the short olay for Mme. Rejane and Mr. to open on Saturday. 

Wall?? In which It appears the (popular Bug- I Tjear from the Hemtrandt, Amsterdam 

Clipper Bureaiu, Han actor iS tbe ■forr suddenly BT llll l l very favorable accounts of the work of Euffi 

48 Cranbonrne street, ••«" . herome |. B French woman, and Doyle. 

Leicester Sauare, iSdrons his native language to converse James Valdare has an Interesting articl. 

London. W. C. 'V * P true Parisian .cant I see that In the current number of The Uule iiali 

Jan. 13, 1904. X'"L a 'X ,,,<£" to be plunged Into descriptive of his experiences In the far East.' 

Tbe terrible results of the recent Chicago Jhcatrical litigation with her husband and Harry Houdlnl has been performing ion- 

Are seam to have Inspired a perfectly un- ute manager, M. Porel, has been telling an ders as a Jail breaker In Newcastle. He Is 

reasoning terror Into the hearts of theatrl- Interviewer that Mr. Waller "speaks French getting as much space In the local pane™ 


To Correspondents. 

Da. BcitAcritn. — A long time coming. 

C. A. Baker— Have written you. 

W. Sewaiid. — Contributions received with 
t banks. 

Miss Nellie Baynes. — B Is compelled to 
Jump, as A, according to rule 17, "Lee's 
Guide," can force the Jump or Justly claim 
the gome If B refuses to Jump tbe offered 

cal audiences all over Europe. Reports ore 
continually to band of Incipient panics aris- 
ing from the most unlikely and frequently 
Inexcusable causes. A few days ago there 
was on occurrence of this kind In the Hip- 
podrome at Antwerp, where a slight smoke 
from a cigarette end being thrown upon a 
small piece of paper gave rise to an outcry 
of Are. With great presence of mind the con- 
ductor of the orchestra struck up a valse, 
which bad tbe eject of reassuring the terri- 
fied audience and preventing any serious 
damage. The most noticeable fact of the occur- 

very well, and has made great progress; 
so thafa all right. ' 

Gertrude Kingston has postponed her pro- 
duction of "The Perils of Flirtation,' at 
tbe Avenue, from the afternoon of 19 nntli 
the following Tuesdsy. 

At the annual dinner of the 0. P. Club, 

as tbe Russia-Jap war. 


Montgomery. — At the Montgomery The 

atre_(Hlrscher Bros., managers). — "The Karl 

At the annual dinner of the i u. r. w™i. of Pawtucket," Jan. 18, had good business. 
Axed for Sunday, Feb. 14. at the Criterion .. A | pnon ge and Gaston" 20. W. H. \u?,h 
restaurant. Arthur Bourchler Will reply to Mi niltre i.. 22. to srood return*. r,„.. '* 

restaurant, Arthur Bourchler 

.v.- »_a»» n# '>1*t,a n,nml " 

tbe toast of "The Drama," and Anthon) 
Hope to that of "The Visitors." 

,! The Finishing school" Is the title whlcb 
Max Pemberton has chosen for his new cos- 

rence wsb that, although there were plenty tume come dy, which will be produced In the 

Spring. The play is in four acts, and the 
cast will Include Annie Hughes, Ben Webster 
and Edmund Maurice. 

Ada Reeve wll! tour the provinces during 
the Spring season, with "The Girl in Grey, 
"Ma Couslne" (which la perhaps Mme. tte- 

Xcin of tbe Game, 
A. L. Oliver, of Reading, Mass., recently 
visited New York and toe checker club, 
ii nd made good scores Tbe Lon- 
don Draughts' League is about to commence 
a tournament under rules of the English 
Draughts' Association, provided they can 
obtain a sufficient numbers of entries at balf 
a guinea. The whole amount received. In- 
cluding any subscriptions, will be given In 

the monetary prizes The Liverpool 

Mercury says: "Tbe task of tbe Massachu- 
setts enthusiasts In trying to arrange a 
match — Great Britain va. united States — is 
a formidable one. If It costs something like 
£120 to play a team match between England 
and Scotland, which Includes no compensa- 
tion to players, how much would be required 
for a match at Boston, which would Involve 
return fares, hotel expenses, and remunera- 
tion for three or four weeks for BrltlBh play- 
ers, and smaller, but still heavy, expenses 
for the American representatives? The chess 
cable match 1b cheaper (ban this would be." 

Solution of Position No. 47, Vol. Bl. 

nt w. seward, hew tobe. 

Black 5 7 8 12 18 

White IB 10 26 29 31 

White to play and draw. 

26 23 81 24 29 25 IS 10 10 IB 

18 27 BO 7 11 11 16 Drawn 

Position No. 48, Vol. Bl. 

Bnd game between two New York amateurs. 
Black 10 11 12 13 23 

of emergency exits In perfect working order, 
with one accord the whole mass erf people 
rushed to the main entrance, and refused to 
take the slightest notice of directions posted 
over the theatre for their safety. 

Captain Hood's new comedy, "Love In a 
Cottage," Is in four acta, whlc' 
scenes laid 
tie of an .. 

rolne, Nora, a peasant girl, to be unperson 
ated by Dorothy Drake. Among the promt 
iient members of the cast at Terry's will be 
Brandon Thomas as the Earl of Klnoetb, 
Frank Cooper as Captain O'Brien, D. 3. 0. ; 
Vane Tempest as Charlie Ponsonby, Roslna 
Flllppl aa the earl's sister, Lady Margaret, 
and Miriam Clments, Evelyn Beaumont and 
Janet Alexander as his daughters, Sheila, 
Fabvlcla and Eileen. 

Neit month Mr. Tree will send out two 

Minstrels, 22, to good returns. Creator? 
and his band, 23 (matinee and night) brd 
good business. Capt Jack Crawford the 
poet-Bcout, In the lecture for organized chari. 
ties. 26 ; Rose Melville, In "81a Hopkins " -'a 
McDonald's Theatre (G. F. McDooaV 
manager). — Coming: Payton 8lsters, In reV 
ertory, 28-30 (matinee and nlgbt). v 

Blraalnayham. — Jefferson Theatre (It s 

Douglas, manager). — "Alphonse and Gastoa" 
P" 1b" Infour acts, which have their .^iV £«.';.,♦ 'success' In ''the'Frenchy and {}!«*»*£ a , Dl * S°? 8e , 18 -. k B °? e S°,?hlan, In 
aid In a Mayfalr drawing room, In a . an n e i? v g h^ Frank Barrett at present called r 'The Greatest Thing In the World,' 7 was as. 
used as officers' quarters" In the cas- » »'|L *L * R ^™., S ■■ P £ onled a ^"^ enth !" la » tl = reception 10. 

m mtI and in the cottage of the be- A 8€t or J 40 * 01 - 8 - by a large audience. W. H. Crane ncrensed 

*"' " " Rejane, Granler and Coquelln will come n f g popnKrlty h ere 20, 21, by bis spleud 'd 

lo London this season. Bernhardt and Had- i mptrso natlon of Peter Bines, In "The Spend- 
ing are uncertain, but Duse Is $ e tfaln. era » HIg excellent company materially as- 
Frank Curzon has decided to follow The B | rtea j,| m- Denman Thompson, In "The Old 

Girl from Kay's. 

at the Comedy Theatre. Homestead," to 8. B, 0.. 22. West's Mln 
a musical piay, wnii.n gtreIs won faTor and -^ business 23. Com 
lng: Creatore 25, "Dora _ Thome" 

I ■*■ ■ J 

■ *D ■ ■ 


• 17 

18 10 

22 30 


White to play 

ind draw. 


No. 48, 

Vol. SI. 

musTOL cross. 


McGIll endeavors to correct Messrs. 

Cowle a 

nd Walker In The Qlasaow Weekly 


11 10 

8 IB 

11 16 

27 81 IB 18(a) 

23 18 

2(1 22 

18 14 

16 2 7 

10 20 

7 11 


31 26 18 22 

24 10 

22 18 

23 14 

6 10 7 10 

10 14 

IB 22 

16 23 

26 19 23 27 

26 23 

2B 18 

27 18 

10 14 17 14 

8 11 

2 7 

22 25 

19 10 27 31 

22 17 

20 2B 

32 27 

14 16 14 9(6) 

6 10 

14 17 

2B 29 

12 10 6 14 . 

17 IS 

21 14 

27 23 

18 15 10 26 


10 17 

7 11 

10 23 13 9 

31 20 

26 21 

21 17 

IB 10 22 17 

3 8 

17 22 

20 24 

8 11 Drawn. 

28 24 

19 IB 

14 10 

10 7 

11 IB 

4 8 

24 27 

11 15 

18 11 

24 10 

10 1 


24 10 

7 2 

IB 10 

28 82 

15 10 31 26 

2 7 

15 18 

is e 

16 80 23 

10 24 

32 27 

10 15 

10 15 15 18 

7 10 

18 22 


22 17 Drawn 

24 28 

27 24 

23 27 

27 31 

10 15 

14 17 

6 1 

9 13 

17 13 

22 20 

B 9 

13 17 17 22 

30 23 

S 2 

10 14 

14 18 Drawn 


20 2B 

25 21 

21 25 


2 6 


10 14 


Willie Edoufn produced laat year at the 
Kennlngton Theatre, and which Is now In 
the provinces. When it appears at the 
Comedy Mr. Edouln will, of course, resume 
his original part. Owen Hall Is also en- 
caged upon a new play for Mr. Curzon, 
v-hlch he baa already provisionally named 

•Sergeant Brue,' - In which t>» ej MjC.pMI „„„„ -iTHixB, (B . ^ vniiiams. 
Is being written especially for Willie Edouln. ger).— Business for week of Jan. 18-23 

Bert Coote will present, on Feb. 8, at the ■ 
Camden Theatre, for the Prst time In Eng- 
land, "An Actor's Romance," by Theo. 

A cooyrlght performance of a new four 
act play, by Gladys Tinker, called "Richard 
Hrlnsley Sheridan," was clven at the Gar- 
rlck Theatre last Monday. The play, of 
which Arthur Bourchler holds the English 
rights, will bo produced shortly In America 
by Charles Frobrrmu 

27. 28, 
The Earl of Pawtucket" 30, Al. Wilson 
Feb. 1, 2, "Peck's Bad Boy" 4, "In tbe 
Palace of the King" B, Adellna Pattl 6, "Sis 
Hopkins" 8, 9, Sadie ilartinot, In "The 
Second Mrs. Tanqneray," 10 ; Four Cohans 
11, and Nat C. Goodwin 12. 
Bijou Theatbb (E. E. Williams, mana- 
week of Jan. 18-23 was 
unusually good. Howard Hall, supported 
by a competent company, presented "Tbe 
Man Who Dared," ana gave excellent satis- 
faction. Wells-Dunne-Harlan Co., In "A Milk 
White Flag," 26-30, and same company, in 
"A Contented Woman," Feb. 1-6, to be fol- 
lowed by "The Lighthouse by the Sea" 8-13. 

Selma. — At the Academy of Music (Long 
t Bees, managers). — "The Earl of Paw- 
tucket'' Jan. a), came to good business. 
^!„. Be J..« S25^S K° M Cogblan played, to good business, 21. 
to play the part of an actor manager in Creatore ig Ban( J 21, "Sis HoDklnB" 28, "Gay 
The Love Birds," the comic ^opera^pj Mr Qoiogteij," 30, Pay ton Sisters Feb. 1-4, 

George Fuller Golden has been engaged 
Dpen . 
M~e86rs.~George Groesmlth Jr. and Rayjnoud 

Roze, whlcb Is to be produced at the Savoy 
early next month. 

. In these days sentiment In regard to 
modern bricks and mortar Is obviously out 
of place, nevertheless it comes as a bit of 
a pang to know that the fate of tbe Ly- 
ceum baa been decided, and tbat the cheery 
housebreaker will soon be at bis Iconoclastic 
work on a building In which was Inaugu- 
rated, by Henry Irving, the artistic re- 
generation of the English atage. Tho site 
Is to be occupied by a new music hall, with 
a Winter garden, a restaurant and prome- 
nade attached, and it Is to be run on the two 
shows a night system. The promoters are 
obviously reckoning without their license, as 
there can be no certainty that they v;il> 
obtain It. On the contrary, I should Imagine 
that It will be odds against. Perhaps, how- 
ever, they ar-3 following In the policy of 
the New Coliseum, which Is to be run on 
the American plan. London managers have 
not yet realized what a menace this new 
Institution Ib to be to tbe theatre proper. 
I understand It la to be run on tbe highest 
lines of the American family music ball, 
which does not take Into consideration any 
excise privileges whatsoever. That It Is 
meant to make a bold stroke for tbe best 
of all patronage, that Is, the family trade. 
Is proved by the fact that they are already 
seeking the best classic tulont. It Is only 
quite recently tbat tbey looked as high as 
Marie George, to whom they offered a two 
3 ears' continuous engagement. 

The sensational feat ■ entitled "Looping 
Through Space." performed for the Orst time 
ut the Empire during the week by Mr. Bar- 
bour, the well known trick 'cyclist, combines 
the features of the loop riding of Dlavolo 
and the Alght through air by the lady rider 
at the Cyratal Palace. Mounted on his bl 
cycle, the daring performer descends a steep 
Incline at lightning speed, leaps eighteen 
feet through space, hanging head downward, 
and reaches the Aoor again on a far side of 
the stage In tbe wings. Unlike the break lu 
the track at the Crystal Palace, the break In 
the path does not take - place during tbe 
downward path of the 'cycle, or even at the 
point where It begna to rash upwards. It 
Is made at the point where tbe bicycle on Its 
path upward round the spiral loop has 

'The Runaways" 8, "Peck's Bad Boy" 10, 
Sadie Martinot 11. 


Manchester. — At the Opera House (E. 
W. Harrington, manager). — Fay Davis, In 
"Whitewashing Julia," Jan. 20. "Girls Wll' 
Be Girls" Feb. 4. 

Park Thbatbe (John Stiles, manager) — 
"The James Boys in Missouri" was the at- 
traction Jan. 25-27, and was followed by 
"Midnight In Chinatown" 28-30. Coming: 
"The Runaway Wife" Feb. 1-3, Dainty I'aree 
Burlesquers 4-6, Moonlight MaldB 8-10. 

The Casino (Fred C. Bowen, manager). 
— Week of Jan. 25 : Fowler and Weal, the 
Beanos, Grace Durran, and Laura Logan. 
Business continues good. 

Notes. — Katheryn Brayham and her com- 
pany were rehearsing some new plays 
such as "The Village Grocer" and "When 
Women Love," at tbe Newport, N. H., Opera 
House. The opening of their Spring tour 

was Jan. 28 "A Village Fool" canceled 

at tbe Park Theatre, and "Midnight in 

Chinatown" was booked Jan. 28-30 

The Charity Warblers Minstrels, composed 
of the elite of our local talent, will enter- 
tain at tbe Opera House Feb. 2, 3. tor the 
benefit of the Elliott Hospital. .. .The mar- 
riage of F. Beaumler, of Webster, Mass., and 
Etta May Winn Is of recent date. Miss 
Winn Is well known In this section, having 
headed her own company, and being more re- 
cently with the Taylor Stock Co Man- 
ager Stilea, of the Park Theatre, left for a 
trip to New York Jan. 28. 

* >» 



The well known European Juggler, sailed 
for this country on Jan. 23. He opens Feb. 
8 at Hyde & Behman'a, Brooklyn! with a 
tour of twenty weeks to follow. Mr. Spa- 
donl cornea to the United States with the 

Butte — At the Broadway (Dick Sutton, 
manager).— J. H. Utcddart, In "The Bonnlt 
Brier Bush," came Jan. 22, 23, to good 
business. Pattl, 25, had a big sale, with 
tickets running aa high aa $8. Kilties 
Band 29, followed by Dan Sully. 

Grand and Empire (Dick Sutton, man 
ager). — These two vaudeville houses continue 
to do big business at popular prices, and 
present some really interesting and gocd 

■Dick Sutton Is providing his Broad- 

reacbed'ltB highest point, so ihat the '"cyclist psw boose wl&"*iF the v 'lateBt""aafeguards, 
actually Alee throug the air ,bend_ downward. | ncre aslng exits, etc. 



White to play and mate In five moves. 

Game No, 2,453. 
It has been so long since wo have given 
any Australian chess that a sonic — Christen- 
Bon vs. Jonas — 1b welcome. Their match was 
Ave up, and stood 3 eneli, with 1 draw. The 
8th game ram thus. — Sydney Morning Her- 


Formerly known as "Little Elsie," began her 
theatrical career about four years ago, at the 
Casino, New York City, she being tea years 
of age. Unlike most stage children, she doea 
not como from a theatrical family, but her 
mother, who Is her constant companion, has 
given her every advantage, and she has de- 






Mr. Jonas. 


■r. Jonas. 


y to Kits 








19.. U *P-f- 







Q Kt-B 3 

Q-RS + 




1..KPX P 

KKtv P 

J3..Q VBP 

Kt-B 3 

8.. Castles 





OB V Kt 


10..KI P <B 


q r-q B(j 
PR r. 






KBt R4 






8l..Kt-K« + 

K R-K R(| 




R-Q 7, and 


work seems to justify the title. She has 
mnde rapid progress In the profession, but 
tho law preventing children under alxteen 
years of age has barred her almost entirely 
from appearing In New York City. On 
March Iff, 1005, however, the ban will be re- 
moved, as she will then be the required age, 
nnd she will then be able to present her 
clever specialty without fear of Interference 
from the rigor of tbe law. 


— Emerald Stock Co. Notes : We gave our 
Arst performance at Mlddlcport, N. Y., on 
Jan. IB, presenting tho play, "Human 
Hearts." The show waa well put on, and 
waa thoroughly enjoyed by the large audi- 
ence present. The bill Is a strong one. Our 
roster Is as follows : W. D. Bartlett. proprie- 
tor ; I. F. Bartlett, manager ; W. A. Aiklnson, 
representative : Mra Bartlett, treasurer; Ed- 
win Wentworth, stage manager ; A. J. Sheo- 
hen, props; Miss Wentworth, music dlrec- 
A. C. Dcllcnbach. T. H. Davles, Clarence 

Last Saturday night "Tbe Moon Spell" 
finished Its run at the Tlvoll. It baa died, DELAWARE, 

not of any lack cf public appreciation or ' 

want of merit In Itself, but of theatrical wn m i„»t om —At the Grand Oocra 

pressure. Tbe Theatrical Proprietors' Abso- H onae Mes^ k HpTsViIs manaeer) - Ethel 

> a^iaTp^l^^^k^'S &or\ri1>?Co»^^ 

,W™iS2 MfcS^h,. r^rfr muBljC^UeUhCB^und the TlvollXctors f u t jfc Or7 Jll S! rf 2 3 rman R C 1 e eha a r n d MaTaflelHn 

^engaged him during his recent wlMlT preferring a cheap discretion to a f^^^^^^wM^Mlliiam 

2B. Francis WllBon and his eight co-stars. 
In "Ermlnle," 27, was one of the most de- 
lightful performances ever given In this city, 
and had tbe largest audience of the season. 
Booked: Aubrey Stock Co., In repertory, 
week of Feb. 1. 

Dockstadeb's Gabrick Thbatbb (W. u 

Docks tader, manager). — Since the opening 

;—;_.■■—;= -7-- yu ,gu, of this house Manager Dockatader has been 

in The Darllnjr n of Harry Leopold, of the original Leopold doing an enormous business. His attrac- 

■■--■' Troupe. Mr. Leopold, who waa fifty years tlons ore first class, and audiences large. 

of age, will be burled Friday, at Hlgbgate. Many times the S. R, 0. sign has been dls- 

Harry Cadle, the London agent, wno baa played. For week of Jan. 25 : Aga, Julia 

Introduced a numlier of our star performers klngsley and Nelson Lewis, Armstrong anil 

to England, pays New York another visit Holly, Foster and dog, Mike; Hanley and 

ne S,7_ mo , nth V- , „. * . , Leslie, Eldredge. Kenyon and De Carmp, and 

Tbe Swlckards open at the Oxford and ' 

reputation of being one of tbe best Jugglers 
In the business, aa he Juggles with 
heaviest tl: 
trip abroad, 

?rovlnclal companies, one In "The Darling of 
he Gods," and tbe other In revivals of pant 
successes at His Majesty's. Oscar Asche. 
William Havlland, Lionel Brough and Con. 

wisely preferring a cheap 
costly valor, have asked Philip Yorke to 
withdraw "The Moon Spell." 
Frank and Jen Latoua have returned to 

England after a brilliantly successful tour 
In South Africa. They are now la the prov- 
inces. On Feb. 24 they run over to Amer- 

given ner every aavanrage, auu bub uub ub- wmtaui uktuuuu, wn-u« wwmu *»uu *. V u- mcee. via rea. £.* mej ma over 10 amer- 

vcloped into a remarkable Imitator In spite stanice Collier will figure In the latter, and lea to All an eight weeks' engagement Then 

of her tender years. She haa been termed tbe plays selected for representation are they come to England again, 

"the American ClBsy Lof tus," and her clever "Twelfth Night," "Julius Cesar 'and "The The death took place at Glasgow, on Jan. 

Merry Wives of Windsor. 

of the Gods" Lily Brayton will appear as tbe 

Princess Yo-San, and Robert Fateman aa 


After a period of eight montba the Savoy 
Theatre 1b announced to be reopened shortly 
with "The Love Blrda" During tbe In- 
terregnum tbe theatre baa undergone many 
alterations and improvements, which must 
add considerably to the comfort and con- 
venience of Its patrons. Nor haa the safety 
of visitors been overlooked. The decorations 
are on a aumptuous scale. Tbe foyer and 
the theatre generally have been redecorated, 
the original color scheme, however, having 
been retained A large number of new 
exlta arc also a feature of tbe Improvements, 
and It may be mentioned that, owing to the 
nature of tbe ground at this part of the 
Strand, which elopes considerably to the 
embankment level. It has been possible to 
make the exlta In such positions aa to en- 
able the occupants of tho gallery, the upper 
circle, and the dress circle each to reach 

••A Mleses Sparkler." 

In a simultaneous exhibition at New Or- 
leans. — TlrM«-Domo. 


Mleses. 0, W. Field 
l..PtoK4 FtoK.4 



O Kt-B 8 
K Kt-B 3 

KM. 6 

Kty p 

Q Kt-Kt 6 

it x i 

p-y B3 


Mioses. 0. w. Field. 
ll..PtoKR3 Pt»KR4 
12..KtV.It QPXKt 
1X.K PvKt KB-B4 
14..UBK3 RPXP 
l.'...htxK liriiy B-f 
l6..KtXB MS 

it. Q-hcrei P-Rto 

1S..4J.KI 0-4- K-QBq 
l»..Klt-q-r B-Q2 
20.. R D-t- KXR.and 

tor, . 

v*™ 1 r^ r elvn C You , n<^.nd Cr Ll«le m Le°sile e »• .treet direct, and practically on tbe 
»s «& y^rs'of on/who 1 «. *?J J-"*,™* ,» 'j,^,^^ 1 "!,^ 
xtrong part In every bill. Our specialties 
■ire a feature, and never fall to make good. 
Our repertory Is as follows: "Human 
llenrts,'" "Nlobe," "Enst Lynne" and "The 
Crime of a Night." We are booked up Bolld 
until Mny 1, playing usually three night 
Mauds. Our territory lies through New York 
nnd Pennsylvania, with a Canadian Summer 
lour to follow. We received elghty-sovcn re- 
plies in response to our "ad" In Clipper 
under date of Dec. 2B. 
♦ ■ » 

conditions exist at any other theatre lu the 

Owen Hall has written tbe "book" for a 
musical play, called "The Little Cherub," 
which satlrltes the erase for private the- 
atricals. Howard Talbot will compose the 
music, nnd the piece is to follow "Madams 
Sherry" at tho Apollo Theatre — If ever that 
attractive lady's charm should fade. 

When "Letty" ends at the Duke of York's 

Tlvoll next Monday. This will be their first 
Introduction to London audiences. They 
have recently returned from a successful 
trip to South Africa, and are Just closing 
their Arst engagement on tbe Moaa and 
lhornton tour. 

"Three of a Kind," which proved such an 
unqualified success in Its production at tbe 
Canterbury last week, continues a feature 
of the current bill at that hall. 

The taste for English music halls, or 
"variety palaces" on English lines, la evi- 
dently spreading to the continent, and Tom 
Harrasford Is off to Paris to superintend the 
reopening of the old Chateau d'Eau, of 
the gay city. Mr. Barrasford will be the 
first Englishman to run a French place of 
amusement entirely his own, and tbe ex- 
periment will be Interesting. By the way, 
Mr. Barrasford It named as the manager or 
the New Lyceum when It la opened as a 
two houses a nlgbt music hall. Hugh Ash- 
ley, so well known in connection with the 
Pavilion, will also be connected with the 
Lyceum, revised version. 

Collins and Hart, a genuinely funny 
comedy couple, liavo made an undeniable 
"hit" at tbe Tlvoll. They figure in the pro- 

the Five Nosses. Week of Feb. 1: Mattle 
Kcene and company, in "Her First Divorce 
Case," and others. . 

Ltceum (Burt A Nlcolal, managers).-- 
"Why Girls Leave Home" did excellent busi- 
ness 25-27. Blddlo Broa, In "A Desperate 
Chance," bad good houses 28-30. Booked. 
"Too Proud to Beg" Feb. 1-8, "Child Slaves 
of New York" 4-6. 


Denver. — At the Broadway Theatre (Peter 
McCourt, manager). — Week of Jan. 28, The 
Girl With the ureen Eyes." Business good. 
Week of Feb. 1, Howard Kyle, In "Rose- 

Tabor Grand (Peter McCourt, manager). 
—Week of Jan. 24, "Yon Yonson." Business 
la good. Week of 81, the Brothers Byrne, 
In the "New Eight Bells." 

Obphedu Theatbb (Lee Haney, mana- 
ger).— Week of Jan. 2B: Mclntyre and 
Heath, Merlan's dogs, Elliabeth Murray, Ed- 
F. Reynard, Victor Moore and Emma Lltt'c- 
field, Melanl Trio, and Alburtus and Millar 
played to crowded houses. 

Niw Cbibtai, Thbatbe (Geo. Ira Adam", 
manager). — Week of 25 : Meyer and Mason. 

'Captain Dieppe," by Anthony Hope and gramme there again this week, and are also Joseph Bryant, Orr and Monro, the Musical 
Harrison Rhodes, will be staged. 

White announced mate In 7 moves It 

Bro. Seguln has coined a new word, and 
a good one. 

i: ii I urn a No. 2,4B>3. 


In addition to Mr. Allen's Illustrations we 

Portland, Oregon, in Winter. 

Portland Is n charming place. Its climate 
Is mild, Its location unique. Steamships ply 
between Portland and San Francisco via the 
Columbia Hirer to Astoria, thence the Pa- 
cific Ocean. Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and ML 
Rainier are all to be seen from Portland. 

Portland and all Oregon points best 
reached by superior train service of New 
York Central and Its connections. 

Having failed to secure a West End the- 
atre for^'The Breed of the Treabams." Mar- 
tin Harvey will go on tour again, atartlng 
at the King's, Hammersmith, about the mid- 
dle of February. 

Cbarlea Wyndham haa secured a new 

Slay by Henry Hubert Davles, and will pro- 
uce It at the New Theatre at the begin- 
ning of April, Charles Frohman haa al- 
ready purchased the American rlghta of this 

Cra ' 

at tbe London, Shoredltch. 

>andall and htsj mule will shortly have 
completed a highly ruccessful eight weeks' 
season at the Hippodrome. He then sails 
for America to Join the Barnum Show. 

Hale and Frances continue successfully at 
tbe Alhambra. They have been offered un- 
limited work on thla side. 

Keno, Welch and Montrose have arrived 
In London, and open next Monday at the 
Shepherd's Bush Empire. 

Sldonla Is another recent arrival. He haa 

Harts, Bessie and Arthur Krona, Jack and 
Paul, and Emma La Molne had crowded 

Novxltt Thbutm (Henry Lnbelskl, man- 
ager). — Week of 25: Cummlnga and wire. 
Babe Stevens, Great Westln, Vernon si" 1 
Kennedy Trio, Lyne and Leonard, Ben Jack- 
Bon, nnd V. P. McPherson played to crowded 

— George B. Berrell goes with "An 0>lresi 

to Millions." 





Militant to obierce the citablUhcd rule of 
truing on one tide of the paper only, to 
uaure publication. 

fat opening In tliis'elt 

i if 3"W ln tul » city by several bonnw..i «..7J X™ « songs iniroaucea met with in- with eTery audience before which he bus ap- 

(tollars. Monday and mat night's ha?ln« 2?. ££f.5. Th .* St^SH ln ■ *>» P** wd ' » nd ■ proving a valuable addition 

has almost doubled that of last aeaaon a^S J.» a , 2S2'ftS°\ t0 "*■ <>**'«■>. «">d »>e " »a "'ready excellent company. Geo. 1 

continue to 32 ™,SiL a i}i er tt", ■ B0W waa 0M lon « t0 ta **- 8,llter ' «■» venerable character man, also 

22 -atanaaS *' *<»• ^* WaglSTwsl EBCSJ*!. fct Joined recently, and a_ atronger company 

the outlook la that It will 

so throughout (be engagement 

-Notes from the Dot Karroll Co. : Dur- Ackarnwn, of the California Theatre seemed r«nd n^J. m 8, t0 S ead thelr . ,toclc "L the would . ba hard t0 nnd - 0ur recent ""Jvertlne- 

-*\ N. H., highly elated over the excellent : Erod^R™ S^.. .! 1 "? H. ou,e ' SB?"* ,or tn « 8um - m .* nt • ln T "» Clipper flooded us with re- 
re enter^ ™ jpm him, and th prow were una^fmoS! SSI^SV 1 .. 01 ? expiration of "The Game piles, and It would be an almost endless 

,., ur engagement at Portsmouth! 
,he sentlemea of the company were 
lined after the performance New Year's 
Jv» by the Portsmouth Athletic Club. Busi- 
ness in Portland was excellent, and as a ape- 
Sal vaudeville feature the work of the Four 
Lnkens waa highly appreciated. Ail the 
nntlemen of the company, including two 

• _.i.„.„ nf tho k'fMir.l.nbrnfl wprp Imrlfltpri 

in their praise. We .Tnow on our ™J £££?. \S* \ """I" immediately leaves to task to answer every one. We also recently 

to Portland, Seattle and Sookane 3,£ mSE'S"* £ ehe,r,a *; The Dew P'«» MlM reived a shipment of several new sets of 

which we turn our wa, hoieward >h.£ Ji? u h ." £"*, wrltln « ls B «" completion, apeclal scenery, end these, together with 

we are due ln May" y Don * waM ' wh «e »nd l» to be given a trial In Syracuse, and the sets we have been carrying, make a total 

if successful will be launched on the road of twenty-eight sets of the best scenery ob- 

seonMsarA ssas 

under the management 

talnable. We do not use a particle of house 
scenery, and even carry special scenery for 

r „k«™ of the Four Lukens. were Initiated P""* Jan. 20, to nlay the him Th. ;„rT l "owiana * Clifford, scenery, and even carry special sc 

ffw ul<£ W,roT™KewtaT! WW '" 1" it. secon/ season "nd have been' ■.r&^-.'ft". WUJaift "Tm.WtfMp In a covering the house drop chains 
Srt engagement' broke all records there. Jn iolnga_sat, 3 fHcto I y business throng, flSE and' JffiSm. ?- * n , It .*! iJSAjftsWSS ^rnSSa. ^2"5-S*"LJ3 

is completely sold for our production of '?,™L.? eneral business. The company now « 
ft a'^Del W*%™. M K ort em no n ve.g ™^ ^-^-EaSS."* be8t ° f »"' 

business continues excellent. 

charge of tho advertising of 

musical act, and Dave Nowlln were special 
feature acts. At the New Bedford Opera 
House, 25, every seat was taken. Vailee, 
the athlete, was a special attraction. Dur- 
ing our engagement in Brockton and Kali 
liner Charmlon will be a special feature. 
Mlsa Karroll's work this season receives the 
tigtiest praise from both press and public 
H. U. Karl has replaced W. A. Laveau for 
heavies. Manager Welsh has nearly com- 
pleted negotiations with a well known mana- 
ger for a Summer stock. Our roster ls as 
follows: J. C. Welsh, manager; W. C. Mac- 
tare, business representative ; J. B. Field, 
Lome Elwyn, H. H. Earl, Fred Parsons, 
Fred Harvey, Harry Codalre, J. Coney Ed- 
munds, Thos. H. O'Nell, James Duffy, R. S. 
Saunders, Prof. Di Blaker, Walt Hiile, mu- 
sical director: Bessie Field, Marie Gilmer, 
Mayme Teryll, Amelia Bertrand, Mrs. It. 
S. Saunders and Dot Karroll. Vaudeville 
features are : Edmunds and Codalre, ln bar- 
rel Jumping and boxing; Prof. De Blaker 
and bis troupe of trained dogs ; Thos. H. 
O'Nell, buck and wing dancing, and our Il- 
lustrated songs and moving pictures, Includ- 
ing the "Great Train Iiobbery." Thos. O'Nell 
and Miss Karroll, in triple buck dancing, 
also producing a special vaudeville feature 
each week. W. C. Mackaye la piloting the 
company through new territory this season. 

— Cbas. B. Burns, manager of Carrie 
Stanley Co., closed the company at Webb 
City, Mo., Jan. 22, and started for Phila- 
delphia on account of illness of hla father. 

— Rowland «c Clifford Enterprises Notes: 
Smith O'Brien baa secured tor his support 
for the rest of season Edmund Hogan, late 
of "The Bonnie Brier Bush" Co. Mr. Ho- 
gan is to act as stage director and have 
full charge of the dramatic end. Negotia- 
tions are now in progress for Mr. Hogan to 
accept the position of general stage direc- 
tor of the Rowland A Clifford companies, with 
bis headquarters at Chicago. The new sen- 
sational drama, "A Crimson Stain," has 
been accepted by the firm, and will have an 
early presentation next season. 

— The new thtatre at Butler, Pa., was 
opened Jan. 21, by Ernest Lamson, ln "Young 
'lobe Hoxle." 

— W. E. La Rose, who Is managing the 
tour of Jessie Beall and her company, writes 
that the company has been doing an excel- 
lent business since the new management has 
assumed control. The company ls larger and 
stronger than ever, and carries two feature 
specialties. Our roster Is as follows: Jessie 
Beall, Lotta Chase, Bessie Irvlngton, the La 
Due Sisters, Ben Mortimer, Chester A. Cook, 
John B. Hunter, Fisher Burns, F. D. Singer, 
Ople Beall and W. E. La Rose. 

— Maude Leone wrltea us that she was 
granted a divorce from C Wlllard Mack, at 
Cedar Rapids, la., on Jan. 6. She will not 
return to the stage until next Spring. 

— Belle Gold, who Is starring In "A Colo- 
rado Waif in the West, seriously strained 
a ligament ln her ankle recently. She has 
entirely recovered, 

— Irwin R. Walton Is with J. M. Ward's 
"A Human Slave" Co., playing the principal 

— Lillian Seymour has Joined "The Stain 
of Guilt" Co. 

— "The Bowery After Dark" goes on the 
road shortly, under the management of Sul- 
Ivan & Harris. John Terrls goes as lead- 
ing man, and Terry McQovern Is also with 
the organization. 

i V A 8 n «s Ardeck retires from "The Virgin- 
ian" cast Feb. 8. 

— Notes from Mack & Armour's Come- 
dians: We produced another new play, by 
Mr. Mack, which Is proving a box office win- 
ner. It is a comedy drama of Western life, 
railed "A Colorado Daisy." The comedy ele- 
ment ls strong and the Interest unflagging. 
It was produced In Mexico, Mo„ last week. 

— Beth Halsey Is with ''Zaza." 

— Hugh B. Koch and wife (Nellie Dia- 
mond) closed with the Fales Co. Jan. 16, 
after turning over his Interest in the com- 
pany to Mr. Fales. Mr. Koch and wife 
opened with "A Wife ln Name Only" Co., at 
Reading, Jan. 23. 

: Notes from the National Stock Co, 


\ xra 


b 40S. -W 



& ifc.'^Si 


b|¥ jfS 

i ..73£gf ; 


ssKsUvWv* * iflassssssH 

■• ■Jt 



• afltBll 





.j*r. s 



tl!i A. 

~*&&i -- it* : jflB 


Character sketch team, who hare been playing successful engagements In the leading vaude 
vllle bouses of the West, touring California and the Kohl & Castle circuit, have Just 
finished playing the Al. Haynes Casto circuit. They made their first appearance la 
eighteen years In New York, at Tony Pastor's Theatre this week, ln their sketch, "In 
Government Bonds." 

— Notes from Richard Chapman's Wol- 
verine Theatre Co. : Goldle Beach bas Joined 
to play leads with this company, replacing 
Myrtle Branch. After adding some new 
plays to our repertory we win start on a 
Northern trip, playing nothing but the best 
time. Roster: Richard Chapman, proprie- 
tor and manager; W. B. Darcy, stage mana- 
ger ; Allen P. May, master of properties ; 
Myrtle Gunn, musical director ; Goldle 
Beach, Bessie Lorain, Clara Thornton, J. L. 
Van Sickle and F. W. Gunn. 

— William A Dillon writes: "I will send 
out three companies next season. Each will 
be well equipped with scenery and orches- 
tras. Mr. Dillon has been successful with 
Summer stock. The Maude Dellman Co. 
will tour Northern Pennsylvania and South- 
western New York. The William A. Dillon 
Co. will take In the Summer resorts of 
Northern New York. The third company ls 
well known In the repertory field. The lat- 
ter will visit Vermont and New York States. 
An excellent list of plays and vaudeville feat- 
ures have been selected." 

— Harry R. Vlckers writes: "The busl- 
Buslnes'sTs gVod with u7''a^d'the lU comDany ness of the Fenberg Stock Co. has been ex- 
Is making g5Si All are' weft and a»Too£ ffllwt through, thfs section _of_the__East, 
for Friday, which Is Cliffeb day. The com- 
pany is booked solid up to May. Roster : 
'i. T. Qllck, manager; J. H. Bauman, ad- 

Portland and Bangor, Me., giving na two 
very large weeks' business, while Lewlston 

gave this attraction the banner opening the 
ouse has had since Its opening. The the- 
atre ls a modern one, and Is handsome and 
complete ln every detail. Manager O'Brien, 
late treasurer of the Jefferson, In Portland, 
is a bustler, and a manager whom it ls a 
pleasure to meet Scenic Artist Cahlll, of 

a^SJaSS^SS I Pasttt^eXra^gJl'lVeue^ So! 
fsx - this attraction. The. season's success Is far 

vance ; H. t Nelson, stage director ; Prof, 
tsrown, musical director; O. Lopez, A. C. 
.Newraptri^ Earl Craddock, Richard Elvis, Mrs. 
l-ella Gllck, Mrs. Mae Miller Lopei, Mrs. H. 
<-. rselson and Agnes French. 
— Notes from the Rodney Stock Co. : We 

dug one so far. We carry special 
«fw ery aU productions, a company of 

nitctn people, and audiences go home more 
inan satisfied. The company spent a pleas- 
ant evening last week at a banquet given 
W Manager G. Bert Rodney, ln honor of 
m Calvert's birthday. She was the re- 

,' p . len t of some useful and handsome ,, 
ints. The "gentleman ln white" never misses 
a inursday. Roster: G. Bert Rodney, mona- 
Rf • {J- E. Van Home, treasurer : W. A. Mc- 
S 'i,'. 8t *ge manager ; Chas. Rose proper- 
n?» : C , hRB - Fitzgerald, carpenter; Claud Kl- 
aii ' Sl ect "clan ; J. P. Ryan. Geo. Clements, 
£.,,?' S, 9 Wtt, Frank Langford, Clara Sher- 

<?r Dl . l L5 Ianch *, Rose - Maud "atklns, Marjorie Mass., under the management of W. 
Gregory and Vane Calvert i ey , on Feb. 5 will have a permancn 

n.rr 20 * Matthews Is still playing a leading stock company, under the direction 

?£T„i w i*h. "A'Phonse and Gaston," and her 
upeclalty Is a feature of the attraction. 
tJ^Z "JLagenhals & Kemper have purchased 
.» ?, P e '.nPlch Conrled the American rights 
whi i? r\ rhh 8tobltzer's comedy, "Llselotte/ - 

which Germany bas been laughing at for tie Have recovered from the Illness that com 

In excess of any previous season, and Mana- 
ger Fenberg's organization ls leaving an Im- 
pression and a record that will be lasting." 

— Notes from the Frank 8. Davidson Co. : 
We are touring Illinois with splendid re- 
sults. The company remains as It opened 
In August last, except Comedian Geo. F. 
Cotter, who Joined last week, and bas al- 
ready made himself "solid" with our pa- 
trons In his clever specialties. Mr. David- 
son has finished his new biblical drama, 
based on the sacred book of Esther, and a 
production of It will shortly be made. 

The Academy of Music at Chelsea, 
t of W. A. Wes- 
rmancnt Jewish 
of Jacob 
Sllbert, for four nights each week, which 
will be devoted to Jewish plsys. The rest of 
the week will be given to road companies. 

— Fay Ellis writes: "I will sail for Au- 
stralia about Feb. IB, to be absent two years. 

dlence with bis seven skilled' musicians. . 

rn tour will soon be at an end, on theatres at Kittanning and Punxsutawnry, 
account of warm weather approaching. I*. 

____ ^_^^_^__^__^__^_ ,— P. P. Hlllman writes: "I hnvo signed 
^^^^^^^^*^^^ with tho Spooner Dramatic Co. for rest of 
season, to play a Una of Juveniles and 

— Walter J. Echols, agent for tho Myrkle- 
Ilnrder Co.. under direction of Eugene J. 
rlall. will close with the company Feb. 1. 
lo accept a World's Fair position In St. 

— Mrs. Salome Catterllne (Juvenile wo- 
man) and Warren Catterllne (heavy man), 
with Lincoln J. Carter's "Two Little Wolfs" 
Co., No. 2, closed Jan. 2.1. 

— Ernest Lamson's "Young Tobe noxlo" 
Co. lost two days last week on account of 
the floods. 

— Notes from Fred. Wright's Co. : We 
opened at Kingston. N. Y, at the Kingston 
opera House, to the largest audience that 
has ever greeted a repertory company there 
on an opening night Tho advance sale for 
the entire week assures capacity business. 
The company la composed of bard working 
people and has received fine notices. Frco. 
Wright has won praise for his work In tho 
leading roles, and bis leading lady. Harriet 
Hnrton, and our soubrette, Ilcrtle May, have 
divided honors with him. Hurt King una 
also won praise for his admirable support, 
and Paul Machctte's ablo character work 
bas added to tho success of the organiza- 
tion. Den Howe has assumed the position 
of stage director, and the Improvements he 
has made has brought tho productions up 
to a high standard of merit. 

— James W. Thompson, comedian, writes 
that be had a pleasant visit with his wife 
(Kitty Smith) nnd daughters (I he Sisters 
McConnell) at Morrlstown, N. J., last week. 
They are in their sixth week with the Klsko 
Stock Co. and Mr. Thompson further states 
tbat business with that company Is excellent. 

gjSjgjk and minstrel 

Trovollo writes from Saranac Lake, N. Y., 
under date of Jan. 20, as follows : "We arc 
up here playing a week's engagement for 
Wm. Morris, at the opera house. This being 
race week, or. as they call It, 'Ico canilvul 
week,' Mr. Morris concluded to put ln a 
vaudeville show for the entire week, some- 
thing they have never hail here before. Wt 
had a packed house Monday and Tuesday 
nlgbt, and a Tuesday matinee that surprised 
the manager of the theatre. Mr. Morris lives 
about one mile from tbe village of Saranac, 
overlooking Saranac Lake. Mr. Morris sur- 
prised us by sending two large sleighs, each 
drawn by six horses, and gave us a grand 
sleigh ride around the city, then to the ice 
track. After doing the Ice carnival Mr. 
Morris Invited us to his bouse, where we sat 
down to a spread arranged by Mrs. Morris, 
and there was everything the market affords. 
After dinner Mr. Morris called up his Twen- 
ty-eighth Btreet office, in New York, by long 
distance telephone, and wo sang 'He's a 
Jolly Good Fellow,' which was heard dis- 
tinctly In the New York office. It has been 
a continual round of pleasure for the per- 
formers who were lucky enough to be on tho 
programme here this week. Wm. Rock, su- 
perintendent of the vltagrapb, has been here 
all tbe week. The De Foreests. whirlwind 
dancers, are also up here for their health. 
The show has been such a financial success 
that Mr. Morris says be will repeat It In the 
near future. On the bill were I Miss Hutch- 
ins, Mr. and Mrs. Robblns, Kd. Foster. Calla- 
han and Mack, Josephine Russell, Lillian and 
Shorty De Witt, the Great Trovollo, New 
York Comedy Four, and the American vlta- 
grapb." and Tona, acrobats and equili- 
brists, played Rradcnburgh's, Philadelphia, 
last week, with Boston to follow. They re- 
port meeting with success having lost only 
six weeks during tbe past year. 

Lillian Uamskv writes that she will here- 
after be known as Lillian Martlne. 

8teineb linos., triple bar performers, re- 
port S'lcress for five weeks ovor the far 
Western circuit of vaudeville bouses. They 
have four moro weeks, cloning In Milwaukee, 
Feb. 20, over tbo Crystal circuit. They are 
at the Topcka, Kan., Midwinter Exposition. 
Feb. 1-0. 

Helen Hilliard, of the Great Brlnda- 
motir Co., has recovered from a severe casi 
of typhoid fever, of eight weeks' duration. 
She will sail fur Europe, where she has 
accepted an engagement. 

John Bt. Leon, of tho Klondyke Four, 
has been ill aluco Jan. 4, suffering with 
inflammatory rheumatism, In Norfolk, Va. 

Tub Timer Pjieli'h, Orren, Millie and 
Jack, as the Yankee Farmers, report a very 
successful engagement at tbe Orpheum The- 
atre, Everett, Wash., for the past three 
weeks. Orren Phelps was made an Eaglo 
on Jan 17. and aftor his Initiation a ban- 
quet was given In his honor. 

Tub Gbiiat, ring gymnasts, 
Inform us of their success wlillo at this 
Avenue Theatre, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jack Davih and Bbatricr Hathawai 
played Bhtedy's Thontre last week. Th<ty 
report excellent success, and have other 
good work to fo'low. 

Mitchell and Cain have left the Trnns- 


"The Georgia Cotton Blossom," who has 
met with success In tho South and part of 
the West as a black face comedian. Mr. 
Holt was tbe principal vaudeville feature 
with the Mabel Paige Co. last season. He 
has Juat closed a very successful engagement 
as principal comedian of the Great Barlow 

— Notes from Wlnnlnger Bros.' Own Co.: 
A wave of prosperity bas accompanied us 
everywhere since our reopening, Christmas 
matinee, at Fairmont, Minn., after four days 
of well deserved rest "Clover Dale," the 
opening bill, from the pen of our Cbas. Har- 
rison, bas all the qualities necessary to 
filease and establish the abilities of all tbe 
ndlvlduals of tbe company In tho respective 
parts. Mr. Harrison Is writing several other 
plays, and we will soon be able to boast of 
an exclusive repertory. Stella Wlmmer ls 

playing leading business, snd It can consist- >i>.uir. u , H> ,. Ala nun- mi 
ently Be said that Charles Wlnnlnger Is the atlantlc Show, and will play dates for the 
youngest leading man In America. Tbe ros- rest of the season. 

ter: Frank Wlnnlnger, manager; Charles Mesibebb or iiib Dainty Pabeb Co. en 
Harrison, stage manager; O.F. Bitter, mas- tertslned jncmbers_of Niagara Engine ('<>., 


ter of transportation ; Sep. Wlnnlnger, leader 
of band ind orchestra ; Hay A. Browne, Geo. 
Elsold, Joe F. Kuecbler, Jack Ford, Stella 
Wlmmer, Gertrude Harrison, Glbney Sisters, 
Isca Wlllcott, Ethel Aidrlcb, "Dad" Wln- 
nlnger, and the Five Wlnnlnger Brothers. 

— Notes from "Uncle Hex:" Good busi- 
ness still prevails. Our dally parades at 

of New London, Conn., last week. Johii 
Conlcy, the comedian of tho show, sang him- 
Mlf Into favor; Rnnzetta and llelalr en- 
tertained with comedy acrobatic stunts, and 
responded to several encurcn, and Ned Nel 
son told seveinl fnnny stories. The music 
was furnished by Chas. II. Oakley, leader of 
Cbas. K. Chaplain's Stock Co. 

permits of elaborate staging Wagenhals ft 
iior? per proml8e * mott elaborate produc- 

-iJn? *? Koch and Nellie Diamond have 
a', *^ 9 th the Fales Comedy Co., and Joe 
81 »ter joined recently. 

- Mrs. Ann E. Gourdler died In this city 
Jan. 19. She was nfty-6ve years of age. 
nnd ihe mother of Ave children, all of whom 
have been In the theatrical profession. Two 
daughters, Roslna and Elsie, and a boo, 
William, survive her. 

Ill be the most pretentions Mr. 
bas yet carried. 

— Edward and Myrtle Branch have closed 
with the Wolverine Theatre Co., after a sea- 
son of thirty weeks, and are now at their 
home In Bt Louis, Mich. 

Jan. 22. 

Geo. C. Hale was In town last week to 
purchase fire apparatus for tbe fire exhibit 
at tbe St. Louis Fair. Mr. Ilanley, proprie- 
tor of the Irish Village, accompanied Mr. 

Loriubi Johnston* and Cabolinb Cooks, 
who hsve been playing tbe music hall* ln 
England for thepast eight weeks, returned 
home Jan. 25. while In Europe Mr. John- 
stone signed a contract whereby be secures 
Launceaton Elliot for America. Mr. John- 
stone states : "Mr. Elliot Is the present sen- 
sation at the Pavilion, London, where hi* 
feats of strength have made him famous. 
On the close of hi* engagement In Pari*, 
June next, be come* to tbe United States, 
under my management, and should make a 
sensation In New York, not only through his 
act being unique, but In a social way also, 
a* he la cousin to the Earl of Mlnto, at 
present Governor General of Canada." 

Van Foshbn and McCaulbt. black face 
comedians, have Just arrived In New' York 
from the coast, and open on the Keith cir- 
cuit March 14, with other Eastern dates to 

Alice and Eliza Nelson, of the Nelson 
Family, closed with the Rlngling Bros.' Cir- 
tuo at Fresno, Cal., and are now playing 
vaudeville dates on the Pacific coast, meet- 
ing with big success. They write that they 
linve booked return dates wherever they have 
played. They bavo signed tor tho coining 
season with tho Great Wallace Shows, and 
will bo known as the Allen Sisters. 

Geo. W. IIl-n.hev, ventrlloqulai comedian, 
ployed the Btar Theatre. New York, Sunday, 
Jan. 17, and the American Theatre, this city, 
Jan. 31. 

Mi.i.k. Mii.i.a pb Voba, toe danscuae, will 
soon make her metropolitan appearance at 
tbo vaudeville houses In a new electric nov- 
elty act, which was originated for her by 
Prof. Claude M. Alvlene. 

Burton and Tiiorniiii.l write : "We 
closed at Stockton, Cal., Jan. 3, and Joined 
Lavln & De Martini's nurlcsque Show, open- 
ing at Sacramento. The company Includes: 
Carroll and Ncalcy, Stanley and Anderson, 
Burton and Thornhlll, Birdie Diamond. 
Helen Fenton, Beatrice Raymond, ten bur- 
lesque- women, Billy Qulnn, musical director: 
i Joe Nathan, manager, and Doc Nathan, In 

Kid Kinolino, Hank Grlswold, Alva Knls- 
kcrn and Gussle Jacqua closed with Stovens' 
Superb Minstrels at Chester, Pa,, Jan. 22, 
nnd were entertained by Chester Lodge, B. 
P. O. Elks. 

IlAiaiix and Dean, after an absence of six 
months, will return to vaudeville with their 
new act, by Goo. Totten Smith, "In Other 
People's Clothes." 

Tub Marriott Twinb write: "We mel 
with big success In our new act at Cleveland 
laBt week. 

Tub Ghbat Bunkerr opened at the Stand 
ard Thontre, Houston. Tex., Jan. 4, and l» 
well booked through that State. 

Tub Youno Asieiiican Quintet are still 
playing London, Kng.. with success. They 
were last week at Leeds, Eng., and have re- 
ceived several contracts for 1005. Miss 
Hporum, lender of the quintet, will play one 
of the leading girl parts In a pantomime 
next Christmas. 

Belmont and Suttrii report that their 
SSXaS^S ", Tlie Installment Man and tbe 
Maid, by Jack II. Sutter, Is mooting with 

Mab Jackson and Loveland Sisters are 
meeting with success In Alaska. They write 
that they have tho entire Northern circuit 
booked to follow — twenty-ono consecutive 

Eudib Miles, of Miles and Raymond, In 
rorms us that ho recently purchased a brown 
stone front house on llalnbrldgo Stroel, 
Brooklyn, and presented It to his wife, Daisy 

Burt Barnes, trap drummer, has signed 
for the coming Summer nt Silver Lake Park. 
Akron, O., which will bo his sixth season 

Nellie Wilson was taken suddenly III 
wlillo playing Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn., and 
the BIJou Circus, of which sho Is a member. 
was consequently compelled to cancel the 
balance of tbo Poll circuit 

Al. Anderhon and Billy Hniaas, "Klngi 
pf Colored Comedy," with the Jero McAu 
llffo Co.. nftcr twolvo successful weeks, will 
close Fob. and open on the Orpheum cir- 
cuit, commencing Feb. IB, at Denver, Col., 
returning East in Juno. They announce 
putting on the rond, for tbe fourth season, 
tho negro production, "Lady Africa." 

Couture and Gillette, comedy acrobats. 
after a visit to their home*, are on tho Sben 
circuit, wllh return date* on the Keith clr- 
MM t0 ,low ' ' Ihcy nr0 D °oked up unt I 

Anderson, "the Male Melba," reports suc- 
cess at the Odeon Theatre, Baltimore, week 
of Jan. 11. He opened on tho Ca«to clrcu'i 
Jan. 25, at Fall River, Mass., with Lawrence 
and Lowell to follow. 

Latimer and Lbiok write: "We are In 
our twenty-soventh week as a special vaude- 
ville feature with the Myrklo-IIarder Stoik 
Co., Eugene J. nail, manager. Our sub 
slltutlon mystery continues to create ar«u- 
ment ami discussion wherever presented, anil 
never falls to baffle the committees who 
nightly conio upon the stage to tie and bind 
us with ropes, and Inspect tho act." 

Frmdeiiick Caldwell, singing, dancing anil 
character change performer, is at tho Palace 
'i hcatro. Syracuse, N. Y. this week, with llm 
Howard, Bostou, and Austin & Stones in 

Tub BrnAouBLi.os wrlto : "We are In our 
sixth week with the Bam T. Jack's Own Co., 
nnd our novelty burlesque musical act, "Sh- 
tan's Pastime," Is making good. We closorl 
a successful engagement over the Novell) 
nnd Kniplro circuits at Denver. Col." 

Tub Columuian Trio write from Olasgow, 
Scotland, under date of Jan. 14, as follows : 
"Wo are now at tho beginning of tbo tblril 
month of our success on tho Moss tour. It 
Is a great satisfaction to see the way the 
American act* are received over horo. Th x 
weok wo fool very much at homo, as wo have 
with us Delmore and Wllwn, Mullcr ami 
Coyne, and Burke, Moller nod Tolor, nil 
Americans. We aro In receipt of the hand- 
»ome Christmas edition of The Clii'ieii. 
which has beon a source of great ploastnr 
to us, as well a* to tho English performers. 
Claire, tho phenomenal doll pianist, is » 
source of much conjecturo a* to her actual), 
being a II vo girl Instead of an animated au- 
tomaton she represents In the act, until hi-r 
Identity Is rovcaled at tbe finish of "in 
Khow. We are the recipients of many onVr« 
for the continent and Australia, but as yi-t 
wo are undecided as to what course we w II 
pursue. There I* certainly a great field over 
here for good, bright acts, as they aro great- 
ly in demand, and all performer* over here 
aro doing finely." 

Mil and Mrs. Edwin B. Lang will lu.'ii 
their silver wedding anniversary on Feb. L 
at Seattle, Wash. 

McIntyrb and IIkath rejoined tbe Or- 
pheum Show at Denver, Col., Jan. 25. 

Job IIrennan closed with tbo Whlti-iy 
Opera Co., playing "Whon Johnny Coiimm 
Marching Home," on Jan. 80, and will pluj 
dotes at vaudeville. •' 

Collinh and Haut write i "Wo sailed for 
Europe Dec. 2, opened at the Tlvoll for f> ur ■ 
weeks, and havo made a big success. We 
were Immediately engaged at tho Kmii'if 
mi ■'*, weeks, commencing March 14. ami 
will sail back home May 11, to fulfill n- 
gagoment* which we hold, snd will return lo 
huropo Dec. 4, 1004. to play return engine 
tnents at the Kmpire and the llarraaforil 
lour. We hare been offered dates in Bomli 
Africa and Australia, but did not accept." 

Jack Davis and Beatrice Hathaway 
bavo Joined hands. The team will be known 
M Dnvlsand Hathaway, in a sketch will leu 
by Mr. Davis. 

t I"? aAI """"« Taw (Conley, Darling ami 
Jnfflo) have worked twenty *uccessful week* 
with the Innocent Maid* Burlesque Co.. 
W i here 'J ;bcjr wr,te ' thelr » c ' b the hit of the 
olio. They play a return date at Tony Pas- 
tor s, New York, the end of this season. 



February e. 

Chief GEO. C. HALE, 

Of KANSAS CITY, will Present to t he World the 


Fire Exhibition 

Ever Produced, at the WORLD'S FAIR. ST. LOUIS. 

This building, constructed upon the World's Fair Qronnds, will be 200ft. by 626ft., having a Heating capacity of 5,000, 

Also A LARUE EXHIBITION PALACE, where Manufacturers will display Modern Fire Apparatus. 
CHIEF HALE Deelrea All ntanufaotorars of Apparatus to Place their Complete Line on Exhibit 




Booths All Sim** 

0*n ben. Had forthoSalo of Novnltlo., K-t< 

Address CHIEF SE0. 0. HALE, World's Fair Oronnds, St. Louis, lo. 







IRKLAND la to place a complete eih'bltlon OF ALL THE )KDli«TRI> S of iirlmd, mn. 
lilting; of Am »nd tdunllonii >ihiblu, 1 teen, l.eccs, Ciipni, Wrnlmi, l*>e.ds, 
Popllni, Minerals, all Goode and all Manufactured Anlclei In which Inland Exirls. 

i Large Theatre will be Constructed where the Very Best Irish Plays will be Produced. 

THOMAS F. HANLET, President of the Exhibition, 

Would be pl.ased to receive applications from the Beit Irish Specialties. None bat Pint 
Claaa Act! will be considered. Address 

THOS. P. HANLEY, World's Pair Building, St. Lonli, Mo. 



* ° vwtUsv .2 

Simples Free. 

Seymour) writes: I take pleasure in praising your 
AnUseptlo Throst Pastilles to ell who loffer from 
Irritation of the throat. 1 term them my "Life 
Havers." BVANB At BONN. Llm„ 

183 William St., New Pork. 
London, Liverpool, Montreal, Toronto. 



Fainons i heatr leal 



Between i8i li and ioth St*., 


Bet' of Food, Perfecily Cooked, 
DelloiouBly Served. Prices 
reasonable. Kpeolal Dining 
Room for Ladles. 



Instrument*. V lol Ins, Banjos, 


«to., umdo by Lrnn A Heal/ a re the 
standnt-ri of uioellonco. Voir* low 
priced .trios m well as high stmdw 
such astno "Wrwjiburn." Ask your 
local niuoio denier for them, and If 
ho doesn't koop thorn write to us for 
"Doiit. O" CnUlcwuo Illustrated, 
tnallod/rvt*. It tolls how to judge 

I qualitr and alfra full nartlonlara. 
SnaW It jou an) wlau you will 
board __ 
satlafaotlon tor a llfotlma, 

I aecuro an 

instrument with a muthomntlo«ll7 oorrvct finger 

and a full rich tono. one that will 


LYONS HEtlY, 30 Eail Adsms St.. Chicago. 

WaU'l UlfMt Vula HaiM. "WUlnrjlklo, Ivili tuk" 

j» «n<l 


Clear* tht Vole* 
In 6 Minute*. 


COIGH1 and 

50c. Bottle Prepaid (or 25c , 



MM Ninety-second Street, Chicago, III. 


WBBB PTO, PP., Ml Dearborn St, Chicago, HI 



J»» Mama n» H»ni» 

"Make Good." 

VS ■. wad St., 

W. ▼. ri(» 


•ood a* new. iam per tort. 

For Sale. 

10 1. Uth St., Hsw Tort Utj. 


I am prepared to famish 
castings and wood work to re- 
pair most of the styles fur- 
nished by 0. it. I'emarest AUo. 
and Audrews-Dentaiest beat- 
ing Co., of which oompanles I 
was a member. 


N. E. Cor. Fifth AV.andl3tb.3L, 


Telephone, IMt Orameroy. 

i H'liiiiiimi mn\\HVt\\\\\\\v\\ 


Equal to an; In workmanship, shape and quality. 
Get our prices betore buying. Agents for K Ida's 
lights and naker torches, black tents for moving 
pictures. Good seond hand tents from 84x6* to 
hoisoo. at Bargains. 

BAKER A LOCK WOOD, Successor? to 0. J. Baker, 
41* Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. 




no* OATALOUUK. (The Book with the Red Cover). 

C. A. TAYLOR, Trunk Works 

• A AIR. Randolph St., 
IM W. Madison St., 
Ul W. tttb 8L, 


The burning of our 
not delay shipments. 

. »9.S0| Worstod 
Cotton Tlghta, 
M an 

M.VS api 

all same pries 


Mlhollaa Tight*, I 
Tights, SH.OO, G 

J l.DO, 31 1 k Tight*, 
hlrts to snatch s 

as tight., ramp., SBeentsi _ 

I or*. Rl.OOl Elastic, 
I.OO| Cloth Bopport.n, >lfl c .at. 
end for catalogue and aaaaplos 
•f tight, tree. Poiltt a «*- 
posit raqnlrad. Satisfaction gueren 
teed or money refunded. 8PI0IB BROS. 
M Woodbine 8L, Brooklyn, N. T. 
Old stand bnt n s w address. 








New Diamond 
Gold Pen 

(Whole or spare time;) (Male 
or female.) 
Good wages and eon- 
staat employment eaa 

Stant implorm 
be eamod by 
gent agents. 

The New Diamond Geld 
Pen, superior to the neat 

Gold Nibs, OOSt ONE-TENTH 

only. Points finished like 

Diamond Shape. 

One Nib Will Last tor 
Many Months. 

Advantages of the New Dia- 
mond Pen:— Beantlfnl 
touch— glide smoothly over 
the p«per— make writing a 

S leisure— improve In use- 
arable — non-oonrodlble— 
one nib will last longer 
than grosses of steel nib*. 
Every man, woman or ohlld should use the new 
Diamond Pen. 

To start at onoe send M cent* (stamps will do) 
for A genu' Sample Box, or one Dollar tor large 
slse Sample Box, post free by return to all part* 
of the world, with partlonlen of the best paying 

Standard Corporation, 
Diamond Pon Works, 


(Poi tag* for latter, I cent*.) 

TWM PITY ™i ill 
1 WIN Ul IifEKinifiiin 

720 Htnni.ln A**,, Kir niapollt, Minn. 

Sj Largest 8 took of Slid**, Film* ltd lap 
"«T pile* In the Northwest, Good Him* 

wanted. Bargain Lists, 


StmtBioJrtii AgiRtSft Cimssirs Sippllis 

We Always Have the Latest Novelties. 

Send for nur New Catalogue. 


l»H La SaUe Street, - - VaeaWSBIf. 





Should apply for lowest passage rate* and full 
particulars at the Exchange Office, M Rait Uth 

Established it years 


Wepar Royalty for good compositions. PIOBRRR 
PPB. 00.. 1* to M Qnlney St., Chicago. 

new coo if soira. 




With DAVID BALASC0, the 










1109 Broadway. 
Offlco )»08, NEWlfORK CITY. 


188S. or Comedy. 




Broadway Theatre Bid*. 




M n am n« ioo for »5 Centa. 

UfRllillal Style.Bcslcard Stock, 
""■■'■ ■" with name, address 
and company. Booklet and samples 
tree. Agent* wanted. 

Dept. O., 


Watertown. N. Y. 



IT** Samples, Oontr aota, Ticket*. Envelopes, Kto. 

01088 %dra^rorn s^ CHICAGO. 

Pkfl. BTAOI MONRT. 1*0. BOOK OP OUTS. too. 


substantial, load, pare it 
tone, easy to tune and play 
Photo*, references, oata 
logs*, with full lnf ormatlo* 

Haw «• play glausi 
• uocesafull t , will be tent or 
receipt of Uo. AJnaMl*. 
Quasophone Mfr,, AM Lenox Ata, Hew Tort City. 

"Tell It To Me" 



For sale on all trains and new* stands, or by 

null. Roe. Address EZRA KENDALL, 
SO Santa Tth At*., Ht. Vernon, N. V. 

gaga Man Dramatic and VandowUlo 

II L i Instruction. Bend no money, 

riirr Slmplj Name, Address and lo. 

I 1 1 nana stamp. A grand opportunity. 




The Tonawanda 


Steam Riding Sallery 


Armitage-Herschell Co., 

North Tonawanda. N. Y. 

•S to 11« Oliver St. 

The Inventors and Original Manufacturers. 




Poles and Stakes, BEATS, Flags, E to. 




Front* and Bannara lor Stratt Fair*. 


U North Ann St., CHICAGO, ILL. 
Fake Lake St Elevated anywhere on the Loop. 
Ann St. Station Is fourth atop over the river, firs 
minutes' ride from centre of olty^ . 





With Electric Are, Calclom or Ac*tyl*n* 
Llcht Ilustrated Song Slides, 26c., colored 

L. HBTZ, 802 B. 23d 8trest. New Tort City. 





tsr%s-% VISITING 

ISaaTSaa* CARDS Postpaid . 

Oorreet style* and sizes. Order Ailed day received. 

Booklet "Card Style" Free t Also bnslnsM. 

professional and fraternal card*. We hat* 

cuts of emblems for all societies. 


_^ Pap*. jBj. Bt. la*nla. Ma. 



$£BBUARY (>. 






A "Craoker Jack" Song. Dedicated to PLUNGER JOHN J. RYAN. 

; . Send Program and Stamps for Free' Ormv Address 

• before March 1JL 1904. 

. . ■ # - . . * 

Pathetic Child Song. SLIDES READY. 

MARY E. FISCHER, 912 Union Trust Bldg,, Cincinnati, 0, 




win. Bt., Hew York. European Plan. Room* ft • 
jrae eynp. Wr_B .Mott.Prop. ; M.EjfoNjU^, Mgr. 

A CSTIN mmd STONE' s Annex , Boston, Ban. 
Rooms and table board. A<un. tickets to boarder* 
w ho room elsewhere. ENOLBHA RT & ROBE, 

'. PALACE HOTEL, Chicago, H. B. Humphrey, 
prop. Rates: European, {3.60 per week; wlthpri- 
fate bath, g7. QUARK BT. Cable to all theatre*. 

ST. CHARLK8 HOTEL, 16 80. Clark St, 
Chicago; Bobt, J. Gonld, Prop. Theatrical Head- 
* aaTtars.R6o ms $« to »7 p e r we ek.Bteam heat.bath* 


1**1 ■ IWIHlil p- A. DOOLE Y, Prop. 

' WA TEU HOUSE, Howard and Somerset 
tits., Boston, Hags. Central location. Excellent 
meals. EM1LT T . BANNWART, Prop. 

' BBS FttANKLUi HOUSE, 24 Somerset St 
Boston, Mass., opp. Court House. Fine board and 
rooms at reasonable rates. Mrs. Mary Thomas. 

: ttOVtOT HOUSE, 83 Lee St., Lowell, 
JJH*. KacGregor, Prop. Prot.'a home. All modem 
OonTenlenoes. V> per week. Cold bottle after show, 


Amenpan, $2 and up; European, 76cts. and Dp 
Special Bates to Theatrical Profession. 
■ ' ■ 8. A. CROWE, Proprietor. 



nits ST.. near 

Jackson, CHICAGO. 



jririt Class borne Tor Profs. Furnished Booms 
and Board, 16 week. M A PRIOE BOEO, Prop. 

BTROBB HOTEL,)** andS46 W. UHbST., 


A. GOODRICH, LAWYER, Ml West Madlsco 
«., Chicago; established las*. Bnsiness legal tad 
i nlet. Branc hes! and TmUJHm In other Htates. 

CHEAP Fll_«H,~_ovlng picture Machines, 
Cameras, Lantern*, Lenses. Song slides and supply 
sold and bought. SpeMal fllmsand slides made, 
Shows given. Expert mechanics. Oerman Am. 
Ulfie. A PlJtnOO., lit E^ 08th St., N. Y. T«I.4 MJ. IB. 

for any Instrument or number of instruments. 
Songs, words and _ub1:, sketcties.eic. Send stamp. 
0HA8. L. L EWIS. 4„ R i chmon d St., Cincinnati, 6{ 


Front and Back Rending, each trick illustrated. 
Me._Morphei'B_8chj>ol,8;f. N 12th 8t..Fhlla.,Fu. 

WANTED, Two or Thren Good Perform- 
ers, man mid wlfo preferred. Must do two 
turns oneli In hl(j Bhow ; n good common cook, 
nlso n man for tho Advance, onn that. 1* ox- 
porlnnced with little shows. FRANK ADAMS, 
Southern Show . .Mdorson . lnd. Tor. 

MEDICIN B BEN, Doctors ! Bcltsonly $12 per 

S-o. Bargain; cannot be duplicated when gone, 
endaome cartoons free. 60 other styles Elec. 
Beits with handsome boxes; Elec. Insoles, tin. 
uoz. prs.; Elec Jars, "ic. doz.; Soap, $2.10 gro. 
Sosp Jars and Print all cash ; Elec. Belts half cash. 
Write for price list and lecture free. largest and 
best equipped E. B. Mfgrs. In U. S. and located in 
centre. Est. „yra. 


Fall Uniform at most satisfactory terms. I am able 
to furnish music for Theatre Concerts, Private 
Houses, all occasions, at reasonable rates; weekly, 
monthly and Mason engagements taken. S. TU- 
LEJA, Leader, 811 N. Lawrance St., Phtla., Pa. 

i CHBBTBRPIHLD.— Elegant Hotel: modem. 
Perfect cnitlne, service, appointments. European 
plan . 1 1. M . HAN RAHAN , Prop., Petersbnrg. Va. 

hobinbon hotel, buffalo, n. v., wash- 


Hotel. Headquarters for 
the profession. 7th and 
Walnut Bts., ST. LOUIS. 

. TRAFALGAR, 116-111 East 14th BL, New York, 
opp. Dewey. Booms coo., «Cy $1, $1.60 day; $2.64 
to $1 week. W. D. HANN1GAN, Propr. 

HOTEL SAVOY, Yonngstown, Ohio.— Euro- 
Man plan; new; rooms, fioc, 76c., $1; headquar- 
ters for profession; convenient to theatres; cor. 
Boardman and Champion Sts. A.J. Or nhper.Pro p. 


iTi,«l$, double. 

W aha all i Madison, CHICAGO. 
O. C.Vanghan, Prop. Strictly 
American Plan, $8-$lli single; 


Jefferjon Bts., Louisville, Xy. Amer. plan. Rates 
$7 doable, $8 single. Everything new bnt Bio. 

HOTEL OXFORD, Canal A Adams Sts., West 
aide, CHICAGO. American A European. Special 
rttes to Professionals. FRANK HUNT. Proprietor, 

will treat yon right In regard to rates and service, 

EIIGHT &UNCH Without Extra Charge, 
than 3 mlnntei' walk of all the leading 
res. Write ahead for room. 
-QHAB.MPELLEBJR., PROP., Milwaukee, Wis. 

HANAftER actors A book Tree with the 

address of all the popular theatres in the I'nlted 
Slates, population of every town nnd manager's 
address. Send Iflc. to nay postage. 

<:. c liOLAN (Wig Maker), 
.121 Green St.. Loekport, N.Y. 

ELEPHANTS, Tigers, Lions anil All Kinds 
of Wild Animals. Orders hooked now. Elephants 
from £160 earn: Tigers, f.'.t. and ho on. cheapest 
honse In the world. Established a century, 
wii.liam JAHRAOH, Stoke Newlngton, London. 
England. Bole address. ■ 

lettered cross-lining space; Vaudeville, Reper- 
toire, Burlesque, Dramatic, Opera. Bend $1 for 
loo samples. Opera House contracts 600. per loo. 
B. BUTLER, 1M W. Madison St., Chicago. 

MI'SICIANS: Send for descriptive clrcnlnr 
and prices ot the Ilnlton Cornets nnd Slldn 
Trombones. They nro generally concpflort to 
bo the best, for professionals. Address 
FRANK HOLTON, 70 Madison St., Chicago. 

can Plan. Theatrical Headqnarters. $1.2S single, 
$1 double: $o and $7 per week. 

—Three different hooksi or 10 ots. All kinds of acts. 
MORPHET'S SCHOOL. S8T N. 12th St.. Phlla., Pa. 

CALLIOPE WANTED— I wnnt to buy it 
Small Calliope; must be in No. 1 condition nnd 
chenp; rIvi* full particulars nnd very lowest 
price first letter. HUNK ADAMS. 

• Southern Show, Alderson, lnd. Ter. 

M. 8TRA88MAN. 

ATTORNEY, 853 Broadway, New Tnrk City. 

NEW YORK, 102 
HAST 16th ST., 

FAOiBG UNION SQUARE. All modem Improve 
menu* SPECIAL low RATES to the profession, 
ffratuileDta $1 day up. CUAS. L . HARRELL.jIgr. 
EXCELLENT Rooms and Board, $s, up. Con- 
venient to all theatres. Es'b'd -78. BROWN, 240 
E.vQhlQ St., Chicago. Telephone 6321, Dearborn . 

HUt't New Hotel Gad. ff»JBgB 

jfaans Me. to 7So. per day; and: $3.oo a week. 
Eidtos' Restanranl on second Ooor. No. 6 E. 4th 
-,t, l^fUmlngton, Del. O. R. HOLT, Prop. 




• "tm Special weoklyrates to the profession. 
m v'»rk St.. Chicago. Most central loctttlon In City 

( IROUB Agent Wanted ; experienced, not afraid 
■ flf,»n>ri;olose contractor, anbor and rellablo,Who 
know* middle States and East, Two car B. It. 
•how.- State what you can and will do; lowest 
KSlkrVflrst letter. Jas. W. Beattle, 303 E. LewlsSf, 
Vo tt Wayne, lnd. 

WMfBD AT ONOE-Sketch Team (man 
and woman); both sing and dance; change for 
«v«ek-_lso good Single Acts. Novercmse. Must 
jQiaFch.d. PlByloglarge towns and cities. 

MOB. OBEOON MED. CO., East Vasselbcro, Me. 

..(•CAHS WANTED— Will buy or lease Com- 
lilhatlon Baggage and Bleeping Car, f oft. or 
longer, or Baggage Car, State wliat yon have In 
big car equipped Tor passenger sorvlce. Ftilipnr- 
r«nurs Jirst letter. James W. Bcattie, son B. 
r^'wUBL,Fori_Wayae,lnd 1 _ 


■Mriglo, Comic, etc. FILMS, Oarerf CLIPPER. 

S.W.Cor. Eighth and Waln« SuecM^itbuJPit 

1 FINK WHITE TAIL GNPs; or Horned 

Horses; cheap lots. 7 NylghaleR; cbeap lots. 20 
Spotted Axis Deer, 40 Kangaroos. 10 Enmea; cheap. 
SO Black Swans, etc. WILLIAM JAMRAOH, Stoke 
Newlngton, London, England. 

FOR HALE or rent, Mocha&ical Wax Figures, 
Illusions, Pirn* Snakes, Marionettes, Paintings, 
Slurred Animals. Buy. sell or exchange. Send stamp 
for answer. J. D SWEET, Atlantic City, N. J. 

WANTED -Fowler'^ vaudeville Company, 
Clever. Petite S. and D. Sonhrettc; Ladles doing 
reilni'd sots. Tent, Black or Wnlte. Films tor 
cash. Aftrnt on nor cent or partnership. Address 

_ JOHN C. FOWLER, Bradford. Pa. 

TENTS aiad BAND WAGON for sale: cue 

7ii\inoi't., ii«cii a sea„D, $7'<:, $K); onn 
Band Wagon, $-,. Wanted. party with money 10 
Invest In Tom Show. All kinds of show property 
forsale. LOOK «.i. Jamestown. N. V. ' 


PLAYER would like to locale and plav in town 
where there is Theatre and dance Business. 
Would do light work on the sldo. Address I'RED 
HOSTETTER, Muslclsn. Newport. Ky. 

WANTED -Piano or organ Player, Sight 
Reader, todonhte Violin: must join on wire. Pic- 
ture Machine Man with plenty of lllms and Bong 
Slides; name Films and slide- you have; capable 
of changing tor one week. Small towns. Name 
very lowest; those that double Brass preferred. 
E. L. Doty and Lew Dale, write. Harry La Reane, 
week Feb. 1, (ilens Falls, N. V.: week Feb. s, Eagle 
Mills, N. Y. (Rensselear Co). 

WANTED UUICK-Oood A 1: Around Come- 
dian with Specialties who can put on iloiActs 
and make them go, good Novelty Aria, -mull S. 
and D. Lady, Sister Teams. All must change for 
one or more weeks. Mention if you vamp organ . 
Make sslarv low: forget It. Join on wire. Tickets, 
no, no. Taylo r's Concert Co., Columbia City, lnd. 

AT LIBBRTY — Com. Sketch Team, Man 
and Wife; Singles .and Doubles, Machine and 
Illustrated Songs, good B. V. Song and Dance 
Com. Can ,om on wire. If no tickets, don't 
write. THE EARLS. 82 Brosil St., Illica, N. Y. 

FOR SALE- You that read this ad . send 
stamp for circular- of i:alatea, that will give you 
an Income of $r.on to $.'.00 per week the rest of ymir 
life. This is 00 Mun. Investigate. CHARLES I'. 
WESTON, l:f Spruce St., Lawrence. Mnss. 


FORMERS, Singing and Dancing Comedians who 
can make good; Other Useful People, write. 
Would be pleased to hear from Al Lecturer, bnt 
must belt. W, .1. Mansfield, Peirolla, Butler C"..Pa. 







Only Legltlmoie Concessions Wanted. Have 4 
Ten-foot Spaoes at $20.W Each, Send Deposit. 
Cane Rack sold. 


Tnder the sole direction of DAVID BELASCO. 
Evening* punctually at *. Mm . Saturday at 2. 

Sweet Kitty Bellairs." 

In the 
Sew Play, 

UlincnH Tih.atiu:, 4011 St., near Broadway. 

nUUdilrl Rvg,,, j,™. _ At „. o/ed. and Bat., itn. 

C1IAS. It. HARRIS Manng.-r 



Hanson's Roily. 

BT If f ifl_ *fl EVENINGS. S.16. 
TTALLl-bD, O, M ATH., WED. AND SAT., 2. 

nnxly. The 

See. Ade's % 


Iniarnational Oircnlt. Theatrical EnterprUM. 

R. F. ALBKK, General Manager. 


8. K. HODGDON, Booking Manager. Association 

ot VaudevUle Manager*, St. JafflM Bldg., Uroad- 

N. Y. 

way and seth St.. 

FOR SALE— Eight Uniform Coat* and Hel- 
mets, 10 Banner Boy Uniforms, 10 Beautiful Pa- 
rade Banners, 2 Large Papier Maohe Figures, 1: 
Good Working Tom Dogs, 12x21 Transformation 
and ice Scenes, l Complete Set Small Scenery, l 
Loud Telescope Organ. 2Cood Drums. All In good 
shape. Address CM AS YORK, CarbonJaJe, Pa. 

"ENGAGEMENTS Wanfil at once by two 

Good. Clever Ladles, experienced In parts and 
specialties. Good wardrobe. Very neat In dress 
and appearance. Reliable mgrs, only. Add. MIbs 
Starr-0. Raynos. 280 WestOhio, Indianapolis, lnd. 

~ FOB i»*Llt— rEDIsbYiTlNETOBOOPE (Exhl- 
bltloni, with Electric Lamp and Rheostat, gr..'.. 


manuricturers of ths Chemical Microscope or 
Magnifying Glass ; al-to Wine Glasses and Baby 
Bottles. Send stamp for price list. OHICAGO VIAI, 
AND M'F'C. CO.. l&isa W. Lake St., Chicago. III. 

WANTED, Vaudeville Acts thai have not ap- 
peared East, and all those contemplating vaude- 
ville, to address VAUDEVILLE STUDIO, 131 Sth 
Ave, NY. Public hearings and openings. Coach- 
ing and engagements secured. Want mo people to 
study. be i-oa-hed and rehearBcd fur vatulevllle. 


Oriental Show 






Address IRA TOCBB, Sfgr., 
HOTEL ROYAL, New London, Conn. 





Write or wire, No. 3M GO0R8!> ST.. 

McKeesport, I'a. 




leaders send 10c. for complete orcheitratlou. 
Des Moines, la. 

v WANTBD, to hof Plate Gloss LwgbtagM'r- 
ror7:*s8ialc price and condition. PHOTO 
STL'DIO.-No. 62t8 niierlor8t., Cleveland, 0. 

~»i' ANTBD. Sketch Tcsm, good 8. and D. Oome- 
dlfeSoiibretti or Sister Team. Must bavewaid- 
rebSSd change for two weeks. State all ; will aa- 
a^DTwIreVCa Reamea. Read and Write, answer. 
Bpolea ¥•* Chicago Jul M*y. While Spear, 
Lemoni, 111, 

vPOa SALE, Indlun Bill's Wild Wert Stock 
ami flat IJaw, Advance Car, Canopy, Baggage 

Wafos*. Stage Coach, Emigrant Wagon, Hand 
ffaloE Ticket Wagon, HweiT Tally Ho coach Re- 
Sr^aSeatt. Harneas, Baddies. Augustus Jones. 
e.Httton forge, Va, 

.FOR SALE— Entire Bhow Outfit: New 70 
foot Bound Top, one so toot Middle Piece if, 
)3tf$-b,M Seats, nine «*« ^ £"_," 
lingtSsvreterved, nine tiers high,; Flap Bick*. 

*^lSfigSB8&3Xotffi& I Ot MB. W.oted, MACHINE, car. of CUPPEB. 

UNCLE TOM'S CABIN— Something entirely new 
for Side Shows, Museum*, Parks, store Shows. 
Whole show Itself, on large elevated stage. Will 
sell or exchange for tents, picture machines, 
steroopl Icons, circus wagons, or any show goods. 
v L. B. 483, Jamest own, N. y. 


100lelterneads,26c.: 200,40c.: 600,76c. Envelopes 
same, naif tone, $1- 3,000 32da, 76c; stickers, 
30c: hards, .iflc : coupons, l.-.c.etc. Samples, 4c. 

who Is a close contractor and who can and will 
handle a brush. Only experienced men who can 
furnish reference that will bear investigation 
need apply. Alio want Singing andTslklng Clown 
who does concert turns, nod useful people for 
small wagon show. Low, sure sal arles. 

Box 444, Sohenectady, N. Y. 

' WANTBD AT ONCE -Medicine Lecturer 
that Is office worker. Tou must be good, and 
eettho money. Yon must be a good talker n"d 
anood olllce worker, and have good appearance. 
Salary or per cent . 1 have a first class compsny 
and play big towns, and never close. This is a 
good position for a good man. Address BILL* 
8ENRAB, Care 0? Ben rah'* Vaudeville nnd 
Bov elty Co., Elma, Iowa. 

Ins to Life, Ventriloquist Figures, Organ, Paint- 
ings, Mechanical Wax Flgnres. Illusions, Books 
nn'llaglc Etc. W. H. J. BHAW, Victoria. Mo. 

WANTED HDICK— Irish and. Dutch sing- 
Inir and Dancing Comedian and Other Caefnl Peo- 
ple, change forone week, work afterpieces: organ 
p ayerapreferred; (also AI Lecturer, Bo«U_< 
on per cent). Sure salary, steady wort, to good, 
reliable peowe; tell all first letter. HOTSPRINCB 
HED CO.. Oraoevllle. Minn 


Claude Lewis and Clara Lewis 

Juveniles, neavles I Le.idlng 

auil Characters. | IlitslnCris. 

Thoroughly reliable. First class companies only, 
-lolnt engagement. Addrcis 
OiiAi DE LEWIS, <«W Park Place, St. Paul, Minn. 







Anil iii an Extra Attraction. 


Dewey Chin, Blossoms Burlesquers, 


Huber's l Vv. Museum 

GEO, II. RUBER, Propr. 
Freak* of Nature, also Flrat Class VaudovlUe Aota 
tor Theatre. Address J . H. ANDERSON, Manager. 





Touring In Europe On 
Important Business. 

Address N«. ~ SCH ARNUOHST S'l RAhhl 1, 







More than iimklng good at Chicago Clubs. 

WOULD LIKE to hear from "HUT Air" 
Mercli'tiis to look after "Stea mer" T run ks. 


Soli Cheap. Vou can organize here. Open In April. 
Advance Baggage and Passenger Wagons, Cage*, 
IlarneaB. Saddles, Wardrobe, Tents, Heats, Light*. 
Poles. All small articles will ill. up any size show 
wanted as to Horsen and Wagons, Canvas good; 
all property A No. 1. Come see a bargain and 
chaooo of life. Oan 1110 quarters here Free 'till 
April -. SUN BROS, l.'i3 Boriniidu 81.. Norfolk, Vu. 
P. S.— Will exchange or tuiy non. Oars and 



Character Man, S. and D. Boubrettc, Feature Act, 
double parts, Must be low salary; wn pay nil, 

GR08S A LYALL. Cambridge, 0., Feb. 4 to G. 

Monte Lewis, write. 


For Uncle Josh Sprucely Co., 

Character Old Man, with Specialty, lor Jonh; 
Character Woman. Join on receipt of wire. 
State lowest salary. Pay own hotel. Address 
Paola, Kannas. 6; Topeka j D. B. LEVIS. 




JOSEF YARRICK, hao.oia*. 

Invl les oirers. JOOBAST «^I_ST„ New_York._ 


Arc playing this week for MR. SIlKKIlk at Ins 



Care Of ••BILLBOARD,'' Cincinnati. O. 


I^e-wv- HeQortoii 


rp-lf. Date Spi'clatili-; EMOGENH MAXWELL, 
Characters »r General Bnslnons, Whlsiling Spit 
. mines. Addriss LEW II. OORION, 
fin Dearborn A'".. Clilrago. III. 

At Liberty, 

Single and Double Specialties, Latest iiiuatraied 
Sonics. Spcotacular Fire Dance, Best Lino ot 
Machines Special Scenery. Both play parts. 

1107A State St.. East St. Louis, HI. 

Winlid Quick, Join on Win, A I Cimriiin 

pot on acta and make ibein go; limit, $10 and 
all*, ticket advanced 10 Join Tourists, boozer* 
and Incompotrnls save postage. "The Knights,'' 
other Med. pnrrormers, write 

DOCTOR W. D. MOORE, llolgate, Ohio. 



014 Grand Ave.. Chicago, III. 

Want Comedian 
or BDiilir* t let lunat 

|AI L _,ET 


plar nrgau,, 

W. Va, 





Worth Absolutely 

U.. ______ •» ,loll » r '' ,n ,ho »- 

nllfinrflllx -aiMs nr America's 
IIMIIHIVHw sn ,i England's be»t 

vaiidevlllo |iertornn>rs. 


tim. O contains Si Original Parodies, 
Nil M hv Jame* Madison and Barney 
liw. v. Bernard; 9 new Monologues, 
4 new Sketches, Harry Montague's bur- 
new Dutch, Irish and Hebrew Specialties; 
Comic Poems, Toasts and Epitaphs, Walter 
London's roaring Tame, •'BUBBLE'S TROU- 
BLES:" James Madison's comedy, "UNOLE 
JOHN'S VISIT," besides hundreds of orig- 
inal Gags, Stories and Jests- SO big page*. 
One dollar per copy. Send All Order* to 

Complete your Die; I. J.KsHEIL 
any 3 -till In print ■" ' w ' n ' "■""■* 

for tl.M), any .1 Tor 
t'J.OO, any 4 for I'iW), 
or Budgets 3, 4,1, a 
and I for |_ 

(Agent for 

James Madison) 

140* Third Awe., 

New York. 





Tu bo held in tho rosiest growing Dept. Store in 
N. J.; .T.iii.rmO - |Hi|Oilntimi. tou can make money 
at this show. Space: nun now ts'had at reasou- 
alilo rates. Very attractive Ixioths ror nil comer-i. 
Wrll», telegraph or call on 


THE 80ERIR 00.. 
Broad and Market Bts., 

NEWARK, N. .1. ^ 



Who Can Do Acrobatic Dance; 
Union Han of Small Statnre* 



k| ■■ Im tho latest Issue, and you want 11 If 
HA I 5 ,nl wIhIi to keep up with tlio"Vande 
e*WI ■ vlllo Vehicle." Unto date Parodies, 
Monologues, Sketches, End ilagt, HecltntlonH. 
Short Gags, Cross Fire Work, Etc. Gel out ol tho 
old rui. i so the best wblln you an paying Tor II. 
(lei tho cheapen so long as you get the best 
quality. In other words, use BANKS' IDEAS. 
You will not is) snrrr j on t rind this work. It's no 
EXPERIMENT, but a PACT. Established 
for over seven yonrs. H not right It could not. 
ilvo. Ideas, No. 7, Ju.-t old, Sth.-, PBR COPY. 
Nod. r>, o, 7 while limy iu«l for f l. Any two books 
Tor sue. Send today. HUB BANKS, 

V21 Lockwood Hi., Providence, R. I. 


Bass, Baritone Singer, 
Clarionet, Musical Team, 
. or Minstrel People. 

Wrll«. slating full particulars, Auburn, Oallt., 
Feb. ;<■ Carson CHj, Nov., 1'J; Reno, V,; Ogdnu, 
Ulah,17. tlltB. 8FN. 


laminar with London HhOII Show. Lorn: season, 
good salary. iilhHrChoai Show People, write. 
Address W. t . WALLACE SHOW, 

Long Beach, California. 


BOOK DAHOEB, Double Ban Drum. 
Alio TB0IB01E for Band aid Orchestra 

Adders. Fit AMI ADAM*. P.r Haul., 


Cabinet Photos of yourself for selilng.aao per 1,000. 
New Eden* OARBOMA flnlih. Sample* ror dime. 

tr l,ooo: roKTUNES Mo.: Samp. ioc. 

CIIIIICC For Future Photograph* 
" niiv »" d Lover*' Poetotfo*. 
hBTWMO. 60* Arch m. Phlla. 1 Pa._ 

AT Liberty, AGENT or Buslfliss Manager. 

Evpiirlem eel, reliable and capable Press Man. 
Anything "tat pays salaries. 

IKIil West Tenth St., Slou v Fulls. S. D. 

Wanted, Rep. People in All Lines 

WITH SPECIALTIES. Stale Iftwesl. No fares. 

ETOILE STOCK CO.. Champaign, III. 

Capable of managing their own companies are 
ottered the opportunity or their lives. Wrlto the 
_ OREGON MEDICINE CO., C urry, P a. 


BATON MANIPULATOR. Strong 10 Minute At'., 
Address HENRY HALL, 

'- No. U Common BL i Lowell, Mats- 


i t . 


'fWP4$* 6. 


" riiorMKToiis. 

■-■' i~- ALBEIIT'J. BOBIE, ' "'■ 

Euitouiai, Axn Di.sim;ss Hihhi 





Advertisements— $2.80 per Inch, single col- 


Advertisements sot with border, JO per 
cent, cxlro. 


One yoel* In advance, M ; six months, *-' : 
three months, H- Foreign postage extra. 
Single ttiplca will tie hcoI, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cento. 

Our TcrtolN art- cn>li. 

Iiriluic IiIn ranis It Ik a niimlnnl 

iii i.i.i \ ii us. com., in r. 
L. K. II., lluilliuorc. — After the aliening 
slmke null plnyer liliiKt either pis-kct n luill, 
iiiuke mi older! ball strike a cushion, or Hie 
rue hull Hlrlke a cushion after contact with 
mi object ball, under penally of forfeiture 
■il three points. 

J. SI. «'., Mil n I xl nic.— In our answer to T. 
II. M.. In Ci.n-i' of Jun. 3S, II wan not 
t'.crissnry to consider the rules of call slmt 
pool, nM I here In no game of pool extant 
■fllK CLIPPER Is Issued every Wednesday wherein the fuel Hint n ball, while being 
morning The lust four (advertising) pngos P'ickcicd. should ulrlkr a rimliion. would In- 

SSwS mm on M^wr-t ii | a. ( £ -iimi Sra»ViffV& i * rt *"° 8Porln8 ,,f 

the other pages on MONDAY and 'I LLSDAV, ni.\R. 

The Forms Closing Promptly, T»«- R, K . |, ; , (tairlesrowiV— I. Toiiimy baa, 
• dny, kI HI o'clock A. 51. who Inst •nek boxed Jnek O'Brien In •Pnlln- 

'•' licflserontlt liy express, money order, check, il'dphln. U mi American by birth, having been 
P. ao^rorrcKlstered letter. All cash en- }~&«iJ«!Z a &*i }", >!"»!' _-"•..' !S* 
closed with letter Ik Ut the risk of sender. 
\tldres* 'All « nm niiiniciit Ions- to 
-: TnM NKW lOHK ClilPl'KH. 
»-, ' • ' *T West 2ftth Street, New York. 
j,i,-,,iilrn.l Cable AMrv**, ■iSIMRT." 


Of Tjii) CUMI I* toealed nt Hooni Tiirj, 
Ashland 6 Block, Chicago, Walter K. Hill, 
manager and • correspondent, where ndver- 
flsonients anil subscriptions arc received at 
our regular rules. 


Located 1 at 48 Crauboum SI., London, \V. C, 

K II. .V, Montreal. — Yea;. when n cnll la I,cnlle Davis la In Chicago, and raay 

made all iiliijerw who stay In muMt show put out "A Wise Woman" for a (taring tour 

their entire baud* hi the laiard. of the middle West ,E. II. lilacoy anil 

A. I., ierre Halite.— The player's couten- fain My 'are In Florldn W. D. Coxey, 

lUni Ih groundless. Ah lil» bet on the four editor of, The Uayteuod Jlciahl. printed 

resulted In a "split," nud ns there wcro'tio la one of Chicago's siiburlx, nas eone 

"rail ' beta, the dehomlnntlon of the "bock" Krntt to begin • bis mi nil season as 

card, had no ls>nrlng. whatsoever no the play, an editorial writer In advance of the 

• •<• r«— Wo do not understand yonr query ; Itanium Mm Sidney Kills - "Eric of , 

Wllle-aunlu. and he uzpllelt.. Swwk-n" Co. has bein rehearsliiK la Chh-ngn n i„ n t;" Xance O'Nell. In repertory «»ne< ;ln i 

• l\. ami «., Tletrolt. — K loses: In draw the past week, preparatory to opening la Kc- matliwes), at the Tremout : "If Women were 
l«>ker,. ir a player Jooka at his cards before uoalia. Wis., Jan. .11. Hen ihnilricloi will j|en." at the lirnnd opera; '•m pnl ^,,2! n,r ; 
discovering Unit he 1ms more or less than lie starred In this new dialed piece, and 
the proper number his hand b dead, and he Charles I~ Walters will have the mannse- 

aiands out of Hi., itilme fur Hint deal. If niem nf the i.iiupnnv Arthur 1". I«m- 

lie dlsi-overs and minoiinceg the fact be/ore pin Is playing club and society - dates In 

Chicago with his vaudeville novelty "' 

Boston.— The changes ft the theatres 
this week arc: Mmc. Charlotte Wlchc uml 

■mpanv in ilu- uhibc; Charles Uawtrey, 
In "%.• Mim from lllankley's.' at the Uol- 
lis- Uie Hen Orvel 1'layers, In "The Merchant 
il Venice." nt Cblckerlnr luih tli.- tu!3ct8, 

a "Clndcrell. Mi Q*^*g£jgQ*2B 

it: -ifWoi 
?ra; Kuget. 
In -Zaxa." at Hie « •olunihla ; , "fho SIot i of 
the Knur." nt the Hall : "The Stain of O "lit. 
„t the Huh; "Wild Oats." nt the Castle 
Miumre. and "Not llallty." «'««»"'£ 
Siimirc. The liiislncss showed some signs 
>» of linprovement Inst week, and an excellent 

Knsiern vaiidi.vll!i- in.nlilngs Harry T. B reruge might have lsi-n recorded had the 

It.ivmond gm* with "Krle of Sweden" in weather Im».'ii more favorable. 

musical director The Chirk Strei«t Mu- OmM Tiikatbk f8talr & Wilbur, mnno- 

heiini, soniewluil altei'il In Its Interior plans B ersi. — For the second nltractlon at this 
from previous condlllon.4, o|s-ne<l ThursiUiy ijnuse Managers Ktalr * Wilbur offer Aline. 
uflcruiNiii, and conlluues to draw crowds 

rial Tompkins." preparatory to Inklog up Ii 

out socrii African ri:u. 

irtmi ut ii nw.v cnnacsfoNUKST.) 

JolIANNKSIIl'Uli. IlKC. '24, 1SMKS. 
The Kinpire opened- last week, after having 
been closed about four weeks, aud the house 
was a record one, although no special nllrae- 
I Ions were hilled. Johiinncshiirgers never up- 
prcchilcil th\* imislc hull so lnucli us when 
it closed, and there wns no place they could 
go aud smoke, consequently they turned out 

We do not Impart Information relating * n full force nt the reopening 
to the private ufMIrs of any one. 

Charlotte Wiche. the French actrcsa, and her 
.oinpuiiy, In comedies and pantomimes, the 
engagement to be of.n fortnights duration, 
is-glnnlng on Mondny «f UiU week, riie 
iilnys to be given during the first week : 
••Tb-a-Tsc." "I/ii Main." "Houpcr d Adieu. 
"I/Ilomme iiux I'oupwH." •'Oros Chngrln 
and -'Ijz Je Nc Sals Quol. ' llanlona Su- 
is-rba" had satisfactory returns during Its 
two weeks' sojourn. 

lliu.i.iK Stukkt Tiibatuk (Isaac It. Ukb, 
iniinngcr).— Jlary Manncrlng enjoyed proa- 
perlty at this house lust week, and very 
little fault was found with her vehicle, 
■•Harriers Honeymoon." In fact, the corn- 

In full force nt the reopening. The pr.- . „ r0V(H i to i^ „ t iipulile one. excellently 

gramme, though not a long one, wns very "• '. , „, n „ 1K i fimrlea llnwtrey and 

g.s-1 Including: l'egsy I'rfde W. C. llclils ^"» ue % for 8 i xt0P „ performances. 

ilhe American jnggleri the Sslvaggl, (well JH™"* &\, t .^ bc Mnn f r „ m HlHUklcy's." 

oi it ciiicAtio rcit. 

(kiioh oua m coitnr.sroNbENT.) 

J ■ ' 

"Wcslern iliiriiin 
Of the Sow. York Clipper, 
Room r.i>i!, Ail. In ml Jlloc-k, Cblcngo. 
Vitally Important to b>cttl theatrical Inter- 
ests was the week ending Jan. at». The 

hit of the show. W. C. Fields has created 
nothing short of n sensation here, and, con- 
sidering the fact that he Ik following Kuril 
and Sam Elton, who played here only a few 
weeks ago, a deal of credit Is certainly due 

It. O. Knowlcs arrives tins week from Lon- 
don, as do Wilson and Waring, so there will 
be quite u little American colony around the 
Empire lor some lime to come. Needles to 
say the Americans la town turn out In full 

J P Congbtnn, manager mid correspondent, clouds which luive obscured the sun of man- lo'rcc to "welcome such iicrformers ns Fields 

«'i.erc ndTerllaenienta nmt Biiuscrlptlous tiro Kgerlul hope took tin a allvcr llnlog, und the uml Knowlcs. 

where ndTeriiRcniints no im i stagnation which has. lasted since Jou.' !• Amlier Auslit snd Will llnlnea ore ulso 

received at our regular ritteo. 


glvoa prumlsc vt chntige lo nctlvlly. Lust with the Knnwlm Company, and It Is ru- 
AMnday evening the City Council resolved mnml that Victoria Monks Is coinlnc Isick 


mauv • Diamond News Co., 07 1'runo, Ha- Utlus were retained as alisolute requlaltes to There Is a rumor all 

»-„«,.• Manila Hook and Stationery Co., V-'S ''l"'"lu«- Our managers Immediately set about Doyle, Florence Hnlnes' 1 

I V. o««u a I A L i 4 Sun VI7- lU "' r ■ t ".", k ? f "" t "'ttlon. and us n result start a music hall here. 

F.scoltn. Manila, V. 1., Albert & aon, i.i. smral laaatm expect lo be given pcrinls- playing In Cape Town, a 

the Upern House, the Illlnuls, the 
Oarrlck and the Studchuk'cr have lieen in- 
f|ss:led. MeVlcker's Is inlvertlslug lo ois-ll 
Monday eveiilng. Feb.' I, with "In Old 
Kentucky." The Illinois expecta to open 
ou the siime evening, with Anna Held, 
In "Mile. Napoleon." Fur several days 
advertising matter, without date, has 
1-ec'ii displayed hi the lobby of .Uie Cur- 
vlek. and the Four Cohans, In "ltinmlng for 
- that house dur- 
omlng week. 11 
when the hooking of "The 

mil II .Feb. to. 

130 King St.; Sydney. Anstrallft 

TIIK SKWYOKKl'HPI'BR pulillsnes 
»nly one edition, und tlint in dated 
from New >'orb. 


So Replies by Moll or Tele«ra|>U. 

AuwiKSSBS on- WKtliUAiiouTS >oc oivbn. nm,,.," will proUbly oimti that house "dur 
Au. is Qtr»sT oP HKH siioi:i.u wsii-ie m |„ K |bc.latlM days of the coming week. 11 

TIltlSK WHOH TBKT IIKKK, IN. CA«M OK lllh Is sold Ulllt llltl Kltlllcbllkcr will Hot OUCH 

I'LlPl'Kll Tost Ofiice.. Au, MMSBHI wii.i, 


hol-iiit. Kwru to «ri» list or ttmmsh 

ll'y MAMi ou TBt.K 'illAMI. 


O. It. t.. .lonmdirwih— We have no Unowl- 
islge. of the present wlierenlHitits of the party. 
\dilreHs a loiter In onr care, mid we wll uil- 
Ycrllse It'lu Tub eunSB loiter list. 

W. U. IL. Illnghamtnu, 

NluK. C. V., Davenport, 

Muk. ]',. II. B.. Onk Lntie, f . 

V. 8. H.. nuffnlu. 

v. V. Kx„ South lleml, 

II. II., Iluffulo, 

Mum. 1>. K. !*.. rhllodelphln, 

E II. I)., Conway, 

Miw. M. N-. Dnyoiine, and Jlus. C, Ilrook- 
Ivii. — See auBwer to O. W. T„ above. 

W. 1.. K.. llrlstol.- r -Addrci»s llrentaiio, 

There Is a rumor nhoiir town that Mr. 

Iiiihliaiid. Is going to 

Miss luilnes Is still 

lid as she Is coming 

sbm to open during the coming week. The isirk here in a few weeks, perhaps- she will 
Hileugo thHtra House, MeVlcker's Theatre, let ns know what s" 

she Intends to do. 

The Sass-.NeiBon Company, nt the Stand- 
aril Theatre here, is playing "Old Ueiclel- 
Iwrg." and doing a record business. Tlie 
comiKiuy. ns written about before, Is a thor- 
oughly giMMl one.. 

The Cnlety.. Company, nt His Majesty's, Is 
ploying "The Country Clrl." and the Knyncs 

.Ighl .- 

and the remnlnlng eight lo be given tip to 
"Snney Sallv." A lOlinble cnmimny of play- 
ers U In support- nf Mr. llnwtrey. 

Tbkuont Tiikatub (Jno. U. SchoetTel, 
mniingeri. — "Cinderella and the Prince.' IS. 
A. irnrnefs tenth work for the First Corps 
Cadets, n local military organization, occu- 
pies the stage <>f this house during the even- 
ings of current week. This engngemcat Is 
the big social event of the year, nnd Is 
looked forward to with great entlnislnsm. 
'Ihe house Is sold out for the week, the seats 
Mng sold at miction and bringing large 
premiums. Nance O'Nell played three spe- 
cial matinees here last week, and made such 
tin enormous hit that arrangements were nt 
once innilc for another week. of matinees. 
"Jlimda," "Fires of Sf. John" and "Cuiullle" 
constitute the week's repertory. Do Wolf 
llir]i|ier closed Saturday night his month's 
engagement In "Mr. Pickwick." business 
being only fnlr dnrlug the stay. For the first 
rime In the history of Ihl-s house a minstrel 
organization will hold forth durluglhc weeks 
of Ken. 8 and 13, and the engagement Is re- 
garded as a big novelty by the imtrons. 
liochsiuUci-'s Minstrels Is the organization 

Coi.n.\i.ii. 'filKATSB (Chns. Frohmnn, Hlch 
& Harris, managers). — Mondny. Feb. 1, 
slnrts the second and llnal week of Viola 
Allen. In •'Twelfth Night." The house was 
(Ink last Monday and Tuesday, owing to 
illness of Miss Allen. This has been her first 
npiK-ariiucc In tills city ns :i Sliakes|H-arenn 
star, and as a result there has been all the 
more Interest attached to her engngeaicnt. 
1,'iusl sized houses gave Miss Allen and her 


and Jil. and the last day of the meeting is 

next Friday, New Year's day. Quite as pretty 

Prince of Pit-sen" Isiglns. As to Just when mid smart frocks appeared on Ihe. members' 
oilier i hen ires will open, within the uuloii kIiukI and on the lawns as are seen In Ism- 
loop, nothing Is at present announced. Kf- don and Purls nt the. big meetings. The 
forts are being made lo open the Chicago American element, both male and female, 
(ipem House two wcks from Mondny — Feb. undoubtedly exivllcd In this line. The one. 
lb. The seating arrangement Is being over, eomidalnt is Hint there Is no money — cer- 
hnuled and thu other changes -required by talnly things Uuanclnl nre very tlglit here 
the Inspectors are being made ns rapidly just at present, and all arc praying, or dolug 
lis possible. The gallery, It Is said, will not something akin to It. that Lord Mlluer's re- 
be opened. II. K Crescy announces Hint turn will settle the labor question nnd have 
the .Marlowe Theatre. In Knglcwood, will It out of Ihe wny. 

open next Hundny afternoon, Feb. 7, with 
•I'lie Lit tile Church Around the Comer." 
The oilier theatres, .ttimprlKliig Stair & Llnv- 
tin's local chain, are being put la readiness 
for Inspection this week, and will open ns 
soon as the iiMpiisUe alterations can bo 
luutle. The uioiitu of February will probably 
witness the opeilug of every rhentre wlilc'i 
Is to ugiilii bid for putioniigi! this season. 
At all events Ihe bmg In be remembered 
inoiiih of January has passed, with Its heart 



he second and last week of Its stay. Is a 
local success, although It In not attracting 
the large, sized houses it deserves. Henry 
K. Hlxey aud Jessie Ilusley are perhaps thj 
most farorcil of the company, though the 
others arc not far hehluil. William Collier, 
in "The Dlclatoi." comes Feb. 8. 

Boston Tiiratmb (Ijiwrence SleCnrty. 
manager). — Charles Warner, In "Drink," did 
fair business last week. Tills week Is the 
last of the fortnight's engagement. " 'Way 
Down Fast" follows. 

Ma.iestic Tiikatbh (Slnlr k Wilbur, man- 
ngers). — The nev scluilule of prices here 
seems to hnve met with popular favor, ns 
has also (he production of "lltisler llrown." 
which commences Its second and Inst week 
on Mumlui. Feb. 1. The piece Is one of 
the Isjst of Its kind seen In Boston this 
season, and no one lias left the theatre feel- 

I'eot-ln. — At the Grand (Chauiberlln, Har- 
rington & Co., uiunngors). — "A Hun on the 
Bunk" hud. fair business Jun. -4. William 

Owen fared the same -o. Charles B. Hun- ing that be has not received his money's 
rord iU "Sweet Clover" drew fairly "7. In- worth. The piece is chock full of bright 
dlcullous are fair for "Arizona" SO. Com- lines, clever songs and funny witticisms, 
ing: Mrs. Leslie Carter Feb. 4, "Qulncy Utile liabrlel scores heavily in the title 
Adams Sawyer" il, "Tin; Two Sisters" 7. rule. Next week. J. K. Mima;-, lu "Arrrah- 

1.. PorlHUioiitli.--The advert Isowent hr^id'or'HiirprVmdpills^VmVchorii 

will cost «. - H.:iii net. 

(i. N„ Mllwnukao. — You pridinbly laean 
the (Joldeu (Into tnilntet, as a purty of Ihe 
name you nicotian ts u member of It. Ad- 
dress luirtv In rare of this olllco nnd we will 
advertise Ilia Idler In owe letter list. Also 

I. a Sullj Theatre Kt'ick Company. Monday 
nlgbi, Feb. 1, a reception and ball will be 
given at llnyumrkct Hull lu aid of the stage 
hands employ, si (of rather, riof employed) nt 

the lluyniaikct Theatre. Tiiesduy afternoon 
the Auditorium Theatre will be the scene nf 

.mi., ...■-. »m... •-•'-- ., , ,. j i in.- aiiuiKji oiiii i iieiiue win m- no, i»v< ".; ».i 

watch our Tttliueylle roule list each week for lhl , ui^,,,.^. la-neilt of the lot. Walter Jouea. 

Hie dates Ofllloqululef. 

•M.-W.7 Dauvers. — Make application to the 
Librarian i»f Congress. Washington. 1>. C. 

Mils. A. Il„ Uhinchesler. — We hnve no 
record of the «lenlli of uny party of Hint 
name. . „. ,, ,,, . „ . 

. It. It. 11.. I'hdttlleld. t. Win. H. Wear died 
Feb. 13, lPP-'. ". We have no inenns of 

Craee Heals and Edward Frelberger, with 
Mllward Adams, treasurer of the fund, are 

liroiuollug a bill of vaudeville, upern and 
drama which prmnlsca 1o run till the after- 
noon, nud result hi u goodly sum of money. 
The sliigii hands mid hill posters, as orgunl- 
■/alloiis. will share hi Uie proceeds, nud Ihe 
Actors - Church Alliance will be alio! led some 
of the funds. Meanwhile concerts by ThcO. 

• tt.B.', Wuinmcn.- -1. "Olc Olson was pro- llori , •|U<hiiiik' Chicago Orchestra remain our 

dured Ilrsr: L'. tlus llanna, „,,,, slir ,, source of culertalnmcul, Friday 

A; M.. New >ork.— Wo have no rocnnl or „| KUt HIM , jjatnidny afteruoou of each week 

the death of the.parly. i\u^n great throngs In attendance upon the 

W. O. ,B., ThoiiiiisvIlle--l. Watch our concerlH of Cliiemros prize organUnllon nt 

i utile list each xrei'k. 2. Advert IsO your n l( . Auditorium Theatre The coroners 

Phil I'.uO Carrie Bur-cII. Ferguson and llu 
pre, Cunrge nnd Pauline Kldd. Abbas Ben 
Ulnar. Mile. SullKinn Marglna, Sir. and Mrs, 
Ben Hunt. 

J.v«ji'iis' (A. F. Jueolis. proprietor). — The 
house Is ls-lng well tilled nowailays. Week 
of 1 : Button and Button. Conwell and 
limner, the lllckmans, the Mldgclcys, flMM 
and Sadler. 

Xiitks. — The Er.gles had an open session 

Jun. 27, when n big time resulted The 

KhoiiisKaus had n session M, lsirrowlng 

talent from th-J Stain Street The Crnnd 

has the Is-st list of Imuklngs for Februarj- 

ever seen si the house tine night stands 

In this vicinity nre getting the best there Is, 
owing, to the closing of many theatres. 

Decatur, — At Powers' Grand Opera House 
(Fred J. (liven, manager), — "Arizona," Jan. 
J-', had a good house. ■■The Yankee Consul," 
:!3. iileased a large at tendance. "The Cava- 
lier. UK. deserved 

belief patronage. Pros- 

WTIIium Proctor. Ccrlmdc Stanley, I.ucla 
F. Iliixford. Slurlou llcrlicrt, Corn Wells. 
Slercedes Carrlnglon and olhers. Next week, 
Helieccu Warren, lu "Tcss, of the D'Urbcr- 

Cbanii Oi'BKA I|oi:hb (Ceo. W. Slagee, 
manager). — "Winchester" had fair returns 
Inst week. As the heroine Enid Mayo did the 
part full Justice, und her forceful manner 
was a surprise tu many. Wilfred EucUs 
nud Lawrence Griffith were also worthy of 
much credit for excellent work. "If Women 
Were Slen" Is this week"s offering. The 
company Includes : Alma Powell, Virginia 
Howell, Stnggle Vision, Harriet Lee, Samuel 
Hex. John Saunders. J. II. Ilnzellon. William 
SlusKcy. ItolK'i-t liullliurd. John Abbott. Mil. 
[in Costa. II. Brandon Mitchell and Hurry 
Sillies. Terry SlcOovern. lu "The Bowery 
After Dark," Is announced to follow. 

Slrsic Ham, (Stnlr & Wilbur, managers). 
— 'The Sign of the Four." with Waller Ed- 
winds In the character of the great detective. 

T. N. S.. Anderson. -Joseph Jefferson was i,,,,,™),^',. 'building lnsjs'cti.r. ' were rlio illy 

born In 1.S'.1i. 

A. 'P. 8.. New York. — The plays are uu- 
kiioun to us. nt least under the titles you 
mention. . .. ; . , , 

I, It. B.. Slol>lle.---Address .Tunics .1. Arm- 
strong, 10 Union Sipinrc, New York City. 

S. fi. SI., St. Iritis. — W'e have no knowl- 
edge of the cunipiiiiy. 

I.. C- B» New Hovh'lle.- Watch our route 
list each week. . ■ 

E K B.. Llncrtln. — To (he liest of our 
knowledge the play Is not on the roud nr 
pri'si'iit. uml wo lira. no) aide to give any In- 

elllcmls who were Imuiul over to Ihe grand 
Jury. .Mayor Harrison on Tuesday nflernoou 
seemed il wrll which served lo bring his case 
before u local Judge, and he was discharged 
from all lilnmc or responsibility Tor the pl- 

ena, was married lo Laura Hurnnd nt 
III.. Jan. Si. 


HnlMoy.— At tlie Empire (W. L. Busby, 
nmnnger).— "The Two Sisters" had u fair 
house Jan. 1,1. "More Than tjneen" gave u 

loslropl'c. In so fur as" I he coroner's lurv ve'r- splendid performance, lo good luiKlness, 1U. 

did applied lo his particular case. The "The Messenger Boy" did well j;;. Indlcu- 

nther cliv ollicltils. together wllb Will J. lions were ginsl for "'Ihe Prince of PIIkcii." 

liavls. manager: Win. II. Sellers. Ilreman: •_'S. Coining: Barlow's Sllustrels 30. "Hu- 

.laiues l-:. I'liiiimiugH. enrpentur. and Win. dnlpli and Adolph" Feb. ". Mrs. I^sllc Car- 

SlcSltillen, conueeied with tho Irmpiols The- -ter 3, "A Bun on tho Bank", 4, "The Silver 

ntre, nre still under imiul. hold to awall (tin Slipper" S. 

action oi lite grnnu jury •. . .sinnager 

J'ormntloii ulsiilt It. Frank II. June of (he Wurrlngiau Optra 

- E. A. IL. «nni(er.- 1. 'the, tenni Is kito* ii || llMm% ouk I'.irk. pres»iiled Gorimis Mln- 
' ^oll will have to nil- 

— ♦*-♦ 


. the Knrsnys. 
dn^ss them, , ,, .„ ,, .... 

Ill C. K. Pullmnn.- - Address T. It. Win- 
licit, 340" Rnmdwiiy, New York City. 

Tun WANluiRBt:, Cincinnati.-- Address some 
musical journal. • 

SV.- II. tf., •l'i«|ieku.--Aildress Alice hniiscr. 
U::t •lirondway.' New Vork City. 


II II. C- -A lose*. A straight flush, com- 

sireU for (line |M>rloriiiiinci:s Jan. ^0. :iil. 
iidverllsing the event lu the Chicago puiicrs. 
i. nil ullrncllng miiiiy pnlrons from the down 
lowu ilbtrlel uml West end of the oily.... 
"The Price of Silence." previously owned 
und managed by It, I., dimes, Iks been re- 
void by lilui in the author. Sir. Crcscj 1 Wing 
iniiihle to uhtiiln bookings from Sthlr ,v llnv 
lln. Mr. Cii-M-v ts also going to dispose of 
"A ibimblcv's ftytuthler." Ills only nmd at- 
posed ~of~ king, queen, Jack, ten and nine i rail Ion will be his production of " of 
hoot, hnttta one made up of live, four, ibrnc. Die Fold." but he will coiillmic us uiuaager 


( linrlntte. — At the Academy of Slush- 
(J. S. Flslmrg. imningeri. — The Mabel 
Paige Co. .lun. 33-30, The business wus 
very' good. The llrsl three nights people were 
turned r.woy. "A Fool of Hie Family." J8. 
liud fair business. Jefferson He Aneells, lu 
"The Toreador." Feb. 1 : "Florndorn* S. 

No'Tf.""Xui" Gray, who was for twenty- 
live years manager and lessee of the old 
i -harlot te Opcru House, died suddenly on a 
street car In this city Jan. •.'."i, aged Ufty- 
.idiie years. Two soils. William and James. 

tawest nfrrtM HUSH. . . . .Thos. IMMM of lHx..Z!i ^mJ^ IteJ&TSZJ&hSF*" '" 

W. 0. M.rAlhtiquerque — I, A wins, as the lsi-n tu towu during lbs pnsl week, timing- '" s "*' ' " " IL "■ * , '"'"»"-B> '" "• 

ifrnb-r scores thf point the moment ho turns lug for His appearance, nndw canvus. of . i. ,.„. ,,.«".. o,j ,..„, ,»,,.,, 

lack. 2. In seven on. when there Is a tie the llargnives Shows In this vlelully this ui.m.ii, 
itK game. Um nun-dealer, or elder hand (who 
in tills env WU* Oi. BCurrs the jsitui. 

, A'U'iiavwjji. wni0k-!nl tt»h^ ' i.£ 

two' and one (nee), the tnttnr ls>tng the of Ihe Marlowe Theatre here. In Kuglew 
ibwest siTitlght iliisli. .'am. Iliiruravea. of cheater, nu 

Sumiiier Inliii lilngllng Is wxiwleil t'onlalnluu matter of Interest, Is piilillsliisl ihls hou> 

home ihls neck fruiii ii European tour lu by the New York Central Jiml) lludson Ulcer cms 
ihu- lutai-si uCliie: ltlPitliug Bros.' Circus. ;«• U. Harvey, 

IP Ml 

"The Coiiuty Fair." While Mr. Burgess did 
nut appeni' In the performance, his hand 
was dlsornlble ill the production. Dixon. 
Bowers nud Dixon, the vnuduvlllluus. added 
grcutly to the husking hec scene with their 
hilarious comedy net. Slclodrama holds the 
stage this week, and the attraction Is "The 
Stain of Guilt." nnd will lie followed, week 
of s. by "Two I.I lie Waifs." 

Castlk SqfAUK Tiikatub (J. II. Emery, 
inaiiugeri. — Large audiences enjoyed the pre- 
sentation of the powerful play. "UiKsImnii 
I'.IInd." last week, nnd the good work done 
by the contitnny merited the applause which 
rewarded the several scenes of the drama. 
"Wild Oats" Is revived this week, with 
"IVArey «f Ihe Guards" to follow. 

HnwisiiN Kui'Aiui Tiikatub Hi. E. Ia>lltrop. 
iiiauiigeri. — "The Silver Hnggi»r," a sensa- 
tional comedy drama, held Ihe attention 
of the patrons In line style last week, nnd 
was a wise selection on the part of Ihe uinn- 
ngcinrni. "Not Utility" Is being pluyed this 
week by the stock company, the leading 
characters being In the bunds of Slossrs. 
lslaekmurc. Drnlson. Fey aud Walter, and 
,Mrss.-s llunl. Dn Bids. Contwell. Suwteiic 
and- Howard. Week of Keh. 8, "A Slollier's 

Kkitii's Tiikatei: ill. F. Keith, mana- 
aeri. — Kilmnnd Hay nmt company. In "Ship- 
mates." Is the heavily lroltircd curd of this 
week's aiiiniuiicoii'ciils. Other acts new to 
Muai »ru thiwe pi-escnled by. .lai Veen 
ss. A run. nil n" I tuna hey. Clifford snd 
Oreo. M. Mitchell, aud Margaret 

Webb. Cushnian, Holcmube and Curtis ihe 
World's Trio, Ballerlul's dogs, Horry « 
Clnlr, liaynnrd Wood, Wilbur Amos, and 
the wonderful series of motion pictures ex 
ploitlQg an Incldefir In tie career of'Kli 
Carson, complete bill. Bustaeaa big. 

IIowaiiii AthrnAKI'm (Wm. MeAvov, man- 
ager). — The Peanwn Show was equally ;i s 
good ns the Hyde Show, and the audlcuces 
were as large nnd enthusiastic as the week 
before. No special title Is given ■ to thin 
week's entertainment, but Judging from the 
inrds booked Utere is no chance for fault 
llndltig. The bill : Four Bard Brothers 
Fields nnd Want, Fleury Trio, Carlelon and' 
Tefni, Fierce and Slolzee. Julia Humes, Sinn- 
ley nnd Hose, Ynckley und Bunnell, Davis 
nud Walker. Newton Brothers, the Diiprecs 
Sornckcr Brothers, Ward nnd Itavraond 
George I. Foster, James A. and Cella 'Welch 
the Rlnelogrnph, nnd the burlesqucrs, lu 
"On the Firing Line." 

P.naci: Theatiu: (Chus. 11. Waldroa, niau- 
ngi:r). — The merry bond of comedians and 
handsome burlesquers, the Transatlantics, 
drew crowded houses, nnd delighted nil who 
witnessed their splendid performance. The 
vaudeville portion of the entertainment was 
n whole show In Itself. Weber's Parisian 
Widows Co. Is IsMikcd for current week. 
"Hoses nnd Onions" and "Tlie Widows nt 
Sea" arc the skits. Vaudeville : Bert Leslie, 
assisted by Slurle Itlchmond nnd company ; 
Churles Falke, Bison City Quartet, the Simp- 
sons, nnd An ni Peyser. 

lATK.fM Tiikatub (G. II. Bntcheller, man- 
ager). — The Bon Ton Burlesque Co. holds 
the board* of this house this week. Hughes 
I'.nd Hazel ton. Dorothy Drew, Williams und 
Aleene. Empire City Quartet, and the SIusl- 
<nl Johnsons supply the vaudeville end uf 
the hill, while the skits urc: "ThcBon Tons 
in Sunny Spain" nnd "The Lady Killer." 
tine of the best bills of the season wns of- 
fered bv the Cherry Blossoms last week. 
The comedians were especially good, and 
the chorus of much belter calibre than is 
usually found In this class of entertainment. 

Austin * Stonk'k Mt'SBl'M (Stone A: 
Shnw. innnugers). — Week of Feb. 1 : Curlu 
hall — The Korean Twins, a complete wonder 
to Uie medical fraternity ; Sweet Marie, the 
three hundred .nnd tweatyelght pound young 
lady : the Delkanos, king nnd queen of the 
linudcttffs ; the All Hindoo Family, wonder 
workers ; Soldcnc nnd his mannlklns. and 
Princess Baden and Iter pythons. Stage — 
Harry Brown, Laura Hrndsuaw, John l'hll- 
llns. "the Bell Sisters. Franklin and Hopkins. 
Italic nnd Enrlc, Slack and Johnson. Bilks 
nnd Dllks, Griffin aud La Starr, and Beverly 
nnd lmnvcrs. 

Walkmi'm Ml-sel-m (T. Itunklne, manu- 
ger). — The Kentucky Concert Co.. professor 
Lynch's shadowgraphs, lime. Garrettn. ma- 
gician : Fnnch and Judy show, and an In- 
ternational beauty show. Stages — Bcauviiis 
and Adelaide, Del Warno nnd Ivy, Slay Mayo, 
Lllllun Biwnes, nnd Mnud Hill. 

NtcKEbODBON (L. B. Wnlkcr. manager). — 
Harry K. Caldwell, the middle distance 
blcTcie rider, and Patsy Keegan, the 
Irish champion. In a scries of six day races 
ou the Australian velodromes; Fielding, llsh 
man: Great Solrlcel. curd manipulator nail 
reformed gambler; George Thompson, blind 
musician, and a high kicking contest be- 
tween n bevy of pretty girls uro the curio 
cards for till* week. Stage: Smith and 
U-slle. Lllllnn Houston, llnrry Shaw, Joe 
French, Nelly Gynee. nnd Day and W rigid. 

Staiib CirATTEniNiis. — Georac SV. Snm- 
liiis. who ounc to Boston In advance of 
"Little SInrv," was transferred early last 
week to the forces of "The Dictator. .... 
Sunday concerts Jan. 81: Boiton— lour 
Nelson Comlques, Corn Mlskell and picks. 
Uie Pelunui Trio. Harry A. Brown, Grade 
nud Ueyuolds, Alice Bropby, Wvnian and 
Gardner. Anderson Sisters, nnd Wmbnll 
iinil Donovan. ,ii»»ic Hall — Billy ".Singe 
Clifford. Slarco Twins, Burton and Brooks. 
Lorlmer Johnson nnd company. Gllroy, 
Haves and Slontgomcry. Two Hoses. Ilutue, 
Hisis and I^wls, and klnctoscopo. JJui'cslic— 
Billy Clifford, Burton and Brooks, Lorlmer 
Johnson and company, Sluslcal 8lmpsons. 
Humes, Boss nnd Lewis, Alex Wllsou, Lillian 
Coleman, nnd klnetoscnpc. Ituicdol* bqitare 
— Yiickloy and Bunnell, Dllks and Dllks. 
Slorrlsey Children. Crowley nnd Fowley. Sliiy 
Melville. Tom Kllleen, Wells and We Is, 

Elhel Huberts, and Lizzie Otto Tim Ben 

Greet English Co., now In Its UCtli and last 
week, will devote the week to a production 
of "The Merchant of S'enlee." Tho attend- 
ance has been very large during tlie slay or 
the company In this city, nnd Its departure 
will cause sorrow lu the ranks of the literary 
folks Dave Posaer, who munnged a the- 
atre called the Gaiety In this elty a few- 
Years ngo, und Is now a member of "ibc i eti- 
iller" Co., renewed old nequulutunces Inst 
week. Mr. Posner does clever character 
work In a negro role, and surprised his many 


Lowell.— At the Lowell Opera, House 
■ Fav Bros. & Hosford, managers).— I ho 
Gnrsidc. Condlt & Slack Stock Co. played, 
to very Bowl business, the entire weew 
UnsKCU Ben Alls troupe of Arabs. In aero 
batlc work, was one of the Btrougest cards 
seen here. Fuy Davis, In "Whitewashing 
Julia," Jau. 21), pleaseit n select audience. 
For Feb. 1 aad week, Cbas. K. Harris anil 
the llnrcourt Comedy Co. 

Ai-adbuy op SlfSlO (B. F. Sturphy. man- 
ager). — The sacred concert for the benctit 
of a local charily- wus the only attraction 
lust week, the following appearing to very 
.good business: Jnek Glenlster, Alice Bro- 
pby. Fred Giiflni. John Kelly. William A- 
Brown, (iiso. McKenna. Dan .Sullivan. Joseph 
Boelh, nnd the - Edlsougraplf moving pic- 
tures. Coming: Dnlnly Puree Burlesquers 
Feb. 1-3, "Slldnlgnt In Chluntown" '4-6. 

Casto Tiikatub (Al. Ilnynes, manager i.-- 
A very good bill last week, and excellent 
business. Current : Sfary Hampton and l o.. 
In "The Melodrama;" the Slarco Twins, 
the Gnrrlty Misters, the Female Drummer 
liuartet. Sluslcal Thor. Fred A. Pelot. Bljon 
llusscll. and .Tunics and Itounte Farley. 

Boston Tiikatub (J. II. Tebbotts, malin- 
ger). — James Irwin. Uie veteran beau lial- 
t'necr. was a big success of last weeks bin. 
Business continues to the top notch, cur- 
rent : The Three Slavvelles. Jeauro and Ells- 
worth. Hazard nnd Dewey. Logan Sisters. 
nnd the Boston bioscope. For amateur night. 
"Borneo and Juliet." 

Pboci.k'h Tiibatuk (Billy Nelson, mann 
perl. — Business ruled big last week, and the 
list of entertainers pleased. For Feb. ftjg™ 
week : Ethel Sumner's Boo-Loo Babies. Olio . 
Frank Emersou, Fagon and Sterrlam, Nil" 1 
Filmore. Nellie Sfasou. Sfobel Forde. Cnr- 
inody nnrl Corliss, uml afterpiece, "Casey I 
Trip to the North Pole." , 

Mention. — Tlie Herald Square Comedy anil 
Sieving Picture Co. gave two suurcd concerls 
Jan. 24, at the Opera House, to capacity 

houses The third recital of the I*we l 

Orchestral Society. In Huntington Hall, 24. 
pleased u capacity house. Slnry Hoa-c, the 

star, received a most cordial reception. . 

William Klltredge pleased u select audience 

23, in Colonial Hall Wm. F. Hovey s 

Concert. In Coloulnl Hall. 20. drow a well 

filled honse. Pauline Gerry. Will White. 

.Limes Thayer. Fenl. Aside,-, uud the Bcn- 
nlngs Trio Joined the Gnrsidc. Coudlt « 

Stack Stoik tfo. here lost week J. K- 

La Tour purchased the People's Theatre Inst 
week, and It will continue ns n vaudeville 
house under his management, although Billy 
Nelson will represent him locally. ■ ■••■• 
Manager It. V. Murphy was In New SorK 
City last' week. In Ihe. Interests of the 

Academy of Slush- linker aud Lynn 

successfully closed the Casto circuit •*'■ 
Thi'lr future Isioklngs Include n three months 
European lour, opening ut the l"nhlcc, Lon- 
don. Oct. 3 .Lowell 87. B. Pi O. Llk". 

.huh! a so-.inl session nflcr the business 
•routine Jau. 20, und entertained several 




*S5L!!~J3^*.l*Wl sketch: Billy lllnos 

i re lift C. 1* Nolr, manager) "The 

Heathers In -London" tilled the thoat 

"7 lrnro pit to dome. The brother* 

funny as over with their mixed EncUi... 

i fruition. Joseph Coyne's Uno work was. ... 

„( Hie shining; features. Itiebnrd Miwalleld — 

nnd a fine supporting company appeared 

■Old Heidelberg" SO, to m full hoi 

Booked: Mary Mnnncrlng. In "ilarrk.-.- 

ilnnennoftn," M, 1; "A Country dri" " <5' cr 

••Kin* Jollity" (local) 3-5 ; "Muster Bwi 1 *»eot_ 

s. Unity Choral Society 9. singing nnd clog dancing: llcnfrow'Klsiers' 

Ni:w C.rtMbnn Tjikatiwi (J. P. Bnrke, man- "V " lft afterpiece, enlliled "A Day «t the' 
Hirer). — "Kscaped from Sing Sing," Jan, ■•.-,. Circus." 
L'7, was given an elaborate staging, ami wis 
well presented by n competent, company, fore- 
most among whom were Frederick .Miller 
ti nd -ElBe B. Darling. "The James Ban in 
Missouri," nn exciting melodrama, delighted 
audiences which completely filled the Eawu 
28 :i(l. Due: "The Comity Fair" Feb I-:i 
t return date), "Two Little Waifs" 4-11. 

CEun OrnitA HorsR (CharleB W. Fonda 
manager). — Itosc mil's Hngllsh Folly Co. 
made *no<l Jan. 2!i-27. The two burlesques, 
•The Baby Trust" nnd "A Peep Behind 
lhe Scenes," were amusing. A good nuar. 
lette of fun makers were George W. itlcc 
•I'. K. Thnmns, Tom Nnlon and Kittle Palmer! 
Jennie culcbnrd, one of the best formed 

The natrons turned out In force last week 
nnd tipi'lnuded Hie cni.lial fun provided bv 
Hie World Heaters The lliinuwnv tllrl* nro 
mrnlshliig ih/> emerlnlnment this week. 

Dixn'h Star Ttn.VTtS (Krod Waldmann, 
innuoacri. — The new policy uf present lug 

nr the Cambria Tlieatre. Johnstown, Jan. 23, 
hmke all records of the house f»r repertory 
attractions. Tho house was packed, nnd 
every sent sold before eight o'clock. Tltui 
ilreds were turned away owing lo tk* ihv 
clslon «>f the management not to sell atand- 

Include n single novelty. 

4CMUR IW Ml'sic— "AMn" is (lie oiiera 
o bo presented (his week, on Tuesday even- 
'!?• ! ' | ; ,1 ., ,,,0SP '" •I'" «•""» »fl -Mines. i.'nd- 
Hkl. Walker Schnffer. .MM. Cams... Srotll, 
Plancon, Miihlmnun, Alaslern. iuid with M. 

,,,?*"„ ".'.Yf'-— At ,,1P Academy of Aluslc 
(Wm. J. Wiley, manager).— Sheiia-rd'n mov- 
ing picture* were witnessed iiy large nudi- 
onoes nflernnon and evening of Jan. 21. 
1. M. C. A. i-ourse had lis usual select audi- 
ence* 25. Fay ■ Davis, in "Whllewashlnir 

managers). — The jangnltlcciit pro- 
deletion of 'The Darling of Die Cods." with 
Itlmuhe Hales ai the head of the east, con- 
tinued ti> win high ..pinions nnd liberal 
jmti-ojiagc last week. 11 Is continued dor- 
KBJ.™" an< ! ,, ' ,x, W0Pk . *Hh Fnv Davis, in 
Whitewashing Jnllii," scheduled to follow 
Feb. Jr.. 

the continuous vaudeville performance In 
eludes: tlllbert Snmiiy, Mmuiev uud Hoi- 
lH>ln, Snin Drane, .Morgan nnd Crane, Lillian 
Walton, t'ninlllii uud l-'unnu, Tallyll.. Due, 
mill (he .■liic..|fi\i|iii, The fenlures in lhe 
curio hall are: The Snbiaiiki*. llln.l.i.. ma- 
gicians ; Pierre (insider, strong man : Wood- 
ward, tambourine king; Cupi. Illnnuiu, 
marine cnrnlvul : llnlsy Hull, canine heroine, 
uud Hilly Well*. Imn skull num. 

Notks.— 4tn I'rl.luy nfleru.uin, 1°, at thn 
ilroiid Street 'I'll. nire. Blanche I'.nies Is lo 
Live a professli.iml imitlucc. appearing as 
llr.hln Onlder In linen's play of Hint inline. 

Ward and Yokes ore scheduled for the 

Auditorium Monday. 22. , . .I'lnrcncc Huberts, 
lending lady at Koreiuuigh's, reuppenrs Hits 

week, nfler a fortntRhl's vacation Jeho 

J. Farley, who had npiienrcd as one of the 
newslH>ya In IUcu'h ■•UP , j." and who had also 

maintain Its record for gooti business. TtiiMTitii (AI. ijeis, manager). — 
Hranelrt Wilson In "Krinlnle," had ono of 
i tie hirsest .'iiiilleiicen of the Heasoii Jan. a.*.. 
Itlehard .Mauslleld eume ail. to isiunlly larun 
h'lsliiess, and the Carlisle Indian 'School 
Hand .-oneerr. U7. was a big sucress. •Tli<» 
»ll^g.mlB^^ler• , I'oIk J. Harry Lelghtou nail 
IM.ireme tiule, In "nthello," 3, uud AI. 0. 
Field's .Minstrel* «. 

•Mum onuu HnrnE (M. liels, ninnaip'ri. 
— I'he lleiiiieii-Moiilinii i.'o. drew well, and 
proved a alrong iiiira.Uon, week of Jan, UlU 
'lbe Minnie Fleiiilug Co. week of |Mk 1. 

.\im:H.--KmeNl iTnlTiauii. representing the 
.Minnie P lemliig Co., was given n warm wel- 

r.uiie by his Hagle frlemla here Herbert 

Whlitler, of this elty, baa algned as tnunnirer 
or ciw No. i, uf thu llurgren.v<v» Mmk foriho 
coming Mummer t.'hnrlrs O'llrleu will 

npiiearcd wllli the stock coinpnuy at the have churge of Hie big top foe Welsh" Proa.' 




paid their trlbntc "to the dead. The casket 

was completely surrounded with the many pheum Trio. Dick' and Alice McAvoyT'' Dave 

lloral pieces, umong which was a largo sec Nowlln, Cladys Van, Frey and Fields. Snlx- 

pleen from the membei-R of the Empire The- '"" n -""'^ — •'-■ *'~ '•- 


Opening Feb. 1 nnd next week. 
Me Walters, ryson ^nnd^coinpnny. Or- Ciif.stmt Stri:kt TltrATaE (N'lxon & ZIm 

mciman, iiiaungersi.-Ii Is la ' 

nlre Slock Co., of Columbus. O., of which 
the deceased wns u, member. The burial wns 

private Airs. Bertha Itldmond Cook, 

jigwl twenty-three, n member of the Flake 
Sleek Co, died In Grconlleld 27, after nn 
illness of neveral weeks. She was taken ill 
•luring the engngeraent of the company at 
lirconfleld, and was removed to tho house of 
.-. friend, where she died. The body wim 

taken to Klrcrside, R. I., for burial 

Alary Howe gave a song recital at the high 
school hall Jan. 27, Which was largely at- 
tended by music lrtvers, who listened lo nn 

excellent programme Charles R. Culver, 

of this cfty, who hna been tonrlng Franco 
nnd England with his 'cycle whirl, returned 

lo America last week William Worth- 

ingtoa, head nshor at the Orand Opera 
House, hm resigned and gone West. 

Xcw Bed ford. — At the New Red ford 
Theatre (Wm. B. Cross, manager). — Tho 
l>ot Karroll Co. tilled a live days* engage- 
ment, closing Jan. 30. The several plays 
were presented la a pleasing manner, while 
the sprightly little star met with popular 
lavor at every appearance. Between thn 
acts sfkvlnltlcs were given by De Blaker's 
l rained dogs, Thomas OTiell, In clever dances : 
l-Minonds and Codalre, acrobats, nnd 
the moving pictures. Tho patronage was 
0,nlte satisfactory throughout the engage, 
meat. Fay Davis. In "Whitewashing Julln," 
21): the Mielan .stock Co. Feb. 1-fi. 

Sheedv's Bijou Turater (David B. Bnf- 
fington, manager). — "The Indian" was pre- 
sented the past week In a manner that met 
approval. This week the house Is dark. 


(Theo. B.. Baylies, manager). — Delmore nnd 
:.■"<■• were the leaders during the past week, 
nnd scored heavily In their aerial ladder net. 
John Ifealy's pnns were sprung thick nnd 
fast. Ynckley and Bunnell gave n pleasing 
musical act; .Mullen and Corelll, In difficult 
ncrobatlc feats, accomplished them with 
graceful ease; FIorbIo Allen looked pretty, 
and sang several pleasing ballads, and the 
vllagrnph showed local street scenes. Bill 
week ot Feb. 1 : Harry Dawronec nnd Llndoii 
Sisters, Callahan nnd Mack, Mitchell and 
Mnron, Orvlllo and Frank, Kastus and Banks, 
Harry and Klin Gray, with their royal marl- 
oneltes ; Utile I.eonl, and the vltugrupli. 

I't.i.wr.ns" Tiicatrr (John I. Shannon, 
manager). — This house wns opened again 
.inn. no, with a variety company. Nothing 
deilnlle is booked ahead. 

.Notes. — A movement Is on foot among 
n few capitalists at the north end of the 
••liy lo erect a new theatre In that section, 
from which a large percentage of tho patron- 
age Is drawn to the down town Iioubos.. .. 
John AI. Hathaway, tho genial treasurer ot 
Shcedy'a I'urchaso Street Theatre, baa joined 
thn lienedlct ranks, having Joined hearts nnd 
hands with pretty Alice S. James .Tan. 2d, 
at riawronco, Mass. After a brief honey- 
moon tour tho young couple will occupy rhelr 

new home In this city Oscar A. Alls, 

for several seasons pianist at Sheedy's Fall 
litter Theatre, Is no longer with Hint house. 

T. n. Flowers, formerly manager of 

Flowers' local theatre, is busily engaged ac 
bis Boston factory, manufacturing balloons, 
which he will use at the coming St. Louis 

Fair After a two weeks' straggle with 

a stock company at Sheedy's Union Street 
I'ouse .Manager Bullington retired and Ihn 

linneo is again closed Andrew Uatha- 

wny nnd Mlko It. Sbecdy, proprietors of 
Sheedy's Purchase Street house, will con- 
tinue the Sunday night conecrts. 
■ ■ 

Lynn, — At the Lynn Thentro (Frank (J. 
Harrison, manager). — Tho Corse l'nytou 
Comedy Co. played, to good business, con- 
sidering the weather, week of Jan. 23. The 
attraction Feb. 1-0 Is tho comic opcrn, 
"Prince Baymon," put on by local talent, 
for the bcaeQt of tho Union Hospital, uudor 
the direction ot Capt. Charles W. Eddy. Tho 
Oxford Club members appenr in the opera. 
"Two Llttlo Girls In Blue," 0, 10, the pro- 
ceeds to be devotexl to cUaiity. 

Gem TnEATHB (Charles W. Sheofe, uiniin- 
gcr). — Business last week was due. Bill 
week of 1 : Mead's trained horses, John and 
Alice Eirlev. the Two Hobbs, Marion and 
Burt Fred cbagnon, and the bioscope, show- 
ing "Joan of Arc on the Bridge." 

B.viBit Theatre, Salem (H. B. Beod, mali- 
nger).— The E. V. Phclan Stock Co. played. 
to good houses, week of Jan. 25. Viscount 
H. D'Hnutcrlve's moving pictures were seen 
III. Fay Davis Feb. 1. In "Whitewashing 
•lulln," and John L. Sullivan and his vaude- 
ville co. 2. 

Mechanic Hall. Salem (James R Moore, 
manager). — Blchard J. Jose Is the head- 
liner week of 1, and others on the bill are- 
.lohnson, Davenport and Lorclla, Daly and 
Severe. Carl W. Sanderson, Owley and Bnn- 
dall. May Edouln and Fred Edwards, and 
the bioscope. 

Xotes— Ilarry Mantcll, with the Corse 
Pay ton Co, was surprised by his Lynn. 
friends during the Lynn engagement, and 
presented with n watch charm. Air. Alan- 
'«ll Is a resident of this city ft » 

lee tills Winter, Is able to leave the Lynn 
Hospital. He Is ticket taKer at the Gem 

sell Brothers, and the bingrnph. 

Shkkiix'm TliKATitn (AI. F. O'Brien, man- 
ager;. — The pnst week was one of satisfac- 
tory business nnd a good bill. Booked Feb. 
1 nnd week : Fowler nnd West, the Cliffords, 
Alike Xecdham. Itnlli Wiley, Burns nnd Char- 
coal, De Lane Sisters, nnd the vllngraph. 

Notes. — llan Tonrjee. of the Four Ameri- 
can Trumpeters, and John Waller, of Waller 
nnd Alaglll, who were nt (he Oistn week of 
Jan. 2.1, were guests of Slur I/idge, K. P., 
Thursday evening, at the semiannual In- 
sinuation. Both ore members of the order. 
....Prof. 11. H Aloore, of Newport. It. I., 
is now musical director of Sheedv's Thentro. 
. . . .The Twentieth Conlnry Allnstrels played 
at Swansea Jan. _s. to a large and ap- 
preciative audience. In the olio the singing 
of the Doratlorn Comedy Four, made tip 
of C. M. Burgess. J. (.'. Alanchete, V. AI. 
i'.lery nnd W. F. Brown, was excellent and 

worthy of special mention It was 

'■Eagles nlghl" at the Bijou 'Fucsday. Jan. 
2'i, nnd members ot the local nerie to lhe 
number of llo braved the storm and went 
in a body lo witness the performance. John 

be regretted 
that the engagement of' Frank Daniels, In 
"The mnec Hoy," Is for a fortnight only, 
as the size of lhe business last wi>ck, nail tint 
heart v enjoyment of the jierforninnces, gnve 
promise of prosperous nttendnnce during a 
much longer siny. The engagement Is lo end 
with the current week, nnd Alnrle Tempest, 
in "The .Marriage ot Kllly." Is anuouncecl 
in follow. 

W.u.Nrr Street Tiieatiie i Frank Howe 
Jr.. manager i. — The current week Is the 
second of Hie engagement for "Airs. Wlggs, 
of the Cabbage j'ntch." Judging by the lib- 
erality of the nttendnnce Inst week, and the 
uppluiiso with which the performance* were 
greeted, the run will ls> n successful cue. 

ArniTORit'M (Stair & llnvlln. managers). 
— The current offering at this house Is Harry 
Clay Blaney, In "Across the l'aclllc." The 
ontertaJtiJn»r programme of ninglc prraenled 
by Kellar, last week, merited the cxccltcnl 
nitendanee accorded. -The Show lilrl" is 
to arrive next week. 

Park Theathm (F. fl. Xlxuu-.NIrilllnger, 
mnnnger). — The engagement of "Oiilncy 
Adams- Sawyer" came lo an end Inst week, 
with continued filled houses. This week thn 

I * Sullivan wns given a rousing reception offering is ".Soldiers ot Fortune," with "Our 

New Allnlster" to follow. 

National Tiieatuk (Joseph AI. Kellv, 
innnager). — Melodrama of the thrilling de- 
scription holds lbe boards this week, lhe of- 
fering being "fjucen of lhe While Slaves." 
"The Wayward Son" received lis proper 
share of paironngc last w<-ek. Next week 
brings "Human Hearts." 

Pimrt-c's Tiieatur (P. 0. NixnnN'irdllng- 
nr, manager i. — rriios. R. Shea |* present ing 
Ills repertory this week, lhe ■bum Including: 
"Banished by flie King," "Iticlielieii." "Dr. 

Jekyll nnd Mr. Hyde. I'he Jlells." "Tim 

Pledge of Honor" and "The Fool's Ite- 
venge." "Tbrough Fire aad Water" Is the 
following attraction. The patrons showed 

and received many floral offerings. 
Worcester. — At the Worcester Theatre 
(Felix R. Wendelschnefer, manager i. — 
Sbepnrd's; Moving Pictures Co. Jan. SI, with 
sacred concerts afternoon nnd evening. 
"'Way Down East" Feb. 1-.1, "A Country 
Girl" -I, Fay Davis, in "Whitewashing Julln." 
5; "Harriet's Honeymoon." with Mary Alan- 
nerlng, 0. "Itogers Brothers In London" 
came, to S. It. O., Jan. S3, Archie Boyd, In 
"Joshua Whltcoiiib," to good returns, 30. 


managers). — The Ladles' Hebrew Aid' So- 
ciety gave a charity concert SI, Including : 
Empire City Quartet, Reata Wlnflcld, Ed- 
mund Day and Co., Otto Brothers, Daniel J. 
Harrington, I.oraine nnd Vinton, O'Brien 
nnd West, nnd Alargaret Webb. Week of Feb. 
1. "The Good Old Summer Time." wilh 
lienrge Evans; "Paul Revere" 8-IS. Last 
week "After Alldnlght" played to good pa- 

1'Aiitc Theatre (Shea & Wilton, mana- 
gers). — Rill week of 1 : George B. Reno and 
William C. Schode, In ncrobatlc feats: Ho- 
mer l.lnd nnd Augusta Close, In "Discord 
In a Flat:" Arthur Buckner, 'cyclist: Isa- 
belle llrquhnrt and company, In "Even Steph- 
en :" the NewslKiys Quartet, the Three Allt- 
ehells. Davis and Wilson, nnd the great 
klnetngranb. Joha L. Sullivan's Co. next. 
W'eher's Olympin Co. played, lo excellent re- 
turns, last week. 

Palace AIi-seum (J. F. AfcAIanus, mana- 
ger). — Week of l: Bnrnum's Skeleton Dude, 
J. W. Coffey, Alclllbnn, the tattooed marvel, 
and Prof. Swallow, palter wheel exhibit. In 
Die museum. O'Hrlen and West. Edith Rob- 
erts. Alyers and Allen, Hie Kohls, and J. 
(iiilfner Brown. Amaleur night Thiirnlay, 

Casino Tubatm; (Davy & fj»slle. lanaa- 
gers). — Week of 1 : .lames E. Black, Her- 
I inn Leslie, the Beanos, Jewel Darling, An- 
nettn Rosa, Violet La Lnun, Major English, 
Mid lhe Casino Unrlesouers. 

fanrmm — At the Opera Uouse (Grant 
& Calm, mitiiagers) . — The Roe Slo«k Co. held 
the .boards week of .Inn. 215, to good biisl- 
reus. Booked: John L. Sullivan Feb. 1. Fay 
Davis, In "Whitewashing Julia," 2: "'Way 
Down East" II. 

cvsto Tiieatiie (AI. naynes, manager). — 
Business was exceedingly good week of Jan. 
2.". Booked week of Feb. 1 : Walt hour and 
Kramer. Paul Barnes, Aif. Anderson, Twin 
Nlees, Four American Trumpeters, Waller 
nnd Alaglll. Mr. and Mrs. Rosolre, Harper, 
Desmond and Bailey. 

casino Theatre (W. L. Gallagher, man- 
ager). — Business Is good. Bill week of 1: 
Illuuey and Chapman, Sadie W'yinan, Harry 
Borne*, Wagner Slslers, Willie Znlln. Slslo 
Hardy. Burlesque. "A Birthday Party." 

Note. — Owen A. Donohite, a Lawrence 
bov. is lulling one of (he principal pans 
In' the ltou Stock Co. 

North Adnuis. — At the Empire Theatre 
(.lames Sullivan, manager j. — The I'lurii 
Turner Co. opened n week's eugagcinent, to 

5 R. It.. .Inn. '.'">, and did a big business thn 
remainder of (he week. It proved to lie the 
strongest repertory organization that has 
plnved here llils season. It will hold oyer 
until Alouday. Feb. 1, playing "Why Mm 
Tempt Women." , 

IIit'inioNii Tiikatiii: (W. P. Alenile, man- 
nger'i. — "If Wouieu Were .Men" did n big 
business, matinee and ulght, Jan. S». House 
dark week of Feb. 1. 

X<viF.. — Several members of 11 1« Clnrn 
Turner Co. Joined the Eagles hero. 

Taunton. — At the Taunton Theatre f Cnhn 

6 Cross, managers).— The Dennett & Aionl- 
ton Co. wn* the ntlrncilon last week nod 
did lis usual business. Specialties wero 
all new nnd pleasing. The Keystone Dra- 
matic Co. week of Feb. I. 


In (he generous applause received. Thn 
chorus was also especially line, and were 
cnsminod magnificently. "Three Little Mulds" 
week of Feb. 1. 

Ai.vix Tiikatbk ( Nixon tc Zimmerman, man- 
agers). — Ron Kendall. In "The Vinegar 
Buyer.'! did well last week. He was enthu- 
siastically received. The company 
class. Grace Oeorge week 
"VroUy Peggy." 

Tun lltjou (It. At. Gullrk. manager).-- 
Ward and Yokes came tor week «if Jun. 2.1, 
and packed the house to the doors. Their 
new frolic. "A Pair of Pinks." Is funnier 
(linn anything they have ever done here, 
in addition to the principals, the first doss 
company Is made up as follows: Lucy Daly. 
Margaret I>nly Yokes. Vlnle Italy, 
Howard. Cos liriiiio, Tony Williams, Eildio 
Judge. Dan Coleman. Ih'W Miller, l>nvld Do 
Wolf, Edwartl Muni ford, Helen Norton. Alar- 
garet .McDonald, and u handsome, well 
trained chorus of slxly members. David lle- 
Ihsco's thrilling drums, "Tho lleurl of Mary- 
land," week of Fell. 1. 

Ai-Ani:.MV (Hurry W. Williams, manager). 
— The liohenilnu ltiirlcsi|Uers sinned u big 
wcdi Jail. '-'."•. This llrsl class orgiiul/.nll..ii 
was conllnlly received by a packed house. 
They gnve n splendid show. Tlie Fnv Foster 
BnrloBqni' Co. for week of Feb. I, with tha 
ClfySporlH lo follow. 

F.mii;;i; Tiii:ati!i: (E. J. Mi I'allough. mini- 
nger).— "Tlie (loveriior's Son," week of Jan. 
-'•, opened lii it large and well entertnlned 
hiiiiso. This splendid company Is made up 
of such well known players as John Mc- 
Veigh, Charles Pu*ey, Hilda Hawthorne, 
Itiith llnlliert. Harry II. Lester, (irnce 
llaziinl, Louise Guiild, Waller Chesler, Pete 
< 'ill-lev, Will Halllilay. David Atchison, timl 
n well selected eliorus. Tho til tract lou for 
week ot Feb. 1 In "III tlie Palace of lhe 

Nr.w (iRAsn TiinATUri (Harry Davis, luan- 
Alohdny, Jan. 'J.I, saw the prodm 

General Munnger James 1.. Kerr, of the 
Itels circuit, the adjoining property to die 
Lwi-nm Tliealre has been purcliused, anil ra 
illllonsl exits will Is* made nt. once. Till* 
will also allow better iiii.umcincnn. tripm!- 
lng seating citpncliv ('in noll'i "llumutv 

'.'iirirE Dunipty" Co.. iMMtiuse of a chniigo of route, 
P i'.i. i i» KIM to appear here Jnn. 2ft. so" as booked. 

ot tin. i, in r|)A £ lR|u 0w|g |JW w( .|| |lt f-njit,),:, 

Pn.. Jan. 28 ; "A Little Onlr.tst" bad n good 
hoti»c :mi. "Othello" In hooked for ICth. 1. 

John R. Bland, tenor, of Carlisle, Pn„ 

Is winning many laurels In concert work 
throughout the roiitilry. Drretitlv ho np- 
jieut-ed In Now York City Willi great success. 

nger). • -.Monday, Jan. 'J.'., saw I. 
great appreciation for the very complete pro- Hon by the slock company of "Cleopatra." 
diicllon of "The Ninety and Mne" Inst week, which wns witnessed bv n large audience at 
and kept the house completely filled. each performance. II Is a magnlllcetit s|s>c 

Cuand Orr.HA Hoi-si: (C. A. Wegefnrlh, inclo mid reflects great credit on I lie man 

manager). — "Tlie Princess Clilc" nnjovisl 
prosperity Inst week. This week Kellar fur- 
nishes the entertainment, nnd "The While 
Sluve" Is underlined to follow. 

Kcnslvoton Thbatiib (John nnrt. mana- 
ger). — The current attraction nl llils house 
Is lbe melodruniii. "In lhe Shadow of Ihn 
Gallmis." fl'he patrons showed their approval 

ngement. Large houses throughout the week. 
This week's attraction Is 1-1. S. Wlllunl's 
great play. "The Middleman." Two of Hie 
latest play* from Hie pen of Clyde Filch, 
"Major Andrn" mill "fllail of It," will tsj 
produced hr the stock company shortly. 

DiroiTHNB TllHATiiti (Harry W. Williams, 
manager). — For the week commencing Jan. 
of the performances of "Nobody's Claim" tar 23 the following bill wns presented: Hal. 
attending In large numbers. "New York Godfrey nnd Co.. in "A Verv Had Roy :" 
Day by Day" comes next week. Lillian Wnllone, Nelson and Alllledge, Jntncs 

llf..\xi:v's OiU'MWA THKMM (Af. H. |f. AlucDonnld, Stnlhews and Ashley, Allen 
Schleslnger, manager). — As will he noled Shaw, Swnn nnd Rnmbard. Vndls Twin HIs- 
above, tin- name of this house has Ikh'ji 
changed to conform with the change In the 
lessee, as mentioned last week. The samn 
policy is continued for (he house, and this 
week's all ruction Is 'Wealth and Pnverly." 
Next. week. "The County Fair." Ijisl. week'u 
performances of "Her Marriage Vow" were 
largely attended. 

FoiiKi-Aroti'K Tiirathf: (.Miller k Kauf- 
mnn. managers). — The stock company Is pre- 
senting (his week "Tlie Road In "Frisco," and 
It Is announced Hint this is the llrst produc- 
tion of lhe melodrama (n this city. "Sport- 
ing Life" is In preparation for the coming 
week. A praiseworthy product Ion of ".Monte 
Crlsio" wns given last week, Willi George 
J.earock prominent In the cast. 

Stanpaiip Tiicatrk (Dnrcy & Speck, mnn- 
ngers). — The undiminished interest ot "I.'nelo 
Turn's Cnhln" Was fully attested by thn 
Illsn-nl attendance nt (lie performances given 
by Hie slock company. This week the or- 
gan I ?atlon of the house Is presenting "A 
.Mother's Heart," and nt the same time re- 
hearsals arc being held fur "King of lbe 
Desert" for next week. STKKrr Thkathr (Carl Hattke, man- 
ager). — Tho German dramas to he pro- 
send-d by (he stock company this week are: 
'Weber." ' 111 bawu Kllslcrbnriirlii. 

ters. Business was goisl. Ilyile's Come- 
dian*. Willi tint Four Alortons, open for week 
ot Feb. 1. 

AVBXVa TitKATnn (Harry Davis, mana- 
ger).--I.nst week was a big one llnauclally. 
The bill for wis* commencing Jan. 25 was- 
l-'tinny nice. Chaw. T. Aldrlch. Allllnn and 
Dolly Noblns. Kaufman Troupe, Cluis. f.'nse, 
Phil nnd Kettle Peters. Loner Haskell. Ihn 
Baileys. Mnry Madden, Snnford Slslers, Whlto 
and Kurd, and the travel pictures. 

N,iti:h. — Business is Improving. The res- 
toration of public confidence In tho safely 
of the various houses Is due largely to Ihn 
energetic action of Hie elly authorities, 
coupled with the prompt and earnest efforts 
of the managements to adopt every possible 
measure that Will promote the security of 
their patrons. It hns been officially demon, 
si rated Hint, wllli lbe removal ot a few 
minor defects here and there, which received 
prompt attention, the theatres of this city 

nre very safe Thn mnny friends of 

Hurry W. Williams, manager of lhe Duipiesnu 
Theatre nnd the Academy, will be pained lo 
team that he Is lying seriously III nt his 

Pome here .Tanning Pollock, who was 

here in advance of (irnce George, at ihn 

seine Schwester, 
le Netixo!." 

Kmtu's Ni;w Thkatrk (If. T. Jordan, 
resident inn tin ger i, — The hill |hls wi-ek In- 

Kr"nni **** m*t*M*»*!» » «*»»» OW' %SSUKSkm Ti-TS ^tZ 

Erie. — At (be New Mntestle Theatre 
(Wm. J. Hell, manager).-— Th» miction sale of 
seals for the opening of the Majestic Then- 
tre look plnco ill the Hoed Ilouso Jan. 21, 
Hie prices reaching as high n* «10l> tttmttM, 
iuid down to *l tut choice ot chairs. 
Every Ment In the elegant ijientre wan illicit 
bv nu iipiireelnllve andleiien Jim. 2R. Tim 
opening itr.sliicllon, "Pretty Peggy," WM 
given with magnificent effort, scoring a no- 
table HUncctM- fur Gram Gi'orgo mid list 
oinifinny. Thn most aatigulnn expectations 
of Manager Hell were fttllllleil In lhe open- 
ing of this beautiful tliealre. Tlio Mojcstle 
Is built to Is. an exact copy nt New York 
CHy'H Majestic Thentro, having a scntliut 
cupiu-lty of l.KllH— nil coniform hlo, nsiiny. 
seals, nnd all appointments strictly ill* tu 
dale. Surely I't-iu has reason, to ho proud 
of such u building. Wo now stand ready 
lo singe with cnuipleteTlosi any theatrical 
itonibliiitlloti or sloek coinpnuy on the mud. 
We have iiri.iKio population to drnir from.. 
Win. .1. Sell, manager, seems to be lhe rlglK- 
mail In tho right place, lie Is pleasant, 
ngreealile and thoroughly bnsliusH llkx. 
Billed: Ward and Vokes Keh. 1, "Clint. 
Hiirrlngloti" 1 Wlltnti l.tickaye, In •Tim 
I'll," :i, -l; Victor Herbert's Orilie*tr» '>.• 
"Tho Slgji of the Cross" II. 

Park Onuu Hni.-sii (J. L. Gllsnn, man- 
ager i.— Feb. I nnd week, Chester D«> Vondo 
.'oinidy f^i„ at popular prices. 

1 ■■ »■ '^' " 

Hernuloii.—At the I.yecum (A. J, Duffv, 
uuitiiigori, -I't'itin is Wilson, In '"larniliile,"' 
Feb. I ; "(Jiilncy AtliiniH Hawvar" r», Knlo 
I'lnxton II. mat luce mid evening, In "The 
Two iirphniis." AI. (1. Ii'leld's Allnstrels, 
Jun. 2(1, uiivu one of the finest initial rol 
perform.iiii-.-s ever presenieil lirie, 

Acmiikiiv (A. J, Duffy, imiimgor). — "Along 
Ihn Kemieliei:" Feb. 1-fi, "A Desiiflrate 
Clianee" 4-11. "Her First Fulsn HlO|i,'' Jim. 
2m;IIi, ciiiiic |o good houses. 

lux ii- (Illuuey. Dixie & Scars, managers). 
—"To Die nl Dawn" Feb. l-», "ltiui'1 Klrke" 
4-H. Tim .McMuhnii's Polite Vaildevllleii, 
Jan. 2H-:ill, pletiscd good sbaal liouaes, 

Staii (Alt. (!. Il.-rrliigioii, llinniigor).--- 
Th« World Benii'rs Keb. -I-II. Thn Gay Mas 
tjiierailers, Jim. I'D-'lli, lo good houses. 
'■■■■■« ' 

l.oncimtec. — At I lie Kill lou Opera House 
(Vecker & nicim, miinngi'i's). — Thu Aubrey 
Sunk Co.. In roper lory, had big business 
Jan. 3K-3P. Coming : Phlladelplils Orches- 
trn Feb. 2, "At f.'ripplo Crock" .'I, AI. II. 
l-'leld's Allnstrels r», "Wlfn In Name Only" 
(I. Irene Myers Co., In reisirtory H-lll, except 
10, when Jeff Do AugelU upisiars in "Tlie 

Nirrc— John Westermtin Jr., who took thn 

lending role In recent I-'. and At, College 

driimii, hns became h professional, having 

Joined tbo llemielt k Mnultoti lleperlory Co. 

i . 

Wllllnnnpiirt. — At lhe Lycoming Opera 
House (Flak & Heebor, tnuniigers). — 'fho Cur- 
lier Slock Co. did an Immense bnslnois, pack- 
lug t bo liouse nt. every performance, Jna. 25- 
30. Du«: "Tho Village I'nrson" l-'eb. 2. Fran- 
cis Wilson (mora Co. 9, Kzrn Kendall, lit 
Ttio VitK«nr lltiyer," 4: "W|fo In Name 

Iwlng Tcry fair geuerally The Threo 

•Sternsehiiuppe'and"Tol. c ^, lUy (n^l ^ llo 8 |„V M HWTOt ly with „. """<»• '— At the Able Opera HoilsafW. 

the Retitz-Snntley Co., made ouRo n hit nt K. Djiwlllw. manawrj.—li'leW'* Mla«tr« » 

lhe Aosdeiuy recently J. IJ. Tate, of J'*; '• .'ow »ork Day kW "11, ' Ills' 

' nubile given K M * t _J*>}}*?__ *•.. ' Prlpcosa Chle." 5, "tjnlncy 

Ho' Die 

John S. Giles. Oeo. S. Robliins. and Con- 

roy and Mack were Initiated Into (he .Man- 
Henry, who was Injured by falling on Hie n mgton Aerie of Kugles. at Mnuninglon. « 

nolyoke — At the, Opera House (R 
'Potter, manager). — Stetson's " 


Tjncle Tom's 
Cabin," Jan, 26, drew tte usual good buel« 

Va on Jan. 2'». Alter (lie liiltlnllnn u lain 
uiier wns enloyed, ni which nil lhe mule 
members of Conmy k .Mack's Comedians were 
present P. P. Crart. of Susquehanna Aerie, last ww 
nnd Frank Scbneltzer, of the Wheeling Aerie, tronoge. 
insisted la toe' Initiation, _ 

lloldswordis, and 1'llrjsilrlil; and Tap|«!t. 
Business wns splendid last week. 

Kkith'h lltjou Tili:.\Tiin (B, P. Lyons, 
manager). — Those contributing to the bill 
this week are : Kinmetr Dervy and company. 
Air. and Mrs. Alnrk Murphy, Piwiitinger's 
Swedish Ladles otilnlctlte, Clius. Kenun. 
CIIITord and Burke, Flood Brothers, Sylvnno, 
llenti and Hnmlltou, Antrim and Peters, Ken- 
nedy and James, John J. Desmond, llutli 
Nelia. nnd lhe blogrnph. Filled houses pre- 
valleit throughout last week. 

BUtnurm SrnEirr UtiSIA IIoi'sk (Frank 
Dumonl. mnnugeri. — "lions Talk's Animal 
Show" Is cnnilnueii Oils week, nnd a new 
burlesnuer, entitled "Mrs. Wlggs' Cabbage 
Patch," Is shown for the first time. Willi 
the many other features these make up nn 
entertainment of worth. 

I.Vcr.VM THBATttB (John 0. Jermon. man- 
ager ). — Kntertalnment Is furnished thin 
week by the Jolly (Jrass Widows, In a pleas- 
ing programme of vaudeville and tiurlcMpio. 
'I'he Hose Hill Kogllsii li'olty (.'oinpniiy Is un- 
derlined for lhe coming wi*ck. The enter- 
tainment supplied by lloble's Knickerbockers 
last week met with approval and large pa- 

Altooita. — At the Eleventh Avenue Opera 
House (I. C. Mlshler, mnnager). — lluslnesi 
litis liecn very satisfactory. Tho Mlnndells, 
.Ian. 22. and the City Club Biirlcsoorra. 2ft. 
Isith had gitod houses, "A Ilovnl Slave" did 
well 't». Orace Oeonre, in "Pretty Peggy." 
bad H. R. O. house 'M. Mrs. Kate Hoffer In 
"A Daring Woman" 28: "To Die nt Dawn" 
2H, the Indian Alaldon IJurlesipicrs 3<», "At* 
phouse nnd Onslnn" Feb. 1, "Tlie lltirgo- 
mnsier" 2, Kr.rn Kendall 2, tbo Night Owls 
Biirlennuer* 4. "A Little Ontrast" fi, "A 
Brenk for Mberly" fl, Bennett * Moultnn 
Comedy Co. fl and week. 

Notesi. — At lhe Academy of Music, Ty, 
rone, "'A Royal Slave" came 2(1. "Tlie Bur« 
gomastcr" comes Feb. l....The Slain Kuc 
(ory Insnectnr snjii that lhe Eleventh Avennn 
Opera House Is ono of the safest theatres 
In tho State. Ha stntes that It is welt 
eipiippcd wllli niiloin.itlc lire sprinklers and 
etlingulshers. and ns easy of exit ns any 
other house be bus Inspected. The liouso has 
always had a first class asbestos curtain. Tho 

Portlunrl. — At the Jofferson Theatre 
(Cnliii k fJrnnt, inauatrnrs).--AI. W. Mar- 
tin's "!t«cl» Tom's Cnliln" drew vnrv good 
houses Jan. 2R, 2d. "A llnnaway Wife" was 
well presented, lo Interested otidltMrM, UT, 
•JIib patrons worn very liberal In support 
nnd apiirorlntlou of the entcrtaliwiutil ofrered 
them lit "Olrls Will Be Hlris." 2ti. fin, with 
■MM Booked: Do Wolf llopiier. la "Air. 
Pickwick," Feb. I. 2: "\Vhlicwnnlitug Jn> 
lln" ,1, Joslitin Whllcnmb S. 

Pohti.ani) Titi-.A'riir: i.lanies H, Moore, 
mnnager), — J.asl week, Jan. -•"••'I | >. to goisl 
hitslness : H. ,r. Jose, Daly anil Devem. I** 
Hawkins, the AlcWnods, Ondn. Unthawny 
and Walt on, rtdoiilti and Kiiwarda, Keh. Mi 
Moy Duponl. In "A Sonday with Aunt 
Martini ;" Adolpli Zlnk. Johnson, Davenport 
and I.ori'lln, Bun Jordan and Hose Croueb, 
Harry I.ustot, i.llllsn Slmw, and Ooseh 8i». 

- »» » » ' 

— W. Af. lleleher, ntnnnger of- neleher V 

mnj'or of thn city bos npitolnied a rontBiltteo 
of three citizens to examine lhe house. Tlioy 

have not yet reported Tho opening of people, nlf congenint anii good woriieroV .Wis 

TnocASESO (E'loyd Lainaan, manager).— • tn» Burke- McCaan CompanyV engagement are all well una happy." 

Comedians, writes: "Ilnte been busy nmldng 
money while others nro putltug lit their 
lime c.-.inpi lining, Company numbers ted 



Febetjary 6. 


tlehr, between the Ihree pairs of feet. The 
net wn* decidedly different from most on - 
mo I acta, and won deservedly henrt> »• - 
miration nnd npplnnec.— TUB .NEWS. ITOvl- 


Ah the lieadllner of the bill at tbc Temple 
TliMittv thl* wi-ek Mill; Cupel I returns with 
her Arabian stallion nnd hunting dog*. In nil 
■'ITn-IIvp art that Iuih c.iincd urc-nt favor <>n 
two c > • r 1 1 1 1 1 1 - n i s . MIkh Cnpell In cine of the 
Ih-sI M|«ifHtrlf;uni'H that Europe ban pro- 
.Inc id. mid her Hired Ih n nuiglllllrcntly pro- 
portioned nnd cleverly trained nnlmnl, the 
Mghl of wblrh is a delight to 11 horxe lover. 
The horse does fitnry steps nnd trick* of 
Mirloii* kind*. luilnnclriK' nlxn on IiIh bind 
legs, mid exhibiting surprising eiidurnm.e. 
Tlir dops are very cute, running In and out 
nulling the fret of the horse as he dances 
ami i >r, in' is nlnjur. Tlie net deserves rank 
annua; the best In itK line, as It is seldom 
such feats are nccrraplished hv a woman 
trainer.— TUB KUKK I'ltBSS, Detroit, Nov, 
.1. 1 00.-,. ,. «KtH 

That the rermirknblc woman, M Illy Capcll, 

with her lieiiiuifnl high school horse nnd her, 
kennel of well trained dogs. Is at Shea's till* 
week, In an net tiutt creates u sensation. 
It out classes any similar net ever seen In 
si ii v of Hie big circuses, and nt the saine 
time. Is given with rase and i_t.ho on the 
Mage of a. theatre. It has been greatly added 
to since last seen nt Shea's, and It today 
stands forih as probably Hie greatest of Us 
kind In the world.— SIlliA'S VAUDEVILLE, 
Knffalo. Oct. J 3, IftOX 

IXigs that would delight n 1-miclswr, a 
horse that a Itosn llonheiir would rave over, 
n woman thin, would make a flt model jfor n 
Sir Josliuu Iteynolds, gave much pleasure to 
n large audience In the Temple Theatre luvt 
night. In truth Mlllicenr Capell, or Mllly 
t'ripoll, as she calls herself, together with 
her stunning Arabian horse ami ber beauti- 
ful huntlug dogs, presented a wonderful 

.stage picture. She bns her horse and her 
dogs trained so thnt they obey her slightest 
whim.— TUB EVENING NEWS. Detroit, 
Xov. a, 1U03. 


Mllly fapell. the beuiillful equestrienne, 
who riiiide such u big bil at Keith's Inst 
season, renppenred with her lungnlflcent horse 
slid trained hunting dogs, and rcpeuled her 
big triumph. Miss f.'n.iell in a striking look- 
ing woman, and when she untile her entrance 
on the stage, dashing In it|>on her magnificent 
horse, the audience broke Into a prolonged 
and spontaneous outburst of appreciation. 
The horse did a number of really clever tents, 
wnltzlng In perfect time to the music, nnd 
everything he did waslmitnlcd by usugnclous 
isnliie. Then, as n final feat, Ibc hnrsc 
walked a cnkewnlk with Its mistress, while 
three dogs ran In and out, making a figure 

dencc. It. I, Dec: '21, 11)03. 


A magnificent horse, perfected In I he "high 
school" steps, yet hardly ascending to the 
dignity of a complete "menage act— as the 
circus people style It beneath the big tent— 
a launtilv clad equestrienne, and live trained 
dogs constitute tbc novelty feature nt the 
Columbia this week. Mllly Capcll, billed as 
Europe's greatest equestrienne and animal 
trainer, really urescn|s au act that, consider- 
ing the limitations Imposed by the stage, Is 
most meritorious, even though It necessarily 
does not include muny of even the simpler 
features to be found where the bnnd plays 
nnd the red lemonade flows. It Is a novelty, 



and scon's a lilt. If for no other reason 
THE ENQUIKKIl, Cincinnati, Nov. LM. Uno" 

An act which was produced to I'lillmlri. 
phlnns simultaneously with (he Fadcltc-: u 
that of Mllly Capcll. the noted Barama 
equestrienne. Miss Capcll made her rwn> 
iienntncc Inst night, and with her beautiful 
horse and a pack of hunting dog;, greaiii 
delighted the audience. .Miss C'apell Is ■ re- 
markable horsewoman and aulmnl iraliier 
and her feats of skill and daring evoked ■■■„,! 
tlnuous applause — TELKURAl'II, I'hlhiurl- 
pUia, Jan. fi, 19fM. 

The pretty act Introduced by Milk- rnpcii 
with her trained stallion and dogs, is the 
neatllln.T in the bill at Hyde & Hebioun's Ibis 
week. Mile. Cnpell's act baa been seen here 
Bcveral times, but It docs not grow tln-Knin,. 


Ladies Orchestra, 



Hunt be ladles ou and off. State lowest salary hitter. Long engagement. Address all com- 
munications LOOK BOX 210, Parkersburg, W. Va. 


Ion Is lot 





The profession Is Invited to visit 

"The (ireat Train Robbery" „„ .,„„,„,., ,.,„ ,.,„,., 



The Very Latest Song (A Winner). 


36 8. 13th STREET, 

The Largest Establishment In America, tor 

Or Wis; Attendance. 

Meattoa this ad. 
and receive a large cake of 


PRKE when calling. ■ 



liood, trained Bear Specially, Han Slurp Shoot 
lug Special! t. Address, letter only, 

P. R. STEWART, New Star Theatre, Now Tort. 

Wlnl Bert, Jim Deer, write tnc. 

With Specialties preferred; Strong Vsudcville Act, ror week Feb. 8. stElmira.S. V. Address 
BARRV L. WEBB, Lock Haven. Pa., until Feb. o: Eltr 

Kltnlra, week or ». 


Will send professions) copies and orchestra- ! 
Hods of tbiBHong to professionals or others send- I 
lug stamps snd up-to-date programmes to 
1118 Olive Street, Su Louis, Mo. 



Msuy vcars oxparlcnce in Theatrical work, wants 
position as PlaulBt or Loader. 


They need not be Isundrled; only washed with 

; soap and water. They come in all shapes and 

styles. Send for catalogue. 




Water Proof Dye Scenery for the Bold 

A Specialty. 

, No . 14 to 24 Empire Park Place, Timn, 0. 

I FOR SALE, Big Bargain. 

A Complete Dog and Pony Show. Everything tip 
, to date and ready for the road. Ten Trained 
Shetland Ponies, Three Riding Dogs (none better), 
3 Tents. 30 Lengths Seats, Lights. Props., Ring Har- 
' ness, etc. This show only on the road 6 weeks, 
! Everything good as new. Reasons for selling, 
l old age and poor health. Write for particulars, 

W. J. CONNER, M. D., La Bath, Kansas. 

Leading 'Woman for Very Strong Emotional Part. Leading Mnn, Character Man 

and Woman, Jnvenlle Man and Woman, O.nioel Old Man, 

and Am Experienced Agent, 

Give full particulars and enclose programmes. Address M.1NAGER. ONE PIECE. 

OPERA HOUSE, Strestnr, llltooi-. 



Must have the BEST of modern wardrobe and dress well on and on". Cnlcss you are competent doir> 
waste stamps snd time. LONG SUMMER STOCK ENGAGEMENT. State your lowest salary aud rcll 
everyi hing in first letter. Serd photos, which will be returned. 

HENRY F. WILLARD A CO.. Msnapere, SpsrtuUEburg, S. C, Feb, 4, i ml a. 
Ashevllle, N. C, Feb - x and week; August. i , Oa., Feb. l'<th and week. 

^•Rgwsair Thomson & Vandiveer's 

CaP For K©Htb' clrcils > Menj S erie ani) Hippidreme Toils, 


London. Ontario. Caiudn. 


At moderate prices. Large stock, Immense vsrloty. 
illustrated Catalogue Free. A. RoTERBERO, 
KG Ontario St., Chicago, III. 

My Elegant Private Car For Rent. Especially anlt- 
abli for a Traveling Specialist or a Star who can 
afford luxuries. H»s large compartment for Scen- 
ery and Baggage, 8 state Booms, Parlor, Dining 
Room, Buffet and Kitchen, all rnrnlsued. 

J. T. R. CLARK, 

RIDGE BLDO., Kansas City, Mo. 

Stereopticons, $14.00. 

Have a record of over forty years as being superior 
| in Material, Finish, Workmanship, Style, Duntbll- 
; lty and Economy to all others manufactured. Es- 
timates given on application. 
Ko, 330-332 E. THIRD ST., Cincinnati, O. 


INAR, SAPPHO, FOUR SEASONS, Etc. Gorgeous costumes and effect.: drawing rig lioua.'s: 
boostlDg reports. These strong acts will strengthen vour show. B AROAIN CLOAK OUTFITS $16, fur 
EFFECTS Richest in the country, PROF. SHIELDS, jti West .?«(!> St., S-n York. 


Size. lift, bv loft. Large Pit, complete, rendv for na* Also S LARGE PVTHO> 
SNAKES, acclimated : :< heated snake boxes, nickel plated railing for snake act. All iu 
first class condition. Address 

HOTEL HIRLBY. 200 Franklin St., Philadelphia. Ha. 

«__ txra e.ii ^r*«_ rri, 001 . n For a shortTlme we will sell our high grade 
van WO oeil ion llllise f StereopiiconB for above prlco: they are guaranteed 

Three Trunks, 2,noo Folding Chairs, 14 Black 
Touts, I ot of Ulaukcls and Pillows. Combination 
Oil Heaters ror Tent, Room or Car; Gasolene 
Torchon, Folding Organa, Crank Piano; 48 Extra 
Folding Chairs, suitable for opera house or oillce, 
-event Hand Organs, Hegaphonos. 

R.U. AKMBKUSTKH.Sprlnglleld, Illinois. 


" he highest price*. ]ia;d fur used inuis lr, goud eon- 
tin ion. 


3» B. Eig hth Hreet . Phllarteiplilit, ra 


t:an originate and gel up productions. Can Join 
at onoc. No place loo far for tne. Original speci- 
mens mailed to reliables. No dye. 

LOUI S DAVIS, 3iu Bunnell Bt.. Nashville, Tenu. 


tiKAUAM A SCHEIE, Mgrs. Owing to cancella- 
limu-, WERE OK FEB. 8 OPEN, flood repertoire 
show or one night stands can get the mousy. Busi- 
ness bciit In record of housb^ 

hew boWbatteby, idst out. 

Shows Llghlnlng and Power from your bands. 
Just the thing for Ueajers. nvpnollstH, Etc. We 
uinko tlioonlv Prsctlcnl Electric Belt. • 

SCCCESS BELT 00., Vlneland, X. J. 


Taught by mall. Musicians can more than double 
their present Inooiuo. Send stamps for book with 
particulars and part of first lesson free. 

Room M, Maslo Hall Building, Boston, Mass. 

100 fleoond-hand FLUSH OPERA OHAI BB, Qoo d 
eoaditton, American school fobrITIIBB 
oo.. lin-w Wast Mtt at, Maw Tork Qltj. 



Speulal induoeuienls to parties wishing to sell 
lltuslsn tiooda, Souvenirs, Etc R0LTA1K CO., 
MJ Chomlcsl Building, St. Lo uis. 

6. SHINDHELM, theatrical Wig 

MAKER. Oood work for low prices, 
lis West l»th STREET, New York. 

Send stamp for price Hal. 



IK W. MUST., NEW YORK (near Oth Ave.), 1IAL- 
LKTT THOMPSON, Manager (lato Wood's Gym.) 
»rx' clsl rates lo performers. (1 a week. 

Recitations and Healings. 
Catalogues Free. All diay 
matte papers for tale. 
U Washington St., Chicago. 



Comilned llaiplBg and Dining Car, 

callable for traveling companies. Also BAQGAOK 



Hurle»que Company, travel In car; $tl weekly and 
i'Xpen««. MANAGER, (Ireetisboro, K.O., Jan. 21: 
Hnartanhurg. S-C-, Jau. : W; Green vil le. S.O., Feb ti. 

Hosic Composed, Arranged. 

»u OKNTS. A. KRBTS M AR.Q5 K. 1 Mb St., K. V. 

At Liberty, Musical Director 

Allien X. V. /... care N. V. CLIPPER. 

Stereopticons tor above prlco; they are guaranteed 
to do as good work, and perhaps better, than the 
other fellow paid $100.00 for. This is a broad 
a a true one. They are perfectly 

statement am 

made, aud arc lust the thing you liave been long 

lngfor. It will pay von to write today. 

16 S. BolUday Street, Baltimore, Md. 


Dale's Troubadours, 

Including Special Scenery, Costumes and Special 
Paper, all new this season. Scenery by Daniels, 
costumes by Wrltli and Daniels, all new this sea- 
ion. fSOO gets It. Everything open for Inspec- 
tion kt DALE'S AUDITORIUM Chpc May. N. 1. 

No. 37 Klngiton St., Beaton, Mill., tl. 8. A. 

Manufacturers of Sllkolene Tights, $160; Worsted 
Tights, $3.00; Cotton Tights, fl.OO; Equestrian 
Sains, same price as tights. A special discount 
of 10 per cent, allowed on all goods. Give ns a 
trial; that is all we ask. Write for prices on any- 
thing in the knit goods line. Depot'.: required on 
all orders. 


Starvation is the ordinary Jocglcr'a future unless 
you arc great jugglers same as nivself. After you 
purclmso Ricton's book you are entitled to all the 
juggling lessons you want, free. Inaahort tunc 
you can dcuiHud sn enormous salarv. Gel wIbc 
i|iiick, send for Ricton's book. Send ti to KICIDN, 
fibl Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Rlclon Is the 
only one in the world J nggllDg s balls single, 4 In a 
shower each bund. Playing Proctor's, Uarleni.K. Y. 





D uliuiuuuuni competent Huge Director. One piece, stork ur 
Newly fnrnlshed, 110 and ANNEX 181 N. 8th BT.: rep. Address, care or above company. Feb. ... 
also 122N. »th ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Special Manshalllown, lown: Feb. 0, Indepcndeuce, lowa- 
rates to professlonala, $1 per day; $6 and $1 Eeli.8, Elkudcr, Iowa; Keb.ti. Waukon, Iowa. 

alngle, per week; no and $12 double, per week. ■ — — — - 

A. WATTENBOFEER, Proprietor. T I ftl •*■ I I s mrtT All 

Next door to Dime Museum. Three to five I II IU I L LI I ' V 




ltpgubir copy for plimo, only 10 cents. 
W. H. fltOXKlt. Tub.. Colniubns. C». 



Ho you want a privilege at Manhattan Beach 
Parkr 40o,ooo population lo draw from. Address 

2M Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio. 


DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No matter what you want In that line lean 
supply 1L New or second hand Bend for 
catalogue. B. B. AHRAHAMS, 

2X1 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 






7WHIRFSI RFM s^^ifcSffi 

LllinULUl ULIII nine diamond. Coits bnt 
one-teath. In brilliancy and out it has no equal. 
Batting solid gold. Write for illustrated catalogue. 
aOwb A co„ Dent. 0, m Dearborn Bt, Otioago. 

LATEST NOVELTIES. Write for Illustrated Cats 
logue. "VVM. Wl'ltPKLEIN, Mar., 

aos N . Second.St., Phllartelpbla. Pa. 

Tents, Poles, Seats, 
Wagons, Trunks. 

Show Properly of All Kinds Bought and Sold. 
Sondforllst. CHIOAOO SI10W SUPPLY 00., 
M? Wabaab Ave., CHICAGO. 



Kor Sale. Old Carorjela oxchauged or put In 
lumping horse niotlou. KREUER'S CAROUSEL 
WORKS, -m Uth Ave., U 1. Olty. I». Y. 


A Lot of Siciid Hand Opin Chairs or Seals 

HOLT a in. CO.. 

MS Cbetulcal Building, St, LuuK 


Must cliange idll at lcn-t three times per week. 
Send in open time to 

JEEFERS THEATRE, Saginaw, Mich. 



Adilrcas FLAT IS HOLBROOK, Milwaukee, Win. 



For Annex with ureal Ploio Shown. Address 
Hotel HacOregor, IHlli and Wabash Ave.. Chi- 
cago. III. I. C SHIPLEY. 



7, 21 and M. M. M. B A NKS. M«r. 


FLORENCE THEATRE, White Will, Ph. Have 
good open lime In Fob.. March and April, flood 
one oight shows play here and gel the money. 
JOE TUMAN, Manager. 








Strong t urloaltla •* or Freaka to Feature, 
Handsome anil Interesting Little Peo- 
pie. Lady Acts of Every Kind, a Magi- 
cian that can make the People Laugh, 
a Comic Juggler. Trained Animal Ada, 
Novelty Aet« or Every Description. 

'Want two good orators; must furnish 






Must be sober, reliable aud thoroughly experi- 
enced, and willing to accept a very moderate 
Hillary for a long, sure engagement. II. A. Ward, 
please write. Adoress WaRKEN SOBLE, 

Mgr. Noble's Theatre Company, 
llracivllle, Minn.. Feb !>, B, lo; Wneaton, Minn., 
Feb. 11, 12, lit; Sisseton. S. llak., week Feb. 15. 


Do Dutch aud Irish Slnjtlngand Dancing; change 
two wcekn. Other Med. People, write 

flltibon, Neb., until Feb. it; after, Amherst, Neb. 




Reliable, experienced In both Theatrical and Can- 
cer! work. Co. making week stands preferred. 
Address LEO PillLLlfPS. Box 2ST, Barncsvllle, 
Ohio. Will negotiate for Summer engagement. 

Wanted, Beliable Professionals, 

Making one night -unds, to carry our line of Ad- 
vertising Fans, which are sold to Druggists, Shoe 
Dealers, Hardware Men, tleneral Merchandise 
Dealers, etc Ontdl consists of an assortment ot 
30 designs, put up In convenient shape to carrv. 
Ill per day easily made by giving the btislness'u 
few hours each dar. 

i. ED. U. j cm; A CO., Utnrlnnatl, Ohio. 


If at liberty, wire me. W. P. MeBRIDE, 

McQIII ,V Shlpmsn Co., Taunton, Mar*. 

At Liberty, A I Slide Trombone Player. J53KJ 

latile. Doubles on iiute, also clarionet, etc. Ber- 
erences. Kone but responsible organizations need 
write. Adilress LOt'i BOX US, Meuomonle, Wis. 


5»nd f«r lllustratad Catalvgui, Frtt. 

flEB B0ZEBH18DT. 502 E. I9tti St., w. y. 



Wife play parts: husband property msn.slsgr 
carpeoter and electrician. Uavo machines f«r all 
kind or eiftct*. Beat of rjferencca. 

THK KOrXTLKROTa. Ucn. Del..Bnffslo,y. V. 


Original Jail Breaker and Handcuff King. 
Was the Hit or the bill at Trent Theatre, week »r 
Jan. is, creating the greatest sensation ever ut 
Trenton, K. j. per, ad , WOOSSOC KST, R. I. 

Everybody Is Blowing Their Own Hern- 
We Don't Have To. The Public Tabes 
CareOIOnrs. Seed For Catalogue. 

Chicago Photo Engraving Co 
Wo. 180 Washington Bt, Ch icago 

CIRCUS CANVAS and Tenu of •Tery'de- 
serlption. Seoosd Hud Tenia In Stock. Write 
lor estimate. 

Sneoeoon to the x w. noble CO., 

UB-1M Fourth Bt. Detroit. M ich. 



V W. 28th ST., NBW VORK. 


Second Hand Films. Song Slides and Machlnea 
Bought, Sold and Exchanged. KM WASHINGTON 
ST., Room 42, Boston, Mass., opp. Ad»ma Holism 


with Tolce orchosi ration. Wo. Address K URT P. 
llirtSEKORN',68!) Atlantic Are,, Brookl yn. N. T. 

FOR SALE, EDISON Moving Picture Machine 

FILMS AVI) SLIDES; nlso Ohs Making Mschluc 

•■iittlt. All iu line order, uta bargain. 

H. UOPEixs, ljin Wsshiugton St.. Uob oken. N.J. 

AL LIBEBTY, Al Slide Tromboae. 

B. and 0. Also Al BARITONE, double props. Bo>n 
strong street workers. Must havo ticket. Addrefs 
Geo. Kcmblo, Oaklsni Ulty, Indian a. Bot iidohlts_. 


AtDUGGER OPERA HOUSE. Oood house, spU-ii- 
dld show town; prosperous mining towu;e\err- 
body got mouer here. 

FRAN It NORR1S, Msusgei. Hugger. led. 




Sohmor Park 


SHOW CANVAS b o u r'd t er to 




oM Orand Are., clilcngo, ill. 







Ulas Clipper's Anecdotes. Personalities anil 

Comment* Concerning Stage Folk uss 

KUieJsjns— Sketch. H8« 

onr London Letter iiga 

Paul Suaduiil — Sketch ugu 

World of Plgrers 1187,111m 

Fred and Amy. Outtlob— Sketch 11&7 

Vaudeville nod Mlustrol 1187, lltto 

Oan «..Holt — sketch IU7 

Uar Chicago Letter jiho 

Our South African Letter 1100 

t.atxst by. Telegraph 1103 

Oil the Road 11U3. 1104 

Vaudevlllo Route Mat 11*5 

Clipper Post Office 1303 

Cliesa aud Checker* mjo 

Queries Answered , UN 

Under the Tents uiw 

With the Hill Poster* nui; 

Miscellaneous [1'jO 

Xew York C|ly— Review aiiO Comment.. 11 mm. 1199 
Is.aUi* In the Profession tllrll 


Alabama, New Hampshire '........., 1180 

Montana, Delaware, Colorado 1 igo 

Ullnols •' 1190 

.North Carolina uw 

Massachusetts. 1190, Utfl 

I'enraylTflDla .' 1191 

Maine 1191 

Ohio , 13uS 

Loolalaoa, 1202 

New Tork State '. 1199, 1202 

L'lsl 1 •■ .4 '. 1202 

Iowa ...'.......:.' 1202 

Rhode Island 1SD3 

Canada '. 1202 

Indiana' ...... • 1203 

nregoi 1203 

Virginia 1203 

rMxlrlct of Columbia 1203 

Maryland ....... 1203 

-'uutb Carolina 1303 

Kansas , 1193 

Nebraska 1103 

Missouri 1193 

West -Virginia 1106 

1 tiuticetleat • •*«» 1180 

Xew.. Jersey. liBii 

Tennessee 1 1 ho 

Washfbgtuu 1190 

Michigan' Moo 

Kentucky 1196 

Minnesota, Georgia liar 


Texas, Wisconsin . . . 




Monday Marat's Oprnln«. in All the 
..1 Bin Bhevr Ton a: 


\ t olon In 1 u I r I ," "East lay aae," "Lest 

KImt." the New Dramatic Offer- 
' In as of the Meek— Good Ho a I nr a a 

ipu*lo! l>la vat 1 he ■, to Tat: Nkw York Cupper. 

gas Francisco, Feb. 2. — At the Columbia 
tula la : the' second and last week of "A Chi- 
nese .Honeymoon." Business bus been very 

•VAUyORXiA Theatre. — "The (Sternal City" 
'■IrtneU last night its second and last week. 
BQainesg . has been Immense. 

AtCAZAR. THEATnu. — "A Colonial Girl" Is 

niB.cutrent bill. 

'.CunIsal TlniATKE. — "Kast I.ynnc" is this 
week's offering. 

-Ubaxd Opera Hot'KK. — This week "Lost 
lUyec".. Is presented. 

•TJYM.T" Opera Uouse. — "When. Johnny 
'VWes 'Marching Home" opened Its fourth 
vt'eelf last ulght. Business bag been, large. 

Fischer's Tiieathe. — This Is the fourth 
wee,k,. of "The Beauty Shop." After this 
■ dmes >'Roly Poly." 

. ':OaHtm'M Thkatub. — Opening Sunday, 
•lira, a J. for the week: Robertus and TVI1- 
rredo, -Monroe, Mack and Lawrence, Stuart 
Karnes, Two .Sllvas, Cordua and Maud, tbu 
Kaya. l>«ffy, Sawtello and Duffy, Holden and 
fhirerfcv,' and' the olograph. .... 

CHUTES. — Bill for current week, beginning 
last uiglit : Koplln, Towle and Koplln, Der- 
iLn.. the .ventriloquist: Montague's cockatoos, 
Wilson,- and Moron, Florence nay Geld, Mabel 
l.umaon, and the anlmatlseope. 

Sores. — Kretyn Frances Wynn, of the 
•Hurletl at Sea" Co., died In this city Mon- 
day; Juu. IS, nt a saiilturlurn. She had much 
ablHty, '"although ydting, and was making 
tine headway In the profession. Sue was 
hsrled from St. Joseph's Catholic Church, In 
:U,lH ciCy, on Wednesday. 20. the Interment 
tefjiglu.ct. Mary's Cemetery, Oakland, Ala- 
i.iwJ'l'c She leaves surviving bur father 
lind .nuitber, Thomoft and Mary K. Wynn, 

uud ulslws - Alice auO Josephine 7/oc 

Uatepx. once a popular actress on the Pa- 
ciacfodst, famed for her beauty and dra- 
olatjc .talent, now lies 111 and lu need In 
^otUand. Ore. Her life has been despaired 
of; but slie is now Improving. It was In the 
limcf. '70'fj that Mlsn Gatcns was In her 
licyflay, of popularity at San Francisco. 
' 1 ' ■ 


• Nunlnex Keported Aloa.« the 
Die Despite the Extreme CulA 
father at several Points. 

•Cmdtuo, Feb. 1!.— "In Old Kentucky," at 
MttV tiur's, began a new era lu Clilcago thent- 
|Iv«Jh Monday night. Our tltst dramatic 
L>crfoyiBuncL' since 'Sut'.trday afternoon, Jan. 
li.'Went with- n whirl, and Bessie Buxrlacale* 
us M&dige Brierly, scored a i^cat hit. Our 
^lKiw:huin;r.v theatre-goers ball the ovent 
wlW ^eHSut. With the Ice broken and 
ifyoaal .more theatres almost ready to 
openr (to rrift In tuo clouds promises early 
!>unBhllve. '. and gloom Is illsaiipearliw lifte- 
ii'odul, Stulr and MUldletan have witbilraw.u 
frura the Columbia Theatre, and the house 
r»Y«31*-.t« Weber Bros. The owners will 
iiruj)(ib.|y moke the' rcqulroil structural 
<, and book the house lu conjunction 

w|;h,.lhe|r Loul^llle Theatre.. Hopkins' 

Mfff f eipectH to reoiieii next Huuday, with 
^Ima T Horuinn, la "The Char|ty Nurse.' 
*)ii)g '/other bouses In «tu1r & Ilavlln s local 
•haliiuay romuln dark for weeks, the les^ 
sees oFlno Bijou, Alhuuibra and Acade>niy 
iMMwr in- drploinatlc discussion with property 
.'wa.WK. 1 as, to who shull foot bills for 
aijTirtuial <hunges. Bush Temple and the 
I'eopleV Theatre stock company houses 
a re ready for Inspection, ami will open 
us. soon as.-, permits an.- Issued, posslbly 
ne»t rhiodav. The Criterion Theatre Is also 
leudy for fitspectlon, und will probably in- 
ila'll a' dramatic stock, presenting a Lincoln 
n Carter melodrama ns soou as penult Is 
lampo.. The Illinois, Studcbaker and Gar- 
rlek- are waiting for Anal Inspection und 
liffJttirij to open. The Illinois and Garrlck 

tbe Pfflnce, the cadets' new piece, pleased 
a Jammed house at the Tremont. in thu 
afteraooa Nance O'Nell and Co. showed 

"Magda." to a splendid slied audience 

Xi? ,a . AHen, lu "Twelfth Xlght." at the 

.Yi^.M. 1 " Ll,t,c M ary." •« •»» 1'nrk: 
Drink, at the lloslon, and "Bnstcr Urown," 
at the Majestic, were holdovers, doing from 
lair to big business The Columbia, un- 
der new management, had a good start. Tim 
attraction; Kugcnle Blair, In "SSaaL". . . ."It 
Women Were Men," at the Grand Opera: 
"The htflln of Gnlll," at the Huts uud "Mher- 
ock Holmes," at »lnsl<r Hall, lo good uf»-u- 

'"W Stock, vai'derlllc and burlesque 

(iHtrunuge great. 

tajUPOntlA. Feb. 'J. — Though many 
holdover* were Included In the offerings, 
openings were of gratifying size at all 
houses, entertaining audiences that Ulled 

the seating capacity "Darling of the 

Gods, at (be Isrnud: "Cousin Kutc." at lbs 
Garrlck, "Lord and Laily Algy." at the Upera 
House: "tlTie- onice Boy," at the Chest- 
nut, and "Mrs. Wlggs, of the Cabbage 
Patch, at the Walnut, all continued to 

capacity badness The Auditorium held 

well pleased audiences to witness "Across the 

I'aclllc- At the Park, "Soldiers of For 

nine attracted many, and other combination 

bouses fared equally well Vaudeville 

lovers turned out In fonw at Keith's two 
Houses ; the Trocudero and Lyceum lioth en- 
joyed line patronage for praiseworthy bur- 
lesoue offerings, nod stock houses and "otheM 
hud tin- usual large cllontel. 

St.- Louis, Feb. 2. — Fine weather, excel- 
lent offerings and heavy attendance mark 
this week's openings here. ...Mrs. Flske. 
ri "Mary of Magdala" and "Hedda Gab- 
I'ler, ' opened with a tremendous advance 
sale at toe Grand; the opening bouse was to 

capacity "The Wuturd of Oz." at the 

Century, also opened to good business eveu- 
lng of Jau. 31, und still seems to hold the 

crowd The Olympla has. Bertha Gallaod, 

In "Dorothy .Vernon, of Uaddon Hall," open- 
ing Feb. 1 'the Odeon announces the 

German Slock Co., in "A Man of Means." 
..... ;"At Valley Forge" is the offerlug at 
Crawford's, and did a good Sunday business. 

The Imperial has "The Llghthousu 

by the Sea," which had a good house Sjmday, 
Bs did Virginia Thornton, in "Wedded and 

Parted," ui llavlln's The Columbia 

offered a change of vuudevllle bill at the 

Monday matinee The Standard has the 

L'toplati Hu.-lewjuers. 

'■Kansas City, Feb. 2. — Ulam-lie Walsh, lu 
u return engagement, opened at the Willis 
Wood Theatre last night, to a good house. 
She remains until Thursday, when Ida Con- 
ouest comes, In "The Girl Willi the Green 

ilyes." The Grand had a big Sunday 

matinee and a packed night bouse, to sec 
Hurry Beresford, In "The Professor's Love 

Story." At the Orpheum Nirvana and 

her trained horse, and u good vaudeville bill, 
pleased the usual capacity outpourings at 

matinee and night The Glllfs wob twice 

filled, with the Royal Llllputians as the 
efferlug. ...... At the Auditorium the Black 

Patti Co. drew a packed matinee and a ca- 
pacity night bouse At the Century 

lllce lc Barton's Gaiety Company gave splen- 
did burlesque performances, to big houses. 

Cincinnati, Feb. '1. — "The spenders" wns 
put on at the Grand last nignt. with Wil- 
liam II. Crane In. the role of Uncle Peter 
lllneg. A brilliant uudlencc gave the star 

many curtain culls The reopening of 

Robinson's, under li. D. Stair's management, 
was the event of Sunday. A full house en- 
Joyed the performance of "More than Queen," 
which will be. followed by "Her Only slu." 

Nat M. Wills presented "A Son of Rest," 

nt the Walnut Street. .,. ..At the Lyceum 
Harney GHmore revived "Kidnapped In New 

"York." Vaudeville crowded the Co: 

luinbla, and the Bohemian Burlesqucrs gave 
u good show a t the People's 

Washington) Feb. 2. — Maude Adams 
opened at the National Theatre, in "The 

Pretty Sister of Jose," to a large house 

The -Savage Knglish Opera Co. had a large 
following at the Columbia; "Othello" was 
the opening bill. . . ."Young Tobe Hoxie." at 

the Lafnyette, had a full house.'. ..Churlen 
T.'Aldrlch, Frank Bush and others presented 
a .fine vaudeville bill nt Chase's and packed 
the house, afternoon end evening ...... "At 

Cripple Creek" ' crowded the Academy," ."A 
Human Slave" pleased two good sized au- 
diences at the Empire, and the City Sports 
packed the Lyceum at two performances. . 

Mxlwavkkh. Feb. 2.— The ' Four. Cohauu 
returned to the Davidson Sunday, for two 
nights : the hOuse was well filled at both per- 
formances ."When Keuben Comes to 

Town" drew capacity at toe Albumbra for 

tin opener Rose Sydell's Ixindon Belles. 

at. the Star, and "Only a Shop Girl," at the 

BIJ011, bad packed houses The Than- 

hohser production of "Sporting Life," at 
the Academy, looks good for the week.. 
The Wnchsner Gentian Co. repealed Ber- 
llu'u ' McnsaUoiial military drama, .before a 
large audience, at the Pabst, Sunday. 

Louisville, Feb. 2. — "The Slvor Slipper" 
opened ut MacauleyVs, to a large antdtencc 
Clay Clements prwented- "In Old Do- 
minion" at Masonic Theatre, to u good house. 
.-..■.. ."Atarehllghts of New -York" opened 
Munday, nt the Avenue, to a crowded Souse. 

., The UentB-Santley Co. packed the 

Bi»rktnt{hnm Sunday, ut both p*>ri«rniiiz>cc«. 
— »»» 


i'upeks. ---At the Crawford t .Crawford 
a: Kane, managers!. — "York State Folks" 
opened the bouse Jan. 22, alter' Its -having 
{•ceil closed three weeks while better Ore 
protection was being installed. It drew a 
good, house, "yulncy Adams Sawyer" 23. 
"Vleklugs froai Puck." 21, did a fair busi- 
ness. Lewis Morrison 211, Black Pattl Trou- 
badours 27, "The Parish Priest". 28, Harry 
B<»reaford 30. "The Convict's Daughter" HI. 
"You l'ouson" Feb. 4, "Uncle Josh Spruccby" 
(I, "A Gambler's Daughter" 7. "Where Ih 
Cobb?" », "Sweet Clover" 10, "Eight Bells" 
12. "Peck's Bud Boy" 13. • 

AvuToKii'M (B- S. Brl;bara, manager).—- 
The midwinter exposition opened Jan. 2o. 
for two weeks. Week of 23 the vaudeville 
features were: Nauibas Family, Japanese 
aerlallsts ; Henor and Scnora Fruucella, mus- 
cular uet: the Two Hewitts, lukawa, Ja- 
panese Juggler. _ ' , . 

Note.— Sells & Downs' Circus wilt not be 
on the road this season. William Sells has 
announced that he and Mr. Downs will be 
on the midway ut St. Louis, with a big at- 



Ot III Road. 

All ■•■tea Mast Reach I'a Not Later 

Than Moa day. 


Ailauw. MaodV tCharlcs PrehBiau. luct.'i -Wash- 

Inston, D. U, Feb. 1-0, Trvuton, N. J., ■, 

KnsU'ii 9. 
Allen. Viola (Cbarterf W. Allen, tugr. I— Bostoti. 

Mukj., Feb. m. N. V. City S March IV. 
Aubrey Stwk. Kastern. Mttteutbul llrolher<' 

(William Diuacc, nigr.l- -Wllinlagtnn. Pel., 

Kc*. l-«. t.'henter. Pa.. S-13. 
Anlitvy' Slock. Western. Millennial l^r^•Ule^!• 

(Carl llrchm. mgr.l — Uomc. X. V„ Fe*. 1-B, 

UloreravIUv bl:i. 
"Ar>; Yun a Ma«in7" (Julius Can 11, mgr.)-— NVvr 

Wrstailnster, B. C. Feb. 8. VanconveT 4, Vle- 

torln S. Taeolua, Waah., II. 
"An Khgllali Daisy" (Welief 4 Field?. in*n>'.i— 

X. T. iHtr Feb. 1, InOellnlte.' 
"Arimna," M. n. Ilaymand's (J. II. Palsei. 

niirr.J — Baltimore. Mil.. Feb. 1-0, Aimapolla s. 

Wlnehnter. Va., 9, York. Pu.. 10, Colnnbla 

11, Itc.idlnn 12, riiientxvtlle 13. 
"Arjioiia." U. 11. Itnj motid's (Charles F. Brown. 

lojrr.) — Frankfort. Iih]., Feb. 8. 
"Alonk the Kennebec" (O. R. Reno, mgr.V— 
- Kcranton, Pa„ Feb.' 1-3, Wllkesborre A-tf; 
"Alphonse and Oaatori." Ops mil's — Gah-estou. 

Tex.. Feb. 3, Victoria 4, San Antonta S, Cursl- 

ennn 0, - Slirevenurt, La.. 7. Denlaou S. Galnes- 

rllle 9. Fort Worth 10. Ballad 11. 
"At the Old Cross ttoa<Is" (Arthur 0. Alston, 

aigr.) — Omaha, Neb.. Feb. 1-3. 
"Across the Paelfle" (Harry Clay lllaney. tugr.) 

—Philadelphia. Pa.. Feb. t-d. 
"At. Cripple Creek"— AVaahlqirtoii. V. C, Vel>. 1-n. 
"An Aristocratic Tramp!' (Will Kllroy. mar.) — 

Orienlleld. 0.. Feb.. 3. rxjuduii Z. epriiiglleld 0, 

Hcllcfuiitalnc »; Mnrysville 9. . 
"AllJionse and tiaatiai" — Lutrobe. Pa.. Feb. ;',, 

Johnstown I. Oreenilmrg 5, Bearer Falls 0. 
"Al Plke'x Peak," O. It. Witon's (Claude Boarcl- 

nuru, lugr.)— O1II11. 111., Feb. 11, Mount Vermm 

"After Midnight"— Albany. K. V.. Feb. 1 ». 
"At Valley Fgrve"— St. Lonls, Mo.. Feb. 1-0. 


Blanche Hates (David Bebjsco, aujr.;— Phlladel- 
phui. Pa.. Feb. 1-1». 

Barrymore.' Kthcl (Charles Froliuun. uigr.l — 
Philadelphia. Pa., Feb. 1-n. Eavtan II. 

lllnglnini. Amelia— N. T. City Feb. 1-0. 

Bcllcw, Kyrle (Uebler * Co., lagra-^— It V. 
City Feb. 1. Indetlnltc. 

Boyd, Archie. In "Joshua Whltcomb" (Ktlpatrh-k 
k BurnlRtun, nutra.)— Woonuocket, II. I., Feb. 
t. Ncwiairt 2, Mllfonl. Mass., :i, Gloacester 4. 
Purtliuid. Me., t. Lewlaten C. Awraata S. Ban- 
na-. 9, Bath Id, Portsmouth. X. H.. 11, Lowell, 
Muss.. 12. Lawrence 13. 

Blair, Kuirenle (Benrl Uresset. nurr.) — Boston. 
Mass.. Feb. l-U, Providence, It. I.. 8-13. 

Beresford. Harry (J.- J. Coleman, rusr. ) — Kamas 
City. Mo.. Feb. Id. 

Boneill, William, ami Hose Ktahl— QuoIht Can., 
Feb. 1-3, Ottawa -in. 

Bennett * Moulton (F. C. Twltehell. mgr.)— Ge- 
nera. X. Y., Feb. H-13. 

Bennett fc Mohlton (A. P. ttcwl. nurr.) — Cham- 
bersburg. Pa., Feb. 1-0, Doniille 8-13. 

Bebliett ft Moulton (J. M. Torr, mgr.l— JUtMSja, 
Pa.. Feb. 8-1.1. 

Bennett & Moulton (Ira E. Ncwball. ingr.) — 
New Britain. Conn.. Feb. 8-13. 

Bennett & Moulton (W. A. Purtello. nigT.! — Finli- 
klll, X. Y.. Feb. 1-0, IXalDging 8-13. 

nuotlne, Kmrua (Earl Bnntws. nigr.) — Haile- 
ton. Pa., Feb. 1-0, Atlantic City 8-18. 

Brockenrldgc. Charles. Stock (Hoy J. Joy, mgr.l 
— Tupcka. Kan.. Feb. 1-3, Holloa 4-10. Law- 
rence 11-18. - - 

Brown Amusement. Southern — Beaumont, Tex., 
Feb. 1-0. Houston 8-13. 

Iirowu AniuBeraent, Western — BawllvlUe. Ark., 
Feb. 10. Clarksvllk! 8-13. . 

Bark-MCCann (M. McCann. mgr.)— Lonaconln-. 
Md.,.Feb. 1-0. 

Boyd- Bnrrowe's Dramatle— Codar Uaplds, Xebr.. 
jrjli 11 ■jnaaa'n ■ If ■ 

"Ben Iluf" (Klaw i. Erliuuier. mars.)— Tfcrrn 
Haiite. Ind.,- Feb. 1-3. Eyanavlllc 4-0. 

"Hiwter Brown" (BroudhurHt'ft Currle. mirn.l — 

' Boston; Maas.. Feb. 1-0. anrlnafleld 8. New 
Haven.. Conn.. 9, Hariferd 10, Bridgeport 11. 
New London It!. Water bury 13. 

"Bnueh of Revs" (Gas Bothner. mgr.) — r^iiinr- 
ton. K;., Feb. 3. Maysvllla i. Kontlaa-too, W. 
Vo., 0. 

"Break for Liberty" (J. M. Jacobs, mar.l— Be.)- 
fird, Pa.. Feb. 3. Phltlpshnrg -1, Johnstown B, 
Altoona 0, Otrlhile 8. Harrlabnrc B, Middle- 
town 10, Conahohockentl, Wllnilngton, Del.. 

12. Burlington. N. J., 13. 

"Breeiy Time" (Merle H. Norton, mgr.)— Jlor- 
rjllton. Ark., Feb. 8. Hot' Springs I, Arkailel- 
nhia K Hope fl, (lunlon 8, Camden U, Magnolln 
10. Texarkana 11, Atlanta, -Tex., 13. Pittsbtirst 
IS. •' • ' . • - .' 

"Bnrglar." Western. (WrlKbt ft nuhflit. rogrs.)— 
Krioxrllle.- la.'. Feb. 3. Alhla I. Creston E, 
VJUbica 0. Clarlmlu 8. SbensndiMih B, Uambtirir 
10. -Red Oak 11, Corning 12. Denlaon 18. 

"Bowery After Dark," Sullivan, rturrln A Woods* 
— N. Y. City Feb. 1-0. Boatoo. Mass., S-18. 

"Black Hand 3 — X. Y. City 9S. 9-18. 
O . 

Crunc, Wm. U. (Charles Frolouuu, uict.)— Cln- 
clnnatl. O., Feb. 1-0, Indianapolis, Ind., 12. 13. 

Carter. Mrs. Leslie (David Belasco mgr.l— 
Qulney, III.. Feb. 3, Peoria, i. halataaiur. 
Mli'b.', 0. Detroit 8-13. . , .... 

Croinlan, Henrietta (David Belasco ft Maurice 
Campbell, mgrs.)— N. "V. City Feb. I. IndcUnlte. 

Cogblan, Hose. (Jules Murry, mgr.) — Houston, 
Tex., Feb. .*, Auathi 9. , 

Collier. .WllUaui (Charles Frohman, msT.)— Boa- 
ton, Maaa., Feb. 8-20.. 

rVjhoJis, Four (Fred NIMo. mgr.) — Birmingham, 
-Uq., Feb. 11. ■ , 

Cloy Clement (Joseph C. Logan, mgr.)— LobIk- 
vllle, Ky-., Feb. l-U. _ . ,_ . . „ . „ 

Claxlou, Kate— Troy, K. . X., Feb. l-J. NorfolU. 
Tit.. 12. 

Vook-Ohardi (II. W. Taylor, uisr.) — NUea, O., 
Feb. 1-0, Ashtabula 8-13. .... 

Carpenter, Frantic (Jere Ortuly, uisr.)— Sche- 
nectady. N. Y., IVIi. 1-0, Ponghkeeple 8-13. 

Conroy i Mack Onuedlnjis (P. P. Craft, mxr.l 
--Kochcater, l'u., Feb. 1-3, Lisbon, (J. 4-0, 
lllitlcr. Pa.. 8-1 H. _ , . . _ 

Cai-roU Coinwly (lau Oatroll. nigr.) — TaJewcil. 
Vn Fell 1*0 

Cutter ft WUluiras Stock (W. U. Cutter ft 3. W. 
WlllluuM, nigra.) — Punxaulawney. Pa., leb. 

c-urt-i ■ Draaiath (M. U. CurW, ragr.l— KBIawnuL 

Kan., Feb. 1-.1. UoWngtou -l-U. Iji Crosxe 8-10. 
Clark Stock (Miles Berry, nigr.)— Waahlugtoa, 

Ind., Feb. 1-0. Princeton 8-13. 
"County Clialrman" (Henry W. Havatie, mgr.)— • 

K. Y. City Feb. 1, tadeflnltn. - . , 

"Clieckers" tKlrke La Sbelle, mgr.)--N. Y. City 

Feb". 1-30. ' 

••'Oavaller" (Wallace Monro, nurr.)— Dubuque, la., 

Feb. 3. St. Paul, Minn.. 11 -IS. ••"•.■ 

"Child Slaves of 'New York" (J. B. liune, oigr.) 

■— Cumdeu, X. J., Fell. 1-8. WllmUigtou, tML. 

1-0, Tlrooklyn. X. Y:. 813. -, , mmm 

"Charity Xoree" (John M. Cooke, nigr.)— Mil- 

leatrkecv-M'la.: Fel>. 7-13; ■ ••„ 

't'ok-rado . Waif"' (Cross ft Kimball, nigra.) — 

Perry. la.. Fere. 3, Bed Oak 0. Marysvllle, Mo.. 

U, Irfavcuworth, Kan.. 7, Horlon s, Lincoln. 

Xebr., O, 10, Omaha 11.. Nebrtuka City 13. 

Aicblsou, Kan.. 13. • •■ .. ■ ■ ■ 

•Couuty Fair" (II. A- Mann, mgr.) — Bprlsg- 

Beld. Maas., Feb. 1-3, Bridgeport, Coon., .4-0, 

i»r-7TT-ii-. iu u.-eii. auc Illinois uini v,-».».v« . f-ar' a 1,,,.. 

nmy open during the present week, and pros- Omaha — At Boyd s Theatre («-^ ; , gj 

ueCts arc bright for the Cblcugo Opera House r tH s, manager).— "tteklpgs d- rj-rn .Puet. Joij. PhlladUlplilit, Pa„ 8-13. 

i« J-Iign uext Monday, a week earlier than Til. Inez F'orman and John Dlllou ln."Kusr "crni T U-C* oau-iliU-r-'-Wllnruistoii Ok, Feb. 8. 

_„i*!S.V. ™/i l •V." u rWJL _im 1 > ™--^ .. |mh " play a return engagement Feb. 1, 2 : Washington Court House 4, fJIrclovllle 3, Nor- 

lllauclie Walsh, In ••nesuwtlou," 4, 5: 

— . .. ««,,.,._ .1.1. ., M-rl,.. rv-.-ivl,.l*u iMinuli. 

'" Hiwu. uext .iiouauy, a wees usi-uei u»i 
wsa-pxajtetea. Its galleo" will he «-ut and eu 
P-tcltj- -. -rpdiieed. SouU|land will probably 
Ual-e" amusement beginning next Sunday. 
Y'lu- U' stock company at the Avenue, and 
''Little. Church Around the Corner" at the 
Marlowe. The Trocadero Is preparing for 
Inspection, and may lmlsh the season Chl- 
1 ugo's only burlesque house. Sam r. Jack Tg 
»ulTers-from the present twelve foot limit tbe sidewalk Blanche Mulsh, lu 

"Rriitjrrertlon." comes to McVlckcr s next 

^■iday. for. two weeks Great Interest 

h rs-Rg'-jhown In the next perfortnaiice for 
Iniugverlsbed professionals at the Audito- 
rium - Turaday afternoon. Walter Jones win 
maojjje the stage, and a great programme is 
l-roinived. Receipts thus far have been above 
■■-tveetatrons, and a good fund Is probable. 

BusTxtk, Feb. 2.— The theatres were,.?™- 1 
'tiled lost eight. Charles Hawlrey. In me 
Man' from Bfaukley's," at the Hollls, opened 

'0 ' n ' large gathering The Globe was 

• ompletoly tilled. Mmc. Charlotte YA leh» 
•■•*''Mue, attraction "Cinderella anu 

i •'••• «. w 

V . 

I,IUI1CIIC •»aiaii, ,u Mvi.-..-...- -, -. - - 

Walker Whiteside 0, "The Convlct'H Daugli- 
tcr" 7. Ottokor Malek S, "The Puakln Hun- 
ker" 10. The iLlliputlaus did good' business 
Jan. ''i, 23, Inez Forman and John Dlllou, 
In "Fast Lynne," had good houses Jan. 20, 
2". Howard Kyle. In "Rosemary," drew well 
20. "A Trip to Chinatown" "JO. 

Oiil'iiBOM (Carl Keller, manager).— 1 tie 
bill week of Jan. 24 was one of tbe best of the 
■-cafcon, aud crowded bouses at each perforni- 
■•n-je was tbe tesult. For week of 31 : lour 
Nlglitons. acnibatle marvels;' Glrafd und 
Gardner. In "The Houbrettle and the Cop; 
I'smeralda. InBtrumentallst : Oi»v and M\- 
mo. Juggling comedians ; Geo. W. Day. monol- 
cslst : Anna Caldwell, comedienne ; klnodrome. 

Knro TiltATiiE (H. J. Oonden, manager). 
—"At the Old Cross Roads" opened a, four 
nlchts" eogagemeut 31. "Tbe King of De- 
tMtives" FVbV-l-0. "The Montana Outlaw" 
drew larglbouses Jan. S^C^*- "«»«« 
Folks" bad rxxl attdlences 28-30. 

walk 0. 

Drew, John (Charles Frohman. biot. »— Kvau-.- 
vllle, Ind., Feb. 3, Chattanooga. Teuo., 5, At- 
lanta, tia„ 0- 

D'Oraay. Lawrence (Klrke La Sbelle. mgr.) — K. 
Y. City Feb. 1-0. 

Davit, Fay (Charles Frobtnau. mgr.) — Portland. 
Me., Feb. S, Worcester, Mass., 5. Baltimore, 

Md.. 8-13.' 
Dodge, Hanford — Fulrmoiit, MI1111., Feb. r>, Spwin 
ier. la.., 8, Algona V, Hauptoa 10. Nswton 12. 

Davhlsoa Dramatic (I'rauk H. DavidaoD,. mgr.) 
— Montlcello, III.. Feb; 1-3, Assomptloa 4-0. 
Mama 8-10, Atlanta 11-13. 

Do Vooxle, Charles, stock 4PhU Levy, mgr.)— 
Eric, Pa., Feb. 1-6. 

Davldaon Stock (A. B. Davidson, mgr.)— -Ot- 
tawa, III., Feb. ML Jollet 8-18. -.. 

DUavr-ComeU— Sbimokm, Pa., Feb. 1-0, Htt-<- 
ton 8-18. . 

PyOrya, Ethel fEou Dylrrrn, mgr. I — Wlnnted. 
Conn., Fell. 1-0, Kangareei 8-13. 

Ababa Stock (Harry L. Dlxaoo, nurr.)— Dodgs 

Sober. Minn.. Feb. 3, Rochester *• . „ 
Z Mario (Mnrllo ft Kiting, nigra.)— Van 
th!f*n. Ark.. IVK 4. Fott HmUb 0. Mesa 0, 

"David Haram" (Julia* Oaha. mgr.V— Oakland. 

Col., Jbu. 31-IVIi. 3, San Jose 1, StuektiHi r>. 

Saernreenlo 0, 
"Paald Harum" (Jntlua Cahn. aigr.)— ttednlia. 

Mo.. Feb. 3. KlrksnlUs 4, Ccnlcrrllle C. Alula. 

In., n. 
"Darkest Hour." I.lnciln 1. Culler's — Brldcepnrl. 

Conn.. Feb. 1-3, Nnw Ila«eii 4-tl. 
•IVtII's Auction, " Charles II. Yale's — Everett, 

WmOi.. Feb. 3. Tannna -I, Portlaud. on-., r>. n. 
'Dolii Thurne" »R. I.. ONagf Amuseiwiit Co.. 

iagra.1— Chattamuiia. Tenn.. Feb. 13. 
••Deserted nt the Altar" (Pen-y rt. Williams. 

nurr.)— Toronto, Can.. Feb. 1-0. 
•TJenlb Watch" (Will Crew, nisr.l— Frnntfert. 

Mleh;. Feb. 4, Trnverae Clly .1. Petosky 0, Co.- 

.UUe a, Holland 10, MuakecVMi 11. 
"Desperate (tbancc." Kaalem (Bert no-ward. 

mgr. 1— Bro.iklyn. K. Y.. Feb. 8-13. 
"Down by Uw Sea" (Phil Huut. mgr.) — Hi-csno, 

Cat..'F«b. .".. Stockton 0. San ■ Francisco 7-13. 
•'Ware- Devil Doruthy" (iterger & O'Nell, nixrs.) 

— Ellxabcth. X. J., Feb. 4-U, ITulyoke. Miks.. 

"Dawn ttnd Up" (George niekmon. mgr.l— An- 

Sil.i. ' Ind., Feb. 3, Decaf nr 4, Moatpeller A. 
Artford Clly'n, Portland 8. Dunkirk U. Marlon 

Id, Winchester 11, Baton, fc. 12, New Castle. 

Ind., -13. :' « 

"Drlvsa feiau llouu" (W. D.' Fllxgersld, nurr.) 

-'Bostou. Mass., Feb. S-13. 
"lieotcr' Express" (Gulden Bros., nigra.) — Bal- 
timore. Mil., Feb. 8-13. 

« . 

Klllott, Maxlne- VO. 11. Dllllngbaiu, uigr.l— Cleve- 

Imtd, O.. Feb. l-o. Pittsburg. Pa., a-13. 
1-Jesou, Hubert (Harry It. Harris, mgr.)— X. Y. 

City Feb. 1, ludellnltp. 
KcllMe Slock (Lloyd ft Center, mgr*.)— Magnolia. 

)tlaa„ Feb. 3, -I, Summit 0. 0. Ilrvokhiivcu 8, 

S. - nazelhnrat lo, 11. Crystal Sptlugs 12. 
Etlefvnl st,«-k— Sau Diego, Cal.. Feb. 8-20. 
r.inerald Stock (I. F. Bartlstl, uigr.)- Lyons. 

K.- T. Feb. 4-0. Palmyra 8-10. Clyde ll-i:i. 
"Kveryniau" (Charles Froliuiau, nigr.)- -Siileui. 

Unas., Feb. 1-3, Maiden 4. Newport, tt. 1.. 0. 

Ifolyuke. Mas*., 0. 

T.atl ot Pnwtueaet" (Klrke La Hhelle. wgr.) 

— AlUnta. G«., Feb. 2.-3. 
"Rleveuth Hour," Lincoln J. Carter's — Newark, 

K; J., K-b. 1-6. 
"Bight Bells," Byrne Bros.' — Denver, Col., Jou. 

31 -F«li. n. Topeka, Kan..- 12. 
")>ca»eJ frmn Sing Slug" (Jos. H. Parker, 

■agr.) — Xnw. Haven, Colin., Feb. 1-3. 

'•' 1 • •*■•■ 

Flake, .\tr-i. (Harrlaon Uioy Flake, mgr.r— St. 

LorM. Mo.. Feb. 1-0, Decatur, III., 0. 
rnvenham, Wui. (Uiarles Frohman, lugr.) — Plill- 

adclphl.i. Pa.. Feb. 1-0, Atlantic City. S. J- 

Crawley. Ii.inlcl (r.eUcli D. BrucUurt. mgr.)-- 

flirlitehureli. X. '/... Fab. 1-13. Iluiii-dln U-tT, 
Father ft Curroll (George Sautucla, nigr.)— IH11 

MvLpes, la., Feb. 4-0. - 
Fleming, Mamie (W. H. dracoy. mgr.)— HarrlJ- 

Iwrx, Pa., Feb. 1-0. Wllllaiaaport 8-13. 
Fraucla, Marlon (George K. Koblnswn, mgr.) — 

Niwhuu, X. II., Feb. 1-tl. Dover 8-13. 
Fenberg Stock (George M. Fenlerg, nurr.)— 

Purtamoutli, X. II.. Feb. ML Nashua 8-13. 
Ferris' ComeillalM (Harry Unbh, mgr.) — Hiiliith, 

XI Inn., Feb. 1. indeflnlte, 
(•'lake k Stock (B. D. Flake ft T. Y. Stock, mera.i 

- : -^4H,amfonl, Coun., 1'eh. 1-11. Moolli Xorwalk 

I-Vrgfuajn Stock (J. X. MouUroniery, mgr.) — Sn- 

viumab. (la., Feb. 1-0, Jacksonville, Flu.. 8-13. 
French, lrrlng (Don Macralllou, uigr.)— BouliHni, 

TKs„ l-tsb. 1-3. Dunint, ImL Ter.. d-O. 
"l-'ojy Orandpa, ' Joseph Hart and Carrie Ik- 
Mar— Win. A. Brady's (O. II. Butler, nigr.)- - 

St.',. Paul. Mian., Jan. ,'ll-Feb. 0. Minacapolta 

"Filat Mull," Llnenlri J. Carters — Annmoills, 

Md;, Feb. 8. Hageralowo 8, Chester, Pa., •!. 

ri\ston 13. 
"Fhuslng Arrow," IJneoln J. Carter's — Flndlur, 

O... Fob. 3. Miirloo 4, Upper Sandusky r.. 

Luna u. 
"For 11st ChlMren's Sake," EohUto. Hulllvuii. 

Harris ft Woods'— Toledo, O.. Feb. 1-3, tirand 

I tap Ids. Mich., 4-0, Chicago. III.. 7-2U. 
"For Her Ctilldrcu'H Sake," UV.toru, Sullivan, 

Harris A WmiV (ltd. II. lister, mgr.l— Brail- 

fufd; Pa., Feb. 1, Kane 1!, Oil City 3, James- 
town, X. Y., 4, urceiivllle, Pa., &. Canton. o„ 

O...Akr.Mi 8-10. . 
"Fatal Wedding," Central, Sollltuu. HarrUi ft 

Woods'— MIUnenpAlhi, Minn., Feb. 1-0. Onmhti, 

Net,, .8-10, HI. J.wuch. Mo,, 11-13. 
"Fatal Wedding." Western, giillDan, Harris ft 

Wools' — Tacoina,. Wash.. Feb. tt, Everett 4. 

Bcatfle f, 0, Hpntoue 11-13, 
-For "Her' Rake" (Joseph Pilgrim, mgr.)— At- 

lonbv <Ua., Tab. 1(1. 
■'FramJlaga to Riches" (Wain ft Meyers, mars.) 

— spetrolt: Mich:, Feb. Ml, Oldeatai. HI.. 7-1.1, 
"For-Mothcr'a Sake" (Buseo ft Holland, nigra.) 

--SUI Late City, l{„ Feb, 1-3, Oxdrn 4, Park 

CllyTB, Bvanatoli, Wyo., (I. 
"For- HIh Brotber's Crime" (Ceorce X. Balllngcv, 

ingr.)— KIrbBiond. Vs.; TM>. 1-0, Baltimore. 

Ud.,,8-18. , 
"Factoty Olrl" (Charles) H. Woore. mgr. »-- Chi- 
cago, 111., Feb. 1-0, St. Poul. Minn., 7-1.1. 
"KrUoiLnf the Family" (Win II. Uorman, mgr.) 

-iBnlfolk, Vn.. Feb. 0, 10. 
"l-'unuy Mr. Dnolcy" (FranU D. Bryan, mgr.) — 

X, Y. City Feb. 1-8, Newark. N. J., 8-13. 
"Forglveneaa" (J. W. Oil leu. mgr.) — Marine, 

IrtdV, Feb. 4. r., Wulaiat, u, Bluirtun H. A. 

;,..:-•' • '. U 

"Vajdwln. X. C. (Klaw i Hrlaiurr. mgn.)— De-, Mli-h.. Feb. 1-3, KprlugOeltl, 0-. 4, Day- 
ten: S, Oolauhu* 0, Chattaauigu, Txun., p, 
flltniuighuni, Ala., 12. - 

Clltette, William (Chai-les Frohinan, mgr.)— N. 
Y. Clly Feb. I. IndcUultc. 

*)raco;.CIe«rg(! (Win. A. Brady, mgr.) — Pittsburg. 
Pa., .Feb. 1-0. Washington. DC., 8-13. 

•Jibaorc, Punt (Jolea Hurry, mgr.) — Bobto. Mi.. 
I<Vb. 3.' Baker City 4, Pendleton, Ore.. S, Tho 
Uallsi 0. Portland 8, 0. Tacouut, Wash., 10, 
Victoria, B. a., 11, Xanalmo 12, Vaneonvsr 1'i. 

'IrlrDfh; John "(John M. Ulekcy, mgr.l— Ituchea- 
t»r. .lud.. Feb. X, Loosnauort 4, Frankfort V, 
Kwkomo > 8, Marlon 0, Xiibleavlllo 10, Union 
City 11. Aleiamlrla 13. Ureenneld 13. 

(iraiitlcy, Helen (Jaincu H. Delcher, rugr. ) 
Psn*acOla, FIa„ Feb. 3. Montgomery. Als.. 4. 
Birmingham 5, Aniilstun 'I, CtTliunbua. C11.. s, 
Aioi-rlcua », Albany 10. Tbomasrltle II. Halii- 
iitidgp IS, Wayctvaa 13. 

Qallatw, Bertha (J. If. Zlunoeruian Jr., ingr.) — 
St.. Lonls. Mo., Feb, 1-0. Knimis City 8- 10. 

ftSlatln, Alt-eru (George H. lirennan. mgr.) • 
Koattle. WaiU.. Jan. 8 1 -Felt. 3. Vancouver, 
den.. 3.' • • 

ulliuore, Barney (Flurry Montgomery, tmr.) — 
Cincinnati. 0.. Feb. Ml. St. Lonls. Mo., 7-13. 

'Iralxwln Charlca — Toronto, Can., Feb. 1-0, Moo 

GarslOe, Condlt ft Mack Big Stock (J. S. GaraMc 
rilgri) — Meil'ten. Conn., Feb. l-U. 

Cor Siock IG. C. Guy, mgr. I— MfefSM City. 
Mb., Feb.. MS. . . 

Grace - Haywonl Stock (Charles X. White, lagr.)-- 
Lufayctte, Ind., Feb. 1-0, Grand Rapids. Mich.. 

■louVlmg Comedy (O. M. Cotton, uigr.)— Merrill, 
Wis,. Feb. Ml, Wausuu 8-13.. 

ileiriipli, MIna (Mlnnelll Brothers, mgrs.)— Bluff- 
tori, O.j Feb. 1-11, Cblcugo 8-18. 

(Jeruiso r.lllputlaua (J. E Ts.liinll. mgr.) -Clin- 
ton. In., Feb.. 1, Bavauna, 111., 3, Mount Car- 
roll Ci ■••••."■•,-■ 

"■;!»! Wltli Ureeu Hjes" (Charles Frohman. uigr.) 
— Kansas City. Mo., Feb. ■«•*. Dsventwrt. Is.. 
8. Peoria. III.. 10, Kvuu.llle, Ind.. 11. 

"Olrl -from Ksy's" (Charles Probinsa, uigr. I- - 
N. t; Oily Feb. 1. Indi-ilnltc. 

"Girl* Will Bo Glrla" (Wm. A. Brady, rogt.l- 
Ifolyoke. Uuim., Feb. 11. 

"Onus Keeper," Thomas 1. Smith (Bowtand ft 
Clifford, mgr*.)— Dourer. Col.. Feb. 1-0. 

"aombter's -Daughter" (11. H. Fraxee ft lu.,. H. 
Bhnriie, uigr*.) --Aurora, Mo.,, Feb. 8, Spring- 

"Ureft't White Diamond" (Waller Feasler, ugr.) 

— pa| ton, •»., Feb. 1-3, Akrou 4-0, Toledo 7 

10, On nd llo libit. Ml.-li. Jl-13. 
"(lenthiliian of France" (M. W. Hiinb-y l Hon. 

iiifrs.)-— Cleveland. O., Feb. 1-0, Dulutb, Minn., 

12, 18. 
"(lay Mr. Geldstrlii." Itarry fltnbbs -Dunojiolla. 

Ala., Fob. 1, Hnttlcsbiirg, Miss., 3. Meridian 

X. Jsckaon I, Baton llouge, Ij:., C. 0, Xew 

Ibetia 7, Crowley 8. Jennings 9. Sour Lake, 

Tex /, 10, 11, (ia I Teuton 13. 14. 
"liood Oil Summer Time," Gtorgo Bvoiu — Wor- 

ceater. Maw.. F»b. 1-0, X. Y. City f20. 
"Oovernor'a Hon" (Fred rllblo, mgr. ) — Rochester, 

N. I„ Feb. 4-0. 

. H 
Haekett. Jamw K.— CIsveUntLO.. Feb. 1-0. K. 

Y. Clly 8-lB. ... 

Harued, Virginia (Charles Frohman, aurrA— N. 
Y. Oily Feb. 1. hsleunltc. 

Hawtrey. Charles (Charles Frohman, OUT.)-- 
Bcaton. Mass., Feb. 1-13. 

llllllatd, Hubert (Fiank L. IH-rley a. Cu„ nigra.) 
X. Y. «'Ut Feb. 1. Indedulle. 

Hall. Blnacbn (Edward C. White, .mgr.)— Mem- 
phis. Tenn.. HS. .1, (Ireeuvlllc, Mlas., i, Vlcks- 
hnrg B. Natches n. . _ 

HemUicke, lien (Sidney Tt. Ellla. mar.)— Pontage, 
Hi,., Feb. I. Sheboygan 3, Fond du Lac .1, 
Ipaiiitna I. Kaukaiina o, Oreen Bay 0. Oubkoari 
7. shinasahiee, Mich.. 8. Kaconahu 0. Muqoette 
10. lahpcnilni; II, Hancock 12, Csluinot 18. (Ihas. 1). (F. Uwrence Walker, mgr,)— 
ton a City. ts.. Feb. 3. Mipcatlnn 4, Ottunwa 
:.. Kmkuk <•. l'ort MarUson 8. Barlfogton 8, Al- 
t.ln 10, Creston 11, Platmnoatb. heh. 13, 
rrcnoait 13. „ _ ,^ 

IttMrard Hall I Henry Plem..n, mgr.)— Norfolk, 
Vs.. Feb. ID, Richmond 8-13. 

Hull Geotao F. (Fielding Amusement Co.. nicrs.) 
- -Warsaw N. Y.. Feb. I>. Perry 10. 8t. Cath-, Han.. 11. BmntfoM It, I/mdoii 18. 

Hlua-Inn, David. a».l Oi-orgla Waldrou (r«tslr A 
Nln>l»l. suits.)— Trenton, X. J.. Feb. 8, Es«- 
ton, Pn.. 4. _ __. . , 

Harrer. Georgia (J. U. IIari*r i Jry.-idi Dctrlek, 
mgrs.)— mSm No. Dak., Feb. 3. Lldgtrwood 1, 
Hnuhlnsoii :■• LUbon 0. 

Her.-iuuun, Leon (Kdwonl Tburnaer, nigr.)— Buf- 
falo, N. Y„ Feb. t-0, Brooklyn 8-lB. 

Hall. Don t).— Ssn Be^la^tllla, Cal.. Feb. IO. 
RlTi'ratdn 4-0. Pasadena N-lu. Pomona 11-13.'lu's ldivila (John A..IIImuielcln,_uigr.)— 
Stv Mr 
Pa., S 13 

Xeu- liriiaawlck 

1 ( Jol 

J„ Knh. It), tUUUMkhl. 

Illniirelelii'a Imperial Slock (tt. F. Hlmoeleln, 

mgr.)— Madlsun. Wis., Fob. 10. Froeport. HI.. 

Iliiwnril-Dorhet (ileorge B. noward. nigr.)— Hjn- 

derauu. Ky., Feb. . !■", Evanavllle. Ind., 8-1 3. 
neuderxou. Aland- (Josepli Fnreot, mgr.)— Gold- 

water, O., Feb. 1-0. 
Gin-court Couieily (Charhv h. Harrla. Bgr.) -. 

laiwell. .Mawi.. Fell. 10. Portland, Me., 8-13. 
Uoyt's t.'ouiedy (U. II. Allru, mgr.)— McComb, 

JIUs., Feb. l-il. IMoxl 8-18. 
Ilowanl Stock (A. S. Howard, mgr.)— Providence, 

It. I., Feb. Ill, Uiwlatuii, Me., 8-13. 
Hoi-rSer Show (Jack Hoefller. uigr.)— Vlnceanes, 

Ind., Feb. l-ik.Owtralls, III.. 8-14. 
llnriiBon-Adanis Theatre (Karl P. AuatM. mgr.) 

- -South Betblehsm, l'a., Feb. 1-0. 
Hidden Bnitlirra Stock (Wm. Trlplett, mar.)— 

New tirh-ana. La., Feb. I. Indetlnltc. 
llutuuioiid Stock— Henry, III., Feb. 1-0, MurrUoo 

Iliiiittey-Moore Stock (K. J. Murray, nigr.)— El- 

mlra, K. Y.. Fell.. 1-0. _ , 

Harris-Parkinson Htock illolvrt H. Harris, mgr.) 

— Bliicileld, W. Vs.. Feb. 1-0. 
"Heart of Maryland" (David Belaaeo, aujr.)— 

Plttalnirg, Pa., Feb. 1-0, Cleveland, O., 8-18. 
"Hiir Only Sin." Llneola J. Carter's— Monoogs- 

livlu, t'n., Fel>. 8. Irwin 4, Unlnntown 5. 0. 
•'Hidden Crime" (J. M. Ward, mgr.)— Bridge- 

iss-t. Conn., Feb. 12, la. ... 

"Human SIiitp" (J. M. Wanl. mgr.)— Washing- 
Inn. D.O.. Fell. 1-0. 
"Her First Fnlso rllep" IK. A. Schllk-r, mgr.)— 

Jersey City, N. J., Feb. 1-0, Truatoa 8-10. 

KllssbeUi 11-18. 
"llesris ot Onk" (William II. Gross, mar.)— 

Fort Dalgr, la.. Feb. 3, Culuuibus. Xeb.; 4, 

Kearney ft, Oreeley, Col.,0. 
"Head Wallers" (II. 0. Wbltucy, nurr.)— San 

Antonio, Tex., Feb. 4, Austin 0. Uonaton 0, 

lialTeatoo 7. Waco 8, Coraleauu 10. Tyler 11. 

Oreenvllhi 13, Psrbt 1.1. . _ . 

"Hoosler Ulrt" (J. B. BJchardH. mgr.)— Oovu|' 

ton. Teiui., Feb. 3, Dyersnurg <i, Fulton 0, 

IMiluenli 0, Metropolis, III.. 8, Msillsonvlllc, 

Ky., 10. EiirllngK.ii 11. Hopklnavlllo is. darks- 

villi', Tenn.. 13. 
■'HearlM Adrift" (Sponenr ft Alum, mgrs.)— ' 

llna.klyn, N. Y-. Feb. 1-0. Jersoy Oily, H. J., 

"Unity roily" (tdlle Mack A Joseph K. flailes. 

mgrs. )— Hamilton. Can., Feb. 3, BL Catherine* 

.-., Manlalce. Midi.. 111. 
"Ucr Marrluge Vow 1 ' (Vunoe ft Sullivan, mgrs.) 

—New Hutch, Conn., Feb. 1-3, Wnterbury 0, 0. 

Brooklyn. N. Y.. N-18. . . 

■■Human Hearts." Kastfrn (Jraeo M. BlirKhard, 

ingr.i— Wlllluoiiitlc. Conn., Feb. 3. Dnrhy ). 

Stamford B, South Xorwalk 0, rbllsdelpuls. 

"Hnoian Hearts," Western (Claud Haundurs, 
■ uigr.)— Seattle, Wash.. Fob. M. Port Towu- 

wnd 5, Port Angeles 0, Victoria, B. 0., 8. 

Vanouover 0, 
"Hottest Coon in Dixie" (Kngeno 8porford. mgr.) 

-St. Joacph, Mo., Feb. II. Atkinson, Kan., 4. 

Iliawutlm ft, Fulls Clly, Xebr.. 0, Tecuroseh 8. 

Beutrlcn tl. dreun 10. Howard 11, Yolk 13, Au- 

roru 13* 
"llapny Hooligan," ICaatera, On* Hill's (Ohorles 

II. Bartisi, ragT.)— Mattoon, III.. Feb, 8, Spring. 

iliM 4, DeeaTur 0, 0, Luulsvtlle. Ky., 7-13. 

Ispjiy Hoolbisii," Western, Gus Hlll'a (Al. 

Dilwin, uigr.)— Dulutb, MIna., Feb. 11. 


■ JIHMlll, USir./— 4JUIU.U, iviuu., rw. ■«. 

"Happy Trump" (Jvsepn II. Thoraot, mgr.)— 

Kentnn. 0„ Fob. it, b"iv Brumwi 4, Bellos 

fonlnlne /», .(Irhsna.U. . ' ■ , 
"Hnna Hauron" (James T. Mi'Atpln. nigr.) — 

Virginia. I«„ Feb. 3, Pelcrslsirg 4, Mason City. 

111., 3, Delavan d, Mlnler 8,,Lo Roy 8, Parmer 

city 10, BHsssV fjlty .11. 
"Ilenrt of Tekus," -VlUn Villslr und Hegrl L««» 

U~ Stramlaburg, Pa., Feb. 4, Clinton, N. J., 0. 
"Hello. Illll" (Goodhue ft Kollogg, lagM.)— 

Wliia»llng, W. Vs.. Feb. » 0. 
Irving, Sir Henry (Charles Frohman, nigr.)-- 

Toronto, Can., Fib. 18,' Delnilt, Mich., 4-0, 

St. Paul.Mluii., 8- IP. 
iaulvl Irvlni' (James K. Ilsckett. mar.) — Zsnei- 

Tllle. 0., l'nb. :i, Coliuubns 1-0, Prsuikfort, 

Ind., 10. 
"If Women Were Meu" (M. W. Taylor, mgr,)— 

Boston, Mass.. Feb. I-II, V. Y. City 8-13. 
"Irish Pawnbrokers" (lo»e|ih W. Spears, mgr.)— 

Huglnaw, Mich., l'eli. 8, Battle Crook 6, Oruiol 

Huplds 7. Jackson 8. 
"in the. Kliailuw of the GaUows"— Philadelphia. 

Pa.. Feb. 1-0. 
"In Loulidnna" (n. D. JolmatoiM', aigr. ) — Jesne- 

rctta, I. u.. l'eh. 4, Frankllu.S, Psttersoii 0, 
"In Old Ksiituchy," Jscob Lltt'a— 'Jelrolt. Mich.. 

Feb. 718. 
"In tho Palace nt tlm King," Davis ft Durey's-. 

I'lttsbnrg, Pa,, Fsli. l-'l, Mhcop, Us., 0. 
J ' 
.iwdtetsoH, Thooms— Ftndlay, 0„ Feb. I, Bowilms 

iln-on 3, Fremont 8, Lunslng, Mich.. 4, Sagi- 
naw .",, Bay Ult.v 0. 
-'Japaiii-HC Xlghtlagsls" (Klaw ft Rrlaiigcr, ugrs.)i 

-Cbleogo, 111.. Feb. l-ii. 
'-.tiroes Ilojs lu Misnourl'.' (Frank Caraolu, mgr.l 

— I'lillnJelphU, I'a., Feb. 1-0, Syracuse, N. Y.. 

H-iii, Rochester 11-13. 
"Just Struck 'fown," .lulu Walters' (Lawrence 

Williams, mgr.)— Mollne, III., Feb. S. Ibics- 

ford 4, Kss'rtrssu O. Diintipurt. la,. 7, Iowa' 

City H. 


Huott. Roselle (Frauk L. Perley, mgr. ) — Dallas, 
T.'i., Fob. I, Fort Worth 3, 8, Sliermsii s, 

Deiilmii D, ilai'iirllle ". Meraphla, Ter 13. 

Kendall, Ktrn ILIublor ft Co., mars,) — Altoona. 

I'a.. Feb, 3, WIlllsiHiiport 4, Buffalo. N. Y.. 

Kelecy, Herbert, snd Effie Shaunon (Daniel V. 

Arthur, nigr.) — lltnillton, Csu„ Feb. 3. 7orou- 

10 4a), Montreal 8-13. 
Kyle, llnwuril (George II. Breniiaii, mgr.) — Den- 
ver. Col., Feb. 1 il. 
Ki-llor (Dudley ft M.-Adoo. mgrs.)— Philadelphia. 

Pa.. Feb. 1-0, X. Y. City 8>I8. 
Kennedy, Jamoa (O. K. Wee, nigr.) — Jscksud. 

Mich.. Feb. 1-0. Fott Wtyne, lud.. 8-lB. 
Klugnlir-nussell in. 11. Russell, nigr.) — Prince-' 

toll. Me., Feb, 1-0. 
Keystone Dramatic (l/nwreneu B. MeUill. mgr.) 

-TiniiiK.u, Mass.. Feb. 1-0. oalem 8-KI. 
Klark-Crlnn (llnrden Klsrk, uigr.)— Orsavllle, 

X. Y„ Feb. 10, BlllUnd. Vt. ( g-lli. 
Korroll, Ikit (J. (1. Wclah, mgr.)— Brocktna. 

Mass.. Feb. 1-0. Fall River 8 18. 
Kerkhoff lirainutie (Ivan Kerkhoff, mgr.) — Cco- 

trolla, K«p.. Feb. DO. 
Keller Stock (A. W. Keller, mgr.)— Coyle. Okls.. 

Feb. 1-3, Chandler 4-0. Ilurllearllle, linj. Ter.. 

8-10, Independence, Kan., 11-13. 
Klosey (oiaisly (M. L. Klnssy, mgr.) — Mineral 

City. 0., Feb. 1-0. 
King-Perkins (Kdward Taylor, mgr.) — Anils. Is./ 

Feb. 1, Stuart. •£, Guthrie Center 3, Walnut 4. 

Hsrlsil ", Aiwa 0. 
King Diumurle (F. F. filockner. nurr.)— Bellalte, 

O.. Feb. 1-0, Zau'HTlllu 8-13. 
"King of iHlectHes," Hulllvati, Harris A 

Woods' — Omaha, Neb., Feb. 4-0. 
"KatzrnJaxMuer Kids" (Blonde!! 4 |e,nuieai<7. 

ingra. )— tola, Kun., Fob. 8, Fort Scott 4, St. 

J«eph, Mo„ 0, 8. 

Lucknye. Wlltcn (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)— Krhv 

Pn.. Feb. V, 4, X. Y. Clly 10. Indeuiilte. 
Milieu Lyons (Desn ft Ogle, nigra.) — Mayvllle. 

N. V.. fob. 1-0. WeeHMJ 8-1U. 
L inrlrr, MIS. Lily (Charles Pmliuiuu, ttigr.)— , 

TirEMsraw yobe 


Bali tiake Clly, It., Feb'. 14, Colorado Spring*. 

Oilu.i 5. pueblo (I. 
1/itig, Prank H., Stock (J. A. titer, mgr.) — Nee- 
, nub, Wl« v Feb. IB, West Sterling, III., 8-IH. 
La Mftrr. Harry <H. O. Hull, ingr.)— Oak purlr. 

III., Feb, 3, 
Isjrralnc, Bho (0. B. Weaver, ingr.)— flb-iis 

Fnlls, N. Y., Feb. 141. 
lockes. The (Will H. Looko, mgr.)~Humiorrnold, 

Kan., Feb. 2-11, Frankfort 8-13. 
"Little Mary" (Charles Fmhionn, mnr.) — Hasina, 

MlW ■ Feh. 1-1). Providence, it. I„ 810. 
"Lovere' ,. Lane" — Hobokrn, N. .1., Feh. 7-10. 
"Lighthouse by the Sen" (Vance * Sullivan, 

nigra.) — St. f,ouls, ,U«., Jan. 31-Foh. 0, Birm- 
ingham. Ala., 8-13. 
"Little Homestead" (Wm. Macnulcy, ingr.)— • 

Brookhaven, mIhs., Feb. '.'.. Jackson il. Kosci- 
usko 8, Canton II, Yazoo City 10, Vlekcsburg 1 1. 

(Irccnvlllc i'i. 
"Little Outcast," Northern, floorge K. Olll'a 

Kdgar. 11. FltrJiugh, nigr.) — La I robe.' Pa., Kp1«. 

3, Johnstown 4, Alioonn ft, Cnnitcllavllli. li. 
"Llltln Outcast," Eastern, Oeorgo K. Olll's (Hurt 

McPbtll, ragr.)— Brooklyn, N\ Y„ Vet*. Ml. 

Newark, K. J., 8.l:t. 
•'Utile, .outcast,". Western, K. J. Cnrianter's— 

I.on Angeles. Col.. Tib. 7-13. 
"I.lttle Cbiirrlr Arortnd the tlirnor" (Vnnec He 

Sullivan, mgrn.)— ilriind Rapids, Mich., Jim. 

31-Feb. it, llnyion, <).. 4ij, ludlunouolls, Iml., 

8-111, Columbus, ()., 11-13. 
"Little Christian 1 ' (Charles II. Clarke, mgr.)— 
. Muscatine, In., Fob. '.'.. Ofdiinwn I, Oskalnosn 

ft, Burlington li, Fort Mndlson 7. 

r*;;. i lit 

MansfiVM; Richard, ir.ymiui II. Olover, or,) — 
'', Mil., Fob. 1-11, Brooklyn, N. v., 8- 

.W. . . 
Mary Mannorlng (Frank McKee, nigr.) — Woiwa- 

, tor, Mbiib.. Feb. «, N. Y. «.Uty 8-lil. 
Mack, Andrew (Bleb * Harris, nigra,)— N. Y. 

city Keli. 1-fi. Providence, It. I., 1I-J.1. 
Miller, Henry— Buffalo, N. Y.. Feb. 4-U, Tnronlo. 

Morrison, fowls (Julcg Morry, mgr,) — Austin, 
, Tex., Feb. l!S. ■ • 

Msrtlnut, Sadie Utiles Mnrry, mgr.l— AUimln. 

i In.. Fnb. I. f>, Clint lnnuojtn, Tenn., 8, lllrmlng- 

hum, Ala., JO, Kclinii It. 
Murrav, J. K. ( Davis ft Bntlorlli'ld. nigra.)— 

Itrnnklyn, N. ?.. Feb. 1-0, Itosliin, Mass.. S-I.'l. 
Jtiiriiliy, Joseph — ^ToIhI.), <»., Keb. l-:i, Ka*lua«, 

Mlrh., 4, Bay City 5. I'nrt Huron 0, tlranU 

Itapbla 7-10. tiutttli llcii.l, lml„ II, Ottawa, 111., 

13, Aurora' III. 
Manli'll, llolierl— V, Y, City Feb. 8-1JI. 
MMvIIId, n«K (J. II. StlrlliiB, mm 1 .)— Mew Or- 

JegiiM, l,n., Feb. 1-fl, Ulrinlnjjlinm, Aln„ 8, «, 

<jliilttitti<xiifa, Tenn., 10, 
Melli'ury, Nellie (Kliencer ft Atwm, ragrR.! — 

ni|t»)lten. N. J., Jan. 3I-FeU 3, Catnilen 4-0, 

Ktlziibeih 800. 
Mminn imil Mason (Hromlhurat ft Cnrrle. nwra).— 

Hurlliiutcin, In., Feb. », Kcokak 4, MprliiKllobl, 

111,, r>, Lnselle T, I'eorlu 8, Canton l», Hock 

Isbib'l 11. It'o'l-fonl 1'.', Klylu 13. 
ntiirrn* anil Miick((lllle Mack, mgr.)— Hanforrt, 

Oil).. Fell. 3, Fresno 4, Mmleato II, Kan Fruit- 

JlieAulllTo Hlix-k (Jfte MeAnllffo, mitr.)— Aiilrarue. 

N. Y.. Feb. 1-tl, lllngliiimtoii.S-13. 
Mvrkle ,i' Ilnrilcr (W. II. Hnnlor, mjrr.)— New- 

bnmii, N. Y.. Feb. J-0. Mlikllrtnwn 8-13. 
Myrkle ft lloi-.ler (F,ugeno 1, Hall, nntr.)- - 
■.roraln. 0-, Fob- »* !**•*» Mlob., 8-1^- 
Mack, Wilbur <Wio. Htanfonl, ingr.)— New Al- 

bsiiy, hd.. Feb. 1, hvk'Hiiltc. 
MturnV. '\ Mnckey f Joint J. Murray, row.)— 

rnrkertliir«r W- Va.. Feb. 1-0, lluniliiBtoii 

MatlicR, CUrii— Mmnhfloltl, Ort>., M 1-FJ. 
Mtrln Sloek (Trim Mnrka, mar.)— Unit, Can., 

Fel». l-il, OettlpU H-13. 
Marks Ilrna. (Jou Murks, nntr.)— I'nrt Huron, 

• Mich.; l'Vb. 1-tl- . . 
Marks. Hro*.,. May A,. Ilcll Morka (It. W. Marks, 
■■ mgr.)— I'ltttslMirjf, K. Y., Feb. l-(l. 

Mercy Stock- (be Coinln tt Flesher, mgrti.)— 
Cbannrc, Knit., IVIi. Ml, lola 8-11. 

Hlyers, Irene (Will II. Mvers. mgr. ) — Lamwsler, 
PO., Feb. 8-13. 

MytfW. WlllJI., Stock (Sim Allen, mgr.)— Du 

\Hn\i. Pa.. Fell. 1-0. (Clttnnnlinc 8-13. 

Stuck & Anrjnnr OiiiimIIiiiih (Clinrlea l)n-w Hack. 

' im.T.1— HlKSlilSTlllc. .\ln.. Feb. 1-3. Sweet 

' Snrlngg 4:0, Uoouvllle 8-10, Jeirerwm Clly 11- 

Jli'uiiaM Stock (O. W. McDonald, mgr.) — 

• scnttiron. Miss., Feb. 1-0. Macumb S13. 
Marlon-Ioioine Onoe-ly— Sprlngllebl, Ky.. Feb. 1-0. 
Mnson ft Itctsl ContiHly (Souiuel T. Heed, ingr.)— > 

Iloll. 111.. Fob. It). ■ 

Mnvimril Stock (Fred Motlliews. mar.) — Passaic, 

S. J.. Feb, ltl, Ullenvllle, N. Y., 8-13. 
I'MK, Wlggs, ol 1b*> CubbiiKO 1'iilcli" tLlebler & 

Co., iuBra.1 — Phlhdrliiblii, I'm., Fen. U, In- 

•'Mr: Jolly, of Jollct" (llroailburst ft Currlc, 

itiKri'.) — lMMj,< 'I'enn., Feb. 1. Nosbvllle 2, 

Clprkaylllle 3, Bowling (Ireen, Ky., 4, Oweus- 

boro n, Boonvlllc. lud.. 0. 
"Mblblgtit MiirtbiKo" tForvaltr ft Mlttenlbiil. 

■Ham.) — PtoTlJcncc, It. I.. Fob. 1-0, Drooklya, 

N*Y.. 8-13. 
"Man to Man" (W. 8. BtitterlU>ld, mgr.)— Cn- 

lumbtia, Ind.. Feb. 3, Hhelbyvlllo 4, Couners- 

villi'- .'., HllUllllnn. I).. 0. 
"Hfntitniin Outlaw" (O. t\ Lawrence, mgiM— 

llonne, la., Fell, fi, MurnhallKiwn «. Oska- 

lootn 8, Ottmnwii 0, Musvatlitn 10, Duvenpoit 

11, Clinton 13, Cedar Itaplda IB. ■ 
"Mercbttnt or Venice" (Jose|ili Mltl|inmn. mgr.)— 

Wyinore, Nebr.. Fob. 1, llui'toii. . Kim., a, 

flunioron. Mo., 3, Cbllllcutlio 4, Mnrcollnn ft. 

Klrksvllle 0. 
"Midnight In tjtlniitowil" — bOWB, Mass., Feb. 

"Momisliltier'a Diihgblet" (W. F. Mann, tugr.) -— 

Holyoke, Mn*a., Feb. 1-3, Hudson, N. Y., 1, 

Ni.rlli Aditnts, Muss., i), Troy, N. Y., S-lu. 

lliwslck Falls tl, Illicit 12. 13. 
"Missouri -flirt." Knstcrii, Fred Rnymiinda (II. 

,1. Singer, mgr.)— Full lUvcr, Muss.. Feb. 13, 

Hlvcr Point, It. I.. 4. South Framluglmm. 

Jlnas., ft, Marllvirn II. tlloucester 8, Newbury- 

port ». Wallbnni 10. Cbelaea 11, Fltcbburg 12, 

tlnnliier 1H. 
"Mlsitoiirl Ulrt." Western, Fred ltaymoml a 

(Harry 8. Hopping, ingr.)— Centrultu, Mo., 

Feb.. 3, Mexico 4, Fulton ft, JciTcraim City II. 

SI. Charles 7, Nashville, III.'. 8, Mount \'er- 

imil 0, McLennslsiro 10, Ciirnl II, New llni- 

mony, lnd., IS. _ 

"McFinlden's Flats;" flrw nill'a (Tltoinaa H. 

Henry, . ttiKr, ) — Sprlngile.ld. Mass., Feb, Ml, 

Syracuse. N. Y„ NKI, ltoeliester 11-13. 
"Mickey Finn" (Clnrk Uruwn, mgr.)— Portlauil, 

Ore., Feb. 1-0. 

M ... 

Jtelll, Jaiiica (Clmrles Astor Parker, gen. ingr.)— 

I.ns Atiuelcs, Ciil.. Feb. 1-2(1. 
Nellson. llortonse— Manistee, Mich., Feb. il. 
Nelll-Morosco (Clmrlca Aalnr Porker, gen. mgr.) 

— Denver, Col., Feb. 1-tl, Cripple Creek 7, U-ad- 

vltlf s, Salt l,akt> Oily, V., 10-13. 
Noble's Tbenlre (tVnrrtiu Noble, mgr.) — Oritce- 

vllle. Mlnu., Fob. 8-10, wlteaton 11-111. . 
Nulloniil Slock (II. T. fllliik, ingr,)— Urunawlck, 

flu., Feb. 1-fl, St. Augustine, Flu., s 13. 
"Ninety unit Nine" (O. .1. Anhiunn, mgr.) — Al» 

bniiy, N. Y., Feb. 1-il, Troy 4-tl, llrookljn 8-t3. 

New York liny by Day" («eo. W. Wltinett. 

nigi.)- -KHslini Pa.. Feb. U, Holmkeu, N. J.. 

ft Nlclmlal. 

ingl'. . 

4-u, l'hlladelplila, I'll.. 8-13. 

"Night Before Clirlalntas" (Burt 
mgia.)— Kiilniuatott.. Mlelt., Feb. ft. 

"Nnrililtelrt Bank HoMtery 1 ' (Percy l(ort*H. 
mgr,) — Fcnton. Mich., Feb. &, Pontine .tl, 
ltiimco 8. Port Huron 11. Karnlu. ("Int.. I'.', 
Mount Clemens, Mich.. 13. Wyuudultc 14, M<u.- 

"NMt lJoor,". Ilioa. Barer (Baall Mvlleitry. mgr.) 
— Khainokln, Pn„ Fen. 3, U'houon I. 

"Not Oullty" (11. ftinllb, ingr.)— Detroit, Mich.. 
Feb. 1-0. 

"Nobody's Claim" (Charles A. Hotden, iiigr.) — 

Uilltimnre, MU.. Pcb 



Olcfilt, CliauncPy (AugtisldS Pllmi, tagr.l— N. Y. 

Clly Feb. 1-3(1. 
Owen; Wllllini- lltibufiuo, la., Feb. 8, CVclsr Hup- 

Ids IS. 
osleimau. Kalhryn (I. .1. Ilosenthal. iugr.1 - 

Clctelnnd, O.. FCh. Ml. 
"(liver iltrl" (Charles Fmltman. ingr.) — N. Y. 

Oll.v Feb. 1, luiU'llnlle. 
"Olir New Mlnlslor" (Miller ft Conyers. mgrs.) 

DPoOklyn, N. r„ Feb. l-O, Jersey City, N. J.. 

8; 13. 
"Or>r Niagara Fulls," A iltowianr] ft Cltironl. 

tuiirt.)— iTIulllmote, Md„ Feb. Ml, Waablugliio, 

V. 0.. 8-lil. 
"Over Nliigsia Fullll."- (Ilowland ft Clifford. 

irtRrrii) — Itamiitnn, Id,. Feb. .1. Waverly 4, 

Mnrshnlllown ft. lndei«?bdeneo tl, KIKnilor 8, 

Wimkotl li. Dubuiiue 10, lloekfonl, 111.. U, 

llploll. Win., 12, .lancavlllc 13. 
•'Otte'NlRlit'ln Jwt" («Hir>"n. Mnrka, mgr.) 

— Sacramento, tlal.. Fell. 4, Ornrilh* 5, Cblco 

0, Bnsevltle 7. Aslilainl. Ore., 8, (llama Pass 

10, Reading, Oal., 11, Allntiy, Ore., 12, Salem 

■•lib ihe MOtf nt MMiilght" (Frank (loMelo, 
mcr.>- Ilnfialo. N. V., PH». l-o, Montreal, Cak., 

"iirt.lionV Prayer" (H1w, D« Cnnrser, mgr.)— 
Wlieelhig, W. Va., i-'eli. Ml, Washington, li. 0., 

"old Arhnn^nw." Fred llavmonrt's (Oeorge Be- 

flee, iimr.;- imealiHKai, !.«., Feb. il. Wusbtngt 

Ion 4. Fulrllebl. ft. Ollimn II, , Ccnterville 8. 

Prlni'eioii. Mo., n, *J'renlnn 10, Milan II.'lcdc li, KlrkHVllle 13. 
"Our Hiildlns" (J. (!. Ilnrinn. mgr!.) — Springfield, 

Mo., Feb. 3, Nevada 4, Carthago ft, Pittsburg 

Ui Wei-: Clly 7. 
"On the Str'ike, of Twelvs." W. II, Lawrence's- - 

Cleveliiud, O., Feb. 1-tl. 
"Otliellu"— . Ilarrlsburg, l'a., Feb. .1. 

Pillion, W. ». (.1. M. Slout, mgr.)— Ardmore; 

lnd. Tor,, Feb. 3, Norman, Okln., ft, Outhrle 

il. Oklnhnnin Clly 7, Hot Hiirlngs, Ark., In, 

Newport II. '• 

Poyiiiii's. «'„rse. Slock (Ditvld J. Oamnge, mgr.) 

, — Wolilniiii, .Mass., Feb. 1-0. . • 

l'nyloii, twins', Cnlssly (J, 'P. Mneauley, mirr.)— 

l'onkcrs, N, Y.. Feb. 111. Xreiitmi, N. J., N-13.' 
Paytou Slslers (iimeily (Col. Frank Bolwrlsoii, 

iiiitr.) — Selma. Ala.. Feb. 12, Troy 4-0, C'o- 

IiiiiiIiiis, Oa., H-13. 
I'lieluii stock, Knsiero IK. V. Phelun, mgr.) — 

New Bedford. Moss., Feb, Id, llroekton.N-13. 
Phelun, K. V„ Slock, Wcsiem (Itnlpb A. Waul, 

msr. >— New Cnslle. Pn.. Feb. I II. Sbarnn S-13, 
Pickens. The (Willis l'lekert. mgr.)— Dawsun, 

fin., fell. 1-3. 
"Peddlor," Sullivan, Harris ft Wootls' — Provl« 

deuce. It. I., Feb. 145. Full Itlvei-, Mans., H-ln, 

New llnveii, Conn., 11-13. 
"Pant llevere" (Dnvhl A, Wc4h, mgr.)— Wi.r- 

eestrr. Mass., Feb. 813. 
"Pickings from Puck" ((llllo Mack ft Joseph M. 

(isles, nigrs.) — Deo Mollies, It., Feb. 1-il. 

flooiia 4, Perry ft, Coster (I, Kaunas City, Mo,, 

"Peek's Bud Boy," Southern (Harry Reavi-v. 

mgr.) — Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 4. Selma 10. 
"l'uiikln Uusker" (Dnvhl A. Mnrtln. mgr.)— Dc.< 

MidiicH, la.. Feb. 441, Omaha. Nehr., 10. 
"Finisec Cafe" (Harris ft Stdman. nigra.)— Inck- 

"••ii. Tenn.. Feb. 1, Fulton, Ky.. 2, Paris. 

Tenn., il, Clarksvllle 4, Howling Oreen. Ky.. 

ft. Hoiiklnsvlllc (I, Owcnslmro S, Henderson I). 

pHilncith 10. Cnlro. 111.. 11. Miirphysboro 12. 

i.'nrliiiiuhih' 13, Kransvllle, lnd., 14. 


"tjucen ot th« nighwny" (W. MeflowajL mgr.t— 
Olluwa, Cnn.. Feb. 1-3. Kingston I. Hamilton 
tl, Syracuse, N. Y.; 8-10. Kochester 11-lit. 

"Qiihuy Adams Sawyer." Central (0. II. Smllh. 
mgr.l— Soiiih Bel lileltein. Pit., Feb. il, Wllkes- 
Inirrc 4, Seriiiiton ft, F.imton fl, N. Y. Clly X- 
Mnrch ft. 

"Oiilney Adams Sawyer," Western (W. O. Bnoll- 
big. mgr.)— Arkimsna Clly, Kan., Feb. il. In- 
<lc|ieiidenee 4, l3orTeyvllk> 3, Parson (I, Chsnuto 
8. Fort Scott u, Pltlsbiirg 10, Outcnn, 11, Jon- 
lln, Mo., 12, Aurora lil. 

"Quluey Adams Sawyer" (C. B. Brooks, mgr.)-— 
•Peoria, III., Feb. It. 

"Qiiocu of Ihe Whim Slaves" (A. II. Woods, 
mgr.)— Phlladelphhi, Pa., Fob. 14J, Hartfvnl. 
Conn., 11.13. 


ItnsHcll, Annie (Rbnriea Frohnuin, mgr.) — N. 

Clly Feb. 1, Indefinite. 
Ileliuit, Ada,, and Otis Skinner (Uebler ft Co.. 

ft .1. J. Ilncktey, ingra.)— N. Y. Clly Feb. 1-U. 

Iliiltlmore, Mil., 8-1.1. 
lingers Brulliers (Klsw ft Krlanger, mgrs.) — 

Prnvldcnce, B- I., Feb. I'll, Plilladelphlit, Pa.. 

Itolitrlsnit, Fnrhea, nnd Ocrlrivlc Kllfort. (Klnw 

,V Krliingrr, nigra. )— Monlreal, Can., Feb. Ml. 
ItnhHeii, Klennor. (Llehler .t Co., nicrn.) — N. Y. 

Clly Feb. 1, tndellnllc. 
Illchinaii. Charles t Wider ft rields, mgrs.) - 
, Frle, l'a., Feb. 3, I, 
Itols'rts, Flori'iu-o (Fred llelaseo, ropr.) — Van- 

npuver, li. (!.,. Feb. :i. 4. Krerntl, Wusb.. ,',, 

Norih Yoklnin «, Siiokinu' 7-10, Missoula. 

Mont., 11, Ori'iit Fnlla 12, Helena 13. 
IIoIhoii, Andrew fj. W. Benueti, mgr.)— l*m An, 

gides. Ciil.. Feb. 4-0. 
Ilyiin, Daniel It. (W, S. Bstea, mgr.) — oiciis 

Fulls, N. Y„ Feh, . 10, Xiirlhsintilon, Mass.. 8- 
■ 13. 
Rols'r. Kniherlne (t.on Bfandon, nigr.) — Fall 

Blver. Muss., Feb. 1-0. 
Iloekwell, .1. 0., Dramatic— llnrllngtnn, Vt.. Feb. 

Ml, St. Allmus 8-13. 
Itnynl LIIIjiuIIbiih, (lus ItlU'a — Knnsaa Cltv, Mo., 
- I'eb. 1-if, St. foola 8-13. 
Kapler Pluyets (fins Haider ft Frank Becker, 

uigrs.) — Camdeu, Mo., Feb. 1-0, Coucordla 8- 

It.s- Slock (C. .1, W. Roe, mgr.)— Cohoes, N. Y., 

Feb. 1-0, Schencclndy 8-13. 
Rnlilnsnn-Kainninn lltoscntlial ft Co., nigra.)— 

l.tigrauge, lud., Feb. .1, Auburn 4, Portlaud 5, 

Winchester- H, Alexandria 8. 
"Itarhel Oohlstelit." Sullivan, Harris ft WockIr*-^- 

t'oluiuhus, 0., Feb. 3, 'tub-do 4-6, Cleveland 8- 

"Rohert F.inmet" (J. Wesley Knsonrjiiost, mgr.) — 

Newark. N. J„ Feb. in. New Haven, Conn., 8- 

10, Piilemon, N. J.. .11- lit. 
"lloaianw of Conn Hollow" (Archibald Allen. 

mgr.l— Crests,, lu.. Feb. 3, West I'nlon I. 

Boone O, Oin.ib.i, Nell., 7, Dom Moines, la., 

"Rnggeil Hero" (Fielding Amusement Co., tngra.) 
—Indianapolis, lud., Feb. Ml, S!. Louis, Mn., 

"Koyui Slave" (Harry fiorilon, mgr.)— Mount. 

I'uriiiel. I»n.. Feb. il. tilrtinlvlllc 4, Ashlun.l 

ft, Blojiushnrs 0. Frlelsnd 8. Mlienandoah 'j. 
Milton Id. 
"Itoyel Slav.'" I Harry flordon. mgr.l — Kntmelis- 

Imrg, la., Feb. -I. SpenuT ft. Sioux Falls. So. 

Dak., 7, Yaiiklon 8, Sioux Clly, 1«„ 10, Nor- 
folk, Neb.. II, Oinnvji. In., 12, Missouri Vsl- 

ley 13 Coimell lllufrs 14. 
"Kuiinw.iy Wife" — Maoukmlor. N, H., Feb. 1-3. 

Hiilynke, Mass., -Ml. 
"Hun on Hie Bank" 111. r, Whitney, mgr.) — 

Qulney, III., I'eb. 1. ' 

Siilhetit, V,. II. (Daniel Fiiilnunn, oigr.)— - Colmii- 

biii. ()., Feb. il, Dayton 1, Indianapolis, lud., 

ft, (I, Cincinnati, O.. 8-UI, 
Sbslilsrl, Jcnies 11. (Ilobrat Brower, mgr.) — 

Wlnhliieg. Mini., Feb. l-il. SniK-rlor, Wis., 8, 

Dulutb, Minn., 10. Apploton, Wis., 11, Osh- 

koih 12, Hau lil it lie 13. 
Sully, Daniel (Willis K. Bayer, mgr.)— St. Paul, 

.Minn., Feb. 1-8, Minneapolis 4-li, Wlnnlncg, 

Mini., 0, 10, 
Slunrt, Bolieit— N. Y. Clly Fob. Ml 
Sidney, George (Slulr ft Nleolnl, ingrs.l — Battle 

Crs*, Mich., Feb. 3, Craw) ltaidda 4-0. 

Toledo. O., 7-10, Juckiun, Ukh„ U, Bny Clly 

12, Saginaw 13. 
Sben, Thomas H. (Jumes Wall, tttgr.) — Phlladel- 

lihla, Pa., Feb. Ml. Carwlen. N. J., 8-13. 
Sullivan. John L. (Jna. F. Murray, mgr.) — natb. 

Me., Feb. il, Hangar 1, Augusta ,1. Portland d. 
Smurt Set, Uua Hill's — Cleveland, O., Feb. ML 
Sliinmons. The (Hnrry Hliannnii, mgr.) — Areola, 

III.. Feb. i'„ Parts I. Mmiletiiiiiu, Intl., 0, Crnw- 

fordsvllle 7. Cllnloii 8. New Castlo 10. Mont- 

poller tl, llnrlfoid Clly 12, Dunkirk 13, Fori - 

li ml 14. 
Risioner Draittallc, F. K. and .Mile (W. Dick llcr- 

i 1k.1i. mgr.) — lllllslstni, Tex., Feh. Ml. 
Sights. Pauline (.1. W. Sights, ingr.)— F.iulkton. 

So. l>«k., Feb. If., Clack 8-10, Watertowu 11- 

Stewnrl. May (.1. Tlollbi Hawnnl, mgr.) — Adit. 

lnd. Ter.. Feb. .'I. 
Snuihcrii Stock itlioive Itnntlllon. mgr.) — F,vnn«- 

tllle, lnd.. Fell, t-0, Owenslton>. Kv., S-l};. 

San Jo»-.,-Cil., Feh. 2-1, Yaleijo o, Oakland 

0, 7,. UtsHfto 8. MercetDO.i Madera 10, Fresno 

II, Tuluro 12. Bakers«eld lfi. 
"Sign of the Cross" -(Berger ft Crnerlo, mgrs.) 

-I'lliststrg. Pa., Feb. I'I. 
"Stsla nf flullt" (Charlea W. Daniels, ragr.)— 

llosloa, Mass., Feb. Ml, Buffalo. N. Y„ K.ltf, 
•'Scnrcbllglits of n Orcat City" (Itoliert B. Mm* 

roe, mgr. )— I/inlsvllle, Ky., Feb. Ml. 
"Side Tracked." Jnle Walters' (Tom North, — Oetlar Bapldn, la., Feb, 11. 
"Si t'liiaknril," J. (.'. Lewis Unck singer, mgr.) 

— Wuliush, lnd., Feb. 1, l*eni 2. Kokomn '.'•. 

lilwood 4. Anderson ft, New Castle 0, Oreenflsld 

8. Martinsville 0, Franklin 10, Bedford II. 

Bloomllclil 12. Term Haute lit. 

Slnniltsh Slock (fleorve It. Itoll, mgr.)— Haltern. 

. N. Y„ IVIi, il, I. :uinil*ld«e S, II. 

Uhlrley, Jivwle— Seat tie. \Vnsl(., Jan ill-Feu., tl.' 

"Heciet of Pollchhiolle" i .Lieu-. K. Itaeketl, 
ii'Ui.) — N. Y. City lVb. 1. IndelliilU'. 

•■Sohlleisi of Foilniie" (lleiir)- li. Harris, rrtgr.y 
v -Philadelphia. Pa.. Feh. Ml, . 

"Sky FBiat" (('liarbi Frohmnn, mgr.) — Wooii- 
sia'kel. IL L, Feb. 2, Mllford. Mass., 3, MrtN- 
Imro 4. iillntnlt ft. Smith FrnnUugham 0, b'lteli- 
hilrg.S. Lwuultistct li, Ohrduer HI, Kecne, N. 

•Swivt (ibiver" (A. A. Thayer, ingr.)— St. 

I'liiimnii. Can., Feb. is, Wnsleoek .ft, fliihlnh tt. 

(Ml 8, Mtrntronl II. Port lllnsin, Mleh., 10. 
•MJ^BSi (WHJInrh II. OrnitK, ingr.)-(.taftil 

ltaiilds, MIclL. Feb. 1,1. Kalnmaatsi 4, fli>sh«n, 

I nit,, ft, Martini 0. Cliiclntintl. tl., MS. 
"Sng llsrhnr" iWlllltini II, OcoSs, mgr. I— Fnrgn, 

No. Dak., Fell, il, Jarflsslown 4, Livingston. 

Mont.. >i, tl, lkir>Dtnii 8, Itutle b, Helena in- 

13, Mlssoilla.13. , 
"Slavi* of Ihe Mine" (C, S. OaUahdn. ingr,)— 

Seatilc, Wash., IVh, 14-M. 
"Sign nf Hie Four"— nonioa. Mnas.. -frti, i.n. 
•'Saved (rum Ihe Sen" (Charles W. Iturrlh, mgr.l 

— PltlshiliB. Pa.. Feb. 1-0. . . 

"Rntierha." Itantons'— ColtlhilaK. . O.. Feb. Idl 

Martini, tint., ft. Milwaukee. Wis., 7.13, 
"Slmiltiws nt 11 Ureal City" (C. B. Jbitersnn, 

mgr.)— Itiinnlo. X-Y..Feli. 1-0. 
"Sandy Bottom" (Uumptou ft Hcplrlns, mgfs.)~ 

Thompson, Deiintun — Kl I'nso, Tex., Feb, 4, ft, 

Tnesou, Aril!., 0. 
Thurston, Adelaide (Frank .1. ft Clnxloa Wll- 

Hliicli, mgrs.)— Mlniteaiinlls, Minn., Feb. 1-3, 

SI. Paul Ml, Dnlinh 8, 11. 
Teiapcut. Mario (Charles Frohmnn, mgr.) — K. V. 

City Fell. 1-0, Ptilladclphla, Pa., 8 1.".. 
Tinner, Clara — Moullon, Thomiison ft Monttnn's 

iM. II. Miller, ingr.)— Plttston, Mass., Feb, 

Ttylor Sleek (Alls'rt Taylor, mar. )— ITIIUhum, 

Tex., Feb. 1. Waxahatebln 4-il, Whltewrlght 

8. U, Ctunby 10, Shrevoport, Lit., 11 -lit. 
Tolson Sleek (T. Iiwlght Pepple, mgr.)— Mule 

Hock, Ark., Feb. Mi, Arkansas Clly 8-10, I!«s- 

nop, La., 11-13. 
"Two Little Wnlfs." No. 1, Lincoln J. Carter's — 

Full River. Masa., Feb. 1-3, Springfield 441, 

Ikistnu 8-13. 
"T»o Little Watfs," No. 2. Lincoln ,T. Curler's 

--Sunlniry, Pa., Feh. S, Mluercvllle 4, I'nlts- 

vlllc S. Keadlng «. 
•Tun Proud to Bog," Lincoln ,T. rarler'e— Wil- 
mington. Del., Feb. 1-il. Cincinnati. O., 7-lil. 
• Tim Lltlle Staters" (Iltckey ft WarmliiKinn, 

mgrs.) — Sterling, III.. Feb. .'!, Kewauee 4, 

Mt'timoulh ft, Cannm 0, Peoria 7, Decatur 8, 

(i'titrulta li. Chniniwlgii 10, Paris 11, Siirln,-'- 

Hid'] 12, Clinton 13. 
"To Die at Hawit" (J. M. Want, mgr.) — Sorjn- 

foil. Pa., feh, 1-3, Tremnii, X. J„ -1, 5. Bur- 

llicgioa 1:, lvision. Pa., 13. 
"Through Fire anil Water.'' J. II. Wnlllck's— 

Jersey City, N. J., Feb. 1-0, Philadelphia, Pa., 

"Texas Steer," II. B. Kmerv's — Durham. N. C, 

Feh. il. Raleigh 4, Norfolk, V»., 5, II, New- 
port News S, Putersrairg II, Richmond 10, Char- 

lnitesvlllo II. Annapolis, Md., 12, Atlantic 

City, K, J., 13. 
"Ten NUrlits In n Bar Boom." Al. W. Martin's 

(J. W. Stevenson, mgr.) — Scotldale, Pa., Feb. 

it, Alioonn ■!, Tyrone u, Johnstown 0. 
"Ten Nlahts In a Bur llnom." Terrv'a — Colhv, 

Ki.n., Feb. J, Olwrlln ft, Norton (I, Phllllp*- 

lairg 8, Lebanon Si, Bellevllto 10, Hanover 12, 

Snletltii 13. 
"Through the Centre ot llw 1-iorth." Edward 

illundeU'H (Win. A. Stanley, mgr.) — Salem. 

O.. Feb. I, Sharon. Pa„ •"•, l.nst Liverpool, (>.. 

il-S. SlMibenville 10. 
"Ta-o Merry Trnniiis" (Shermnn McVenu, mgr.)- - 

Slkeslnn, Mo., h'eh. ::, Charleston 4, Coi* 

(llrantivui ft, Cnlro, III., fl. 
"Ten Nlidits in it Bar Ibsun," Beeelter ft Stan- 
ley's (Walter ,T. MeDoiuild. inge.)— FonUnelle. 

la., I'oh. 3, Lennox I. Bedford 9. 

"l.'lymHw" _ l(!harlet Frohman. mgr.)— Baaton, 

.Mans., Pel.. In. 
"Fuller Southern Skies," Kustern (Harry Unci 

Porker, ingr.)— X. Y. Clly Fell. Mi, Newark. 

-V J., S-13. -> 

"Under .Sonlhe.'ii Skies;" Western (Harry Boot 

Parker, mgr.)— lluelph. Can., Feh. s, W'oml. 

slock I, St. Thomas 5, Loudon 0. Port Huron. 

Mich.. S, Filar 'j, Saginaw 10, Bay City 11, 
•Ann Arbor 12, .luckson 13, 
"Inch. Tani'a Calih:," Hastem. A). W. Martin's 

il'-il. S Martin, ingr.)— Ctareroout. N. IL, Feb. 

il, Bellows Fells. Vt., 4. Kn-ne, N. IL, ;,. 

Ural llelmro. VI.. 0.. North Adonis, Mam., x, 

Plilsn.'lil !i. Snrloallelil 1(1, Putnaio. Conn.. 11. 

Noiwlch. 12, New l.ntdou 13. 
"I'nrte Tern's Cabin." Wesleni. AL W. Martln'a 

i, 1 '' C .V. ,; l " ,, l, l ('f. .mgr.)— Akron, o.. Feb. 1-3. 

New PldladcllililA -I. Canton H, Sharon. Pa., fl, 

NIIihi. p., 8 l.iirntm. Pa., f), Wlndlwr 10, 

Morpontown, W. Va.. 11, i.'nlnniown, Pn.. 12 

•lolinslown 13., 
"Pncle Tom'a Cabin," Stetson's, Eastern (C. T. 

Bnckvar, mcr. )— Clinton, .Mass., Feb. 3. Haisl- 

2 er n 4 V. L, X niill9t . p „ r °' Fltchhurg II, Worcesler 
8, t), Marlboro 10. 

"Uncle Turn's C'nt.ln," Stclson's, Northern (Al. 
Could, nigt. I— Victor, Col., Feb. 4 ~ 
fi, Piu-Mo 0, Trinidad 7, F' 

■ Cltv (>, Snltda 10. 

'Srihw Tom ' q '-•> b J n ;"Stetaon'n, Western (Wm. 
Kibble mgr.)— solera, O.. Feb. 8, East Pales- 
tine I Torinto 5. Steiibenvllle 0. WillBvlllo 

ii rS t HSSStf* Bel'alie 10, Youngstown 

ill J •- , Akroij l-r. 

"UncIeTom's Cabin," Central (Grant Lmsj, mgr.) 

twM^Stlt ?•' &^ii B «r"«rt«n '•' Canal 
I'oier 0, Coshocton 8, Dresden ft. New Lexing- 
ton 10. 

"Thiilcr Two Flags*' (O. D. Woodward, mgr.)— 
Iliiveupotl. In., Feb. 0. . 

"lii.cle Josh spruceby," H. H. Fravee'a— El 
Paso, Tex,. Feb. It, 4. 

"Uncle Her," Frank Adams'— Towanda, Pa., Feb. 

in -if' 1 '. 1 ;" 1 ', -Vy-V,! 1 ' No "vlch 0. PltlBton, l'a.. 

10, Nuiitlcolcs 12, Blonmslnirg 13. 
"I'ticlc 81 llnsklns" (ft s. Primrose, mgr.)— 

I.eneia. Nehr., Feh. il, Hebron 4, Nelson " 

Suiierlor d, Beatrice 8. WIIIst 0. 
"Ihicle Joslt Kpnicby" (,T. P. Donohuc. mar, 

A tiseiigee., lnd. Ter., Fell. ft. Tnldenuah il. 

Kurekn Spring. Atk.. 8, itngew n, Fayettevlllo 

HI, Vnii Btiren 11, Fort Smllh lit. 
"Uncle Jifh Spnicrhy" (Dave II. I^ivls, mgr.) 

lldlynhe, .Mass., Feb, 3. ' 


Van Ilyke ft Ealon (F. .Mack, mgr.)— .MrKees- 

port, Pu., Feb. 1-13. 
■ Vernon stock illenj. B. Vernon, mgr.)— Jersey 

Shore. Pa., Feb. Ml, Austin s-tft, itlil«e Wn y 11- 

"Vlrglnlnn" (Utrko La Shellc, mgr.)— N. y. city 
Feb. 1, liidellnlle. 

"Village PiiHlmasler" (.7. Wesley Koscnnuest. 
mgr.) — Lewlston, Me., Feb. 1, Wntervllle 2 Au- 
gusta 3, Togus 4, Bangor ft, Portland ft 

"\nliintocr Organist" (Harry Manlell. mgr.)— 
Montreal, Can., Feh. 

Walsh. DhiRClie (Wngenhals ft Kemper, nigra ) 

Ivnasaa City. Mo., t.'cb. 1-3, Omaha, Neb., 1, ft, 
Dubunnc, In., (1. 

Warren, Charles (lllch ft Hams, mgra.)— Boston. 
Mass., Fell. 1-0, Pittsburg, Pu., 8-lil. 

Wllli.isl, (Catherine (Edward C. White, mgr.)— 
loi'ston, Tex.. Feb. 3, Bentiraont 4, Lake 
Ctiarles, La., fl, ShreveiKvrt fl. 

Wilson, AL IL (Yale i- Kills, mgrs.)— Mobile, 
Ala,. Feb ft, tl. 

Wills, Nat M. (Branilhurat ft Currle, nigra.) — 
Cincinnati. 0„ Feb, 1-0, Sprlngtlehl 8, TttHa U. 
LI11111 10, Tolcilo 11-13. 

Ward ft Vokes tl.'hurles I). Wilson, mgr.) — Sha- 
ron. Pa., Feb. 3. New Castle I. IFnfontown ft. 
(Iiiiiiberlimil, Md.. 0, Baltimore S-lii. 

Warren, Itobecea (Wilson s. Itoaa, mgr.)— Mon- 
treal, C1111., Feh. Ml, Boston, Mann., 8-13. 

Walker Whlteshle— (inuihii. Neb., Feb. 0, Dnven- 
pert, lu., 10. 

"Wlnchesler"— Fall Itlver. Jlaw., Feb. 4-0, Pro- 

•Wayward Son" (Snrlnicr ft Fleming, mgra,)— 
Steiibenvllle, O.. Fob. 3, Co lumbna H 

"When llcnhen Comes to Town"— Milwaukee, 
Wis., Jan. 31-Feb. (I. • __ • _. 

"Was 81o to Blainel" Ued Cnrltpn. rap.)— 
Corning, Io„ Feb. il. Creston I. A ton ft. Os- 
ceolu o. Lucas 8. IhlltMrM 0. Ccnterville 10, 
hddyvillo il, Pelln 12, Motirnc • i:» 

"Wonrv Willie Walker" (II. B. Ori'gnry, ingr.) — 
ivnfrall. ! Mo." Feb. 8. Oallforrla ti. Hlg«lns ; 
villi- 10, Sclalla II. Pleasant HIH 12. Illeli 
Hill 13. y 

"Yon Yoason" (K. V. C.lmnx. mgr.)— Junction 
Clly. Kan.. Feb. il. Tiniekn 4, Solillera' Home 
ft. Atchison fl. Kansas Clly, Mo... 7-13. 

"Young Tolile lloxle" (Charles D. Miller, ragr.) 
— -WiiHlilngloii, D. C„ Feb. 1-0, Uobokcn, "N. J.. 

•York "stile Folks" (P. E- Wrlglit, mgr.)— Ce- 
d.-ir Rapids, la., Feb. S, Davenport 4. 

"Zlg Zmr Alley"— Norfolk, Vil., Feb. II. 
\I|SU IL. 

Itostonlans (Charles B. Hjenn, bus. mgr.)— Liv- 
ingston, Mnitt.. Feb. 4, Rutto ft, O, Helena 8, 
Anacooda II, Missoula 10, Wallace, Ida., II, 
Spokane. Wash., 13, 1.1. 

Boston Ladles' Orcheslra (ijerlrude Mnllliml Hall, 
dlieetnr).— Auburn, N. V., Feb. Ml, Blnglmm- 
loit 8.13. 

Boston Ideal Opera— Mobile, Ala., Feb. 1-4. 

Black Pin IPs Troubadours , Voeckel ft Nnlan, 
mgrs.) — Kansns Clly, Mo., Feb. 1-U. Term 
Haute. Ind., 8, Marlon II. transport 10, Peru 
II, Tlflln. ()., 12, Mansllelil lil. 

"llnlwH In Tnylnnil" (llaodlii.fc Mitchell, mgrs.) 
- -N. Y. city, Feb. 1, Inilellnlte. 

"llllllonalrn" (B. D. Stevens ft Frank I,. Parity, 
mgrs.) — St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 1-0, Knnsnu City 

"Burgomaster" (Wm. P. Cullera, mgr.)— Trenton, 
N. .(., Fell. (I. Washington. I>. C, 7-13. 

Cittilll. Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.l — Buffalo, 
N. Y.. I'eb. 1-3. Troy ft, Newark, S. 3„ 8-13. 

Canadian Jubilee Sineew (W. T. Cnr> - , lagr.)— 
Meretlith, N. ir., Feb. ii. Ashland -1, Warren 
ft. Wells Klver, VI., li, Lisbon, X. II., 8, Little- 
ton P. Hi, Wliltclfeld 11, (Irovctnn 12. Island 
1*01111, Vi., 13, 11. 

Canaillitn Colored Ci.neirt (William Carter, ragr.) 
— Annawan, 111.. Feb. .'J, .Mollnc 4, Book Island 

"Chinese Honeymoon" (S. S. Shnbert. Nixon .* 
/.Imnier.auiii. mirrs.) — Brooklyn, X Y., Feh. 1- 
II, N. Y. City 8-13. 

"Chinese Honeymoon." S- 8. Shnbert, Nlxan ft 
Zliiunentiiiii's (Harry S. Fulton, mgr.) — San 
Francisco, Oil.. Feh. 1-0, Oakland a-10, San 
Jose It, 12. Si'srliiim 13. 

"Country Olrl" (J. (i. Diift, nigr.) — Plttsfleld, 
Mass., Feb. 1, Springfield 2, Xorthainptnn 3, 
Wowoter 4, Xarlford, Conn., ft, New llnveii It 

•■Chaperons" Klngslley ft Welly, nurrs.) — San- 
dusky. O.. Feb. 11, Toledo -i-d, Flrnllny 8, 
Marlon 0, Mansfield 10, Wheeling, W. Va., 12, 
Marietta, 0„ lil. 

Daniels. Frank (C. B. Dillingham, tagr-1 — Phil- 
adelphla. Pa.. Feb. 1-fl, Brooklyn, N. V.. 8-13. 

De Aiigells, JefTersnii (H. S. Shubcrt. Nlxan ft 
Zliiimermnn, nigra.) — Charlotte, K. C, Feh. 1, 
Durham 2, Kalelgh .1, Norfolk, Va., 4, New- 
port News ft. Itlchmaml II, Charlottesville 8, 
Annapolis, Md., 0, Lnnenster, Pn„ 10, York 
11, HurrNhurg 12, Wilmington. Del., 13. 

Davis .Musical Exlravegaiiza (II. Wnilo Davis, 
iner.) — North A.lnins. .Mods., Fell. 12. 1,1, 

FiiKll.'.h tirainl 0|iem (Henry W. Savage, mgr.) — 
Wushlngton. II. C. Mr. 1-fl. 

Karle, Virginia (Ceortre It. White, mgr.)— X. V. 
City Feb. 1, imleflnite. 

Edwr.rdes, Paula (8. S. ft IM Shuhert, mgrs.) — 
Kniamazoo. Mich., Feb. 3, tir.uid Knplils I, 
Battle Creek 5. 

"Floriulovn" (Fisher ft Byley, mgrs.) — Norfnlk, 
Va., Feb. 3, Chnrloile, N. C, 8, fMnmhlii, 
S. C, P. 

"Fortune Teller" (Milton ft Sargent Aliorit, 
mgrs.) — Detmlt. Mlelt., Feb. 1-U. 

firnnd Opera Olelnrlcli Cntirled, mgr.) — N. Y. 
City li'l'h. J. Indctinlte 

Iloiiper. Do Wolf (10. It. Beynolds, mgr.)— Lew- 
Istoa, Me., h'eli. il, IJover. N. H„ 4, Salem, 
.Mass., ft. Concord. N. H., 0. 

Held. Auna (F. Zlegfcld, mgr.) — Bachester, X. 
Y.. Feb. fl. 

I*le of spliv"— Jackson, Mich.. Feb. fl, llotlle 
Creek 4, Marlon, lnd.. 8. 

James' Ladles Band (B. I., .tames, mcr.)— Los 
. An R ( '* , if' 9»1~ Feh. 1, IndeOnlle. 
townee, s'oi^ W}Jlf8 v Bnnd (T. I*. J. Powers, ragr. )— Siiekane, 
h torence 8, Oanou wash., Feb. 3,. 4, Colfax ft. Walla w'alln fl 
Seattle 7; 8, Victoria, B. C, ft, Lnihamlth, 
unit., and Nannimo 10, Vniieouver 11, New 
Wtstmlnater 12, New Whatcom, Wash., 13, 
Everett 14. 

"King Dodo" (Henry W. Snvnge, mgr.)— New Or- 
leans, La., Feb. 1-0. 

' .Mother Goose'.' (Klaw ft Erlanger, mere.) — N. 
Y. City Feb. 1-27. 

"MJM : Bob White" (Niton ft Zimmerman, rogrs.) 
— itoigantown, W. Va., Feb. il, Yonngstonn, 
O., 4, Wnrreit 5, Salem 0, Slstcrvllle, W. Va., 
8, Mirlettl. 0., 0, Nctannvillc 10, Cambrldgu 
11. Zr.uCHvIUa 13, Oaabncton 13. 

"Miilnl end the Maid" (FMIier ft Bvley, mors.)— 
N. V. ft, Feh. -20. 

Nashville Students (Joe Buker, mgr.) — Glrard, 
Kim.. Feb. a. Chauiile -1. Fredonln il, llowtird 

• I— 11. Eureka 8. Madison 0, Osnec City 10, Council 

• »■ Drove It, Herlngton 12, Snllno 13. 
"Peggj- from Paris 1 ' (Henry W. Savae*, mgr.) — 

•)-~ licooklyn, N. Y„ Feb. 1-0. 

Knstern (Henry W. Ravage, 
Mil., Feb. 1-0, Washington, 

"Prince of Pllscn. 

mgr.l — Baltimore, 
1) C. 8-13. 

"Prince of l'llsen," Mm (Hcmy W. Savage, 
mgr.)— Dubuque. la., Feb. 4, Cottar Itaplda 0. 

"Princess Chic" (Joho P. Slncum. mgr.) — Kastoi'., 
Pn., Feb. ft, Trenton, X. J„ 0. 

Itudlsell Concert (M. 11. Ayer, mgr.)— Hender- 
son; Tenn.. Feh. 8. Holly Springs. Miss., ft, 
Oknlouii 10, Al<-rdi-.ii 11, Columbus 12, Bir- 
mingham, Ala., lit. 

"Itiiraiw-ays"— Macon, Oa., Feb. 4, Selma, Ala., 8. 

Sehelf. Frltal (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Newark, 
" J., Feb. 1-fl, Philnilelphln, Pn., 8-13, 


Shay Oncrn— Dululli. Minn., Feb. ft, 0. 

Stiiylon's Jubilee Singers — Logan, O. 
Plketon 4. Oreenllehl fl. 

"Snltnh ot Snlu" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.)— 
Indianapolis, lnd., Fell. 8, 0. 

"Shirks" (W. W. Tlllotson, gen. mgr.)— Fort 
Worth. Te.v.. Feb. ft, Waco «, Austin 8. 

"Silver Slipper" (John 11 Flsber, ingr.)— Loula- 
yllle, Ky„ Feb, 1-3, Decatur. 111., 1, Bloom- 
iiigton ft. Sprlncnclil 0, Evnnsvllle, Ind., 7, 
tiitlney, HI., S, Peoria II, Indianapolis, Intl., HI, 

"Mow Girt" (B. C. Whitney, mgr.)— X. J. Clly 
Feb. l-o, Phllodelplilu, Tn., 8-13. 

"Simple Simon" (C.. A. Wlllinms, mgr.)— Corn- 
ing, N. \., Feb. 8, llntlt 4, Danville 5, Wnvnr- 
ly ti, Tow.andn, Pa.. 8, Oswego, H. Y., 0, Cort- 
land 10. Ciiuost.ila 11, Oneida 12, Auburn 13, 

"Three Little Malda" Charles Frohman ft George 
ICdwardew, mgrs.)— Sprlnglleld, Mass., Feh. 3, 
Waterhury, dam., I, Hartford 0, New Haven 
0, Boston. Mass., 8-20. 

"TeiMlerfoot" (W. W. Tlllotson, gen mitr.)— An- 

JSJ3? n.'jacksr-K?.' l,r " n,I Ka,,W8 * UMk ' 

" ',?'* J ' """I 1 •'»■'•■•" Wm. A. Brady's (Jolm S. 

,"" V; T f> .17 U ''J' ','•-• •■"•'■ •"•• »« '"'^ city i- 

tl. Park Clly 8,. Eviiiisinn. Wvu., 11. jioet 
Springs 10, llnwllns 11, Lnrliuee 12, Cheyeiuii! 

"M'orel Woman lu IaiuiIoii" (Berger ft Oreiirln 
nigra,)— N. Y. City Feb. 1-0. Providence, It, I.. 

"Way tit (he Transgressor" (W. c. Cuiiulngliam, 
■ittr.)— Brooklyn, N. Y„ Feb. Ml, llulvake 
Mass., S-ln. * 

" uml Ptirlisl." Sullivan, nnrrls ft Woods' 
— Kt, l^iiils. Mo.. Jan. iil't'i'h. It. 

"While Slave" IHahon Caf)i|ibell. mgr.)— Brook- 

8- 13. 

WllllaiiisisirT; l?i.." "Mill,™ a, TSveiuuli; O.fs'ut. 
Mells-Diinuellnrltui Mnslenl Comedy (Juke Well* 

mgr.)— Birmingham. Aln., Feb. 1-13. 
Wllls'f oiwrii (W. II. Fullwend, mgr.')— Lwk- 

|s>rt. N. V„ F.4i. Ml. w " mh 

Wills Musical Conietly twin, llrny, ntgr.l— Iron- 

Mich "s I?* 1 " :1 ' <;1,l,ll,-0,lie 4 -' ! . 8nglutiw, 
"Wlxiirii of Oa" lllamllii & Mitchell, iugn>.)— 

St. Isuils Mo., Feb. Mi, Kansaa Cltv 7-13, 
"Wliartl of oa" (llaailtn ft Mitchell, uigrfl.)— 

Peoria, III.. Feb. 3. IImiuiII.iiI, Mo„ 4. Moberly 

ut W'. Savage, mgr.)— 

■1. Seilnllu fl. 
"Yankee Consul" (Hmr.r 
Cobtmbus. O.. Feb. 4, u- 


■ v ^bfTfl. , x: "•: S?y M**^"**' * '•■ 

..JOT. V V. Fell. il. Philadelphia, Pa.. 

THE • "o' N,, S? 0,ll > (Ciirlanil Oiiden, mgr.)— 

Ellratielli. N. .1.. Feb. lit. Trebbin. N. J.; ft. 

WIlllaniKport, Pu.. li. Brooklyn. N. Y„ 8-lB. 

*L \V%T'\ i*fv.iO i fflS ( nl 5 r ;?,- cl "- KryantV Bnrlea,«n. '(Harry C. Bryant, mrr.)- 
"^^r , Wo , men ,, :^l,!" ,, • JR* *gfcg%Z- '$$*'• ' " * 1-0, Allmny 8 - 10 ' Troy 

llnrtlp- ft aearaoii'n (Joe> 
Crtv Feb. l-«, Plilla- 

Miner, m'frt.')— Clnelnnatl, 
fl. Inidsvllle, Kv„ 7-13. 
Itu'li, :ngr.) — Boston, Mass., 

' V \V!!l!!V'.'i, , i,iJ ,A !^ ,5 r-M Uo,, A J - nf * l * |r ' "*'■'>— l"Wf$r, riilrleanucro. II 

l''tllii.iel|ilila. Pn.. Feb. Mi. Ifiifllg mi»r i^-S' v 

"Wl-eti WVicen law" (Frank W. Nnson. mgr,)— delphli, Pn'.."R-l3. - 

Iljiv. V Y„ Feb, 13, Albany l-C. Itttn-dtn nohemlnl.s (Thomas W. 1 


"Why Olrls Leave Home" (Vance ft Snlttvon. 
mgrs,)— Uoehester. N. Y.. Feb., 1-3, Svrnnisj 
4-il. UllCa 8, Cloversvllle 0, Cohoes 10, Albany 
Il-U. : 

0., Jan. ill- Feb. 
Ion Toils (Kt). v 

Feb. Ml. 1 
migndlers (H.rry M«tell. ragr.)— Cleveland, 0., 

Feb. 1-fl, Buffalo, N. ?., 8au. 

Brlitaan Shaw — Brooklyn, W. Y.. Feb. «. 
CllV'Sporta, (Phil Sheridan, mgr.)-l Wmj. , 

D. d.', Feb. MI. PltLshurg, VKttESr**** 
Crt.-ker Jack* (Robert Manchester, mgr )_i„. 

{,^8.' :.. .• 31rtb ' °« ci ««hTe.,), ,;., 

Cherry Blosaoma (Bittler, Jacobs ft ixiwrv m» , 

— » Y. City Feb. 1-U, Jcracy Cltyf N^j Tf:, 1 
Devere's, Bam— Albany. N. Y.f Feb. l.\ 'ii,.,,'- 

«, Monlreal. Can. 813. ' ™» ' 

Dainty Duchess (L. Lawrence Wcher n,« i 

Hillfalo, N Y., Feb Ml. ToroiVtr, Can E «V.,' 
Dainty Parea (Jos. II. Barnes, mgr )-_'ui'„, '■ 

Mav-s.. Feb. l-il, Manchester, X.H4c* HI ' 
Fny Foster BiirlesijuerB (Joseph Oiincniwin,... 

nZi'ki*. '*'■ ^ *™ 1 -«' ffina""; 

I-rciicli Folly Btirleaquora (Brant ft Pntinta.., 

ingia.)— Marlon, (>., Feb. 3, MansOeli 4 h " i1 "' 
Cay Morning Olorles (8am A. Scrlhner. 01%!- 

Sprliigfleld. Mnas., Feb. 1-8, llostnn, m„J^ 

Oay alVsnueiadora (Engenc Wellington, ra„ 1 ._. 
■ N. •». City eeb. l-l.t, " " 

Hnminer ft JLisoo ( l^iu nomrner, mgr )— p„ 

chesler X. Y.. Feb. 1-fl, Buffalo 8.187 
Jlydei. ComiTllans (Ittehiiril n. Hyde. 'mcr v 

Pittsburg, Pa.i Feb. 1-0. ' ' D ' Br ')- 

Hltli Boilers (J. H. Woodhnll, mgr.)— Decito, 

lnnoeent i Mnids (v. W. Dlnklns. in:rr.)-TUu. 
vllle, Pn.. Feb. 3, Mercer I. Souii, Sharon i 
ilr^euvillc fi. New Caale S. Beaver F-itls 

,r Mt%, i :?ifs:^^:^:r ,lnnn ^ ,,a ' '"''■• ^'>- 

Indian Maidens (L011 Is Harris, mgr.l— llainl.lo 
t.»i,.WVVn.. Feb. 3. Cumherhn . Md i 

W m & ^ff-t*' "n'ontown. Pa., 0. ScolV 
dale 81 lb-He Vernon !i. .Icunncii,- in 1JS1, 
II, Washington 12. McKeesrsTrt 13 ' Irul " 
Imperl.-tls (Harry W. Williams Jr.. mirrl_v. 
Paul, Mhm., Jan. 31-Feb. it, Chicago, li|„ 7 : 

Jolly' firasa Widows (Roliert Fulton, mgr.)— Pint 

in'a li-1'3 ' 1 "' i ' S " AM <> a *«>. lion .1- 

Kidtlcerhoekers (Unls rtnlile, mgr.)— Bnlthuor,, 

Mil., Feh. 1-0, Washington, I). \i' 843 ' 

Kentooky Belles (Wballrn Brothers, mors "l-Je,- 

sey t'lty N. I Feb. 1-fl, Brooklyn. NY 7S" 
Meny Mnidenn (Butler, Jaeoha A Lowery nterv , 

—Minneapolis, Mlna., Jan. 31-1'eli. 11, St. |.;,i',| 

Majesl'lea (Ficd Irwin, mgr.)— X. Y. f'itv i,Vh 1 
it, l'aterson, N. J., 8-13. ' ' 

Mooullghr Malda (Charles Franklin, mgr.)— Mm. 
trenl, Can.. Feb. Ml. Manchester, N\ It S.10 

Mght on Broadway (Harry Morris. m»r.V-Clii: 
eego, III.. Jan. ai-Feti. li. Milwaukee? Wis., 7. 

NI Ftb. ( 4*' 1 * (^rC,, Rl ' 1 "' ■•*> — ^'"»aa. Pa.. 

° r P- ll r" ln . S ,1,w / Mnr " n Beck's— Lincoln. Xeh 
leb. .'., Si. Joseph, Mo., 4. Ateldsou, knn ii' 
Leuveuworlh '!, Kansaa City, Mo. T-l't " 

Darlslnn Widows (L. Lawrence Wels-r, nigr.). - 
Boston. Mass., Feb. Ml. K. Y. Ollr K. 3 
mTss. . A ^7.;; ,wi *'»™. »• 1- »*». i-d. Ihislon. 

Bo'selim/l^sllah Folly (Bice ft Bnrlon, ragr,., 
— N. 1. City Feb. l-o. Pbllaflelltpl,,, P„., i,'. 

Rentk-Santley (Al« fjinvltt, mcr.)— bnhrtHa 

Hose Sydeil'a London Bellea (W. S. Campbell a 
ji,'i;"'''a.l J .Vh C '.'" , ft. ■»8^vl-->«lwnnkee. P, WI 5 A , 
n.Mtr' '2 ™ b, ..°' .yinnenpolls, Minn., 7-13. 
rtellly ft Wootl's Pat Rellly, ragr. )— Toronto 
„Cnii.. Feb. MJ, ItoehoRler, tf. Y. 8-13 
Runaway Olrls (P. s. i;| nr u, ing'r.)-Phl!adrl Pn. .Feb. ^^1-0. Baltimore, "w, 8-13. 

T t'lf*i!n: X ****• '"W'i-n--"""^, n. 

Tr v"'pX < ,"' n, ' ] " n * nr i | ' n^, • »«».)— Troy, N. 
},' F ™- 1 ". Albany 4-il, Provhlence, B. }.. s 

llioronghbrejU. (Frank B. Carr. mgr.)_Brookl r .,. 
to •,'•' *.£'• J.""' Newark, N. J„ H-IX 
Vt y\?%P:J-™ l * iB <>- ™gr.)-St. tah, Mo.. 

Jan. 0, Konaas City 7-13 
Canity lair (Harry Hill, mgr.)— Chicago. Ill 
_*». 31-Feb. (I. Detroit, .Mloli,, 7-13. 
World Beatera 1 ^J Herbert MacLVrngrO-IlcadlnB, 

^"B I Vern^f S%r- ( „- V<%^ , 


Llclimond, Ky., l\!b. 4, Knoxvllle, Twin ft. 
,,,!;a»rt -*• Ashevllle, N. C, 0, Hickory 16 
Chirk s, Duncan— Greenville, S. C, Feb 1) 
Enckatnuer's. Lew (James II. Decker, tigr )— 
FlrtpTfe h J "v F f?- ^^B^tt^Mass^sk 
N f *S.rf'll iy, n!F«f *£■* «Wr.)-Trcaton, 
n,iIki»S.V 3, o I " ! I dl ? 8 ','' 1 " *i I4mcastcr ft, 
narrlsbiirg 0, Cumberland, Md.. 8, Untontown, 
■> * ":' Sf ''wnahnrg 10, Steiibenvllle, 0., 13. 
aSf'SS \ '«-D. Cunningham, mgr.)— Hous- 

Wax.&Iot * C " lVat K M03[,n ''" EDn,R >X 
Gorton's to. 0. Pearl, mgr.)— Freeport, III., Feb. 

•'• Rnfkport 4, Mnrongo 0, Belvldere 0. 
llutiilya (Wm. Franklin . Blley, mgr.)— Corsi- 

!•' «,', n 1 A X 7 F ^i 3. Marlln 4, Waco ft, Austin 

1., San Antonio 7. Houston 8, Oalveston 0. 

•Ji pnr ? "r-Ofogohurg, S. OL, IiYb. it. New- 

hciry 4, C.reenwootl 0. Anderson 0. Greenville 

8. Spartanburg 0. 
hersoDds', Billy (c. J. Smith & W. C. Tl.0101. 

«.n, mgrfl.)— Charlotte; N. 0., Feb. II, flaffney. 

»'.'"'.' / < f 0,umWn -0. -Sumter 8.. Charleston s. 

uV? ™. ?••!•' Ji' *»Y«nnaU 10, Brunswick 11. 
m , i."'Vi ro ? y-, S V Augustine, Fla., 13. 
Richards ft Prliiglo's tltuseo & Holland, mgrs. 1 

T , f!' ll 'K!'i C:>I V ,f,} l- "• Hl '"tn Barbara 4, Sua 
Luis Obispo D, Salinas II, Watsonvlllo 8, Llv- 

lejo'ia '° 10, Mcrcc<1 "i N °l" 1 '-'• Vul ' 

Vo i^l! 5 <j J' ,, w - Vogel. mgr.l— Palmyra, N. Y.. 

SShwh ^"?,?7, 4 ' Pe "y "• Corning fl. Hoc 

ncllsvi e S, Wellavlllc ft. Jamestown 10. Tim- 
ir- ii' ,""J 1 '.. Km " IS, Johnsonburg 13. 
Ma»hburn's, 1'. Kceler'a (Frank A. Small, mgr.l 

^ n ?nif hl X i*!t ***■ "' Bitehanon ft. 

in hi.™? 1 "!!!* 1' Pomwoy. 0., S, GaUlpolia !'. 

?n o- ^.' , 10 ' Ashland, Ky„ 11, Mount Steii- 

lag 12, Blclmiond 13. 

.™ & r. A Y' ,,1 o ,,v r Do,,fie ' CIt r. Knn.. Feb. 2. Lu- 
rftSa , 8 ' J*? 8 AnliiiiiH 4, natoii, N. Mex., 

Fortl tl. Boulder 10, Lovcla.ul IS. 
SE? hJ 1 : H.— Columbia. S. a. Feb. 3. 
^feiJ-Hfe Wh 5", <r A' M ' Boyer. n™r.)-noney 

Grove, Tcs., Feb. 3, Denlsoii 0. 


En i"ii" ,n 'SJ D .1 ri, S r ,? h f ,, • mgr.)— Pnnln flonla. 
OHn'n,to C K 2 v. 8«»J-'l Inland 3, Klsslmmec 1. 
Lan" fl. ' Sanrori1 c - Orange City 8, De 

"adeflnl?e l !' (>ni ~ CI,r 0t ilex,c0 ' Mcx " F,!,, • J ' 

0r « "v , i"|-Vi l ' 1 '2~;P? rtm ' 0a " *>*■ ». «. Peiobroke 

Flt«gerald %L~" li 10, Abl » T,Ue ll - O " 1 " '-• 

^Yl^cA^Ottaw^-iar -"^ Um ' 1 


lfi? LZV"S,^ n i aal Arena (Frank C. Bos 

Mo. ^'~ ' klladclphlu, Pn., Feb. 1, luilcll 

Wheeling ffiljt "' Lluk, ° S ' »»*»"«••* J "' 

C '';«i'!! l 'x X tV"' rl i! V 1 S M - "■ xv " m - mgrO-Con- 

i" 3' Mr H ,;:,i ls< \ l i- i-*. I'mismouih 8-1:1; 
T V!!wr:)^ivZ;: ,l%!ra r " (Bt fc FI ""' 

lu!'. FHi'"'i 3"''' ' l ' m,l,wl Animals— Dos Moines, 

"'ihrtest'n^"-- ■* »■* o""" 1 ci,)r - ,fl 

,,, )IS!iiS-' J ?!? ^I"."' 1 ' ,: - Kuowles. iugr.)^Iack 
JB*j ''V '•""• 1,0: Brimswlck. (In . 8-13. 
•oil o M 1 " - .?""','."'-.!'"" ,, ' rh - "■ Oollcgevllle fl, 

v lU'iS' I'h'ilhie. mar.)— Rochester, N 
n„.LvJ',- b -.. :, : (l .' M,l,m ' Borrls S-13. 
Q Neh Fe t h'' t . 1 c 0r ^iP , ■• »■>"'< l». mgr.)-ToWns. 

nen., Feb, l-o, Ohlovva 8-1'i 

ffi, '"iSk^ o ( ^ l ' rt w Hlh<vr ' mgr. )-Mny vlllc, 
jalcil., Feb, 3, 4, Merrill ft il? 

(l, rn parls?HL fl |:'} z ' rti >-fi™'*ll. Ini., Feb. 4- 

iSSStoTKS tS .-'^ Cttnbourn Street, 

li'ir^ 0f .L El8 wl Known book of reference 
Amoije o.ther nfltactlVe fo&turea may he 

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team's, tour 

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Februaby 6. 



Uaudcville Route Ci$n 

>rhla Hat U xUaulc up as nenrly nrcur- 
„lr Ml It fV possible to inaltr 
v«adeville booklnga. 


Attar, Flo, Columbia. Cincinnati, Feb. 1-6. 
Ailuiiilnl & Taylor, H. A 8.. N. Y. C, Feb. la. 
.Vlums A Mack, Imperial, LeadTlllo, Col,, Feb. 

Adams. Jon. It., Avenue, Pittsburg, Feb. 1-0; 

Keith's Hljou, Folia.. 8-13. 
Ailfclo'a Lions, Poll's, New Hutcu, Coiio., Feb. 1- 

Addisou A Livingston, BIJou, Hamilton, 0„ Feb. 

Agn. Victoria, N. X. C. Feb. 1-0. 

A herns. TlK'. Star, Walla Walla, Wash., Feb. 1- 

il: People's, Seattle, 8-18, 
A hern A Baxter, Orpbeum, Davenport, In., Feb. 

All k reiser. 0. II., New. Castle, Pa,, Feb. 1-0 1 

U. II.. Bbaron, Pa., S-13. 
Aluiout A Dubiont, SheA'i, Buffalo, N. y,, Feb. 

I 0: Sbett'B, Toronto, Can., 8-13. 
Albn- Mnrle, Crystal, Milwaukee, Feb. 1-0. 
Aliens. The, Auditorium, Norfolk, Va., Feb. 10. 
American Trumpeters (t), Casto, LawTeuce, Muss., 

Feb. MJi Casto. Lowell, 8-13. 
Antrim A Peters, Keith's 'BUbu. I'hllo., Feb. 1-U. 
Audersou A Brlggs, 0. II., Auburn, N. V., Feb. 

Andeniou, Canto, Lnwrenco, Maun., Feb. 10; 

Casio, Lowell. 8-13. 
Areato, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 1-0. 
Armstrong & Holly, Chase's, Washington, D. C., 

Feb. l-o. 
Arca'rls, The, Columbia, Bt. Louis, Feb, 1-6. 
Arnold * Allen, Oeeau Pier, Atlantic City, N. 

,T., Feb. 1-0. 
Atkinson, Ueo., San Sonel, Milwaukee, Feb. 1-0. 
Austin, Geo. E.. Main Street, Peoria, 111., Feb. 

ATCfal (2). Keith's, Providence, E. I., Feb, 1-0. 
Avon Comedy Four, Shea's, Toronto, Can., Feb. 

Bards, Four. Howard, Boston, Fcb.1-0. 
liidlcrlnl, Mite., Keith's, Boston, Feb. in. 
Bnrto A Lafferty, Pastor's, N. Y. ft, Feb. 1-0. 
Boitslct A Mllcster, Novelty, Denver, Feb. 1-0. 
Barlows, The, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. (J., Feb. 

Barr & Evans, Avenue, Pittsburg, Feb. 1-0; 

Watson's, likli.., 8-13. ' 

Bnyes, Nora, Proctor's. Newark, N. J., Feb. 1-0. 
Barnes. Stuart, Orpheum, Son Fran., Jan. L.1- 

Fcb. 0. 
Bedlnl & Arthur, Shea's, Toronto, Ouu„ Feb. l-ll. 
Bean & Hamilton, Keith's Bijou, Phllu.. Feb. 1-0. 
Bentham A Freeman, BIJou, Cshkosh, Wis., Feb. 

llcllnuin & Moore, Sheu's, Toronto, Can., Fob. 

Beverly, Frank A Louise, Novelty, Oakland, Cul., 

Feb. 1-0. 
Beverley k Donvers, A. & 8., Boston, Feb. 1-0, 
Bergerc, Valerie, & Co., Orpheuni, Bkln., Feb. 1-8. 
Bell. Senator Frank, Keith's; tt, Y. C. Feb. l-ll. 
Money A Chapman, Casino, Lawrence, Mass., Feb. 

Blxley, Edgar, II. A B„ Bkln., Feb. 1-0. 
Blmni, Bomui, Il-r-r-r. Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 

Feb. m. 
Bloom A Cooper, Circle, K. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Planchard, May, O.ieon, Baltimore, Feb. 1-0. 
Blanche, La Belle, H. A S., N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Boniface & Waltzluger, Columbia, Cincinnati, 

Feb. 1-0. 
Hrldshavv, I.aarn, A. A S., Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Bryant A Snvllle, 0. 0. U., Indianapolis, Feb. 

Brooks Bros.. Avenue, Detroit, Feb. 8-13. 
Brooks. Herljcrt, Circle, N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Bruns k Mnn. San SoucI, Milwaukee, Feb. 1-13. 
Brandon k Wiley, Shea's, Toronto, Cnn„ Feb. 1-0. 
Brown, Harry, A. A S.. Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Burnett 4 Weyerfiou, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 

Feb. 1-U. 
Burns. Harry, Metropolitan, Duluth, Minn., Feb. 

Burton A Brooks. U. A. 13., Bkln., Feb. 10. 
Bush A Gordon, Trent, Trenton, N. J., Feb. 1-0; 

Howard, Boston fi-13. 
Button A Button, Jacobs'. Peoria, 111., Feb. 10. 
Burkhuri, Lillian, Temple, Detroit, Feb. ML 

Burke's Musical Dogs, Victoria, N. Y. C, Feb. 
Burke, Billy;, Keith's. Providence, B. I.. Feb. 1-0. 
Carr A Crowley, O. H., Elmu. Iu., Feb. 1-13. 
Camilla A Fonua, Bradcuburgh's, Phlln., Feb. 

Cirmontella. Orpheuni, N. O., Feb. 1-0. 
Campbell, Ucorge, Crystal, Denver, Feb, 1-0. aimers. Avenue, Detroit , Feb. 1-0; 

Avenue, FlttBbnrg, 8-13. 
Carmen Troupe. Colnmbla, Cincinnati, Feb. 1-0 J 

Kellh's, K Y. 0.. 8-13. 
Carroll & Clark. Colnmbla, St. Louis. Feb. 1-0. 
Carrie, Mile.. Keith's New, Pklla., Feb. 1-0. 
Carter A (llron, Granby. Norfolk, Va.. Feb. 1-13. 
Curson A Wlllurd, H. A B., Bkln., Feb. 1-0. 
Carter, Mr. & Mrs. Carl, Vaudeville, Memphis, 

Twin., Feb. 1-13. 
Cnesnr A Lewis Sisters, Fritz's, Portland, Ore., 

Feb. 1,0. , 
Curroll & Clarke, Columbia, St. Louis. Feb. Ml. 
Carlton & Torre, Howard, Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Casud A De Venn!, ' CryBtal, "" Denver, Feb. 1-0; 

Crystal. St. Joseph, Mo., 8-13. 
Charles, Carl, Coinlquc, Seattle, Feb. 1-0. 
Chagnon. Fred., Gem, Lynn, Muss., Feb. ID. 
Chlunulllla. Princess, Proctor's 23d St., N. f, 0„ 

Feb. 10. 
Clayton. Jenkins A Jasper, Kiuplrc, Swansea, Feb. 

1-0: empire, Newport, 8-1 3. . 
Cllltord A Burke, Kolth's BIJou. Phils., Feb. 1-0. 
Clark k Temple, Columbia, Cincinnati, Jan. 31- 

Fcb. 0; Dnqucsne, Pittsburg, 8-13. 
Curbley A Burhe, Proctor's," 23d St., N. Y. C, 

Feb. 1-0. 
Cole A Wurner, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., Feb. 

Cooke & Don Main Street, Peoria, III., Feb. 1-0. 
Coakley A HcBrldo. Avenue, Detroit. Feb. 1-0. 
Cotton's Comedy Donkeys, Trent, Treutou, N. J., 

Feb. 1-0. 
Collins ,t Alton, Acme. Norfolk. Va., Feb. 1-0. 
Gunny A Pearl, Poll's, Hartford, Conn., Feb. 

Cordiiu A Maud, Orpbeum, Sun Fran., Jnu. 31- 

Feb. 0. '.-.." 
Colby k Way, Victoria. N. Y. 0., Feb. 1-0. 
Cole A Johnson, H. A 8.. N. Y. 0., Feb. l-tl. 
Conwcll A Hunter, Jacobs', Pcorln, 111., Feb. 1-U. 
(.'oleiimu. Al., Proctor'B 23d St., N. Y. C„ Feb. 

Couture A Gillette, Shea's, Toronto, Can., Feb. 

Cressy A Dnyuc, Empire, Uobokcn, N. J., bob. 

Crawford k Duff, Proctor's 23d SI., N. Y. C, 
- Feb. 10. 
Cushmau, Holcombe A Curtis, Keith's, Boston, 

Feb. 1-n. „ _ 

Culleu, Jan. H., Empire, Uoboken, N. J„ Feb. 

Cutlys, (0) Musical, Victoria, N. Y. C.. Feb. 1-0. 
Daly. Cbas.. Unique, Inilltuiupolis, I'cb. 10. 
Dolto, Proctor's Dth Avo., N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Davis A Wolker, Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Day, Mabel, Orpheuni, Denver, Feb. Ml. 
Daly A Devere, Mechanic, Salem, Mass.. Feb. l-'j. 
Dale, Musical, Columbia. SL Louis, Feb. 1-0. 
Day. Edmund, A Co.. Keith's, Boston. Feb. 10. 
Davis A -Wilson, Jelfere, Saginaw, Mich;, Feb. 

Dawson, Jhs. B,. Duqucsnc, Plttsbtirg. Feb. 10. 
Dawson, F,ly, EdWon, No. Yiktma, Wash., Peb. 

Daly'fc Kelso, Electric, Winnipeg, Can., Feb. 

D's A D's„ Unique, Astoria, Ore.. Feb. i.e. 
Dngnell, Auile, Temple. Detroit, Feb. 1-0. 
"Dancing Violinist," The, Casio, Lowell, Mast;., 

Feb. 1-0; H, A B., Bkln., 8-13. • . 
Delmorc, Misses, Keith's New, Phlla., »eb. 1-b. 

Keith's, Providence, B. I.; 8-13. 
Celinore A Wilson, Empire, Bradford, Kng., 1Mb 

Dorrln, Chntcs. Ban Fran.. Feb. 1-0. 
Devinu, Hubert, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., Feb. 

Decley A Shean. Chutes. Bun Fran.. Feb. 10. 
He Lima Troupe (5). Orpbeum, Bkln., Pob. 1-0. 
lh-iiiciilo k Belle, Hub. Mllford, Mass., leb. MJ; 
. I'aelor's. N. Y. 0.. 813. ... _. 

Desmond, Mary, Keith's, ProvlrJencc, It. I.. I'Cb. 

Dc Witt, ShorU A Lillian, Proctor's 23 St., N. 

Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Desmond, John J.. Kellb. Phlla., Feb. 1-0. 
Dillon Bros., Proctor's, Newark, N. J„ Feb. 1-b. 
DHks A Dllks, A. A B.. Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Dickson. Cbas., Keith's. N..Y. C Feb. 1-0. 
Doll. Alice Lyndon, Orpheum. Denver, Feb. 1-8- 
Dolaii A Lciihorr, Einpice, Uobokcu, N. J-> leb. 

Dor'la'u, Bertha. Tlvnll. Buffalo, N. T.. Vrt>. !•«.' 
Downs, T. Nelson, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., Feb. 

Dressier. Mnrle. Orpheuro. Bkln.. Feb. 1-0. 
Prane, Sub D., BuaeBbwga'g; rbJla., Feb, 1-J. 

Duuiltrescu. Vun Anken A Vanuerson, Orpbeuui, 

Duffy, Sawteik! A Dully, Orpbeum, Son Fran.. 

Jan. 31-Feb. 0. 
Dupout. Mary, A Co.. Portland, Portland, Me., 

Feb. MJ. , 
Duprre A Dupree. Howard, Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Ea A'.* Wi° u t (i - °- H - Intllanapolis, Feb. 1-0; 

Columbia, Cincinnati. T-13. 
Eekhoff * (Jonlon, Orpbenm, Kansas City. Feb. 

Ml; Otplieum, N. O., 8-18. 
Edbnln A Edwards, Mechanic, Salem, Mass., Feb. 

Edwards, Sam, A Co.. Poll's, Hartford, Conu., 
„ F#b. Ml Jacques', Wuterbury, 8-13. 
hurlvy. John k Alice, Ubru. I.yuli. Mass,, Feb. 1-0. 
Kdwiirua. Homer A., Crystal, Denver, Feb. 1-0. 
Lldora A Norlne, Cook's, Itocbester, N. Y., Feb. 

Ellsworth Family, Novelty, Denver, Feb. 111. 
Emmett A Kane, ilo'.den Oatc, Virginia, Miun., 

Feb. l-in. ■ 
Emmett, Devoy A Co., Keith's BIJou. Phlla., Feb. 

Emery A Brown, Oceau Pier, Atlantic Clly, N. J., 

Feb. 1-0. 
English Pony Ballet. Victoria. N. Y. C Feb. 1-0. 
Ernest, , Cbas.,' Keith's, Providence, tt. I., Feb. 

Ernils Trio, Empire, ToUilo, 0., Feb. 1-0; Ar- 

elide, 7-13. 
Ererett Sisters, Standard, Fort Worth, Tex,, Feb. 

i-'nntas (2), Orauenns', SprlugScld, 111., Feb. 1-0. 
Falke A Senion, II. A S., X. Y. C, Feb. 1-U. 
Fadettc Orcliestrn, Circle, N. Y. C, Feb. MJ. 
Falley, Jnmes A Bonnie, Cssto, Lowell, Mam., 
. Feb. 1-0. 
mm, Eleanor, Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. C, Feb. 

Ferry, Novelty. Oakland, Cal., Feb. 1-8; Orau- 

man's, Stockton, 8-13. 
Felix A Bony. H. ill., Bklu.. Feb. 1-0. 
Ferguson k Dupree, Weait's, Peoria, III., Feb. 

1-0. ■ 

Fields A Hanson. Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo„ Feb. 8- 

Fisiier. Mr. & Mrs. Perkins, Proclor'a 23d St., 
N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0; Proctor's, Albuny, N. Y., 

Fl»ke & McDonougb, Pastor's, N. Y. C„ Feb. 1 -«. 
1'lelds A Wbnllen, ColumMit, St. Ixntls, Feb. l-tl. 
FItzglbbon-MrCoy Trio, Keith's, Providence, It. 

1„ Feb. 10. 
Fischer A Wnfker. Circle, N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Fields & Ward. Howard. Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Fields, W. C, Tlvoll Palace, Cape Town, 8. At., 

Feb. 1-13. 
Fisher A Carroll, Shea's, Toronto. Can., Feb. 1-0. 
Fllsou A Errol, Orphcum, N.O., Feb. 1-13. 
Fleury Trio, Howard. Boston. Feb. 10. 
I'loru, Mildred, Arcade, Toledo, O., Jan. 31- 

Feb. 0. 
Florenz Troupe. Victoria, N. T. C, Feb. 1-C. 
Flood Bros.. Keith's BIJou, Phlla... Feb. 1-0. 
Fortunls (3). G. O. H., Indianapolis. Feb. 1-U. 
Forrester. Sclmu, Crystal, Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 

Foster k Foster, Pustor's, N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Fohtlnellls (3), II'ishngen'R, St. Loula, Feb. 1-0. 
Fox, Imro, Proctor'B 23d St., N. Y. O, Feb. MJ, 
Foy, Eddie, Eniptf. 1 . Clevelsnd, Feb, 1-U. 
Foy A Clark. Columbia. St. Louis, Feb. 1-0. 
Foster, Geo. J., Howard. Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Ford, John, A Moyme Geltrue, Keith's New, 

Philadelphia, Fell 1-0. 
Frcdo A Dare, Young's Pier, Atlantic City, Feb. 

Fraser & Mac, Empire. Bradford, Eng., Feb. 

1-U; Emjilte Leeds, 8-13> 
Franklin. Irene, Pastor's, N. Y. C„ Feb. 1-0; 

Proctor's, Albany. N. Y., 8-13. 
Franklin A De Forest, Unique, Indianapolis, Feb. 

Franklin A Hopkins, A. A S„ Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Frey A Fields, Casio, Fall Ulver, Mass., Feb. Ml. 
Freeman. Clias., Novelty, Denver, Feb. 1-0. 
Fuller, Ida.. Leipzig, (ier., Feb. 1-13. 
Gardner A Madden, Park, Youngstown, O., Feb. 

1-0. ' ' 

Garrlty SlRlers, Casto, Irf)we)l. Mass., Feb. 1-0. 
nallettl's Monkeys,' II. A S., N. Y. O, Feb. 1-0. 
Glitcs 4 Nelson, II. A S.. N. Y. C„ Feb. 1-0. 
Ousch Sisters, Family, Portland, Me.. Feb. 1-0; 

Mechanic, Salem. Mass., 8-13. 
Ueuuio A Tlicol, Palace, Hull, Eug„ Feb. 1-0; 

Empire, New. Castle, 8-13. 
George A Llbbce. Howard, Boston, Feb. t-0. 
Herman Rose, Oilcon, Baltimore, Feb. 1-0. 
Olllet Trio, Shea's, Buffalo, Feb. 1-0. 
Gllliliun A Murray, O. 0. H.. Iudlauapolls, Feb. 

1-0; Colutiibla, St. Louis, 8-13. „ _ 

Olrl with the Auburn Hnlr, Keith's, N. Y. C, 
'Feb. 1-13: '• ' _ 

Gllsou A Hart, Watson's, Bkln., Feb. 1-0. 
Cllorlhc, 0. II.. Merldcn, Conn., Feb. 1-0. 
Gould, Billy, Circle, N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Gordon A' Hayes, Grauman's, Stockton, Oul., Feb. 

Godfrey, Hal. A Co.. H. A 8.. N. Y. C., Feb. 1-0. 
tlottlob, Fred A Amy, Pastor's, N. Y. C„ Feb. 

1 0; Dockstnder's, Wilmington, Del., 8-13. 
Goldsmith. A Hoppe, Dockstudcr's, Wllmlngtuu, 

Del., Feb. 1-C. 
Guidon, Belle, Proctor's 23il St., N. Y. C, Feb. 

Grans' A Sweeney, Novelty, Denver. Feb, l-fl. 
Uruttuu. .Stephen, A Co., Ocean Pier, Atlautlc 

City, N. J.. Feb. 1-0. 

Gray, Etwtird, Teiiiple, Detroit, leb. MJ. 
Oregsons, The, Keith's, Providence, B. I„ Feb. 

Guerrero, Itosurlo. Shea's, Toronto. Can., Feb. Ml. 
Grant, Sydney, Orpbeum, Utlca, N. Y., Feb. 1-0; 

Avenue, Detroit, 8-13. 
Groh. Frank, Crystal, Milwaukee. Feb. 1-b. 
Hallen k Hughes, K. V... Amsterdam, N. Y., Feb. 

RAW A llose, Howanl, Boston, Feb. 10. 
Ilnnilll. Fred. J., Academy, Mllwauaee, Feb. 1-U 
llslilabura Troupe, Keith's, ' Providence. U. I., 

Feb. 1-0. 
Harmony Four, Empire, Leeds, Feb. 1-0; Palace, 

Hull. 813. ... 

Hardy, Susie. A. k. S„ BoBton, Feb. 1-U 
Harris. Clark, Columbia, St. Louis, ieb. 1-0. 
Haskell, Loncy, Lyric. St. Joseph, Mo., Feb. T- 

Huwicy A Vase, Edlsou, Everett, Wash., Feb. 

IlKtar A Lester. Empire, Cleveland, Feb. 1-0. 

Hull. Pauline. Kelth'B New, Phlla.. reb. 1 ; 0. 

llerriuuiin. Adeluidp. l'roctur's, Albany, ^. 1., 
Feb. 10; Poll's. Hartford. Conn.. S-Lj. 

Heuiuaiins (3), O. II., Lock Ilaveu, Pa., 1'eb. 1-0. 

Ueclow, OhiiH.. Mullen's, OiiMlM.'lcb. 1-U; Crys- 
tal, St. Joseph, Mn.. 8-13. 

Hecluw A Wbepler, Mitllep's. Onmha, Feb. 1-6. 

Henry, Eugene,' Star, Hamilton, Can., I;eb. 1-0. 

llefrtsi, Tom. Empire. Scuttle, Feb. 1-tJ. 

Henry, IjjuIsc, Keith's. N. Y. C. leb. 8-13. 

llleknimis. The, Jacobs'. Pcorln, 111., leb. 1-0. 

lllnes ft Vniiro, II. A B.. Bkln.. Feb. 1-0. 

Hodn-s A Laiinchtnore. Atlantic Uunleu, N. Y. O., 
Feb. 1-0; Star, Plitbi.. 8-13. 

Hoey. Johnny. Proctor's Oth Ave., N. 1. C, Feb. 

Holilswortb, The, Keith's New, Phlla.. Feb. 1-0; 

Keith's. N. Y. C 813. „,.,,,» 

Ifwan* Wilkes, Orpheum, Denver. Ffb. 10, 
Holmes k Waldron, Graud, Butte, Mou., beb. 1-0, 

Empire, 8-13. .. ' „ , ... 

Holt. AIL. Orpbeum. X. O., leb. 10. 
Iloldeu A Florence, Orplicum, Los A., Cal., Feb. 

Hodi'klns A Lelth. Keith's New, Phlla.. Feb. 10. 
Hobbs (2). Gem.'Lynn, Mass.. teb. 1-0. 
Hodge. Hull A Co:, Keith's, N. Y. C.. Feb. 1-0. 
Howard's DogB A Ponies, Keith's New, Phlla., 

' Feb. 1-U. „,,.,. t i ,. 

Howard A Blund, Aveane. Detroit, leb. 1-0. 
Hunt. Mr. A Mrs. Ben, Weast's, Peoria. III. r-eh. 

IlunV, Boss A l4!Wis, Keith's, Puwtuckct, B. L, 

llisl'su'n. Mabel. Watson's. Bkln.. Feb. ML 
Humes A Lewis. Unique, Indianapolis. Feb. 1-b. 
Hunter Trl», Main Street. Peoria, III., feb. Ml, 
Humes, Julluii, Ilownrd, Boston, leb. t-0. 
Huntings (II, Avenue, Detroit. Feb. t-0; Colonial, 

Clevluud, 8-13. '„.,„„,;., 

lluiitliigton, Wrlghl. k Co.. Sheu's, Buffulo. *cb. 

luues's A llyan, Brook, Marlon. Ind,. Feb. l-fl. 
Jack A Paul. Crystal, Denver, H-b. M.. 
James A Duvis, Standard, Fort Worth, Tex., Feb. 

Jennings A Jewell, Edison., Ballard, Monl.. Feb. 

.lenuliiSB, Sieve, Columbia. 81. 1-ouIh. Feb. _10. 
Johnson, Snlicl. Avenue, De roll, leb. 1-0. 
Johurori A Wells, StUr, Haul Itoii. Can., bcb. in, 
Jolmsop, p.nvcni«;rt k Lorella, Jlechiulc, Salrm, 

Jose, 'b'.' J.. Mettiaiilc, Salem. Mass.. Feb. 1-8. 
.Toni-s. Morris. WUrm. HriMa. M;'iit.. r-rtt. ML 
Jordan A Oronth, Portland, Portland, JIc., leb. 

1-0; Mechanic. Salem. Mass.. 8-111. _ 
Karl A King, Lyric. Llpcolu. Neb., leb. MJ| 

Crystal, Denver. 8-I3. 
Kaufman Troiqie. Tein|ile., 1 ML Id. 
Kewie, Matlle, A Co., Doclstader's, Wilmlngloii, 

rw>l Feh. 1-0, 

Kwnedr * James, K«1UY» Blgoo, PhlU., Feb, 1-0, 
. i-0. ' 

Keaqn. Charles, Keith's BIJou, Phils., Feb. 1-0. 
Kenton. Dorothy, Keith's. N.' Y.T., Feb. DO.' 
Keatuas (3). Kiuplrr, Hobokcn, N. J., Frb. 1-0; 

Keltb'x BIJou. I'lilla.. 8-13. 
Kelscy Slaters. Arcade, Toledo, O., Jan. 31-Feb. 0. 

Keliy, Claude, Clneogruph, Los A., Cal.. Feb. 1- 

Kelly A Kelsny, Auditorium, Norfolk. Va., Feb. 

Kelly] Spencer, Proctor's 3th Ave., N. Y. C. Feb. 

Kelt A Kuslk, G. O. II. . ludlsitnpolls, Feb. 1-0. 
Keougb A Ballard, Arcade, Toledo. O., Jan. 31- 

FebT U. 
Keenan. Fuuntuliie A Lung. Poll's, Bridgeport, 

Conn., Feb. 1-0. 
Kid,' Ueo. A Pauline. Weust's, Peoria, III., Feb. 

Kolillis A Illley. Lyceum, Son Fran.. Feb, 3-10. 

Kolitlu, Towle k Kopllu, Chutes, Sun Fran-, Feb. 

Kokin, Prlnw, Wntson's, Bklu., Feb. l-fl. 

I.iiWronce. AL, Watson's, Bklu., Kpb. 1-8; Proc- 
tor'n 12Clli St.. N. Y. ft, 8-13. 

Lumbert A Pierce, Empire, Uoboken, N. J., Feb. 

Lamonls. The. Keith's New. Phlla.. Feb. 1-0. 

Lone, Cbrls., Orpbeum, N. Y. C„ Feb. 10; uiar, 
Phlla.. 813. 

Lu Tour. Irene A "Zoza." Young's Pier, Atlan- 
tic City. Feb. 1-U; Proctor's, Albany, N. Y„ 

LanMon. Mabel. Chutes, San Fran.. Feb. 1-0. 
Ln Veen ft Cross, Keith's, Boston, Feb. l'O ; Port- 

land, Portland, Me., 8-13. '— ' 

Lavender k Tomsou, Pastor's, N. Y. 0., Feb. 

Luwson 4 Xiininn, Pastor's. N. Y. ft. Feb. 1,8. 
Lu Troupe Funtastlituc, Keith's, N. Y. C, Feb. 

Muyd. Herbert. Keith's New, Phlla.. Feb. 1-0. 
Le Clair, Harry. Keith's, Boston, Feb. 1-0; 

Porthiiul, Portland, Me., 8-13. ' 
Leonlu, Little, Shcedy's, New Bedford. Mass., Feb. 

l-fl. . 

Le, Clair, John, Young's Pier, Atlantic City, Feb. 

1-8; Dnqnesue, Pittsburg, 8-13. 
Lester, Harry, Portland. Porlland. Me., Feb. 1-8. 
LeAore A St. Clulrc, Columbia, St. l.ouls, Feb. 

1-0.- - ■ 

fxivey, Ethel. Keith's. N. Y. C Feb. l-fl. 
1-eslle A Curdy, Wntson's, Bkln., Feb. 1-0. 
Lcsslk, llatijl, Audttorlnm, Norfolk, Vs., Feb. 

I.lvlngUons (ID. II. A II.. Bkln., Feb. 1-0. 
Lnkcns (J), Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
I.ucBdos, 'Hie, Keith's. K. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Lynns. Tlie, Proctor's filh Ave.. N. Y. ft, Feb. 

l-fl! Proctor's 23d Street.' M-lil. 
Lynue A Leonard, Empire, Colorado Springs, Col., 

Feb. 1-U. 
Mathews ft Harris. Avenue, Detroit, Feb. 1-0. 
Mae 4 Mac, O. II., Burlington, Vt., Feb. 1-0; 

O. II. , St. .Vilnius. 8-13. 
Slaritlim, Mile. Sulbuua, Weast's, Peoria, HI., 

Feb. 1-0. 
Mack ft Juliiwou, A. A S.. Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
Mack. Eddie, Proctor's, Newark. X. J., Feb. 10. 
Mannings, The, Auditorium, Norfolk, Va„ Feb. 

Muntell & Lamb. Grauman's, Stockton, Cal., Feb. 

1-U; Broadway, Sail Fran., 8-13. 
Mathews ft Ashley, Columbia, Cincinnati, Jan. 31- 
Feb. 0. 
May ft Miles, Hub, Woonsocket, It. I., Feb. 1-0. 
Marco Twins. Casto. I swell. Mass., Feb, Ml. 
Mackwooda, The. Keith's, Providence, II. I., Feb. 

Mart In Trio, Crystal, Deliver, Feb. 10. 
Matlow, Plunkett A Co., Keith's New, Phlla., 

Feb. 1-0. 
Mar.ui ft Mazct, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 

• MS. 
MaBlnleru. The, Docksladcr's, Wilmington, Del., 

Feb. 1-0. 
Mat key A Morau, Proctor's Slh Ave,, X. Y. C, 

F»b. 1-8. 
Marcel's Has Reliefs, O. O. II., Iiiillanapolis, 

Feb. 8-13. 
Mattlnettl A Grvsal, Columbia, Clucliinnll, Jan. 

31-Feb. 0. 
Murtlne & Bnlmo. H. ft S.. X. Y. O, Feb. Ml. 
Marlon, Burt, Gent. Lynn, Mass., Feb. Ml. 
Masao, Ed A Hettlo, Proctor's 23d St., X. Y. C, 

Feb. 1-8. 
McAvoy. Dick ft Alice, Casto, Fall Hirer, Mass., 

Feb. l-fl. 
McDonald, Jits. >'.. Orpheum, Bkln.. Feb, 1-U. 
MeMorils A Nortou, Acme, Norfolk, V» , Feb, 

MePhernou. V. R., Novelty, Denver, Feb, 1-p. 
McWaters A Tyson Co., Casto. Fall Hirer, Mass., 

Feb. 1-0. 
McShaftVeya, The, Arcade, Toledo. 0., Feb. 1-0. 
McPevttt A Kelly, Keith's, N. Y. ft. Feb. 1-0. 
McKenna's Dogs, San Sonel, Milwaukee. Feb. 1-8. 
UcOuua ft Grant, Empire, Crlpiilc Creek, Col., . 

Feb. 1-0. 
Melrose Troupe, Watson's, Bkln., Feb. 1-0. 
Meyers ft Mitsoa, Elks' O. II. , U'advillc, Col., 

Fell. Ml. 
Mcttllng A Beau, Edison, Olyuipla, Wush., Feb. 

1-0; Arcade, Portland, Ore., 8-13. 
Mead's Trained Horses, Gem, Lynn, Mass., Feb. 

Meets (3), Tlckley's Varieties, Prague, Feb. 

Mitchells (3), Park, Worcester, Muss., Feb. 10; 

NelBon, Stirliigflelil. M-1U. 
Mldgeleys. The,', Peoria, III., Feb. 1-0. 
Mtgnon Sisters, Forsi-Kcllcr, Milwaukee, Feb. 

Mlskel, Con, Gurrlck, Wilmington, Del., Feb. 

Mills. Lillian. Trent, Trenton, N. J.. Feb. 10. 
Motoglrl, l,u, Uaiisn, Humhurg, tJci., 1'eb. 1- 

MlllTll 31. 

Morris ft Parker. BIJou, Hamilton, 0., Feb. 1- 

Moulugue's Cockatoos, Chutes, Snu Fran., Feb. 

Monroe, Muck A Lawrence, Empire, Clcvclaud, 

Jan. Ul-Feb. 0. 
Moreland, Beatrice, G. 0. It., Indlaua[io!ls, Feb. 

Mooney A Holbein, Bradeuburgh's, Philn., Feb. 

Monitor A Dell. Sun SoucI. Milwaukee, Feb. Ml.' 
Morris ft Morris, Putnam, KIcbulHiul, Vs., Feb. 

Morris ft Buwi-n. tlrpbuuiu. Kuusas City, Jan. 31- 
Feb. 8; Orpheum. Denver, H-13. 
Morgan ft Crane, Hraileuhurgli'H, Phlla.. Feb. l-tl. 
Murphy, Mr. A Mrs. Mark, Keith's BIJuu, Phlla., 

Feb. 1-0; 0. II. II.. IlidlulialiDllH, 8-13. 
Murphy A Nichols, Orpheuni, Bkln.. Feb. 1-8. 
Murphy A Francis, .'Keith's, Providence. It. I., 

Feb. ML 
Nuj'ttou. ltosi, I'imlor'B 23d St., S. Y. ft, Feb. 

Newton Bros., Howard, Boston. Feb. Ml. 
Nells. Uiitb. Keith's BIJou, Phlla., Feb. 1-U; 

Proctor's r.tli Ave, N. Y. ft. Sill. 
Newell A Nlblo. Avenue. Pittsburg, Feb. 8-111. 
Nciviiuin, Josepti, Colunililu, St. I-onls, Feb. 1-0. 
New York Newslmy-t' Quartette, Park, Worcester, 

MitBH.. Feb. 18. 
NlhlM. Bordouex A Nlbbe, Oileuii, Baltimore, Feb. 

Nichols Sisters, Victoria, N. Y. C, Feb. 1-0. 
Nichols tt Crulx. OdiHin, Baltimore, Feb. 1-0. 
Norton, Talkative Miss., Watson's, Bkln., Feb. 3- 
' Kl. ; - 

Knarlhl, Dave. Casio, Full ltlver. Mass., Feb. Ml. 
Nobles. Mr. A Mrs. Milton, Mulu Street. Pcorln, 

III.. Feb. Ml. 
n'Donubey. Armund. Kelth'B. Boston, Feb. 1-U. 
Oittur, Abbas Ben. Weast's. Peorlu. III., Feb. 1-0. 
Olive. Mile., Pustor's. X. Y. C. Feb. l-fl. 
Olvlo ft Fnwn. Novelty, Sun Fran., Feb. 1-0; 

Nmeltv. Stockton, T-13. 
OrplieuB C'omeily Four, Cook's, Rocheslcr, N. Y., 

Feb. Ml: Temple. Detroit, 8-13. » 

O Brlen ft'Wcst. Park; Worcester, Miibs., Feb. 1- 

; Howard, Rostou, 8-13. 
O'Brien ft Havel. Empire. Cleveland, Feb. 10, . 
Orpheum Trio, Casio. Fall ltlvi-r. Miibs., Feb. l-ll. 
O'ltoutke A Buruetle Trio, Empire, Clcvclaud, 

Feb. Ml. 
Oqila. Keith's. N. Y. ft. Feb. 1-U. 
Owlcv A Ulindall, Meclimile. Balem, Mass., Feb. 

Puller's Hogs, Sheu's, Buffalo, Feb. 1-0. 
Panltvr Trio, Pastor's. N, Y. ft, Feb. 1-0. 
Pnplnta, Temple. Detroit. Feb. I-(I. 
IMrros Bros.. Teuiple. Detroit, Fell. 10. 
I'nteheu 4 Clifton, Slur, llamllluli, Can.. Feb. Ml. 
I'.isspiirts, The. Temple. Detroit, Feb. 1-U; 

Cook's. U'K'besler, N. Y.. 8-13. 
l'etet Family, Arcade, Toledo. V., Jan. 31-Feb. 

Peters. Phil ft Nettle, Shm's, HulTalo. Feb. 1-0. 
I'ell Sisters, A. A S., Boston, Feb. 1-0. 
['clot, Oslo. Ixwdl, Mass., Feb, 1-0; Trent, 

Treuton, N. J.. 8-13. 
Tlielps (31. Vancouver. B, C. Feb. I-«. 
Phillips. J«bn. A. AH., IMaton. Feb. Ml. 
Phillips Cornnly CO.. A. ft 8.. Boston, Feb. l-fl, 
Pierre ft Mnltec. Howard, ItosUiu, Feb. l-fl;. 

Hhcftly's. »w ItiMlfiinl. 8-13. 
Poulier. Edward, -Olneograph, Los A., Cal., Feb, 

rrlmrose, Geo. B; rroctor'i Clh Ate,, N. X, C, 
-reb, JO, 

f'reHo'a Dogs, Citric, X. Y. IV, Feb. Ml. 
■rlnr A Norrls, Klectrtc, VaniMuver, B. C, Jan. 

31-Feb. 0. 
itnnililphs, The. Crystal, St. Joseph. Mo., Jan. 

31-Feb. 0: f.yrlc. Lincoln, Neb., 8-13. 
liadfonl A Wlneheater, Eniidn'. llrailford, p:uff„ 

Feb, 1-0 ; Empire, Leeils, H-lil, 
Hackclt A Ilniinl. Koynl. London, Kng., Feb, 1- 

U: Palace, Croydon, 8-13. 
Ilnpoll. Lisi, Orpheum. Denver, Feb. 1-U 
ItnyDchl. Florence.' Chntw, ' San Frau., Feb. 1-0. 
Kays {»), Lyric. Suti Diego. Cal., Feb. 1-U. 
ttaymotid ft Caverlv, Shea's. Buffalo. Feb. Ill, 
Beno, AL, Proclors. Nowurk, X. J., Feb. l-fl. 
Ileuo A Sinlih. Kellh's, Provhlonee, It. I., Feb. 

KeitiM till. Crystal. Vancouver, It. i\. Feb. 1-U. 
lteiidngtoii, Mayme, ft Picks, Orplicum, Ukln,, 

Feb. ML 
Klo Bros, totto, ingr.), Proctor's, Xewnrk. N. J„ 

Feb. 10. 
Klre A Prevnst, folumhlii, Olnrlnnnll. Feb. l-tl. 
Hire A Elmer, Orpbeum, San Frau., Jan. 31- 
Feb. ia 
Jllce ft Cohen. Proetur's, Nttwurk, N. J., Feb. l-C. 
Klo Bros.. Proctor's. Newark. N. J., Feb. l-fl. 
ltlclmrds (3), Columbia. St. Louis, Feb. 1-8. 
lllce Family. Orpheuni. N. O., Feb. l-o. 
ltleolKino's Horses, Orpheuni. [ik til. . Frb, t-0, 
lllehards A Montrose, (i. O. 11.. Indianapolis. 

Ind.. Feb. 1-0. 
ltlce. Perelviil. Crystnl. Mllwnukw. Feb. 1-0. 
lllce. Fanny. II. O. II., liullanaiiolls, Feb. 1-U.. 
Bitter. Mai, Proctor's, 23d St., X. Y. tt, Feb. 

Itoasow Midgets. II. A P.. Bkln., I'ell. 1-8. 
Hobvrtus ft Wulfrodo. Orpheum, Jan. ,11-Fcb. 8. 
llotittlito A Stevens, ti. o. 11.. Iitdlauapulla, Feb. 

id; Columbia. Cincinnati, T-1U. . 
llnsiilre, Casto, Lnwrt'iiee, Mans., Feb. 1-0 ; Cits lo. 

IflWell 8-13. ' 
Hpssow, Charles. II. A It., Bkln,, Feb. t-0. 
Hoyce, ' Flossie. Lyric, Santa Barbara, Cal,, Fsb. 

Kobtsch A Childress, Coeur d'Alene, Siiokant, 

Wash.. Feb. 113. 
Koto. Julian. Kellh's Xew. Phlla., Feb. Ml. 
Huberts (4), Oncograph, Spokane, Wash., Feb. 
• 1-13. 

Kussrll Bros., II. A II.. Bkln., Feb. l-fl. 
Kliswdl, Helen,' CryBtnl. MUwunktv, Feb. l-fl. 
lluiarll. Leah, Mnlu Street. Peoria, III.. Feb. 10. 
ltusseil. BIJou. Casto, Lowell. Mass., Feb. 1-U. 
Itnmfnnt, ' Nellie, Oileon. Bnlllinoro, Feb. l-tl. 
Itiissell, Phil A Carrie, Font Keller. Milwaukee, 

Feb. Ml. 
ltynn. Jus. A Muitd, O. II.. Auburn, N. Y„ Feb, 

ltynn A Btcbfleld, Poll's, llrldgeport. Conn.. Feb, 

Bali), o. K., L'lniuc Moderno, Stockholm, Sweden, 
Feb. 1-13. 

Simmy, Gilbert, Hmdclihiirgh's, Phlla.. Feb. 1-0. 
Sadler ft Sadler, Jacobs', l'vortn. III.. Frb, 1-U. 
Saudor Trio, Empire; Clevcliiiut, Feb.' l-ll. 
Sunu-eii ft Znceko, Crystal, Denver, Fell. 1-0. 
Sanderson, Carl W., alechatilc, Salem, Mass., Feb. 

Babel. Josephine. II. A 8„ X, Y. a, Feb. l-o, 
Saunders. Chalk, Circle.' N. Y. ft, Feb. 1-0. , 
Suott. Carrie M., Allinmbro. Savannah. Ob., Feb, 

Schenk Bros., Victoria. N. Y. O. Feb. l-tl. 
Seb'aum. Marie. Keith's New, Phlla., Feb. 1-0. 
Seymour A Dtipre, Palace, U'lcister, Kng., 'Feb. 

813. . . 

Bernini Children. Temple, Detroit. Feb. «-!3. 
Senrl A Allen, Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn.. Feb. 

Sherman A De Forrest, l'mk, Worcester, Mhbb., 

Feb. 1-U. ' 
Shannon ft Brown, Keith's, N. Y. C, Feb, Mfl. 
Sheon A Warren, Victoria, N. V. C. Feb, t-0. 
Sltdw. Lillian. Porlluuil, Portland. Mr., Feb. 1-8. 
Sllvnno. Keith's ttljou. Phlla., Feb. 111. 
siIvhh (2), Orpheum. San Fran., lull. 31-Feb. 8. 
KlhcRey ft Here. Crystal, Milwaukee, Feb. 1-0. 
Smith A Powell. Keith's Xew, Phlln,. Feb. 1-U. 
Smith, Aerial, Keith's, Providence, It. I., Feb. 

Smith ft Durrlto. Oxford, London, Kng., Feb. 

Snyder A Buckley, Orpheuni, SnuFruu., Feb. 1-13. 

Sorucher Bros., Howard, llustnn, Feb, 1-0. 
Spnlniw, Victoria. N. Y. V., Feb. 1-8. 
Splssell Bros., Casio. Fall ltlver. Muss., Feb. 

1-U: Casio, Lawrence. 813. 
Sielu-Krctto Family, Orpheuni, Los A., Feb. 1- 

Stuber, Frwl S., Cook's, Itucbvater. N. Y„ Fell. 

Ml: ICmplre, Clovelniid, 8-13. 
Stewart ft ituyuibnu, I'roclor'k Ctli Ave., N. Y. ft, 

Feb. 10. 
Stepbeus, Hal, Avenue. Detroit, Feb. 1-0. 
stewnrt, Ada. Font Keller, Milwaukee, Feb. l-o. 
St. Ives, Flora, Empire, Under, I'll., Feb. 1-1,'L 
St. Up Bros., Kellli's, N. Y, O, Feb. l-fl. 
Sully A Phelps, Arcade, Toledo. o„ Jim. 1-Feb. 0. 
Sullivan A Piisqiielliin, If. ft It., Bklu., Feb. 1-0. 
Sulllvun ft Weston, Pastor's, N, V. O., Feb. 10. 
Swedish Ladles' Oiilnlel, Keith's, Phlla.. Feb. 1-U, 
Hrvli'kurd. Mr. A Mrs., Oiford'uiid Tlvoll, London, 

Ki|g., Feb. 1-13. 
Sylvester, LatVrcnce, Criterion, Tntupn, Fla., Feb. 

Tnl but A llolxTts, Park. YuuiiKstown, t),, Feb, I- 
•lirshl'tt'H. Buffalo, N. Y., 8-KI. 
Tuiiiiun, JullU). Proctor's, Newark, N. J., Feb. 

Tuliiikus, The, Oriiheum, Ukln.. Feb. 111. 
Tally Ho Duo. Brnilciilnirgli'M, Phlln., Feb. Ml. 
Tltorne, Mr. ft Mrs. liurrv, Coluuililn, Cliicln- 

lijlti, Jan. 31-Feb. 0; Duqucsue. Pittsburg, H 

1 J. 
Thomson, Harry, Orphciiiii, Denver, Feb, l-fl, 
Thompson. Minnie May, Mala Street, Peoria, 

III., Feb. Ml. 
Thurston. Howard, Orpheum, l.oa A., Cul., Feb. 

Thornton. James. Keith's, N. Y. 0., Feb. 1-U, 
•Jilley. Vt*t«, Circle. X. V. ft. Feb. Ml, 
Tlpncll A Kllraent, La Petite, Hiiohoinlscli, Wush., 

Feb. 1-U; Clinics, Snn Fran.. 8-13, 
Trelonr, Proctor's, Alhmiy, N. Y.-, Feb, 1-0. 
Trolnor A Button, Orpheum, Terre Haute, Intl., 

Feb. 1-0. 
Troubadour Four, Star, Toronto, Can., Feb. l-ll. 
Tyco A Jeruiou. Sheu's, Toronto, Call., Feb, 111. 
Cslier, Fannie A Claude, Pastor's, N. Y. ft. Fob. 

Vunee, Clarice. Linplrc, Clurelaiul, Feb, i-n. 
Vimsm- Girls 18), Ornhcum. Denver, Feb, Ml, 
" i. Gladys, Casio, Full Ulver, Mush.. Fob. 1-0; 

'- " . , ' \ 

Young. Carolyn, Arcade, Toledo, O.. Jan. il-TV'lt. 

Znt Zaui ft Mowra, Coiur d'Aleue, S[x>kanc. 

Waahi, Feb. 1-13. 
Zlsku ft King, Orpbeum. Denver. Feb. 1-0, 
:. «■> 


Poll's. llrldgeport, 


Casio, Lawrence, 8-13. 
Van Fttan'U A MiCutiley. 

f.Vjim., Feb. Ml. 
Vnlinolc ft llorliin. I'urk, Yonngatuwu, 0„ Feb, 
. Mi; Sheu's, lliiffutii. N. Y., 8-1.1. 
Vusijur Glfls 18),' Orplieuui, Denver, Jan. 31- 

l'eb. 0. 
Vrthhars. The, Pastor's, N. Y. 0„ Feb. 1-0. 
Village Choir Ouarlet, Orpheum, llklii., Feb. l-fl. 
Waller A Muglll, Casio. Lawrence, Muss., Feb. 

Ml; Casto. Lowell, 8-13. 
Wuterbury Bros. A Teuny, Keith's, Frovhleoco, 

II. "I.. Feb. 10. 
Ward A Kayipvnd, Howard. Boston Feb. 1-0. 
Walton, Novelty, Denver. Feb. 1-0. 
Washington*, The, Star. Phlla:. Feb. 1-U. 
Wityuu A La Mar. Edison, Aberdeen, M'nsli., Feb. 

l-«. • ~r 

Want, Louis, b'orst Keller, Milwaukee, Feb. l-ll. 
Walton, I.lljliiu, llrudciihiirglt's. Phlla., Feb.' Ml. 
Warren A Blunchurd, Columbia,' Clucluuatl, Feb. 

Wuyburn's Minstrel Mlases, Hbta's, Utllfalo, Feb. 

WeriKr-Ainoros Trmitic, Orplicum, New Orleans, 

Feb, Ml. 
Welch, John J.. Arcade, Portland, Ore., Feb. 813. 
Wenlen AGIaddlsh. Orplieuui, New Orleaui, Feb. 

Welch. Jus. A. ft Olio, Howard, Boston, Feb. l-fl. 
West A Van Skklen, II. A IJ„ Bklll.. Feb. 8 13, 
Wlncheriuiin'N Bears ft Muiikeys, Kellli's, I'rurl- 
. , deuce. K. [.. Feb. Ml. 

WHIlums A Jlolliurn, Jacques, Waterbury, Omu., 
'Feb. Mi. 
Wilson A Davis, I'urk. Worcester, Muis., Feb. 1- 

•l; Nelson, Kprliiglteltl, 8 111. 
Wilson A Morau. Chutes, Sun Fran., Feb. Ml, 
Williams A Medium, Poll's, Bridgeport, Coun., 

Feb. 10. 
WHIInins, <:. W.. Crystal. Bftircr, Feb. l-fl, 
Williams, The. Cryslnl, Milwaukee. Feb, 1-U. 
Wluslow. Mine. Wynne, Clrulo, Nl Y. ft. Feb. 1-B. 
Wiley, Iliith. Shcedy's, Fall Ulver, Usss., -Feb, 

Wilson, Geo., Shea's, Buffalo, Feb. 1-6. - 
Wood A Hay, Kellli's, Boston, Fell. 1-U; Port- 
land, Portland; Me., 8-111, 
World's Trio, Kellh's,. IliiBbiii, Feb. 1-U. 
World A Kingston. Teuiple Detroit. Feb, 1-8. , 
Wollliig's Triilneil Horses, Ocean Pier, Atlantic 

Clly, N. JV. Fell. 1.11. .. 

Wrlghl. Mr. A ) |rs. John B., Edison, No, Yakima, 

VVaah., Feb. 10. r ' 
Yallo Duo, Orrlu Bros.. Xew Mexico, Feb. «■ 

April 10. ' .'.' " " '- . 

Yaekjcy A Bunnell, Howanl. Boston. Feb. 10. . 
Yenmaiia. JeUnle. Avenue. Detroit. Feb. 1-0, . 
Yorke A Adams, Victoria, X. Y. ft, Ffb. Ml. 
Young America Qnlntot, Regtnt, SaKord, Enj., 

Feb. 10; Iilpvodmac Ulugoir, Scot,, 8-13, 

St. Loula 'I'lie IjUiaurd of Inst week pilC 

the tlienii-leiil iitirnctlniw out of btislneas lu 
n gveiit cxleut (or several ilnjs. Ahnut r\x 
liMlies o( kiww fell, nl most uniireeediyntetl for 
tills town. Tills, with the extreme cnld ninl 
heavy ivluils, luitl the strike »vf drivers nrid 
couriuuien now on, mntlo It linrtl to rencli 
the tlieuucs either In carrlagca or cars. 
However, tlm Inst half of the week was 
plciuatit. itiwl business wu.s good. 

OLYMPIC (V. Short, munnger). — Ilertlm 
(litllanil. lu "Dorothy Vernon, of Hadtlott 
Hull," Feb. 1-U, John Drew, In "The Saqtad 
In Ctuuiuund," si Ul very well Jim, 'J.'.ao. The 
play had never been put on before In St. 
Louis, aim) lis reception was cordial by pros* 
ninl public, 

Ckntcry (V. Short, mnnagnr). — "The 
Wlgrinl of On returnctl here for week of 31. 
"The Hllvcr Slipper" opened Sunday. J4, for 
ilio week, and was very well nttensled, con- 
sideline the bad weather. Sum Collins, iv- 
conilv hero In "Tim Mullah of Stilii." was 
feat tired, and led n forco at rnpablo fun 
uiaXons. W. (i. Stewnrt und Annn Tyrroll 
wore id recelvwl for their vocal work. 

Illi.vxti (JullU 0. Sheohy, mutuigeii.- -Mrs, 
Flsku opens here Fob. 1, fur n week, uliiylnu 
".Mni.v of Mnudnlu" und "Ilodda (Jnbltn. ' 
It wiis billed tlmt "A tluntlcuuin of Fruiico" 
woultl lie put on fur tha two iiofformnncns 
of Sumliiy, Jim. Ill, but the uiauiigvuient 
clianged tilniiH, und Mnsou mid Mnson, tlio 
oltcvlnir for week of 12-1, held over for the 
liuy. They hud u very goutl week In their 
(Jei-mnu diversity, "ltiulolph mid Adoiplt.v 
Hold il. Muck hud a tliim-ing net tlmt plcascjd 
tk.ll. . '• 

OiiEo.v (Harry I, Walker, manager).— 
Nell's Sunday .Hand concerts hero have been 
very well attended, mid the Clcrliiun Stock 
Co. also rtpurlN nood [iiislnoss. ."Alt lleldcl- 
berg." by (ho hitter. Hiindny. 111. Tim pre- 
vious week 'UacRerhliit" and "Tlio IHiiivInu 
liemon" m llHaWUlWl Kvenlnn of Its 
u benollt'wtiH given I.eonu llorgeru, sutibrettc 
o( I hu coiiiptiuy. Ilin-tiiii .Holmes oiious Ills 
lecture courso here Feb. 5. Itlehuiil I'lntt's 
rcultnl Is hilled for .'III.. "Trcrviitoro" will lm 
produced by the pupils of MIsh lielninnltn 
uiul Mrs. Hiftlti KellugK Uulnen evening- of S. 

l.'UAwroiiu'B (O. T. Crawford, lnunngef), — 
"At Vnlley Forue," with Mnurlcu Frreiiiuii, 
• i( the old liiiiierini Hindi Co., In the lending 
rule, Is offered week of 31. Week o( -1 "Tltu 
Cpwhoy Ulrl" drew fitlrly well. Frank 
.Iiunes Iirh n role In It. und wns welcomed 
by many friends. Ilo linn lived hero (or n 
long time, und Iinu n gootl repiitntlnn. The 
Hinging or Dolly Teuipiu la uuo of the beat 
things hi the niece. 

IMI'KIIHI, (II. 10. Itiissell. iniiliiiRer).— 
"The LlghthoUHi! by the Nun" week nf 111. 
Week of M "Hnppy Iliinllgiin," with W. II, 
>|nck, did mi excellent hltsltivsa, Cuiniibell 
uiul Caullteld had « specialty Hint helped out 
considerably, und Alice tillinore iiintle ko'sI. 

Havmn'h (Win. (larcii. uiniwgpri. — Vir- 
ginia Thni'illun and (Ion. It. Miller, In "Wud- 
iletl uiul Fur led," open I UK 111. Week of :' I 
"Why Wiinicn Sin," wllli b'lori'iice Ashland 
In the lending purl, held the bottrds. 

Coi.t.MIHA (Mlddlclon A 'I'n I e, inimiigerfl). 
— Week of Jan. 'Jfi tlila hoimo offorud , it 
clever vaudcvlllo hill mid ouu that wns well 
attended. Joh. J. Morton wits the lienil 
liner and mnde good. Wltfrtid L'lnrke A 
Co., In u bright sketch, hud the house with 
Hum tit every pcrfurinuncc. Unwind uud 
"Ulniiil, A. U. Duneitti, Tito Troupe, mid 
lliynnt nnd Mitvlllu weru others who cuukIu 
on well hero. 

Htamuaiih (Leo Helelienhncli, itianiigei). — 
'I hu lltopltin Hmlesipiers nru horu week of 
111. lllce A Hiuloli's Hui'li'siiiit'i's weru IteiV, 
Inst week, opening; 'J4. Fred Irwin's lllff 
Show weak of Feb. 7. 

Zoo. — The llostottk A Fenirl Willi Anlnuil 
Show, nt their W tutor iiuurteiH, the "/mi," 
are receiving iih itood putronugu ns linn mou- 

IUmhaiihn AuiiiTtiuiiiM. — Tlio IIiishiiH»n 
llniH., Ill tlielr iinplllar pelced vitiiilcvlllu ven- 
ture, re|Hirt very good business. 

Nothh. — 'The I'rltivu (if I'llsen" Co,, which 
luld over here Miiniluy, Jan. -'■!, wns iinnhln 
to play Its engngniiieiit tit Allon, III., the 
fnlluwltig night, owing tu some green work 
on the purl of tha ritllroudH, which delivered 
n emiple of curs of mixed fridght lit Alton 
ns I'llsen seunery. The curs nf l lie cdiiipiin'y 
were cupluled out In I lie Htnte litter, 
i a> 

KitusiiN Clly.-Al the Willis Wood The- 
Hire (Woodwind A Hureess Aninsenieiit Co., 
niu,tingi>rH).---'M,r»i. IsMM •"(.'ii,rlt>r. In "Du 
Hurry," cnnie lust week, lo pneked liuiwes. Ml**. 
Curtor iiihI her eumpiiny were well received. 
Tills week Illiitielii' WiiIhIi opens on Hutiilily 
nlglit, for four iilghtu (a rittiirn oiigugninent), 
MIks Walsh IuivIiik pluyed a week's ullgllge- 
incut lien; curlier in tha scrtuoii, (urooiI 
lnislnesH. The Inst throe nights of Hie week 
Ida Conquest comes, In "The (ili'l Willi Hie 
ilreen KyeHt" Ileithu tialliitiil, In "Dorolhy 
Vernon," Feb. 8-10. 

Tin: (Iiiahii ( Jliiilsou & Jiiiluh. runnngei'M). 
— taxi wbek Arthur Alstiiu'B cluvcr coinimiiy. 
Ill "At the Did Cross ItolldM," liiul n big weeli's 
lilisliicNK, Kstelhi Wlllliutis, Juno Cot-coi'iltriiud 
'.liiities liriiphy weru nil excellent. Tills week, 
Hurry IJeieHford, In "Tito I'infesHiir'H lirtve 
story," nrid next weak, Montgomery mid 
Main, In "The Wl?.nrd of On." 

'I'm: OitPinirM (M. Leliniiiii, tiiuininer). — 
Lust, week's hill drow good houses. Tlio nets 
were Zlskii lllld King, "The Muglclnn nnd UN 
Vnlet:" l,il fiii-inonlellii. In her olnel ileal 
novelly, "Wllch of lliu Mrniti ;" Anmi Cald- 
well, comedienne: Fsldlii tllrnrd and Jessie 
HninliMU', In "Ihsolpy uud Hie Iiliiiniiful :" 
Werdeu iiiid flhiilillsh, lu lllusiruted biilluds ; 
Kllsou nnd Krrol, In "Tim Illuck Cat;" Oeti. 
W. l)uy. In cork : the Four •NlKhtoim, nero. 
loils. TIiIh week tin: new hill will consist nf 
.Nirviiiiii. Kcklinn" ninl (lordon, Citrllti and 
Otto, lleurl lliiitilmrll, (Iieenu ittul Werner, 
Morrlu and lloweu, Cliriatluu'u tuunkcys, uud 
the kliiodiMinie, , " ■ '.. 

Hii.i.ts Oi'kiia llai'Kri (K. ti. llrlghntn, tnnn- 
iig«rK-~-LuHt wuok "The King nf Detectives" 
drew big houses. Tills week, the ltuyul Llll- 
pulluiis/ und next week, "Yon Yonnon".'* , 

• AiUirrouiitM (Wundwurd & Ilurgess Amuse- 
nienl Co., munugei'H), — LliHt week "At Vnlley 
I'ot-gu" hud good IniMlueiiM. ■ This wiH-k, the 
It luck Puttl Tniiiluidoum, und next .week, 
"J'leklngs from I'ui'k." 

Tllu C'H.NTI/II* (.1. ,T, llnnell, rjiunngcr). 
-■LiiK.t weak the High Hollers liluiined Hie 
lovers of burltmnuo In goodly numbers. TIiIh 
week, ltlce A Ilarlon's Illg Onlcty Co,, Klltt 
next week, the Uloplnvnn, 

♦■> » . 

W128T VIIUilM \. 

wiiocIIub;,— Al. tlio Court Tlieiitre (K. tt. 
Franzliclm. nmniiger). — "Kinroflorn." .Inn. 
<LTi, Intel fair htislJiesH, followed by "The Sign 
of the Cf osg," UH, In good returns; Iter* 
lllilllll, -II, hud full- huslliesH. "The UitrgO- 
iiiaMtcr." 80, did splendidly. Cmnlnu: l'm'tt 
Kendall, In "The Vinegar llnyer," Feb. 1. 

Miiam) Ol'KliA llniiHi: ICIum. A. Kelnler, 
manager).— "A Working UM'i Wroiius," Jnn.' 
l!fi-^7. hud gimd liimlnesM, followed by "Tlnj 
Teteplioiie Hlrl," HM-UO, to cxenlleul retlli'liM. 
t'otnlng: "An orphan's I'ruyer" Feb. 1-U, 
"Hello, Bill," 411. 

■ ..■ „ . ♦•» ■ ; 

— It him trunspii-eil nf the ofllclnl Investl- 
Rtitloii of IhO Ironuoli! Theatre pro In Chl- 
ri|go, by the' locul 'rtptrioifltles.' tlnil there 
' wiire do cnlelinn lights used cHbnr'Hl Ihe pro-' 
ditrthin of "Mr. Klucbenru" nor In the-tllcn- 
tnj Itse'f- Thoreforc, the reference; inndn 111 
these columns to calcium llghtn being a eon- 
tributary enuso to tbo lorn of life Id tbut 
catastfoptio was crroucous. 



February 6. 

Under tic C ents. 

THE Great Floto SHOWS ClBCt's, at 1 inline 
Tex.— The Kioto Sliows will take the road 
the coming season ok one of the best equipped 
railroad shows that money can put together. 
Messrs. Tammen & Ronflls, of Denver, have 
snent thousands of dollars to change the 
enow into a real circus, and have surrounded 
themselves with the heat business talent and 
« Iitus nets that money can engage. Tin.' 
show will consist of blue flat cms, Hyp stock:!, 
one elephant and cwmel car, and three l*uU- 
man conches mid combination diner. The 
ndvanco will include two newly buJIt cars, 
whlcfi arc Enid to be among the finest ad- 
vance cars ever sent out ou the road. There 
Trill be 'fourteen men on the first car, with 
car niunager ond press agent, and the second 
car will Include a cor manager and ten bill 
(rosters. The dimensions of the big caryvnses 
that will be used will be 140ft. round top, 
with two fiOft. middle pieces, and one 30ft. 
middle piece. The menagerie will be 100ft. 
round top with lour 40ft. *nldd)e pieces. Tlio 
side show will be an soft, round top with 
two 3t»ft. middle pieces. The horse 
tent will be an 80ft. round top with 
two 30ft. middle pieces. In the menagerie 
there will be seven elephants, four camels, 
two Mamas, two zebras, and seventeen cages 
of rare and costly animals, Including four 
38ft. dens. There will be silly-five head of 
baggigo horses and fifty-live bend of trained 
ponies and ring stock. The parado with the 
show will be grand, us the mnnrigemont Iiob 
spared no pnln.i to make It one of the hand- 
somest tli:it wan ever turned out with a 
Iwenly car show. We have let the contract 
tor the cages, a band wagon, four big den.i r 
and a bnndsomo calliope. The managerial 
depsrimint includes- II. H, Tnmmen and P. 
U. Houi 1 1.5 , proprietors ; .1. II. Huston, gen- 
eral agent : Herbert 8. Maddy. general man- 
ager, assisted by Ren Rosenthal and Frank 
Tnmmen; Albert Allen, boss canvas man; 
(.'lias. Panders, bead animal man ; rims. 
Apples, boss hostler; J. C. Pnrrlsh, master 
of transportation ; Coleman bell, superinten- 
dent of tot. Among the acts engaged for the 
big show are: The great St. UM Family, 
riders, nerobats. Including l.n nellc Ht. Leon, 
equcst rlenuc ; John and Nellie Carroll and 
•their big animal act, called "The Carousel 
of alt Nations." This act will be one of the 
big features with the show. The Carrolls 
nlso will do their high school menage acts 
with their dancing horses. Hcrr Litzen and 
his troupe of six performing elephants, 
this lielng their ttrsf trip to tills country; 
Professor D. 0. Mnrfccl and his troupe of 
stallions (eight In number) ; Alexius, the 
Great, In his act of looping the loop on a 
wagon wheel ; Sngtmotu's troupe of Japs 
<ten Jn number) ; the Prlskbrn Brothers, 
European trick and fancy bicycle riders, 
their first appearance in this country; Mile. 
Arllne, with her trained horses, dogs iind 
ponies; Mile. Vallecltn. the Jungle queen, 
with performing leopards, Hous, panthers 
and tigers, all in the same big den; Ircd 
Egner, Whiting Rros.. Edward McGraw, 
Harrv Lndell. Homo Elliott, clowns. The 
performance will lie given under the persons! 
direction of Messrs. Carroll & Morltel. The 
side show department will tie given under 
the supervision of lite Shipley. The print- 
ing and paper with the show will be strlcl- 
Iv first class in every wny- The big acts will 
ji'll be featured, and nothing but special 
jiaper will lie used with the show. II will 
be the aim of Messrs. Tammen fc I itlls to 
irv and make the nolo Shows ont of the 
lwst and hnndsomest organizations on the 

Siua H. Dat. "The Old Circus Man," 
tins returned to his home near New Haven, 

(Ikoboe II. Wyman. German knockabout 
clown, haa signed with the John Roblusou 
Ten Rig Shows for next season. 

Carl Clair, bandmaster of the Rarnum & 
Bnilov Shows, will return to New York Feb. 
3, from London, where he has been spending; 
his vacation since the closing of lost sea- 
son's tour. Mrs. Clair and daughter, Con- 
otance, will remain In Knglnnd for the 
Summer. _, 

Pawned Mii.T. Notes. — The advance of the 
Tnwnee Hill Wild West hns been Increased 
this' season to llftv people. All tbe bill 
posters, lithographers, banner men and pro 
graramcrn are members of the union. Our 
advertising cars are now In the shops being overhauled and painted. Our 
seventy foot silver car will surely set them 
talking: It will be itner. If possible, than 
last season. No expense has been spared to 
mnlte them the most nttrnctlvc earn on the 
rond. Our pnner will be the nemo of the 
printer's art, and we will hill to a finish. 
The department of publicity will this sea- 
son bo far belter than ever Iiefore. 

Tun Great Texas Bill Wild West and 
World's IlEST Kot'dii Kidehs will go out 
next season under the direction or W. V. 
Montgomery, who has the past several sea- 
sons successfully managed the Moutgoraory 
Bros.' "IT. T. C" Co. It will be a rnllrond 
show, and the equipment, Mr. Montgomery 
writes, will be of the very best. The paper 
will nil be special, nud equal to that put out 
l>y the big ones. 1. I. Lambert has s'gued 
as cenornf contracting agent. 

Tun Rarnum & Bailey OiBCtia will begin 
its season, ns usual, at Madison Square Oar- 
den, New York. The date of tho opening 
will be In March. Preparations are going on 
actively for the big event, nnd the usual 
bustling preliminaries are under way In all 
departmenta of the big show. ... 

Nictt Howabp (Cyclo) has perfected a 
new "startler" In tho bicycle line, and will 
be programmed as one of the features with 
the Harnum & Rnllcy Show. 

t ■ » 


Allen, "The Sign Painter;" Van Fosscn and 
McCnuloy, Griff Williams and Vanola Mel- 
buru, the electrograpb ; Thomas J. Kyan and 
Mnry Kiclilield, iu the comedy, "Mag Hag- 
gerty'a Father;" Aresto (automaton). 

Notkbj. — Mrs. Terry McGovcra made her 
debut in the drama In this city Jan. 27, 
taking a leading part In "The Kowery After 
Dark." Manager Bam Harris and Messrs. 
Sullivan Ic Woods came up from New York to 
see her work, and expressed satisfaction. 
John A. Shea, Fred Bullen and Prof. Atlas, 
wrestler, entertained MeQovern at a supper 
here at the close of the. performance. . . .The 
local Aerie of Kngloj>, 1,400 strong, contem- 
plate giving a minstrel performance In the 
near future. 

«»» " 


N>v» Iliiven — At the Hyperloa (G. B. 
Bunnell, manager).— Virginia Horned, .Tan. 
111. 20, to bilge returns. William Kavcrsham 
came, to good audience. 23. Rogers Rros., 
to a large house, 211. Illchard Mansfield 28, 
Maude Adams 2l>, 30, Henry Miller Feb. 2. 

Grand Oi'F.RA Hot'sn (G. B. Runnoll, man- 
ngerl.— "For Ills Rrolher's Crime." to good 
returns. Jan. 21-23. "Too l'rnud to Bog,' 
to lnrge houses. 25-27. One: "Ilor Mar- 
rlngc Vow" 2S-30i "Escaped from Slug Sing 

Tom's (S. Z. Poll, manager).— Tho bill 
for week of Jan. 88 Included Frank Keeniin, 
Long and Fraud*. Fontaine, Frank Rush, the 
Four Rlnnus. Hurry Linton and Lawrence 
Misters, .1. Francis Sullivan and Al. II. 
Weston, Hastings und Sheldon, Toledo nnd 

Notes. — The entertainment of the Eagles 
lakes place at (he Hyperion In February, una 
slvea promise lit being 11 great success. . . . . . 

The New Haven Lodge of Elks closed Its 
most successful fulron Jan. 25, In very largo 

■ ■ ■» 

11rld«rc|Mirt. Smith's Theatre (F.dwnrd 
C; Smlili. iiianngerL— -Last week was one of 
the biggest weeks nf the season at this house. 
"Under Southern Skies" opened Jan. 2.'i. 
with big bUKliios.-i. This was continued 20. 
with "A Country Girl." when the capacity 
<>f the lioitsi! was taxed. Terry Mcilovern. 
in "The Rowerv After l>ark." 27, duplicated 
1 lie business done prior t» his ndveut. nud 
■'Skv Farm." 20, W, pla.viHl to tbe capacity 
:il four rs-rfoniintKvs, closing a week that, 
was a record breaker for the season. Rooked : 
"The Darkest Hour" Feb. 1-3, Nell Burgess, 
in "The Conntv Fair." -i-u. TurvTRi: 1 Joseph Crlddle, mann- 
l.i'rl. — The hill for the week of Jan. SB did 
well. Rooked for week oi Feb. 1 ; Frank 
Keennn. Fiancee Fontiilne and Kate Lone 
'n "The Aetnr nnd the Count ;" WHllnm 
Mazuz and Adeline Mazett, Scarl and Violet 

Newark.— Bad weather and the general 
business depression have had their effect on 
the attendance here. 

Newark Theatre (Lee Ottolengul, mana- 
g-Ti. — Lew Dockstader and his minstrels 
undo their big bundle of fun, and also sev- 
eral tiovellles this week. Including some 
elaborate scenic effects. They should receive 
their usual hearty welcome. "A Chinese 
Honeymoon" received fair business last week, 
and Katie Barry was well appreciated. Marie ' 
Cnhill makes her first appearance here as a 
star, In "Nancy Brown," week of Feb. 8. 

Columbia Thkatbe (M. J. Jacobs, mana- 
ger). — L. J. Carter's "The Eleventh Hour" 
Miould satisfy the general craving for sen- 
sation at this house the present week. "New 
York liiiv by Buy" received moderate ut- 
leiitlon last week. "A Llt,tle Outcast" will 
All week of 8. 

F.Mi'iur. Theatbb (II. M. Hyams, mana- 
ger). — "Robert Kminet," this week, Is of 
more than ordinary Importance to the 
phtrons, and should claim gooil attention. 
"Through Fire and Water" proved to be a 
strong melodrama last week, and Interested 
11 fair shnre of the theatregoers. "Funny 
Mr. Dooley" Is looked 8 and week. 

Blanev's TurATRE (Chas. E. Itlaney, man- 
ager). *— The first appearance here of Patrice, . 
in "Driven from Home," occurs this week, 
and the pathetic story and exciting climaxes 
t-hould crentc favor. "Child Slaves of New 
York" obtained fair results last week. "Un- 
der Southern Skies" will fill week of 8. 

Waldmann's Theatbb (W. 8. Clark, man- 
ager). — The Ajiericau Burlesqucra are hold- 
ing atteniton this week, with Jeanette Du- 
pre as the special feature. The patriotic 
first part and the burlesque are pleaajng 
good audiences. The Bowery Burlpsquers suc- 
ceeded In rolling up n good week's huslnesH 
ngalust the prcvallliuy odds Inst: week. JTbe 
Thoroughbreds will he here 8 and week. ~" 

PnocTon's Theatbb (J. Austin Fyncs, 
geueral manager). — A goodly percentage of 
theatregoers continue to find satisfying 
■Hill ■Mill In the changing bills offered here. 
This week John C. Rice and Sally Cohen, 
T. Nelson Downs nnd Rio Brothers divide 
linnors on the bill, which Is completed by 
Dillon Brothers, Julius M. Tannen, Nora 
Rnyes, Al. Rano's dogs, and Eddie Mack. 
The attendance; was fairly good Inst week. 

Notes. — All the local managers nre mak- 
ing alterations In their houses in compliance 
with a new fire ordinance, which, in its 
present form, M pracllcally Impossible of ap- 
plication to any of the theatres. It remains 
to he seen how much It will be modified and 
how far carried out New asbestos cur- 
tains hnve been Installed In the Newark 

Theatre and at Blanev's recently Man- 

i.ger Hyams fell on the Ice and Injured his 
hack last week, but Is again about........ 

The Four hundred and twenty-fifth perforrj- 
anee of "Robert Kmmet" was celebrated at 
the Empire Monday night, Feb. J, "y the 
distribution of souvenir cups. 

« ■ 

Jersey City. — "A Desperate Chance" waa 
well pntronized at the Academy of Music 
Jan. 25. The- word tremendous fitly de- 
scribes the business done at the Bijou, with 
"Across the Pacific," and the Scrlbner Show, 
at the Hon Ton, as usual, received adequate 
support. . __' . _ 

Academy (Frank E. Henderson, mina- 
ffer). — For Feb. 1-8, "Through Fire and 
Water." "Our New MlnlBter" 8-13. 

Btjou (John W. Holmes, proprietor).— 
"Her First False Step" 1-6, "Hearts Adrift' 

Ron Tos (T. W. Cinklns, manager).— 
The Kcntncky Belles Fob. 1-6, Cherry Blos- 
soms 8-13. ..;._ 

Notes.— H. W. Fenwlek, of "Across the 
rncinc," nnd Florence Meyers, of this city, 
nou-profeHslotml, were married by the Rev. 
William Wahl, of St. Boniface R C. Chorch, 
Jan. 20. It has also come to light that 
Harry Olnv Blaney was married to Kittle 

Wolf, of his company, two weeks ago 

A very successful barn dance, with tbe neces- 
sat'v country adjuncts, was given by the 
Jersev City Elks, at their ball, 27....... 

Frederick It. Burton, the composer of Hia- 
watha," nnd twelve OJIbway Indians will 
portray • the poem at Hastwlck's Feb. CO,, 
matinee aud night. '-.' ' . 

■ ■ 

Trenton. — At Taylor's Opera House (A. 
n. 8lmmoiid8, manager).— Arlou Glee Club 
t local), Jan. 20, delighted a large aud etu:e. 
Richard Mansfield, 27, had bfe business. 
Francis Wilson. 28. received the best hoase 
of the season. Jesslo Bartlett Davis was not 
nble to oppenr 28, on account of Illness. 
Rooked • "Our New Minister" SO, local Feb. 2, 
Field's Minstrels 3, Clark Qlbbs Jr. and stu- 
dents (local) 4, "Wife In Nrirae Only 'W 
"The Burgomaster" 0, Maude Adams 8, Fay- 
ton Comedy Co. nnd balance of week. 

Statei Stueet Theatre ( I. C. Mlshler, 
mnunger).— Hlmraellen's Repertory Co., Jan. 
25 anil week, did well. Rooked: "His Lost 
Dollar" Feb. 1-3. "To Die at Dawn" 4,0, 
"Princess Chic" «. . _ 

Tbent Theatre (Edward Uenton, man- 
ager).— Another big week at this nouse, 
Jan. SO-SO. The people wort: La Tells, 
Pierce and Mnlzee, II. V. Fitzgerald, naves 
nnd Healy. Pantzor Trio, Adnmlnl and Taylor, 
the Sullv Family, Avery and Hart, olograph. 
Rooked 'Feb. 1 and week : The Ten Water- 
melon Girls. Snnsome nnd Dellla, Coltona 
donkeys. Hilly Clifford, McMahon ^nd Cbnp- 
iielle. John Celger, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney 

Mot*— The T. M. A., of this clly, en- 
loved a banquet nnd social session Jan. H, 
tlven Irv the Philadelphia- T. M. A. A re- 
turn visit will be made next month. 

F.ll«nlietli.— At the Lyceum Theatre (F.l- 
roT & Drake, managers). — "The Hutnim 
Sluve" oitened well Jan. 28-30. closing 30 
Willi a largo advance sale. "The Darkest 
Hour." 2fv27, did fairly well. To arrive: 
••Wife In Name Only" Feb. 1-3, "Dure Devil ■ 
Dorolhv" •!■«. Nellie Mcilenr.v. hi "M'llst>, 
8-10 (on which <m:cii«Ioii (lie ushers will have 
their annual beiieiltl ; "Her FliMt: False 

Jacobs'.— "Roll rotul Jack" Feb. 1, AL 0. 
Field's Minstrels 3. 

Tirs. — A fireman Is now stationed In the. 
I.vce'nm Theatre at each performance, and 
nn usher stands at each exit during every 

Hoiiokcu. — Medium business ruled at ttfn ' 
I.vrlc (II. P. Soulier, manager) during the 
tuisl week. Nellie McIIenry. Iu "M'IIsb," 
Jnu. 31-Feb. 3: "New York Day by Day" 
d-fl. "Lovers' Lane" 7-10, "Young Totw 
Hosle" 11-13. 

r.siptBF. (A. >T. Rrupeemnn, proprietor). 
— Week of I: Will Cressy atul Rlainihl; 
Dn.vue. Dolan nnd fj>nharr. the Three Ken- 
tons, James II. Cullcn. Lmnbeu and Pierce, 
and the clneograph. 

Cnnulen. — At the Camden Theatre (M. 
W. Taylor, manager).— -This city convinced 

Finveral more managers hat Wtfk tttti n* 
one of tho licst. three day stands In the 
l^aat. Phenomnnal business was recordeil. 
"A Desperate Chance" played to a. H. u.. 
and oven this could not he l^l.t The lat^ 
ter part of the week Why Glrh Leave 
Home" held the boards— the f&JZPjSS* 
pony both scoring heavily. lbs week. 
"Child Slaves of New "rk" l> eb. 1 -3, 
"M'liss," with Nellie Mellenry, 4-6. Thomas 
Shea, In repertory, follows. 

Atlantic City,— At the Ocean Pier The- 
atre (Harry D'Esta. representative).— 1 "« 
Real Widow Brown" had excellent hus ness 
Jsn. 20, 27. "Railroad Jock" dirt well *S. 
"Side Trncked' did llKewlse 20. "A Working 
nirl's Wrongs" played, to a good house, J<<- 
I'omlng: Crlterlon'vaudevllle Co. JJ^k o£ 
Feb. 1, William Faversham 8, Lnuna Bunt 
lng Co., In repertory, Feb. 0-13. 

Olitb tbe Bill Pesters. 

News from Local No. 7, Indianapolis, Ind 
— Al our last regular meeting we elected 
the following officers for the ensu ng year . 
Harry Drury, president; James Miller, vice 
J'residrmt; d . E. Perry, corresponding sec- 
■ leury (re-elected) ; Bruce Blnager, financial 
secretary (re-elected) ; E. E. Earl, treasurer 
(re-elected); John HeBtor, Inside P«}"> • 
Ralph Wlshard, outside guard ; Frank Jar- 
num. business agent; John bobl, Geori.e 
Hubiiard and Philip Keudle, bOUdtfl rirs- 
tec3 ; Frank Farnnm and John Hester, delc- 
cntes to C. L. U. C. E. Perry, secretary, 
would like to hear from all members of Local 
No. 7, as he hos news of importance for 
them. Paul Comas, nf St. I.ou1s, Is now a 
member of our local, having transferred from 
Local No. 5. Brother .Toe Homey, of Local 
No. 2, was with us Jan. 24, ahead of the 
CtoDlnni; Bro. E. E. Earl, our worthy 
treasurer, haa been offered quite a large .sum 
for ids Brown County farm by the govern- 
ment, hut so far hns refused, as ne has been 
thinking of building a factory for the manu- 
facture of the fatnous crooked brush handles. 
Brother Comas has s'gned with the BOfUfl 
Show for the coming senson. -.jinn ' 

Notes from Local >>. «, PMSfCnS^ 
Ed. Glroiw, of Boston Local, was In Denver 
Inst week, ahead of "Yon Yonson." Presi- 
dent Harry Hook, of No. 0, has gone to 
Pueblo, CoT, to work for the Curren Vo., and 
will be Hrother Martin's assistant lo. the 
hill room there. The Orpbeum Theatre 
unionized the house lost week, P» tt,D ? '£ 
Brother Cooper as advertising agent. inis 
makes all theatres In Denver working union 
men Brother Parker, of No 0. who was 
with Sells & Downs' Shows last season, was 
over the sugar beet circuit : last week, with 
Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Co. A very 
important meeting was held Sunday, Jan. 
IM. at which Brother Penny Introduced a 
motion to raise the initiation fee to $40. 
It will be voted on al onr next meeting. 
Many other mutters of Importance were 
taken up, and reports of the trustees and 
treasurers were received, and shoived .no. t> 
to be in a nourishing condition. 

Jess M. Frysinger, business manager ot 
the Aubrey Stock Go. (Western), writes: On 
Jan. 17 I was elected a member of Pittsburg 
Local, No. 3, National Alliance of Bill Post- 
ers and Blllers of America. We opened at ivi- 
mlra, N. Y., to one of the largest crowds that 
ever attended a repertory show. All arc n 
good spirits, notwithstanding the extremely 
cold weather." , , „ „ 

Notes from Local No. 24, Buffalo, N. Y-— 
Everything Is still prospering with us. Ap- 
plications are coming in from all nines, and 
irom nil over the country. We have had so 
much business to attend to that wo wete 
roinpelled to call a special meeting last Sun- 
day, Jan. 24, to get rid of some of the extra 
work. The secretary recently had a letter 
from one of our boys, Bro. Dpnny Mock, 
who is with the "Happy Hooligan" Co. lie 
writes of how well he was used in Cincin- 
nati, 0-. by the members of Local No. 11. 

Joe Cors, hill poster of the Holden Bros.- 
Stock Co., stated while in New Orleans, La., 
that the Crescent City plant was one of the 
finest he bad seen la years. 

Jlmmle Garllck, owner of the New Orleans, 
La., bill posting plant, wa6 elected a stale 
senator Jan. 10. and received congratulations 
from various professionals all over the coun- 

Cnrlyle Siierlock, manager of the Saratoga 
Bill Posting Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y-, 
writes: "With our modern devices for bill 
posting, the recent cold weather In this 
section did not Interfere with our work, nnd 
we ba.vo been able to fill all contracts on 
time. A few days ago we pouted a 48 
sheet poster with the thermometer register- 
ing 10 degrees below zero al: the end of the 

News from I-ornl No. 10, Minneapolis.— 
All correspondence concerning Local No. 10 
should he addressed to Chss. F. Foster, sec- 
retary, care of the Northern Display Adver- 
tising Co.. Minneapolis. Members of this 
local are hustling for their annual bull, to 
be given hv them Feb. 10. All National Alli- 
ance Billposters and Blllers of America .ire 
cordially Invited to attend. 





Memphis— At the New Lyceum Theatre 
(Frank Gray, manager). — Iio6e Melville, In 
"Sis Hopkins," came, to good business, Jan. 
21. Miss Molvllle Is quite a favorite here. 
The performance pleased. "The Storks' 
packed the house 22, 23. The company is 
nn excellent one. "The Resurrection" packed 
the house, afternoon aud night, 25. Blanche 
Walsh received an ovation. Crentore and his 
baud 31-Fob. 2, "When Knighthood Was In 
Flower" 13. „ „ .. _ 

HorKiNS' Granp Orr.RA House (A. B. 
Morrlsou, manager). — "Paul Revere" was 
presented Jan. 20 nnd Piitlre week, to BU 
attendance. John J. Fnrrell, In the title 
role, was enthusiastically applauded. Lan- 
sing Rowan, Isuhelle Rowmau and Anna Hoi- 
linger did well. Vaudeville features were: 
A. P. Rostow, equilibrist, and the Sisters 
Roppo, Russlaii dancers. "Rooms for Rent" 
will lie the bill week of Feb. 1. 

New Aupitobium (A. H. Morrison, mana- 
ger). — Weber & Fields' "Pousse Cnfe," and 
•• 'Way Up East" Jan. 2ti-27. "Huriy Burly" 
nnd "The Stickiness of Gelatine." i8-!t0, was 
presented lo very good business. The per- 
Xormnui'ea were commendable. 
■ . 

NiMhvlIle.— At the Grand (Mrs. T. J. 
Bovlo, lUH.iiage.r). — Jan. 2A-30 iho Uoyle 
Mock Co. played "Mrs. Jack." Miss Crelgb- 
ton, in tlio title role, wuh seen In one of 
the best roles for her temperament, aud her 
work, particularly tho reading of tho lines 

. describing the Buffalo hunt, brought forth 
loud applause. Knunti Campbell made her nppoaraiice with the compuny, appear- 
ing- ns Ami O'llarn, and made quite 11 bit 
with her excellent character work. Joseph 
Diivul. nlso 11 new comer, wade a good char- 
acter of Hudson, the butler, V. C. Alley Is 
hack nfttr four weeks' absence, nnd doubled 
Kli'iim Bolton nnd Watson In his usual 
I'nretul nnd credltablo manner. Frederick 
Puiildlng, as. Briusley Boone, brought out 
fionio flno comedy. Tho company was up to 
Its usum high standard and played tbe most 
satisfactory business. The stock company, 
Feb. 1-fl, In "Under the Russian Flag." one 
of the two melodramas purchased by Mr*. 
T. J. Bovle while In London. It will bo 
seen for the first time In this country Feb. 1. 

1* VrxBOME (W. A. Sheet, manager). — Jan, 
30, matinee nnd night. "Peck's Mad Roy" 
drew good crowdB. John Drew Feb. 4, 'Tbe 
Rarl of Pawtucket" r,. 6. "Ben Hur" 8-13. 
Note. — On account of greater seating 
capacity, Mme. Pattl will sing at Tabernacle. 
and not at Vendorac, as was first Intended. 

Notf.8 fbom Bowman's Bio Cm Show. 
—We are doing a splendid business, under 
the management of Barney Shea. Oui 'first 
stand in Florida was Lake City, on Jan. 11. 
where we appeared to n large and well 
pleased audience. This- attraction has an 
established reputation In the sunny South. 
We will tonr the same territory as last sea- 
son, and will remain In Florida the rest or 
the Winter, closing our season March 1, at 
St Augustine. Prof. Bowman and wife win 
then go to their fruit farm near So. Haven, 
Mich., to spend the- Summer months. Barney 
Shea will no doubt go to the St. Louis expo- 
sition, ns he has received a very flattering 
offer from there for tbe Summer. 

Notes from Hurd, the Magician, and 
his company. — Business has been up to the 
top notch throughout the South, central 
States, and all are In good spirits. Bob and 
Ona Demorest Joined at Mobile, Ala., to do 
their comedy musical act. With all special 
scenery and seventeen different styles of 
special paper, It forms one of the strongest 
combinations of its kind. Roster: Fred- 
erick Hurd, Walter Minder, Earle Woltz. 
Rob and Osa Demorest, Louis Adler and 
Geo. B. Greenwood. Greenwood, Adler & Co., 

Joe Epstein writes: "La Belle Fatlma's 
Streets of Cairo are In Winter quarters at 
Minneapolis, Minn. I will take out a first 
class 'Streets of Cairo' next season." 

The Golden Gate Carnivai, Co., tinder the 
management of Jnke Rosenthal & A. Slgfrled, . 
gives Its exhibition under the auspices of 
Speedwell Lodge, No. 10, K. Of P., at Water- • 
burv, Conn., Jan. 30 to Feb. 6, nnd at Sara- 
toga, N. Y., under tbe auspices of Company 
L, Second Regiment, Twenty-second Separate 
Company, N. G. S. N. Y., on Feb. f), and In- 
cluding Feb. 13. Brotiierr, of diorama reputation, 
write : "We recently spent a pleasant two 
weeks on our ranch near Denver, Colo., the 
hunting being excellent. Both coal and oil 
have been discovered on the land, and we 
expect to develop them In the near future. 
We are now on our annual tour of Cali- 
fornia and the Pacific coast, meeting with 
success. Our diorama hns been much Im- 
proved this season." 

F. P. Sargent, business manager of Hngcn- 
heck's Trained Wild Animal Show, writes 
regarding the Hagenbeck exhibit for the 
St. Louis World's Fair next Summer: "Our 
concession was the first nlloted on the 'pike,' 
and is, of course, the choicest location. It 
has n frontage of 338 feet, with a depth of 
470 feet, taking up one tenth of the entire 
.ipacc nlloted to amusement concessions. 
This entire area will be covered with one 
Immense building, the style of which will 
be of foreign architecture, and from the 
present plans wii! easily be most attractive. 
The living animal panorama will surround 
the entire building on the Inside. This pano- 
rama will be laid out similar to a caravan 
In a circus menagerie. The panoramic effect 
will be scenic, emblematic of tbe different 
parts of the world from which the animals 
in the foreground come. This in itself would 
not be anything extraordinary were it not 
for the fact of the illusive effect, which, to 
nil outward appearances, does away with 
ull iron bars and caging. In other words,, 
the different animals will be thrown around 
the building in a complete circle, and the 
public will be allowed to walk within six 
feet of them, nnd while they will be able to 
see the different animals distinctly, there 
will be to nil appearances, an entire absence 
of Iron caging or screening. This effect eml- 
natcs from the brain of Helnrek Ungenbeck, 
the oldest son of Carl Hagenbeck, and It has 
required two years' bard work on his part 
to perfect this wonderful Illusion. We will 
have. In all, over twelve hundred wild and 
trained animals, among which will be. forty- 
seven black mane African lions, worked uv 
Hcrr Oldoff. In the largest steel arena ever 
constructed for an amusement enterprise we 
will present a herd of fifty elephants work- 
ing in one group. Carl Hagenbeck has been 
over six years In getting this group together, 
with the result that there in not an elephant 
In the group that measures less than seven 
feet in height, and there are ten which 
measure nine feet." 

Tub Raps write: "We received twenty- 
four answers to our advertisement In your 
holiday number, and have signed contracts 
with Phil Ellsworth's Shows. We will per- 
form our trick shooting at the opening, and 
give an exhibition. Up to April 23 we will 
work North, at hotels. 

Tim Asiatic Exfosition Co., Incopo- 
rated, conducting Gaston Akoun's Mysterious 
Asia aud F.mplre of India, on the Pike at 
the coming World's Fair, St. Louts, In, we 
nre informed, one of the largest concessions 
at the exposition, occupying 150,000 square 
feet, representing booths, bazaars, native In- 
dustries, merchants. Btrcets, villages, plazas, 
buildings, and native sports and pastimes 
with elephants, camels, native and sacred 
snimnls, showing the real characteristic of 
all the nations of Asia, and Asia Minor. 
The location of this concession Is one nf the 
most favorable on the Pike. Mr. Akoun 
hns managed successfully concessions at tbe 
different expositions. Identified with Mr. 
Akoun is E. W. Hamllan, who Is well known 
as the manager of Ilnndlaa Park. 

Admiral Dot, who Is pleasantly located 
at White Plains. N. Y., where he is pro- 
prietor of a hotel, was recently made a 
deputy sheriff. 

. ♦«»■ 


Seattle. — Grand Opera Hoase (John 
Cort, manager). — "The Devil's Auction" 
Jan. 20, 27. "'Happy Hooligan" 30. Al- 
berta Gallatin, la "Ghosts," 31-Feb. 3. 

SEATTLn Thratrh (J. P. Howe, manager). 
—•Week of Jan. 21. Florence Roberts. In "The 
Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch," "Tbe Frisky Mrs. 
Johnson." "Glocouda." "Magda" and "Znza." 
"Human Hearts" 31-Feb. 4, "The Fatal Wed- 
ding" 5, 0. 

third Avenue Theatre (Russell & Drew, 
managers).— Week of Jan. 24, Rube Welch 
and Kitty Francis, In "Mickey Finn." Week 
of 31, Jessie Shirley, In "Rip Van Winkle" 
and "Caprice." • 

. Edison TueatW!. — New: The Three Mu- 
steal Keltona, Montgomery nnd Carter, Llovd 
Spencer, Moroy Long, klnctoscone .pictures. 

Empibb Theatre. — New : Raymond and 
Clark. Andrews and Thompson, Ln Kolas, 
Gladys Carlvle, moving pictures. 

Cbvstal Theatre. — Bnynes nnd Wlnchell, 
Andy Rice, Rose nnd Elton, the Baysdens, 
moving pictures. 

La Petite Theatre. — New: Professor 
Bailey's dog show. Stoddard nnd Leslie, the 
tlreut. Salome, Webber nnd Edwards, moving 

People's and Comiqite Theatres. — New: 
Houston, Chas. Cheiiowith, Carl Charles, thn 
Thompsous, Owens and La Marr, Marlon 
fioodinan, Geo. ami Lizzie Bird, Frnuks. 
Mann nud Franks, und Boston Bloomer Girls' 
Burlesque Co., Lombard Bros., Three Mu- 
sical Keltons, McDonald and Carlisle. De 
Vniiu Sisters. Rooney and Forrester, Beat- 
rice Hall, Swor Bros., Westbrook, Lloyd 
Spencer, Flora De Boyce. 

Arcade Theatre, — New : Budd Bros., 
Chapman Sisters. Aldeno Bros., Three Le- 
ondor Urns., Austin Sisters, Cleo Collins, 
Tnxedo Trio, Gonzoles, Three Hoydens, Im- 
perial Minstrels. 


Spoknne. — At the Spokane Theatre (Dan 
L. Weaver, manager). — Dark week of Jan. 
23. " 'War Down East" had big business 
10. 20. The Rostnnlnns are due Feb. 12,13. 

AlWTMUirM (Harry C. Hayward, man- 
ager). — "The Devil's Auction" came, to big 
houses, Jan, 22-24. The Olympla. Opera Co. 

layed a return engagement 19, 20, to good 
luslness. Due: Florence Roberta Feb T 
10. "The Fatal Wedding" 11-13. 

Cineoobapic (C. H. Peekbnin, manager) 
— Topllners week of Jan. 25: Hughes and 
Kcuton, Hermans, the Ahems, ond John 
Roblsch and Mayme Childress. n 

Couer d'Alhnb (Jacob Goetz. toanngcrl 
—New 2G. and week : Malvern Bros., Fran- 
cis J. Bryant, Do Fay Bros., Dore Familv 

CouiQua (I. D. Holland, manager) .— Biti 

25-30: Mnckov and Croix, Hooper and 

Hooper, West, Mason and West, and Sam 

Cole are the openings. , 

, «« » 


Detroit, — At the. Detroit Opera House 
(B. C. Whitney, manager) .—"The Isle of 
Spice" drew large and appreciative audi- 
ences week of Jan. 25. The piece was hand- 
somely staged, the principal roles In capable 
hands, and a chorus well trained and prettllv 
costumed. • Nat C. Goodwin, In "A Gilded 
Fool." Feb. 1-3; Henry Irving 6, 6, Mrs 
Leslie Carter, In "Du Barry," 8-13. 

Lyceum Theatre (E. D. Stair, manager) 
— "Holty Tolty" scored a Wg hit week of 
Jan. 25, and good attendance was the rule 
'The Fortune Teller" 31-Feb. 6, "In Old 
Kentucky" 7-13. ' " ,a 

Whitney. Theatre (E. D. Stair, mana- 
ger). — "For Her Children's Sake" met with 
n line reception week of Jan. 25, and the at- 
tendance was large. "Not Guilty" 3l-Feh 
«, "Why Women Sin" 7-13. 

Atendf. Theatbb (W. B. Lawrence, mana- 
ger). — The bill for week of Feb. 1 Is: Jennie 
Yenmnns, Hal Stephens, Howard and Hlnnd, , 
Matthews and Harris, Sabel Johnson, Coak- 
ley and McRride, Cnrmen Sisters, and tbe 
klnetogrnph. Last week's bill was first class, 
and the attendance, both afternoon and even- 
ing, wan good. . 

Temple Theatre (J. H. Moore, manager) 
— The attractions for week of Feb. 1 : The 
Kaufmann Troupe, Parros Brothers, Ed- 
Gray, Aurle Dagwell, Paplnta, Lillian Burk- 
hart, the Dancing Passparts, John W. World 
and Mlndall Kingston, and the klnetogrnph. 
The attendance InBt week was big nnd thi 
entertainment was of a high order. 

Empire Theatre (Dr. Campbell, mana- 
ger).— The Brigadier Burlesqners drew fair 
sized houses week of Jan. 25, and the enter- 
tainment was good. Manchester's Cracker 
Jacks 31-Feb. 6, Vanity Fair Burlesquei's 7 

Grand Buplds. — At the New Powers 
(Harry G. Homme rs & Co., managers). — 
MRrle C.ihlll, In' "Nancy Brown," Jan. 27, 
played to S. B, 0. Coming : Wilton Lackaye, 
In 'The Pit." 30, 31; Paula Edwordes. in 
••Winsome Winnie," Feb. 4 ; Richard Carle, 
Id. "The Tenderfoot," - 6, and "The Irish 
Pawnbrokers" 7. 

The Majestic (Orin Stair, manager).— 
"The Pride of Jennlco," Jan. 21-23, drew fair 
houses, as did "Shadows of a Great Cltv" 
24-27. Mrs. Fiske, ln "Mary of Maedala"," 
28; "When Reuben Comes to Town"' 20, 30, 
"Shore Acres" 31-Feb. 3, and Geo. Sldnev, 
In "Busy Izzy," 4-6. 

Grand Opera House (Orin Stair, mans 
ger). — "The Factory Girl," Jon. 21-23, played 
to excellent business, as did "The Light- 
house by the Seo" 24-27. "The Pride of 
Jennlco' r 28-30, "The Little Church Around 
the Corner" 31-Feb. 8, and "For Her Chil- 
dren's Soke" 4-6. 

Smith's Opeba House (Mrs. W. B. Smith, 
manager) . — Manchester's Cracker Jocks, 
week of Jan. 24, drew large and well pleased 
houses. Week of 31, Gus Hill's Vanity Fair 

■ 11 

Kiilamnr.oo. — At the Academy of Music 
(R. A. Bush, manager). — Ouinlan & Wall's 
Minstrels forced the S. It, O. slgrr to be dis- 
played before the curtain rose Jan. 22. Mrs. 
Fiske, in "Mary of Magdaln," 29.. Advance 
Bale was very heavy. "The Irish Pawn- 
brokers" 30, "The Isle of Spice" Feb. 1, 
"Winsome Winnie" 3, "Shore Acres" 4, "The 
Night Before Christmas" 5, Mrs. Leslie Car- 
ter, In "Du Borry," 6. 

Kalamazoo Amosembnt Palace (Chas. 
G. Plummer, manager). — This house draws 
as big as ever. Roller skating continues to 
be tbe attraction. 

Note. — Quinlan & Wall's Minstrels, who 

are very popular In this city, were royally 

entertained by the local lodge of Elks at 

their temple, after the performance, Jon. 22. 

— ■' » 

Saginaw At the Academy of Music 

(John II. Davidson, manager). — Marie Co- 
hill, la "Nancy Brown," Jan. 26, to a good 
house. Mrs. Fiske, In "Mnry of Magdala," 
26, came to one ot tbe bcBt houses of season. 
Mrs. Fiske, in the title role, did excellent: 
work, and received a number of curtain calls, 
liobnrt Bosworth, ln the role of Judas, 
shared honors with the stnr. "Not Guilty" 
28, "The Irish Pawnbrokers" Feb. 3. Joseph 
Murphy 4, Thomas Jefferson, In "Rip Van 
Winkle," 8. 

Jefpers TnEATnn (T. D. Bomford & Sam 
Marks, managers). — Bill for week of 1 : 
Klein, Ott Brothers and Nlckerson, Esmer- 
alda Sisters. Mitchell and Love, Larkln and 
Pattersoo, the Two Hewitts, Wise and Wil- 

Boy City — At Washington Theatre (W. 
J. Daunt, manager). — Quinlan & Wall's Min- 
strels did fair business Jan. 20. Rose Shay 
Crand Opera Co. had a fair sized house 22. 
"A Thoroughbred Tramp" did fairly well, 
matinee nnd night, 23. James Kennedy's 
Players, at popular prices, tilled the house 
2. r >. Marie Cslilll ana nn excellent company, 
in "Nancy Brown," captivated a large uii- 
dlence 26. Miss Cohlll had to. respond to 
many curtain calls. 

Manistee. — At the Ramsdell Theatre 
(Chas M. Southwell, manager). — "When the' 
Roll Tolls" played Jan. 18. Rorc Cecelia 
Shay and her English Opera Co., In "Car- 
men," 25. "Tho Irish Pawnbrokers," Feb. 
1, will bo presented by McCabe & Macks 
Musical Company. Hortertse Ncilson, 3. I" 
"Peg Wofllngton." Weber & Fields' big com- 
pany will bo seen In "Holty Tolty" 10. 

Jackson.— At the Athenmum (H. J. Por 
ter, manager). — Cans. Rlchman, In "Captain 
Harrington," pleased a large house Jan. 22 : 
excellent company. Jnmes K. nackett. In 
"The Crown Prince." 25, did well. "Not 
Guilty" 27, "When Reuben Comes to Town" 
28, "A Thoroughbred Tramp" 30, James Ken- 
nedy Repertory Co. Fclv 1, 2, 4, "The Isle 
of Spice 3, "The Irish Pawnbrokers" 8. "The 
Tenderfoot" 10, "Busy Isszy" 11, "Under 
Southern Skies" 13. ' 

Battle Creek — At the Post. Theatre (E. 
R. Smith, manager). — Marie Cohlll, in 
"Nancy Brown," had a rapacity house Jan. 
28. Rooked: "Busy Izzy" Feb. 3, "Tho 
Isle of Spice" 4. "Winsome Winnie" 0, "The 
Irish Pawnbrokers" 0, "The Tenderfoot" l>, 
"The Relic of Richmond" 11. . 
♦ «» 

Louisville. — At Macnuloy's Theatre ( Jno. 
T. Macauley, manager). — "The Tcudorfoot' 
was presented by Richard Carle and a very 
strong company Jon. 25-27', to good business. 
Margaret Snyre, n Kentucky girl, In the char- 
acter of Marlon Worthlngton, won the favor 
of the audiences by hor admirable singing 
and acting. Raymond Hitchcock, In "The 
Yankee Consul." 28-30, was favored with 
large houses. Mr. Hitchcock kept his hearers 
in continuous rounds of laughter throughout 
the performance. Coming : "The Sliver Slip- 
per" Feb, 1-3. 

Masonic Tbmpi.b (Chas. A. Show, mana- 
ger). — "More Than Queeu," Jon. 26-30. at- 
tracted crowded houses at each, performance, 
nnd gave entire satisfaction. The company 
was capable. Clay Clement Feb. 1-C. 

FfiBBtJABY 6. 



vrrvoE THBATRI (ChaB. A. Shaw, man- 
. 'V> —"Why Women Sin," week of Jan. 25, 
*rJJ' lareo boiiBes at every performance, 
Slallv at the dally matlne*. The work 
Ji'thf r/rap.inj was praiseworthy. For week 
J, II •■Sonrchllshta of a Great City." 

Hi'rKiNOltAM Turatiib (Whiillon Bros., 
mnnnni'i'ii).— Pfwl Irwln'B BnrlpMite Co. du- 
iii-iiHtl itn Biirceiw of Inst HPn»nn li.v drawing 
mfrded houses durlnc week of Jim. S4. 
'fh '.-nnipauv vied with each otbrr In making 
,h* i.niPtuinmeiit onjoyable. For w«>k of 
•ii n*iit*-**nntlejr Co., with the llnbemlnn* 
S'(Ki Feb. 7-13. 

« »» 

The Incomparable Skin Tonic. 

Absolutely Free from Rancidity. 

Once Used, Always Used. 


m Fanl. — At the Metropolitan Opera 
nnuse <L. N. Scott, manager). — "Under Two 
v lata" had fa "" to 8 00 * &« slM *» J*n. 24-2T, 
fiiKoueh the extremely cold weather affected 
the . attendaace at all the theatres. "The 
Sultan of 8ulu " to big business, 2S-30. Danl 
5S v in "The Chief Justice," 31-feb. 3 ; AoV 
Vnide' Thurston, ia "Polly Pximrlse," 4-0: 
n^rr Irving 8-10, and 'The Cavalier* 11-13. 
OiAnd (Theodore L. Hays, manager*.— 
«The Fatal Wedding" drww lilg weefc of Jan. 
94 Joseph iHart and Carrie De Mar, In 
%mr Grandpa," week of 31, and "The Fac- 
ttrjOW 8 we¥k otf Feb. 7. % 

Stab (M. II. Blnaer, manager). — Biifllness 
,u us With the Vanity Fair. Co. w<x* of 
Jan 2$. Week of 31, the Imperial Bur- 
iraquers, followed week of Feh. 7 by the 
Merry Maidens. 

' EMPIBI (A. Wolnholzer, manager). — .Bunt- 
ac35 was Kood, though affected by the very 
cold weather, week of Jim. 21. New people 
for week of 31: Brant and 7/irario, Chan, 
and Madge HttgheH. Clarence Kern and Bes- 
ide Cuulnghnm. Holding nvor; Helen Stew- 
nrt Frankle' Denby, Winnie Markhnm, 
Blanche >La Moat. Tressle Kemp, L«na Bolt*, 
Pearl Cosev. Annie Foote, A. Gale and Chos. 
Ledgenr, and the stock. The stock will put on 
a three aft farce comody week of 31. 

Mention. 1 — The promoters of the Criterion 
Theatre Co. claim to hove disposed of nil of 
the stork except about 1 8,000, which they are 
Irving to float In 'popular Rbares Of one dol- 
lar each. The proposed site of the theatre 
Is where the old Auditorium building stood. 
on Eighth" Street, and the coat of the build- 
ing will be seO.OTO. Capital stock, $100,000. 
John iA. iBurrichtcry tjrosldpjlt. ; Vance Borecn, 
vice president ; E. W. White, secretary and 
treasurer, and. William F. Hunt and A. I,. 
Kaege. directors.. . .One of Hagenbeck's ele- 
phants became enraged by reason of Its ears 
and tall freezing Jan. 25, and nearly killed its 
keeper, Conrad Cnstens.and partially wrecked 
the Interior of. the railroad depot. Asa conse- 
mience the keeper is at St. Joseph's HoBpl- 
t'al, In this city, suffering with Internal hem- 
morhage, as the. result of three broken ribs. 
The elephant Bwung its trunk and struck 
the keeper In the chest, knocking him to the 
i tor. and then • planted one of Its feet on 
Mm. Castens was picked up unconscious 
and hurried to the hospital. It took from 
five in the morning Sunday until two in 
the afternoon to get the animal loaded into 
ihe car. 

Dulutli.— The theatrical business, with 
few exceptions, has been bad for the last 
month, and it can be blamed on the weather, 
it having been exceedingly cold. 

LYCEUM' (C. A. Marshall, manager). — The 
Itostonlnns had the best business for the 
week, Jan. 26, 27. Agnes Brown, as Maid 
Marlon, and Kate Condon, as Alan A. Dale, 
made big hits. The other members of the 
I'ompnny also scored. 1 " l Foxy Grandpa," 23, 
had a good matinee, and fair at. night. "The 
Alan iroru Mexico, 25, had fair business. 
•Sag Harbor" on .28, 20. Daniel finlly, In 
NcThe Chief Justice," 30, should have a large 
V-hbttse, as he la a big favorite in Duluth. 
V'orStnjr: "The. Sultan of Sulu" Feb. 1, 2, 
Vlgnor s, Valenzo Armesta, In concert. 3; 
i\hav Grand Opera Co. 5, 6, Adelaide Thurs- 
Wn 8, 9. '•'•Bouinle Brier Bush" 10, "Happy 
HMlfgan'? ll.Chfis. Dalton 12, 13. 

Metropolitan (J. T. Condon, manager). 
— Business at this house for the week ending 
Jan. 30 wab falrv with VAn. Innocent Sin- 
ner" 25-27, and "The Plunger" 28-80. Dick 
Ferris appeared as Dexter Digit, In "The 
Plunger,' 7 with specialties between the acts. 
•A flomeBpun Heart" Feb. 1-3. and "Her 
False Step r ' 4-0, Each play will have new 
scenery and sthge settings. 

Parlor .Theatre- (W. J. Wells, manager). 
— Business was fair for the week ending 
Jan. 80. The people for Feb. 1 and week 
are: The Martins, Clara Wagner, Florence 
I'lper, Mile. St. Ormond, Annie Mack, Dick 
Pelller, Agnes Warren, W. J. Wells and the 
stock. Tho new play for the week Is called 
"Solly's Birthday." . _, _ 

Bijou TnfeATliE (Curtis & Ritchie, maun- 
Iters).— This cosy little theatre did n ROM 
iveek's business, ending Jan. 30. The attrar- 
iloas offered ww« up to date, n.nd took well 
with the audiem*. For Feb. 1 and week : Louie 
ltacre. Christy and Willis, Carrie Scott and 
her pickaninnies, Lee Ingham, Frank Whll- 
Her, gong Illustrator; the klnetoscope. In 
new moving pictures. 

NoTE.-!-J2ate Condon, who Is In poor 
health, left the Bostonlans after the per- 
formance Jab. 28, and will stop with some 
friends In this city. : 

I — V . «.»■■ 



Rooms 915-1117, No. 30 La Salle Street, 




i'llt up in lib Tins- KOr. 

At Liberty 


P.itr iliree seaaoni lu Unlrten Bros." l*rodiio- 
tlon, "Nohody'a Claim," overHtalr-Uavlin oircuit, 
Also Special Performance as Fanny Le Grande, 
lu 'Sapho." Addres , for two weeks, 

BIJOU theatric, Baltimora, aid. 


Oaiest model), in Films, Electric Bnrner, Rheostat 
Calcium Jet, Screen, etc.; all complete, ready for 
show; Stcrcoptlcon Attachment; $;& cost t~t> 
one wee* ugo). Sent, privilege of examination, 
on rereim or express cuaigea. 
amerIjan ekchanuk, f.3o Ualsey, Brooklyn. 

FOR BALE— Concert Phonograph, 30 Rec- 
ords, and Well Trained Troupe of Doves; will ex- 
change tor Films, Magic or Somersault, etc. 


BUFFALO, S. Y., 348 Main St., cor. Niagara 
bait block from Shea's Theatre. \ try desirable 
famished rooms for prof, people. Ueat«d with 
natural gas. Rates from $2.60 a week upward. 



New and Second Hand Stereoptlcons, Films, 
Song Slides and Suppllas. Picture machines re- 
built wttb all improvements. Rheosttu anv volt- 
age. Mechanical erfceta lor acts made. Expert 
repairing done. NEW YORK FILM E\crJAw;F..| 
S. POWER, Mgr. , ill Naman St.. Saw York. 

l'nonc rtaso ContaniL 


change for a week. Those that vamp piano and 
work la acts preferred. Also Novelty Act. State 
lowest salary and all In letter. NO TICKETS. 
HARRY MASON, P. 0. Box 7M, New Knchelle.N. Y. 

WANTED— Far Steven* i Mossman Co., Cor- 
net to doable Violin, with music. Other musicians, 
write. Join on wire. BLOOMFIELD, Mo. 

LADY WILL SELL handsome Street and 
Evening Gowns, «r> to $20. hiding HAU1T, 
DESSAU, 24fi W. U6th St., first apartment east. 

WANTED OjUICK-Meutclne People, Sketch 
Teams, B. F. Comedian, Musical Comedian Tickets 
If I know yon. Don't misrepresent Stale Just 
what you do drst letter. MORRIS HARDING, 
18H Olive St,. St. Louis, Mo. 

FOR SA.LK-3.M0ft. of Films, 5c. per foot. 
Will trade for black tent. Address 

CHAS. RAY, Cumberland, Md. 

AT LIBERTY— Pianist, Smht Reader, Fakir 
and Transpnser, 24 years old, good dreaser, don't 
drink, to locate or travel. Wire or write quick. 
Mnst fend ticket. H. MEYBOHM, 
Hotel Onondaga, Syracuse, N. Y. 

RENT OR SHARE— For coming reason, 
finest equipped large, new CANVAS THEATRE. 
To any reliable up to date company that can inakn 
good for week stands. Address 

Mlddletown, Dauphin Co., Pa. 

wanted- Lady to play organ and work in 
acts. Miin that does musical and other turns. 
Must play organ. Tell all first letter. Limit $>. 
No teams, no tickets, no pets, no cigarettes. 

Others write. GERMAN MED. CO., 

Litchfield, III. 


Jack F. White 

This reason playing the lead in "Nobody '<t Claim" 
Co, Address, for -i weeks, 

HI JOl- THEATRE, Baltimore, Md. 


Clever, Refined, Up-to-date People In all Lines for 
one night stands; Teams must work double and 
single and single Artists do two turns; all must 
be good lookers and dressers, sober, reliable peo- 
ple; tell all In drat; don't misrepresent, you 
won't last a minute. Also Al Pianist, with odocI- 
altv preferred. Mao or Woman with Al Voice 
who has other apeolalty for Illustrated Songs. 
Olve lowest salary. I pay ALL. 

E. J. CALVIN. Oceanslde, L.l. 


The Finest Carousel 
on Coney Island. 

FAectrlc Light Plant, Boilers, Engines, etc. 
owner retiring from business. Address 

S. E. JACK.MAN, Coney Island, N. Y. 


(Cal. Bra.) S. H., $76. 

Lubln M. P. Machine (new) $40 

Dissaving Lanterns(4x4 Lenses (Jul. Jets) (new) $15 

No. 3 Optlgraph, with Btereopticon "(new) $'-o 

2,40flfr. Passion >*lay (WutwIcVs) (as newi $160 

Man; other bargains In Films and elides. 
Everything In the M. P. and Stereoptlcon Line. 
R. C. TAYLOR, 81)0 8. 10th St,, Omaha. 


who can and will post paper for one night Btands; 
must be an honest, sober, all day worker and able 
to wildcat; tell all In first; quote lowest salary; 
(I pay ALU; give reference, etc.; don't misrepre- 
sent or von won't last. E. J. GALV1N, Oceanslde, 

Atlanta.— At the Grand (H. U & 
De (.live, monsters).— VV. M. West's 

?R. "T 

J. Ik 

. Min- 
strels Jan. 2T, 28. ' "The Old Homestead." 
?•>, 21, to houses of good proportions. \\. 
H. Crane followed, 22, 23, to lilg business, 
at ndvanced prices. Al. H. Wilson come 
JJf>, 20, to fair returns. Booked: Jefferson 
I* AngellB 20, 80, lecture Feb. 1, "The Karl 
of Pnwtucket." 2, 3, Sodte Martinet 1, D, 
John Drew 6. . . _ „, „ 

_ Bijroo (Jake Wells, maaager).— TheTNe Is- 
Dunne-narlan Mimical Comedy Co. closed a 
wetmtul engagement Jan. 23. "A Milk 
White Ktae't week of 18, to S. B. O. "The 
Man Who Dared" came 26. for one week, 
to flattering returns. Booked: "For Her 
Sake" Feb. 1 and week. 
i a 

Macon.— At the Academy of Music (IT 
Hnrue, manager). — "A Friend of the Family 
entertained Jan. '20. Wm. H. Crane pra 

anteed perfect and same as new, $65; two Song 
Sets, $6; Lecture Set on Life of Christ, $7; gooil 
Set of Magic, $8; some fine Films, 7c. per ft. 
Stamp for repiy. FRANK K. HARTLEY, 

Creenport, SiifJ'. Co., L. I , N. Y. 

10 FILMS, 433; good as new; tOOK, In all; 
good sunjects. Sent, privilege of examination, 
on receipt of dollar depot-it. 

EDISON STANDARD, 6B0 Halsoy, Broomvn 

FOR SALE-Tcm, 20x40; Side Wall, 7 feet; 
all complain. Price, i-io.oo. Only used •■> weeks. 
JOE EPSTEINS, Gen. Dol., Minneapolis, Minn. 




Good, Irish, natch, or Black Face Uomedlans,who 
can put on openlngor closing acta and do good 
special ry. 

Al Planlu, Sight Reader. All good Acta and 
Specialties write for time. No fancy salaries. 8 
shows week. Don't write it cannot fill time. 


Managers Parks and Resorts. 

I have the greatest Baseball Game of the age. 
Will give 13 per cent of grot* . Kverjthlng 
new; nothing old and trashy. Address 

2W:t so. Colorado St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

WANTED- All Around Comedians, for Med. 
Show. Immediately. Mnst be sober; no tickets: 
travel In our own private oar. TflOUAS BROS.. 
Sturgeon, Allegheny Co., Pa^ _____ 

SKETCHES, Travesties, Burlesques, etc, 
written to order. Only best work furnl-ncd to pro- 
fessionals. Joseph Kershaw.S- tuuonwood.Plillu. 

FOR SALE, Marionette Show, Complete. 12 

Figures. Curtains and Trunk to carry same, $26. 
Also fl Ventrlloflluit Figure?, including two splen- 
did Walking Figures. Soldierand Lady Oh»rac- 
ters. Dave O'Leary, No. un WostS6tb St .S.Y.CIty- 

, tRKitatn.— At the flrnnd Opera House.— 
A Krl.-nil of Um Family," matinee and 
Klirht of ,ian. 23, came to coort houses, plcus- 
'«(.' Jtreiuly. Hutlle Mnrtlnot, In "His B- 
' elleiiiT, ilie Governor," night of 2,i. Al, 
Wilson, lu "A Prince of Tatters." had a 
house fi,n night of 27. The Knowles, hypno- 
tism, held tuo stage night nf 28-:t0, hm;liig 
sand houses and creating pleniy of fun. 
Kiuilng: "The ltunawaya^ Feb. 1. Wests 
■Minstrels «. 
- *»» — 

— Maude Ailhms, who was taken 111 at 
;ne eiotii; of her week's engagement, at BrooK- 
'*»• N. Y-. Jan. 23, wbh compelled to cancel 
» week'R tiooklURS, as It was discovered tout 
*he was suOeilng. from oh attack of grip. 
N ."> resumes her tour nt Washington night 
°i leb. ], 

»i,TJ Iip n*" 1 * Majestic Theatre. Krle, ra.. 
w hlch was erected by Stair & Hnvlln at a 
'I'st of about $125,000, was dedicated by 
'•race George arid her company, In "Pretty 
» mr? evening of Thursday, Jan. 29. 
. — A new tomic opera Is announced to 
V, P_5_*,5i Raster Monday In New 
;w«J»y Frank 1. Perley. It is to be called 
A \enetlah Romance," of which Mrs. 



1,000 SLIDES at 10 cents each. 
l,ooo FT. OF FILMS from 4 cenia iter ft. up. 
1,000 SONU COLORRD SLIDES f roro 15 ceDt! up. 
1,000 CLOAK COLORED SLIDES from 20 cents up. 

The Bist SlerespllciD on the Market, 


Seng Illustrators. Instantaneius Hits! 
BEOELIA, - - - 16 SI., • $5.50 
HIAWATHA, - - ■ 14 SI, - $5.00 
ALWAYS IN THE WAY, 19 SI., - S6.50 
FOOLISH DREAMS, • 18 SI., - $6.50 
MAN IN THE OVERALLS, 20 SI., - $7.00 

We slan Make and Pose All the Latest 
8onsa lo Order. _._ 

We Rent Machlnea, Film* and Slides, 
with or without, operators, at the low- 
est ratei. 


138 E. I4lh BT., KBW VORK, S.l. 


Wanted, All Kinds Lady Perfirners, Novelty 

ACTS 0HORIH LADIES, etc. Oall or adoress 
BE0K A OO., Vaudeville Agents, 8.5 Broadway. 
Room 10, corner 13th St. Manager* Invited. 
Enterialnroniita fornlBhed for all occasions. 

— Reta Trier mourns the death of her 
mother, who' died at her home In Brooklyn 
on Jan. L'-l. The remains were Interred in 





(IKNEKAL DELIVERY, Fisliklll-OE- Hudson, .N.Y. 





1»8 Bait 14th St., V V. 

AT LIUKim APHII. 1, 11104, 


Consisting of Violin, Piano, Cornet, Ulartoanl, 
Trombone nod Drums, under the direction of 

Reliable Managers west of Missouri River, write. 
No traveling. Address care of CLIPPER. 


WALlif^aiid ' rOTTlif HEISTOH 

Retlned Singing. Dancing, Acrobatic, Specialty 
Artist*. Both riay parla. 

No. «H BEDFURD AVE.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

OWING Tt> THB <1_(»8IaH WITH nilt- 


Una txi engaged tor l>alanue of season, Comolna* 
Hon or Vaudeville, in a Novel Singing, I>,nclng 
and Comedy Acrobatic Specialty. Address .Ml 
N. Seventh St. until Keli. 8, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
lhen 210 South Ave., Wiimnsburg, Pa^ 


Take Note! 

tiNDERStANDKR ATLIOERTV. Height 6ft. 7: 
weight, one hundred and eighty pounds. Would 
like to near from any acrobatic act. 


88 Washington Ave.. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 



Accommodates 44 People. Pally equipped for 
fast pssicnger service. C. lULLIKEK, 

Csre of Jacobs' Thestrs, Elizaneth, N. J. 

Partner Wanted, with Sull Capital — . I Will 

Invest dollar for dollar with s sober, honest and 
Industrious man to organize small repertoire 
company. 16 years' experience. I Invite Inves- 
tigation. E. LEWIS. Jay and Johnson Ste., 
Brooklyn, N> Y ■ care of W. r. Marres f or d. 

Here's a NEW Money Maker 

Haver a Cola Mac-laa Mad* Profit s s_ Fast and BLx aw Tn Is. 

Six Photo* - - 
A Minute - - - 
Plain or Brooch 
No Operator- - 


Positively works without an operator — 
PHOTOSCOPE takes pictures 
continuously — fast as persons can get 
into position in front of it— regardless 
of weather or light -— PHOTO" 
SCOPE delivers a perfect, photo 
neatly framed and linished — permanent 
value* for every nickel— PHOTO" 
SCOPE' 3 novelty and Hue/nines* 
never wear out — No repairs— PHO" 
TOSCOPE mechanism is sturdy 
and simple— PHOTOSCOPE 
supplies are cheap — can be shipped anywhere — keep any 
length of timo and in any climate. 


— Drop nickel 

— Take push button 

in hand — be seated 
—Centre your (are in 

the mirror 
— rress button — sit 

still until hell rings 

— replace button 

on hoolc, 
— TaUe ii n i s h e d 

photo from delivery 



Simple and Quick. 

Two-thirds of every 
taken by the Photoscope 

Pays for itself in two or three bnsy weeks — easily moved 
or shipped— PHOTOSCOPE cabinet is 31in. high 
by 17in. square. 

Write for PHOTOSCOPE booklet nnd for our 
nffcr^-or call and .tee /lie PHOTOSCOPE take siv nickels— 
and make sixjthotos — every minute. 

114 West 32d St., New York City, 





MNIIOPPARTH. Tell ftll voudo prst lotur. Olve s^r, lielf hi nnd 
Week stanitii. mute pomilvely vour lowest. 


WILL N. ROCBR8. McKMiport, H. 


To Sing; the New 1904 Copyright Son*, 


I'urilier comment uimecpwmry, m Hie miui will nrove Iho re-i. MtaruiiH >imt lals jiroursin mnsl 
3 lacUsed r»r ropv. Orchestration tor sunaim. Trail : <niiiDlleil t.y L. UltONEWALI' CO.. U'i„ Nn* 
Orleans, La. t't.r 1'rof. Copy and Ore, udilresii KENT NKWTON, Olcliuinn. Tvsss. 

LO.O. \ 


Is a treatise on Diseases of lion sod ttielr cure by rixtural methoilH wlthoot drogs or medicine ot V 
any kind. Tbn bonk Is c oncin- and lo tlie point, i rflal.-iover 111 rtlrtercni disorders, gives diagnosis ) 
and troutment nt each case. Il contains two systems or exercises of spec|f>l value la Oje» cas«a. \ 
ILI;IISTKAT[-:illii IIALl'-TONKS. Ills World lln WltiOlif m HOLD (O all MEN Of the PRUFK*) 
BIDS'. Prlre, f t.oo. Address HR. 0. MAKKKKT, P. o. Box :?, MsiIIhod Square, »•* York. 

Jeannette D'AHVZLLS. SISTERS, Irene 


Heilncil ViioaIIki ami Cornel 8r<lolst. Plays narti, etc. AT I.IHKliTV for tiood Couipsnies, Addret* 

OPBHA Hill HK, Deadwood, south Dakota. 



•l.S. MiiNTnOMKRY. HAvaDDali.Ua., week Feb 1 ; Jacksonville, Fla , week Feb. K. . 


Oxenham's Kinetoscopticon Exchange, 630 Halsey St., Brooklyn, H, Y. 



Open Brooklyn Feb. v.. Ksuesrsai r/uin<j»), 

IHrWW. 117 K. Mtli h>. ,Ke* York. 

N. Y. Favorite place of amtiiemcnt. Opera 
House Illuminated with um, Heatlnx capacity, 
Ut>. J. W. BTOLL HanuKer, Btnnowater, S. V. 


40x70, wlthoot ride wall or poles. Mnst be in a 
No. I condition and cheap for cash. Will alto 
tiny banners. WILL BOV0BTON, Rush, Pa. 

Waited ti Bit Musical listrueits (No 

brass). FI38TEB, 128 Second Ave., 5«w York. 

Feb. 4. Apply to 
8 am rub:- 


CATALOGUE. Me. ; »UV. CATAL., Be Noa/l 


Only N. B. AJrtnt for Maaltna. 1U4. 

D. Li;ItOV, 103 Court St., Bsston, Maaa. 








Review and Comment. — Tbo decided 
Winter weather last week bad no bud effect 
ou thru txlcal' attendance, and business aver- 
nged good. Monday ulyht, Jan. 23, narked 
(be return of tlio Muhuay LIill Thla-ihk to 
the lint of .(leek houiei, and on that date 
the II. V. Donnelly Stock Co. was once uioro 
a bidder for public favor, "Tbo Prisoner of 

Zcnclu" being the Initial offering On 

tile same date tbe West Tiikatur 
pusscd from tbe control of Weber & Fields 
uud becamo a Stair & Wilbur house. Tho 
change of management was marked by tbe 

lowering: of -tbo prices. Tbe Monday 

uight openings Included; Virginia liarned 
uud company, nt the CniTEmort TncAim:. in 
tbc first Now York production of "Tbc Light 
tbat Lies in Woman's Eyes," a three net 
comedy, by E. II. Bothcrn; ltobert Illlllnrd 
and company, at tbo Bavot Theatrb, In the 
Urst metropolitan presentation of "That Man 
and I," a dramatization, in a prologue and 
three acts, by Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett, 
from her novel' entitled "In Connection w'llli 
the Do Wlllougbby Claim;", "Tbo Other 
Girl," at the J3MMB8 Tiii:atbk (transferred 
froni iinother bouse) ; Ada Hcbnn and Otis 
Skinner, at the Lybic Tjieaiiiil, lu ".School 
for Scandal," and Tbos W. Ross and com- 
pany,' at tbo Academy or Music, lu u re- 
vival of "Checkers." At tbe Uabrick 

Tih-atm:, Tuesday evening, '20, Annie Hus- 
mil and company gave tbo Urst New York 
presentation of "The Younger Mrs. Parting," 
n play, la' three acts, adapted by C. Iladdou 
Chambers from "L'Dctour," by Henri Hcrn- 
fclelD. A review, of tbe performance will be 
found elsewhere In these columns. . . .On Hat- 
tirday night, 80, Weber* Fields brought their 
season at their Mimic Hall to an end, hav- 
ing played to big business since their open- 
ing lu tb,e Fall. Tbo announcement, a few 
weeks ago, of tbo Intention of this popular 
llrin of uctor-managcrs to take their clever 
company on tho roud come us a surprise, 
but the wisdom of it will no doubt be 
proven.' "Heretofore Weber & Fields buvc 
run their season well up to tbo Bummer, 
nid have then contented themselves with u 
fcbort tour of tbo largo cities cosily wlthlu 
reach. Dy closing curlier thin season they 
are able to make a tour to tbc Pacific coast, 
playing all of the principal cities, thus giv- 
ing amusement lovers In various parts of 
the country uu Opportunity of seclug th's 
organisation, which has becu ho popular In 

New York for seven years Tbe bills ut 

the Mr.moroLiTAN oitua Holsi: for Hie 
■ tenth week, ending Jau. 30, were : Monday 
night,. Jan. 1#; "Luchi dl Luumcrn-oor," 
cust as before. Wednesday nlgbti 37, "L'Ell- 
tilr d'Amurc," 'with the same cast as before. 
Thursday night, 28, "Parsifal" (sixth pcr- 
furiuuncc), with Muie. Tcrullia again In tbe 
lolc of Kundry. Otherwise tbc cast was the 
sumo as wlipn last given.. Frjday Jilghl, ill, 
"itigolctto," ! with M nic. ' Novel! 1 again ns 
1 } lldji, and Eurico Caruso us tbe Dyke. Slg. 
(Scottl was once' more heard In' tbo title role. 
Mule. Homer sang tbo role of Mnddukuiu, 
nud M. Journct was tho Spurntucllc. Sat- 
urday afternoon, :t0. "Die Walkurc," with 
this cost: UruunbUde, Mmc. Ternlua (Urst 
time this season) ; Slcgllude, Miss Froiustad; 
Wotun, Hcrr Van Kooy ; Frlcka, Mine. Ho- 
mer; Slcgnuind, Herr Kraus, uud Huudlng, 
Hen Kloopfor. Fel|x Mottl conducted. Sat- 
urday night, 110, "11 llnrblere dl Slvlglhi," 
with Mmc. Scmbrlch as itoslnu, Herr Dlppel 
as Almavlvu, and'Slg. Cnmnonarl us Figaro. 

Tho continued utttuct lobs : for 'tbo 

week ending 110 wore': Annie' ltuisscll at the 
tlAiutlCK, Virginia llarucd'ut tho CniTEitioN, 
ltobert Illlllnrd at tbo Savor, "Tho Other 
Cllrl" at tho EMrtm*, "Checkers" at the 
Academy, Ada Itcban and Otis Skluucr ut 
tbo Unit-, William Gillette at tbe New 
Lyceum, "The Connty Chairman" at, Wai.- 
lack's,' Kyrlo Bellow ut the Pri.vcksk, 
"Babes In Toylnnd" at tho Majcstio, "Sweet 
Kilty Bullalrs" at Bklasco's, the German 
block company at tho Hiving, Hie 
Block company at tho Mum-ay IIii.i,. "Tbo 
Glr| from Kay's" at tin lit:iAi.u Sqimki;, 
grand opera ut tho Mutbofomtan* OraiiA. 
Housb, "Candida" at tbo Vixunuu, 
•'Mother Goose" at tbe Nkw Amstimidam, 
Elcauor Robson at the Garden, "The -Medal 
nud tbo Mold" at tho Broadway, "Tho Vir- 
ginian" ut the Manhattan*! Cbauucey 01- 
cott at tbo New York, Amelia Bingham at 
the KMCKEliuocKtin, "An English Daisy" at 
the Casino, "By Bight of Sword" ut tho 
American, Hubert Edeson ut the Hudson, 
^Scrgouut Kitty" nt Daly's, "Follehlnolle" 
Ut the Madison Suuaiib, Andrew Mack at 
tho FouRTUiisnt Streut, "Wuoop-Dce-Doo" 
lit ileum & Fields', and. Low Dockstudcr'u 
Minstrels at tho Victoria, the two lust 
luimcd closing ou that date. Dramas by the 
V. F; "Proctor slock companies, with added 
vaudeville features, were presented ut Fitoc- 
•roii'a Firm Avence uud Om: Hundred and 

TWENTY-FIWII SrtiEET Tbo one week 

Hands closing SO were: Herbert Keli*ey and 
JUluc Shaunou, at tbo Grand Oit:ha Uol-ku ; 
"A Uttlo Outcast," at Iho Timed lW 
tnmT Eugenie, Blair, at Proctor's Fifty- 
kiuutii Stkuet; Frltsl Bcheff, at tho Har- OraiA Housb; "Bobcrt Emmet," at 
tho West End; "A Midnight Murrlage," at 
tho Mktrofoms, and '"The Queen of, tho 
gillie Bluvcs," at Iho Stab....... Variety 

eulcrtulnnient was furnished at Proctor's 
TwENTt-TmnD Street, tho Cjbclk, Toxy 
Pastor's, Bsixh's Union Square, Bona 
& Biamon's, Dion Palach, Miner's Bowery, 
tho Dewkv, Miner's Eighth Avenue, tho 
j^NOON, |ls Olymvic, and tbo ORniBUM. 
Huueh'h MuseUH presented the usual long 
list of curios, freaks'nnd vaudeville. 

' Atlantic flnrden (W. Kramer's Sons. 
tnao8Jter»\.— Short and Edwanls. nuisU-nl 
i-omedlann ; tho Barlows. In a revolving lad- 
der act: Hodges nud tauncbtucrv. colonil 
comtdv duo ; Rose IAO Tylor, operatic: vocal- 
Isll tbe "t>e iVirte, In a comedy boxing hdc- 
clallv : tbe vlUscope. lu senkalloual moving 
Pictures "ThA Train" Roliliery." ami tbe Kllle 
l.RiVv OrrhMtrft nre tbe attractions tm this 

Mew Amaternam theatre (Klnvr & l'r- 

J^ugef, mauagorR). — ".\lotber Goose" began 
is totttb week r«b. l. .. 

wcck s siock oaeriug, "iaivo iu h« 
Augustln Daly's farce success of yea 
Tliii- waging and stage management - 
intual, oojuplcnously good. Gerald 

. . * : > .< t' i . l;. i 

Prvctor'a Fifth Avenue Ttieatre^f J. 

Austin ' Fynes, general manager). — A Ann 
performance was given on Fob. 1 of this 
week's slock offering, "l,ov«- iu Harness," 

' rears ago. 
' was.-.Hs 
_ Griffin 
gave another of his line old men cbaructerl- 
nations, nod George Friend rapturetl every 
liuab possible as one of the sons-in-law. 
Malcolm Williams, one of the most versatile 
leading men on our singe today, scored su- 
other comedy hit. while John West ley and 
Julian Beed gave capital nld In the fun 
making. Bessie I.cmliia gave a very 
good account of herself as the mother. 
Hose Stuart, charmingly gowned and liapjiy, 
as-usual. In a comedy -part, did splendidly* as 
one of the young wives, Lotta Matblcum being 
most effective as the oilier wife. Alice lisle, 
astho domestic wbo falls into many tips, did 
work that was most delightful, her Southern 
dialect being particularly good, and Mar- 


.lay. imro KoxTlhc comic <™1»flF, ■ was ■ n 
"be vau of the entertalDors. and his act held 
ifceVentloB L 'l«'ng lta wtlw rtn. Wj 

garet Klrker also distinguished herself In the 
(llnlect part of t hi 1 ' French maid. The cast i 
Jeremiah Johlots, Gerald Grltlln : Julius Nag- 

cltt, George Friend : Frederick t'ri|Uhnit, 
Miili-olm Williams: Charley Iloltmnn, M. D„ 
John Westley : John Scblagg, Julian Bccd ; 
Iv\.vph. II. Dudley Hawlcy; "Slit. Juliana 
Jniilots, Besslo Lea Lestlon; Una t'rquhart, 
l.ottu Mntlilcum: Bhoda Naagltt, Bose Stu- 
' : Jenny Johlots, Lorcttu tlealy; Myrtllln, 

(Jab-; Antoinette, Margirct klrker; 


Sutuh, Ada Wild; Chln-JI. By Itself. The 
\;iiid»vllle bill Is beaded by Gculgc II. Prim- 
rase arid the Foley Boys, who are bold over 
lor their second week. at this house. They 
wen- vigorously applauded for their clever 
dancing. Others were: Spencer Kelly, the 
f-.tcellenc baritone; Mackcy and Moran, whose 
jokiH went well : the I.jntiK, in- their very 
f'.mtiy iiketeb, "Cousin Sammy :" Jobnuic 
*loi'.\, a good eccentric, comedian; Nellie 
Motede, slngliig vouiedienno ; Ilalto. trick 
und barrel Jumper, whose feats were effective, 
« Ud Stewart and Itayniond, lu tbolr very cn- 
tci-tulnUig musical uct. Tbe kulalecbnoscope 

Circle Theatre (Percy G. Williams, man- 
ager). — Vesta Tllley Is the bright Inirtlciilnr 
star here this week, uppearliiK In lu-r Intoilta- 
bb> iutpei-sonatlons at nine ix-rfonnum-ra dur- 
ing the week. About all that ran 'lie said 
Iins been said regarding tbe art of thin dainty 
little woman. She: Htuuils ut the lotiU of lier 
clhss. a iKisllloii ber work justly entitles her 
to. She remains hern two weeks. Prominence 
on Hie hill Is given lu thcFinlettesof Huston, 
mi nil feinule orchestra, under the direction 
of Curollno It. Itlcliillgs. It Is tin- Urst ap- 
pear n niti! here of this tuleuled organization 
(twenty, lu number), several of whom an! ex- 
pert soloists, and they sevred Ktron«ly. Man- 
ager -Williams also offers the following excel- 
lent acts this week: I.uw Bloom and Jane 
Cdbper, in "A Picture from I. lie," -one of 
the .truest bits of character work <>n Hie stage 
today ; William Gould, a <ouiedliin ut original 
endeavor, und one who succeedti admirably 
In tin euterturajng manner : l'relle's dogs, 
one of the best- canine acts liurope bus sent 
lieri!; Mine. Wynne Wlnslow. an ucompllslied 
Mjprauo; Herbert Brooks, un expert magi- 
cian ; Fisher and Wscker, Tyruleau <-onulqucs : 
i hulk Saunders, craynn artist,' and the 
.tmerlcau vltagrapb. Business continues to 
be very la-rge. 

I.vrii- Theatre (Sam S. & Ice Hhubert. 
luiiuugers)'. — AdaUcburi, Otis Sk tuner and 
company, for the final week of their eugage- 
lucrit. .presented "Tho Merchant of Venice" 
Mdhilu'y night, Feb.- 1. before a full house. 
11 was I he Orst time New Vorkerd had seen 
Mr, Kkliiuer as shylock, and while Ills per- 
lormsiice failed to win lilui u place among 
the great Sbylocks of tin- singe, his work 
whs fairly satisfactory. Miss ltelam's Poiti.i 
lias lost liniie' of lis i-hhrui of former days 
when, an u "member of Auguetin Daly's Co., 
slit itpisutred lii' tbo role.: The vurtoiw mem- 
bers or (he irouipauy lent good support. '1'hc 
cast in full : lVuKe of Tcnhe. Kdwlu Vur- 
rey; Prliuv of ArragOn, Walter I lowurd ; 
l'rhu-o of Morocco, tiordon Johnstone . An- 
tonio, Giirge Clarke : BusKanln, Walter 
Hale: Siiliinlu, Walter l'yre ; Halarluo. Wil- 
liam Bosell; Gratlauo. Charles B. Welles; 
Lorenzo. Walter I^jwIh; Shylock, a Jew, 
Otis Skinner: Tubal. Joseph Weaver; 
l.auucelot Gobbo, KukicII I'ruuford-: Old Gob- 
bo, Ben T, Kiuggold; T>oiiardo, i John Boy- 
lail : Stephitiio, iai wrehee Cover : Hull hater. 
liaulel Penncll : Portia. Ads Ili-hun : Xerlssn, 
Mabel llouaru: Jessica, KuUnrlne K verts; 
An Old Beggar Woman,. Mary Slddous. "The 
Plf followf 

I'oiirti-cuth Street Theatre (J. Wesley 
lloseiiiiuesl,' iiuiiingei').— -Andrew Muck, for 
tho'hiMt week of his engagement: beginning 
Moiidny ulglit, Feb.}, revived Kiimsnv Mor 

atro (J. Austin Fynis, general mulmger).— 
The current attraction Is bllleO, as a musical 
tomfoolery uud called "The Show Girl. 
The house was well tilled Monday, reb. 1, 
by an audience that thoroughly enjoyed the 
show. Tbo costuiueM were pretty, the sing- 
lug good, the marchc-i und evolutions of the 
bnllct showing cure In training and perfec- 
tion lu execution. Stella Mayhew carrlco 
off the honors of the feminine" portion --of 
the programme, her slntrliig receiving the 
heartiest kind of applause, and she was com- 
pelled to respond to encore after encore. 
Fred Trncsdelrs reuderlngof the song, "Sornp- 
bodv's Homebody," whs another notable hit 
of the evening. The cast was as follows . 
rilouyslus Fly. Saui J. Mylle : -Ixird Cadwnl- 
Inder Dyye, Sid II. Forrester ; Capt. E. 
Boas. Fred Trneidell ; Johnnie J hones, K. 
I-;. Warren : Onrrlck Forrest Mecready. Chas. 
It Ilnlgb ;Abdal)nii. Alviib I". I. ant: ; Captain, 
Alfred IS. Marentelte; Purser, Italph Itow- 
ley; Mote. Alvah F. I.nng; Capt. Cornwallls, 
A I. Cunningham: Lieut. Gale. Kenneth h. 
Klnley; Sergt. Hlaglns, Charles La Fonda ; 
Miss Ceellln Gay. Fern Melrose: Lady Betty 
1 'rlngle, Joseph Floyd : Lady Clarissa. Ada 
St. Clnlr : . Moerle Jhones, May Sweeney ; 
Hiwi— illli. Cntherlue Tanner ; Javaneo Jliobea, 
Sttsetto Beatv: F.ligbzn Jliones, Llllnn 
Kvans; Capt. Dc CollNiy, Catherine Tanner ; 
Silver Courier, Dalsv Fnust: American Flag 
Bearer, Susette BeiUy : English Flag Bearer, 
Peurl Sergent ■ Urunimer Boys, KoBle and 
Vera Fause; Klly, Charles Parcor; Bags, 
Daisy Faust ; Muggle Webblngton und Auni 
Unity*. Stellu Mnyhow. Sunday's i-onccrts, 
as usual, drew full houses Jsn. :il, afternoon 
unci evening. Next Week, Kcllur, tbc magi- 

Uarrlek Theatre (Charles Frohman, 
manager).— Ou Tnewluy evening, Jan. 'JU, 
Annie KusecII begun un engagement at Ibis 
Jiouse, uppearlng In "The Younger Mrs. 
I'arllng," a three act play, adapted by C. 
lluddon Cbamlwrs, from the French of Heurl 
Perusteln's "L'Dctour." It was given ou 
tlmt' date Its Urst offering la New Vork, and 
received Its ■war nt the Park Theatre, Bos- 
ton, Mass., Nov. 17, last While there Is no 
ilnubt tluit in this work there arc many 

i of the'entertalner*. and bis act held 
rise attention (luring »««' tlr « T ^ n ' ro - 1 u ? 
huccv-'s l«?lng most pronounced. - The l our 
S he remarkably clever (»uM .who 
Law been creat lag an exceptionally fine im- 
prislM wherever tliey have upis-ared, added 
J iiother to their list of successes; and Mr. 
n d Mrs. Perkins rTsker brought their clever 
sketch. 'The Halt Way House," promlnen tly 
lato iiollee. Eleanor Knlkes' ««» "K"*""? 
methods of bringing her songs 1 omc to her 
audiences resulted In ano her hit for her. 
while Rosa Naynon, with her flnc bird art, 
nNo met n hearty reception. Others were . 
shortv nnd Lillian Dc Witt, In their worthy 
corned sketeb Princess Chln.mllla and New- 
eil .In their musical novelty: Crawford nnd 
Duff, whose act created plenty of laughter; 
Ilelle Cordon, with her capltaf bag punching 
net; Corbley and jlurke, ln» n in^Fd Ia5 
otTerlng tbat la full of good things; Ed. and 
Net tic 'Masse. Jugglers: Al. Coleman dialect 
lomedlnn. and Max Hitter. In a black face 
monologue. Tbc kalatechnoscopc conrtnues. 
Keith'. Theatre (E. F. Albee, general 
manager).— The patrons of Keiths will und 
good cause for a visit there this week, open- 
ing Mondav, Feb. 3, as there are several 
strong features on tbc programme. In- 
cluding several coiucdv sketch acts which 
ure superior In this line of -entertainment 
Topping the bill Is one »f l«e "est. If not 
the best nor In Its way. "The GIH with tbe 
Auburn Ilalr." With tbc beautiful and ap- 
propriate stage settings, and the expert 
handling of the lights, accompanied by an 
orgau, this woman, with ber rich contralto 
voice, compels your close attention to an 
offering that is impressive. This Is her Brst 
UDDcaranee here In three years, (.has. Dlck- 
sorTls here this week, presenting a new 
sketch, by Brandon Hurst, entitled "A Press- 
ing Matter." It Is u Jolly little comedietta, lu 
which Pauline Billings uud Master Colby 
capubly aided Mr. Dickson In producing ex- 
eefleut results. Another little playlet which 
was well received, was entitled "Bill 

jSS fo7-tl.o« !i wl,o -jSj.the intellectnal, J ffi ■"g^^t"'^ t ?heatr^ U ten?y 
or the so-called ••problems," lu their dra- the " r3t | }""• jj^u a nd company In 
matle fare, there fs also no question that, H,^' -t w,,l !iM in iV iebiit was au ' 

us un example of play construction, it Is la 
mentably weak. Then, loo. the auditor Is com 
IM'lleil to submit to a prolix exposition of one 
of tbc many sides to the uiurllul problem, 
und- he Is quite upt to weary even of tbc 
iii'uily turued sentences with which tbe play 
abounds, and crave for something strenuous 
In the line of happenings to. revive his inter- 
est In tbe story. Here lies tbe main fault 
of this. play, a fault which Is a decided 
handicap. The author treats tbc subject 
of morals very bluntly, but there is nothing 
objectionable' In tbe way In which the sub- 
ject Is brought forward, und the lack of 
uiiluiatlou Is directly responsible for the play 
being nulnterestlng. - Tbe splendid work 
contributed by MUs HushcII and her clever 
ussoclates held uttentlon, as it deserved to 
do, and redeemed tbe evening to some extent. 
The Intent Ion of tho play Is to show the 
difficulties of the position of Juquellue Car- 
btulrs, a young girl, who lias been brought 
up under Irregular circumstances. llcr 
mother Is charmlnc. but frail: ber father 
■die never knew. - llcr own aspirations are 
fur the quiet and the respectable lu life, 
aud In the endeavor to gain these rite makes 
tile mistake of marrying James Parting, an 
intolerant provincial, who Is lu love with 
Iter. "She does nut. actually love him, in re- 
turn, but she i« grateful lor the respect he 
thews her, un attitude to which abe Is not 
ijccustouicd from I tie men she knows. There 
Is another -man lu love with Jaquellne— • 
Cvril Martyn, a y.oung and agreeable fellow, 
hut. In tile early part of ''the play bo 
Is -seen to bo leading a rakish and 
purposeless life, and he falls lu tbat respect 
to fulfill the girl's Ideals. Later Jaquellne 
Is seen In her new home, which Is the home 
of her husband's parents, surrounded by a 
narrow, hypocritical, provincial sel. llcr 
life bete is welt nigh unbearable *. she Is 
molded by locul society, and In the home 
she Is held uu dally us something in tbe 
nature of n horrible example. Here ber 
husband, who has undertaken to mako the 
happiness of her life, signally fails, and tbe 
nearest approach to u sympathetic person- 
ality In this entourage Is Samuel Purling. 
tier husband':* father. Jaqucllnc's position 
wlillo iu tbc home of her husband's parents 
liceoiuos harder than -she can bear. She 
leaves (he house uud goes lo London to Joiu 
her husband. There she Uvea with him In 
her own small borne which her husband has 

Thomas 1*. .Tuckson : O'Donaghue. Tony 
Hart : OlttVcr, Ed. IS. Aiken ; Maura Sherlock, 
Josephine. Level I : Mrs. Frank Fsrlelgli. Mil- 
dred Beverly; Easter, Carrie Leo Stoylv; 
Pegirv Sherlock, Lellu Frost. Next week, 
"The flood Old Summer Time," with George 
Kvans us the star.'-'' 

Vletorln Theatre (Oscar llaininen-teln. 
numngei-1. — Manager llunimerstulir on Mon- 
day night. Feb. 1. changed the policy of this 
house and turned It Into a music bull. A 
large audience was present, and an excellent. 
bill was ufteivd. Among the fcnlm-en which 
appeared on the programme were: Burke's 
musical doge, the Brother* Scheiick. gym- 
mists ; Colby and Way. In their sketch. "The 
Doll and the Veulrlloulst;" the Nichols 
Sisters, black face comediennes ; Al. She an 
and Charles Warren, comedy duo : tbc En- 
glish Pony Ballet, the Six Musical t'uttys. 
yorke una Adams, Hebrew eouuillmis ; the 
l'lo i on?. Troupe of acrobats. Binirrow, Jug- 
gler, ami the mysterious flouting Agu. 

Murray Hill Theatre (Henry V. Don- 
nelly, malinger). — Plnero's "The Gay Lord 
Qnex'' Is this week's bill, with the following 
east: The Marquis of Qiiex, I'ilwln Holt; 
Sir Frayne. Priestly Morrison : Captain Bast- 
ling, Geo. Farreu : Vnlma, Thewlore liuinble: 
First Young Gentleman. Lionel Hogarth: 
Second Vonug Geutlcuiuu. Edgar Allan 
Woolf : Itrlstow, Henry Wllloa ; Morgan, 
Walter Morris: Duchess of Ktrood, Mary 
lli'ii-ne: Cottntess of Owlirldge, Kmmu Lath- 
ron; Mrs. Jack Eden, Yloln Killing: Muriel 
Eiien. Bose Swain ; Sophy Fullguruur. Eduu 
Phllllns: Miss Moon. May Cornell : Miss 
Huddle, Louise Buslelgli ; Miss Clarldce, Bo- 
sulio lie Vaux ; Miss Llmblrd. Ellu Baker : 
Young Lady. Mary Coudnu: Lady. Kiitherlnn 
Nvvlus. Next week, Plnero's "Treluwney 
of the Wells." 

Third A-veaue Theatre (Martin. J. Dix- 
on, manager). — "The Worst Woman In Lou- 
don," by Wuller Melville, is presented here 
Ibis week. The characters nre umiortlAncd 
as follows : Jack Felton, Itoy Apnlegale ; 
Buth Mllford. Bin Glenn : Vincent Lyle. A. 
I-'raliels Lena: Fred Thornboroiigh. Ilobert 
D. Long: James Mllford, Herbert Con hell ; 
Jane Nogood, Emma lh> VVisila; Detective 
Cqi-zon, Geo. Young; Hob Goldfinch, Horace 
New man : Jerry. George Ball : Huah Dray- 
ton. Fred W. Strong: I^-bbery, .lolin Ed- 
wards; Wilson. Edward Mncl'niuihl: KIiikh- 
tnn. John E. Mseken : George Sidhnry, John 
Kleuvcr; Billy. Oakley Melton: Philip Arm- 
strong. Frank It. Fey : Matilda Parker, 
Ilnttlo Neville; Frances Yrte. Ann Fair- 
child. It. G'. I'tiivi-in Is niuimuvr ; Wm. 
Ah-iniidcr. business inutiuger. Next week, 
"The Itinck Hand." 

Aeademy of Mnslo (Gllmore & Tomp- 
kins; hiauitgsrs).— '"Checkers," villi Thos. 
W. Bobh. Is>b*u Ha neeond Week ..Feb- 1- 

Bi-Iuhoii llieiiln- ( David Belnaoo. innnn- 
gBrl.^-llenrletia Crosmnn, In "Sweet Kitty 
itellati-K." ' entered- upim her ninth week 
*-'cb. 1. ... 

in the uncompromising attitude of ber hus- 
band to her mother. As an outcome to this 
Parting practically turns his wife's mother 
out of the house, und us a consequence 
Jaquellne'* relations with him become Im- 
possible. He endeavors to cone Dilute ber, but 
without success. In the midst of her dis- 
tress Juquellue Is visited by Cyril Murtyu, 
lii-r friend of the old days, who still loves 
her, and urges ber not to have her life 
wrecked by u tyrant. Jaquellne promises 
nothing, and sends Cyril uway, and then ber 
husband returus. He announces that he has 
nrrungcil with Ills father that, be aud Jaque- 
llne should return to Hie elder Parting's 
house to live, and then Jaquellne makes Iter 
decision In silence. James sits at a desk 
to wrllc to his fattier, und while he Is doing 
this Juquellue quietly puis ou a lint aud 
walks out of the house, uud out of his life. 
Annie Itussell's welcome was a most cordial 
one. und her iictliiK In the "uncongenial role 
ut the Younger Mrs. I'arllng brought to the 
surface all Hie noble quqlllies ot the char- 
acter, enlisting for It every' sympathy, and 
holding the Interest every moment by sheer 
force of personality. Those graces of man- 
ner and expression which have long endeared 
Miss Itussell to our theatregoers were an 
]h, lent us ot yore, snd her personal success 
mm ruosl pronounced. Mrs. Hubert, only 
recently recovered from the accident which 
compelled her lo remain within doors for 
suvL-ral weeks, was given a reception which 
was so prolonged nud hearty that she was 
lorccd to plead with tbo audience lo desist 
nud let the pluy proceed. Needless to say she 
played well. Jeffreys Lewis made a most 
conspicuous success as Juqtiellne's vulgar 
mother, and Jobu Glcudeuuing played tbc 
role of i\v. nonehuluut man of the world 
*llh great clevernewl. Olive Murray brought 
herself Into Hie s|>ot light of nubile attention 
by the particularly good ucting she contri- 
buted us the rebellions daughter of tho 
siiulghi-liiccd elder I'arllng. and John Mu- 
soa did his usual excellunt work as the who Is blind to the right w-.iy In 
which to hold tbo regard of bis wife. Tbo 
paternal Purling was played by JK.A. F.bcrlu 
In a remarkably effective manner, ami Os- 
wald Yorko scored well as Jaquolluc's youth- 
ful admirer. The cast : Jaquellue Cnrstulrs, 
Annie itussell ; Mrs. Curstalrs, Jeffreys Lewis ; 
Mrs. Samuel Purllug, Mrs. Gilbert; Mrs. 
Pi-ingle. Mrs. filrudlnnlug : Lady Besant, Miss 
Brunei t ; Su.-hii Puriina, Olive Murray: Mold 
to Mrs. Samuel Parting, Josephine Mack: 
Maid to Mrs. James Purling, Bose Lemolnc : 
James Purling. John Mason : Samuel I'arl- 
lng: li A. l"lH«rh>: l>rtl Mortyd, Oswiild 
Yorke: Sir ,'l'lilllp Mallahy. John Gleudln 
nlng: (Fred Pembroke. F. tiuldsuiltb; Cupta'n 
I'llngle. T. f. Valentine. 

Heralil Siinai* Theatre if'liarles Froh- 
nian, mnuaget- 1 .— "The Girl frotn Knr's" Is 
nntf Hi Ha fonrteehtirweek. Knlhryn Hutch- 
Isou ii|»peared an NOrn on Jan. 25, and con- 
tinues In tho role, ... j. 

the " cast. Their debut was auspicious. 
James Thotntou was Just bis original self, 
and his welcome was cordial lu the extreme. 
The cupltal bill Includes : Kthel Levey, come- 
illenuo: Lu Troiqie ' Fantasllque, presenting 
"Faust." In tcrpslcltorc : Chas. Ascot and 
Mile Eddie, acrobatic comedy and novelty 
oanclng : Senator Frank Bell, character mon- 
ologue : l^rothy Kentou, banjolst ; Ouda, tra- 
iieije iierfotmer: St. Ongo Bros., comedy cy- 
clists; Shannon and Brown, German come- 
dians; the Lticadcs, heavyweight balancers; 
McDerltt and. Kelly, black face comedians, 
and the Amerlcuu biograpb. Business con- 
tinues to be capacity, as- Is usual at Keith s. 

London Theatre (James H. Curtln, man- 
uge r).— The Bowery Burlesqiiers drew a fair 
sired house Feb. 1. The burlesque, "On the 
Yueon," with Berry Watson Jr., George 
Beckel and Ed. Wortbc • In Uic nrlnclnnl 
comedy roles, was full of laughs. Tbc War- 
saw Brothers Introduced their musical com- 
edy act. The -Comedy Bund was a scream. 
Next week, the Transatlantics. 

Miner's Ilowery Theatre (Edwin D. 
Miner, manager!. — Tbc Hose Hill Co. arc 
here this week, with a good programme, In- 
cluding "The Baby Trust," with Geo. W. 
Bice and T. F. Thomas In. the principal 
roles; Tom Nolan and Cora While, the 
Hughes Musical Trio, the Ksher SlNleM, Wolf 
and Mlnton. the Wilson Trio. Cathcryn 
Bowe Palmer, and "A Peep Behind the 
Scenes." Fronklo Haines. Katbryn Palmer, 
Flossie Hughes. Cora White, Annie Dunn 
uud the other ladles contributed good work 
lu the twsnnblo numbers. Next week, tbc 
American Burlesqiiers. 

Pastor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — Lavender and Toinson hold the top 
line position here this week, and at the open- 
ing perforinam-e, Monday. Feb. 1, presented 
the best vehicle In which to dlsptny their 
vocal, acrobatic and loniedy talent they have 
ever appeared In here. The little playlet 
Is entitled "A Touchdown," and Is clever 
In Its way. O. T. Flake aud Nellie Mc- 
Donough, In "Brocky's Temptation," scored 
solidly, und justly, too. as their little sketch 
Is bright and entertaining, besides they are 
very popular with the Pastor patrons. Foster 
und Foster, In a novel musical act, made 
their llrsl appearance here, aud scored 
a success. Irene Franklin, the dainty com- 
edienne ; the PuiiUcr Trio, In reluied gym- 
nastic exercises: Sulilvuu and Weston, up- 
icaied iu a comedy specialty, one of the best 

Bonds ;" 
terous grace aud skill, gives a running touch 
to the art of bag punching; Foniiie uud 
Claude Usher, In their East side slang 
classic : Barto and Lutferty, hi a singing and 
duuelug specialty, and the American vita- 
graph. Business Is still conducted oa the 
turn awav plun here. 

Haber's Museum (John II. Anderson, 
manager). — Begardlng tbe llnauclal success 
of the present season at Huher's there Is 
nothing to report but tbc some stereotyped 
statement, "business Is to tbc capacity." 
During the season here one is sure to and 
ou view all the stars ot freukdom which 
the world can offer lu this line. This week 
Laloo and Lola remain us the principal 
feature of the rnrlo halls, and other good 
attractions in their way ure: Uno, In ber 
ladder of swords; the Boycc Bros., bag 
punchers ; William Doss, telescope uiuu, nnd 
the Dexter s, mind readers. The theatre pat- 
ronage continues to be large. 

Criterion Theatre (Charles Frobman. 
manager). — Virginia llnrucd. In 'The Light 
that Lies In Woman's Eyes," began her sec- 
ond week Feb. 1. 

American Theatre (Klaw, Erluuger & 
Wels. managers). — Italph Stuart. In "By 
Bight of Sword," entered on his third week 
Feb. 1. 

"icvv Lyceum Theatre (Daniel Frob- 
man, manager).— William Gillette', In "Thii 
Admirable Crlchton," begun bis twelfth 
week Feb. 1. - 

Broadway Theatre (A. W. Dingwall, 
manager). — -"Tbe Medal and tbc Muld" 
opened Its fourth week Feb. I. 

Madlaoa Suuare Theatre (Sam S. ft 
Ia-o Uhubert, managers). — "The Secret of 
l'olichluellu" began lis third week l-'cb. 1. 

Casino (Sum S. &. Iam Sluibert, mana- 
gers). — "An English Daisy" commenced lla 
third week iFcb. I. ... 

Daly's Theatre (Dunlel Frohman. man- 
ager). — Vlrglala Earl. In "Sergeant Kkty," 
o|satod her third week Feb. 1. 

Miinhnttuu Theatre (Harrison Grey 
Fiske, mimuger).— "Tile Virginian" entered 
on Its tlfth ux-ek Feb. 1. 

Knickerbocker Theatre (Al. Uaymnu 
A- Co.. managers). — Amelia Bingham, In 
"Olvnipr," tillered on her third and last week 
Feb: 1. Viola Allen, In "Twelfth . Night," 
follows Feb. 8. 

Princess Theatre (Sam S. Shubert, man- 
ager). — Kyrlu Bellew, In "Rallies" com- 
menced Ms llfleenlh week Feb. 1. "Tbe 
Sscranicut of Juibis." the curtain miser, was 
withdrawn after-the performance Saturday, 
Jau. SO. 

Savoy Theatre IFrauk McKec. munu- 
acrr.— ltobert Hllllard. In "Tbat Man and 
1," rulered ou bis second week Feb. 1. 

Majratle Theatre (George H. Nlcolal, 
neueral mnnnger).— "BnlM« lu Toyland" com- 
iiieueed its Beveulismth week reb. 1. 

Wu Hack's (Mrs. Tlieo. Moss, mannger). 
— "The County Chairman" entered ita 
L-icveutn week reb. 1. _' .. 

Dewey Theatre (Siilllvan k Kraus m.,i 
agora).— Packed to tbe doors was S £ 
tiim of things here at the regular Momli, 
inatlnee, Wor-I.- There was a new companv i,,' 
Chttry Bloeadnis* Burlesqiiers, aunoilneed ',', 
appear, and expectation was on tip Uie aitk 
the Dewey patrons aa to Its merits ami ,m. ; 
Jicallons, In comparison with the several ,,r' 
gaulzatlcms which have visited the iVn-rU 
this season. The organization, while im 
provements might be suggested In some dlrw 
tlons. Is, as a- whole, composed of cxccii™ 
material, and John II. Perry's entcrtalnln.' 
travesty, "Sarah Burntbart's Rival." wa« , 
fitting starter to tbo bill. The travesty «,w 
written, and Is produced, under tbe dlrevtliin 
of Mr. Perry, who also appears as m. 
lachy Hogan, In which bU work deservis 
much commendation. There are ulso monv 
musical numbers; and these gained the 55 
of tbe audience, as they Justly deserved n, 
do. Following is the cast: VoctfcroiJ 
Ix'atlierlunga, M. Garner: Mr. Flatt, Prank 
Williamson; Mr. Addlepnte, Wilbur Hem- 
Mr. Vamplretrap, 11. Wyman; Uorkslf 
"Grogan" Spencer; Alonzo Duff. Kd. Lanr-' 
"JUsa" Sara Burotbart. .Fred W. Tavlor • SB 
Back Bay, Isabella Hurd : Miss "Bostnnese 
Addle Gilbert; Mary Maloney. Mabel Thorn' 
dyke : Anabelle Maloney, Lillian Perry ; Cin- 
derella Cinders, -Lydln Carlisle : Lottie Crab 
tree, Alice Woobtton; Dotty Dimple. l*im c 
Delroy; Tootsey Toot. Gladys Day; Meiindu 
Merrymald. Maggie Sheridan ; Katie Huk-an 
May Orletta ; llanha Blossom. Ami- Lee- 
I'lnney Pansey, Myrtle Young: Jllnnli- Mooo' 
Sadie Gill ; Lihle Puckerette, Minnie Orletta : 
Pansy Blofsoin, Alice Evans; Minute IV 
vere, Ollle .Weston : . Lottie Goodc, llcsxle 
Holmes ; Malachy Hogiui, John II. Perry 
Thls wits followed by u capital olio, hi 
which Billy Spencer and Wilbur Held. In 
"The Tad and the Singer;" Lillian Perry, 
n dainty and accomplished Ingenue: the 
York Comedy Four, Orletta, Hurd and or- 
letta, opera bouffe singers, end the Alpines, 
acrobats and tight wire performers, all of 
whom were well received. The shuw ends 
with a clever burlesque, by Cbas. Sabine, en 
titled "Narragnnsett Pier," in which Uillv 
Spencer was the principal fun promoter. 
Words of prulte were heard on all sides for 
the Cherry Bloesoms. Next week, the Paris- 
ian Widows. 

Miner's Eighth Avenue Theatre (Ed- 
win D. Miner, manager). — The Gay Masque- 
raders are this week's bill, und the opening 
house, nlgbt of Feb. 1, was a very large one. 
There was plenty of enthusiasm, "The 
Wizard of Jersey" and "Aboard the Coad 
«hU> Jane" coming in far much favor- 
able comment. In the olio: Annie Hart, 
whose songs were entertainingly rendered: 
Dave Conroy und Phil McFarland, lu their 
tolling act; Ralph Post und Essie Cllntou, 
who made u distinct success: Benny Welch, 
whose Hebrew dialect act was worthy the 
numerous recalls glveu bltu, particularly fur 
bis burlesque dauce at tbe finish, and the 
Busch-Devere Trio, up to date lustrumeuul- 
Ists. Next week, the World Beaters. 

Grand Opera House (John II. Snrluger, 
manager). — "Tbe Earl of Pawtnckct" Is this 
week's attraction. 

Hudson Theatre (Henry B. Harris, man- 
ager). — Robert Edeson, In "Bauson's Folly." 
began his third week Feb. 1. 

New York Theatre (Klaw & Erlanger, 
managers). -^Chauncey Oleott, lu "Terence," 
began bis Ufth week Feb. 1. 

Empire Theatre (Charles Frobman, man- 
ager). — "The Other Girl" opened Its second 
week ut this house Feb. 1. 

Garden Theatre ( Charles Frobman, man- 
ager). — Eleanor Bobson, In "Merely Mary 
Ann," entered upon ber sixth week Feb. 1. 

Vaudeville Theatre (Charles Frohman, 
manager). — ^Candida" entered on Its fourth 
week Feb. 1, and wjll„ continue up to and 
Including* Friday nlgbt, 5. On Saturday 
night, 0, Arnold Daly will present "The 
Man of DcsUny'" 

Webgb & Ficlds revived the burlesque 
ou "Catherine" at their fuuslc hall nlgbt 
of Thursday, Jau. 118, and played It through- 
out - the remainder of tnelr stay, which 
ended on Saturday night. 30. It took tbc 
place of "Waffles." and employed Weber and 
Fields, Peter F. Dalley. John T. Kc'lcy and 
Charles Boss, who rejoins the company, la 
their old roles. Mabel Featoa played the 
Fay Templctun role, and Louis Mann w 
seen in tbe part created by Dave Wnrilcld. 
Tim burlesque will be kept on during the 
Weber & Fields Compnny's road tour. 

Thk Kaltemuosn Qr.i»xt*TTK gave the Urst 
concert of its ninth season In Mendelssohn 
Hail, night of Thursday, Jan. 28, the pro- 
gramme consisting of Beethoven's G major 
Quartette, Opua 18, No. 2, and HaydU-s 
Quartette In G minor, Opns 74. No. 3. Be- 
tween these numbers '• was heard Tschai- 
kowsky's A minor Trio, Opua 50, for piano, 
violin and violoncello. Edith Thompson was 
the assisting pianist. A good sized au- 
dience Was in attendance, and the progratntiic 
was a very pleasing one, Judging by the 
npplatisf whlcli wbb warmly bestowed upon 
Mr. Kaltenborn and his associates. 

Ok Sunday sioht, Jan. 31, at Keith s 
Theatre, Mr. Keith gave another beneut for 
a local' charity. On this occasion the henete- 
was In old of St Catherine's Orphanage. 
which was recently destroyed by lire. in>' 
pretty theatre was crowded with people, and 
the volunteers, whose names appear belo». 
were liberally applauded for their efforts in 
a worthy cause. This Is tbo list: Slg. lieu- 
man. Margaret Scott, Julian Bose. Laura 
Beuuett, Dorothy Kentou, Band of the Jit*-; 
slon of tbe "Immaculate Virgin, Little and 
Prltzkow. W. H. Sloan and Yolaude Walla". 
Metropolitan Oiieratlc Quartet, Wllsou ami 
Davis, aud- tho biograpb. . _..„., 

On kmploiks ov Tony Pastors Th'-a- 
tub held their uiiiial reception Jan. 2<j. { l 
Tamniuuy Hall. To Tasoott was awurdcd uu- 
prize for coon shunting, and John torn re 
it-IvwI the medal Iu tbe buck dancing com- 
lictlrion. . 

Thk New York Chupler of the Actors 
Church Alliance will give a benellt umtluei. 
In tbe Manhuttan Tbeutro on .Friday after- 
noon, Pen. 0. Kyrle Bellew. Amelia B %• 
bum, Vesta Tllley, Robert Edeson, Lav mi 
Shunnon, Huttle Nefflln and Pauline Wlllaro 
will appear. Others who may coat riuit- 
their efforts are Murlo Tempest, May Irwin. 
Virginia Earl, Thomas Q. Seabrooke, Arthur 

Forrest und Fuy Teraploton. 

irrest una i<uy -rempieten. ,■.■,, nine 

Majok Bdhk will perform his llgUtnin . 
IU net ut Tammany Hall Feb. 17, for vtn 

drill act ut Tummauy 
llutu Dcvcre's beueflt. 

Harlem.— At "the Harlem Opera »JJJ 
(Alex Litchenstcln, manager).— Marie ; "»' 
l«!st. in "The Marriage of Kitty," Is tbc a t_ 
traction for tills week, and all !n<ll« l ' on ? 
polut to a prosperous eugagemeut, the nous 
being tilled ut tho opening performance, i-i" 
1. Next week. Mary Manncrlug, In ui> r 
rlet's Honeymoon." -.._"._ .„.,. 

West End (George A. Bliimcutbul. man.' 
ger).— Stair A Wilbur's second week s o» 
ing Is "Coder Southern Skies." n Pjf>,j M ", 
should not fall to attract, as It Is well stag™ 
and presented by a capable company. '»• 
prices ure wlthlu the reach of all. J be ' * " 
iiess during tbo week was of the best, wn ■» 
given enconragemunl to the new munuMrs; 
Next week. James K. Uuckctr. lit n* 
Crown Prince," for (be Urst time In M" 
York City. r , 

MirrnoruLis (Henry ltoaenterg.-iuaniifir 1 
—"The Funny Mr. Dodley" gave delight i 
the largo atidlonce that turned put y «rr 
come It l-'cb. 1. It was presented In Uarii a 
for the llrst tlmo on that date, und Bcoiei 
u success from tho start. It Is eonatnicjeii 
for laughing purposes only, and It ulieu i" 
bill lo'perfectltm.- Next week. Robert Man 
tell. In ''The Light of Other Daya." , . 

StXh (Wta. T. Keogh, manager).— A m< 
vul of "The Bowci-y After Dork." this *">•■ 
with Mr. ahd Mrs. Terry McGovern in BP 
chief roles. iFeb. 1 also records the first ap 
pea ranee ot Mn. McGorem ou B»y. **" 

FBBbtJAJtT tf. 



.«* she wai given a warm welcomo by the 
2?°lmce. The Bouse was Jiackod. Next 
55 "If Women Were Men." 


•ir-rii Stbbbt Thcatbb (J. Ans tin Fynes, 
general manager).— The laughable comedy, 
-The Hrlxton Burglary," with Fred Sidney, 
the author. In one of the lending roles. In 
!s H offering, for thin week, and the way It 
~„« presented Feb. 1 wn» nmt enjoyable, 
•thnso who aided In contributing to the stir- 

f "s of the performance were: Jessie ISon- 
'ipIIp Florence Heed, Paul McAlUatcr, Sol 

iikoii Chas. Seny. O- D. Hnwleynnd ivcylle 
Saver The vaudeville presented several 
'".id liols, Including: Hutchinson and Raln- 
j ilih-e Lucy Monroe, Juggling Klcton, Slnx- 
.'mllh'luio, and new pictures by the knla- 

"nSSw l * Seamon's Mrsin Ham, (J!en 
lliirtlg. manager)— The bill offered for this 
■mm Is a 9trong one. and drew out the usual 
Mondav nudlence Feb. 1, which Is of the kind 
ihnt packs the house. A wnrm roeoptlon 
"ns accorded the numbers. On Feb. 8 n new 
nollcv will be Inaugurated, that of having 
Initlnees every day In the week, nnd it must. 
E> a good Idea, as there Is no place of niuusc- 
meiit cjpen throughout the week for matinees. 
'■n the west aide, and the demand has nt Inst 
■ fliised this house to try It. This week's hill 
iirescnls : Colo and Johnson, Hal Godfrey. 
Kiiike nnd Seraon, Josephine Mnhol, Stnrenrct 
l as!, Cnlettl's monkeys, I<n Belle Blanche, 
Cntf-s and Nelson, nnd Marline nnd Ultimo. 

ih'tmI'IC (ThoB. W. Valentine, junungcri. 
_Krcd Irwin's New Majesties moved up from 
a down town house, and opened to a bis 
audience J. Favorable comment was heard 
on nil sides, and the natural- Inference 13 
that, with such -satisfaction given, good busi- 
IH «i will prevail all week. Next week the 
liny Masmicraders arc promised by the man- 

OM-urx'M (Dr. Leo Sommers. manager). — 
It Is the same old story — business Is satis- 
factory. The toousc was connforrnbly lllled 
at the opening. This week'a bill contains 
the following names : Barr and Kv.tns, Ram- 
sey Slsiors, the Bachelor Club, Fox nnd 
i'oilc, C'srls Lane, and Tames. 

>Viti:.— sSiilllvan & Krause's new Iheatre, 
the Uotlinvm, Is anoiwccd to open with Ike 
liny Ainsiiuemders on Feh. 8. 

Brooklyn. — At the Montana (Isabel 
Sinn nccht, manager). — "A Chinese Honey- 
moon" crowded the house Feb. 1. The seen, 
crv and costumes ara lino nnd many of the 
original company are seen to an advantage. 
Charles Hnwtrcy played to big business. 
To follow, Richard Mansfield. 

Gbaxd Or-EttA House (Lew Porker, man- 
. .,.|.|. — "Our New Minister" was presented, 
in a rapacity liotise, 1. This pay Is new 
io the jintrons of the house. The scenery is 
handsome. While a capable cast Is employed. 
Hlg business ruled Inst week. Next week. 
Florence Bindley, In "A Midnight Marriage." 

Pavtcn's Fclton Stbeet (Corse Pnytoii. 
owner). — This house remains dnrk for the 
current week. - 

Pabk (Nick Norton, manager). — "The 
White Slave," with handsome scenery and 
elaborate electrical effects, drew a good sized 
house 1. One of the special scenes Is a 
storm, which la very realistic. Last week 
business, was big. "A Desperate Chance" 
next week. 

Cnn'itniA (Dave A. Wels, manager). — 
"The SVnv of the Transgressor" week of 1. 
■'SlcKadden's Row of Flats" crowded the 
house list week. Next week, Herrmann, ma- 
gician. '• 
• iiijotr (Will McAUster. manager). — "The 
Captain's Mate," a comedy drama. In three 
tcts, was presented by the Spooner Company, 
with big success, 1. Cecil Spoonor, who Is 
a very clever and talented singer and dancer, 
with the assistance of Harold Kennedy, ren- 
dered many songs which made a hit with the 
nudlence. Augustus Phillips, as Captnln 
Peufleld, does capable work, while other 
members of the company are well placed. 
Last week business was to capacity. Next 
week, "The World Against Her." 

OBPltKfJt (Percy 0. Williams, manager). 
—Another pleasing bill Is presented this 
week. Marie Dressier, supported by .Walter 
C. Kellv and Co., present a very effective 
steteh, ' "Sweet Kittle Swellairs." Valerie 
Hergere Is retained for another week, pre- 
sentlngnnewsltetcn, "Junnjler's Experiment." 
which was as. popular as her (Irst week's 
offering. Others are : Kleeobono's horses, 
Five Be Lucas, acrobats ; James I. McDon- 
ald, Will II. Murphy and Blanche Nichols, 
in a new skit, "From Zazn to Uncle Tom:" 
Mayme Remington and her "picks," the ul- 
lage choir, n good quartet, and the vlln- 
tnipb, with n brand new series of pictures, 
Hvde & Bkuaiak's (Archie II. Ellis, muiin 

»ws^t» Oaudeoille and minstrel 

pari, and Ftta lteed l'nrton as Klcnnote VW»»W»yillV WWW ■ ■IIHsMl »l« 


imrt, and F.Ua Meed I'nyton as Eleanor* 
Vnushnn. The opening house, night of 1. 
was hlg. (iood business last week. 

(Jotham (Charles Williams, manager).— 
K. L. Snader, at the head of n competent 
company of players, this week presents 
"Ilenrls Adrift." The opening house, nlalit 
of 1. wns big. flood huslness Inst week. 
"Child Slaves of New York" next. 

LvcBi.M <l»uls Phillips, manager). — "Km- 
Home and Honor" Is this week's offering. 
There -was a good big audience present nt the 
opening performance, 1. Good business Inst 
week. ■ 

TitKATitn IJxiQtr. (Frank B. Carr, mana- 
ger). — There wns a ginst nuillcn.f jn ■■-• tit 
night of 1. The usual two burlesques and ii 
good olio bill tire presented, (iood business 
last week. 

RrsnwtcK Mustc IlAt.i, (Walnwrlght & 
Michaels, managers). — In addition to n 
long olio bill, the house burlesque company 
Is seen In two new musical burlcttnu. BuM- 
ness continues satisfactory. 

Notes.. — Mannger W. 'H. Watson has ten- 
dered the use at his theatre. Hie Co/y Cor- 
ner, for n nerf.irmance for the beueiu ' (> f i| ( « 
widow and children of the tale Assistant 
Foreman tleorge lilhson. of the Fln> IV. 
parinienr, who lost Ills lite at the ren-nt 
Itllss lire. The dale of the benefit Is after- 
noon of Fell. 1-1, when a fine hill will lie 

presented Manager Will McAllister Is 

slowly improvini; from his attack of ap- 
pendicitis Mummer Archie Ellis, who 

bus been conllned to the house for the iwst 

live weeks. Is still unable to get around 

.Manager Percy Williams has made several 
changes In the past ft-«r weeks. William 
Klmberlv, who was treasurer of the d'oiham, 
returned to Ills old position as assistant 
Treasurer of Die Orphecin, and Mr. tilrnrd's 
son was promoted to assistant treasurer of 
the (iothnm. 



H'r ti*l; rrcrimne irlio triida «* rnninitmi- 
mfl'is* ffifnuhd for ptihUcatlon in Itirne 
colniaiM to ab*rm: Ike c* fa bHuHett rule nf 
%cri1i«ii on one hiilc of the paper nn)», in 
4h*«>c /iHOfintltoii. 

Wii.i.kut Vivian Ronixsos, son of Sirs. 
Wra. II. Hoblnson ("t)ui>en Madeline"), died 
nt 8t. Irfiiils. Jan. :in. 

.Mns. Is vrh.ia; w.Min. mother nf Frank T. 
Ward, of Ward nud Ciirran, dleil Jan. 31, 
In New York City. 

UonKRT X. Tiiavkk, a well known dramatic 
critic nnd author, died ut Port Chester; N. Y., 
Jan. 'J", ngeil sixty-lhree years. He Was u 
member nf one nf the first lodges of Elks or- 
ganized, having become n member when that 
ergnnlxnilon wns composed entirely of i he- 
at rim I people. 

J. lUTiNwtui nvi.tvN. during his engage- 
ment nt tin- llnrlem Music Hall, Introduced 

Burnt brnnA Ilm'mn (.Tohn 11. Plntve. resi- 
dent mannger i. —OiHirgo Sidney nnd a clever 
corniuuuvninao. thlngH-.llv«ly week of Jan. 
24: Full bouses npplaudetl every .musical 
number with spirit. "(Ms .,*. WMUCUrL 
comes .11 for week, 'ami 'The Cnarlly ntixso ' 
week of Feb. 7. _. 

Ht.\n Tiit-tTBP. (Frank B. Trottman. man- 
ager).— The Merry Maidejla, week of Jnu. 

Wim.iam IT.ANatso, at one tlmo a wall 
known nctnr, died Jan. 18, at the Coirfiry Iff- 
ilruary. Alameda, (Ml., from acuta rhpiinw- 
t lam. He was sixty-two years nt nge. nntl 
H:UoyM tq have .tjavelcd with Edwin lloollv 
nhtl Ijiwrenco Barrett. He had heen In the 
Inflrnmr.v for -nearly two years. During his 
Illness lie wns supported by New York i^idge. 
No. 1, B. 1*. O. K. Funornl wns held under 

24. 1 had bit foatiiro'dno of"Th«"best (ookingi th«. auspices qf the National ACiom'. Alliance. 
' i cltoruses Hint has plnyeil Interment wns In Evergreen Feme 

as well as singing 

(his house this season. IIiisIuchs was very 
good. The London Itelles am hooked for 
week of ::i,-mifl Harry .Morrhv Own Co. week 

of Fob. n 

CbtHTAIi TiiKATttn. — Bnalness contlmies to 
Improvn nlghlly. Malingers Winters and 
Adams offer Perclval Ulce, Frank and Ida 
Wlllhrms, Slackey and lK>r<>, Helen Itiissell, 
Xlnrle Alba, anil Frank (iroh wrek of Feb... I. 

8.VNS Hanoi (Chan. E. Witt, manscer).— 
Week of t: Brims and Nina, Ceo. Atkinson, 
Ted McKehnri and dogs, and Monitor nud 

Fonst KbXUHL— Manager Blehard llecker 

■ offers I'hll nud (Mrrle Husaell. Mlgnnn SIs- 

n new- descriptive song on "Klshinetr* and a tm'IMtt Ward, and AtlA HTHratl wel'k 

new pnnslv «n "Anonn." 


ton Anicelcs. — At Mason Opera House 
ill. «\ Wynti. manager). — "Tbe c.irl With 
Hie (ireen ICyes." Jan. 11-13, following M 
close upon lite Ijtngrry nnd I'nill engage- 
ments, suffered to Hie exlenl of moderate 
slited nudleuees. when Hie merit of the per- 
formance justified full a ous e a, "Happy 
Hooligan." 14-lti, drew mislernie nudleuees. 
"David Hariim." 18-i<(, ntlrncnsl good slxed 
hntises, nnd "Thp Eternal ( -I I y," 21-23. hud 
larue and fashlonnlile nudlences. I.nuls 
.■nines and Fpslurlrk Wnrde 2."i nnd week. 

Mobosihi's Hi intA.NK Tiii:atiu: (Oliver Mn- 
iokco. mannger i. — The James Nelll Co., In 
"Siiwing the Wlml." drew good business. 
week ending 21. "The Holy clfy" week of 
25. Underlined, "I'udiln'hend Wilson." 

Ctj.iMi Onau Hoiimi: (Clarence Brown, 
maiinu'erl. — "The lleiul Wallers" deservedly 
drew goisl audiences week ending 2;:. "Down 
l.v Hie Seu." I.y Phil Hnnler. 24-27, with 
J'nnule Curtis la lends, followed. l>y Hlcliards 
ft l'rlngle's fleorgln Minstrels, 2K-:il>. "In 
Convict Stripes'* at. 

Waldkok'n Casino Tiikatbi: f J. E. Wnl- 
deck. manager). — "Flddle-Dce-Dee" closed 
n successful three weeks* rua 24, ami Is suc- 
ceeded by "Whlrl-1-C,lg." 

OarntCNf (Clarence Drown, mannger). — 
Fcnmres 25 and week : Howard Thurston, 
Wnllno and Marinette, While anil Simmon*. 
Joan Baden, tbe Sn Vans, Charlotte Ouyer 
tleorge, and Hnllen nnd Fuller. In "His 
Wife s Hern :" the Orplteum motion pictures. 
L'siqt'K Titr_\Tni: 1 1 lent 7. Sc. Znllee, man- 
ngerst. — Attractions week of 2.'i: Charles 
Whiting, Kerol Desmond, in n musical sketch, 
entitled "Under False Colors:" Sngcawa 
iffm, A. Cohnh) nml Watawa (J. 'i*. Ball), 
In an Indian net; I.a Tina, dancer; Haymond 
and Jessica Wilson, Tom Armstrong, and A. 
Phillips, In 'The Tourists," aud Oorge 

Ft. Wo rlli. — At (IWUIlft Opera House 
(Phil W. Ureenwall, manager). -- "KIiiij 
D.s|o" had two of i ho largest audiences or 
the season, matinee nnd nlglll, Jan. S3. 
Kalherlne Wlllard presenleil *'The Power Be- 
hind the Throne" 2f>, nnd wns favorably re- 
cclved. "A lint Old Time" comes 'Ml, ""rhe 
Minister's Sou" Feb. 1, Hnverly's Minstrels 
2. "When Knighthood Was In Flower" 3, 
•The Storks" ii, "Wlaird of the Nile" «, 
"The lilvala" 8. 

STANtiAttD nmUU (Frank De lleque, 
manager). — Naxle and Adams, In a novelty 
sketch, and Harris nnd Davis, acrobatic 
comedy dun, were the openings Jan. 25. 
Those reialnetl : Hose Conslennelln, Carl 
Co|H>hiud,. Belle Cordon, Harry Phillips. Tom 
l-'ey, Sena lleckmiin, Is'o Florence, Slay Slul- 
<meco, Bob Hewlette. l'eurl Fair, and Ludl- 
vlne Curt It. Bob Hewlette's musli-nl bur- 
lesque, *'.MIss Cinderella Jr.." was the stock 
offering. The week opened wllh llm nsitnl 
S. II. O. hoiis<\ 

.CitowN. TmiATjiii (Phil Epstein, nuinn- 
ger). — Chas. cates* fnnti comedy. "Siaiuo 
lllnnclte." preceded a good bill week nt 2.">. 
The Ellsworths- i Frank nnd Fannie) Intro- 
duced a clever sliming and dancing specialty. 
Ackeriiuili. trick 'cyclist, also scored. The 
other people: Kllly Clark, Jas. Thompson, 
Elsie Itussell Rose B. Mitchell. Nellie Wil- 
liams. Saul Harris. Ethel Itussell, Ada Yule. 

of 1. 

Noti:s. — The plans hare Just been com- 
pleted for O. V: Sllller's new I bent re nn 
rourth tSrreel. If will ho a live story build- 
iug of steel mid iron construction, and will 
lie surrounded by an ojien sluice, with exlls 
on all four aides. The sealing capacity Is 
In be 2,l>00. nntl the bouse a vaudeville one. 
. . . .The members nf "A Night on llnmdwny," 
London Belles nnd "Only n Shop tilrl," which 
were prevented from appealing In Clilciigu 
week of Jim. 24, rested III Milwaukee. 
a ' i» 
m:u YORK STATi-:. 

lery, Ala- 
meda. A daughter survives him. 

John .1. F.\ui.i:v. formerly an actor, died 
Jan.- 2f., at his home In Philadelphia. He 
made his stage debut us one of lite newsboys 
In Hire's "14112." nnd bier appeared wllh 
the stuck company m the llrniid Opera 
House, Philadelphia. Ills mother anil father 
survive Mm. 

Eva ItANKlN. formerly of the Musical 
Itanklns, nnd wife or Andy Itatiklti, died nf 
Chicngo Jnn. 24. Her husband, two children 
and two sisters survive her. 

Sins. IIi-.utha RnniKM Ciiok. who wan a 
member of I he Flake Stock Co. up to the 
lime nf her dcnlb. passed away tit (Ireen- 
tleld, Mays.. Jan. .'7, nved I wen iy. three years, 
litlernieiir wns at lilrerslde, II. I. 

Hi nt IIiivai, (Mrs. Ella .lohitslon Mc- 
Fuydon) died al Los Angeles. I 'ill,, Jan. 2.%. 
Her biirband. Ilarrv McFnydon. survives 
tier. Iloih were members nf ilu* Wnrde- 
James Co. 

Mi:s. Aiit Nt'.l.snN (Lnlle Clymerl. of the 
Clymer Musical Family, died at Cumberland, 
Mil., Jan. ilit. She was Hie wife of Art Nel- 
son, a member of the orchestra nl" tha 
Academy of MnsiA ("iiniVrliind. = 
'.'".J , _JL. ' iA 1. .1 ■ ■ — ' .. ■ 

of Players. 

liodle lioodelle, i.' .Mitchell,' and Susie !ftLtei5J s , ,r, i k,n ?! 5 i. 
May. Business continues big. Carnival concludes this 

, H liort 0, Scvenly-fourlp 

HnlMlnn.. — . Sunnnoif X- rwnnl.u' Aiiam til 1 1 I, 

Buffalo.— At the Star Theatro (J. It. 
Stirling, mannger) .--.Marie Cahlll. In "Nancy 
Brown," Keb. 1-3: Henry Sillier. In his new 
comedy. *!Mnn Proposes. 1 * 4-it; Kara Kendall 
8-10. MB from Pnrls" entertained well 
lllled and delighted houses throughout Inst 
week, t'lamlo Albright and. Jnsln Sadler 
■unking distinctive bits, these two sluts 
nud Mimagcr Wllllnm C. Ellsler having also 
been this recipients of many social fnvnra. 

TlS'K TilCATtiH (Stirling k Cornell, maun- 

5 era).' — lJ>on Herrmann, magician,, weetjif 
: Henry W. Snvnges ilrhhd Opera Co. 8-2«. 
"Olhellu," "Lohengrin" ami "Carnien," In 
English, are the Hrst week's announcements. 
"Wlxnrd of Hz" pruvisl to 1st well named 
upon his second advent here, for ho caught 
the popular fancy, and hence the. jsicket 
bonks. .. 
Cosvexiion Hai.i. (Henry L. Sleech, man- 
' strikingly successful Orphan's 
week. Wtnr Her- 
Ileglment llntid (lo- 

, is in oe inline 

titer. Tim plnv 

iiuslerdam. W, 

•The Two Or- 

If nuilon. — Sweeney & Coombs' Opera 
House (.Morris C. Mlchenls, manager). — 
"Sisiiiess Townj* Jnn. 22. Itoselle Knott, la 
"When Knighthood Wns la Flower," ad- 
mirably supported by an excellent cant, won 
the approbation nf two Immense houses 2::. 
"Spotless Town" returned 20, at popular 
prices, to two fair houses. "King Dodo 28, 
the Jeffersona 30, "The Old Homestead" Feb. 
1, "Alpbonse and Caston'* 2, Katberlne Wll- 
lard .1. "A Life's Sllstnke" 4, Kose Coglilan .1. 

EJtrtBR Tiieatbp (Harry CorRon Clarke, 
mannger). — "Why Smith Left Home" close I 
Jan. 2.1, after a week nf Immense houses. 
"Ills Absent Boy," 25 nnd week, was a cm- 
tlnuntlon of, the Immense houses nf the- two 
weeks past. Hurry Corson. Clarke anil his 
elhclent company have become staunch fa- 
vorites hero, and seem a permanent fixture. 

SiANiiAiin TlieATHH (Alvldo & Lassen e, 
managers). — Ituslness continues excellent. 
People 25-30 : The Everett Sisters, Lynen 
nnd Cnynell, Trof. Cerlno, Slubel Wright, 
Ernest Bailey, the Lenolrs, George and 
Lniirn ; Maud Grayson, Fay Dclmar, MUauo 


Phillips. In 'The Tourists.'' nud (Jeorgc "", , "I{„:"" , V}„ ' V" 7.„V,"';, n.."V} Vsi ^'„J' Dumont. Harry 
Perry and Sadie Whiting, In 'The Tramp and ^.ftBrJ^JS^Sft gSgJF&SXl Mwttnl , Misses. 

Acaiikmy TiiKATitt: (Dr. Peter ('. Cornell, 
manager). — "on tire Bridge nt Stldniglil" Is 
tills week's Uiclodraiiui. "When Woniuii 
Un-e" will be seen next week. "Ililcltel (Inld- 
Metn" prmvisl Io Is- one iifllio senson's most 
IHipulnr nltmctlnits. 

Ltcr.tTU Tlit'.ATtir. (J. Lnughllti, mnnauer). 
— 'iNbadown M a Great City" tiila week. "The 
Stain of dullt" week of 8. *'The lle«rl of 
Maryland" maintained Its drawing ability to 
a high iWgrfe last week. Moving pictures 
were exhlliited Sundny, Jan. HI. 

LtFivivrrn Tiikatiii: (('has. M. liagg, local 
manager). — Weber's Dainty Duchess «'o. this 
week. 'Hie Biigndlers next week. Hcllly & 
Yi'isd's Co., as usual, gave n superior show. 
and drew Its ciislomnrv throngs, the finale 
of Win iirst rmn having been the most beau- 
tiful seen hero tills year— a moling i<«e 
luetic, ■ 

Sura's Garpkn TurUTHE. — Hill week of 
Fed. I : Fred ('illicit Trio. Phil and Nettle 
Peters, George. Wilson, Wright Huntington 
& Co., llnymnnd and Caverly, Almoiit nnd 
Dumont. Harry Parker's dogs, Way burn's 

the Soubrette," and the bioscope. Good 
business rules. 

Bboauwat Thiatbit (A. J. Morgnnstern, 
proprietor). — Features 25 and week: Ferry, 
Ihe frog; the Three Days, Howard, character 
Impersonator: Neola, comedy juggler: Oro 
nnd Oro, In "The I.ady and the Law ;" Mont- 
gomery, In Illustrated songs : Somers and 
Winters, In German comedy sketch, and mov- 
ing pictures. Business good. 

Chutes Theatbtj (Henry Koch, mana- 
ger). — The principal attraction at the Park 
now Is Ellery's Roynl Italian Band, with 
Lillian Scnnlon soloist. Big business. 

Notes. — William A. Inman. whn has been 
playing In "Tbe Hend Wnltei-s," succeeds 
Joseph Dalley In Hie Casino casl. Sir. 
Dnlley will rest until the reappearance nf 

Ihe Nelll-.Morosco Co Leslie Moroseo 

nnd Lelbl Shaw are playing 'Spolless Town" 

Melton Sisters, Exeella. Etta Howard, Frank 
F. Moore, Ed. Ferris, C. rtunton, Tom Kelly, 
and John Clark. 

F.lmlrn.- At the Lyceum Ttjentro (Sf. 
Itels, manager), — The Aubrey Stock Co. held 
Gnlveston.— At the Grand Opera House the hoards here Inst week, Playing to Inrgo 
(Fred (5. Wels, manager). — "A Hot Old ,m 1 * ,, 1 *i°S M v, J . 1 c * , ? 1,n 1 K : Francis S\ IIhoii, lu ;*fir- 
ased two good houses Jan. 10. niinle," r ' C b. 4; Er.ra Kendall. In "TTte Vine- 

gur Iluyey, 0. ,, , , TtiKAthjl (!■'. W. McConnell. man- 
nger). — People for week nf Feb. 1-: Jupiter 
'IVIo, Hague, Baldwin and Herbert, Becatdo 
nnd nifchlson, Beardsley Sisters, Hose Don- 
aldson, .Stella Gray, and. Little Slay Hoey. 
Those who clnsed ■ Inst week : The Alcedos, 
l Sisters, Jnsln Kurt, 
Mllbitrn Sisters made 
a pronounced hit. lluslness la gnodv ! ' 

Time" pleased 

lloselle Knott, supported by n capable com- 
pany, presented When Knighthood Wan In 
Flower," to a large nudlence, 22. "Spotless 
Town" had good sized houses, matinee nnd 
night, 24. . 

Mascot TnrATnn f.T. .1. McCnbn & Co., 
mnnngers).— Week of 25: Grnce Lester rte- 'Inane wno cinsen nst ■ 
naiid. Dox Bess Iji Vnr. Ed. Kelly. Ida «'io Del Pontns. Ml I burn 
lleitha. Elsie Young, Chas. La nose. Ilirdle l'" 1 ■*» N, 'V K ." n . I, 1 "",' 

— Dr. W. H. Long has purchased Ihe An- 
dttorlunt ltulldltig at Bristol, l*n., nnd after 
alterations am completed It will be opened 
nn Hie New Colonial Theatre. The seating 
capacity wilt Im llfteen 'hundred, nnd Dr. 
Long states thai It will be Hie first "real 
I hen I re" Hie loivn has ever bail. 

,-»~An elalNiriile revival of "The Two Or- 
nhttlis," with Kvrle llellew, Clara .Morris, 
E. At llnllntiil, Mis. Small Cowell Leiiuiyne 
mid .lames u'Nelll lu the cast, Is Io lie mnile 
in the Spring by A. SI. Palmer. 
will be [ila.eil In till) Now Alusle 
A. Brady Is nlso to present "The 1'Wc 
pbniis" al. the Academy of Music some time 
in March. Kate Cluxion may appeal- hi lite 
Iciidliu; role lu the Brady revival. 

--The iiptillciitlnti far a maiidnlnry In- 
junction, iisked for bv JoMeiill Brooks Io 
compel Dnvhl Wnrilelit Io piny lti"Tlio Anc- 
llonci r," has been denied by Justice Leven- 
trlU. I'ottlisel for Sir. Wafllebl cniilended 
Hint while the court ntlglil eitjuln t|Uu from 
aiding fin- any persons outside Ills Hintrnrt, 
It hull nn Jurisdiction in compel him lo act 
If Im decUiieii to dn sn. Just Ice Luventrltl 
agreed with tills view. 

j~,Unt. T. Sleei h and Allele Lane (both of 
"Sky Fnrtn" Co.) were manle.l nt llnrtfurd, 
Conn.. Jan. 21. 

— Hurry S'.m writes thnt. lie closed ns 
agent, for "In a Wouuin's rower" Co. nt 
Kansas City, nnd wns Joined there by his 
wife nnd sun, who have heeu In Denver 
under the doctor's care. They are now In 
Texan with "Tbe Poor Sir. Itich" Co. 

— Ora Fritz visited her brother, Oily O. 
Fritz, enmedliiii of ihe Storey Stork Co., 
during their engagement at Parsons, Kiln. 

— "Fires of St. John," n play, In four 
nets, by lleriuiinii Sttti.i inniin. was produced 
for the Ursl time lu Eligllsb nl ihe Culiiinblu 
Theatre, HoMlon. Muss., Jim. 21, by Nnnce 
tl'Nell nnd eompany. 

' — Notes from tin- Lillian Lyons Stock Cn. : 
Business Is big with this 
tho.pnst four 
been nut freiii ... 

WO did the Inrgest bliallieHH ever known, 
there,., At Friendship. N. 1'.. the old time 
minstrel And enmedlnn. Ilnnk Qoodatah. 
owns nud manages the opera home, and ho 
and Sir. Dean had n pleasant chat about old 
times. They were together yearn ngo and 
had not seen each oilier lu twenty years. 
Mr. Goodman said that our company was 
Ihe strongest and best eaulppod, repertory 
company, lie had aver played, and that II 
the verdict nil along th> line. The roster 
U an follown : Lillian Lyon*;- Dorthey Itams- 
dell, Aldula.St. John, Frank 3. Dean, Arthur 

rum i in- Lillian i-.vuis hiock I.H. : 
lilg with this company, nnd fur 
r weeks ihe s. II. O. sign hart 
eimeiiily. Al llaiiilolpli, N. \„ 

H Otfle, Marry Arnold,' Reginald Kno'rr, Ray- 
noud Kelchiim. Shorty Bold, W. B. Allert 

gor). — Once or twice during the season the nvpr j n0 Arizona circuit Mr. nnd Mrs. 

imi-mna of this bouse axe given n chance to jj jj nufficld. Frank McVlckers, and Mr. and 
see lhc big Behinnn show. This week Is one ji rH _ Corbelt are resting nt " 

I niing, 
Vnrneli, Ihe Musical Multliys, the stock. In 
a comedy, culled "Scenes In a Medical Col- 
lege." Business la fair. 
Unllns.— At the Opera House (Geo. Anzy, 
mnunger). — BIchard Oolden, In "Klnt* I mdo." 
Belief Hot packed the house two performances, Jnn. 21, 
lentt Sentou 22. Katberlne Wlllard, In'Tho l'ower He- 

1 audi- 




(imiiifii; . I/lCKliAitr, the well, known Cde- 
phnnt trainer, was accidentally crushed to 
death by one nt his elephants at Walthnni. 
stow, a station near London, Eng,, outhn 
iniiriillig of Jan. 24, while superintending 
Hie unloading of tbe nnlmnls fruiit a trsln. 
It Is understood thnt the benst licvame f|iglit- 

nnd Prof. Harlnn W. Imvles. 

— Notes from llnplet's Pluyers : We hnve 
i-ecnlved our special paper and artistic pic- 
turn mats for phntogrnpbs. This la our 
twenty-serond week out. and the cpmpnn.v 
temnliM tlin kbiiic nn when we started the 
season, lluslness has lieen sntlsfnctory. Ros- 
ter; Gus Becker A Frank Decker, directors: 
Jessie Knnpp, Gracn Alvarez, Martini 
Putter, J. Duke Jlct'nrlhy, Joo A. Oliver, 
Clarence Kent mid Thus. Ihtwsoti. 

---(.'. Stuck In back lu his old position In 
advance of the Van Dyku & Eulou Co, 
- Robert St. Monroe writes Unit ho 

SVatsom's Cozx Con.NEn (W. B. Watson, 
manager). — In deference to popular demand, 
the "Little Magnet," Lottie Gllsou, remains 
over for another week, and she will be as- 
sisted by the clever comedian, Billy Hart, la 
"The Fly Flirt." Silas Gllson will unfnld 
a budget of new songs that will be certain to 
please. In. the line of monologue there Is 
no performer who has a greater reputation 
thaa Al. Lawrence, and he will doubtless 
receive n roynl welcome. Others arc : Prince 
Kokln, a novelty lu his particular line: 
.Mnlsd Hudson, an .exceedingly handsome wie 
man. who possesses a musical voice; the 
Melrose troupe of acrobats, premier perform- 
ers, nnd Leslie nnd Curdy, who unfold a 
iiuilgol of new parodies.. The week will be 
signalized bv the return of the stock com- 
pany, headed by Elmer Tcnlcy, In a brand 
new burlesque, by Billy Hart, entitled •'The 
Arrival of Corbett," In which the whole com- 
pany appear. Including, In addition to Teuley. 
the popular singing comedian, Ed. it. Adams, 
and thirty show girls, 
concerts still continue. 

J at Stbiet Ofeba House (Stab) (E. SI. 
'lotthold. manager). — The Tiger Lilies week 
"11. Next, week, tlio Kentucky Belles. 

Ampiiios (8. II. Cohcu, mnuagcr). — 
"I'eggy from Paris," with the same company 
nnd elalsjrnte scenic equipment thnt inurkcd 
'is Initial production. Is here for a weeks 
may, J/eb. l-flC The opening house, ulght of 
t. was crowded and most enthusiastic. Busi- 
ness last week wns good. Frank Daniels 
I'tiucs -The Office Boy T * week of S. 

Folly (Boivnett Wilson, manager).— J. K. 
Murmy, tho Irish singing comeillrui, hns the 
stellar part In "Arrah-na-Pogue," thin week s 
production. Tho opening house was to Its 
■■ill sealing capacity. Big business last 
week. Next. "Ninety and Nine." __ 

.Gatett (James Clark, manager).— The 

lis communicated ... 
city, Is as follows : Cn-pe Town, South Africa. 
Jail. 25 to Feb. 27 : Johannesburg Feb. 20 Io 
Anrll !l, Pretoria April 11 to April ML Ihtr- 
bnn Slay 2 to Slay 28, Pieter Sfarltzhiirg 
Slay i!f> to June 4. nioomfnuteln June (I In 
June 11, Klmberly June 14 to June 25. -Mali 
eddress care of 11. * K Wheeler Bros., Cii|ic 
Town, S. Af. 

• ■ 

Sim Dleato. — At the Isis Theatre (H. C. 
Wvatt, mnnugcr).— "The Elerunl City" drew 
stnndlug room only Jan. 20. "David Hn- 
min." to good business. 21. Jnines nnd 
Wnrde 23, Slnrrav nnd 'Slack 27, (leorgla 
SHitstrels Feb. J, Elleford Co. 8, fur two 


Amosc the sonifs recently piibllsliml by- 
Si. Wltinark .*< Sons are tlin fnllowlng pnr- 
tlcularly good acllera: "Dear Rosalie," said 
to bo n liailnd of which one docs not tire; 
•In a Garden of Faded Flowers." by Arthur 

Austin. — At Hancock's Opera House (Ceo. 
Walker, manager). — Albert Tnylor'n Slock 
Co. pin veil n week's business Jnn. lS-2fl. with 
the exception nf 22. drawing crowded houses. 
"A Hot old Time" drew good buslaesa 22. 
Due: "The Head Wallers" Fell. 5, Hnverly's 
Sllnslrels il. "The Storks" 8, Rose Coglilan 0, 
Lewis Slorrlnon 12. 

AViu-o. — At the Auditorium (Jake Car- 
(Inkle, mannger).— "A Hot Old Time," .Inn. 
2.'!, drew good business. "King DikIo," 25, 
had S. It. O. Cuming: "The Power llehlnil 
the Throne" 27, "When Knlghtboisl Was III 
].' lower" 2S, Ilaverly's Minstrels Feb. ft. "Tli« 
Storks" II. 



Milwaukee. — Attendance hns picked tin 

wonderfully nl tho local theatres the past WW 

weeks, Stuiidlng room, which wns n big 

thing, has been cut out by tho city ordinance, 

The Sunday night j.„ m b mid John W. Ilrltton, which ban nu nu(i { hc (i„ )MW y openings will now b>«ft*> 

nluiosplieio of old world romanru nuil isiclry flllw j ,„ oopnclty atiendance. Something un- 

nlKiut It, and a unique treatment of lhc tuclo- , lwjn | g nr Milwaukee was a return eugaic 

dv •'Because S'nu Were au Old hwcclhenrt 

of. Sllne," bv Jacobs nnd Robinson, which 

has already Ism <*«» abllsheil for many mouths 

ns a favorite ; "Place a Light to Guide Me 

llotue," anolher biillad with ti story.; "lor 

Manv Years," known ns Ihe "personal" bal- 
lad •' II. Wakefield Smith ami Jas. Casey s 

"I'm Longing fur You. Sweetheart, Day by 

lmv," wlilith has deep feeling and a iMiiullfiil 

lrfrnlu: "You're the Flower of Sly Heart. 

Sweet Adeline." a love ballad, vibrating with 

Intense reeling nnd full »f a romance and 

tHs'try : "lu the Lend uf Slake Relieve, by 

Sloiulilll and Edwards, a which ajg 

tienls to the dreamer through lis beaiitirul manager) 
vrle.alid to the singer liecauso of Its melody • 

"I'll Reltirn, Sweel In-art, Again." '■ 
Thoroughbred Burlesnuers furnish this week's nn(1 pflha, n charming Idyl of 
entertainment. "Female Model Flats" and meeting: "Nobody Ever Brings PrescutB to 
"The Thoroughbreds" are the burlenipies. j|£« |„. sillier and .Maxwell, which Is worth 
Tho olio; polk and Tresk, acrobats; Blanche )„,|„| UK over and over again for the sake of 

Its storv and refrain: "There Its Always 

1 1 time. Sweet Home," by George Lleb and 

Lon Friedman, a heart touching home song. 

end "Just For To-Nlgbt,** a lore ballad wlib-h 

has heen very siicressftil, 

family hud been ln't|ie circus business for 
innii v years, nnd he naturally drifted Into It. 
making a reputation for himself abroad nn a 
wonderful handler of elephants. With three 
elephants Sir. Lockhart made his first 
American appearance, nt- Proctor's Pleastiro 
I'nliice, on Sept. 2, Igtin, remaining lo tills 
country about two years, during which tlmp 
he played lending vaudeville houses. Return- 
ing to Kurojie, he tetlnal for a time, but 
again exhibited n trio of elephants on tin- 
cimtlueiit iiisnit two years ugo, and reuinlneil 
in nctlvn huslnesM up to the tlmu of Ida 
death. . . 

Axnih Aauunv, a colored aclrcsn, whoso 
name In nrlvntn life was Sirs. Annie A. 
Thomas, died Jan. 10. la New York City, 
from heart trouble. Sho hod been runncc'eil 
with Mtcfsou's, Weber's, Stowe's nnd other 
"I'ucle Tom's Cnblu" comiMiiileK, playing 
Chine and I'iluclliie, mid had appeared with 
suvernl liihllen companies. The renmlns were 
sent to her homo lu Hampton, Vil 

Joanrn Jewiukh, professionally known 

todfrey, Harry Tripp, 

h'nuik IMilrldge, Susanna Diiniond. Klctlurii 
llnrlly, tbu Rpunuy Sisters, the Stutor Girl 
Trln, nnd Knife Rodney. 

— i j race SI. Russell and llnbv Flo were 
railed liomi; fi-oin Hie const In Kansas Cltv 
by the death of Miss Russell's father. 

— Waller SlcOullougli writes; "I have 
been mndu lending man of Hie Hlyslum Stock 
Co. nt New Orleans." 

— The "Diamonds nnd Henrls" Co. will 
not o|s-n on Feb. (I, 

— Claude and Clara Lewis have closed a 
pleasant cugugetnent wllh Guy Hlekninn's 
Comedians, nnd will spend a fuw weeks lu 
St. I'nill. 

-—Frank C, llurlon Is wllh B, J. Canmn- 
ter*s "A LltHo uutcast" Cn. (Weatorn), play- 
ing thu part of Dick lllggliw. 

— Notes from the Leuann Theatre Co., 
Hunt lc llnugh, proprietors nud niautlgers: 
lluslness ban been good, and since Jan. i 
wn have played to standing room several 
times. Wlill.i we have not broken any 

ns Jolt ■Hnrtnii, formerly of tho (earn of Van records, still w« do play to stum lug rinim 

,.r , "" ' *^OIA mill licrn, n^iwu^w, »,...—..-- 

"ashturn and Josle Flynn, Kennedy and 
f'nns, Mile.. La Teska, Russell and O'NelR, 

Mile, Tyreue. the Empire Comedy Four, 
Lvana and Cunningham, Jenny and Rowland, 
and Mile. Herman, with her circus now 
ballet. Big; business last week. 

■4* + 

fcualaegs latt week. 

1 0W." 


— F.thel Barrymora celebrated on Jan. 2r., 
nt the Garrlck Theatre, Philadelphia, tbe 
ientb nbhlvcrsarv of her debut oa the Btap. 
On Jail "?. 1804, she made her flrit .appear 

Iler Marriage 
!TTO M . 8 (FreaAdoreWB. manager). -In jfc I^Mr*. J««« Dreir St., playing a .mali 

nhceli the company _?C her t graadmoUier| 
(he late Mrs! John T ' 

mmri nmZfSXTmZnF* * w" ,n " Xbe B,TBl ' 

roent uf a high class offering during thu wimo 
si'iison, lvutu Ghisi-i- and James K. Hnvkett 
Isdh making t hdr necoiul apiwairaDco the past 
week. ' _. v 

I'Aiisr TitKATlii: (Leon Wncbsner, ninnn- 
ger).— James K. Hackett's second tjaanta 
nl this house this season was to well lllled 

hoi Jau. 2H-:iO. "The Crown Prince," 

.Mr. Iliu-kcU's. latest, wa* csikhJoIIj- well «•• 

cidved. 'Bin Thomas orchestra Will appear 

Kob. 2. The Wachsin-r iHtrs-k scia'cil a big 

hit Jiui. 27, in ••Zapfimst it-loll," and repent 

the isirformaiu-e 21. 

DavhiSij.n TIikatiii: (Hhermau Brown, 

iliaajn) — "The Pit." Jan. 24-27, came 

of Its melody ; , tr ,my close to rei-ord bimiucan. Lulu Olane.-, 

," by Olllesple |„ ..fjojiy Varilen." 2X-H0, nlayisi a n-tiirn 

f parting nud ructlK <smcnt, whlrh was highly prnlltable, 

with the dnintv Sllss Gainer scoring ns usual. 

The Four Cohans return, for two perform- 

nnces, »1-Feb. 1. 'The Sultan of Rata" -1-0. 

nnd "Under Two Flags" 11-13. "Iteii 

l-'enther" 8-10. _ ..... Tiitatm: (Oscar F. Miller, man- 
acpr). — "Itt.the-Palace of tho King," week of 
.fan 24, won many fine notices, nnd received 
n good share of attention, "When Iteoben 
Comts to Town" week of .".1, and "Silpertsl" 
week of Feb. 7. : , ^. 

apvdemv (F.dwln ThflnhoiiBcr, mnharMr). 
—"Her I^rd anir- Master" was the Than- 
houser offering week of 25. "Bbprttajt Life 1 ? 
week of Feb. I, and "Rip Van Winkle ' week 
of 8, with Lee Baker la tha title role, - 

]<Hi-r nod Burton, mid for tho pant year u 
working partner with Frnuk Wnkelleld, with 
I he Bohemian| iters Co., died ut the 
home of Ills parents III Plilhidulphlti on Jnn. 
It). He leaves, besides his pnreuls, three 
brothers olid tllreu sisters, nil nnii-profcs- 
slotinln. . ._ . . 

HMlirc Fbancks \Vtnn-, af tho "Burled 
at Sea" Co., dlisl nt u siinltarluui lb San 
Frnuelsco, Cui., on .Ian. 18. The Interment 
was In St. Mary's Ceinulcry, Oakland, Cal. 
Her father, mother and. two sisters survive 
her, . 

Xatii.vmbi. Giiav. a niiuuiger,. died . suii- 
ileuly at CharJiHlo. N.C'.. .Inn 25. ".Nat, 
ns he was' popularly known, had lived, In 
Charlotte all ' hm life, and wak .nfly-nlm- 
yearn of ago at the time of his death, For 
iweaty-llvo yearn he wns manager iuid, lea- 
mo of the old Charlotte uiK-rn House, and 
was Inst.nimcutal In bringing many ilr- 
ciioea and thentrlpAl rotapaalea to Char- 
lotto. He was revered by.rioih actorn and 
pattona of the old opera- Bouw. Mt. any Is 
BiirrTv*! by two Blln^ William ntld JlrOi 
the former being stage manager at tbo New 

, Hasiii' Piui,LiPR, i a theatriral inanagar, 
whose i)atna ; lit prlyate mo .Wns Isadnrn IL 
PKlllps illodiofi Jan. 27. fit hla home lit 
}iW York Cliy, from r 

pheumotilfi. after ah 
illness" of ttTfeo'days. jkjMM&tjIb* 

aging the tour of Thomas W. Keene, and. In 
other .theatrical ventures, _ . 

holiletllues. mill we luive IIAt missed fuilfirV 
day. In Oldham, So. Dak., we played "Knnt 
Lyune" Suiiirilny ulght, Jan. 17, (ho first 
Sunday night show ever «ivcii In Iho tnwh, 
ami although the tiicriuoiiioler registered .'IS 
degrees lie low zero, the lion so was packed, 
After thu show a baui|tiet was given thu 
members of thu cninpatiy by the manage- 
ment, and about forty pisiplu enjoyed them- 
selves until 2 A. M. In (liirretlHuli, So, Dak., 
wn also played to packed houses, and the 
whole compiiny was given a sleigh rldo. by 
Frank Kcfley, showing us sohtu beautiful 
natural scenery, Tho eonipntiy cnnlalim.four- 
I ecu people, and wn have some spcelnl scenery. 
Roster : Hunt k llnugh, prapt-lutorn nnd mini- 
iigeis; Hurry Hunt, business manager; Jim 
llnugh. director: Col l-'runels. stage mana- 
ger: Gus " Kellner, musical director; Fred 
Lrjcksoii, prnperllns; K. SI. Erlekson, pi- 
nnlst ; Lawrence Peterson. Ilex Lesley Klbg- 
ilou, Frank Kruknur, Heutrlce Hall, lllaucho 
llawcis, Hazel Met'ruuili, Mrs. J. A. Oaugb, 
Ivey Stntjz nnd llnhv Helen. 

— Richard Carroll ban signed to become. 
the leading rnmetllnii of the new company 
for the Fischer Opera House. Sau Francisco. 
The company. .which luln been playing .the 
Wehor & l-'lelds hurlesiiues there Is Boon to 
nail, for Australia for a loot , engagement. 
It In also hooked to appfar in Honolultl, 
and may make a tout- or Janan. 

^j»Tn«» "llBhotie'' Co;.»'ljlbe laid off thin 
week hecans* of a chtnfta of mute resulting 
from, the present theatrical condition.. |a 
Chicago. ■ The. tour will ho resutntd. next. 

Chicago. • The^tour wl 

rick, m Pbiiadelphk 



Febbttary '9, 




Here's a Verse and Chorus— it speaks for itself— by ANDREW STERLING and KERRY MILLS. 

When Louis cam© home to the flat, he hung up his coat and his hat, 
He gazed all. around, but no wlfey he found, so he said: "Where can Flossie be at ?' 
A note on the table he spied; he read It Just once, then he cried. 
It ran: "Louis dear, It's too slow for me here, so I think I will go for a ride." 

"Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis, meet Me at the Fair; 
Don't tell me the lights are shining, any place but there; 
We will dance the Hooohee Kooohee, I will be your tootsle wootsle, 
Meet me In St. Louis, Louis,, meet me at the Fair." 

Mississippi Mamie 

Here is the Rest Little Coon Song. It is by ANDREW STERLING and MAX SILVER. 


This is the Ballad of the year. Oh! What a Great Set of Slides. Written by AL. BRYAN and KERRY MILLS. 

We would rather have you call and hear these songs, as well as some other cracker jacks we have, but if you are 
out of town, of course we will be glad to send them to you. Send stamps for postage. Prof, copies and Orch. in any 
key free. 

46 \tV. 29thSi, 

F. A. MIIvJ^S, 





Plcoolo and Flute, R.flat Olar, , B-flat Clara, Bassoons, Sole Ooriets, Bole Eupnonlnm, 
• .- Bole Trombone, R. B. Basses, and ill Other Instruments. 

Thoroughly Competent Musicians who understand circus work from previous osnorlmcc. 
l.ODgsMsuu. opening eurly In M-irvli. I INK HLKEPINU.CAK ACTOMMOIUTIOKS. HOTB1.S SUN- 
DAYS AND Wftb'K STANDS. Matliluns who can Doublu for Parades and Orchestra glvon prefer- 
ence. Applicants will kindly state ago, lieleld, weight, exiierleucc, references, salary ».\poutciI, an d 
glvo permanent iiddross Id llmt letter, otticitvmc will not t« considered. Address 

CARL CLAIR, Bandmaster Barnum & Bailey, 

»n and leT W. »«th Street, New York. 

New $hows 

And Old Show*", wrno to. tnc arnl get lowril prlciwon Kirplnwts, Tigers, Lions, Leonards, BearH, 
Puma, Monster Jtlmkta ami camels: all coming laieat lur Aprl' I. Monkeys at hargmn prlocs now. 
- . W1I.LIAB DARTEI.s. ICO (tfa.avrUll St., N. V. 

l'KOK. OKU. H. WILSON. 1130 Kant 14tl> Street, H. V. 

A senslldo person will alwaya use ludKcmcnt In selecting ii school where tlirty bollave ther will 
i n-oivo tho most proMclonl training. Tills Is Hie most htgldy recommended school lo America. Hun- 
drills oi my puidis are sow on tho stage enjoying success. A little tnveatlgatlonwlll protect you 
from frauds. 8« "be w Iso, 1 ' aud if you want nr> to date, legltlinato and strictly professional work, go 
to WILSON'S ••PKOrT.SSIONAL" STAGK TltAlM Ml HO'UOOJ,, and sec what the most prominent 
managers m the oily sayabout It. Call orscwl forfiill particulars, terms and ottier valuable lutyrmatlou 



Most Htiocwful Parkin Amotion. Wanted. Meadoii luci, concessions all kinds. Anything nun- aud 
novel preferred. Still have open Flower Booth, Gypsy Oanip, Indian Village, OlM blowecs. Puny 
Track, Merry (lo Kouod and a rew other intiior onncesslotu. At lendenee .".,oou dally, li&.ootk Snndn.v, 
Conresslon* fret the monev hnre. Artist.-., Send full description of your aei, open time sud lowest 
«al»ry-at onre, Address all vommunlfailous to rHKi> BUCHANAN. Ues Moines, la. 


Seallrkovillo, O. 

OPKN TIMK inirpl Kelt. H«i March H. 1,10,14 to Uu: April 4. Ural Class AUiar- 
HuBi. write.. All fimvr Beuneiy, paiNted !>>• TON NAVARIO. .Tan. 11*114. Porl-r 
While'. "Kauit" turned tin in away. Huuae anlilout at half past live, tt.feipis, 
»|UI.7o. I'.riariimnci. ie|»MC!l«e«, Pop., .I,91>0. s-ut«4ti(i. Ilium. Klert. 

W.BKHT WF.nt. n«ltager. 



GEO. T A YLOK, .91 Cliff Street, New York. 





Both are original and extremely laughable. 
Will be sold reasonable. Address F. J KUGKBS, 
fdu 3d Ave., eare W. Reed, New York. 





I^o* Sale. 

A BUILDING at Savin Rock, Conn., known as 


Cost 1800 lo build last May. Will Mill tor $160, 
Ills; l.Mirga in tor theatrical i>cople. Add rem ■ 
MltS. A. HEWLETT, S3 Miner St.. Now Haven, Ct . 


Brooklyn Ladies' Orchestra, 

Wl'h boat references. Respotniiiie managers 
only, an tUl.t orchestra is strlotly tint class tn 
every reBnect. Conoerl, Vaudeville or Dance 
JIuilo, Address W. UDELLS. Loader, 

New Utrecht Ave , sstii St., Baflt Beach. Brook- 
lyn, k. y. 

Wanted, Dramatic People Quick. 

Fullpirtieulirj and lowest salary (pay your own) letter. Jolnon wire, west A LESLIE, 
Mimagcra"A FATALSTliP," Ticondcroga, N.T., 
Feu. 4, Middlobuvy, Vu, J: Ludlow a, llrandons. 


Two aud one-half octaves Maraniuo aud Traveling 
Uase. Must lie choap Wish to hear from RamoT 
mid Morrl x. J. B . 18ji6BalnbrldgcSt .Flilladalplila. 


Price, $('.1.00. Oood as New, 


684 Grand Ave.. OMcauo, 111. 

FLOYD E. WILSON At Liberty. Account of 

Kller's Ten Nlglit show closing. Cornet B. and o. 
or parts. AdilroiiM as per ronie: St. Ann, Foil. 10: 
Uou|i.roD Ci. Mlllford 6, Watseka S. UnntftUAo IS. 


cheaply and quickly. Amateurs supplied. 
DBAS. E. MILLS. 481 W. 41st. St , Now Vork City. 

Wanted To Buy. 


J. J.B1.AXUK.6341 Pciiu Ave, rlttsbiirg, P». 

at liukrtv, 

london's popular singing oomeiiias, 


8M K. l uiti ST .. Ne w Terk. 


Ageni. A liu.-ilev. AMo Treasurer ihoml fur. 
Dlltcd). H. V. ANDREWS, l;;.iS Broad way, N. V„ 
Brown's Exeliange. 

For Silt -SI 0,000 Cirninl or Store Show 7 . 

raltitlnga. Banuere, Curiosities, Hand Organ and 
lets or other stud, $iii. List free. W. NELSON, 
s Van Nordeu St.. No. Cambridge. Mass. 

ni lye Acts. Songs. Etc.. Written. Send 
rlaHI 9e siamn. Al References. Interviews 
by appointment. Sample Parody and n (lags., loc. 
atARY E. PHOSl'BRT, f< nallnp sr.,Provldeice,K. 1. 



Home from Europe on a Visit to Seethe Folks, / 


CAUK OP SOliB PabOCCBR FOIt auifajattai' 



Balance Season and Summer Stock, 


Must be Young, Good Looking, have best of Wardrobe, 
play exceptionally Strong Line of PartB; will Feature; 
others write. I pay all. 

C. W. STATER, Shawnee, 0. T, 

Attention, Magicians and Card Manipulators. 

Huviug nMlred from the Tlteatrlo.l Business permanently, 1 offer lOfl inanusorfuta of IHe WW ' 
hnvo always done my trlcke in public This method bas nevor annearod In print, mid is 1,000 lion-cni. 
<iolckor than any other system over explained. Although I b»vc published a booM.ientHlofl ■ 


II did not explain this method, wlileh la the one I have always need. An long as manuscrtpta last 1 w 111 
mall them to any address on receipt of $1. Address &1. STKBBINS, S41 W. MtlrSLN. Y. OUT- 

The Three Tasmanians, 


He«' AUKMTH, or JACK Sl'T'l'ON, !I01 tSa.t 1 Itti HI,., New Y«ra 

A NEW Monologue and Some Songs. 


Lester Wallace 














mjugoiiitk mm 





U]l-to-dal. |li 'Ogramint) i (H|ulr.d. Or. h,. Ira 

L">il" ■., Bend for Tno-siqi. Just oat. 




., 59 Dearborn 81 reel, Chicago. 






In a Bannlflcent Production of lh« Roaring Farce Comedy Success, Knilfleri 


Rsplete with I gtagtM. »»»J>«!»8 »nd MuaicMl Specialties. ll.Ll STKATED SONUS, 

\VANTKD-Slnglngandl>aneingSoabrette, forn regular June part: Good Old Hitlii Character 
OnliiedUn; J Ho. 'Juvenile Lead, Light Comedy; (!ood Sister Team. Rehearsal cull, Feb. til 
upon Feb. BO. WIH nilvanco fare If known tome. Managers In Pennn., W. Va„ Maryland send open 
iiiiiu hi once. Earnest Llnwood.wrllc. Address all letters to ' 

Stato all In llret letter: low but sure salary. 

HI. WARDK, I New St.. Wilmington, Delaware. 
Knockers, chippy chasers and boozers, save Btampi. 

Weston w Raymond Trio 






DDHlil Professional copieB m recognized performers or those Watt £1 » una 

WMiMUMU sending up-to-date ptugrainDies. ilW VAIIIIB, 

M. WITMARK & SONS, Publishers. 





M. F. RYAN, 

» II A H A t I ■ K II S . (iKMiUAI. BUSINESS. 

f\ -w- I I — ET" 2»"Tr""\*«* a: Till; FEB. 13. AddresH ' 
***A ■ ■■l»»B»^ ■ w Care BENKD1CT HOLSK, Piiwlucket, K.I. 

Dot Kar roll Wants 

Leading Woman, Cbaractei Man aud Woman, Comedian with Specialties. State lowest, 
liny own, join on wive. J. C. WELSH, 

Brockton, Mush., week of Feb. 1: Fall IHver week of Fob. H. 

\*S ANT 



For their Spring sod Summer lour nuder canvas, lo open May -: Performers and MuslcluuB 10 all 
riranoh«s. Novolty Acts, Comedy Black Face Acta, Singers, Acrobalio Aits, and a PI rat Class HOC 
sad PUNY ACT, a First Class Boss Canvas Alan and Assistant Canvas Men, Light Men, Deal Men, 
Property Hen, Contracting Agent ami BUI Posters. Those playing brags given preference. Every- 
iHidy ivrlle, except End Men. Stop In hotels. State all in flm letter. Onlvsolier, reliable people 
\rao|ed. Address F. .1. PALMER, Mir r.. Ludcr's Minstrels, (lux 2tw, On-ei, Muh-. 


U ear lea or Character*. 



Heal Iks or Characters, 


Paul three seasons LONDALE THEATRE CO. Reference. 

We si hope, K. Dak., week of .Ian. HI ; Minneapolis, Minn., indefinite. 

UAL BAltBKH, Manager, 

For BROWNLEE and REEDS "10 Nights" Company 

U0OD GENERAL ACTOR (TIP IN "10 NIGHTS' 1 ) Can also place Novel Street Speclallies (Jugglers, 
Knife Throwers, Coiutc Bicyclists, elc). Useful Urauinllo People iu All Lines, write. Those doubling 
band and can do specialties preferred Stato very lowest talary expected. Address 1'cr Route: 
-MT. MOKlllS. N. T„ Feb. i: LIVONIA, 8. I., Feb. C; BATH, N. Y.. Feb. u. 
Can also Plate Al Cook and Porter (white) on Car- 

Job Lot Slot Machines 

in Kosenflcld Picture, 13 Hoovers' Name Plates, lid Electric Batteries; S2« Candv .Machines, 
: i'lincliliig Bags, 2Dncle!Sums,l Bowling Alley, 2 Hit ibo Coons, 1 Combination, '.' Llftors, 1 Crip, 
•Hum. J Peanut, 1 Klondyke, 1 Envelope, 5 Miscellaneous. Total, U-i Mnc.hlncH-all ror $i.:'uo. mi 
average of $8.83 each. Cost four times I hitamount. Machines enough to siarl a parlor. Think of 
it. Aronearly iiew, and will easily earn $50 to $lfi weekly— m summer double, aunsumnier is near- 
ly here. .Complete parlors furnished on commission. Want parlors In Ky. and Tcnn. betid for our 
bargain Jht. RICQS' AMUSEMENT CO.. « University Place. 8.^ . 




Wants Three .Night Stand, flood Repertoire and Opera (Job. 

Tlio ouly hoiiiie In the city that passed Inspeciinn br commission- This house Is located In business 
""into of B, lies Moines, four blocks west of State r.apllol. Lcglslaliire now In session for tliree 
niouilis. Will pay reasonable guarantee. Huslness good. Wo plav Sunday nights. 

Address J. S. CONNOLLY, Manager and Proprietor, Ucs Motors, la. 

At Liberty, for Farce or Musical Comedy, 


•iiiHl e.loseda Snccossrnl Four Months' Kngageincnt In pari or HAPPY """V'^diaiianoM? fml"" 
Md I 'aiming Special! lea. Address ONEIIlA HOTEL, Indianapolis, in 



Win. C. CUSHMAN and ST. CLAIRE Louise 

itlh week featured with BenneM-Moultou Co. 

lA. P. REED, Manager). 


'vUULLIIU A stamp for CATAL 



''APPARATUS. ETC. Best Goods. Lowest Prices. 
AddreT-EOW; VAN WYCK. 1CT6 Pullan Ave,, Clnclnnail.O.. C. S. A. 


._ AND IH^m-^w — w- 

The Dancing' Violinist (wh'tSah) 

S'-iad, as ti, e original and Moat Meritorious Instigator of siinuitaDeoos Terplacli-reau ton and 
wterjieta Arrangciucut of Time. P. S.-Place this on die for refeien-,-.. 




1IAKIIY CAULK 111. A E. Cadlel, of lot and lilt) 
strand, London, \v. c. will arrive In New York 
Fell. 3. An Introductory tour of ■dx uionlha' 
gaiiiautccd io approved am. Address 


or care «t CLIPPER. 



Something- New! 

A Self Checking, Automatic 


Fraud Imposxlblo-Hlgkly Indorsed. 

Send for circular. II. . I. PAIN, 1J Park I'lnec, 
New York (,'lly. New York. 


Riverside Park 

BOISE, Idaho. 

Owing to oiber imsinesi interests of owner, 
responsible parly can secure this gilt cdfe prop- 
erly of ten acres of beautiful grove, three acres 
of water, forming a private park. Situated 
almost lu the heart of the city: entrance lo Park 
only four blocks from Main Street. Baseiiall 
Grounds and Grand Stand equal lo any In ilia 
West. Also Dancing Pavilion. Bar, Cafo, etc., lbs 
Unest In the West. Vaudeville stage complete; 
seal lag capacity for over 1,000. Park has been 
open and run two seasons successfully, llolsc Is 
one of the nest elites IniheWest. population, 
l&.ooo. Plenty of money. Bight man can land 
fortune. Address Tor particulars 

W. R. KIVBTTE, Boise City, Idaho. 

At Liberty, 

Owing In closing with "Two Little Walls" Co. 

15. J. I*E>E>, 



One Piece Preferred!. 

Address GENERAL DELIVERY, Alloniia, Pa. 




Performers, .Musicians. Cooks, drivers. Rosses 
and all kinds or Working Men. Show opens April 
30. Address all communications lo 

LA MtINT BROS,. Salem, Illlii»ii._ 

til. 1 EDI. 



LalC of MURP11Y and OANO, Willi 

People in All Branches 

especially Ladles. Good Agent wan kiiuw- the 
country. Wm. Cobb, write. Show opens May 7. 
All privileges Musicians, write. 

KRaNC LEOPOLD, Norrlstown, Pa. 
No Railroad fare advanced.. 
P. 8.— For Sale, iifl\t«0 Bale Top. 



Man wlib Picture Machine and Illustrated Songs, 
who can play pItoo: Sister Team, who can single 
and dimiile. and play plaim If nece««ary, or win 
rent picture maelilne Minis and Illustrated songs. 
Will tiny second hand bill trunk cheap. Write. 
Positively no tickets. 

60 s Newe ll Sir.. B arbet ton 0._ 

sans sduci park; 


Concessions Wanted. 

Have good .pace for now features on percentage. 

Write full particulars. 

ALPUEO lll'SHELL, • - Manager. 

s? Washington St., Chicago, 111. 


eoft. ». t., 

Willi Iwottri. Middle Pieces, or 7ort. Jl. T.. Willi 

one tort. Middle Piece. Mast be In' good con- 
dition. MILT. .1. CRANliALL, Kultoii.N. V. 


Taught by mail. Musicians can more than double 
their present Income. Send stamps for hook Willi 
particulars and part of llrst lesson free. 


Room -M, Huslc Hall Bnlldlng, Boston. Hush. 


Lawyers 82gUfta& Chicago 

Special Attention to TUeatrKal Buslaeis. 





per vent- urpeoule »he avIIBes.ed TUB CO"TKST BJtTWKKN JOHN 

KURD AND MVPJKI.K at Tammany Hall, r»r the POLICK 


1 rVIJ.V ltliLII'Vi; lliat if I cull ujet another ('banco I run rodeuin UtvueU, Ibereforn f 
■ibvi) occordiufrly placed n .hallou K o Ibroufili T1IK POUI'K C.AZKI Ti;, TO MELT MR. 

Or 6E0. lid ETHEL WILSON, 

Care Jules Ruby, 3t> W. Jsin gi„ New York; 


■■■■3v E. Ulti 81. Now York. 


Bristol, l'»«. 

I wish tu iiiuiounce to the Managers in general that I have purchased 
the Ainlitoritim Jhiilding, Bristol, Pa., antl am traiisforminp; aamc into the 
New Colonial Theatre, TO liK OPF.N JSOON AS A COMBINATION 
HOUSE. Pop. 15,000, and 10,000 to draw from on main line of Pennsyl- 
vania K. R., between Trenton and Phila. Seating 1,500. BOOKS OPEN 

DR. W. H. LONG, Bristol, Pa., Colonial Theatre. 


I'nw Huvh, I'oiv CIi-Ih, Mexican Itopi'rs, Irfing lliilii'd Indluiis. Klllr K.\|M*ris. Truu|M> of Jn|m, 
I'lrciis Acrohiillc and (iroiind Acts, Oiral llubc. Seiisiitlonnl p'rei* Onlsldv All met Ion. I'lrsl 
I Muss Ibiiul Lender for lllg Show Mnrid. iiIrip Musicians fur snimi: Moxs t'liuvus Mini, lloos 
llosller. I'rlvcis. Hood I'hcf. far I'orlrr. Working Men In nil ilepurtrtieutH. r'Oll TIIK 
AOVANCB: Agcuta, II1I1 Posters, thinner Men. I.llliiigriipbei's, Kir. t'ulidy SlnuUs, 
Knl IV Ilniii-d, 'I'iiv lliilloou, ond Illnek Tent lo Kent lo rcsiHinalhle pull lea. Aililrcss 

W, P. MOVIOIIMIlllV. Ilooiie. lown. 
I'lllt HALK: One linfl. 'IVnt with Iwu Hill. Middle I'Iimbh: HIi Hhnllnntl JL'onleM. 13 
lliniil Null*. 'I'wu Mlnbiliire i.'ngeM, une Pony tluggy, lliriMi Tom Dtigs, Tom • rht-uw.r. 
Siu^i'. KleclriiM, KIc. 


WlVri for Coming Tenting Season, to open early In April. Artors and Moaluiau lo all 
« X^i^ M- »• lines, lady for Topsy with epeclalty, bright ohlld ror Kva.a sober and reliable 
Agent, five Bill Pollers, a thoroughly reliable Boss Oanros Man. Only those thai are STRICTLY 
SUBBRand oan siay I lie entire season need write, show npsns in I'euvcr anc gnsa in the coaet. Will 
adyance fares ir necessary Olve |s>noinenl address. Consider illenoe a ntlatlre. Stale, lowesi 
.INO. K. ITUWg, gj Clarfceeti St.. Quiver, C»lo. 








"If I Could Only Have My Way" 

Was cniupuaed by MORRIS M ABLHY, and I. copyrighted (Claas A X NO, et.-jas). Thai lliroe act play- 
ing the Orplieutn Circuit musl cm It out of their act. It is reserved for our own uae. 

M Alt LEV «i itoav. 



THOMPSON MUSIC CO., Vt Wahaib Avenue, CHK'Arji). 

Floyd R. Briggs Co. 

TA lVIrl ftfaVPifilJi _ Net Undlng you routed in any of the dramatic bbmrl I am 
■•iJi-»*.*» !•» V M. A^/jn HB eoiiine_iied In take tbla mulliodof i-am cling jonrdale, Wre» 

Feb. IS, ml Fraternal Thealrc. ;Po»lar Bluil, Mo 

W. B. I1AVS, Mauager. 


1 still have xouio Opotti'iuiu for (lood Vaudeville At'la who are willing lt> work olicup. 
.IiinI (be pliuc to break yottpinu|> from nil places Intlwcon Now Vurk City unit C'liicaKo. 

STAR THEATRE, Hamilton, Canada, 

J P. AfTOWW. Marnier, 


We etllt carry the Mrfett end Most Selected Line ef Ladles and Oeati' wuitom lUd* 
Clothing, .lightly used, but good is new. consisting of Ladles' Tint Furs, B?mln|, Dinner 
end Garden Oresars, Opera Cloaks, Riding Habits, Ktc In Oenta' wardrobe we b«f» 
Hztra fsjiig Prince Alberts In Coats and Vests, Knll Dress Suits, Ttxedof, ■wtllLlnsof 
Kail and Winter Orercoats, tnrerness Cspe., Opera Hats and Street Suit*. Call or eddresB 
MRS. L. aoUEtlEIt, S24.»2B South yt., Pblfadelpbla, Pa. 
Between 9th St. end 10th BL Bell Telephone, Wnlnat, 1«4« A. 





Mansgers of Burnnior Parks send In your open time ualok. Time fll'loe fas'. Would like lo hear from 
Manager, of Combinations tor season liwi-s, Cliaracl.-rs or Corned; and Soulirelles In Drama. Address 
II A HAY SDTTON, No \m Tribune Building, Chicago. 111., rata of Juloand Blnicr Wallers' Attractions. 

fin Hie litest popular shuts. "Bedella," 
"All the While," "Uno^ Bye, BIIm 
Jane," etc. Bend Sue. for two sample 

JOHW FARRELL. 479 Sohool St.. Lowell, M aw. 


OMR. Featured on the KKIT1I Circuit at 
present, r.iliaban and Murray, buy np all the old bottles yon can. I have the labels, 

Uouokeo, N. J., 'his week, Empire; back to KoHli's Bijou, Phila., next week, -. . t 

THE 3 







Cl nrlnnaf I. — "Standing tfxm only" signs 
nri> no longer tolarnted, and! Mayor Fhdsch- 
innnn'n peremptory order oynlnst our crowd- 
■'■l nlslcs bna nlrendy coat some of the houses 
n pretty pemvy, for several hnve been com- 
polled to turn hnndreds nwny from their 
Ikix oflli-c. 'fills may sound like exaggeration 
to those In cities where show shops are snf- 
ferlne, hut It Is absolute truth that <-ii ri lie 
substantiated by personal icsilanmy. 

<;rrA.sTj IlouHK (Hurry. Rnlnfortb & 
John H. HJivlIn, managers). MVIIIlam II. 
irnne will lie hero Fob. I, In Kdwnril K, 
Bote's dramatization ot "The> Spendors." 
Last week Not Goodwin revived Guy I'nrle- 
Mill's 'ihl success, "A Glided Fool." nml lliln 
was the cant: utmeqr Short,- N. •;. 4inod- 
wln; Matthew Rtithven, F. J. Melntyre; 
Banister Strange, Hugo Tulnnil : I*' Peyser 
Kutbveu, Chnrles Budd : Jnek Dovnl, Fred 
Tlden ; "Ri-r." Jneob Howell, W. llurrcss ; 
Perkins, Nell O'Brien : Morgan, W. II. IN ml ; I.. I". Woodthnrpe ; Sophia Itnt li- 
ven, Helen Davldgo; Jessica Bona Mnry 
Hi v the; Moll Audrey lluthven, Lunette 
Jackson, and Margaret Butliven. Chrysml 
Heme. Mr. Goodwin wna glrcu " nh»ry 
greeting, anrl he shared his numerous curtain 
•nils with Clirvstnl llerne. For this first 
few nlglils I he performance Was n trlllo 
rough, lint before the week. wns over II wiih 
1 mining nicely, to Rood liuslness. K II. 
Sot hern Is dim 8, In "A Prnud l'rlnce." 

W'Ai.strr HrnuiiT ttmugm <M. C. Ander- 
son, manager). — Nat M. Wills will innke> Ills 
first, local stellar appearance. In "A Sun of 
Rear," Jan. 81. I.oit week '"I'he Cluiperons." 
miller the direction of Kingsbury & Welly, 
proved ns popular oh over, and played in 
rapacity huslneas. May Boley. Oenevleve 
Day, .(label lilto. nod John Spnrk* were 

■ limine the favorites In the cast. "Shore 
Airoa" comm Feb. 7. 

Ilouissovg (>n:u Hocsb (E. D, Stair, 
lessee). — ".More Than Queen." wiih Annie 
SiulMtrlnnd aa Josephine, will be the.iapeo- 
luir attrnrtlon of llto latest nihnlnlsiriitloii 
Jhtp, which begins Jan. 111. Manager K. W. 
illruilv Is here In eharite. All booking* will 
In- made by the Ktulr-llnvlln syndicate, hut 
MM futures Jiuvk been announced. 

Coi.iiaiiiia Tftn-vntii (M. C. Anderson, nifin- 
nger).—- George <-'. Boniface. Jr. anil Ilerthn 
U'ull/.lngcr urn the headline!* Jan. .'II, nml 
lliey will appear In the sketch, "'flic Woman 
Who JlesllHtrM la Won." The Five thrown 
Troupe, Mr. unit Mrs. Harry 'J'liorne, Warren 
Mill Hlniii'lmril, Mnrtliinitl ami llrossl, Hire 
nml Provost, nnd Flo Adler urn other curds, 
i.itst week tin; Ureal l.iifuviMii' Show Nliuply 
juinineil ibe lnvme npd illil » turn tlmin ii wny 
liiiMinoKS. "JuHt riuln Va\kr," presented hy 
.lerniue, Meredith & Co., made a bit. Ln- 
fiiyetin was as snrprlslnj; ns ever In Ids ri've- 

IdOPM 'I'tiRATim (lleuek, Slok & Feii- 
nessy, mnnnpira). — Ibtniej 1 fillinoie Is duo 
Jan. 31. In "Kldnnpiied la Now Vork." Wal- 
ler Fesler/s uiclotlrnmit, "The flrent Willie 
lilnrnond." rers-nted the «tic,eesa of » former 
visit, and drew splendid erowils Inst week. 
Mneoln J. Carler's "Too l'routl to llei;" Is 
line Feb. 7. 

J'r.oPi.r.'H TnRATnn (nerhnrt IXonek, wiinn- 
ger). — Harry Miner's llebenilnn Hurlesqiiers 
lire. to make their appeiirau'e.Jnn. HI. ImM 
week the Keplz-Snulley Show, wllh Louie 
Hlllott. fealriFeil, played Un jtrxHl hiisliiess. 
The C'onoollr Slaters inniile the hit of the 
olio, fl'ho Fny Fosier- Hiirlesqiio t'oinpiuiy 
Fehi 7; ^- ■ 

(losstf np Tits LoivhX — Tho. People's The- 
ii I rn Hen red In morn sen re limn lilnxe Jan. 
"!i, when na alnrin of tiro enlhsl life eti. 
elnes lo the homo of the olio. The lire wits 
mi Incipient line In the enllery nml M wifter 

was thrown Mayor Flnlsehmann Riive 

ii lartm thenlnt piirtjrnt tbn tJrrtml, whern 
his eucflts iipplntnled Nut C. tloodwln.. . . 
Two lire nlnmi Isixes luive hceii plueed In 

earh thentro In the elty Itrehm Viin- 

il.ti Ben; wan the soloist at tire last aym- 
phony ennrerU nt Music Hall, Jnn. ^'0. 3d 

IOmll Wlcennd, nsslstrsl hy Oscar J. 

Kliurott untl llomeo (iorno, nivo n reeltal 

nt ilnton, Hall Jan. 25 .C'nrl flnntvnort 

iRt Hie moat promising ninonc I he ynnne 
hiisBOH of. Cincinnati, find Ida mlmlrera thluk 
he will win a place with the musical celebri- 
ties of America Lafayette the Great la 

rountlDg on making a Jump to Havana and 
then to Mexico, to Oil In time Inst hy can- 

■ .lint Ions of Chicago cancellations 

Samuel Freedninu, manager for K. II. Soth- 
i rn, was In the elty fn nmto to Lonhwllle. 

John C. Weher'a Military Band drew 

n hlg crowd lo Music Hall Jnn. 2n. when 
t'lara TurpoB U rimes nml Fred Weiss were 
ilit> soloists ...;.. May or ITelscbmann closed 
up the Commodore, a free concert hall, until 
heller lire protection' Is afforded. 

■ ' 

C'lovelnnil. — At (be Opera IIouso (A, F. 
Hum, manager). — Mnxlnu Fllluii la ajipenr- 
Ing tho current week, la- ."Her Own Way." 
"Three' Llttlo Mnhls, n most pleasing inii- 
sleal comedy, week of Jnn. 2S. Francla Wil- 
son next week, 

Lyi-kiim (J. K. t'ooknon, mnnngcr). — "A 
tlnntleman of France," with Charles lhtllon. 
Is the attraction the current, week. Mr. 
linluin Is a great fnvorlle In Cleveland, and 
his work lu Ihla drama Is especially Rnoil. 
•Inseph Murphy nreaenteil "Slinint Itliuc" and 
"Kerry tlow" week of Jan. "5,« lo guml hiisl- 
iiess. "The Ilnni't of Mnrylutid" next weuk. 

t'l.i:VRl..\NP (J. K. Cookson, malinger).— 
The Siuurt Set, wllh much music nnd sing- 
ing, Is tho offering tho current wiwk. Tho 
company numlier* llfly iH'oplc, nmong them 
being some of the principal performer* of 
the colored llmnirlenl world. >; Kldnap|ied hi 
New Vork" came, to hie business, wk of 
Jan. 2ri, "Rachel Colilsteln" naxt. 

Smka'si Kuviiik (Chus. J. Sterenson, innn- 
nger).— Tho atnr feature for current week, 
mill one that appeals lo nil fun lovers, is 
IMille.l'oy, Into of tho "Mr. Bluebeard" Co.. 
who una gnne into vaudeville for a few 
weeks. Mr. Foy Is one of the most popular 

■ onicdlnna on lite stage, and opeua his viiudr 
vine sctisoit nt the Kmplre. Among tho 
olher nets nru: O'Brien nn<l llnvel, hr-Tlcks 
mid Cllcka ;" Monroo, Mack ami Lawreure. 
In "How to Ret llld of Your Mother-lii-Lnw :" 
Clarlcu Vane* Ibe Sander Trio, In n mar- 
velous net; thicker and Lester, comedy vy- 
cllsta; tbo Carmen Sisters, banjolsls, the 
o'ltnurko nnd Uiimctt Trio, wooden shoe 
dancers, and the. klnctngruph, 

i:i,i..)M.a. (8. U. CollluH. manager).—- 
Jiimes K. Hnckell. tho popular actor-mnn- 
ngor. Is npiH'iu-tiig the curreut week lu "Tho 
frown Prince." The play has many strong 
dramatic aceuex and a twist of ooiuisly. Mr. 
Ilarkelt wnu Instant revognltlou lu the tit In 
part. Ills supporting company Is nu ex* 
(■client ouc, Inciudlug niuuy well kuown 
iiclors. Charles Illrbman, prescullug "Ciiiitalii 
Ilnrrlngtnn," week of Jnn. 2B. scored a de- 
elded siiceo8«. drawing splendid ImtMM, Week 
i'f Feb. S the Cokuiliil returns to vaude- 

STAn (Prow I Cnmidiell, manaecrs). — 
Tho Brigadiers, a hurleaipie organlaatlnn well 
liked at this house, are bore nenln tho cur- 
rent week. Tbo opening idece Is a satire nt 
upper society, called "At Newport." Lido 
Itexter apnearfl ns Harry Sneer, the society 
pet. and Florence I'hllllns ai the leader of 
the 400. Tho principal comedian Is rat 
White, The vaudeville hill luvludes such 
t penalties na the Martell Family, trlek 
Vvcllits ; JoUn A. West, the luunleal brownie : 
llcdrlx and Present!, dancing experts; the 
Brothers Martlnue, acrobats, nnd Kenneitl 
nnd Patterson, topical luimorlsts, while a 
luirlCBnuo. called "SeeltiB Now Vork," clow's 
the performance. Cracker Jack* neat week. 

Notc— Drew & Campbell hate closed :i 
twenty veara lease for the Colonial, of Clew 
laud, 'and tho Avenue, of Detroit. Tlie Co- 
lonial will be turned over lo theut In about 
(wo weeks, Ho cbaaga la tho attractioui 

this season. Next year, however, the Co- 
lonial will tie closed -to vaudeville, ' finer 
Shen's Kmplre will have a monopoly. of that 
field' In Cleveland. . 


Toledo— At tho Valentine Theatrn fOtto 
P. Kllves, manager). — "The Tenderfoor," 
Jan. i!X (return engagement*, to a packed 
house. "Peggy from Paris" enmn 22, 23,! 
in cnpnelty business. Wilton Lnckoye, In 
■ Too Pit, Is hooked for Feb. i ; "The Bed 
Feather" 2. 

Lv-ixm TitBATP.r (Frnnk Burt, manager). 
— Chns. Illehfimii, In "Captain Harrington," 
was well rccelvcrl '£t, matinee nnd night. 
"When Iteulien (lomes to Town," 24-27, .re- 
ceived good patronage. Rtsiked ■ "Hhadowa 
of n ClrMt city" 2S-:!0, Joseph Murphy 91- 

Ani'.ttii) Tiinwriin (C. W. Preston, man- 
fiifcrj. — In spite lit l.iid wenther, last week 
bus Ihh'ii one of the best this season, nml 
l lie hill n strong one and' well bain need. 
Fur wfek of ISO: Sully nnd I'helps, Petet 
I'limlly, .Three. Sisters Kclsey. ■ Keougli nm! 
Ballard, Mildred Flnrn, Carolyn' Vonng, nnd 
l he vlugrmib. 

BiinT's TtiEATBB (Frank Burt, manager). 
— "Side Tracked," 21-23, nnd "A Bugged 
lleio," 2l-:!7, were gmsl drawing cards ar. 
this I heal re. lfasikwl : "The Llttlle Cliureli 
Ainiiiiil I he Corner" 28-:ifi, "For Her 'Chil- 
dren's Sill;.'" Jll-t'eb, :i. 

IvMi-ini; TllK-tTim (Jules llerllg, mnua 
art. — After three disappointments Ihlx 
house is isislllvely announced to open Jan. 
31. Tho aliriu'tlon will In- Vanity Fair. 

Von west oivii. — At the Opera House 
fl'eier Itlce, manager). — "Winsome Wlnulc" 
played, to moderate business, Jnn. 2(5. "Fog 
Her Children's Sake," 27 ; "A Handsome Cab- 
man," 2K; "On the Bridge at Midnight,". 20,: 
nnd "The Sign of the Cross." :io, all drew 
well. Brooke and his famous band, ill, nt 
iwo entertainments, highly pleased. Mnnn- 
eer Bice offers K. II. Sot hern, hr "The Promt 
Prince," Feb. 1. Ward mtid Vnfces 2, "MIsm 
Hob While" -I, "When Johnny Comes Mnrcli- 
lug Uome" D. 

Paiik XDBiktn 'Joe Weber, manager). — ■ 
Week of Jan. JS "The (lorernor's Son" 
drew well and plensed. Week of 25 "The 
Homily Doctor" played lu fair business. 
.Manager Weber has engaged for week of 
Feb, 1 Heoi-v nml bis viiuilevilln eo. 

Xotk. — Mnnnger Bice has compiled wllh 
all reipilreuienlN necesHii ry for the safety of 
his pinions, one of which is the placing of 
a new asbestos curtain. 

Dayton. — At the Victoria Thentre (C. <;. 
-Miller, manager). — Berlha finlland, lu "Doro- 
thy Vernon, of lladdon Hall," played, in 
good, business, Jnu. 2."i. "Tbo Uurgomnsler" 
miis fairly well iHitronlzed 27, I'iiiiIii Fd- 
wardes. In "Winsome Winnie," was given n 
splendid reception 110. Coming: Barroom! 
llllchcm'k. In "The Ynnken Consul," Fell. 2: 
K. 11. Sothern, lu "The Proud Prince," -I ; 
N. «;. Himrtwln, In "A HlkM I'ool," 0. 

I'akk TiiKATttK (Oil Burrows, manager). — 
"The Us up frate Lonl Barringlon," Jan. 2.1- 
27. drew out good crowds at each pcrform- 
nnce. Lincoln J. Carter's "Her Only Sin" 
played lu fair business. Coming: Walter 
Fossler's "llreat White ninnioiul" Feb. 1-li, 
"Tint Little Church Around the Corner" -l-ii. 

Sul.iuiiKs' liioiu TtiKAriii.. — "The Fnfnl 
Wedding" was the nltrncllon Jan. 2ft, I'om- 
Ing: The t'olonliil muvltig piclurea Feb. I, 
"Peck's Bad Boy" ft. 

Columbus. — At the Oreat Southern The- 
atre (L. M. Bodn, nitiiuigcr). — "Wlusomo 
Winnie" did well Jan. 20. Booked: "Bed 
Feather" Feb. 1, 11. 11. Hnlhirn 2. ,'t, "Tho 
Yanken Cnusnl" -l, B. 

Ilioil Stiikrt Tiikvto) (A. C. Ovens, mnn- 
nger).- -"A Hugged Hero" plnveri, to packed 
houses, Jan. 2S-.'fO. Coming: "Bncbel tlold- 
Hicln" Feb. 1-11, followed by "The Wnvward 
Son" J-tl. 

rifptnt: TnrATtir (II. Welsmnn, mana- 
ger). — "A Royal Family" played, to good 
business, Jan. 2.". Week of Teh. 1 "Tho 
.Man fnim Mexico" will ho given. 

'tinAMi Ori.nA Hopse (A. Ri Ovens, mnn- 
nger). — "Hello, Bill," did well Jan. 28-.'l0. 
Duo: "Superba" Feb. J"., followed hy'tsn- 
helle Irving Co. 4-0. 

Stenben vtlle. — At the Grand (W. B. 
Llpps, manager). — "IJello, Bill." pleased 
Jan. 2.1. "Young Table lloxle," l!8 (.return 
ougugement), had a Inrge house. Mary Fni- 
irson, In "Her Majesty and ihe Maid," 20: 
"An Orphan's Prayer" so, "The Wnywnnl 
Bon" Feb, 3. Stelson's "Dnelo Tom's Cabin" 
I!. Brook's Bund 7, "Through tho Centre of 
the Kurlh" Hi. AI. 0. Field's Minstrels HI. 

Xotkn.-— T. 8. Molleston, iniinoger of tbn 
Savoy Theatre, Atlantic City, was roncntly 

calling on friends In this city Burl K. 

Wllber, business mnnnger of "In tho l'Alnco 
of tbo King," visited V. C. Workman. 

Siirinuneid. — At the Grand Opera House 
(L. .1. Dalle, manager) .— " A Pnlr of Pinks" 
did good business Jan. 20. "The Tender- 
foot" tilled tho house 22. "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" hud lis usual good attendance 23. 
"A tlontlcinnn of France" had u well filled 
house 2.1. Tim Four Cohans, In "Banning 
fnr'OOiee," 27. 

/nn esv II lc — At Wei lor Theatre (J. O. 
F.iigluiul. manager). — "On the Bridge nt Mid- 
night" came .run. 25, lo top heavy business. 
"A Hansom Cah" 23. "A tlentlemnn of 
Franco" did fair business 22. Coming : 
"Hello, Hill," 27; Herrmann 28. "Tho Burgo- 
master" 20, "Tho Crisis" Fob. 3. 


New Orleans. — At the Tnlnnn Theatre 
(W. If. Bowles, manager).— Demnan Thomp- 
son, with "The Old llomchlcad," was the 
attraction Jnn. 24-30, and had n good week's 
ict urns. The supporting company was line, 
mid received much appreciation. "King 
Dodo" 31 and week. 

Gunman Thkatrh (W. II. Bowles, mnnn- 
ger.) — S. B. O. greeted "Alphouse anil (las- 
ion" 24, and big business ruled through- 
out the week. Muuy clover specialties worn 
Introduced, which wou rounds of well merit- 
ed applause. "Sis Hopkltls" week of 31. 

UliANii Oi'hra llni'Ri: (Hy Oreenwall. man- 
ager). — .Two packed houses greeted tho 
lliildwIu-Melrtlle Mock Co., unit luce and 
night of 24, when "Kseupod from Slug 
Slug" was staged. The work of Lester 
lAiuergtin, Tom Fliidlny, iHiluu Soeola, Win. 
.1. Deiiiilng, Hugh illlson, 1.. O. Hurl. John 
Hwyer, Susiiiiue Saulxe, Miss Melville mid 
charming little Flora Parker wou them much 
appreciation. Big business followed nil week. 
"The Kvil Moil Do" 31 and week.' 

Kl.Y.HU M TllKATIlK (WlU. Wllsull. llinilll- 

ger). — Capacity houses greeted the Hlyslum 
Slock Co., miitmcc ami ulgltt, Jan. 21. when 
Ihe olYerlng was "In u Wouiau'H Power." 
ICiivh iuoiuImt of tho company wns compelled 
to answer repeal ml culls, mid a goisl week's 
business was the result. "Monte Crlslo" 31 
nnd week. 

I'Ki'.xirii Ornit.v Ilnran (F. Charley, mnnn- 
ger). — Large and fashionable audiences ruled 
at each performance at this historic old 
playhouse week of 24. when the offerings 
were: "l,o Cotilrolenr Dcs Wagon LHs" and 
"Les Huguenots." A chnuge nt bill is prom- 
ised week of 31. Adellnn PAtll will give one 
inatince performance m this theatre Feb. 0, 
nml the advance sale predicts a tilled House, 
nt advanced prices. 

St. ciiamu'.h Ont-UKi-xt (Cbas. E, Bray, 
manager i.—Jns. J. Cnrlietl proved, a big hentb 
liner nt this house week of Jnn. 2A, and big 
business ruled. Others scoring hlg were: 
Thome and Cnrlctnn. Bice nnd Timer, Arm- 
strong and' Wright, Snyder and Buckley. 
Marsh and kartells, and FraDcescn Heddlu, 
and Co. uecund weak). The bill for-wata 

Feb, 1 Includes :,Fllson and Brrnl, the Bice 
Family, Alf Holl, La CiirmontellB-, vVenlen 
nnd tlladdlsh, W'ernerAnioros Trnupe, nnd 
Dumltrescii-Vnn Aukcn nnd Vannerscn. 

s'lwcoMH TiiKATtin (n. C. F'ourton, mnnn- 
.,p r ,._-lbe Holdsn Stock Co. presented "In- 
gomar" week of Jan. 24, and slnrled, miitlueo 
and night, to big nnd appreciative audience*. 
Tho work of John Preston nnd Alice freat 
Hunt, In the leads, won them much ap- 
plause nnd eurtnln calls. Fair hnsiness for 
the week. Manager Fotirton husbenn un- 
tiring In his efTorts to please the Tsowcnmn s 
patrons, sparing neither time nor expense, 
and' Is now dickering wllh some high class 
companies lo follow. As the Hidden Slock 
Co. Is due lo open In Hot Springs week of 
Feb, I, Manager Fotirton has organised the 
Newcomh Slock Co., and will open, week of 
.'! I, In 'The Two Orphans." 

Xoms.— Manager W. M, Baldwin, of the 
Bnldwln-Meh-Iim Hlnck Co.. returned lo the 
cltv week of Jan. 21, and wns henrllly 

greeted by bis many frlcjiiis llitmnr 

fins It. that the old Wenger Theatre, cor- 
uer lliervlllo nml Burgundy Streets, will be 
reinodelctl and ready for Occupancy enrlv 
ne\r Septemlier, under Ihe mime ai the r,cw 
ltl'lon, management of popnlnr Jake Wells. 
F.ddlo Leoinrd. the well known min- 
strel, late of Ihe Hnverly Sliow. rested here 

wis* «f2l Captain Jack I'nri-y, owner 

«f Ciiitv'« .Maslmmn Minstrels, has rccov- 
cnil from his recent PlneKs. Jlc was Joined 

hern 23 by Ills wife and daughter 

Curry's Minstrels entertained the old vet- 
erans nt Ihe Soldiers' Home, 2.1, wllh a 

iiimpllmenlnry entertainment.. Mnhcl 

.Montgomerv, tho charming lending lady ot 
the Btildwlii-Melvllle Co., enjoyed a weeks 
rest Jim. 24-2U. 


«lir«rvcportr— At the C.rand Opera House 
(Khrllch Bros., manngersi. — "A Hot Old 
Time" pleased good attendance Jan. 21. 
llnverlv's Minstrels had good relnrns 2o. 
The Jeirerson Boys. In "The Blvals," gave 
an elegant performance, to a largo nudlence, 
27. Coming: Gran's Opera Co. 31, Bosc 
Coghlnn Feb., 1, "The Storks'* 2. 

— ♦*-* 


Albany.— At tho Kmplre Theatre (H. 
It. Jacobs, manager).— This house, is now 
hi ihe bauds of builders, and will remain 
closed until necessary alterations arc made. 

IIaiimamh Bt.nKCKKlt IIam, ( IL K. Jacobs, 
manager).— Nellie Mrllenry, In "M'IIsh," de- 
lighteil large audiences Jan. 2i"-2i, and "The 
Vnliinleer organist," which followeil, 28-30, 
drew excellent houses. This theatre Is now 
a popnlnr resort, giving shows at pepn'nr 
prices. The next nil ructions here are "After 
Midnight." Feb. 1-3, nnd "When Women 
Love" -Ml. , _ . 

PRfH'Toir'n Tiikatbb (Howard Graham, 
resident manager/. — A very pleasing vaude- 
ville bill week of Jan. S3, wllh Stclllng and 
Bevell, Vorke and Adams. T. Nolson Downs, 
Baby Lund, AI. Lnwvence, Ford nnd. Dot 
Wesl. ihe ThriHi Troubadours, anil this kaln- 
leclinoscope. Large crowds flock here after- 
noons unit evenings. For Feb. 1 nnd week: 
Adelaide Herrmann, ITnthnn. Cole and War- 
ner, Treloiif, Until. Burnett nnd Edward 
Weyerson, llooney Sisters, nnd Hubert. Do 

lUii/rr TiiEATiti: (II. B. Xlchols, mnn- 
nger).— -The iloonllght Mnldn, Jan. 2.V27, 
wllh n good show, to satisfactory attendance. 
AI. Beeves' Beauty Show, 2S-30, Included: 
Van-der-Koor, Andy Lewis nnd Co., Kafh- 
erlne li.iiil unit Co., Iievlne and Williams, 
the Tossing Austins nnd AI. Beeves himself. 
The burlesques given were very funny and 
completed a good bill. The utlcndunce re- 
mained large, during this engagement. Snm 
lievere's Own Co. Felk 1-3, and the Trn- 
ciidero Hiirleannem 4-11. 
,. a 

ttoclieslcr. — At Ihe Lyceum Thentre 
(lt."R Wollf. mannger).— The (ierman The-' 
mre Co., of Cleveland, produced "Altlleldel- 
lierg Jnn. 2f>, the performance pleasing a 
crowded house. The Gliikman Dramatic Co., 
of Chicago, presented the Jewish) "llnmlet" 
2<l. nnd "Tlie Jewish Kmigrnnt" 27, both 
plays pleasing large sized audiences. Anna 
Held, In "'Mile. Napoleon." Feb. 3. 

National Tiikatbb (Max Hurtlg, mnna- 
g( . r ), — "W'hen Women Love," a flue melo- 
drama, attracted large houses Jan. 2B-27. 
Chns. Grapewln. in "Mr. Plpp,", repented 
his former success here, nnd capacity houses 
ruled. "Why filrls Leave Homo" Feb. 1-3. 
"The Governor's Son" 4-8. 

Bakkr .TltRATRB (John F. Boyle, mana- 
ger) — "Along Ihe Kennebec" had large 
houses Jan. 2B-27. Kate Clnxton. In nn 
elulmratn revival of "The Two Orphuns, 
pinked tho house lo the doors 2R-30. Kng- 
hind's moving pictures 31. Pnullnc, hypno- 
tist, week of Feb. 1. 

t.'ooii Opkra llotmn fJ. IT. aioore, mnna- 
™ r) . — Hundreds were turned away last 
week, and a continuation of the lino busi- 
ness this house Is doing Is looked for week 
of Feb. 1, with the following bill: Clayton 
Whlto nnd Mario Stewart. Oolemnn's dogs 
and cats, Watson, Hatchings nnd Edwards. 
Marlon Llttlelleld, Fred Stuber. Kldorti and 
Norlne, Crawford nnd Manning, and the 
klneingrnph . 

Troy— At tho Lyceum Theatre (B. II. 
Keller, mnnnger).— "To Be BnWed Alive' 
drew well Jnn. 2ii-27. Nellie Mcllenry. In 
"M'llss." played, to S. B. O., 28-30. "When 
Women I/»vo' Fob. 1-3. 

iltiiswoui Oi-HiiA HotisR (M. Bels, mann- 
cuv). — "The Volunteer Organist" drew well 
Jan. 2fi-27. "Wealili ami Poverty" hnd good 
houses 2K-30. Kale Cluxtnn, In "Tim Two 
orphans," ,1'cb. 1-8; "The Nlnely nnd Nino" 

Hand's Opkka llotmn <M. Bels, mnnnger). 

-A Coiintrv illrl" rtrow a hlg house Jan. 

!h». "Tho Jewish Hamlet" did well 30. Bob- 
erf B. Mantel), In "Tho Light of Other Days." 
Feb. 1 ; Henry Miller. In "Mnn Proposes," 
il: Marie Calilll, In "Nancy Brown," 3. 

Mtsic Hall. — The Troy Nnwswrltcrs' As- 
soclnllon's annual enlerlnlninent will he held 
S. Tlie performers are: David BUphuiu, 
F.stolle Llebllng nnd Mund Powell. 

Biivai. Tiikatki: (W. II. Uui*. mnnnger). 
— AI. Beeves' Bltrlesnuers packed the hou60 
Jan. 2."i-27. Mooullght Maids 28-30, Wnldron 
& Bryant's Trocnderos Feb. 1-3, Snm Dovcre's 
Biirlcsinicrs -Ml. 

.... a 

Syriieusc. — At Welting Opera House 
(John L. Kerr, mnnnger). — E. H. Sothern, 
lu "Tho Proud Prince," Jan. 21, to large at- 
icudnuce. i)u account of illness Viola Allen 
did uot nppenr lu "Twelfth Night" at tho 
Suturdiiv mat luce, but upiiearcd Saturday 
night. 23, to Inrgo nttcudance. Mute. Scltit- 
uuinn-llelnk Ken. 1. Anna Held 2. , 

Bastahmi TitKATitn iH. A. Ilurtlg. tnnna- 
ger). — "When Womeu Love," to gisul busi- 
ness. Jnn. 18-2(1. "M'llss" 21-23. Charley 
ilrapcwiu, In "Mr. Plpp," 2.1-27, to large at- 
tctiilaiice. "Arlaonn" 28-30. 
«■ > 


fantry, tTifdl.. ..... The Boston Byrapbonr n, 

cbesfrg gave Its second concert this Win. 

at Infantry Hall, 2 J. t. Benson Si? 

nger MttiB Zoo, Which he opened here iwi 
Winter, has mndo good, nnd will soon i P „', 

» l.i.ll/lloii rnf nnnmnnnHl ■••*...■. .... ' 

He. Moines— At >^^{^%J%S 

(Win. Foster, mnnnger).--"Elght Mia drew 
fnlr sized nudlencea Jan. 21, 2/. iM\a 
."laser. In "Dolly Varden." entertained a 
, go house 23. Anwi Ii« ***«'>«%&„% 
week's engagea:ent. tr. good honsej, 2B '_ lo rk 
im»e Folks" Feb. 1. 2, Charles IJalton, in 
••A Gentleman of rvnnce." 6; Blchard Carle, 
In "The Tenderfoot." 11. 

rUuxn SSSS Hnifflu (Wm. Foster mnn- 
naer —"The Two Sisters" drew fair houses 
Jnn 21-23. Bnvnl Mllpullnns 2S-:t0, "l'lck- 

!T,de f r':' m i.0 , *" rft '* " >b - 1: '" " fn-repertory, to crowded house; JoV^e/ 

rS^'ss ^,n^•• < co m ^ 1 58-oo n,l • raw^Ttw^s! - " mu '» "* 

I 1 

Cedar Haplils — ^At Greenes Opera Hoiisn 
(Will S. Collier, business mnnnger). — 'tho 
Sultan of Suln", satisfied a big house Jan. 

Ei." ' 2£*-r.£XS3Fi. 'York State Folks" 1st" Feb. 1-0. "On the Bridge at MMnffiu" 

n building for permnnenl; work. ' TJIo 'i.'iT.' 
of a zoo, with vaudeadlln attractions, i ',' 
taken well with Providence people, and «. 
Benson bns given clean enlertniti raoilt ;,',: 
good value. ' 

♦ »♦ . 


Montreal. — At tho Academy of ytnutn 
OV. A. JUm tt B mniw gerj^— lliniry Irving. 

Paof.-roa'n (11. C. Kgerton, mnnngen - 
William Bonelll, la "A Man of the WoHil ■ 
to fair business, Jnn. 25-30. "Teas, of rim 
U'Dibcrvllles," Feb. 1-0: "Mr. ripp" Sl- 

TluiATnn FliANCAts (F.Haworth, rannn- 


Salt I nice City.— At the Sail Lake The- 
atre (Geo. D. Pyper, manager). — "David 
llu rum" comes Feb. 8, 0. 

nun TtnUTJK (Jones * Hammer, mnnn- 
ger*). — "Two Married Women" 8-lti, "The 
4inme Keeper" 18-20. 

Bos 'Pott TliBATnn (F. E. Weldmer. man- 
nger). — Wilson nnd Leicester, Bosell Clarke, 
Louise and Frank Beverly. 

XotRtTV TlinATBC— Clarence Taylor, Mile. 
Col rely, enry Bros.. Vnh Oof re. 

VMiqi'K TlirATiiR. — Jean Wilson, Henry 
and Frnneis. Dick and. EITlc Gnse. Bolvert 

'♦ i »' 

-- • Dnle Derereniix la In IiIh twenty-ninth 
week, tilnylng the Juvenile lend (Sam Wells,;, 
with, the "Railroad Jack" Co. 

up air week. Coming: ''Il'nrtfl AJSL 
Feb. 1. "The Cavalier" 2, "York State Folks ' 
K. "Tlie Prince of Pllsen" 0, "The Pride of 
>nnl.o" 8, "Side Trucked" 11, Wm. Owen 

.Avvmm* (Thos. A. Bcrkehlle, rrinnn.- 
ccr ,._Shlpp's Indoor Circus, bigger and hel- 
ler than ever, made its slxlu nnnuiil nppenr- 
liiic,. here Jan. 2:» 30, lo satlsfaelory busl- 

nP XoTKH — Dr. S. L. Butler, business mnn- 
nger for the Flints, arrived Jan. 22. ...... 

Sam Fisher. In advance of 'Tlenrls of Onk, 

was here 25 George A. Fdcs, business 

mnnnger for -The .Cavalier," wns In town 



Fort Doilne. — At the Mldlnnrt Theatre 
(A. It. Bo-ill. mnnnger).— -This Iioubo .was 
dark hist week, The Rpyftl Wllpntlans hnd 
n Inrge advance sale for Jan. 2«. "0 Te , r 
Xlagara Fulls" hnd a good advance outlook 
for 20. On the way : "Montana Outlaw 
Feb 1. Barnes' Trained Animal Show 2, 
"Hearts of Onk" 3, Chus. Dnlton 5. 

Xctkh. — Beth Mcservoy, former rcannnor 
of "the Midland, left for New York 2S, wbere, 
he has accepted n position In the Hientrlcnl 
business ...The new Auditorium has been 
completed, nnd will lie dedicated Vcb. 5 by 
(iov. Cummins. 


Boone.-- At Aries' Opera House (Wiley 
& Klrhv. managers). — Tho niekmnn Come- 
dians, In repertory, played, Jim. 1MB, M 
n good week's hnsiness. presenting "Grit, the 
Xcwsliov," ! 'Seved from the Flames." "I ruin 
Poverty lo Palace, rhe Fisherman's Daugh- 
ter" and others. Tlie Florn Dc Voss Co., 
25-27. opened with "The Princess Lne, tr, 
a rapncltv house. I'lay was well staged, nml 
all the purrs were well rendered nnd re- 
ceived much applause. Coming: "Old Arfcan. 
saw" 30 Hie Beggar Prince Opera Co. lib. 
1 2 wllh the second series of nn opera 
course given In this city, playing "The Bo- 
bemltin C.lri" nnd "I'lnnfore." WMInrd 
Slmms, playing 'Tickings from P"ck. 4: 
•'Bnmance of coon Hollow 41, tlie Flints H 
nnd week. 

Tlunuiiiie.— Grand Opera nnusc (Wm. T. 
Roebl. manager).— "The Snlton of Siilu had 
a hlg Jnn. 22. this b<'lng Its third lime 
here fining lo Illness ChorliLili Simpson 
wns unable to nppenr, and her role was 
tnken nt a moments notice hy Miss Wilbur, 
who acipiltted herself admirably under tbn 
circumstances. Worth Bros.' Bepertory Co.. 
nt popular prices, opened, to a. crowded 
house. Jan. 25. Tor the week. Bookings: 
"Trial By Jury." an. old folks' concert Feb. 

1, hy local talent, under the direction ot 
Prof, Rhoner, assisted hy W. F. Burnnrd, 
later, of Chicago; "The Cavalier" 3, J. II. 
Sloddart. In "The Bonnie Brier Hush." 4: 
"A Gentleman of France" S, Blanche Walsh 
tl, Wm. Owen 8. 

Oi«\ eiiporl. — At the Bttrtls Opera House 
(direction Chnmberlln. Kindt & Co.).— Tho 
Flints hud good houses .Ian. 10, 20. Vir- 
ginia Drew Trescott 21, "Too Blch to Marry" 

23. Barlow's Minstrels packed tlie houso 

24. Chnrles B. Hanford 25. Due : William 
Owen 20, "A Bun for Her Money" 20, 
"Hearts of Onk" 30, "The Two Sisters" 31, 
"The Prince of Pllsen" Feb. 1, "The Little 
Christian" 12, "York State Folks" 4 (return 
engagement), "Under Two Flogs" 0, "Just 
Struck Town" 7, Clam Bloodgood, In "The 
tjlrl wllh the Green Eyes." 8: "The Pride 
of Jennlco" 1), Walker Whiteside 10, "The 
Montana Outlaw" 11. 

UiiriiiiKioo. — At ihe Grand Opera House 
(Chamberlain, Harrington & l.'o., managers). 
-Lulu Glnucr pleased a hlg bouse Jan. 25. 
Barlow's Minstrels 27, "Hearts of Onk," 28, 
canceled ; "The* Prince of Pllsen" 20, "Tho 
Cuvnller" 30, "A tlentlemnn of Franco," Feb. 

2. canceled; Mason & Mason 3. "The Two 
Sisters" (i, "The Utile Christian" C, "A 
Life Mistakes" 8. Chns. B. Hanford 0, "The 
Silver Slipper'' 11. 

Iovrn city At tbo Opera House (John 

X. Coldrcn. manager). — "The Two Sisters" 
Jnn. 25, W. F. Brlnton, moving pictures, 
28-30; "Tho Little Christian" Feb. 1. Chns. 
B. Hanford 3, "Just Struck Town" 8, Beg- 
gar Prince Opera Co. 12, 13. 



Providence. — At the Providence Opera 
House I Felix H. WendelHChaefer, manager). 
— '• 'Way Down East," nt though an old 
story lu this city, played, to fair business, 
week of Jan. 25, and ut a bargain matinee, 
27. Ihe house wns packed, with three or four 
hundred standing. "Bogers Brothers In Lou- 
don" ononcd Fell. 1, for ft week. "Little 
Mnry" 'and Andrew Muck, in "The Bolil 
Soger Boy," will divide week of 8. 

I'.Mriui: TiiKATim (Spll/. & Xatnnnson, 
managers).— David nigglns. In "Ills Last 
Dollar," gave n good show, to fair business, 
week of Jnn. 25. On Feb. 1 Jon Welch 
i pened. In "Tho Peddler." and will be fol- 
lowed bv Kugeuli: Blnlr, In "Znzu," 8-13. 

iMI'KltlAb TIIBATRK (Tolls It. WendOl- 

schuofer, malinger). — Blchard Hunter's new 
piny, "Paul Hevere," wns well received Jnu. 
25, nnd loudness held good. Florence Bind- 
ley, lu "A Midnight. Marriage," Feb. 1-U: 
'"hie Worst Womtiii In London" 8-13. 

Park Tiikaxui; (Spitz & Xnlhansun, man- 
agers). — "His SIster'H Shame," a melodrama, 
week of Jan. 25. The Howard Slock Co. 
wes soeu in repertory week of Feb. 1, "Win- 
chester" 8. 

Kkith's Tiieatrk (Charles Lovouberg, 
mnunger). — One ot the best bills lif the sea- 
sou, Jan. 25-110, was headed by Edmund Day 
nnd Co.. lu "Shipmates ;" Ethel Lew. Sis- 
ters GtiMcli. Fleury Trio, [tarry Lc 4,'lulr, and 
De Witt, Bums nnd Torrance. i»f seventeen 
acts twelve were new to the house. The pro- 
gramme Tor Feb. 1 Includes : ltonshv's "in 
Paris." Wliischcrinnii's lionrs ami monkeys, 
Ihe Two Avolos, Churles Ernest, Wnterhnry 
Id-others and Tcuiiey, the MauWonds, Murv 
Dcsiuoud. the Flttglbbous-McCuy Trio, Mur- 
pliy and Francis, Billy Burke. Bono nnd 
Smith, Bin Gregsons, the Aerial Smiths, and 
Hie llaliuibnrn Tmii|>e. 

Wf:stMlNSTt:ii TiiKATiiB (George II. Batch- 
eller, innnnger). — Hush's Bon-Tuns en,vo n 
gt«W show .Inn. 25:10. AI. Beeves' Big Co. 
followed Feb. 1. The bouse bus been re- 
novated, and new provisions have been made 
for saiftey In case of Are. 

nRNsoN's Zoo (J. T. Reason, manager*. 
— Billings for week ot 1 Include : The Bp 
tints. In llvlhg marble statuary; Mettler, 
n novelty entertainer, and Irwin, nn aerial- 
1st. Attendance miitinnes good. 

Xotr-S.— Prist, Jiillits F. Ward's views of 
the Passion' I'M)' were shnwn nt tho Im- 
perial afternoon tihd eyehtug of Jnn. 24. ... . 
Clarke's Itorldence Btlhd gave its sei-ond 
nnuunl concert: nt Inffttltfy Hall evenlDg nt 

24 The second regular concert of the 

Arlon-Club la ■ Looked for Feb. 8, at la- 


Theatrb Boiai, (F. W. I/> Clnlr. mam. 
ger).— The Morning Glories Bnrlesinie v„ 
did splendid business week of Jan. ■'", -ii' 
The Moonlight Maids Feb. 1-0, Snm Dr-vere's 
Co. 8-13, 

Tinman Nation-at, Fbancair d;. (;.,„. 
vrean, mannger). — The penimnent smek iii 
In "La Fils ans Deux Mercs," io nwd 
houses, Jan. 25-30. 

T.'ikatiii: Dks Xotjvpautes.— 'I'he norma- 
nent stock eo., In "l/» Demimonde." |« tun 
houses. 25-30. "Cabotlns" Feb. 1-U. 

WiNDsnn HALi,.— The Pittsburg Orrhes- 
tra Feb. 8. 

Toronto. — At the Princes* (0. B. Shop 
pard, manager). — E. H. Sothern. in "The 
Proud Prince," drew large nnd fashionable 
Bouses for the entire week, Jan. 2."WI0 
Henry Irving, presenting "The Merchant of 
Venice," "Waterloo" nnd "The Bells." Feb 
1-3 ; Kelccy nnd Shannon. In "Sherlock 
Holmes," 4-0; Henry Miller 8-13. 

OiUNn Opkra IIoiihh (A. J. Smnll, mnnn- 
ger). — "Under Southern Skies" drew fair 
bouses Jnn. 25-30. Charley C.raprHlii, in 
"The Awakening of Sir. Plpp." Fob. DO. 

■Majkstic Thkatbh (A. .1. Smnll. mana- 
ger). — "Tho Price of Honor" drew well Jan. 
25-30. "Deserted at tho Altar" Feb. l-(l, 

•Sura's Maura (J. Shea, mnnnger).— 
A big business Jnn. 25-341. Bill week of 
Feb. 1-0 : Ilosnlro Oiierrero, Fisher ami 1 'ar- 
roll, Bellman and Moore, Avon Corned v Four, 
Bedinl nnd Arthur, Brandon nnd Wiley, 
Couture and (llllcttc, Tyco nnd Jermnn, I lie 

Association Halt* — Alberto Jones will 
appear here nn Feb. 4, under the pn i mange 
of his honor the lieutenant governor nml 
Sirs. Mortimer Clark. 

Stae TiiEATnn (F. W. Ptnlr. mannger).— 
Harry Bryant's Ilnriesquers, Jnn 25-30, drew 
large' houses for the entire week. Olio: 
Dnrmodv, Cnsmore nnd Florence, the line- 
hetts, Kennedy nnd Cnmeron. nnd Ihe ITnrry 
Bryant Imperial Japanese Troupe. week 
of Feb. I. Beilly i Wood's Co. Week of 
S, Weber's Dainty Duchess. 

Quebec. — At the Auditorium Theatre I v 
J. Smnll, manager). — "Deserted at the Altai-" 
was here Jan. -•">, for three nights and mall- 
nee. It proved n. good nttractton nnd played 
lo big business. Tbn nnnnnl concert, of the 
Ouebec Snowshon . Clnh wns the attraction 
25. It wns tho society event of the seasnn. 
r.nd tbn house wns simply packed. The 
oiiierrnlnmont was under the direct Inn of 
1/jcal Manager .1. E. Tnrton, and It was u 
huge success. At the close Mr. Tnrton wns 
called before the footllglilu nnd presented 
with n gold headed enne in rerognltlon of 
his many kind services rendered to ihe clnh. 
Mr. Tnrton was very much taken by surprise. 
lint repllwl In his usual good style. Bebeccn 
Warren, In "Tegs, of the D'Urbervlllcg," wns 
ii welcomed treac 20, 30, and wns greeted 
with packed houses. Coming : William Ho- 
nelli. In "A Mnn of Ihe World," Feb. 1-3. 
Jacquks Caktiek Ham. (Louis Berlin, 
manager).— M. Prml and his French stock 
Co., In "Cyrano do Bergerac," plnynd, to 
packed houses, during tho week ending Jan. 
30. The cast Is exceedingly strong and Ihe 
nudlcnces were well pleased. 

m " ■ 

Vancouver. — At the Opera House (E. It. 
Thlcketts, manager).— "Lost Blver" Jan. 10. 
Tho bioscope pictures of living Cnnniln were 
shown four evenings nnd two matinees. 2o- 
23, to good business. Flsk Jubilee Singers 
20, "Are Von a Mason V" 27, "Devil's Auc- 
tion? 30, Florence Itolicrts, In "/.tun," lo*, 
2. nnd "Magda" 3; Alberta Gallatin, lit 
"Ghosts," 5. 

Pkopla'h Tiieatrb (Carl Bereh, manager). 
— "The Private Secretary," week of Jan. IS- 
23, 'greatly pleased Inrge audiences, coin- 
ing: "Forgiven" week of 25. 

Bsipihb Thkatbe. — Excellent vaudeville 
drew well 18-23. 

Savov Theatre. — Good variety entertain- 
ments nightly, 18-23, did good business. 
London.— At the Grand (F. X. Korman. 
manager). — Tom Mnrka closed a successful 
week Jnn. 23. Booked: "Tho Power of Hie 
Cross" 30, "Ilolty-Tolty" Fob. 2. 

Lokdon Opkra Housb (Alex Harvey, mnn- 
nger). — Tho Innocent Maids packed tin' 
house Jan. 22, 23. 

Kote. — Owing to the severity of the wentn- 
er nnd snow storms several companies had 
lo cancel dates In Western Ontario. Fortu- 
nately nothing was booked at the Grain 
week of 25. Tbn Innocent Maids Co. ronld 
not leave thn city 25. Trains were canceled 
on several of the railroads, 

■ ■ 

St. John.— -At the Opera House f A. 0. Skin- 
ner, manager). — Tho Dnlley Stock Co. govc 
very pleasing performances of "Tho New 
South* Jan. 21-23, to good liuslness. 'ihe 
company opened Its sixth week 25, with a 
linn performance of "Little Lord Faitntle- 
roy." to hlg business. Little Edwinu Pnnl 
lmule a lilt In tho title role. Others deserv- 
ing of mention wore: Curl Eckstrom, Mr. 
ltoblnson. Mr. Neville, Mr. Sothern, MM* 
Townsend nnd Miss Carr. Aftor tho matinee 
Wcduesdny afternoon Llttlo Edwlna Pnnl 
holil a reception on the Opera House stage, 
which was attended by almost ono thousand 
ladles and children, who took advantage ot 
the opportunity to pay their respects to the 
tnleuted llttlo lady. 

Winnipeg; — At Hie Winnipeg Theatre 
(Clms. C. Lludscy. manager). — Tho Kl ties 
Baud eniun Jan. 21-23. and played to three 
wely large houses, giving good satisfaction- 
"Foxy Grniidpa" opened a three nights en- 
gagement 11), to n full house, nnd put up " 
strictly llrst class show. Thn advance sale 
for 27^, 2S wns very largdi Tlie BostonlniiH 
2». Kit, '"I'lie Ronnta Brier Bush" full WW 
ut Feb. 1-41. 

St. Cnthnrlnea.— At tbe Grand Opera 
House (Chns. II. Wilson, manager).— Boat; 
B. Munich, in "The Light of Other Days, 
came Jan. 23, to a full house. Marks Dres-. 
la repertory, week of 20, did good business. 
Hooked: "Under Southern Skies" Feb. -• 
"Unity Tolty" C, Geo. F. Hall, In "A Bagged 
Hero." 12. 

Woodstock.— At tho Opera House.-- 
Robert Mftntcll appeared la "The Light "f 
Other Days," to a fair audience. Jan. -■-• 
"The Power ot tho Cross" 28, "Fnder South 
em Skies" Feb. 4. 

♦ »» 

— "Love In a Cottage," a new comedy, h* 
Captain Hnsll Hood, wns given Its lira] pro; 
ilnrtion evening of Wednemlny. Jan. 2i. »' 
Terry's Theatre. London, Eng: The press re 
iwrts from London concerning the piece were 
uot very encouraging. 

FfltBPAIff fc 

Clipper ?M Office. 

' [ . I, i ' i I II ' * ' * * I i i 

"^Torae* to BYotd mlituUpi and to 
...ore the P*»n»P« « u "7f r J' ©» the 
!it"r» adwiU** In ">•■ Mat, an 
''.elope plataar addressed mtut be 
JJIt "or each.Wtte*, and a writteS 

lider to* *■• J*",*?' '••■■«* *«•• «*■ 
fill name and address and the line 
"J li a sines ■ followed by the lender, 
•' ., ,i,o he enoloaed. 
"i.K-nnc mentio n th e date (or aw- 
Ja ot TUB CLIPPER in Which the 
■.iter* sent (or were adrertlsed. 

'" lAnlllM' I.IRT. 

Forbes k Carroll Leo, Krntik 




AIM' Vli'let 
u^tornnl. t- « 

***&!» D 

.jacrtmi.. Agues 
,sium »«S!S. B 

A „,,|,,. Lottie 
Ai*rso» Mabel 
l.ldle. M'ta 

I tlnn. Bat** 
garni. Kloreucc 

into, Arllne Dolla, 

1*11111. aiWo 

Itaiwiult. Viola 
\ wt , KaHierlno. 

inriwno Myrtle 

HUby. M". M. 
pnimitng 9 '''- 
itiirgws. Ails 
Plake, l.m-y A. 
p,uks. K. M. 
Biouklw, httlc 
Hauling, hmraa 
pmiec. Elnora 

Fdna C. 
rulielor, Male 

Mrs. A. Iii 
Itniton, lirorglc 
iuvis\ Omnia 
llnunll. 'I''",? 
llraelianl. Julio 
lllmlllli, Jcau. 
Milt. Mrs F. U. 
Uirllelt Sisters 
Mulr. Sl.trle 
lllai'kford, Lot. 
i.1nrk, Mnmlc 
llano-. Jltirlc 
iwili. (leraldlno 
Ciriiioiis. Misses 
(lata*, Boa 
tia, n«y _ 

ii.uiiliHu'i, Coral 
t'ljiacr. Sirs A 
illnc, Jennie 
Master, Kiln. B 
ii.lllus, Ilaltle 

oiiim, .m. r. 

Crow. I.ll. 
■ Mi-liii. K. 

I'cs. 111? 

Oiinli*. Canillle 

lain. Kale 
Hiecvc, t.'lura 

I'ldllllH. II. 

I'nilleiK. Mons. 
iiirlu, Nniiu 
I'ltiin, Mllgglo 
Imuluir. Hurtle 
"aero, IauIc 

lln. Tlioa. 
DhiaKiiul, Jean. 
Prnisin, Fauna 
PcFaje, Kvolyn 
IK'iitmi. Dura 

Surah E. 
IMtork, Kltlo 


nniiii, vioin m. 

link'. Mnrie 
liKnii, Viola 


Hike, Kllicl 
Hi 1 . in Jade 
Iii'Vi'imi, Mao 
Illicit. Jn'la 
Kdirhi. Utile 
IMrnirOs. Kitty 

1 \IIIIS, M . L. 

lacrelt, l-'ti mile 
Klilliwll, Kill}' 
lllllrnioll, Hu 

I laid, Iv n III. 
I I'M". ! - - l 1 1 -»« - 

Klitvwd, l.nraia 


I'ii'lil, llesslc I. 

llvml, A'ha .v. 
I idler, (ilorla 

Kirdi.ii Margurlc 
Kuril Miss 
Fhdvnii Hc-isio 
I'Nk, Helen 
tlruliiui, l&sle 

Graver, Alloc J. Miller, L'urrle Is 
OIImnmi, Mabel Melkn, IjhiIso 
(lllliert. I'.tlwl Meout. loin 
(l.irilnei-, Ml. Melioln, 
limy, M. K. Sirs. C. B. 

flrcg, Irjiie Newell, Mauil 

(linu, Josephine Million, 
Ollmey, Mnrlou Mrs. Herm. 

Cnsni'ii^. llell.> NellKeu. 
tjllh-ople, K. U. Hnrb'iise 

Harlow, B. nrtllar, Mile. 

Hall, MlMnM Olwn, Kmuia 
llolinca, Oclle OMermun, Knth. 
VmJW, Oertle fl'Brlen. Kettle 
llnrrer, Ooiireln UaUli-i. 
Ili-liizinuii, Bvut. . Mr*, Vruiik 
IIuiIkuii, Mubcl Ollrcr, Nettle 
Hammer. I'ertillo, Ada 

tin. F. .1. Trlec. .Mrn. C. V 
Hilton, MimMJ l'onelt. ltcnu 
Uarriiigraii, rainier, Uel 

•■ Illliln I'litti'i'hon. Dora 

llayeii. Oath. J. Patrick, 
Henry, Ada Annbelle 

lliininton. Slary I'nrker, Itone 
Hull, Blanche I'rcatoii. Ill lit-1 
llajwowl, tlrace t'enillelon. Bent, 
lloyes, (icnio Fesllcy, IJMe 
IlaiiirnoiHl. >r. I'nrker. Xell 
dolmen, Mnvy 1'rTneetoi.. 
llulTinnn, Nettle Marvel 

IIH1, Carrie I'ool. K'lna 

lliii'tljnie, Mark'. I'lillllji* 
Ilnyter, Anna Mnmlane 

Hlliten, Lll. I'rlnee. Mra L ). 

Hnstlnga, l'lor s I'otrera, I-;. 
Iluiif'inl, Qnlno, Murjorle 

Mrx. C. II. Hay. Viola 
Boll. Pauline Hlley. Knili. 
IlenileraoiiH, Itaj monil, Stelln 

i.'iimni Keece, l.<— -i ii- 
liting, Vera Koilgers, Jei«. 
Ii-wln, May ltolwou, 1,11. 

ilolmwin. Minnie llodr.ii. Guzclla 
Jonlan, Dolly Kaymonil, 
.ti-ffrlis, Buy Dimke 

Jolinstonc, Itynn, Mnnil K. 

Nell J. Howe. A iMIi- 
Jnequea llnriU i llusni'll, HI Ira 
Jefferson. Myra llleanlo, Alberta 
Knox, June Baynioii, Lottie 

Klnunlrtl, Irene Itouioln. 
Kramer, Mauillc .Mrs. Walt 

Knvalitu, lirnce ltcvcre, l;icn in 
ICIiicmlcy, Julia Iteetl, Mne It. 
Knrlu, Kotenil Ityan, I.'jlu 
Kelley, Mm. Itlmiules, Maggie 

(K. & Vlolctte Rnudull, 
Krtcey. Nell. Mm. J. I.. 

Kceiinn. May A. Rosa, I.ultelle 
Knox, Juenei.ta Ityau, I.ulu 
Kennedy. Jean, fulter. Mr». C A 
l.cltoy, BesHle SLClnlv, ICnnle 
l.lttlc, Beasle st.l.iim. Dnlxv 
I .imli'U Hlstera Selgle, Soplila 
l.nBlnnclie Slst. Sultuii. 
.iIUiv, Muriel Mis. .liii'li 

labile. Kl^a ,Slei;el, Kiiuna 

Linden, Dnlay Seymour. Mny 
Lung, Sadie .Shaw sr.-iri- 
r.nutb,,L61lta Saiulersou, Julia 
LlvlngBton. Klngleton. Ann 

' Mra. Chrla. Khoemaker. Nell 
r.ltte, Bessie Sullda. /urn 
I j:\vIh, Irene Hultoii, Mrs. J. 
Lenlinrr, Ida Scott, Besa 
l.aBdoth, laju.'se Scx-Iey, Blossom 
l.uVnii. FloK. Sarlellii, MIsh 
l.nnson, Laura Mnt'lulr, Julhi 
l.ynan, l.ll. T. Snufonl Slslen 
Luliell, Bessie Weolt, Carrie M. 
I uruliie, Ktltc Stewart. Jestlu 
Lewis, Franklo Htaulon. 
Lnulif. Mrs. Uoy Kathleen 

Moore, May Starr, lVanc.-* 
Stnrrlott Twlng Sellon, .Mrs C A 
Mnrlaiidc, Juiie Seymour, 
Merrill, Maude Mrs. M. A. K. 
Meeker, Minnie Turner, I'enrl 
Montrose, Hess. Todca, linvgeue 
Mlley, Knlhryn Turner, Ituth 
Morlsa, -May • 't'owiie, l.vui,.ii.i 
Monroe, TrLile Talliot, Mnud 
MUtvu. Ethel Vaiortni. May 
Minilicw.'. Ili'ss. Vniln.ils, Mrs. I! 
Mnssoney, *- • Veilder, .'''niiuy 
Carrie A'anec, Olai lee 
McDonald. - Weleli, Alice 
Mrs. Ed. Wynne. Moan 
Mason, Noltt" Winter. • 
Morcusliaui. Mrs. Banks 

Mine. WuIIctk. Soi'lile 
Moredllli Sisters Wagoner. Klorn 
Montrose. Ik'ss. Weeil, Mrs. It M 
MctJruinb, Hazel Weed. Mnllle 
Mclvule, Nell Welch, Alice 
Melbourne, Werntr, 'Jliue. 

HasseljWnoils, I 'iln 
JtcLane. 0. Wayne. Bessie 

Miles, Ha Zola, Mine. 

Myers, Carrie I 
UE.\TjLEMEN'S list. 

Amold, Harry Ibrgmmei; & 

Ainuld, J. e. 

tdimliacli, J W 
Aflilnii, i ■' 
aiikw, Bert B. 
Adam Inl & 

Aslilun, Ilelie 
Adaius, J. Jt. 
Ailmus, O. F. 
AleimiikH', Jus, 
Andrews, C. E, 
Argw, II. D. 
Andrew*, Bdwd. 
AllireiUt, Hans 
A»rt. — 
Alldiil, Herb. ' 
Adams, Lionel 
.'.iinenls. Mens. 
Aldrleli, Kverclt 
Arii*itong, I; A 
AHMglit, Kred 
Aelkein. A. ff. 
Arlla, Tau -• 
Mem, — 
Arlliur, Walt. 
"All lluba" Co 
Ailaiim, Andy 
•J drlcli. Everett 
Allis, jr. s, -i 
■Metwauilrom, C. 
Allen. L. J. 
AttaVnus & 

■'■'JaniH, Mr. 
„ , Sum & 11. 

'Oik. J. L. 
I*lls, tl. II. 
Icn AH 
Wmi, D. E. 
I'runnlec, J. D, 
I'lniM.. Jue 
lurrett. Jos. 
Jlwii, II. j. 
1'iirloii. lieu. 
*2"Si Maurice 
ft** Itube 
iiliiklmurst, V, J 
Jlarri'tl. Jus. 
{jlwHlell. Kdw. 

•e«ly. ciias. 

•nrke & l| US sell 
"Inien, ,li>« 
['Wan.. Chester 
hluUmvst. F, J, 

•eles. Louie 

looks, Corncjr 

•loom, l*iv|» 
"•ran, F. D. 
J'arWcr. C, 
J'fli All, II. 
„ '>Vm. H. 

J-oivers it Curtis 

•rry. Jimmy 
irnrllj, Tba 
IMae, Ji« 
£'•"*!>. llerb. 
1 •llHr. 3n*. 

: "i,.||. wm. 
'jolleit. |. p, 
Dwill. C, 11. 

llenedlct, Ahleu 
Bernard. D. O. 
Brown, Tom 
nernhnrd. Jno. 
Bert, Wild 
linker. W. O. 
Ilrooks, <Joniey 
Bulger, llnrry 
Bobuunou & 

Hennard. F. E. 
Iterst, F. D. 
Blair, Alex. 
Bernlmnlct Uitr 

Brlggs, Ilarv. 
Barrett. Dim 
peach & Gaw 
Brooks, -'15. F, 
Bute*. k'-W, 
Burnett, O. l„ 
Biicoiib. The 
HIIU. F. It. 
Brenimn, ileo. 
llnrnels. The 
Bull. Foster 
Burden & lleimn 
Burt, Frank P. 
Brecu, Thos. 
Clement, A. It. 
Cole, Bob 
Onoiwr, !.. It. 
Clark. W. T. 
Oorrotl, I,, H. 
tsdllns. F. 
3 " Wright 
Ola Ire, W. H. 
Onslle, II. B. 
Chick, John 
Cook. Jus. F. 
Crane. I.iurcnce 
Collins. Milt. 
CIHTord, II. S, 
CHlTonl ft Burke 
Cooper, O. II. 
Coolmiiiu DeWll 
Uouklin, Henry 
Conlon, II. M. 
Chenot Oeo. 
Caurtbell, Bobt. 
Craig. B. W. 
Clinreh, V. A. • 
Carroll & Clark 
(." Billy 
Cs|ll«wc|l. • 
• ". " ;: Octave 
Cnrlcton. tl. 
Court rlthl. Wm. 
Ctildwcll. Jack 
t'nnnlngliam, Jer 
Coekerlll. J. A. 
Co*. 3. T.. 
Crollun A 

- St. A Ira 
Church. F. A. 
Cook, Frank 
rarrolli.'T. W. 
i.'llironl, Hilly 

PvletVU, b»ijk 

Coukley & 


I'oleinnn lturiicy 
Caulicld & 

Cooper. L. II. 
Campbell. Doc 

It. W. 

Cllft.m. J. I). 
Cillllliili. IJiv.'lie 

Coast. C. I". 
Clauillo, B. 
ChorlU-n. liar. 
Colin, Willi. 
Collnud, diii<. 
Oleury. <*. V. 
Chiiiiuiloii. J. 'I. 
Ccwtello. J. U. 
Cauilibetl. Jack 
Clifton, II. l>. 
Darin, J. 
Doris. Oeo. U 
DeBne, Uobby 
Droit, .Tuck 
DeVenux, W. 0. 
Desmond. Win. 
Dorr. Alt 
Darby". Fr»»l 
DeVelilc & %'lilu 
Donovan. <lcu. 
DavLs. Win. 
Downey, Kdwd. 
Dooley. Bern. 
Dclloiidy. V. 
Daniels, V. 
I'mrri'll, till)' 
Dudley & 

i Cliwlyn 
Doody ft Wells , 
Dlekliuoa. W. S 
DeWItt, J. 
IKiwIing. O. W. 
Denvcs. W. R 
Iielioll. O. M. 
DrVuul. J. X- 
DniJnna Family 
Drake, — 
Del'onlas. The 
Dale, ISO. 
Dlumnnd. <le<i II 
Domtiignet. H. 
Daly. w. J. _ 
Dawson. Ben". 
IleHolt, '.I. M. 
DeVerc. Bill 
Ik-Witt. W. II. 
DeVoe. KfMh 
Ik-Lacy. A I'-. 
Donelioii. C. A. 
Detain, liar. 
Dunou, I'nnl 
Emerson, I- rank 
r.Tuns. D. II. 
1-Mmunils. W. 0. 
Fsslg. Dun 
Bun, II any 
lipli-r. M. I> 
rckbnnlt. «>. J 
Krersole. Win. 
Ikmsirlr . I 
Ford, Jnn. 
lUUIt, UUN f» 

Ferns,. 1M, 
Fields A Ward 
1 ranklyn, Cias. 

i ■itii. aid 

I'rascr. Jack 

Floyd, l'ii'il 
1'r.inrls, ii. c. 
Fiintas, 2 
1'llls.iii. !;. A. 
I Mior Jt Carroll 
Fetters. II. L. 
I'ergiiHou H 

talmas, W. It. 
I'Jrkett, (lev. 
I'niirnln. liny 
Fraser, .inn. 
Felder, Dam hi 
KonliT, Lucius 
I eiillimu. Art. 
l'rnlon, Fniuk 
l'nlko. O. II. 
Faint, A. J. 
I nnl. Clint 
FrlHo), Slg. 
t'lemlng. Carl 
Feint. Torn 
I'lirst, Sam 
Fowler, K. K. 
Fowler, K. U, 
1'nlirney. Harry 
Krlitk, Frol 
Fern. J"X' 
l''niiii'lell'ir, Tin 
1'rnnls. Ia:w 
l-'ny. Jno. 
(ins'iie .V Werner 
lieniii'o. Mr. 
Urees, llcurv 
(lor lou, Mlust. 
Oiirniuu, I. J. 
dump, Abe 
lirossl. All vrl 
ilny Hros. & Fort 
I .Imlslo'ie Will I 1 

<n Men (lute 
. ' ijltnrtcl 
ilnllnghe;-.F. M 
Silicic k llauuiiin 

lllltCM &• Xclsoll 

(ImisK, o U. 
Cordon, Hleli. 
(ii'iires, II. C. 
lilllet, Fr-sl 
ifreen. Oris, 
(innllner. Frank 
tillhcrt ■» 

linen, Ilirry 
I ' l'lllSi U , H. V. 
lillson, Clin*. 
iluunli), Frmik 
(llllilinli. Kurl 
lircat Two mid 

n Half 
(lilllln. I'. 
lliuitlier, Floyd 
(l.'ikiioii'.' It. 
'li.ihin. .Ins. 
(iiinlmi. Hob 
lins'iie. W. B. 
lirlior. Win. .V. 
tluiHlwIn. X. B. 
Cidiier, Ins. 
Cross. Lulls 
lioleinun. Mr. 
tireliier. Arl. 
Ciilsuiiiii, I'V.iii' 
(illU'rt. C. 
Gray. Barry UK 
"Game Keeii 

Hnlglit & Uenii 
llniiillit'ii, Ceo. 
Harris. J. M. 

llull'llinil. II. (I. 

llliulltou, J. C. 
Hunter, H. V. 
lluiuii, I'MiIi :■ 
Hilton. David 
Hey. Chus. 
llnckett. J. D. 
Hallux, Kurl 
lliiteh, Win. It. 
llnrlcy, C. B. 
llodimrt. Alex. 
Harts, Musical 
llomiuer & 

Ilemelsoet Iaiiiis 
1'i.itliuwuy & 

1 Inrrls. Clem 
llensliaw. Vella 
Hull. F. B. 
•lleuits oC Oak' 
Howe. D. K 
llenleys. Til'.' 

I linesbiirj . II. 
Ihslgliis, Ca;il. 
Dupiicr. Geo. F. 
Hepburn, W. \V 

lllnes. Gi"!. 
llndgcus, I'M 
lliiiniiier. l.ou 
Howe. Dell 
Hi lacy. It. F. 
ilntliuwuy *: 

lioyt. Henry E. 
llylknil. J. J- 
'•iuskell. Ismey 
iinyward ft 

Hiinilllon. How. 
Iliinliiiiiii. W 7 . J. 
•Hot Old 'riive' 
Ilumpton. Bin's. 
Iliihues, Jack 
Heller. M. It. 
Henry. J. Ik, 
Hurley. '.;■ II. 
llohiies. Wie. 4 
Ilorau. Kdi'le 
llcrbst. Arl. 
Herbert. II. tf. 
Hayes. Turn 
Ma. Ilsbrrt ' 
Ingersoll. Geo It 
l\es. A. I.. 
luce. B. «'. (L 
■lordiiii. .Ins. 
,;.l) .1. K. 
Junker. W. A. 
Ji-nes. 0»car 
Johnson. Julius 
Mssk V. H. 
Johnson. II. 
Jumdle. Hur. 
.lonulugs ft . 

JoIiiisoii. V. IV. 
Jones. 1*. J. 
.ioliuson. 0. r. 
Jiavons, 'llni'. 
Kearney. P. J. 
Kelilteilr. .1. J. 
Koch. II. I. 
I'.enl. Jno. 
Keai-sley. J. II. 
Kellv ft Ailunn 
Kelly. W F. 
KsMkt, II. s. 
Krai"'. Hmv M. 
KarsM Geo. M. 
Kriinn. "'litis. 
King. Wall. 
King. C. II. 
Feiiur.. Cliiis. 
Knight. iVin. C. 
Kent. Wol. 
belron. « ■ U. 
Kelley. !««■ 
tinnier, lies. 
Knox Go- 
Kaspiir. A. 

Ktlfrj. I' 1 ""'' 
Leon. Julian 
K.vlilcr. Anton 
Kii'fe. Jno- , 
Mmball. Fred 
Fast. K. '>■ 
Lurlr. <"■•/■ 
hosiers, the 
Kelly. T. F. 
Kelly. Ton; 
hlna. Walt, 
laltiie. Wm. 
Ij'i'i Hold. 
Ia-«sh, Al. 
Logon. !'• A. 
Ijirrltiw. A. < • 
i.oonils..'" >• 
Lalieuo, Great 

l.unaard IJrua. 
Iiingdon. U. R, 
l.liulernian. Q A 
I *«»",• F. W. 
I*wir. ,f. p. 
Lvncli. J. W. 
1-lndttnnii. G. A. 
I.ef.lalr, W. 0. 
Link. If. w. 
I.inol, K. F. 
LnChilr ft West 
l.eltiiy. Wall, ■ 
I .tin linn. Wm. 
latell. I-Mwln 
Lamia. II. 
I.el'lulr. W. G. 
I '-"Ik. llndjl 
Lawrence, liar. 
UWItt. Chas. 
I . numXiie, Fat. 
I iiMi'lil, Kih'lP 
l.snlee Harry 
I.Mirencc. Eil. 

I .MIllS. I.. 

l.elgti, Ferev 

l.uekc. Dnvlit 

l.nwande. Mart 
LeVanla, The 
I.a»'lle. X, 
1.11 <M:ilr. W. O. 

I.etliie. ,liii> 
Leoiuird, Jas. 
LnTell. 'Iilnln 
la'sh-r, S. K. 


uii i. 

I Mil. Alex. 
l.e«U. I'lniide 
Lnlti'iiue. liar. 
Levy. Joe 
t.i in ui hi. I'.l. 
McKec'B Orcli. 
Maddux, B. Ii 
McAvoy, A. ,T. 
Mlteliell. lien 
Vnrks. T. II. 
;, Honlt 

Mimselnian, C II 
Murphy ft 

Mi'Doimhl. Kd 
Muson Itenl 

Comedy Co. 
Merliin. K. 
Moiik. Wm. V 
McKeever ft 

.Montrell, (it. 
Mnttloek. (Jon W 
McDow. II. B. 
Melnotte, II. K. 
Mccarty, Styles 
Millolte, U. A. 
Mnlmliig. E. W. 
MortMiiie. 11. 
Murrny. Chas. 
Mnllgeiiu. Jack 
Monngluin, Win. 
Misire. F. A. 
.Marker ft 

MarlluelG. Alf. 
AleXell. Xell 

M: lilillili. W. 0. 

Mniigeuii. Jack 
.Warty. T. 
Aliniloek. II. I). 
Melkiiuihl. i J. 
Mark, U. it. 
Murplty, Flirg. 
.Murpl.y. W. T. 
Moore. Hurry 
Meyers. VrviX 
Muriihy. Wn'il. 
Mueay, Jno. 
MeDowell. W. I, 
Miller ft Mny 
M.l'elnille. Hob 
Morlcy,' T. J. 
Murks. H. II. 
Milton. Frank 
Allllei, Fibllc 
Morse. K. '.' 
MIIIIl-iiii. Hairy 
Mn rsd, It. 
Metlec. .1. It. 
Moucrlef. Kilwd 
Met'all. Wm. 
Miller. F. P. 
Motion. L. J. 
MeAnlltfA MM 
Aliirrou, J. A. 
Mlchelseii. Tiior 
Martin ft Qel.-,- 
MIHor, it. It. 
MeGlulcr. W - . T 
Merrill, Sam 
Mallow. Duv 
MneAvoy. A. .». 
Morton, 'frnnule 
>liirkey. Frunli 
Mnek. Harry I'. 
MeMiihon. T. .1. 
Mollyueiix. Arl 
aii Cull Trie 
Mnrshull. Bert 
Xewell. Clninle 
Mtliols, I'. 
Xygurd. Kd. 
Xello, Mr ft Hn 
X. 1'. Quarlet 
Xcwelt, A. II. 

Nelson, 0. W. 
Xlssen, Walt. 
Nu I Ion nl Trio 
Nulrn, Knil 
Velio. Edtvtl. 
Nlghton. 'lis). 
Xorworlh. Jnek 

leriiiun. A. It. 
.Nairn. W. "H." 
lilvto * t'nwu 
Cilery. Mult 
(il to. Frank 
oimuiid. last 
(ii-ioii. Sum Ii. 
lilts. 1 

ti'lbmrke. Win. 
li'Xelll. W. 11. 
Hit. Mini 
nlsou, A. D. 
I'oners. Andrew 

loree ft Junes 

Plilloox. Gist. 
Iiieknrd. T. C 

iwer. Win. II. 
I lilelte. Will. 
I'lovulsky, Cha« 
I ii liner. Dell 
I'lnukel, J. E- 
I'lielntas. P. K. 
Perkins. Ilnrold 
l'a.sfls'rts. I'he 

ower*. Ma 

owei-s. I. T. 
Paul. (I. M. 
Peterson. Gu»l. 
Iioctor. Itu.vm. 
I'leiillce. T. A. 

idsnii. AL 

overs. Jus. 
I nylon, it. V. 
1'iobst. I. A. 

nee. W. II. 
I'lisapart". . 

1 in li el 0,' 
filor Bn.s. 
iucoI I 
Mnsie Co 
I'nssp.irt. W. 
Ilunkell. I'll is. 

i.tls, F. I.. 
Oiiliilmnl. C. 
llni'kwwi'l. II. " 
Kin. IMio 
Kb*. F.. It. 
111... Edil. 
bisnr. Frank 
do Bros. 
Holdnsoii, W. A. 
llullcilge. It. F. 
Itiy. 1»<>: 


UMurria 'i'lsio - . 
tlobbtns. F. A. 
Itjllilmn, IS. I-. 
Uutilon. Prof. C 
lleuil. A. K. 
luvklaw. Don 
Keilau. Ilirry 
Cottlengler. I-.. 
lieytiolds. U-w C 
lailhrllla-rg. I'M. 
Itll.Hile. Geo. 
Ilnoserell. .IjOttN 
Itoiiiulo. Mult. 
Reiik. Wult. 
l;liii!lhig. Gi«. 
JlUfofd. Uev, 

Itogi-rs, Win. Z, 
lUaluc. 'A*. S. 
.; Mr. i. Mrs. 
Ilowll. W. U. 
l'.olllegh ftlU'iird 
Kowe, J. V. 
Hfrnard, K. f. 
liobMus ft 

ltenoa, :t 
lleeil. P. 0. 
Rochester. It. F, 
Howe. Wm. 
Kotlii'iilk'ig. El. 
Ilailelltte. Claud 
Rooney, Pat 
lllee ft I'.nly 
lllu. A'lolpb 
Itlder. 11. V. 
Itiilinitiid. J. 
Stone. II. A. 
Stint™. Ilnirv 
^ehueltler, Jiw. 
Sluck|H>h', Arl. 
Seymour. Ed. 
Sweet, (i. n. 
Stewart k 

Suillli. I'. II. 
Shot well. .1. X. 
Slellhig. Mr. 
Seymour ft .May 
Sidney. Gen. 
Si-lmoM. Em. 
Sejiuinir, llarr. 
SI. lawn. Air. 

Slllloll. .l.iefc 

Snwielle. J. A. 
StuTiirilnle. j. 
St. Leon. Gils .He 
Stlner. Fnil 
Shrewsbury HJ 
SI rails, Herm. 
Stlekney, Jr.. 

Slodilart. J. II. 
Stanton. Walt. 
Smith. Diamond 
Recly, Chas. 
Strakoseii Aveiv 
Htiinley. Arl. 
HHIcorge, I'riink 
Stanley, Harry 
St rock, ,1. M. 
Surra, Geo. 
Rjiann, Lynm 
Sbcpai-il, Hen 
Saivmv, Glllsirt 
sieveni. E. P. 
Slulier, F. »; 
Sluley ft 

Seeley, Wm. It. 
Slater Players, 

Xo. 2 
Sllverlake. Arch 
Straus, Herm. 
Seuinnn, 'Jims. 
Siiiifonl, .fete 

Will es ft 8. 
Smllli, W. C. 
Sully ft 

Slewert. II, SI. 
Stafford. I-:. I.. 
Shin. M-.rain 
Shore Aires ft 

St. Clair 
Sliinslleld. F. II 
Spissell Bros. 
Seymour. Dave 
sinllh. Ilulpll 
Suillli, Ctnua. 
Smllli Jr.. Clms 
Slevens, il. P. 
Strunds. Tin* 
SoutlieviiH. Tie 
Sellen, Clms. 
tlubcis. Emit 

Sehrr ok ft Rke 
Shaync. Jno. 
Shore. Acre* ft 
St. Clair 
', j. w 
Tretot, Edwin 
Ihuycr, ,1. It. 
I'tilmr, Uai'J 
Tliacker, Wm. I! 
Thomas, (iu. 
Turner. 1 '. J. 
lliorne. .1. 11. 
'fineliintin. Murt 
I'eniuiit, II. W. 
Teel. (1. M. 
riierne, Willie 
Tanner, E. A. 
1'essler, Wm. 
Till. Jno. 
Tyler. Boh 
'Imoiiy. Jnn. 
ten Invoke. 

Lambert ft T. 
I'ini. Albert 
now. s. .1. 

I'owler, G. IS. 
Turner. E. A. 
fhrclkelil ft 

Turner. R, A. 
iissniiu. G. 
VmiEst. Joe 
Van. Billy 
\llliee. K K. 
Vsmer, Ansun 
Van Doriis. The 
Vnek, F. II. 
Vnro. Frank 
VuiiDyne. C. W. 
Walker, AVnrien 
Walek. E. C. 
Wluoliu ft 


Dave II. 
Wilson. F. H. 
Warner. Hen 11. 
•Vhllley ft Bell 
W vim ft I Inn 

iHiuuins. <;. w. 

•Valker. E. E. 
Wilson 'J'rlo 
Vllson. .1. II. 
Wilson. Frank. 

Wills. .1. II. 
Walker. F. T. 

Williams, J. II. 

Weal. lh'Forest 
Wright. ili»J. 0. 
Williams, <leo. 
Wlluicr ft 

Wllllnins. I^on 
Wyiiiuu ft 

iVIglon. Don C. 
Wallers. S. 
Weaver , Hugh 
West. .Iil->. 
Wljorm, H. !•■ 
Wiillaee. J. C. 
Wiildo. Wm. 
•Vrlghl. F. J. 
vt blinker. Geo It 
Wills. Geo. 
Woolsou. Wm H 
Wulte. II. T. 
Wooibvnrd, ^■ V 
Wilder. M. P. 
Wulluee Hill W 
Wlnnc. J. SI. 
Walker. War. ill 
Willi leu. G. 
Wllllnins. '" H. 
'Viivee. l-*risl 
Willis F.imllv 
Williams. CUnt 
'Vnod. S. IS. 
r.'lckliam. SV. A 
Wrlglit. E. I. 
Wesley. Hen 
'Vlllhiiil". Lecau 
Wllllnins. Pert 
Wyuu ft lln' 
Wlllkiins. SI'.". 
'Veser. Hss 

f I. A. SV. 
^Vbw ft Mlllo'i 
'.Viaxlvllle. .Lis 
svlggens ft 

iVolson. Ia'W 
'.VIIsisi. F. II. 
Voting. I'llli 

, Prime 
Xi'Uiieto. Ctiis. 
■Mi. Jolly 
Zclu ft D1IU 


Indlanniiiills.— AtCngllBirsOiK'ru llauso 
1*5. ','• Miller; mttnster).— "A hammt 
Mghtluanle," Jan. 21. 23, tare au euSaM 
eiitertaliimfnt. tu ifuod buslncas. llowniil 

In "Itonifby Vernon, nf Hniltlou Hall," "8- 
.in : John lirew, Iu •The Second In Coin- 
mamV Feb. 1. -.': lllclinril t'nrle, In "TlK! 
remlerfiiot." 4 : lii-acn Van Stmlillford. In 
"lleil I'e.ltlier." S: "Tlie Sultan of Hnlu" 8, 

in "The 8iH'nilers,'' IS, lit. 

Paiik TitKATMi: (lMtrkNun & ThIImU, man- 
UBeraL— "llapjiy l!<M•ll»lnn.•• Jnn. •Jt". , l. Illled 
I he house to IM ilimrn ut every perforni- 
iinee. "I'rom Hugs to lilrhcs," 23-2 1. svaa a 
new otio that nutile giant "The IVaiieralc 
l.iirrt llurrlnitlon" 2S-:ti». "Her Only Ma" Feb. 
l-.i. "A Unituetl Hero" 411. "The Little 
Church Around the Comer" 810, Hoynl MIL 
phi iu ns n-i:t. 

Giianii iii'kiia Itol'SK.— The Wclaon Tronno 
was Ilic tup liner Iu Hie tile vaudeville bill 
week of Jan. 23. >lr. mill Mrs. Harry Thorn 
ft Co., l.n Troupe Cnrmen. Warren am! 
Illinii lini-il, iiioeksoin ami Burns, Slnrlluettl 
und tlniHsl, James 11. Cullen. Flo Alitor, ami 
tin* Mnseopi- all iniulo sotul. lluslneaa wna 
very bis. Fiir wei-k at l-'eb. 1 : Fnnu>* lllee, 
Ailellnu lloiiiiliui und Clare Slevens. Three 
Fortunes, Karlc and Wilson, Richards and 
Montrose, licit and lluslk, Beatrice More- 
land, ami the blogrooe. 

rxiQCR TiiKATiir. (Qalph TliorhiiH, man. 
iijrcrl. — ItiiHlncss was very blir at thU fnmllv 
resnri week of Jan. 23. Aildlson mill Llv- 
iiigsioii wns iho strongest team Hint lins 
appeared nt Mils house. For week of Feb. 
1 : Curios Hilly, Franklin nud De Forrest, 
and Humes and Lewis. 

Emphik Thuatkk (Chas. Zitnincrmnu, man- 
ager).— The l.'loplnus. week of Jnn. 23. 
(.nve a good performance, lo moderate busi- 
ness. Fred Irwin's Hlg Slinw week of Feb. 
1, and Itcntz-Sntiiley week of H. 

Xotk.— E. K. Haley, biislness mnnnger of 
"Trinity," arrived at his home hero 
Jan. 27, from Chicago, where iho show 

ICvunsvllle. — At the Grand Opera House 
(I'Cdley & llurcli. tniiiingersj. — "His Hois 
kills," Jan. IK, cnllcil out a good Iiuiikc. and 
gave general satisfaction. The Four Coining, 
2d. played to a pneked house, mid gave into 
of the cleverest performances ever seen here. 
The F.vniisvllh' high whiml gave a very 
clever production of "Tim lllrnls" 21. nttiL 
though only local talent was displayed, thu 
perf ofinuiiee mil with generous applause. The 
Heml-unniinl coiiimencemeitt was held 22. 
"Ben llur," liooked for n wci'k. with tw» 
inn I lures. 23 to :it», opened to S. It. II. John 
Drew comes Feb. a. Ilowunl Dorset 8-1(1, 
t.'lura Hloodgoud 11, Wm. II. Crane 13. 

I'kopi.i'.'s THLATliu 1 1'edley & llurcli, uinu- 
ngersi. ---This liiuisi: was crowded at nlinost 
every peifornmiice of the Zitzelle & Vernon 
Viiiidevllli! Show Um entire week of Jan. is. 
liieleiuenl. wenthcr lusted all week, but large 
crowds bruvcil II, ami were repaid. "Tltfl 
Tenderfoot" played, to S. II. O.. 2t. at ml- 
vaneed prices, and the house fairly shook at 
each etieore. The company wns Isiuked lo 
ploy iiiiiltiice and night, but on account of 
tlie delay of their kjh'cIiiI train from Ihiyloii, 
O., only one performuiicc cnulil Ihi given. 
"A Iliuich of Keys" Is liooked for 31. "Thu 
Silver Slipper." ut udviiiicc prices, Feb. 7 ; 
"Mickey Finn" ]4. 

Tut: Tkmii.h Tiikathi:. Oivcnshoro, Ky. 
ll'edley ft Htireh, luiiiiiigersj. continues to 
•In good business, Hooked : "A Hunch of 
Keys" Feb. 2. "MIsh Bob While" II. "Mr. 
Jolly, ot Jollct." 3 : Fluvla S k Co. 8-1.".. 

Nutkm. — Baker Hack, of "The Tenderfoot" 
Co., played here 21. mid was greeted by 
numerous friends. Evnnsvlllc being his home. 

The new way of advertising, original 

with Mr. Pedley, iiiuiuiger of the tst'iind, 
inuile a great lill, ami nllrucled coiiHldcrahle 
attention. The advance sale of scuts for 
"Ben Hur" was by fur the largest ever 

kuown In this city Borneo I'. Frlck 

has organized a concert company under the 
inline of the Frlck Concert Co., mid will do 

some traveling The playing of high 

priced |ihiys ut the People's Tlienlrc wus 
tried us an experiment, and has proven very 
successful. Hereafter only high class attrac- 
tions lire to 1st bonked for lilts house. 
r s . 

Slurion. -Al the liulluiui (K. 1.. Klnne- 
innti. Uliifiagerl.— "lite l'l'lnee of Pllsen." 
Jan. 21. brought out n full house, mid gate 
nil excellent show. Trlxle I'l-lgnti/.a, us the 
widow, and Jess I in inly, us Vuiguci". scored 
decided hits. "A ileiilleuiiiti of I'riliii'c." 
icaiurliig l.'harles lhilloii, was liberally pn- 
iruiil/.eil 27. Mr. lialion whs repenleilly 
railed befote Hie curtain. The support n( 
I'eellltl I 'osteite wits espeelully llnteivoiiliy. 
"A Sou of Host" 28. "The Silver Slipper" ill). 

"Tlie T Icefoot" Feb. 1, "Nancy Uroivn' 1 

4, "Siiperbu" 5, "The Isle of Spice ' 8, "Mac- 
beth" p. 

Tin: Guam. IK. I.. Klnncinan. manager). 

"The Funuy Mr. Huoley" played a return 
ilulc. lo full hiiuseh. 21 and mnllnee. "In 
Cunvlti's Stripes." 22 nnd iiiilllnec. had S. 
It. 0. Houses. "An American Hobo" tilled 
Hie house to the doors, both nutlluee ami 
night. 23. lillleil: "Her Fulal Kin" 211 and 
nuitiiiee. "SI I'lunkard" :m and innllneo. "A 
Thi.'-oiighl.reil Trump" Feb. 1, "'I lie Minis- 
ter's IHiiighlcis" 2 und matinee, "Shore 
Acres" ii unit unit lace. 

NuTiis. — The lliitillngtoii Lodge of Elks 
gave lis minimi minstrel show Jan. 28, 2!l. 

The Ernest (iambic Concert Co. guve 

a iiuisl enjoyable performance, before n largo 
nud enthusiastic audience. In the auditorium 
of the Conservatory of Music, Jan. 23. 

Frankfort. — At I he lllluti 111. Lunger- 
brake, lunnager). — "The 1'rltirc of Pllsen" 
came. .Inn. 22, to It large suit appreciative 
audience. Coining: Climb's lialion, III "A 
I leal l"iiut I) or France." 'M: "Arizona" Feb. 
s. Isabel Irving. In "The Crisis," 111. 


loi iininl. — Marijiiiitn (iiund (Calvin 
t It-ll iu. inuiiiigcri. — "Arc Von n Mason':" 
did line biialni'HS Jun. 18, 1!). Marie SVulti- 
wrlghl hail ii big hoiiae 2U, 10 see "Twelfth 
Nlghl." "A I'hlilesi! Honeymoon" iilnyttl. 
to Hie cupst'lty, 21. 22, and the biggest 
iiiullnce In Hie history of the house IS. 
"Nappy Hooligan" 23, 2(1, "tjhostM" 27. '!s, 
"The Filial SViildlng" Feb. I, 2, "The Dev- 
il's Auction" 3. «. 

iVuiiiiav'h Thlatiii: (Conlruy ft Ilusse!;. 
luuiiugersi.- "la'st Itlver" hud two packed 
houses J au. 24. Millie, llentli did very good 
IiiisIiiims week of IT. with "For Mother's 
Sake." "Mickey Finn" comes ill. 

ItAKi'.n's Tiieatiib (George I<. Iluker, 
tiiiinagerl. — The I'.uker Theatre HtiM-k Co. 
present*"*] "A Cetr.lira.ted Case," to two 
good houses, 21. The company did fulr 
business week of 17. Ill "The Moth nnd the 
Flume" Pollard's Juvenile Opera Co, will 
he seen week of ill. opening In 1 Tbe Belle of 
New Vork," and the Iluker Theulre Stuck 
c.i. wll return Feb. 7, presenting "Jane." 

An... nu: TllGA'iut: IS. Morion Colin, niuii- 
ngeri.-- HiMlh and llxcells, Ver Viilln, Hie 
Ureal Carroll. Ilahluln und Durrani, Lor- 
tiilue Sitters, the American blosco|m. 

Tin; Paiik Ttii:.\Tiii: l Frank Monroe, inan- 
ageri gave Its llrst rs-rforniutiisi Jun 10, 
wiih the following bill: Cmutr anil Lewis, 
Lewis mid Lewis, Anderson and Kilsle, Tip- 
pel mill Kllmenl. T, M. Sls-nitT, iiiovlng pic- 
tures. Folloklug Is Hie bill for week (,T 23: 
l.urretla Family. Ilelley and ■ Mrdrt'evy. 
Itiinl's dog ami iiioiikcy clritis, T. M. Bpeii- 
cei. mot lug pictures. 

Wl.MBB VAUUJ.N (Flokr Bltrnctt,. tUIOtt' 

l-er). — Anils. Dort'tliy Diiyne. Tluim|isou Sis- 
ters, Leslie Ptiuieroy, I'aloinii Slslcrs. . Eva 
Perl. Memphis Kennedy, and the Forrest 

Tin: XIAXK (A. Shapiro, nnitiagcr). — Ilaltle 
Ward, Mmh'lliie D'Klmy. John Morrlsou, Jes- 
sie Orr, Cora Itlchmotid, laiplltc Josephine. 
Donna Ilelie Christ)'. 

FnlTfi'N'XKsv Thratiif. (William It Drnwii. 
mniinjrer) — Cyclone, Frank Cicnor, Lewis 
Slaters, .luck Syniomls, Isviilne Keeslug. Cns- 
sle Nelson. Ileal rice Hoilthwlck. Tlp|t*l and 
Ivllmerit, Forrest Sisters, the llernnrils. 
Davis ami Co., llildle IMIan. 

Iti.AZttn's CnNCKItr IlAM. (Kit II. lltlvls. 
imiiingeri. — .Mac Allison, llelle Edward*. 
Lewis and Luke, Oerlrudo Stevens, tierlle 

EtttcKSox'S All sic IIai.i. (II. D. Griffin, 
manager). — Helen Mtgnon, Little Sunshine. 
Failure Kslelle, 

Nutk. — The Park Theatre opened lis doors 
as a conllniioua vaudeville house Jan. HI. 
Frank Monroe Is manager, and the theatre 
Is on Hie circuit of Hie 1'arlllc Const 
Amusement Association. 11 Is situated oil 
Washington Street. Is'tween Fifth and 8lxlh, 
In the heart of the city, and will eater lo rc- 
llned audiences. Five shows will ha Riven 
dally, nnd leu on Sunday. The theulre con- 
sists of one Hour, which Is being, furulahcil 
with opera chairs, mill will sent three hun- 
dred people. The lobby Is neatly fitted tip III 
silver and maroon, mail the stage In 2llxl8fl. 
In size. 

♦ i « 

Ilteliinoiid. — At the Academy of Music 
(Thus, (!. Lealh, malinger). — "Tlie liinm 
ways." matinee nnd nlglit Jnn. 20, bud large 
midleiices. ' The jilnv wns well rendered. 
Mroe. MaiiK'tll lliillmi Grand Uueru Co. pre- 
settlnl acls of "Mlgimn." "t'urmeii" anil 
"Titivalore" 2it. Hilly Kersnnd's Heurglu 
Minstrels played, to a fair audience, 2:1, 
being well received. "Tlie Prince of Pll- 
sen." 211, 27. broke the record here for nt- 
tendance nt this house, playing to standing 
room only at each performance. Julia is. 
Hansom*, as Hans Wagner, ninths a big till. 
"Florodora" Feb. 2, Jefferson Dc AngelTs 3. 

Hunt,' TiikathH (Jake Wells, mnnngierL— 
Whitney's "Show <ilrl," Jan. 18-2.1, played 
to standing loom only I he eiillro sveek, nud 
liuidn one of the biggest lilts of the season. 
Stella Ma.vbew'H acting wus splendid. Ada 
St. Clair, um Lady Clarissa, liuidn 11 big lilt. 
Joseph Floyd. Sid Forrester. Sam Mylle mid 
It. k. Warren nlso did some clever work. 
"The Way of the Transgressor," "T-:u>. 

tiluyeil lo large crowds. It wus well rendered 
iv mi able cast. "For Ills Brother's Crime' 1 
Fell. 1-tl. 

Pi'tnasi'm TllliATin: (F. SV. I "nt tin 111 . inn 11 
ager).— Feb. Ml: llelle Making. 1 .11 tl.- How- 
ell. John Harvey. Alice llollainl, Lemuels and 


Vnrrolk. — At thu Academy of Music IT, 
(i. t.caih, miiiiiigeri. — The Mmiieill Grand 
Opera Co. iilnyetl. to very sallsfiu-lory r* 
Hulls. .Inn. 211. "The HlliinwuA'a" delight eil 
two very large niiilleiiees. tniilliiee utiil ulglil. 
211. Billy Ki'I'siiiiiIh und Ills eoloreil mlu 
sli-els pin veil, lo lop heavy houses, 211. 
I looked : "Florodora" Feb. SI, Jelf D'Angells 
4. "A Texas Sieer" 3, tl. "A Friend or the 
Family" H. Hi, "Zlg Zag Alley" II. Kule 
elusion 12. 

liii.sMiv TitKATiit; (.hike Wells, inaiiagcri. 
— "For Ills llrollier's Crime," sveek of Jnn. 
2o, pliiyetl itlgblly to S. It. O. "'lllu Mall 
Who Dared" week of Feb. I. 

Aisii: Tnt:.sTiiH (Clms. M. Wesl, nianiigi'i'). 
— New iieople for week of I are : MeN'urrls 
ami N'urtun. Allln Diimoiic, nnd Culllnn ami 
Alton. Business Is good.; Tiin.Miii: (.1. M. ITI1111I1111. nuiiiii- 
geri.— People for week of I lire: John Wesl. 
Lou Fiillliuin. I'n use Weir, tin' Frank fords. 
Florence Edwards. Miiilnlluu Itheiuirtl, May 
Ctmnor.s,, Flprence Leroj', nud Hurry u. 
Shafer. uuslncss under the new uiuiiuge- 
lnriit Is highly satisfactory. 

Al PiTiiiiiiui Tiiratiih (J. M. Itniton, man- 
nger). — New is'ojila for week of 1 are: 
Hadgl I^sslek, Kelly nnd Kelsay. Hie Aliens, 
Um Mannings, Mell Grant. Kddle l.ninotil, 
nnd Peiiiiiiinii, Itallry nud Slurr. Iluslness 
is good. 

Tin: M.smiatt.Sn 'I'm: a 1 in:, which bus 
Inlelv been run by ('bus. K. Ilcnl/. fur Fred 
Fleck, closed lis doors Jnn. 2il. 

l , etersl»Hra,--Al Hie Academy of Music 
f Wm. K. Fieneli. mil linger). — "The Ilium-" was eiilluisliisilciilly received, by 11 
gootl sized innllell.e. Jail. 21. Hilly Ker 
miiiiIh' Mliihliels pleiihrd a I011 liens jr linilsi 
25. "A Texas Steer" Is due Feb. II. 

♦» » 


WiisIiIiikIuii. — National Tbealre 1 W. II. 
Itiipley, iiimingerL — Muxllie Ellloll, In "Her 
■Mvn Way,'* iilnyeil In capueily bouses nil 
last week, giving Hie host of siillsriietlou. 
Tills sveek, Mntide Adams, Iu "The Preliy 
Slsler of Jose." Grace George, In "Pretty 
l'c«By." next. 

Cni.t .MHIA TltiiATiii: (Liickelt ft Dwver. 
tliiiliiigers), — Unvriinie Il'Orsay, In "The 
Full of Piiwliirkcl." hnd crowded iniilleiicii 
lit every porforniiinee Inst week. Tills week. 
Savages English Gi'iiml Operu Co., Ill 
"(llhello," "Carmcii," "Lolicngrln," "II Trn- 
vnlore." "Tirscn" mid ""llio lloheiiilau Girl. 1 ' 
"The Prince of I'llaen" next. 

L.tF.lVKTfH Uriat.1 Hoi SB (Iru .1. La 
Molle, uiiiiiiiger). — Lust week "The Show 
Girl" pleiiaeil packed houses. This week. 
Ernest Ijimson's "Yuling Toblo lloxle." 'The 
lliirgoinusler" next. 

I'UAsr'K Tiibatiii; (Miss II. Winifred Do 
Will, malinger 1. -Last week the house hud 
Its iisiuil erowiled audiences. This week : 
Charles T. Aldrleli, Hia i'liloii Catling 
Guards, Hue ami llcneiietlo, .lames F. Kelly 
mid Hornihy Kent, George Schlliiller. I'ruiik 
Itush. Mr. and Mra. tSiiriTner Crime, and the 

Ac.siiiiviv 01" Mi 'sip (John W. Lyons, man- 
ngeri. — Liiki week "The SS'lill" Hlnve" had 
tlie large following iisiuil at this iiopiilnr 
house. This sveek, "Al. Cripple t'reeek." 
"Over Niagara Falls" next. 

I ; sir 1 in: Tiicatiu: IK. i. ilinkley. mail 
iiger).— - This week, "A Human Sluve." "An 
Orphan'.' I'rnyer" next. 

I.tcKi.M TllKATki: ll'ilgeue Keiiitin. man- 
ngeri. — This week, I'lill Sherldun's City 
S|Hirls. Iloble's Kiiickerbockers next. 

lliilllmorc. SI Ford's Opiru House 
H'liarli"i K, Fnril, iiiiiiuigeri. -"The Prince 
of Pllsen" will be heard, for the llrsl lime 
locally, Feb. IU Foibes lloberlsuil 11 nil 
Cerirnd" Klilott dill A huge business anil 
►cored a decided success .Inn. 23-'n>. Attn 
lti.'liun nud Otis Skinner iiexl wis-k. 

Ai'Aiiiuit op Mi sn' (Nixon * Zimmerman, 
inunugers). — liiclninl Miitislield presenis'THil 
Heidelberg" week lieglnnliig Feb. I. The ad 
vance sale Is egtellelll. "The Marriage of 
Kitty" met wllh hearty approval lusl week. 
I'uv I ut vis Is iiiinoiiii.cil for K. 

M.sutl.AM' Tiiimtiii: 1 James L. Keriiau. 
Inuiiuger).' -"Arlzonu" opened I. for one week, 
Hyde it l!oiiici|latis did very well lasl week. 
Week of 8. Ward ft Vokes. 

I'tiASr.'s TliisAi ill: (P. II. Chase, luutin- 
gerl. — "Hie First Itorn" Is the bill for the 
current week. Lusi week's double bill drew 
crowded bouses. "I.'nder Two Flags" will 
1st given S and week. 

Hof.tiiOAV STHtuT Tin:.»Titi: IKininn. Illfe 
ft Hoiick. innnngers).— "Over Nlagnrn Falls" 
begins a wit'k'u eiigugemeiii 1. Big business 
rewarded ".Si Crlppl. 1'icck'' lilsl wcel.. 
WM nf 8. "For Ills llrollier's Crime,": 

liuot; Tu t>i si, (Criil Wlllsoii, maaageri. 
— "StilwJyii Claim" t-0, "Tito ElcvclilU 

Pope Manufacturing Co. 

Famous Jfclf 

Chainlcss ''^Wj 

Bicycles /<^k\ rii,iMrr hrjlte, aiul / - Ik . \\Y\\\ 
cushion Irante j j|,\ \\Hil 

All Chtln /^Jv\ |\ ' / 

Models ( ^d^fl 

Kasicrn Depl. _- ^-^hAI^.%^ yr 2)^m \ 

lljnU.ld Of— : »«>^^V / >\PM ; 

Conn. ^^ullPj Jat^T 

Cclombli ,i ^^ , All TmaP 

Trlbuni A jW. i gH 

cii.iiind — m ifll' ' \Jwl 

Oiwfotd drCSLll alii. ™ 

^v^aV/Mll .av.av'^, a^l 

wc»t. yw' fvM KttA^mfo 

cr ii V § , till afltffW'l'iW VVaVam 

Drpot. m / AMI n/fli aWfTSfA n/oaa 

incut a i' J 

III. ■'b'^ 

illlifl mSi 
*4M J7 JI\'i«l' hpv 

CrMcintM'' i-^ 

"march n_/\ ', 

s^i^ iDJ^^Ib'I 

Rimblir \% fir Vt'aVVt 

ItnpttUI V^ /j| V^^ill 

Cataloauea baa at our Mats .bilrr-' vPAjt'/ 

• lorp'.nr any nrp I'll.l.' muled ^&TiJ 

nn prttpt ,.( ■ tw, fc rr-i. ..... 1' Sfc>^ 



There art many Cold Crtsm PreparatioM en 
til* market loasy. Some are GOOD— othtra art 
BBTTBa-Bnt hclancrneji Is BK8T. 

The IngrMlrnta or Melnnerney'i Oold Criam 
art pur* ami harmless, and when yon onoe um 
tats preparaiion yon will want do oilier. 

Other food aaallUoi In lis favor are IM delicate 
part a me, tmoath whlteneaa and cooling properties, 
tod It doea not con si maoh M man; or lb* far 
Uttrtor preparation ■ . 

59c. "> 

rom I ALE OW.I AT 



1 will IihiI iii M ihrtr i • mi kit y ami 
■ iHiiliMi in the 11 * i»l 

iinprsud FABTEHERS 

j. Jn-nr.1 I . 

Key Chain anil King, - Mc.) Smt 
Cull Holders, - • 30c. , r-u 
Scarl Holdcri. - - 10c. I final 

I allc.llst N«'" I ■ II..) Idle 

.. 'gi.Ke i:»irtli>aii» fr«,.. 

I I' l'l- . i *" I " !>.. 1 ft Ca. 

Hold Birry where 


BjTT««*W , ^5S 





%KTiT.r*r.tlO* CuAMAMTKf 9 OflRMIT KlP 






raaaaew »vil>is«.h(vv vua* , 





Large library Of up In 
or Tubs. Adilrga 

dale music. Double Alio 
...... ...... w . ULAHKNUK PRY, 

Walseka, III , a; Ml Anno 11. Uoinnuee ID, 
Uam KII.KR'H 111** HIKHV. 

Wanted, Repertoire People and 
Medicine Performers 

That csn acl, du apeclulllei and play piano or 
organ. Must bo sober, ttiatess'sry. Pas sour 
own. Will wlr« Hi kits. Mid. iliithatray. write. 

Iroquois Fire Slides, 

60 cenls useii, itniiirod. Iii Hsis of Ten Hllili's. 

I". 1 (IK.NK CI.INK A (XI., 

DU Av«., Chicago, III. 

Hour" did welt bisl wn-k. "The Inn ver Im- 
press" Mill enllie M, for II Week. 

Mom :sii;vr.ii, 'I't ii;a nil', (.lames L. Keriiim. 
iiiiiiuigeri.- Itoble's KulckcrlSK-ker I'.nili s.iue 
1*0. opens I. The CHv Hports drew full 
Week of M, Clark's Hun- 


I. oiim's lusl week, 
nwny tilrls. 

Iii.nov Tin:sTiii: (, Initios Miidlson, tuiiiin 
geri. "The Widow's Miisipieritdi'" mid "A 

()lieer Cllllie" will l.e offeieil lljlri Week, Willi 

Hie following new isajplit In specialties: 
Nbliols nud Croix, the Herman Kuse, Muy 
llhiiielisrd, mid Nellie Itumforil. 

sill I II I Alllll INS. 
C0I0111I1I1). Al Hie New I'liliiiiibiu The 

litre iNlllllhlleill A HroWII, lllllllllgeih) 

Hnilie Miiriliini drew 11 fair linuae Jan. '.'.'!. 
The « ,11 11,1 r Intel fend wllh "A Fllelnl ill 
Hut Family" '.'.",, which plum a relurii dale 
Fell. i!:l. Coming: "The Itiiunwavs" SD, \V. 
II. VS'esi's Sllimtrils Feb. :), KerMiiul's Min- 
strels .*, "I'loriHlora" Ii. 

. -— «» a ♦ --- 

I linrle.ion. - At Owens' Aciiilelnv of 

Mllsle 1 Will "P. Keoldl. Illllllllgeri. Will. II 

(Vane jileji-j'd 11 g.asl house Jan. ".'i. Miotic 
.Slaifliii.l had a fair bullae 1'li. 1 The Itun 
iiivuys" did fairly tvell "A). ;Wi;i;l'a Minstrels) 
•'«■•• ■>«■ „ laeaai.asata 

■• ... - • -. 1 ;. :r: , 

« ■ • • 








the Ballad Hit of £L? 
lBRae.1 in High and Lot S 
Also line Male Qu»rt« ' 
An, by S1IATTUOK • 

Xovelty Song. Evervbodr ■ 
Going to Sin R It! Thfeffoih 
and Munie are Simply Q tetl \ 


Tho Waltz Song Hit! Nothing to Emud 
Hit in "Bnninie." Anybody can sin,- if' 
Issued in High and Low .Keys. 


Or, "The Wearing of the Green " 
HEELAN and HELF8 Success 
to "Ha-lo, Ha-lo." .A Comic Mm- 
elty That Is a Roar From Start to 
Finish ! 


Great Descriptive Ballad. Nothing 
can atop this being a Tremendous Hit. 
Words and Music an Inspiration '. 

Beautifully illuntrateil slides ar.> now in preparation for this *on(:, anil contain ft totally now idea in slides, which will add a hundred per cent, to the interest of illustrated pictures. 


An Indian Song? Yea! bnt what aNofellj!! 
Yon simply can't get away from trie -meloiit. 
Try it! R's going to Sweep the Conn try. 


Jnst the kind ol'a novel, neat, 

catchy coon song you are 

looking lor. Jnst issued. 



A delightful waltz song, suitable 
for any act, and growing in popu- 
larity every day. By LEON BUBO. 


For single, acta or big 
number. Great faring 
lo melody, and a hit 
wherever snug. 




A Success. 





well known 

novel coon 

song hit. 

KI-YO - 

By the writftrs of "Pinky Panky Poo." and 
equally good. Very original idea in words, 
with a comic finisn. Fine number for any 
act or big production number.". 


A genuine ballnd success- | 
A feature in "Three Little i 
Maids" and "The Silver 
Slipper." Easy to sing. 

THE SALT t° h f e SEA ™ ME 

Great Descriptive Song 

for Baritone. 
Highly recommended. 


Just issued in song form ! 
Another novelty of the right 
kind. Fine lor character 
Hot or hig number. 



Great Welti Song Hit. 

The Greatest Applaasr 

Winner Out! 

RECOGNIZED PROFESSIONALS sending ns their route.and 10 cents in postage will be sent any of the above iweliies upon advice. Those unknown to us must enclose late pro- 
gram or proper credentials. No cards noticed. Orchestrations ready for all songs. 

KANT) AND ORCHESTRA MEN.- -Send ns your name and permanent address (or route) and we will send you some of our latest and greatest successes FREE OF CHAROK. 


Cor. Dearborn and Randolph Sis, 


• 305 Massn St. 


New Amsterdam Theatre Bldg., 

■42d Si,, Near Broadway, 



. . irVants XirLxxi.e<lJLefctely» 


Musi be exixirleuiipd Repertoire Hoopla. tiood wardrobe unit appearance, send photo. Kxplaln 
ii II first totter. Verv ImreM salary, limit Join on wire. OibiT MM people- wnic. 

A. K. l>AVil>SON, Uiiuagi-r, Oil awn, III., Feb. ltl; Jolti't, III., Feb. t> M. 

The Big 

Indoor Carnival and Merchants' Fair, 



One more flM eliwsidiowon pen-oni. ALSO CONCESSION'S. 1Mb will Id tBo drat Carnival CTer 
held In H»r»!«)g» Spring* CAN PLACE ONR GOOli PLATIORM SHOW. Address ROSENTHAL A 
MIOFHIBU. Managory 'lolden Owe Carnival Co., Auditorium, Watorbnr,, Oonn. 


13 HE IIM?" 

rue sketch for two milieu for which there nave been so mam requests, is now reailv. Alto the 
following sketches: "All lntivcDi Error,' - Com. and Sou.: "A Cooil Substitute," Com. and Lmly; 
•TUo Shy Mr. Hold,'' Rube ami Sou.; "To Kent Tomorrow, 1 ' Com. and Lady: cacll Mo. •Talka 
lugiioi.'' 08 pages or gital monoloRiic tuamilal, prlco !■'«■. Parodies on all Hie late-i songs, 1 (or "■ c. 
Send for complete caialngue of Flays, Sketonea, ote. IIAKKV I. NKWTUN, fr.i Dearborn Su. Chicago. 



Hi-i of as (10 Colmtil, 15 Main), WITH DESCRIPTIVE LECTURE, fjll.OO. 
List Bent on ,\|)|>llca\« loa. 




Sober, reliable, a buWIcr, gooil ilresrur and appcarauce: 14 seasons' experience; know tho ronntiv; 
route or book. Salary right. Join at oncp Mimt have ticket. i' 

Address H17 McOAUL ST.. Toronto, Out., Can. 

K«lth'« TTH. •*.-«» BulldlnK, Phlla. 


Expert Faculty, Prof»«ioti»l Imtrtu I Ion, 



T'neolorwl, Me, Colored. 7iV. tiarh. 

Edison Kinetescope and Films, 
Stereopticons with Bausch & Lomb 
Lenses-Illustrated Song Slides. 


127 West ."2d St.. New Vork. 
Western OdW: r.2 Slnto 8t., Chicago, HI. 



Asbestos Curtains 


AFTER MAKCIt ft, 1901. r— 


8. 10, 18 or 14 PIECEH. 

Would like to bear from reliable manager*, either 
Showe orCarntval Compnnlcs. Play up to date 
■tamlard music. Rood wind jainmern. Addreiisor 

FKK9 S. [ill mm. I. X., UvuDii. u 

Practir's Albany Thiiln Tills Weak, 




MS W. MUi ST., S. T. 



in ai 



Can u»e a lev Good Men tbat Double: Singing iind DnncInK Comedian, Specialty People, 9!lter Te»n- 
Propertr Han to double Bass nrnra, secnlc Artlnt. Seven months' work to the right people; 3 niiiu 
stands. Open about 10th March. Payjonrown. Tell all Qret time. Inoompatents claied en lljni. 
Pay your own telegram*. Addresa PBAIK r all ah an , Growler, L * • 
1 rank ireaon, Floyd O'Brien, write. '» • • 

Show Property For Sale 

One ;ort. Round, with loft. Mldillu Piece, only need 10 week*; not one patch in top. 
in fee; high ; UJjuarier Polea, 58 Side Poles, 91 centre Poles 100 Stakes, 1 state 

„ltr. I Doable 
Marque, it' Bale Ring*, it Uatii'Guvg. Tbe above'ean bo had "for lie:.. . 
■> Hers high; % seta Jacks, new.v painted, juou per length. Muattake them all ut tlat figure, six 
leng -us or Reserved Seai«s, 3 set" of Janks, Ueanrirnl Folding Baeka, very inviting; $S a lengtn t>»«' 
them. l>re?ilng Room Top. to.\M. tin; Cook Ilooi.-, soxso, 18 feet wide, pin: 60 light Acetylene os; 
Machine, wltb Ohamlelhri, cost |2i0, trill sell for |Tfi: I Knocked Down Baikl ITagoii, can be pot '= 
any kind of car, seaia \i tnon. sell fame for |6-'>; 16 Ladles' and genta' Saddle!, lii Bridles, 16 Pinnies- 
$'•5 takes them; li Band Coals and Helmet*, $2S: 1 Beseem, $14. The above outQt If stored In »or- 
wlcb, K. Y. Write me euro or NBV? YORK CLIPPER It yon mean business, aad 1 will go end sao>i 
you g orids. Th e reason fotjielllug this beaiuirul outflt, I have another show and can'tmanage tuei" 











SPECIALTIES. '__^_.~, 

Addren ■ JOHFI G. ODELL, JT1 W. kUdlfonSt.,flH10Aao. 

February 6. 





February e. 

You Can Take Your Choice on Either of These Two Pages for the Vehicle of Your Prosperity! 


On* Is -fcn* Masterful Mush 


The Author «r "Take Back Your Gold." "She Was Happy 'Till Sne Met Ton" and t'lh.r Notable Boast Successes, and la entitled ^^^ ^^^ 


Jack was in love with a village belle and soon they were to wed, 

He loved ber "not wisely, but too well," no the gossips said, 

'Till he awoke from his dream one day and heard with bowed down head, 

As they told him that his sweetheart had eloped with his comrade Ned. 

"Come, cheer up, Jack, Bhe's false, I know, like the rest of her sex i" one cried — 

"Tei] mc n woman on earth who's true I" Then tearfully Jack replied: 

"There Is one, only one, yon can trust her with your life ; 
There Is one, only one, not your sweetheart or your wife ; 
Sun or rain, Joy or pain, she will always cling to you, 
Rise or fall, best of all — your mother Is always true!" 
— Copyright 1004, by J. W. STERN A- CO. 

Time swiftly sped In the country town, Just In the same old way, 

Until It was whispered all around Ned had returned one day. 

He was alone, for she left him, too, the same aa she did Jack, 

For to both she'd proved herself untrue, and heartbroken he came bark. 

Grasping bis comrade by the hand, "like all woman, she's false!" he cried— 

■Tell me a woman on earth who's true!" Then softly poor Jack replied: 

Exalt Tour Act »nd Via Your Andlence. 


Kf llimmbtr that You Cannot Fall to Land for Yourself a POSIT I VK WINNER. In tne abor* Soaf, which will 




» "Mouse of Hits," 
34 E. 21st ST.. NEW YORK. 



I 25 CENTS! 


nanuSi pills. 

Sow tin BEST ELIMINATORS KNOWS, nnd nothing on Rurthwlll rellev. Stomach, Liver 
and Bowel disorders so quickly and completely. 1HKY Will/ IMMEDIATELY STOP A 
TE tDEitd V TO APPENDICITIS or any other scute Intestinal Disease. They are the ORB 
thing ro overcome the EFKEC T8 of O VKll BATINU or OVER drinking. Unlike other 
remedies which sot only on particular organs, they assist the entire internal nrganlutlnn, gently 
bnt positively. LADIES derive ft peculiar benefit from tlielr use. THEY WILL DO MOKE 

Bounded from materials known to cnemliu. "Commence on the Inside" is the first rule of "Beauty 
jotors," and RYAN'S FRENCH LICK PIL.LS are the things you need to commence with. 



FRENCH LICK DRUG CO., French Mob, lad. 





Featured at the Horse Show, Chicago. IMMENSE HIT. 

Prof* ••! on a 1 Copy, 10 c. Orchestration, 15c. Poil 1 1 ve ly no Frae List. 

H. F. NE1LSS0N, 9132 Commercial Aye.. CHICAGO. ILL. 



dints' Dress, Wigs, 
Old Maids' Wigs, 
Biddy Wigs, 
Ladles' Dress Wigs. 
Catalogue f roe. 
Popular Prices. 
rlin Uharaoter, 13.00 IIP. 


Pompadour Wigs, 

162 STATE 8T. 6th Fl. CHICaQO, iu, 


Goods sent 0. 0. D., c 
receipt of il.oo di 
turnlBhed ON GOODS 

OPEN SUN DATS Dutch Character, 
10 to IS A. M. 13.50 IP. 


For Stock Companies, for Reportoln Companies, for Amateurs 

amusement, Negro l'lnys, I'aper Scenery, Mrs, Jarley's Wax 
Works. Catalogue Free I Free I Free I SAMUEL PRBNCH, 
IT Went 22d St., New York, 


Address All Agents, or PARK VIEW HOTEL, 05 W. 42d St., New York. 

For Electrical Stage EFFECTS, 



lis West Fortieth Street, New York city. 


I w ft good fosa, ft good melody or ft eoespltte work. We bats no tftTorlM) witters. Ail kar- 
at nil Huh. All Isnant answers* nromntlv. 


RlolYttrcl Outhmann Transfer Co. 

Hr.n.r, and llaggag* Hauling, Storage, Scraerr, Props, and Trunks For Sale. 
Dowatnwu Room II. MSB Dearborn St.. CHICAGO. 


Formerly Original Curtis 4 Adams. 

Formerly Original llnrphy A Bliss. 





160 to 200 Head constantly on band. Also 
a number ot show ponies. 


270-278 North Centre At., CHICAOO. 
Long Distance 'Phone, Monroe 1,006. 

nan barnum 

ufUlll. BAILEY 

Greatest Show on Earth 

AU An lets. Performers, Mnslelaas, Preaks and others En Raged 
for 1904 must have their Wardrobe Baggage, Apparatus sad 
Properties at the Fourth Avenue Eatraace of • , • 



and BOX GABS, 

toft, long. Desirable for Show and Carnival Com 
•ftnles. Reasonable terms. Writ* for psmculan 


W. A. YAGER, General Maa ag.r 

Mo. IMP Monadnook Bonding, Ohlcago, IU. 




Copyright your acts, plays, sketches and 
songs. It will PAY you. Many Copyrights 
axe worthless, because In valla. You can- 
not afford to take such chances. We 
guarantee a valid copyright at small east. 
Opinions and legal advice. Patents and 
Trade-Harks. Send stamp for particulars. 

Columbia Copyright and Patent Co., Inc. 

WAftDf toe, waaimiaTON.p.a. 

Miniature Railroad Co.< 



iH i±i 

^.iLftWii S-gg^g 


For Parks, Summer Resorts, etc. 

Hauling Capacity, 25 Tons. 

Earning (1,000 In six days. 
With proper oare wil l last 20 yrs. 



Fill HiflcaJ Aiiirttn, 

iLLvaioin, nioxa, Ms, 

Grand and of Century, folly 
Illastreted. BOOK CATA- 
LOOUE, $tc „ free bj 

■AlTatgUAOO., ■ 
4M STB Ave,, B. T. 



All Aerial Artists aaast have their Apparatas at the Same Plate on 
SATURDAY, BAHCH 9, la order that work on the Rigging may/ be 
began early on Hoadsy morning, March 7. ...... ■ 

111 Persons Must Report Personally at the General Offices, 

los. 25 and 27, W. 34th St, H. T. City, oa Monday, larch 7. 










SMB., |I.M; 281a., $t.M; 82111., $9.60; Mm., $10.50; 401n., $12.00. Olroos Trunks, MllSzll, $:.«. BUI 
Ttonxs.Wxaazlt Inside, $12.00. LltHoTranks,<3Hz2SXzU Inside, $li.OO. Slipped on receipt of $l. of 
bal. 0. 0. v., except over 800 miles, then remit whole amount 

SIMONS A CO., CENTRAL TRUNK r AOTORT, EstAb. 1864. »*■*$ North Tth St., Philadelphia. 

N. Y. AQENCY, Cir. 30th St. a Brotdwsy. PHcm 76et$. nan thin at "hilt. Factory 


Why Dandle rocky, goods when yon can handle goods that will sell thsov 
•sires r Electric Belts from $1.00 per dos. to $48.00. Urge variety to leisti 
from. We also make other styles of Appliances and Medical Batteries. Ost 
third cash required. Hot Springs Sulphur Scsp, wrapped, $lio per tress, 
■qua! to Williams. Trial order will oennnoe. Largest klanoJacVorers tei 
■leotle Belts and Appllanoes In C. s. A. Ksutiiishsd ltTS. Ofttftloffne tree. 



Illustrated Song 81 Ides, Beautifully Colored, 26o. Eaoh. 

We mannfftotore everything la the stereoptlcon and Moving Picture Msohlne Line, and will save 
yon money. Write for price list. 
BO$WaU ELECTRIC ds OPTICAL CO., 1810 Michigan Ave.. CHICAOO. 

WILL. 11. 





28 ysars' experience In tit business branches, Circus and Comblnsttons, Loosted or Traveling. 
Route and book first class stlractlons. Address U87 N. OAPITOL AVE., Iodlanspolls, Ind. 

&8EBT8 "*- 8 »? - w - h -*l?°_ a .5*.° t :- ?5. T . e L' T Ph .°_ t0 ^ ewel, 7> Sovenulr Shelly etc. Repertory ^msn- 

rse right. 

»"— — — •■■ "—— - *"- ™— — -■ »-w. >«•/ a uvw .vifvuj, OVfVUUU OUCH, OSV, iwrain/i; •— 
• >gers,try some souvenir buttons; give them awsy st every performance. Onr prices 

HUBSBN BROS., 824 Dearborn St, Chicago. 

February 6. 



You Can Take Your Choice on Either of These Two Pages for the Vehicle of Your Prosperity ! 


)n« Is th« 

isterful Or«»tlon 


The Composer or "In the Valley Where the Bine Bird* Slagj," and Other Notable Bong Saccules, and le Kntlllnl 


O* the* 

'Twas alx o'clock one evening as tbe factory whistle blew, 

The merry girls and laboring boys with dally toil were through ; 

And as a woman richly clad passed by to cross the street, 

One of the workmen's grimy bands her garments chanced to meet. 

She quickly turned and cried : "You wretch I Your hands have spoiled my dress !" 

"I beg your pardon." said tbe man quite humbly In distress. 

"I'd tell your foreman," she exclaimed, "If I but knew your name" 

He doffed his bat and answered this, as close to ber be came: 

*He» Tax* 

"My hands are not as clean as yours, 

And neither Is my face ; 
But one who earns his living ma'am. 

Regards that no disgrace. 
Clean bands oft' bold forbidden gold — 

You know tbe kind 1 mean — 
And altbo' my hands are stained with toll. 

The money they earn is clean !" 
—Copyright 1004, by J. W. STERN ft CO. 

A crowd aoon gathered 'round the scene as both stood proudly there, 

The laboring man with folded arms, the woman in despair. 

"I did not mean to grieve you, ma'am" he sold In accents soft, 

"liut 'tis tba truth I've spoken and I'm sure you've henrd It oft 

'It Is not gold that brings content but bow It has been earned 1' 

That Is n maxim of the heart at mother's knee 1 learned." 

The woman's tears began to flow: "Here, take this gift I" she slghcil, 

"I cannot take what I've not earned," he said with manly pride. 


rtlsemeat wtthonr fear or favor as a 

Both Ballads vrlll sooa be In the Repertoires of the Leading Singers In this Country. As Publishers of these Songs >ve lisne this advertl' 

Unlets to the Professional Singer, who will understand the -value of getting F1H8T Copies from the Press 


3 "House of Hits. 

34 E. 21st ST., NEW YORK. 




The mist Ulemed and pleasing Act of the kind In tbe business. *■*■ m *Vf I ? D I c ? n 1 a ? r :» F M?88 
SINGERS, FOUR DAHCBttS, carrying an expensive outfit of Insttuments. «g" al « "JgJ 
MAZT Bh'ooKs' 91,000 HARP. Introducing our original wmedy fln ^ TOB h»p«sj- 
TIZkd chickkv for which we carry SPECIAL 80ENKRY, this season the vaudevlllo Mature 
with Fenberg St"ck 0«. For onen time address as per ronfe. or _____ w .„, rn Rep. 
JOE PAGE SMITH, Eastern Rep ; ED WARP 8HAYW-, we.i 



SLIDES amd*-; 

^IIPPl IF^ 0F AL1 - KINDS.- . 



,. B MOORE -MC R. 




40 1 Strand, 



•a. M. P-H TEAR 

Single Column Inch 

No Dressing Room Complete Wl thout It 

— kJBT BT SJI D D sr n SK 

[astaataaeoa. Hair Restorer. C-eaper 

Than Any Imitation at Doable the 

Pries. Better Then Any Bab- 

stttote at Any Price. 

For the head 
balr and beard- 
Always re 
storea the orig- 
ins! color oi 
S ray or poorly 
yed hair— al- 
waya revives 
the color of 
bleaobed or 
faded hair. 
safe and sim- 
ple to use. One 
application for 
any of eight 
colors. Reoom- 
mended by 
Leading Hair 
Dressers, the 
V. B. Health 
Reports, the 
Oerman and 
English Impe- 
rial Chemical 
uCBcoa. Price, $t.oo per bottle, at any well ap- 
pointed drug store or Perfumery Counter or Hair 
DresBer, or from 


7115 Broadway, M. T. 


Goods and Illusions. Best Grade, 

YOST A COMPANY, 43 N. Ninth St. 

(Established 1870.) Phladelphla, Pa. 
A3- Descriptive catalogue for stamp. 










if oar marvellous SCRUM TOItN treitmcot 
taken privately at home. All pimple*, eruptions, 
mucous patches, Iosa of hair, ulcerations, despond- 
ency, rheumati&m, etc., are removed during the 
first month and the VKRY WOltMT CASKS OF 
SYSTEM during the course of the treatment. 
If you have tried everything eke and failed, come 
to us and ve wll cure you. Our moderate fees 
may be paid in installments. Remember that your 

J guarantee is signed by the largest medical Institute 
a the world, capital $t l ooo l e>oa We send free, 
"Completely Cured In 13 Week*," end a 
■>o-pp. treatise on contagious blood puison, fully 
describing our SERUM TOXIN treatment, and 
your only hope of being cured while ^ou remain 
at home and attend to your regular duties. 

In t ernat. onal Serum Toxin Company 

Suit* 713 St. Jamet Bid... flew York Lit, 


writbr or first «um. ' itacdkv«___ aw«- 



For Kidney 
& Bladder 


i Cures In 



_ r Bach Capsule /_* 

r bea ra the tuuattO^J 



All Ladles Contracted With He for This Season Write It Once for Infractions. 

JO or SO First Class Ladles f<r Band— Oboes. Basatxn, Baxarhoees, and all other Instruments. 
Ycarlj Contract. Salary no object It you can do the business. Season open In April 


Must be able e> handle all high grade music Mr finest care In California; one to three years con- 

RVSORTS that want the best attraction on the road. We have th« LARGF8T UNIFORMM) 
LADIES' IUND In America, and can Piny anything you wint. Ash specialty we have lb BP.LKO- 
TIOSs OF FILIPINO MUSIC, OVaR SCO YKAKd OLD: now playing our third month at CIIITK.8 FARE, 
Los Angeles. Address B. L. JAMES, climes Part, Lm Angeles, Cat. 



For coming season, best of Vaudeville and Novelty Acts. Those playing brass preferred. A'eollii- 
slo'ans and Leader for Band; must double Orchestra; end a good Med. Lecturer Bust have diploma 
and know how t» get tbe money. Work on percentage. Foss canvae Man, write. Top, tovlio, six 
Small Tents, 12xis. Everything now and up to date. Play big towna only, and move by R.R. Brat 
of treatment. Thieves and boozem save stamps. Tell all first letter. Miow opens in K.lkhart, Ind., 
Hay 2. Address MANAOKR A. DKl.KK, MJBouthport Ave., Chicago, III. 


A. 111. BITCH & CO., 

_ mm. ■!-<-, ..... railW«lp»t«.. 

I ». T. Rep.: H. HAIJJWILL, lot W. UU St. 

Drop Mm a lias and be will call on yen. 

pit Mir & m w « & iw «**■». 

li Ull JE-k ME Wl PAINT and POWDER. 

MeVICKBR'S THEATRB, Chlcag o, 111. Telephone-Central sol. Bond for Catalogue. 

A. O VORS • S^OOX _E3 T 3T . 

813 En^agemonts mide last year, over $fi, 000.1)0 Bayed lo members in oom n las ionn. 
Send 6 cts. tu slumps for ilnllc tin. Use D. 8. _xproHB Money Orders, aud send tbe stubs to 
O. P. MAOIlfTYB-. Swstt-ST. W W. lotu streel, y. Y.CIly, 

DICSIC LBSBUNS FREE at your home. 
lessons for beginners or advanced pupils on PUno, Organ 

We will give, free, for advertising purposes, 48 music 

n, llinjo, Oullar, Cornet, Violin or Mandolin 

We teach by 

(your expense will only be the cost of postage and the mus e you use, whloh Is small). 

mall only and guarantee auocee*_ Hundred* write: 'Wish I had known of your school before/' 

For booklet, testimonials and FKKK tuition contract address 

U. 8. SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Um 77J. IV Union Square, New York, H. 


FACTS of Vital Importance to Every 
Sufferer of Blood Poison. 

kact ONB— It takes time to tell whether yon 
are permanently cored by s treatment or merely 
patched op for the present. 

FACT TWO— The Cook Remedy Co. Is the 
only company or medical association In existence 
that haa been treating Blood Poison long enough 
to know that Its patients are cored to stay enred. 

FACT THUS— -The Cook Remedy Co. bas 
many patient* who were cored by its magic rem- 
edy eighteen years ago who ere today sound and 

FACT FOUR— The Cook Remedy Co. Is the 

largest and the only successful company In the 

FACT _IOMT-Oood health Is the moat 

world that makes the ear* ot Blood Poison s 

sTACT 1 

PACT FIVB-PatlenU cured by Cook Remedy 
Co. are constantly passing successfully the very 
rigid examlnatlone of the most conserrative life 
loan sue* companies, and are passing the exam- 
inations for admission to the army and navy of 
the United States. 

fact aix-ir yon use Cook Remedy Oo.'s 
treatment under their guarantee yon are abso- 
lutely sure of a oore or your money bid. 

FACT SB VMM— Every other method of treat- 
ment known to the medical profession gives but 
temporary relief, 
mportant thing In the world to any person. 


Toe CoqU H.msdy Co. solicit the most ob- 
stinate oases and challenge the world for a esse 
they cannot enre. This disease has always baffled 
the skill of the most eminent physicians. For 
many years the Cook Remedy Co. have made a 
specialty of treating this disease, andtbey have 
unlimited capital behind their unconditional 
guaranty. -- 

Yon can be treated at heme for the same price 
and with the same guaranty. With those who pre- 
fer to go to Chicago the Cook Remedy Co. will con- 

tract lo onre them or pay railroad and hotel bills, 
and make no obarge if they fall to onre. 

If yon have pimples, eruptions, moosons patches, 
pains, rheumatism, etc., write for Cook Remedy 
Oo.'s free home treatment book and learn all 
about contagious blood poison. If yon want med- 
ical advice give a history of yonr case, and their 
physicians will furnish all us Information yon 
wish without any charge whatever. 

Your ssivatlon depends on Cook Remedy Co,, 
and on tbem alone. They will surely onre you. 
No other method of treatment will onre yon. 

Why Hesitate Cae Day la Beginning This Wonderfnl Onn. 



till BtMonlo Temple. CHICAGO. XL 8. A. 



Febbuary 6. 





THE GREEDY CHILD, - - - 60ft. 
FORDING A STREAM, - - - 74ft. 
HURDLE JUMPING, - - - ■ 76ft. 





21 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 





6th AVE. and 31st STREET, NEW YORK. 


TETLOW'S G088AMER POWDER, - - 140. a Box. 
JAVA RICE POWDER, 21c. a Box. 

A. Foil Line of Powders, Grease Paints end Make-Ups at Special Prie a. 




Made from the very best tin, ate black enameled. 
Especially made for professional nee, having a 
tiay with compartments for Grease Paints, 
Powders, Con.b and Brash, Wigs, Etc., JAA 
Etc. Hsb double action lock, with two 6U* 1 
keys, at ... 

« ram 


Oor COLD CHE ah, expressly prepared for the The- 
atrical Profession, guaranteed to be absolutely pore anil 
never become rancid In any climate, rot np In in 
Screw Top Tin Cans at 4oe.i si* at H5c. 


All mall orders matt be accompanied by money order 
None MiotO.U.D. 

Mcpherson & brymn 

The Popular Kong Writer* and Authors of "PL.FA8K I.KT M K BIFEP," "1 TAKE THI> G8 EAbY" and 
- '■ Many Other Popular Songs, take pleasure In annouricli g that they bavt now 
,-. associated themselves with the 


lift West asth Street, 
Where they will be Pleated to Welc >me all their Professional Friends. OUR NEW BONOS ARK: 



'Queen of Her Tribe' 

We are alio at work on a new Idea In tbe sb«pe of a novelty in the way of a Coon Song, which 
bids fair to outrival onr former HITS. W ATUH POK OCR NEXT All. 



Wrlti for our Now Film Supplement No. 200, which contains Descriptions ol 60 Up-lo-Datt 
Subjsctt. Our Latest Winners are: 











THE GREAT TRAIN RORRERY, n* Price, $111,00 


IdlMB IxbJUUM Klnetoscope, 1 11 5.00. MlMl Oal.trwl KiiitMoiit, 176.01. 




EUROPEAN OFFICII : 82 Itempart Saint Georges, Antwerp, Belg. 


THH KINRTOORAPH CO 41 B. 21st St. New York. 

KMCINK OPTICAL CO 52 State St, Chicago, 111. 

PETER ItACIOALUn 033 Market Bt, San Francisco. Cal. 


Alpine Family 


This week at TIB IIVST THEATHE, lew York cily. 

En Rwti Willi Chun Blessm Birlrsqn Co. 


All traveling shows must have flreprootert scenery. "SILVO" flreprooled scenery t« the nearest 
toperfeoilon. Wo flreoronf everything used on the stage. DANIELS 8UENIC STUDIOS, 
New York Offlce, 46 w. srtb St. tot Chicago Opera House Block, Chicago, C. 8. A. 



F. F. PROCTOR, loll Ftwotlotor us Mitiifsr 
I. AUSTIN FYNFJ, Goooral ■tssflor. 


Devoted to Reneed Entertainment. 
Proctor's 5th Ave. Theatre, Procter's 
KM St. Theatre, Proctor's 58th St. 
Theatre, Proctors ISCte It. Theatre. 
Proctor's Newark Theatre, Praetor's 
Albanr Theatre, Proctor's Montreal 

Presenting Beit Plays 



If yon do not receive a reply, It may be 
because the time la filled: you are therefore 
advised to write again In four weeks. Do 
NOT enclose stamp for reply. 


plots of acts ; complete "prop" Mate ; If can 
open and close In one: EXACT time of acts, 
and of "close In ;" billing for newspapers 
and programmes: and CLEAN PHOTO- 

Playwrights, Authors and Play Agents, ad- 
dress J. AUSTIN FYNES, General Manager. 

Vaudeville Artists and Players, address 
F. F. PROCTOR JR., Booking Department, 




By MORRIS A 8BARLBS. A Nsw IRISH Love Song which has csught the people t>v storm ins 
ha' seats thrill turough the profession .1 rank* from Maine to O.iifomla •'BRIDGET" is not ...» 
week old and Is the talk of the town. A snDg that keeps the wires hot, and will be one of the MUGest 
HITS ol modern Umea. Professionals send 10c. for song and orchestra parte. i 

American Music Publishing Go,, 

P. W. MA. AS, Mgrr. 

ll4WE8T28tr.8T, N.Y. 



A leading; firm of Slot Machine Operators 

has just taken a 10 year lease of an entire 

building on 14ih Street, New York, near 

Broadway, at $20,000 a year. They are 

spending $50,000 fixing the place up. 


ON THEIR INVESTMENT and take it all 


The same concern isr now operating 
15 similar places. 


It does not require much capital to get 

a start Any man who kno*s the first 

thing about the show business can 

succeed, and the early Spring months 

are the best of the year. Any live 

town will support a paying place, 


$45. acH. 


il E. lib St., lew York Ci y 


■nd Broom), Nsw York. 


(Bel taring 

Theatrical Supplies, 


No. 4. 

Grease Paints, . 
Tights, Wigs, . 

Gold & Silver Trimmings, 
Spangles, Etc., 

ft* stnd goodt C. 0. D., subject to Impaction, 
est require a Deposit on ill Orders. 

Send tela, for 


Ho. S. 

Send acta. 
. 0. 


it GEO. MELIES' j( 
"STAR" F-ltUsVIS. 


This Piste nsed bj courtesy of 

MB. J. S. STAFFORD , Plilla. 


Half-tone Pboto- 
Llne, Wood 


ST to 41 ■. Otb Street, PHILADELPHIA 

Or anthing required by the profession. 
To print on s tjpe press in one or more colors 

Copyright 1908, by GEO. MEUKS. Paris-New Tcrk. 
A Grand Fantastical Phsataiy in IB Motion Tableaux, 490ft., |84. 


OF WATER WITH FIRE (s blgnovelti) 

14. THE FURHAOB. „„.„„„ 








538-9 — A U0ONLI6HT SERENADE, OR THE MISER PUNISHED, 185ft., $31,50, 

A Poatleal Comedy with a moral. 

540-541— TIT FOR TAT, OR A 600D JOKE ON MY HEAD, 128ft., $2200. 

A Marvelous Comedy Tnck Picture, In wMch the magician removes his own htad, puces 
It In « glsBs box, and nearly enff.'cates It with cigarette smuke. The head retaliates by leav- 
ing the box snd playing a good Joke on the magician 

Hastens Speelal Agents, AHKRICAlt MCTOSCOPR sal BIOORAPH CO., 

It M. 14th St , Hew Vork < Ity. 
Western Sole * genu, MILES BROS., 110 Turk at., San Fraaelseo, Cal, 

St , Raw Vork < It j 
a genu, MILES BR 


General Manager, 

204 E. 38th St., New York City. 




Proprietor and Manager. 

"Tke tala of how VOV DIP, wUI have andltors| 

The tale of how/ yon didn't, mast he told so ems-ty chairs. 

Ottumwa, Iowa, Jan. 18, HW. 
MR AL W. MARTIN, Brooklyn, N. T.: , _ _ h 

Dear Sir— V will Interest yon to know your Western "Unole T<m» s 
Cabin" (to., Jan. 11,1901. played to the LARGEST NUBBEROF PEOPLE ■ 
* single performan'e In an (UtoniWK theatre IN HVE sBaSOHS. ■* c, °*' 
paid admlsM^nB, 1,948. THIS ATTRACTION ISAI.L TH*TI8 CLAIet-U 
FOrtlT. Very Sincerely, J FRANK JERSEY, Mgr. Grand Opera Hoiwc. 





ttstai f or pouis 
entartalnnMnta, Uloatrat. 

IniMKcTlcana current rnmta. 

popnlir .ongi, etc Nottlni i 
batw opponoil ties tor ntaa w lu 


1 tor m., Uluoaud otuko, ku. whU u MtM 
«M>, upl^si U, eD»r»Uon u4 I minute jt% 

s« i» snawj pvtos sswNanwaw. 
r |^ , BtaiLtsna, art. 


fo r 











Always Kept 

la Stock. 





Promptly relieve Coughs, Hoarse* 

aess, Throat and Long Troubles. 

Sold In boxti en 1 1/. A eofd ImttaUoiu. 

At Liberty, 

Characters, Comedy aid Old l«n. 

Address No, 832 Eighth Ave , New Tork City- 







address 98 NASSAU AYS.. Brooklyn. V. Vj _ 


Has led Korea of Mtnscers to isfrgnard their 

Theatres against Ire wl 

oor sppsratnt 

of flar 

tlnqnuhes «,"«0 onblo feet of flame Instantly, 
wlihnnt w»>r dsmage Write for i stlma'"- „. 
1183 B'wey, H. T. 





Copyrighted, 1904, by the Frank Queen Publishing Company (LiroltedT 

Founded by 


VOLUME U.-N., 61. 
Prlca 10 Csnts. 

M155 CIipper'5 

Mites, Personalities aid Comments, 


ST1GE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


Mrs. Idah Gibson, recently Dress repre- 
sentative for one of Weber & Fields' com- 
panies, was amusingly admonished by her 
little colored maid the other morning, as she 
served that busy writer's breakfast 

"Where's my morning mall?" asked Sirs. 
Gibson, looking for the usual budget 

"AIM none dls mawnin', Mis Gibson, least, 
nothln' 'cep a postile cand," was the reply, 
"an' It got mixed with the grubbage I sent 
down on de dumb waltah dls mawnin'." 

"Who was It from?" asked Mrs. Gibson, 

orchestra, takes a tone loader than the 
others the effect Is often grotesque, u It 
was on this occasion, much to the player's 
mortification, besides eliciting a frown from 
the musical director. 

Though an angry remonstrance was oa 
the tip of the player's tongue It waa fore- 
stalled by the quick whispered apology of 
the gentleman of the long legs, who soon 
again became Interested In the stage. About 
fifteen minutes later, between acts, while the 
orchestra was dispensing music, his position 

the same time we can have a good cigar to- 
gether — perhaps, even, we can enjoy a nice 
long drink together." 

This good natured reply to the player's 
sarcasm waa productive of a happy result 
and the man's anger melted before It white 
his face took on an expression reflected from 
that of the other. 

"All right I see you later," he said. Then, as 
If not to be outdone In generosity, be moved 
his knee conveniently to the foot of tbe long- 
legged 'man, and added jocularly, "go on— 
take a shine now, old man, don't mind me." 

"Props 1" exclaimed the countryman. 
"Now, look here, stranger, yon wont need 
nothln' of the sort. Why, we've hsd over 
six hundred folks a-dancln' up here In this 
hall — there ain't a timber In this here floor 
but what'a solid. Props, Indeed!" he said 
Indignantly, turning on his heel before the 
manager could explain his needs. 

Ralph Stuart, recently playing at the Amer- 
ican Theatre, In "By Right of Sword," and 
the lato Stuart Robeon were warm friends. 
Rtusrt usually spends his vacatlona down at 
the Atlantic Highlands, and near there, at 
Waterwltcn, was tbe beautiful Summer homo 
owned by Robeon. Meeting as neighbors a 
few seasons ago, the two actors formed a 
deep friendship tbst tasted until tbe death 
of tbe elder one. 

"By the way," said Ralph Stuart to Stuart 
Robeon one day after they had become 
'neighborly,' "you probably don't remember 
having met me before this, do your 

well aware of the maid's propensity for ex- 
amining letters, peering Into bureau drawers, 
and other reprehensible acta prompted by 

"How you 'spec' me to know?" asked the 
maid, apparently deeply hurt by tbe insinu- 

'Well, it doesn't matter," said Mrs. Gib- 
eon. "No Important message would be 
written on a postal. None but foolish peo 
Pie use this means of communication, and a 
great many consider a postal an Imperti- 

"Pahdon me, Mis Gibson," said tbe maid, 
"but yon alnt very 'apectful to yo' mana- 
!*«, callln' 'em foolish people." 

That "a soft answer turneth away wrath" 
was amusingly Illustrated tbe other night at 
* theatre where the first row of orchestra 
•eats are usually close to the members of the 
orchestra, who are seated at a level of a foot 
below the auditorium floor. 

A very tall man came In and took one of 
these front seats, settling himself comfort- 
ably for an enjoyable time. While watching 
«n Interesting scene upon the stage he In- 
odventently stretched- one of his long legs 
out over the edge of the orchestra pit His 
well ghod foot came In sudden contact with 
the knee of one of the players who was earn- 
ing his salary by blowing breath through a 
wooden Instrument called a bassoon. At this 
foment the Incidental music accompanying 
toe scene was of a qolet nature, very planls- 
Jimo. The unexpected Impact of the foot and 
the kaee so startled the bassoon plsyer that 
"1 Put forth an extra pressure of breath, 
*-th a result that made his Instrument heard 
'"ore all the others. And when the bassoon, 
"Dich li caned the clown Instrument of the 

becoming cramped, be unconsciously stretched 
forth his foot which again came In contact 
with the knee of the bassoon player. An- 
other apology was In order, which was surlily 
accepted, with a word of criticism st the 
same time regarding a management that waa 
so rapacious for money that It put the seats 
almost Into the orchestra pit 

Unfortunately, a few mlnutea later, a third 
apology waa made necessary to tbe long suf- 
fering bassoon player, who, brushing Im- 
aginary dust from his trousers, angrily ex- 

"Look bere 1 If you're In need of a sblne 
I'll take yon out after the next act and treat 
you to one." 

The gentlemanly offender, realising that 
bis quite unintentional act waa displeasing 
even with full apologies, took the plsyer's 
remark good naturedly, and, with a reas- 
suring smile, said: 

"All right, old man, thanks I Perhaps ai 

Gordon Wrlghter, a veteran of many sea- 
sons of one night stands, relates an Instance 
attending one of them. The company with 
which he traveled waa at that time playing 
along a atrlng of small towns In Connecti- 
cut Very often the theatre would be located 
above the principal store of the town, and 
on this occasion It consisted of a large room 
above the grocery store. Tbe Janitor of tbe 
place had been appointed to his new position 
tbe day of the arrival of Wrlghter' ■ com- 
pany, consequently waa not up In all the 
details of bis work. Besides being tbe town 
blacksmith, be waa also baggageman, and after 
be had placed the trunks In tbe two dressing 
rooms, one of which waa for the feminine 
and one for the masculine members of the 
company, be waa approached by the mana- 
ger, who held a "prop" list In his band. 

"How ■hoot the props?" he asked, "We 
need qolts a number." 

"Can't say that I do," said Robsoo, "though 
I'm sure that's my loss," he added, with hla 
ever genial smile. "Why, where did ws meet 
previous to now?" 

"It was about a dozen years ago," replied 
the younger actor, with a reminiscent ex- 
pression on his handsome face. "I was tbe 
veriest 'cub' actor at the time. I went to 
rail on you In 'Frisco, emboldened by the 
fact that your first nsme and my last were 
the same— a flimsy excuse, bot the only one 
I could make use of at tbe time. You ware 
good enough to see me, and listen to a sample 
of my ability as It existed st that time. I 
'spoke a piece' for you," end the young 
actor burst Into laughter at the recollection 
of bla ranting, which waa an Immense con- 
trast to tbe quiet but extremely effective 
method tbat holda hla audiences these days. 

"Well, what did I say to your' asked 
Robson Interestedly. 

"You 'spoke' It after me," said Stuart 
"It happened to be something that yon knew, 
and Instead of tbe ranting and wind-saw- 
log with which I punctuated It, yoa gave It 
so quietly and so matter-of-fact tbat I 
couldn't help exclaiming, 'why I tbat la Just 
talking, that'a not acting at all I' " 

"Then what did I aay 7" asked Bobson. 

"You answered, 'My boy, you'v* found ma 
out 1 I'm no actor. I can't act a little bit" 

'Well, that'a the truth," replied Bobson, 
wrongly deprecating his well proved ability. 

"Ah, but that little experience taught ma 
much— yes, everything," said Stuart heartily. 
"It taught me tbat naturalness was tb* best 
way to get an effect— not to rant or roar, 
tbe old method. I adopted It forthwith, and 
have been practicing It ever since— with fair 
effect I hope," he added modestly. 



Febbuary 13, 


To CortHpondenti. 

Rrv. 0. Dobbb, New Orleans. — Apologies. 
We are obliged to aik a renewal of jour 
welcome contribution, a* tn unknown defect 
in a pocket caused Ita loss. 

W. H. Rhaww, Catawlssa.— Thanks for 
problem. It la dealrable to give at least all 
the leading variations. It saves time and 
trouble to addreaa chess matter to "Mlron, 
Campion Village, N. H." 

Miss E. A. H., Mancbeater, N. H.— Propo- 
sition accepted. We are much pleased to add 
yon to the long roll of our cbeu pupils. 

Bro. Sbooin. — Thanks for tbe courtesy of 
copying our let Prize, game. _ 

Wm. flHAi-BB.— Dlo you ever »ee the Bev. 
H. Bolton's famous 0.. "Challenge to La 
Bourdonnali?" or his almost equally cele- 
brated "Une Dlfficutte?" 

W. W. Moboan, New Barnet Engtand.— 
Thank yon for copy of "Shilling Ch. I/lbrary, 
No. 13/' Will review shortly. 

F. B. B., Loomls, Neb.— We don't think 
any chess ed. would secede to your first re- 
quest Tbe second we would undertake for 
a moderate fee. 
..La Bus Williams. — We have been exam- 
ining your "Ida," etc., problem, bnt cannot 
make tbe solution correspond with or grow 
out of tbe diagram. Please give It an over- 

Bro. Goldsmith, City.— Attended to. 

Bro. Hblmb. — Eagle of Slat Jan. not to 
band.- A serious deprivation. 


Enigma No. 2,450, Part I. awaits a solver. 
..V..TPart 11.— l..Kt to B 8, K to bis 4 : 
'£. .Q to Kt 7 cb ; 3. .Kt to B 4, or to Q sq., 
nc'ly, etc., with one var. "Tbe main ending 
Is artistically doubled." We nave al- 
ready noted that the remarkably bold and 
original key to Problem 2,450 Is K to his 2. 



7..P-K8(B) K-Qsq 

l.RxKt(o) K toQ7 
2..0IB K-Q8 

3..3xP K-Q5 . 

4.QxQ K-Q4 8. .B-KR4, mste 

(a) White's moves all give check. 
Commence the aeries on K 8 — "C H A," 
then go to Q B 4— "R L J." then to Q R 8-^ 
"C K V," etc., ending on K R sq— "II. E E., 
producing this: 

Chahlick, victor of the day, 
Hero of many a mimic tray, 
Australasia's champion bold, 
• Bight well be did his own to bold. 
Long and weary was the strife 
In which eacb fought as tho' for life. 
Crowned at last with victory, 
Keep- the honor due to thee. 

Enigma No. 2,455. 


ft* ilD t t & & 

QR3, 8. QB.t8,QB3,QKU,QRa,QB4. K6, B.B4. 

#* I * * * t * i 

QBsq.KRo.Qaq. Q2, KKt,OR8,Kt3. K3,KB3. 
White to play and mate in five moves. 

- Problem No. 2,455. 

The Revival. 




White to play and mate In Ave moves. 

N. B— We give the White P at K I 2 be- 
cause Mr. Allen does; but, apparently, It 
shoua be at K 2, as In On. Player? Oompan- 
Jon, 7th position , p. 400.— Ed. CurnB. 

Came No. 2,4DB. 
Played In a "bllndfold"seonoe at Glasgow, 
Frank J. Marshall vs. Jas. McKee and F. 0. 
HarrlB, consulting.— D. 0. Jf. 


White, Blsok, 

lems are precisely similar In character to 
those of Mendhelm, even while they show a 
superior power of Invention, and even when, 
in some cases, tbey Involve the nse of qnlet 
moves." — (We gave, last week, a much ad- 
mired Illustration of Bolton's tendency 
toward realism.) 

"But such problems, though typical of 
much of Bolton's work, are not typical of 
bis best and most significant work. Hie long 
problem, as such, was a failure, but a failure 
iiot without Importance for the development 
of tbe problem. His work tended to prove 
1 be Incompatibility of tbe problem in more 
than five moves with the new Ideals. Tbe 
Ingenuity of the last champion of tbe long 

Broblem went far to give it Its death blow, 
ut almost all Bolton's moat valuable prob- 
lems were In five or six moves only. In snch 
positions os those cited in this series be 
attained a freedom and a subtlety that were 
beyond Anderssen, and beyond even Kllng. 
Though he did not aim at formal variety, yet 
tbe variation his inventions frequently In- 
volved, even tbougb generally short, was 
more natural and graceful than tbe me- 
chanical variation obtained by Kllng. If 
Bolton did nothing directly for the de- 
velopment of tbe problem In three or four 
moves, he yet certainly did a good deal to 
maintain the flve'er In a place of honor, and 
his five and six move problems point for- 
ward to the work, of Bayer and Klett." 

Mr. Allen adds some observations and re- 
flections on several of the problems selected 
as illustrative specimens of Bev. Mr. Bol- 
ton's work. Among tbe rest, especially on 
that famous 24.. "The Propeller," which 
we recently gave. This, Mr. B.'s "farewell 
to tbe art, 1 ' waa published In 1851. To this 
Mr. Allen adds : "It Is to be hoped that no 
solver will be frightened by its length. It 
differs from any problem of the school of 
Mendhelm In that It Involves a very definite 
Idea, and this once grasped the solution al- 
most plays itself." 

"Speaking generally, I think It will be 
found that Bolton's best problems give more 
pleasure, It also more trouble, to the solver 
than tboee of any of bis contemporaries." 

It may safely be said, we think, that the 
fourteen problems selected by the Fierce 
Bros, for "English Chess Problems," 1876, 
supplemented with those now cited by Mr. 
Allen In B. C. M., form the choicest collec- 
tion of the Bev. gentleman's problems tbat 
can be made, and tbat tbey give us the best 
standard for judging bis position In tbe long 
line of problematists. 



New* of the Game. 

It Is told of John Drummond, the great 
Scotch analyst, that one Sunday, while sick 
in bed, he had a friend visit him. When they 
heard tbe "guld wife" coming Drummond 
drooped back on bis pillow, telling his friend 
to hide the board and men with the bed 
quilt "for fear she may catch as at our de- 
votions." Bro. Maize, In speaking of 

It. I. Clegg, of Bhode Island, says: "Mr. 
Cleg? Is a distinguished engineer (civil) and 
editor of tbe Machinery Department, Iron 
and Steel Press Co., Cleveland, Chicago, 
Pittsburg, Detroit and New York. Like Mr. 
Clegg, we also have discovered that Call's 
round-snuare checker board Is a boom to 
weak, tired, aching eyes. For nearly a year 
naat we had to give up play and analysis 
because of the 111 effects that the angles, 
lines and contrasting colors of the ordinary 
board had on our eyes, but all that Is 
changed now, and we find that we can 
bpenu several hours at a stretch working 
out combinations on Call's Invention, and 
experience no injurious after effects on our 

organs of vision." The draughts editor 

of The Xottt Guardian recently waa told by 
a tyro what "first position" was. It la when 
the men are all placed on the board ready 
for play. While this Is quite true, It would 
be very Interesting to learn his views con- 
cerning "secoud," "tblrd" and "fourth po- 
sitions." These would have no terrors for 
him. But to nurse "Bomen'B Twins" and at 
the same time play "Barker's Triangle" 
would, we think, be rather a difficult feat 
even for our friend to accomplish. Judging 
by the weather, he Is no doubt well acquaint- 
ed with the "Mackintosh Position," and per- 
haps later on will require "Peterson's Draw- 

Solution of Position No. 48, Vol. 61. 

End game between two New York ama- 

Black 10 11 12 18 28 
White 17 18 10 22 80 82 

WhlU, Black, 

Marshall. The Autos. 



3..KKt-8 3 
4., Oastles 


7.. Q ber 6(0) Ht-B4 

8..B-KS Rt-KS'cl 

0..QH-B8 Q-K.eq«!) 

11..3-K4 B-*.tS 

H..B.I-Q 6 R-Kt f q 




KR-Ksq P-QB4 

. (1H-I3 

-Kts Oaatles 



S. OKI- 11 3 
o..Kt <P 
10..RPX B 
II.. Qli erB 

Kt-q i 


K bci 

U..QR8 Q-K4 
14..B-K8 By It 

16..QRXB Kt-B4 

anVd'tawa. by perpetual ch 

Jsnowsky. Taub'aus. 
ie..PtoKKt4 KttoKS 
17..QR-HSq QR-Qlq 
*4,.B> horns 

•»..Q R-Qsq 
18,.K-Kt sq 

R-H 3(h) 


Rt-0 3 
Rt-OI) 5 
Q lt-84 

woite, bi»o«, 
Hanball. TheA'lies. 
13..BtoQ3 P toKt 81 

«■- tstss 


80 25 

10 17 

21 '5 

20 SI 

22 18 

23 28 

25 21 

16 28 

14 B 


17 14 

11 10 

18 14 

81 26 

Position No. 40, Vol. Bl. 


Black 8 5 6 K27 

M.BR 8 P-Bo 

J..KR-K8 PXB(ff) 
white mates In three. 
F. J. M.'s Notes. — Condensed, 
(o) Thla 1 consider too close. It allows 
White a fine development 

(b) 1 prefer this to the ububI Q to K 2. 

(c) Seems well posted, yet In this game It 
causes Black trouble. 

Id) To play either P to Q 8, or P to Q 
Kt fl 

(e) The exchange could have been won 
here by 14 . . B to ft ; but the line of play 
adopted is more simple, and pins tbe K s 
side completely. , . 

If) For mate Is threatened In two. 

(0) There appears to be no defence. 

Jannw iky-Tanbeiilinu*. 
Inlooklng for a selection from this match 
we find the 8th gnmo noted by The Field as 
"protty, and a pretty ending." 
K KT vs. K B. 

White 13 10 23 K18 
White to play, Black to win. 

Game No. 40, Vol. Bl. 

By courtesy of "Brighton Oatette." Final 
game In London Championship Challenge 
Cup match, between E. L. Benson and W. 
Scott. Score nnd notes by J. H. 8trudwlck. 
11 15 11 16 14 18 
23 18 19 16 21 17 

8 11 13(a) 2 7 
27 23 24 20(b) 17 14 
10 14 10 10 16 
23 10 82 27 16 11 
14 23 3 8 7 16 

10 10 20 10(c) 14 10 

7 14 5 14 

20 10 80 20 10 1 

10 23 
26 10 
10 82 
16 10 
18 23 
26 21 
28 26 
1 6 
20 80 
10 7 


Clipper Bares)*, 

48 Cranbonrne Street, 

Leicester Sqnare, 

London, W. C. 

Jan. 20. 

At a special matknee atthe Royalty Thea- 
tre on the 11th waa produced Sw«t "d 
Vanessa," a dramatization of Leon dejkall- 
ly's book by H. Bartholeyna. In this produc- 
tion A. Bartholeyns has given us a somewhat 
ambitions work on a Butyect which Is full of 
interest and dramatic posslbllltlea— in a 
word, a great subject That he has not t«ic- 
ceeded In making a great play need not dis- 
courage him, for a great play is a rare thing, 
nnd 77 8wlft and Vanessa" has good qualities. 
It Is well constructed and the characters are 
well conceived, but the play as It »t«ndsis 
far too long and too wordy, needing a good 
deal of iudlclons cutting, The key to the 
loves of Swift and the two Esthers, on which 
the action turns, bos not yet been found. Mr. 
Bartholeyns, and probably also Leon de Wail- 
ly, on whose romance the play la founded, 
assumes that Swift la aware of bis approach- 
lna* madness and Is firmly resolved never to 
marry. There is a pathos, a grandeur sur- 
rtmndlnK the figure of 8wlft, loving yet de- 
irylng his love ; passionate, yet sternly re- 
pressing bis passion, -which raises this play 
from the ruck of ordinary melodrama. For 
melodrama It Is, even to tbe Ill-starred he- 
roine starving in a garret, anda timely res- 
cue from a bold, bad knight ThlB Is a most 
Ill-advised scene, which presents the passion- 
ate, wayward Vanessa In a perfectly falso 
light, and renders her subsequent behaviour 
towards her rival, and her total disregard of 
ber promises to Swift, Incomprehenslve and 
theatrical. J. D. Beverldge gave a very fine 
rendering of the part of Swift. Hie appear- 
ance, his manner, his speech were all In har- 
mony, and the earlier comedy scenes were 
particularly happy. Mr. Beverldge might 
nave shown us a little more of the passion 
underlying tbe stern exterior of tbe man, 
might have allowed a little more of bis ten- 
derness for Vanessa to have tinged his man- 
ner towards hex; but perhaps tbe explana- 
tion lay In the comparative coldness of Mrs. 
Scarfe's rendering of the lovelorn Vanessa. 
Dora Barton was charming and girlish as the 
other Esther, known as Stella, whilst Dennis 
Eftdle acted unaffectedly and earnestly as tbe 
curate of Laxacor. . 

Mr. Bourchlor has, I hear, received an 
offer to transfer the entire production of his 
version of "The Cricket on tbe Hearth" to 
America. The chief difficulty of arranging 
this Is tbe Impossibility of fixing an approxi- 
mate date for the termination of the present 
successful run at the Garrick Theatre. Should 
matters be concluded, It is not unlikely tbat 
those members of the present cast not re- 
quired for the next Garrick play will go to 
America with this production. 


! \i ■ ; JE^"' ; 


q^s^MK^vV'; - 




- r^-— — - 

no^'e'nlramd. E R Willie Edouln will ap- nesberg has late y been destroyed b^ffi' 

S?7r MVTwHeeroan who has Inherited a for- and I was compelled to open at the siLJi'': 

F e nl ^5 fciftooo a ^ vear on condition that he Theatre, which Messrs. rfyman enLiSTS?* 

remains In (he foU till benches the rank ing tho reconstruction of the'l^ X d «: 

oMi»D«tor7 That consummation Is, bow- have made a tremendous hit here, and . si 

over d^cd bui by reason of -bis lack of management his spared no expense :„ b ||i|£ 

otbt, ueiuiaj "**"."'* fc .i. hia titis n mv act: the lonrnala hum t. "umint 

bralns^olhat be passes half his time In my act; the Journal* here have devotS 

owlence 1 art I half In constabulary duty. columns of pralee to me. The SaH 

^o wonder Mr. Waller has been loath to opened last night with a temporary stii? 

wlthdra^ ^"MonsleuV Beaucalre," now Inr Its and the old natrons packed the hou^ S* 

wiuiuTBw. ^~"» »» ,,-,-h fhif thp taV nirs doors. R. Q. Knowles onen. in ,„... '" JM 

The Cole de Losse Duo are thl, «». u 
topping the bill at the Hippodrome 'nnd «™ 
billed In tbe same position for ni-ti ii? 

Thin Id ■ nnlmiA rila>lnn,ln n t - ""*• 

bf the^entlre run of this most successful we will go on the bill together, n< 1 "*; 

comedy have totalled over £75,000. here for sit weeks, then I play Cai/. To ». 

^317 Charles Wyndbam will short yproduco tor Jx «eka, and open at the nip Urom 

«f thp Now Theatre a new p ay, entitled "My In London. April 4." ""> 

Laoy'of Rosedale," by J. Comyns Carr. 

It Is, perhaps, worthy of note that when, 
on Wednesday next, at the Strand, AChl- 

nese Honeymoon" reaches Its D32d perform- This is a unique aistlnctlon for a 8 |"i 

once It will then establish a "record'' In the wire act. but this team has been unusuallj 

matter of an unbroken run for a musical successful on the tour* before ar.-i\iD~ J 

niav I»ndon. ^ 

Cosmo Hamilton contradicts the alarming The Swlckards have made a successful 

rumors current regarding the health of his London opening at the Oxford and Tlvoli 

wife Beryl Fsber. Miss Faber Is suffering They plsv these two houses for four weeki 

from the shock caused by the unexpected nnd ore booked up for a year ahead. 
news of the death of a very dear friend, bat J. Warren Keane has arrived in London 

It Is hoped that rest and quiet will work on bis way to Amsterdam, where he is dw 

speedy restoration. to open at the Rembrandt Theatre. During 

The annual genera! meeting of the Actors his stay In London he bad the honor of belnr 

Benevolent Fund will be hew on the stage Invited to appear ' at the Eccentric Clnh 

of His Majesty's Theatre, on Tuesday next, 
at 4 o'clock p. m., to receive the report of the 
committee and the accounts for the year 
1003, when Beerbobm Tree will be in the 
chair. , ,.„ 

Marie Studholme Is now appearing nightly 
at the Gaiety Theatre In the part of Jose- 
phine Zaccary. 

where his clever work waa highly appreci- 

Eddie Doyle Is appearing at the Rorai 
Palace, Sheerness, this week. As a result 
of his success at Amsterdam be has ben 
booked on the continent for over a year 
beginning next season. 

Howard and Harris are on the Stoll tours 

A peculiar theatrical case came before the and I understand are doing remarkably well. 

Paris courts this week, when Isola Brothers, 
managers of the Olvmpla Music Hall, and 
Mile. Dutrleu, well known for her perform- 
ance as the "Human Arrow," were sued by 
the managers of the Casino Music Hall, 
MM. Borney and Desprez, for lOO.OOOf. 
(£4,000) damages for breach of contract. 
Mile. Dutrleu pleaded that she was first en- 
gaged by tbe Isolas, but after a certain lapBe 
of time came to the conclusion that the con- 
tract had fallen through, and made arrange- 
ments to appear at the Casino. The Isolas 
then called on ber to carry out tbe first en- 
gagement, which she did. The court gave 
judgment, dismissing the Isola Brothers from 
the case, and mulcting Mile. Dutrlen In 
30,000f. (£1,200) damages. 

The seventh anniversary of the formation 
of tbe Music Hall Artists' Railway Associa- 
tion will be celebrated by a dinner and 

tion will be celebrated by a dinner ana Be," "Down MoDiie," "lou re tne Mower o( 
dance on Sunday, Jan. 31. at the Horns, My Heart Sweet Adeline," "Give Me Ma Pit- 

ching Ling 800 continues to be a bur 
draw at the Hippodrome. 

Mme. Belle Cols has been engngrd by 
Philip Yorke to appear at the Tlvoli Mualt 
Hall Feb. 1. ™* 

The American Girl Zouaves open at the 
Royal next Monday. 

Keno, Welch and Montrose opened on Mon- 
day at the Shepherd's Bush Empire and made 
a decidedly good Impression with their act 

music and Song, 

In M. Witmark A Sons' list of publications 
are : "I Want a Little Yum-Yum," "Here's 
Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?" "It Had to 
Be," "Down Mobile," "You're the Flower of 


VI Kt-R I 

"Notes'.— Much condensed. 

(») At 18.. Kt to Q 4 would havo forced 
some exchanges. Increasing tho value of the 
P ahead : but If now Kt to Q 4, White 20. .Q 
to B 8 with advantage. 

( /) An Ingenious combination to save the 

(<)' To prevent the capture of Q Kt P. 

Che*s Problem Development. 

"It Is true that many of Bolton's proo- 

fs) i 

82 27 

ao 20 
10 20 

15 11 
8 15 
22 17 
13 22 
25 11 

80 20 

20 17 

17 14 


6 14 

7 2 
14 18 


great favorite with tbe late Jas. 

15 11 

24 10 
3 7 


11 8 

4 11 
18 10 

12 10 

Black wins. 

27 24 

20 27 

81 8 

1 6 

20 25 
10 15 

31 20 
12 16 
25 22 
14 18 

21 17 
18 26 
30 21 
15 18 
17 14 
1 6 


27 24 
11 15 
20 11 
18 23 

8 4 
4 8 

7 11 

20 22 
28 26 
14 10 

11 7 

2 11 

Drawn. O. Jewltt and J. Tinning. 

— Manager II, B. Wllber writes: "Ethel 
Tucker stars next season under my manage- 
ment, in "His Royal Wife," a new drama, 
which I will give an elaborate production, 
with a strong company. Nine bis special 
sets of scenery will be carried. A New York 
appearance will be arranged esrly In the sea- 
son." _..._._ 


"Dan," the flying dog. Is one of the clever- 
est and best known conlnes In vaudeville, 
and the confidence In bis master 1b striking 
when "Dan" climbs to the top of a high lad- 
der and Jumps from tbe top Into Fred 
Hewitt's arms. When the Two Hewitts pre- 
sented their novelty globe act at Keith's The- 
atre, this city, The Clipper made special 
mention of "Dan'B" hit In his high leaps. 

Seymour Hicks and Mr. Caryl], most 
genial and prosperous of callaborators, have 
just undertaken two new plays for certain 
members of the Savoy Company to appear 
in under W. Greet. They are already at 
work on the first, which Is to be called 
"Madame Modiste,'' and is to be finished by 
October, as successor to "The Earl and tne 
Girl," at ChrlBtmas, or at any later date al- 
lowed by tbe popularity of tbat production 
at the Adelpbl. 

The following Is the cast of "The Love 
Birds," the new musical play, by Messrs. 
George Grossmlth Jr. and Raymond Roze, 
In which Geo. Fuller Golden Is to make bis 
stellar debut at the Savoy Theatre on Feb. 
0. The announced cast Is : Oracle Rocking- 
ham, Kate Cutler; Effle. Blanche Ring; Mrs. 
Wilson Weste, Lottie Venne ; Phyllis, Noel 
Neville ; Courteney Borroprop, George Ful- 
ler Golden ; Alec Rockingham, Sidney lirough ; 
Sir Blllie Gilford, Laurence Grossmlth ; the 
Rajah Goochrajah, Fred A. Ellis ; Wllloughby 
Weste, Dennis Eadie : Templer Fame, Jler- 
vyn Dene ; Lord Southmolton, Arthur Long- 

The feud between Mr. Bonrcbler and tbe 
critic of The Timet has been patched up, 
as the following correspondence will show. 

"Dear Mr. Walkley : I much regret tbat 
tn a moment of excitement 1 should have 
forbidden your entrance Into this theatre 
on the night of Monday, March 2, 1903. 
Will, you accept my apologies, consider by- 
gones as bygones, and come to this theatre 
in the future sb a welcome guest and in- 
dependent critic. Yours sincerely, 

Abthcb Boubcbieb." 

"Dear Mr. Bourchler ; I have sincere pleas- 
ure In acknowledging the receipt of your 
letter of yesterday. I have not borne any 
rancor. I only felt— and The Timet felt, 
too — that I could not go to the theatre 
from which I bad been publicly excluded, 
without that exclusion being publicly with- 
drawn and apologised for. You have done 
this, and generously admitted a mistake of 
judgment. The whole matter Is, therefore, 
at on end, so far as you and I are concerned, 
and I shall go to the Garrick Theatre with 
pleasure. Yours sincerely, A. B. Walklbt." 

At the Strand Theatre on Monday last 
a copyright performance wbb given of a new 
light comedy, In three sets, by Victor Wld- 
nell, entitled "The Orange Blossom." 

It Is quite possible tbat Beerbohm Tree may 
be obliged to relinquish bis part In "The 
Darling of tbe Gods a little later on, and 
E. W. Somerset has already been retained 
to take bis place In that contingency. 

Mr. Plnero'8 clever play, "Letty," reached 
Its 100th performance at the Duke of York's 
on Thursday last 

When "The Girl from Kay's" has terminated 
Its run at the Comedy it will be followed by 
"Amorelle," tbe musical farce produced last 
year at Kennlnftoa by Willie Edouln. Mr. 

Kennlngton. Tbe chair will be taken by T, 
W. Cragg; the vice, by Tom McNaughton. 

The pantomime, "Jack and the Beanstalk," 
1r doing capital business at the Broadway 
Theatre, New Cross. Paul CInquevalll holds 
tbe audience spellbound whilst performing 
his marvelous feats of Juggling. He and 
Frank Lawson. the whistler, are tbe stars 
of the entertainment 

Frank Lincoln, the American humorist, 
has been engaged to provide an entertain- 
ment by way of a curtain raiser to "The 
Duke of Ellllecrankle," which Is to be seen 
for the first time at the Criterion Theatre 
tonight Mr. Lincoln's entertainment will 
present several features with which his au- 
dience are unfamiliar. 

I regret to have to announce tbe death of 
James E. Moss, the eldest son of H. E. Moss. 
Mr. Moss was taken HI Jan. 4, at the bouse 
of Robert Crawford, Newbank, Trinity, his 
father-in-law, with what was supposed at 
first to be Influenza, but what later on was 
diagnosed as a very acute type of typhoid 
fever. He had come In from the estate of 
Mtddletown to assist his father in the pro- 
duction and conduct of his nlneteteentb car- 
nival In the Waverly Market, and it was 
during tbe third week of the show that be 
had to lay up. Mr. Moss was only twenty- 
three years of age. 

According to the London Pavilion report 
for 1003 the gross receipts amounted to 
£03,209, and the outgoings to £40,184, leav- 
ing a net profit of £23,084 odd. Tbe divi- 
dend is 10 per cent, with a bonus of 1 per 
cent., compared with 13 per cent for 1002. 
Frank Glenlster's Judgment has been n great 
factor In the company's success In what for 
all entertainments, was a poor year. 

Houdtnl's exploits In Newcastle are being 
widely chronicled by the papers of that city. 
The following account from The Leader de- 
scribes a very Interesting experiment: "Barry 
Houdinl, the world-famous prison breaker 
and handcuff expert, who Is this week per- 
forming at the Empire Palace of Varieties, 
was yesterday given an opportunity of 'show- 
ing bis skill in the police cells at Water 
Lone. <He presented himself to the Chief Con- 
stable with the idea of arranging a private 
display during the week, but Commissioner 
Scott unexpectedly asked him to try what he 
could do at once. He was marched oft to 
the cells on the upper corridor and was 
stripped of the whole of his clothes, which 
were placed In an adjoining cell, the door 
of which was then triple locked with 
a master key. The apartment In which 
he was to be locked — tbe redoubtable one, 
by the way, in which Charles Peace was 

teen Cents," "Coonvllle's Cullud Band," "The 
Land of Make Believe," "Because I Love You 
So." "Good-night, Beloved, Good-night," 
"For Many Years," "The Darling of »iy 
Dreams," "Two Little, Blue Little, True Lit- 
tle Eyes," "I'm Taking No Chances of Miss- 
ing My Meals," "Star of My Life," "Sotse- 
whare, Someday," "Just for Tonight," "Dear 
Rosalie," "Here's to the Nut-Brown Ale," 
"As tbe Ivy Loves the Oak," "I'm a Jonah 
Man," "The Smile That Won't Come Off," 
" 'TIb Better to Have Loved and Lost than 
Never to Have Loved at All," "Listen," 
"Hyacinth," "Thoughts of Love," (waltzes), 
"Laces and Graces," "Wigwam Dance," 
"Marching On," "Faint Heart Never Won 
Fair Lady," ''How Can You Change Your 
Name Unless You Change Your Face?" "la 
Ireland," "Daddy's Black Thorn," "I Want 
Mine," "I'm Longing for You, Sweetheart, 
Day by Day," "Son of Uncle Sam," "Charm- 
er WaltzeB, "Laughing Eyes," "Rose, Rose, 
Rose," "While the Moon Shines Brlgbt." 
"Star of My Life," 'The Queen of Zuzuland," 
"The Sentry March," "Just Because Yon 
Were an Old Sweetheart of Mine," "I Wait 
a Ping Pong Man," "Only to Call Her Baby," 
"Oh, Joy" and "Juliet" 

The Jos. W. Stern A Co.'s list of applause 
winning publications: "What's tbe Matter 
with the Moon Tonight?" "Big Chief," 
"Turn Those Eyes Away," "Nobody'a Look- 
in' But the Owl and the Moon," "Bessie," 
"Maid of Tlmbuctoo," "Colored Ragamuf- 
fins" March, "Yumurl," "Take Yo' Name 
Off Ma Door," "Jessamine," "Breezj," 
Corner" March, "Our Soldier Boys," "Annie 
Was a Wise. Wise Girl," "Afrlcana," "Robe- 
spierre" Waltzes, "When the Wind Sighs in 
the West" "Wizard" March, "Everyday is 
Sunshine When the Heart Beats True," "The 
Jolly Friars" Waltzes,- "Birth of the Rose," 
"Oh I Didn't He Ramble," "Never Do Nuthln' 
for Nobody tbat Does Nuthln' for You." 
"You're as Welcome as the Flowers in 
May," "Davy Jones' Locker," "When the 
Minstrels Oome to Town," "Every Race Has 
n Flag but the Coons," "Polly Prim," "Song 
the Anvil Sings," "Congo Love Song." "Un- 
der the Bamboo Tree," "Lazy Moon," "Call 
a Cab and Send Me Home," "Just at the 
Turn of the Tide." "Colored Ragamuffins" 

Siegfried Wagner's opera, "Kobold" (Gob- 
lin), was given for the first time on Jan. 29, 
at Hamburg, Germany. The opera was given 
warm praise. 

Gustav Luders is working very hard at 
present completing the score to "Woodland, 
a new comedy, written In conjunction with 
Frank Plxley, and "The Sho-Gun," by Geo. 

placed after his apprehension, was then Ade, both of which will be produced very 

thoroughly searched and the door was triple 
locked upon Houdinl. At the artist's re- 
quest, tbe whole of the cells In tbe corri- 
dor were also locked, and the Iron gate at 
the foot of the Bteps, which Is secured with 
a seven-lever lock, was secured. Houdinl 

shortly. Mr. Luders has recently added a 
new song to Anna Held's successes In "Mile. 
Napoleon," called "Dearie." 

Leo Feist's most successful publications 
Include "Mary Ann," "In Sunny Africa, 
FelBt and Barron's new Bong, "My LRU 

» micu-io,n luw, woo Kuncu. uvuuui, J'CltJL U11U Durruu 8 I1VW BUUg, wj *-.«.» 

previous to being Incarcerated, asked that It Zu-oo-oo-lu," "I Ain't Got No Time," "Ano- 

na." Robert A. Reiser's "An Afternoon Tea, 
"Violets," and "Somebody's Waiting for Me. 
Maria von Unachuld, a Roumanian plan- 
1st, made her first appearance In America 
evening of Jan. 31, at a concert given by toe 
Washington Symphony Orchestra, In Chases 
Theatre, Washington, D. C. 

he was not out In twenty minutes the doors 
should be opened for him. but to tbe sur- 
prise of the Chief Constable, and the few 
other people- present, the prison breaker 
Joined the party on the bottom corridor ex- 
actly five minutes after he bad been left In 
this marvelou8ly short space of time be had 
got out of tbe cell, opened tbe apartment 
where his clothes were secured, dressed him- 
self with the exception of bis collar and tie, 
unfastened the remaining cells In the row, 
and burst open tbe Iron gate. Before be left 
the prison Houdinl was presented with a cer- 
tificate, etatlng tbe facts, by the Chief Con- 
stable of tbe city." 

It la satisfactory to learn that although 
the fall which he sustained was more serious country after tbe close of ber forthcoming 
than was at first supposed, Douglas Cox Is concert tour, to prepare for the new opera 

SIgnor Caruso made his last apnea rnnce 
in opera this ceason on Friday night, tea. 
0. at the Mctrorolllan Opera House, »*• 
York, when he' and Mme. Rembrlch sang la 
"L'EllBlr d'Arcore." He Is to Ball on leb. 
11. Ho goes to Monte Carlo. Mr. Coarled 
has announced that he has engaged tne 
Italian tenor for all of next season. 

Mme. Schumonn-Helnk will remain In tnis 

now making satisfactory progress. A clot of 
bood has been successfully removed from tho 
brain by a surgical operation. His many 
friends will wish tbe Alnambra chief a speedy 
and permanent recovery. 
Several of the provincial managers of 

wheh Stanislaus Stance and Julian Ed- 
wards are writing for her, and In wiiicn 
she Is to star next season, under Fred t. 
Whitney's management. _ 

Lillian Nordics obtained. Jan. 29, from su- 
preme Court Justice Blschoff, an_ Interlocu- 

music halls have arranged to Join tbe London tory decree divorcing her from Herr Kotan 

Entertainments' Protective Association, for Doeme. The decree will become absolute, It 

the purpose of assisting In promoting legls- nothing Intervenes, In three months, 

lotion on the sketch question, and pending Notes from theBlack Pattl Troubadours. 

such legislation to decide as to the Wring The present season has been the most pros- 

of music hall artists from pantomime. perous In the history of the company, 'the 

I had the satisfaction of being present on tour, which began in New York City ls» 

Monday evening at tbe Empire, when Edith August, and which Includes engagements la 

Helena made a remarkable success. She la every important city In the United States 

the possessor of a beautiful soprano voice 
of wonderful range and power, and the pro- 
duction of her high notes electrified the au- 
dience. Her first selection was In Italian. 
"Caru Nome." She then sang "Tbe Last 
Rose of Hummer" in a manner beyond com- 
parison with any other singers we have 
heard on the music hall stage. Her first 
offering waa an Imitation of a violin solo, 
In which she sustained the Illusion so thor- 
oughly as to completely deceive the audience. 
In this selection she reached ber wonderful 
high note, a sustained F above the high C. She 

was recalled several times before the cur- .,,. 

tain finally descended. Miss Helena Is be- — Josef Hoffman, a well known ar. «. 
Ing billed by the Empire bigger than any died at his borne tn Vienna on Feb. 1, i" '" 
attraction they hnve presented recently, and Beventy-second year of bis sgo. Among »'»" 
they are even presenting with the pro- theatrical and scene paintings he painteo >" 
grammes a four page Inset description of scenery for Wagner's first production or i"« 
her extraordinary gifts as a vocalist. Nlbelungen Bung." 

and Cuba, baa been an unprecedented mic - 
cess. In New York City, Saratoga, Newport. 
Asbury Park; In fact In all the Nort.K-rn 
cities the company has drawn big crocus, 
and In all the Sodthern cities It has !»■*» 
found necessary to play return engagem'-ius. 
The company Is now en route to Havana, 
Cuba. . . 

Chas. F. Postey, the orchestra leader « 
the Lyric, composed a Shakespearean sere- 
nade for "Tbe Merchant of Venice," "' 
was sung In the second act 





Oau gePille attd minstreL SSSSSSv &*3ZB£ 

-^SIbom a?" * Baton's Eos. Hill !J«»«« &«» «.°^Srt„«Kf £fVV^,°', p i e ,7'?_ 
evni i9ii Follt Co.— We axe on our Western 
Xnr over what may be aptly termed "The 
wheel of Fortune •, for, so far, this has 

aim Mat Rozblla laid 

on their way to the 

circuit Their new 

la a success. They go 

e playing act, "A Put Up Job, 

pany were made membm ©fAerle No i«8" !- .k T.'" *P T . il t0 P 1 ** toT a 

V. 0. E., and all enjoyed "a i itood tim. K3 "A* bwt va r'oty theatres there. 

band numbers sixteen* pfcceV^de" the abte i. W ™ L V LA ,1', , . NQ r ,»'"»«W"*i "«<* of 

£*!** <*. .V«?t taHm* anVoVor- fcSM:? K2*S g»?Vl"lpi 

!! Cor.lcan.t. Tex., ten me f0 ^1^1 p.^ 'foV three moitS; 

in the best variety theatres there. 

, Wl iL u V, Pt ' AY,NQ riiiLADBLrnu. week of 

Jan. 25, Max Hitter. Lenn i Hen, of Leon and 
cheatra 6 dVecfed "by Prof 'ViE? (SlJZl' B< \S"? Allw !l aDl1 Edward lavlne. of Lavlne ihati'reaeh ihi$ offlet not Infer (Aon Mb* 
Our new first part, "A Subset in Florida^ S^ iWr?' ,olned Kington I^«», No. rfoy, Fed, it), If p ossible. 
with big electrical effects, u . n i»..., n i.'. ° J u K _- ot „ r -_ „ _ . . — 

JI""„ record breaking season, even for this 
nrrcssful orgnnliatlon. No depreaslon has 
iSin felt, notwithstanding many conditions 

JVtnconlstlc to good houses. Beyond the , 

ES "tha the BOM Hill Show Is one of the *'£ b J* «i«if lcal effects, la a pleasant sur- 

ifroncest bidders for first place In popular- P h r ?!" fJ 6 ^ Performance. The roster of 

»t tbw'ghoDt the country, perhaps the only „ b r L^ p < a J 1 / '" M foll o"«- fe M. Boyer, pro- 

ItVr reason which can be attributed to the ?i'i.i or M1 a , nd , l . mana «? r : w «"ter Stock, prtn- 

^dlHualne-. everywhere lie. .n , , ^*^^«%™*gj[*-. 

James and Davis, singing and talking come: 

& fi? r^uJrs 8 •' MoS'lSrbtr 1 'awhSEZ &£**<% $**£ "^CAerhTNoT M 

&»,!> ^ h«l»" nf MaCk ' J4nlM A ° ders0a and Ned - H" V* d "*^ write, that he opened 
Thomas ana n»uw«, nuian ana »nite, ana T m „,._,„ _. . a two weeks engagemnt Feb. 1 at the Audi- 

World of Players. 

Notice to Correspondents. 
At Washington'* Birthday fall* on U onday, 
we reoseit that communications Intended for 
publication In Tin CLtPPi* dated Feb. tt 

IFmulc fact that this season's programme Is 
« lrnasslng and refreshingly new In Its en- 
Hrety Tne performances have been received 
« th favor, and have aroused more enthusi- 
asm than ever before. •"•« «—. .i.. 

Dora E. Denton- and Mat Booth have 
joined hands, doing a refined sister act with 
the Dainty Paree Co. 

Amos R. Bovia will join Billy Collins the 
latter part of February, and will play parka 
for the Summer season. w—ww 

Jennings and Jewet.t. were made mem- 

». 24, 
. After 
the meeting was over the aerie waa enter- 

News from Henry W. Savage's Attrac- 
tions: George Ada's "The County Chair- 
man" seems to have established Itself solid- 
ly at Wallaces Theatre, New York City. It 
will not leave there until the end of the Win- 
ter season. There Is hot rivalry between Mr. 
Savage's Eastern and Western "Prince of 
I'llsen" companies In the matter of earning 
capacity. For a time the receipts of one or- 
ganisation lead those of the other, which 
then draws up to and passes Its opponent. 
This competitive spirit has the effect of 
stimulating the members of the "Pllsen' 

Ind" Burnett, the Wilson 

"d, Slsters"Esber, tte Hughes Musical Trio, h,^'^;^ """^ *" ma person and Ned- Loa»»i. tbVdaicef;' writes that he opened casT."'toVcepTheir^?f7rma^cS''up*lo"the 

Thomas and Watson Nolan and I W bite, and THE Wes 

. "The Baby Trust 
a "A Peep Behind the Scenes," 
servo to Introduce the entire comp 
in which the principals are : Frankle Haines, 
jjnnle Dunn, _Jennie_ Qnlchard, Flossie 

a" which ?. Bucccessful eeason In ' 

nany and Wooda ' Co " wl " J° la ' 

■fe HalneX P™ 19 ln , the near ' utur e. I 

J. Flossie "i 011 , d . urln 8 the «PoaH 

fiurtes/cora waS"FJllTTalmer and J wJgSJZE. E ™?o™\P*7<* the New 

i inning enstmble of^ show beau Ucs, chorls- S^ft, ^ S5*ftJfe w «* »« J aa - 

rrdfnclng. experts. and soubrettes. The tLl8£3P&a£!?*£*2lJ*<3t 

r««i ctTi _ S XJt."? ^<"'e ^race, tne orig- 
inal Ellsworth Children, are meeting with 

ls"Tn"th'e'able hands of Geo. W.'Blce and T.' sol7d P ^ W lth Ve .hS ttV ,i»^ t) '' two J wee , ks ,v' ,oolied 

F ThomasT in "The Baby Trust," which Is s t0 ckln« •• C eT6r COmedy ' Tho Sllk 

abreeiy, lively skit in three scenes; and la ' "* 
•'A Peep Behind the Scenes" Mr. Rice - 

F'Hsburg, sfler success. 

. iL ° 9 ! a tf" ™ ^ Moinks, novelty musical perform- 

ItSSVS la S J; er8 ' «"« d Wednesday, Feb. 3. for fingland, 

which U announced where they will open on the Moss * fhorn: 

T B ,_Fol,H 8 E^wo£r B s' p iayed the New {&!» gtT *" *"<"> ™* B 

CnowLiY and Cars write: "Our new act, 
entitled 'A Corner In Cheese,' was put on by 
ns at Rockford, la., with Senrab's Comedy 

,;•.. *. nd . w .t nt J?'*"- We expect to play dates 
with It In the East soon." 
Ed. 8. Marlow and Maboasbt Santoio 

('omedy. In which both burlesques abound, bdcm.^ 1 

■"*•*•_ ~tiT i. — ^. .« n~. u- 1 ! j rr p »s. \\e nave fifty-two weeks booked 

a the clever comedy, "The Sllk 

STJ Ba7 H ^.«^th U a t B t B h D era , re a 'a; n r 9 C, f ma, f «! ^•close^^SeXd^fcTrcuKu 

ficb aulck' man. ado jaiter may do ae- rM1 , m,r»ii ,;»...T ... \ ujutu oui- uoiasmnn .>o 
rlbcd i» a rapid fire round of song and £«*: Summed n n^Fn2 r 1 n U H V 1C r lea , dl11 ? park , 8 . lACK Dat 

western circuit. 
ta AND Beatbice 


about New York, 

6 teased with Santa Clans and his "Forget 
le-Nots." . ■ 

Cabbie Eziib and Josbttb Webb have 
been successful In vaudeville with a new 
musical comedy skit, "lie Actress and the 
Maid." Miss Ezler has been connected with 
several attractions, and Miss Webb, up to 
the time she joined hand* with Miss Ezler, 
tad been with Weber tc fields' Co. 

Mac and Mac closed their fifteen weeks 
engagement with the Rockwell Dramatic Co. 
at Burlington, Vt, Feb, 6, and resume play- 
ing dates, opening In Lowell, Mass., Feb. 8, 
with other good time to follow. 

Gehald and Ehbol write : "We have been 
In Walla Walla, Wash., six weeks, and have 
been engaged for stock Indefinitely, produ- 
cing comedies, burlesque, etc 

Jim and Lottie Ucthbbfobd, while playing 
at the Crystal Theatre, Milwaukee, recently, 
gave a Buffalo supper. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. At- 
kinson, and Frauk Groh were among those 
present. Fred Rowley furnished the music, 
and a good time was enjoyed by all. 

Gmbkb Thatchbb, the minstrel, haa ob- 
tained a discharge In bankruptcy, with la- 
bilities at $1,488. 

Howe and Deckeb, Jugglers and balancers, 
ore In their fifth week with the Dixie Con- 
cert Co., and report success. 

Williams and Meldubn were at Jacques' 
Opera House, Watrrbury, Conn., recently, 
and Inform us that their act was a success. 
They have booked Bridgeport, New Haven 
and Hartford to follow.- They played Ted 
Marks' Sunday concert Jan. 81. 

Tub Lavabme Sisters played lost week 
their third return engagement at Austin A 
Stone's Museum, Boston, Mass. 

O'Brien and West, comedians: Geo. F. 
Carroll, Irish comedian.; Edgar Btxley, and 
other talent from the leading vaudeville 
houses In Boston entertained the Bachelors' 
Club at a "house warming" Thursday even- 
ing, Jan. 28, and spent a very pleasant even- 

walleb and Maoiix are on the Casto cir- 
cuit, with return date at Watson's Cozy 
Comer, Brooklyn, and have other good book- 
ings to follow. 

Lew Spenceb, formerly comedian with 
Haverly's Original Mastodon Minstrels, the 
W. S. Cleveland and Majestic and late of 
Moore & Burgess' English Minstrels, has 
joined the Al. G. Field Greater Minstrels. 
Millgb and Mat write : "We nre play- 
ing a two weeks' engagement at the Tray- 
more Casino, Baltimore, Md„ and have been 
here all the Winter, playing the music halls. 
We have bought a fine house here, and will 
make Baltimore our future home" 

Newell and Niblo open a short Western 
tour at the Avc&ue, Pittsburg, this week, 
and win not be seen in New York again 
until Spring. They have also signed con- 
tracts for ten weeks on the Orpneum cir- 
cuit for next season. 

The Millab Sisters have been touring 
the West in their specialty, which haa won 
them applause for their clever singing and 

Talbot and Uooebs report success In their 
new act They are In their thirteenth week 
with the Henry Lee Vaudeville Co. 

The Healts played the Metropolis Thea- 
tre, this city, Sunday, Jan. 24, and were com- 
plimented by the management as being one 
of the best acts ever offered to the Harlem- 
ites. They sail for Europe shortly, to play 
ten weeks over the Moss & Stoll circuit 

The Yalto Doo BSi'ed Feb. 4 for the Orrln 
Circus, Mexico. 

Gillihan and MuxRAT write : "Owing to 
the closing of theatres In Chicago we lost a 
number of our bookings. Instead of being 
at the Haymarket, Chicago, week of Feb. 1, 
we were at the Grand, Indianapolis. 

Downbt and Willabd report meeting with 
success on the Pacific coast They closed a 
pleasant seven weeks' engagement at the 
People's Theatre, Seattle, WaBh., and have 
twenty-two weeks booked ahead on the coast. 
Euoexe Emmett and Morbis Kane, Ger- 
man dialect comedians, send word of their 
6uccess st the Metropolitan Opera House, 
Duluth, Minn., weeks of Jan. 18 end 25, mak- 
ing their fifteenth week on the Northwestern 

Geo. STCBBLsrnsLD, of the Three Stubble- 
uelds, writes: "I put an 'ad.* In Tub Clip- 
per for work week of Nov. 7, 1003, and, 
am glad to say, bad quite a large number of 
pliers. I had accepted one, but was obliged 

^^ngaV^"^^ S"?n,^r L -r^^ h aS,^ 

icing act. titled "My Athletic Wife." 

work alone, do- Imoobne Tosca Bird left Chicago on Jan. 

30 to open on the Western circuit Feb. 1, 

and Is booked solid for thirty weeks through 

to the coast. 

New York, and xneetTng with success. 

highest point of excellence. "Peggy from 
Paris" has been doing some Industrious globo 
trotting. The company left V'ew York late In 
November, and since then has very success- 
fully played aa for West as Denver, return- 
ing to Brooklyn. "The Yankee Consul," 
with Raymond Hitchcock at the head of the 
Hit of well known players, will reach Broad- 
way within the next fortnight Antoinette 
Le Bran, the new dramatic soprano signed 
by Mr, Savage for his English Grand Opera 
Co., has been abroad so long that she was 
supposed to be a foreigner when Mr. 8av- 
nge induced her to give up Italian opera and 
sing In her native tongue. The new prlnm 
donna will alternate with Gertrude Iicnny- 
son and Jean Lane Brooks during the annual 
Western tour of Mr. Savage's English Grand 
Opera Co. "The Sultan of Sulu," upon Its 
Western and Southern tour, la repeating the 
success recorded last year, and reaping the 
natural benefit therefrom. The prosperity of 
"The Sultan of Sulu" haa boon quite un- 
broken Crom the moment of Its first pre- 
sentation. It la one of the most widely pop- 
ular entertainments In Henry W. Savage s 
long and rapidly expanding list 

— Notes from "The Montana Outlaw" Co. : 
We are la our twenty-fifth week of success. 
Our business has been very big In tha West, 
and we wore compelled to turn people away 
at St Joseph, Mo. ; Sioux City, la. ; Council 
Bluffs, la., snd Omaha, Neb. On account 
of the theatres closing In Chicago, where we 
wero booked, we will play a few of the big 
one nlgbt stands to Oil In our time. We have 
tho strongest cast wo have ever had with 
this show. Homer R. Barton la playing 
Jack, the Buster (the star part). Other 
members are : Lewis Summers, Eugene Krlck, 
John G. and Alice McDowell, C. B. Rathburn, 
Tcddie Roberts, Leo Holloway, Helene L. 
Warde and Mable Gray. Warner 4 Altmau 
are the proprietors ; Chas. F. Lawrence, man- 
ager ; Fred H. Seymour, business manager ; 
L. E. Krummel, agent ; Leo Holloway, master 
of transportation, and John G. McDowell, 
stage manager. 

— Notes from the Ed. Redmond Co. : This 
company has remained almost Intact for the 
past year. Mrs. Estelle Kcdmond (our man- 
ager's wife) and Theo. II. Bird (our Juvenile 
man), whose birthdays fell very near to- 
gether, decided to give a banquet to the other 
members of the company. We wore not per- 
mitted to enter the banquet hall until the 
hour of midnight. After the performance 
we adjourned to the ball, and great as our 
expectations were (knowing the ability of 
our boat and hostess), we were simply over- 
whelmed. Evergreen trees banked the room, 
the lights were shaded In pink and green, 
flowers were In profusion, and In the centre 
was a great table laden with delicacies. 
Both Mrs. Redmond and Mr. Bird were the 
recipients of many presents. Far Into the 
nlgbt we remained, doing Justice to the 
viands set before us, and otherwise enjoying 
ourselves. Tha following members were pres- 
ent, In addition to our host and hostess : 
Ed. Redmond, Mitchell Insrauam, Ray Suth- 
erland, Fred E. Jackson, Joe Coftman, Clyde 
E. Granger, Jas. Sandusky, Oliver Stoops, 
Katbryn Van Esse, Alta Pblpps, Leslie Vlr- 
den, and last, but not leaat, little Garna 

— Manager E. J. Murray writes: "The 
Huntley-Moore Co. closed In Scranton, Pa.. 
Jan. 23. They have reorganized and 
strengthened the company with two new 
lending people, and will reopen Feb. 8. 

— Roster of "Johnnie Got the One I 
Wanted" Co. : Geo. II. Stevens, proprietor 
nnd manager; Dollle Mossman, Harry l'agc, 
Jack Lockwood, Mazlo Stevens, Geo. Itufton 
nnd Margaret Lockwood. Our list of vaude- 

ville people : Cbas. Agtey, tramp Juggler and 
pedestal band balancer; Will Kelgloy, com- 
edy wire act, barrel Jumper and trick blcy- 


Has been connected In the post with the vaudeville teams Leonze and Allen, singers and 
dancers, and Weston and Allen, In a one act farce, "The Rent Collector," but has been 
working with Ms wife since June 1 last. His wife is Violet 8. Allen, an eccentric dancer, 
aad they are now doing an act called "The Sign Painter." 

Job Wickes, for the past year support- 
ing Emily Lytton and Wm. Gerald In vaude- 
ville, will, In June next Join hands with 
Llllle De Witt, in a comedy acrobatic act 
They will appear under the team name of De 
Witt and Wickes, Miss De Witt doing her acro- 
batic and contortion work, and Mr. Wickes 
his happy tramp, which he has been playing 
with success In "The Lady Duck." 

Tub Aldions are making an extended tour 
of California, making quite a success with 
their burlesque acrobatic work and boxing, 
and have twenty weeks In the Northwest 
after they finish In California. 

Tub Adonis Trio (Stewart, Stevens and 

M. Franklin Denton, formerly known as 
M. Fred Ferguson, "The Uoosler Character 
Impersonator, ' who was compelled by seri- 
ous illness to cancel all engagements for the 
season of 1003-'04, after spending threo 
months at Hot Springs, Ark., Is on the road 
to recovery. He will remain In Arkansas 

wh!L Ju ȣi wiit b ^ri^ hS n kl n w Ji 1, hJ fe hS who " wlfl dlrect the tour ortbUoraanliation: 
White, and will hereafter be known by his j u ii a l'ovnter has cloned wlih fha f'hau. 
proper name. The team will be known aa ,",{„ (Southern) Co 1 Joined 'the a*£ 
the Two Dentons, and will feature high class ^l!i" ^- 80 - u - ul S? n i-.S _!.* na J olne 

Notes most me Mexican Novelty Co.— 
We are doing fair business, considering the 
severe weather. We have Just opened In 

clist ; Trlxle Monroe, singing and dancing 
soubrctte ; Baby Leon, child performer ; Oeo, 
II. Stevens, Irish comedian and dancer; 
Dollle Mossman, soubrette, and Raymond 
Clements, pianist We carry a band of nine 

fileces, and business Is good. Tub Clipper 
s a welcome visitor every Saturday. 

— Henrietta Crosman's success In "Sweet 
Kitty Bellalra," at the Belasco Theatre, New 
York, Is moat emphatic Miss Crosman Is 
cow In her third month at the Belasco, and 
seats are In as great demand as ever. Miss 
Crosman will play "Kitty" in this country 
all of next season, going as far as San Fran- 
cisco. Maurice Campbell's contract with 
David Belasco for Miss Crosman's appear- 
ances In "Kitty" terminates one year from 
the coming June. Miss Crosman will either 
then go to London, or Mr. Campbell will pro- 
duce a new pay for ber In Now York. 

— Maurice Campbell has refused all offers 
to put on George Hazelton's new play, "The 
Raven." It Is now announced that "The 
Raven" will be done next September, and 
until that time Frederick Lewis will continue 
to rest at his home in Oswego, N. Y. 

— Billy Cnsad, who for the past two years 
lins managed the tours of the Guy Stock Co., 
has become a benedict and retired to private 
life nt Snlllvon, Ind. His place with the 
company has been taken by Len G. Shelby, 

Stock Co, to do soubrette rores. 

— Richard Brougbton writes : "I am mak- 
ing arrangements for next season's tour of 
'Hen Bolt? Have bad the play entirely re- 

to VaWo™rng BC to P my Q llttli girt beTngTIln toSto""*** toThS S^AtT** ** Indiana, after a successful tour of Ohio, and nn"«« Att^^ 

suddenly ill sS we are taking a lay off on play a Bcvcn months' engagement In tho are carrying nine people and all feature acts. ftn d South." " 

8L*^h%P..iV!t &iJ»!-R5KK£«S th « *" SJatr , -«r&a?LWS-S3 --« from Robert Man- 

Pierre, S. D., but will be' on the road again 
about May 1." 

Tub Top8t Tdbyt Tbio have secured over 
forty weeks of engagements. Including the 
beat circuits. William C. Wclp, for many 
^orisons light comedian of Geo. C. Broad- 
nuret's comedies, has replaced Chas. Forest 
a ? <be bell boy In the trio's comedy act, 
u Dowd from Cohoes." 

Herbert Swift, tho minstrel, will remain 
with the Mason Bros." Show for another sca- 

Smith and Blanctiard ore In their fonr- 
WkMl with Heath's "Peck's Bad Boy" 
, i' 1 ;..! . t,,e . rn A- They will close the season 

being arranged by the Cadle Bros. 

Frederick V. Bowers Is spending a few 
weeks at French Lick Springs, Ind. He will 
go South to play return engagements. 

1'akker and Alvoba report meeting with 
success with their new set, and have Blgned 
contracts to appear In Europe next BOasun. 

Mue Schbll was presented with a baby 
lion for a birthday present by Mr. Benson, 
of the Zoo, Providence, It I. 

Fied Elmer, of Rice nnd Elmer, was 
called home to Philadelphia, from Kansas 
City on account of the death of his mother, 
who died Jan. 20. Mr. Elmer returned to 
New Orleans to fill the rest of their engage- 

Oeorob A. Cliptobd, eccentric singing and 
nv>noiopi e comedian, played the Palace Mu- 
Mum Worcester, MaBs., week of Feb. 1. He 
"Ports meeting with success on the New 
f-g'and circuit for the past twelve weeks, 
2 a no ? hooking Summer park work in 
and around New England. 
n*!" 8 "ERton-Runkei, Trio played the 
nirff .Towtro, New York City, Sunday 

Kit, Jan. 81, and were Immediately en- 

to Know," the former doing a coon char- 
acter, nnd Miss Field dolug straight and 
soubrette parts. The team will be known as 
McXuIty and Field. 

John Goss is now In his twenty-first week 
with Gus Sun's Minstrels, Introducing bis 
original trick bone upeclnlty In the olio, and 
doing an end In the first psrt. This Is hs 
second season with this company, which Is 
now In Southern Csllfornla, he Informs us, 

^o fo r "x* nrst Sunday concert at the doing i very good business. He will plsy a 
•ew Qotham Theatre. circuit of parks the coming Summer. 


the company with a handsome" silver gold 
lined shaving cup on his birthday. Roster: 
S. A. Bliss, manager; Mrs. H. A. Bliss, 
treasurer ; Johnnie La Vler, contortionist; 
Walter Ross, black face comedian; Lorenzo, 
merry wizard: Mrs. Frank Lorenzo, hand- 
tuff challenge act; Annie Seamon, soubrette; 
Art. Lesley, musical comedian; Arthur Ford, 
musical director ; Little Pearl and Baby Roy, 
Jeanke and Ellsworth write: "We 

5lnyod recently at Holyoke, Mass. (Star 
lientre), our act winning a success at every 
performance. We have good time booked on 
the New England circuit — Boston Theatre, 
Lowell, Mass.. Feb. 1 ; Gem, Lynn, Mass., 
Feb. 8, and Sheedy's, Fall River, Feb. IB. 
Our singing and novelty musical act Is novel 
In Its combination of Instruments and voices, 
opd Is certainly rapidly gaining the favor of 
managers and public. We are getting return 
dates. ' 

Addison and Livingston recently played 
a pleasant and successful two weeks' en- 
gagement at the Unique Theatre, Indianapo- 
lis. Ind., where their work met with success. 
They were last week at the BIJou Theatre, 
Hamilton, 0. 

Mabro has Joined the John L. Sullivan 
Vaudeville Co. for the remainder of the sea- 

tell's company Feb. 1, and the heavies' will 
be played the rest of this season by It 

— Notes from the "One Night In June" 
Co., touring the Pacific coast : Business has 
been excellent. We are working North, play- 
ing Portland, Soattle and Tacoma, then 
back I'nst. Mr. Gardner has again signed 
with Itlngllng Bros.' Circus for next Summer. 

— Mrs. Helen M. Whitney, mother of Man- 
ager Fred C. Whitney, died from paralysis 
on Saturday, Jan. 30, at ber borne, In De- 
troit, Mich. 

— From France comes the news that the 
latest addition to the theatres of Paris will 
be a fireproof building, designed by M. 
Coquelln, the well known actor, and M. 
Blnet, Paris architect M. Blnet states that 
this theatre was In no way a result of the 
lecent lire In Chicago. The patents for It 
wero taken out three months ego. Neither 
M. Coquelln nor M. Blnet pretends to have 
Invented anything. All they claim to have 
done Is to sdopt certain materials which 
have never before been used In such a con- 

— Creasle Cannada has closed her second 
season with the Fenberg Stock Co., to Join 
her husband (Wilson R. Todd), as they have 
accepted a joint engagement for tha re- 
mainder of the season. 

— Notes from Stetson's "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" companies : These organisations, four 
In number, under the management of Leon 
Washburn, have met with unparalleled suc- 
cess this season. Up to the present time the 
records] of any previous season hay* been 
beaten. Mr. Washburn spares neither time 
nor money In keeping his acting companies 
up to the standard. The costuming is ele- 
gant, and the scenery up to date, while the 
parades are always features, and many novel* 
ties are always being Introduced. The l.'aif 
em company Is now playing through Muses* 
chusetts, to record breaking business, under 
the maragement of C. T. Brockway. The 
company now In Pennsylvania, managed by 
Grant Luce, did a turn away business all 
week before last. Wm. Kibble, now In the 
middle States, has put up the standing room 
sign every night for two weeks, and the com- 

Sany now In Colorado Is packing them to the 
oora Mr. Washburn's profits week before 
last were the largest In his history as a man- 
ager. The company now doing the Silver 
circuit In Colorado Is on Us way to the Pa- 
cific coast, and after finishing Its regular 
xeason tt will go to Alaska. Contracts nave 
already been closed (or a five months' trip. 
A special steamer, owned by L. It Wads- 
worth, will take them up the Yukon. Daw- 
son, Atlln, Ketchikan, Douglas, Jeneau, 
Skaguay and all towns In the far 
North will be visited. Leon Washbnra 
has Just returned to New York, bavins- 
completed a round of visits to each com 
pany, and while In the metropolis will con-' 
elude some Important arrangements for' neir 
season. Geo. reck represents Mr, Washburn 
In the New York offlce. 
acknowledged to bo one of the best stock com- 
panies playing In the Rest 

— Notes from the Boyd and Ivy Burrowta 
Co. : Boyd and Ivv Burrowea and their big 
dramatic and vaudeville company are play- 
ing to crowded housee throughout Nebraska, 
with not one losing town la twenty-four 
weeks. We have Just purchased a full now 
set of special scenery for some new plays 
which wo are adding to our repertory. Our 
big plcti-re machine Is still a drawing powor. 
Mrs. Burrowes Is successfully singing bal- 
lads, all of which have colored slides. J. 
G. Anderson joined Jan. SO. as stage director. 
Iloyd Burrowes, owner and manager'. Lewla 
Kline, J. O. Anderson, Omar C. Reed, Chat. 
Carter. Nornh Kllno tnd Ivy Burrowes. 

— Geo. A. O'Brien and A. D. Pyne are now 
aAaocl&tod under the 0'Brlen-l*yno attrac- 
tions, and open Feb. 8 with Jlr. O'Brien's 
"SncldOT's Wife." Later on they will plnco 
Mr. O'Brlcn'a "From tho Poplhti of Sin." 
Other plays listed by the O'llrlen-I'yne At- 
tractions arc "Ily Royal Right." "Tho Beggar 
Mother," "The President^ Son," and an 
elaborate scenic Illusion drama, "When the 
Devil Repents," all written and owned by 
Mr. O'Brien. 

— Geo. W. Scott and wlfo (Jessye Lyons) 
have closed tliolr Wlntor tour, and aro rest- 
ing at Crowley, La., for tho remainder. of the 
season. Mr. Scott will orgruilie a Summer 
stock at the above named place, to open In 
April. Tho company will make Its headquar- 
ters nt Crowley, where a Summer theatre la 
In preparation, nnd will play In and about 
Crowley tho entire Summer. The show will 
carry a band and orchestra. 

— Notes from the Vernon Stork Co. : Both 
press and pubic have been very liberal In 
their praise of this organization, which Is 

— Horry Corson Clarke Stock Notes: We 
opened In Houston, Tex., night of Monday, 
Jan. 11, to one of the largest houses known 
to the annals of Houston theatricals, and 
business has been on the boom ever since. 
We have found Houston to bo one of the 
best show towns In the South, and are 
gratified beyond measure nt the enthusiasm 
displayed by the people here. We opened 
with "What Happened to Jones," nnd played 
eight performances to fl. R. ft. Tho second 
week we gave them "Why Bmlth I^ift Home," 
lo capacity. This week the bill Is "Ills 
Absent Hoy." The company numbers twenty- 
one people, nnd Is tho strongest ever gotten 
together by Jlr. CInrke. Almost the entire 
front of tne theatre Is practically made up 
of doors, affording excellent exits In case 
of fire. Wo are mounting our productions In 
a fashion seldom seen In stock bouses, mak- 
ing several sets of special scenery for each. 
Our reception matlnoes have proven an In- 
novation In theatrical circles here, and we 
have been forced to add an extra perform- 
ance (Thursday afternoon) to accommodate 
the people. 

— Brownlee A Reed Notes: narry Frank. 
Herbert Swift, J. Frank Mackey, Chas. Clark, 
Davo Dupreo. Wlllard Weber and Harry 
f.'obb, "Eagle" members of tha Brownlee 4 
Reed Enterprises, were entertained at Oil 
City, Pa., Jan. 11, also at Kane, Pa., Jan. 
23, to a smoker and banquet, by the local 
nerle. After leaving for our private car at 
tho late hours of tho morning nil voted 
that our local brothers were royal enter- 
tainers In every respect. 

— Crescent Comedy Co. Notes: Wo closed 
our season on Jan. HI, at Ronceverte, W. 
Vs., on account of the death of Lew Kane, 
comedian with the company. The remains, 
accompanied by the family, were taken to 
Dunkirk. Ind., for Interment Thos. Clark 
left for his home In Kokomo, Ind., and Wal- 
ter II. Evcrstlne and Leon F, Itlce left for . 
Cumberland, Md., to look after the Interest 
of their "Lost In Egypt" Co., which takes 

I he road early next season. B. A. Bergman, 
manager of the Crescent Comedy Co., will 
not reorganize his company until lots In the 
Spring, when be will put the show out under 
canvas for the Hummer season. 

— Gus Sob Ike has been engaged by Fred 
C. Whitney to go on tho road with "The 
Isle of Spice" Co., which Is now touring the 
West. Mr. Aohlke has also been engaged 
by Mr. Whitney to produce all of the Whit- 
ney shows which he contemplates putting 
out tho first one of which will be "Pit! 
Pall Poof." When tha La Balls Theatre, 
Chicago, reopens he will produce "The Royal 
Cliof," written by Geo. Stoddard, music by 
linn Jerome, which will be Mr. Bobtko'i third 
production In Chicago. 

— Richard Bnsanko Is playing Major Hlmp- 
klns. In "The Bello of MenUa" Co., and re- 
ports meeting with much success In the role. 

— Major A. J. Crlpul, llllputlnn comedian 
of tho "The Katzonjammcr Kids" Co., figured 
In a runaway accident at Wler City, Kan. 
Ha took Frances Fennell, one of the company, 
with him for a ride. All went well until the 
horse shied at an automobile, when It started 
In run, and the major, who Is only three foot 
high, and weighs only seventy pounds, could 
not control the animal. The major, falling 
nut of the buggy, luckily landed oh soft 
ground, while Miss Fennoll managed to hold 
tier seat till help came. She was not hurt. 

— Notes from tho Rockwell Co. : We have 
nothing to complain of. We left I^wlston, 
Me., for Rumford Palls, breaking sll records • 
and playing to capacity. We bad a bad 
Jump to Berlin, N. II., not arriving at Berlin 
until 8 v.. H.. where we broke the record.of 
tho house. Our next stand was Burlington, 
Vt Everything was sold out on our arrival. 
We have hid no changes In the company since 
we started out Our stage manager, A. L, 
I'nncbawe, puts things through as quickly 
ns possible. Mac and Mac close with us on 
Feb. 0, to go to their home In Bridgeport, 
Ct, for a rest John Mac will put oat a 
trio act In May. The little Wheeler Sisters. 
James Coutts, Flora Brown, Tom Cody and 
others will constitute the features with the 
Rockwell Company for the season. 

— J. B. Henry, tho well known advance 
jgent and mnnngcr, Is lit at the Alhsny, N. 
Y., Hospital, and Is about to submit to a 
serious surgical operation. 

— George A. Barrett musical director of 
Ihe Rentfrow Stock Co., and three other 
members of the company were Initiated Into 
the mysteries of the Fraternal Order of 
Eagles at Shenandoah, Pa, and took psrt In 
the entertainment that followed. 



Febeuary 13. 


stage picture. Bin tau ber norse an* her |elght, between the three pa In of feet TM 
dogs trained so that the/ obey her slightest 'set was dw ' d «"» ^ e J2. n *i£ m h SrtJ ad- 
whim.— THB EVENING NEWS, Detroit, mal .acta, and won deaerv 
Not. 8, 1008. 

Aa the neadilner of the bill at the Temple 
Theatre thla week MIII7 Capell returns with 

ber Arabian atalllon and banting don, In an 
effective act that baa gained great t avor on 
two continent*. Mlaa Capell I* one of the 
beat equestriennes that Europe bas pro- 
duced, and ber steed la a magnificently pro- 
portioned and cleverly trained animal, the 
slgbt of wblcb Is a delight to a horse loter. 
The hone does fancy steps and tricks of 
various kinds, balancing alto on hla bind 
legs, and exhibiting surprising endurance. 
The dogs are Terr cute, running In and out 
among the feet of the bone as be dances 
and prances about The act deserves rank 
among the beat In Its line, aa It la seldom 
inch teats are accomplished by a woman 
trainer.— THB PBEB PRESS, Detroit, Not, 
8, 1808. 

That the remarkable woman, Mllly Capell, 

with her beautiful high school bone and ber 
kennel of well trained dogs, la at Shea's this 
week, In an act that creates a sensation. 
It out clanei any ilmtlar act ever seen In 
any of the big circuses, and at the same 
time, Is given with ease and grace on the 
stage of a theatre. It bas been greatly added 
to since last seen at Shea's, and It today 
ttanda forth aa probably the greatest of Its 
kind In the world.— SHEAS VAUDEVILLE, 
Buffalo, Oct 18, 1003. 

Dogs that would delight a Landseer, a 
bone tbst a Rosa Bonheur would rare oyer, 
a woman that would make a fit model for a 
Sir Joshua Reynolds, gave mucb pleasure to 
a large audience In the Temple Theatre last 
night. In truth Milllcent Capell, or Mllly 
Capell, aa she calls herself, together with 
her stunning Arabian bone and her beauti- 
ful hunting dogs, presented a wonderful 

Mllly Capell. the beautiful equestrienne, 
who made such a big bit at Keith's last 
season, reappeared with her magnificent horse 
and trained hunting dogs, and repeated ber 
big triumph. Miss Capell la a striking look- 
ing woman, and when she made ber entrance 
on the stage, dashing In upon ber magnificent 
horse, the audience broke Into a prolonged 
and spontaneous outburst of appreciation. 
The hone did a number of really clever teats. 
wsltslog In perfect time to the music, and 
everything he did was Imitated by a sagacious 
canine. Then, as a final feat the hone 
walked a cakewalk with Its mistress, while 
three dogs ran In and out, making a figure 

deservedly hearty aa- 
ilnUon and applause.— THE NEWS, Provi- 
dence, B. I., Dec. 22, 1903. 

A magnificent horte, perfected In the "high 
school" steps, yet hardly ascending to the 
dignity of a complete "menage act— as the 
circus people style It beneath the big tent— 
a jauntily clad equestrienne, and five trained 
does constitute the novelty feature at the 
Columbia thla week. Mllly Capell, billed as 
Europe's greatest equestrienne and animal 
trainer, really presents an act that consider- 
ing the limitations Imposed by the stage, is 
most meritorious, even though It necessarily 
does not Include many of even the simpler 
features to be found where the band plays 
and the red lemonade flows. It Is a novelty, 



and scores a hit If for no other reason 

THE ENQUIRES, Cincinnati, Nov. 23, l»03 
An act which was produced to Phlladeli 
pblans simultaneously with the Fadettei li 
that of Mllly Capell the noted Euro jean 
equestrienne. Miss Capell made her reno- 
pearance hut night and with ber beautiful 
horse and a pack of hunting dors, grestlt 
delighted the audience. Mlaa Capell is re- 
markable horsewoman and animal trainer 
and her feats of skill and daring evoked con- 
tinuous applause.— TELEGRAPH, Philadel- 
phia, Jan. 6, 1904. 

The pretty act Introduced by Mllly Capell 
with her trained atalllon and dogs, Is the 
headllner In the bill at Hyde a Bebman's this 
week. Mile. CapeU'a act has been seen here 
several times, but It does not grow tiresome. 


TIBS. PROF. ROACH AND WIFE have the only 
relisble and first class academy In Chicago, and 
81,000 cash says that they are the only teachers 
that can properly fit and place on the stage ladles, 
gentlemen and children In all VAUDEVILLE ACTS 
AND. SKETCHES, alt styles of step and fancy 
dances, splits, bending, tumbling, skirt dance, 
buck and wing dancing, sand llg, genteel song 
and dance, acrobatic song and dance, brother 
acta, contortion acts, musical acts. Please write. 
Baymarket Theatre Building. 
ROACH. Out Thla Out HOACH. 


And Tents of Every Description. 

New and second hand 80 ft tops, and 

under, alwaya on hand. 



•mmaorm to T. w. NOBLE CO. • 

eilaDllihM 187 7. 

120-139 Fourth Street 


a. TWIU PTTV ulcioi ui 
ft 1 WIN LH IiTEKiprinifil 

I* 7M Hennepin A»e.,lBlenupolla, Minn 

1 If UtgaaiBtook of Slices, 

las 1 ** piss m the Northwest. 


wanted. Bargain 

Puma aid rap- 

Good rums 


band mnroBus, army or navt sum, 

DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
Bo matter what yon want In that line I can 
supply it. New or seoond hand Send for 
catalogue. B B. AURA1IAMB, 

MS South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 





>fei.0AaiiuaiT,ue. ■oaoroumsec. 

"Tell It To Me 



■>• sake oa all trains and news stands, er by 
■sTsSe. Address MRAKgNDiUL 
iJ 9 Swath Ttat Ats.. Me. Vsraos, H. T. 


■nbstan ual , load, pure la 
tone, eaay to tune and play. 
mows, reierencee, Oata 
loans, with tniilnlonnatiM 
sti w t* play g l aaees 
laoosaifTilli.wlU be neat on 
reosipiof loo. A.Braonelas, 
Olsasoptone Mfr., ttllanox Ayes Haw Tork city . 

Can We Sell Ton These? 

Tbree Trunks, 2,000 Folding Ohalra, 14 Black 
Tenia, Lot of Blankets and Pillows. Combination 
OU Heaters for Tent, Room or ci 



F. F. PROCTOR, Itli Prepr liter us Mtnigir 
I. AUSTIN FYNEt, 9tninl HuBf*'. 


Devoted to ReBaed sTJatertalasneat. 
Praetor's 5th Aw*. Theatre, ProeteVa 
SSd Bt. Theatre, Proetor'a 88th Bt. 
Theatre, Proetor'a ISSth BL Theatre, 
Proetor'a Newark Theatre, Proetofa 
Albany Theatre, Proctor's Montreal 

PROcrroRTs stock oo. 

Presenting Beat PI »y ■. 



If yon do not receive a reply, It may be 

because the time la Oiled: you are. therefore 
advised to writs again In (our weeks. Do 
NOT enclose stamp for reply. 


plots of acts; complete ••prop" lists; If can 
open and close In one ; EXACT time of acta, 
and of "close In;" billing for newspapers 
and programmes; and CLEAN PHOTO- 

Playwrights, Authors and Play Agents, ad- 
dress J. AUSTIN FYN El, General Manager. 

Vaudeville Artlats and Players, sddress 
F, F. PROCTOR JR., Booking Department, 


SEND tote. 


Bo. a. 

77-81 W008TER 8T. 

(BbI. Spring and Broom), Now York. 

Theatrical Supplies, 
Grease Paints, . . . 
Tights, Wigs, . . . 

Gold & Silver Trimmings, 
Spangles, Etc., 

Wo oind goods C. 0. D., subject to Impaction, 
bill require a Deposit on ill Orders. 


6th AVE. and 31st STREET, NEW YORK. 


TETLOW'8 C088AMER POWDER, - - 14c. a Box. 
JAVA RICE POWDER, 21c. a Box. 

A Full Line of Powders, Grease Paints and Make-TJpe at Special Priets. 




Made from the very best tin, are black enameled 
Especially made for professional use, having a 
tray with compartments for Grease Paints, 
Powders, Comb and Brush, Wigs, Etc., 
Eta Has double action lock, with two 
keys, at ... 

49 c 

Our COLD c rje AM, expressly prepared for the The- 
atrical Procession, guaranteed to be absolutely pore and 
never become rancid in any climate. Put np In IK) 
Screw Top Tin Cans at 48c. j >,ft at We. 


All mall orders most be accompanied by money order- 
None sento. O. D. 





Reliable Hen. who are np In Dramatic and 
Variety Work. Wonld like to hear from 
Leaders. Those with vaudeville experience 
preferred. Apply, Letter Only, 

B. P. JANETTE, Manager, 
Columbia Theatre, Boston, Maes. 



First Class Med. Performer that can change for 
nine nights. Irish and Butch. I want the best 
Salary no limit to thoae that work for my Inter- 
est. I went no poker platers or wonld be mana- 
gers. State all In Drat letter and salary. A. K. 
Wyatt, write. Address DR.R. J. atkikb, 
Mtgomante, Iowa Co., Wis. 

Bend seta, for 



Send 4c ta. 




Car; Gasolene 

Torches, folding Organs, Crank Piano; it Extra 

- tulle fc 

: mifBBPbTKa,Bprlngflold, WlnoU, 

or opera house or ofooe, 
Head Organs, Megaphones. 

Foldingchairs, sntuil 


A Favorite Cough Remedy. For 

Colds, Sera Throat, Asthma, Catarrh, 

move assail article can be found. 

Imitation*. ,s#Cegamajfc 




• a** MU8II 

Wa pay loyalty for good compositions. P10BBBK 
PUBVOO., ft to M Qnlnoy Bt., Chicago. 

SftMtMiJrtli Agiits&CiMusin Sippllu 

Wa Always Bava the Latest Novel tlm. 

Beat far oar Mew Oateleama. 

ujrryB&AAL bcpplt oo., jjg](UQ0, 


WBBB FTO. 00., 1U Dsarbom St., Chicago, 111. 


Sobmer Park 





Should apply for lowest passage rates and foil 
particulars at the Exchange Office, M East lain 
Istabllabed so years. 

raw coon BOMS, 


TBI V. I. UMaTT 00., 
•mi/. a»«swr *»».. oajeaae r.i. 


mm, her tot i me act. 

State past experience, salary wanted, and 
send photo In first letter. Address 


47 W. 28th Bt, M. Y. City. 




HARRY CADLB (H. A E. Cadle), of 105 and 
106 Strand, London, W. C, has arrived In 
New York. An Introductory tour of six 
months guaranteed to approved acts. Address 

or care of CLIPPER 



Specially designed 
ting business ever 
pntont. Easliyhan- 
dled and o «ried . No 
man can afford to 
JohnRel her.699N- 
Clarem'tAv ,Ch'go, 



Tf.efal People Who Do Speelaltles. 

Must Join on receipt of wire. Tickets U we 
know yon. Wire or write qniok to 

Care of Masslllon Show Print, Massiiion, Ohio. 


The highest prloes paid tor used Alms In good con- 
» 8. Eighth Street. Philadelphia, Pa 






B.SHINDHELU.Tbiatnut Wig 

Band atatmp for price ■£ 


lm i hr IlliaJrtUd Cititse bo, Fro*. 


BYorytody h llcwiai Their Owa !•»• 
WeDtB'tli.eTo. TtiPilUcTakM 

CireOfOtri. Sose Ut Oitaligne. 

OUugo Photo En jrt tIb g Co, 
WO. 180 WBlMMBtOK 8t , Ca1obb> 


Second Band Films, Song Slide: and Machines 
Bought, Sold and Exchanged:. W4 WASHINGTON 
ST., Room as, Boston, Mass., op^Aaams House. 

Attention, Band and Orchestra Leaders! 

Da yon waat to Learn to Compose and 
Arrange Mattel If so, send Be, etsmp for 
trial lesson. Nothing to pay until joahave 
been taught Lessons 1, 2 and a. if these lessons 
do not convince you that this Is Strictly Legit- 
imate, then They are Free. Don't write un- 
less you have a thorough knowledge of the rudi- 
ments of music, and Mean Basinets. 

O. W. WILCOX (Harmonlit), 
1830 Broadway. rV. T. 


The scenery of Wildes A Clanoy's "Eben Holden" 
Company, consisting of Barn Set, 2S pieces: Farm 
Set. 88 pieces; Kitchen Set, JS pieces, and pro- 
perties, will be sold on attachment at CentraUa, 
111., Feb. 11, to the highest bidder. Correspond- 
ence invited. 

FRAHK F. NOLEMAN, Atty., Centralla, I1L 


The Callahan Dramatio Co., 

80 People, Baliroad Show, Opens March 16, 
WART Reliable Tom and Ten Nights People 
wamatja that double brass, violinist to double 
B. A O., Oanvas Boss and others. Long season. 
Salary .ore. Mo bootera or dlaorganlsers wanted. 
L. W. OALLAHAN, BofJ, I. T. 

Wiitid, fir J. ELLIS' Brut Eastern 2 Ring 

SHOW, a Band of 8 Pieces, white or colored; 
Olrous People, Concert People, a or more turns; 
Man with good Dogs or Trained Ponies, good 
Advance Man. Make It low and au In first. No 
tickets. B, R. Show; open latter part of April. 
JOHN BLLIB, Tower City, Pa. 

WANTED TO BUY, E-Flat Alii Saiipnise, 

Concert pitch; must be In good condition. State 
lowest cash price. Plated instrument preferred, 
Address POTTS A POTTS, care of Mamie Fleming 
Co., wuilam.port, Pa, week Feb. 8; Uaaelton, 
re., week Feb. la, 

^^^^^"^P^^aBaal' ' 

gtv3' • ^tW 

BnwBa«>aw st&ife.- aVaaaBSSR 


- JB 

7- f "\ 


The above is a sample of onr 7(0. Newspaper 
Hslf Tone made for Posters, Newspapers, Letter 
Cuts delivered when cash accompanies the order. 
Send 75o. for a trial order and be convinced. Wt 
do the best work promptly and at the lowest price. 

(li Hay St., Knoxrtlle, Tenn. 
HwDreaslBet B«n Complit * Without It 

Isutsvatamaawa Hair Kestorer. Cheaper 
Thaai Amy Imitation at Doable the 
Pries. Better Than Any Sub- 
stitute at Any Price. 

For the bead 
hair and beard- 
Always re- 
stores the orig- 
inal color o( 
S ray or poorly 
yed halr-al- 
waya revive, 
the color of 
bleached or 
faded hair. 
Safe and sim- 
ple to nse. One 
application for 
any of eight 
colors. Recom- 
mended by 
Leading Hair 
Dressers, th« 
D. 8. Health 
Reports, tbs 
German and 
English Impe- 
_ rial Chemical 

offices. Price, ll.OO per bottle, at any well _ap- 

SOlnteddrogetoreor Perfumery Counter or Han 
resser, or from ■ __ __ 

TBB Broadway, M. T. 

( imwirni imwm\\\\\\\\N\^ 

show nirrs. 

Eoual to any In workmanship, shape and quality- 
Get our prices before bn jLng. Agent* for UBfl • 
lights and Baker torches. Black tents for moving 
pictures. Good second hand tents from 8ex» >o 
fioxSOO. at Bargains. v 

BAKER A LOCKWOOD, Successors to 0. 1. Baker, 
ill Delaware St, Kansas City, Mo. 


01 TEB LID- 

not OATAIDUDK. (The Book with the Bed Oorer). 

C. A. TAYLOR, Trunk Works. 

M A 41 E. Randolph BL, 

1st W.Madison St., 

in w. atth sl, 


The burning of our 
not delay shipment*. 






" ■ , CATAL., Be. Host* 

far Maaalsaa. It- 
■t, BeatoaVMata, 

J WHS win, ih rmt ILL. _ . . 

f^ALOGUM Ifc. : *UP. CATAtV, Be. Neat 



RoSlrtH'OM SI. 


Febbtjaby 13/ 

• '■ 5JICHIOAX. 

I»wti»;il.'--At the Detroit Opera iiou«e 
,r"C. WWtaw. nwnaaer).— Nat C Good- 
win. In "A- Olld«d looH" plajeO, to packed 
bouses, Feb.. 1-A Henry Irving, In repertorr, 
phyed, to crowded houses, 4-0. Mrs. Leslie 
tarter, lu i "Du Barry," 818; "The Sultan 
of Snlu . 15-20. 

L*ciu*t Theatbx fE. D. Stair, managerl 
.-••The • Fortune Teller," preaented by a 
well balanced and capable company, de- 
liibted large and appreciative audiences Jnn 
;<5-Feb. 0., Edua Hropson scored an om- 
phalic lilt. '*fn Old Kentncky" 7.1a. oeo 
Sidney. In "Kusy lxay," 14-20. 

WHtrxKi Theatre (K. I>. Stair, maun, 
iter).— "Not Guilt j" wo* presented by a good 
I'ompany. to packed houses, laBt week. "\Vhv 
Women Bin' 7-JS. ' 

aflmnwni (W. B. Lawrence, man- 
ager).— The. bill for iveek of 8: Wilfred 
(.lark-; an* company. Klein, Ott Brothers 
and NIcMhion, tbo Three Polo*. Ifedinl and 
Arthur, Tjce and Jermon, Mildred Flora, 
llrboks. Brothers, Sydney Grant, and the 
kloetograpb. Last week's bill was of a high 
order, anil tbc attendance good. 

Xkmple TnsATni! (J. H. Moore, manager). 
- -Tbe attractions for week of 8: Eddie Kov, 
liddle Gorvle and Mollle Thompson, Watson, 
Hutching*. Kdwards and company, the Kour 
Pulses, Hacker, and Lester, Vllona Sisters, 
-lu Klyno, Elsie Janla, and tan American 
klnetograph. IJlllan Burkbart, and tbe Knuf- 
■uan Troupe were the leading hlte of last 
week's bill, and tbc attendance was large. 

Eurinc Tkeatbb (Dr. Campbell, mana- 
jjerl. — This Cracker Jacks Burlesquers gate 
h good . entertainment, und drew fair slied 
iiuuiea week of 1, Vanity Fair Burlemiucra 
718, Imperial Burlesque™ 14-20. 

NoTKe.T— James Phelan, of Toledo, 0, 
lolded '<The Isle of Spice" In thla cltv lust 
ivee^,.ln- the. role of Keshan. Mr. Plielan's 
lira) stage experience last season was with 
lhe : Charter French Opera Co., of New Orv 
ItaflB. He will continue to jilay the part of 

KaSUan on tbe road E. W. Mlgglus, 

owner ot the Tomplo Tbeatre, this city, |s 
seriously ■ ill at fain home rom an attack or 

puailiio«fa Drew and Campbell, of Hie 

Star Theatre, Cleveland, O.. bawe purehae-d 
the' McMillan interests In the Avenue Thea- 
tre,'. In this city, and the Colonial, of Cleve- 
land^ • ft Is understood that the policy of the 
houses will remain the same. 

Gran* Haplds. — At the NEW Powers 
' Harry O. Bommcrs. A Co., managers). — 
Marie Cablll, .in "Nancy Brown," pluyed. to 
S. B, 0>, Jan. 37. Wilton Lackaye, In "Tbc 
Hit;". 30, 81 , played to crowded bouses. Paula 
■ 1 /dwarUett, 4, drew; well. Richard Carle, in 
The •Tenderfoot," «; "The Irish Pawn- 
brokers;". 7. ; Mav Howard Co. 8-10. and "The 
VabkeeConsul" 11, 12.. 
,. Majestic (Orln Stair, manager).— Mrs. 
Fiake.'ln "Marv of Magdala," Jan. 28, played 
to «. B. O. "when Beuben comes to Town," 
•-U, HO, drew well, as did "Shore Acres" 8.J- 
Ken. 8, Coming: "Busy Izzy" 4-6, Jos. Mur- 
phy 7-JO, "Holty Tolty r ' 11-13. 

Gravd Opera Hoist; (Orlu Stair, muna- 
rtr).— ''The Little Church Around the Coc- 
ue>,' Jau 31-Feb. 3, drew well. Coming: 
■Tor Her Children's Sake" 4-0, "The Night 
llefore Christmas" 7-10, "The Great White 
W|mond" 11-13. 

. 8 Pith's Opeba House (Mrs. W; B. 
Smith, manager). — This house continues do- 
ing an excellent busdness. Coming, week of 7, 
W7"B. ' Watson's Oriental Burlesquers, and 
week 'of 14, Hani T. Jack's Own Co. 

SiinlwjlTr.-— At the Academy of Muslc( John 
11. Davidson, manager). — "Not Guilty," Jan. 
J8, to fair patronage. "The Irish- Pawn- 
broker*,". Feb. 3, to good business. Joe 
Murphy -1, Thomas Jefferson, In "Bip Van 
Winkle," o: "Holty Tolty" 8, "Under South- 
ern Sfclce" 10, "Busy Izsy" 13. 

J ef Fins' Theatre (T. D. Bamford k Sam 
Marks, managers). — The bill week of 1 : 
Klein, Ott Brothers and Xlckerson, Es- 
meralda. Sisters, Mitchell and Lore. Larkln 
:ind Patterson, the Two Hewitts, Wise and 
MlItciD. Business has been very good. John 
B. WIllB' •Musical Comedy Co. week of 8. 
■; .** * . 

Knlamasoo. — At tbe Academy of Music 
<B. 'A. Bush, manager). — Mrs. Fiske, In 
"Mary of Magilala," played, to tbe capacity 
of .the bouse, Jan. 29, giving a tine perform- 
ance. .• 'The. Irish Pawnbrokers" came, to 
fair business, 30. "Tbc Isle of Spice" bad 
moderate business Feb. I, the play deserving 
u packed house "Winsome Winnie" thor- 
oughly pleased a good sized audience, and 
"Snore Acres" came to fair business. "The 
Mgljt Before Christmas" 5, Mrs. Leslie Car- 
ter, In" "Du Barry," t>, and "Weary' Willie 
Walker" -10. 

Kawuazoo : Amuuemunt Palack (Geo. C. 
Hummer, manager). — -This house is meeting 
with uninterrupted success, roller skating 
.-filnlug-to lose none of Its charms. 
:i .-■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

B«v City — At Washington Theatre <.W. 
• J. .Daunt; manager). — Mrs. KIske. In "Mary 
ufVigdtlH," drew u large and cntbuslustlc 
audltlvce :.1an. 27. James Kennedy's 1'ia.y- 
iTshain'falr sized bouses 28-30. "Not Guilty" 
-T) i ; Joseph Murphy, In "Kerry Gow," Keb. 
j; Thomas Jeffersou. |n "Bip Van Winkle," 
0:'TJb' Younger Brothers 8, '"Holty Tolty" <>, 
■Under. Southern Skies" 11. George Sidney, 
lu'"8usy lazy," 12. 

Notb.— AVm. B. Mock, of the Mrs. Flake 
, 'o,,]b an old Bay City hoy, and won with 
ills parents while lu the city. 

J«oK«o".— At the Athenaeum (II. J. Per- 



*- n «1?^ WB r »— Cteatore's Baud, Jan. 
2i, fllled the house. "8I» Hooklns" 2S 

Staff? an a ^ U " x, h0asc - •'«»° M? ' GnlS: 
SSS ^i .'i,» ? he Pa3 ' t0B s,8ltr8 opened a 
!r^«.? lg i Uts CD R»WBient Feb. I u> j 
o,^w d ^. . h , ous <— the flrst popular priced 

oways s. Peeks Bnd Boy" io HuHe Ar«» 
tlnot.ll. "King Dodo" 17* ••l'l„roVl*r,r is 



ter, cnutmger). — "When Ueubeu Comes to. 
1 own" Jan. 'J8. "A Thoroughbred Tramp," 

;u."aflernoou and evening, came, to good 
business, i James Kenudey*« Kepertorr Co.. 
V'eh. 1, •> and 4-tl. did fafrly well. "Isle of 
Spice," '3.' hud a largn and appreciative uudl- 
eiive.- ."'."ITic Irish Pawnbrokers" .8. "The 

rwiderfoot" 10, Geo. Sidney 11, "Under 
■Soutfi«rn Skies" 13, "Holty Tolty" 18, W. If. 

Lun»ln« At Baltd's Opera House Oft 

«'•. \yilllams. mannirer). — Younger Bros, 
•unle tfeb.- 2, to fair honsc. Tbos. Jeffer- 
mhx, In mj{| b y na winkle," pleased a good 
buuab-4.. "The Irish Pa wnbroken<'.' did srof>rt 
i'Uslness. o. ■ 

♦ »» • 

•'',". ALABAMA. 

Mvnt4omer> . — At tbe Montgomery The- 
atre (Blrscher. Bros., managers').— Cap'. Jack 
Oawjord, the Poet Scout, Jan. i.'o,.\vas well 
recede)!. Itpse Melville, In "Sis Hopkins. " 
-I', bad good business. Al Wilson, In- A 
I'/ltice of Tatters," Feb. 3 (matinee and 
iilglit) : Helen Gruutly, In "The Palace of 
the- King," '4'; "The ltunaways'' 6 (matinee 
and ■lilgfit) ' 

•Mtfl».NAI*'B TlLKATHi: (G. I'. MoDoUttld, 

™an|ger);—Paytou Sisters Comedy Co., Jan. 
^UOrbad' sood busi ness. 

BlrniinicIiBin. — At the Jcffersoa Theotre 
'U., j3.. Douglas, manager). — Crentore s Baud 
■Irjair. twp' Tariju and appreciative audiences 
•Ian; 23. "*Xhe Earl of Pawtuckel" was a 
vclcouie offering 30. Fine business at both 
Vertpnnances. Coming: Al. Wilson I eb. l . 
-, TPiKk's Bud Boy" 4, "In the Palace of 
inc'Rtug" 5, Hose Melville 8, o. Sadlo Mar- 
'iqotlO? the Four Cohans 11, Nat C._ Good- 
will Vi,- '.'The Lily and the Prince" lo, Jno. 
-H9, "Florodoru" IT "King »°* - 2 - 
Thuatae (H. B. Williams, maaa- 
e Welta-Dunne-Harlan Co. prefcnte»l 
White Flag." Jan. 25-30, to good 
A Contented Woman" leb. 1-8; 
4 „.bouso by the Sea." 8-10, "Aiueer 

; Ifoix— Ade llpa Pattl canceled. 

"»lta..— At the Academy of Mnnic (Long 

?w is, ".J i 
.WWflO Ti 

. \d" ^vSCft: - UK "Sl''"' » mn Il.m-e 
«i£jS*9 manager).— Bcrlbn Gallan.l, 
'>ivii I h ? ^ ( 'nion. of Hnddon Hall." Jan. 
-h-.ju furnished one of the nvwt enjovnblc 
entertalnmenls i>f the w.iiwn Char!-" Vw 
HL222?*' »"», Present at the opening per^ 
ormance. Business wn* very l.lg. K jUn 
Drew la "The (Ucond In Command," Vl" 
rULSSF H ''"a 10 " 13 !? big buKiuess. The 
t -inclnnntl German Stork Co., in "JacKer- 
Wut," for one performance, h. w«. ISt" 

™*, < ISfSSSi fllle<1 ft return cnxaue- 

M-TE&ftjn s,i,ror s,ipi,er xi 

gg"}gg>g Desperate Lord Barrington." 

iw ^.«^ ?P P i ,Rl u f }.°J hQ , " i " 111 W* bind- 
n>?S8. "Her Only Sin, Feb. 1-3 wis a new 

2!2S*£SF*.% "aa*» wSSu, -a 
5252 }{ no 4 ^, L rto i' 1 " 1 ' ohkA 

Around tbe Corner' 8-10, the Iloval i.iii. 
pntUua U-13. "King of Deteclivcs' ? -Lvi7. 
m -4 ttANU > °g" u Houst: G*hnf«r Zlcgler. 
mf \? a lff r >;— Fanny Bice was at tbe beau of 
a vaudeville bill, week of 1. that drew ca- 
pacity bUKlncss. Three Fortunes, GllUbun 
and Murray, Kelt and Rttsk, Htcbnrds and 
Montrose, Beatrice Morelaad, Hoattlna and 
Mevcno, Kjrle and Wilson, and "Tbe Great 
J rain Bobbery, on the blow-one, all made 
gt-d. For week of 8 : Marcel's living pic- 
tures, Lew Sully. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mur- 
phy, A. O. Duncan. Bryant and Savllle, 
Gallagher, Barrett and company. Hal Merrltt. 
Madge Miiitland, and the bioscope. 

Cjhoxk Thbatbe (Ralph Thurbut, mana- 
«er) .—Business holds up to tbe usual high 
standard. Week of S tbe tmoklng* are : Tbe 
Lveretts. Carlos Daly, O'Brien and Harold, 
and tbe klnetoscope. 

KMPinr. T«>:atkc (<Thas. Zlmmermiin, man- 
ager). — Freil Irwin's Big Show gave a clever 
performance week of 1. Itentz-Santley Co. 
wcijk.of 8, and the Bohemians week of 15. 

KTanm-llle.— At the Grand Opera House 
(Pcdley & Burrh, managers). — All previous 
records were broken wet* of Jan. 25, for at 
eight performances of "Ben Uur" the house 
was packed to S. H. 0. The week's business 
showed receipts of about eighteen thousand 
dollais. A large sale of seats for John Drew, 
In .The iieconu in Command," Feb. 3. How- 
ard-Dorset Co. 8-10, "The Girl With tbc 
Green Byes" 11, Ww. H. Crane 15, Uutn- 
Ian & Wall's Minstrels 1((, "When Knighthood 
Wa»t in Flower" 18, "The Chaperonj' p 10. 

iProPLr.'s n^tr^AraB (Pcdlcy & Burcb, man- 
aygrs). — This bouse was well Mled Jan. 31, 
at two performances of "A Bunch of Keys." 
and the play being in good hands this sea- 
son kept Its audiences In good humor. Two 
performances, at advanced prices, of "The 
Silver Slipper." Feb. 7; "Mickey Finn" 14, 
"New Jersey folk" 17, "A Hun ou the Bank' 1 

Temple Tukatkl, of Owensboro, Ky. (Ped- 
ley & Burcb, managers), had a good house 
to greet "A Bunch of Keys" Feb. 2. "Miss 
Bob White" did good business 3. "Mr. 
Jolly, of Jollet," 5; Flavla Stock Co. 8- 
13. Oulnlan & Wall 10, "The Chaperons" 
18. "When Knighthood Was In Flower" 10. 

Notes. — The wonderful success which the 
manager of the Grand had with "Ben Uur" 
proved to him that no undertaking was too 
great Tbc members of the "Ben Hur" Co. 
pronounced the stage of the Grand one of 
the most complete they bad ever played on. 

Tbe carnival co. being organized by 

Harry Wright, former manager of the Wright 
Carnival Co., Is to be targe and must com- 
plete this season. The entire outfit Is new 
aud up to date In every respect, and will be 
ready for opening la the early Spring. All 
new onttlt Is being made In Kvausvllic, un- 
der Mr. Wright's personal direction. 

' Marion. — At the Indiana (E. 1„ Ki line- 
man, manager). — "A Gentleman of France" 
was greeted by a large audience Jan. 27. 
Charles Daltou made u hit. Nat Wills, In 
"A Son of Best," delighted a large audience 
28.' Mr. Wills scored a decided success. 
Little Will Archie, of Weber & Fields fame, 
brought down tbe house. "Tbe Silver Slip- 
per" tested tbe capacity of the house, both 
matinee and night. 'M. Tkomas Iveousli 
furnished unlimited fun, and Gertrude Mll- 
lln'gtou won numerous recalls. Itlchard Carle 
and "The Tenderfoot" were enthusiastically 
received, by a large audience, Feb. 1. The 
music was catchy and the book clever. Un- 
derlined : "Superba" o, "The Isle of Suiee" 
8, "Maebeth" 9; Mary Munnerlng 13, "The 
Earl of Pawtucket" 17. 

.Tin: Oband (10. L. Klnneinau, manager). 
— J. C. Lewis and his "SI Plunkard" Co. 
made their annual visit Jan. 30. and, us 
usual, stood them -up. "A Thoroughbred 
Tramn" had two big houses Feb. 1. Peck's 
Bad Bov," 3 and matinee, wan liberally pnt- 
ronlzed," and gave a clever show. Billed : 
"Shore Acres' «. Black Pattl Troubadours 
I). -"Down and l'p" 11, French Folly Bur- 
lesquers 13. .. . , 

Note. — Tbe colored aggregation, ptaylus 
"The Hottest Coon In Dixie," dosed nt KheJ- 
byrllle. Ind.. Feb. 1. 

» i ■ i 

- Andemua At the Grand Opera House 

(J. B. Dlckuon. manager). — "Foxy Grandpa" 
did big business Jan. 20. "A Hugged Hero" 
pleased Feb. 2. Itlchard Carle, la "The 
Tenderfoot," drew the largest house of tbe 
lOS«oii 3, and put the standing room sign 
out early. "The Hottest Coon In Dlxey" 4. 
"81 Plunkard." with rube band. 3 : Llnrou 
J. Carter's "Her Only Sin" 0. ZsMlIe & Ver- 
nou Vaudeville Co. 0. 10. "A Thoroughbred 
Tramp" 11. "The Earl of Puwluckel" 13. 
Columbus Theutrc Stock Co., of Chicago, 15- 
1, ; French Folly Co. 18, "The Heart of 
Maryland" 20. 

Norts.— Al. Martlu's "lincle 'loni' car 
met with an accident here Jan. 24. ITic 
xtGam heater exploded and blew a sectlou out 
of tbe roof Bantu Bay, former proprie- 
tor of the Buy Tbeatre, basj-etunied to the 
hotel business, having purchased [the Ch eugo 
Hotel and taken charge. ... ..Mr. Dlcksou, 

of the Oraud, baa decided t<> dlscoullniie. 
rtuudav attractions. 

, « * 

Terrc llnntr.— At tbc Grand Opera 
liouso (T. W. Barhydt, msuagcr).— "Ben 
TTur" Feb. 1 and week, played to capacity 
business at every performance. comlug : 
Black VattI S. "The Silver Slluper 0. TitBATUB (Geo. ft. Clark, man- 
,.» er ). — The bur esquo and vaudeville bill for 
week of 8 lucludes : Edith Shaw, Dottle 
Dimple, Oracle Morrison, Tcnny and .Clark. 
Ibe i'atnadus, Leo and Hulky. Bngeue l'lpplu. 
This house Is receiving fair patronage. 

Notes. — A new asbestos curtain bus beeu 
lila'ccd in the Grand by Manager Barhydt. 
•lu* H. H. O. »lgu «'us lu demand nt «\>ry 
Lcrforuiauce of "Ben Hur,' which closed 
tero t). The receipts for the week were 
over X'-'O.OuO The Terre Haute Amuse- 
ment Co. has arranged to open u. largo park 
ESkS of the city, and to build a theatre 
lu which first class vaudeville will kM*M 
darlnc the Summer season. Booking will ua 
done Wou gh Mr. Bhayue, of Ch icago. 

' FrsnkllBr— TIm Bllnii (E. Luugerbrake, 
manager).— Chas. Dnrtoa In "A Gentleman 
Jn 'ranee," came Jau. 28, to fslr business. 

Jtweph Santley. In "From 'Bags to Riches," 
.10. to big business. "A Thnrotighliri'd Tramp" 
came Feb. 2, to fair business. Coming: "TV 
Crlalu" 10, ''KntzcDjammcr Kids" 17. 

— : — ♦»» 

. — The company which has played so long 
and successful nn engagement nt Ibe Fischer 
Opvrn House.. San Francisco, with the Weber 
fc Fields burlesyiifs and ejirnvngnntns, la 
sbortly In Mill for Australia, where tliev are 
hooked fur nn cttrnsive tunc. They are also 
scheduled to appear iu llnnnliilii. The com- 
IMiny will pnibuldy visit Japan on Its way. 
playing Inn frw of the principal cities of that 
country. This tour w«s arranged llirnugh 
Harry James, the Snii FraneUcu representa- 
tive. of M. Wlliunrk * S,uis. 

Theatre Sites 

IN 4Mb ami 41tU STREETS 

long Acre Section, \. V. City 

EAST OF BltOAmVAV. Hiilinble loans to 
build. MEDnn - lUil'.X KKAI.TY COIt- 
roBATKi.N. 40 Wnll Street, Sew York tMtv. 

No Manager or Agent knows how clever you are 
until he sees you play.und you do not know how 
superior DRICAM CHK AM Is aa compared with 
other akin preparations until you have tried It. 

AposlUveeure for Moth Hunts, Freckles. 
PI m plei and nil akin blrmiilies— lias made 
wonderful cures lit cases of Kcipin»---!« a 
sm>erlor msssage cream as It ramovra wrln- 
Ulei and develops the neck, thront mil 

In dainty Jars, tt.00 each. 

Sold at Wanaunker's. Rlicr's Drug store, or 
sent dlreot on receipt of price- write to 

Ilox2«;, Madison Square Branch. S. Y. City. 




There are many Oold cream Preparations on 
the market today. Some are GOOD— others are 

BBTTER-flat Molnnerae j'i Is BK8T. 

The mgredlentt of Mclnnemey's Oold Creani 
ere pore end imrmlees, and when you onoe uie 
ihli preparation yon will went no other, 

Other good qnelltlee In Its favor ere He delicate 

Ertnme, smooth wMteneee and ooollnf properties, 
id It dote not cost es maon ee many of tbe raj 
lafeiler yrepentlou. 



rom 1 AL X O ■ L T AT 

The Incomparable Skin Tonic. 
Absolutely Free from Rancidity. 
Once Used, Always Used. 



Kooiii. ai3-S17, No. JO L» Malle Mtr^rt. 




put tip lu lib Tlns-SOc. 



* ° VWH1SV 

■ Samnlee Free. 
■IBS KTHEL VAH BUHicrt (VanBuren A 
Beymonr) writes : I take pleasure In praising roar 
AntltepUc Throat Paattlfea to ell who suffer from 
irritation of the tbroat. I term them my "Life 
Seven." eva.h U SOUS. Lisa., 

1» Wl lll.m St „ km w XmtU. 
London, Liverpool, Montreal, Toronto. 



Katnoai Tlieavtrlcal 


Between sstli aiul&th (its., 
NKW tOKK Cirv. 
Be«t of Food, Perfectly Cooked, 
UellclotiHly Herveil. Prices 
ressonsbln. Special lMnlug 
Ooom for Ladles. 


Reduce your neeh without dieting. Twodollars 
P»r hox: 5 rmvee live dollars. Address 

BOX M, mad. &. x . P. , 5. Y. Olty. 




■KTROPOLTTA1* OOTKL Broadway and 
ITth 81., New Tork. Enropean Plan. Koome U • 
week, np. wm. B. Uott, Prop.; u. E. McNnlty, Mfr. 

PAliAOK HOTKL, Chtcsgo. II . B. Humphrey, 
Prop. Rates: European, 13.00 per week; wlthprl- 
rate be to, |T. ObAKK ST. Oable lo all theatree. 

ST. CIIAllUEH iiOTKl., is So. Clark St., 
Ohloafo; Rolf. J. Ooold, rrop. Tbeauiral Heed- 
smarter*. Rooms %h to IT per wevk.Sleatu h«at,t>a>thi 

NATIONAL '-a ^a^n^ 

— — ■ ■«■■■■»■» D . A , UOOLKY, Prop. 

WM. TKI,!. HOI NK, Howard and Somerael 
Sta., Boeton, Mass. Central location. Excellent 
meals. RMILT T. BAMNWART, Prop. 

BKN FRASKLIV IIOVRB, U ttomentet St., 
Boeton, kfaaa., opp. Court llonse. Fine board and 
rooms at reaaonanle rates. Mre. Mary Thotnea. 

"^•iinKcV^HOOSBTi &3~Leellt7bowell, ttaea! 
/as. MacOrefor, Prop. Prof.'shome. All modern 
eontenlencoe. ft per week, void bottle after enow. 



American, %i and np; Rurtipean, T&ota. and np 

Special Rates to Theatrical Profession. 

8. A, CROWE, Proprietor. 


570 H. Cl,AHKST.,neiir 


ewaWlOCIinUr i .okaonTSA i C A O O. 

First Olaei homo for Profa. Furnlahed Room* 
»nd Board, f» weok. MAORIOK ROKO, Prop._ 

_ STHOSS HUTJKi,,«4 and'itO W. lSth ST., 

C HF.8TE R K I K Lb.-Klegant lintel : modern. 
Perfect outline, service, ippolntmenta. European 
plan. I. U. HAN RAU AS, Prop,, Petcwbnrg, Va. 

KODIN HOt HOTE I„ BUFFAI £>, N. T., Waah- 
Ington and Bagle Sta. (opposite Hotel Iroquois), 
HARRY ASM.CS, Prnp. R11 


mpean und American 
Rooms aoo. per day np. Am. plan. II to fa. 

Dll I IIIAIC ""lei. Ueadnnartera for 
III iLllla W -° " ro,<Mlj "- 11ft * aa 

Walnut Sti., ST. 1AJU1H. 


14s liearborn st„ Chicago. ProfeMonel rut en $ I 
par week and up. Loiailon in heart of the c ity. 

TRAFAI^ARTlIMnkaaTitthBt.. New York, 
ops. Dewey. RuomiSOc., ISc. $1. $1.80 day; »2.M 
to ts week. W. 1). il annidas, Propr. 

hotel HAVUvTioungatown, oiilu.— r.uta- 
pcan plan; new; rooms, Mr.., ^6^^., »1; hoadi|iiar- 
tcrs Tor profeislon; convenient to ihcutrea: cor. 
Board man and Champion at>._A.J.Onibner.Pr»p. 

~ ,V Madtaon, CBIOAGO. 

O. C. Taughau, Prop. Strictly 

1 American Plan, la-116 alngle; 


Jeffemon Sta., boulavllte, Ky. Amer. plan. Ratee 
|7 doable, In single. KverytUIng now hut Nlc. 

will trout you right In rcgnrd to ratee and aorvlce. 
niDirir.HT i.csi 11 Wlthont Extra Charge. 
I*is than 'l minutes' walk of all the leading 
theatres: Write ahead for room. 

OrlAS. MUELLER JR.. PROP., Milwaukee. Wle. 

EXCELLENT Rooms and Board, $1, up. Con- 
venient to all theatres. Ka'b'd 'T«. BROWN, 240 
K. Ohio SI., Chicago. Telephone 8331, Dearborn. 

Hill's Kiw Hotel Gift. reS^i-fsa 

Rooms Hoc. to76c. per day; %2M and $3.00 n week. 
Ladle*' Restaurant on second door. No. ft E. 4th 
SL, Wilmington, Del. 0. R. HOLT, Prop. 


I'.inoPllAS PLA1C. 

n- Special weekly rates to the profession. 

1S6 Clark St., Chicago. Most central locution In City 

WANTED, for the Hall i Sample Wagon 
Shows, 1st Violin with music, to lead 0.; P011I1I0 
Baritone In ll, Clarionet H. and 0. Other musicians 
write. Urnond Horizontal Ban, Roman Ladders, 
Aerial Ladder, Foot Juggler, Slack and Tight 
Wire, Contortionist, Double and Buliiuclng Props., 
ruing Rings. Sailor and Carrying Penh, Break- 
away Ladder, Trained Dogs and Ponies, dround 
and Lofty Tumbling. Cannon Bull Juggler, Clowns, 
Etc.. Sketch snd Staler Teams, Dulidi, Irish and 
B. V. Comedians fsat sing and dance. Those 
douiillng 1st li-rur Rurnxi, Alio ami Tromhono 
preferred. Canvas Men, Oroouis, Conks and Bill 
Posters. Particulars and lowest salary. Small 
circus and vaudeville. Address F. W. 11ALL, 
Nora Springs, Iowa. 

CERT BAND hue First Class Positions for caiwblu 
men; Clarionets preferred; all Instruments write, 
especially machinists. All letters uniwered. Slate 
age, Instrument, experience and trade. 

!>■ H.McCOSII, Louder. Ottnmwa. Iowa. 

WABTTED,;ror tbe Croat C. w. Parker Amnae- 

ment Co., a few more Lady Musicians for Hand. 
Slate what you play. Add. Horace .Murphy, Band, 
master, Almu. Ark. urU. W. Parker, Atilfrno, Kans' 

FOR SAXE.Ten Flno Films, fit (AOOft.): SI111- 

Plex Name Plate Machine, lift; si.v Kntonllold 
'otore Machines, fa; a Punching Machines, flu. 
Chei. K»y. CnmiHTlBnd. Md. 

BPECiALfor tw i>sv- to Prof.:tieiiuine Uard 
Ruhber. Oold Fontitatn Pen, complete In cs-e, 
with Flllor tuofske). w..: regular price, f l.w, or 
tuoncy hack. Only a for each customer. Treneld 
be malL J. K. MORTON. Asl.ury Park, N. J. 

WANTED -flood Medicine Performers, Dutch, 
Irish and Black Fare Comedians. Must be able 
to put on acts and make t hem go. Those thai fake 
organ or do two specialties a nlglit for weok given 
preference. Clifton Remedy Co., filran), 111. 

WANTED AT^ONChT aolior and telial.lo 
Al All Around Medicine People able to change 
oue to two week!. Piano Players. Season never 
closes: Salaries mun he LOW, they ere SURE. 
Good treatment, state hII hi first letter. im.HIN- 
MAN, Hgr. Glenwooil Concert Co.. Avondale, Pa. 

WAWTED -First Cln.a atUlllCINK PEOPLE. 
Mast Ik: Versatile anil Play Orgau or Piano. Long 
senson tor the rtgln jwoplc. Address 

OARDNER I. llASl'ortP, iUnsgflri. 
Clifton Kemrdy Co.. No. 3. nornsl.y, ill. 

ing to Life', Ventriloquist Figures. organ, Paint- 
ings, Mechanical Wax Flgnica. Illusions, Hooka 
on Magic. Klc. W. 0. J. SUAW. Victoria, Mo. 

A LADY win sells, iruc llnndsomo Street and 
Evening downs. |.-,.no to fvo.oo. RldliiKhaliit. 
DESSAU. '.•«■'. W. IKIli VY^, lst_ApartmTOi. Esst. 


Of Films Wann.,1. MAOIIIKK. cam of CI.1PPKR. 

MEDICIIVE MR!«, boeton" Kelts only fit) per 

6 to. Bargain; cattnui be dqplleated when gone, 
Andsome cartoons free. H other styles Klec. 
Belts with lundsome boxes; Klec. Insoles. s8c. 
docprs.; Kleo. Jars, lie. doz.; Soap, fJ.Iugro. 
Soap Jars and Print all cash ; Klec. Bolts half cash. 
Write for price list snd lecture free, largest and 
best equipped E. B. Mfgr j. Iu L. S. snd located In 
centre. Est 2iyra. 


Pront and Back Vending, escb trick Illustrated. 
'AlKt. MoruhOt's R"li«.i.s:i7N. l»h St., PhUa., Pa. 

HllnCnll THKATRK. 44th SL. near Broadway. 

nUHwUR gigs. Mats. WM. end SaL, 






Kvenlngs h. Hat. Saturday 2, 

DAVID BF.LASOo presents, by arrangement wltn 

Maurice Campliell, 

Hanrlatte) Oronmein 
In 1 


TS» s«^ ru» m mm w » 

gW "Sweet Kitty Bellairs," 

WALLACK'S. mats.,' wiv. isv bat., s. 

600. Ado's assK. mm 


uumeuonai OtroslL Theatrlcei Knts r p ru sM, 
- E. P. albkf, General Menaaer. 

8. K. BODOUOR, Booking Manager, Association 
of Veadevtlle Managers, St. Junes Bldg., Broad 
war end aeth sl. n. y. 

Huber's "£. Museum 

GEO. H. I10BEK, Propr. 
Freaks of Nature, also First Claas Veudirtlie Ante 
fo r Theatre. Ad dress J. H. AynKR SO N.Menagwr. 

««--I- MAW OPBHIfl 



Hulltvaii.V Krsu.s. AND VAl'llF.VILLE. 

Pro prietors. Pop , prtc es. -''C , Mo. and 40c. 


Dewey pabisi an widows. 

E. 14th St. I apBMggWBL HOSF.Sand 0MI0N8 . 


Niw York City. Coiliiuout PirftrniRM. 

Warren * Blatichard. Kergueun A Heeion, 

Sesrle A Violet Allen. S Itlo Broe., 

.las. a Hudlo Leonard, Ilowley A Leslie. 

John F. Clark, Usjmonlo Jk Belle, 

Marlon i Pearl, " rs R" T i' * Und ' 

Antrim A Fetors, Iflgglns A Pholps, 

T1IK VrTAORAPH, and as Extra Attraction, 



Touring In Europe On 
Important Business. 

Addres. No. * ^MABT-grSTBA-R. ^ 




More than tanking good at Chicago Qluhs. 

"The Jblly Trio/ 

En Rontu with own ootnpany. . 

JOSEF YARRICK, -aoioiar. 

Invites niters. 100 EAST Md ST., Now York. 

— ■ " ■ r ■ 

Frosto and Harve v , 

Their Art, LADY LB M A U R. 



Feb. 1 and s, (lolden Hale Tlieslin, Virginia, Mluu. 

Wally and Lottie llelston. 

Feb. 1.'. open and latnr. Address 

lnse N.iWth ST., Plitladelplila, Pa., or agents. 


liltlon), with F.lectrlD Lamp and Klienstat. |A9. 
K UI8QH, euro of CLIP PER. 

MIJKK'IA.Vm: Bend for tlescrlptlvoclrciihir 
nnil prices of the lloltou Cornets and ttlldn 
Trotuhoni-s. 'I'lioy itni generally conceded tu 
bo the best for profnmlanals. Address 
nUMK IIOI.TO N, 70 MndUon St., Chlcegu. 

can Plan, 'ihestrlcal ll'-ailiiuarteri. %\.'H> single. 
M rinnhle: $0 snd 17 per weok. 


— Tlirso dlirurcntlMHiksforlccts. All kinds of acts. 
MOHPUKT'S80HOOMa7N.»thBt„l'hlle„ Pa. 


A'lTOrtN'By, H.'i.l tlrnadwny, New Vork City. 

T VINE WHITE TAIL Olfl'fi, or Uorued 

Horses; cheep lots. I NylRbaies; ohesp lots. tf> 
spotted Axis Deer, 4U Kangaroos. 10 Erases; ulioup. 
sd Black Swans, etc. W1LUAM JAMRACli, Htoko 
Nowlnglon, Londnii. England. 


Foil Cnlform at most satisfactory terms. I sin shin 
to furnish rouelo for Theatra (lonuorts, Private 
Houses, all occasions, at reasonable rates; weekly, 
unntlilf snd season engagements lakon. S. TP- 
l.EJA, Le ader, SU NJjvwranoii Ht ., ridla., Pa. 

BLKpTiasjt'h, aigora. Lions and All Kinds 

ofWIld Animals. Orders nookod now. Elephsnut 
from IWj cut li ; Tigers, XI*. and en on. Cheapen 
house In the world. Established n century. 
WILLIAM JAMKAOII, Stoke Nowlr.gtoo, London. 
England. Snln sddrexs. 


lettered oroas-llning speee: Vauderllle, Reper- 
toire, Burlesque, Irremattc, Opera. Send fl for 
IM samples. Opera House contract* son. per 100, 
if. nOTLKB, ill W. Madison St.. CMca go, 

A. 4JOODKICH. LA WT BR, HI West Madison 
it, Ohleafo; eeUbUshed ISM. Bnilneas legal and 
gnlet Brannhsa and faolllllaa In o ther s tatsa, 

^HBAP>u7hV, ~Mo»itii~Plcture Machines, 

Uamcras. Luntoros, l^nsss. Song.lldesandi'tpply 
sold ana Iwught. Hpeclsl films and slides mule. 
Shows given. Export mechanic!. German-Am. 
MMbJkMBflJkaM >f? tslth St. N.Y. Tsl.t HJ. )) . 

for any instrument or number of instruments. 
Songs, words and music, sketches, etc. Send sump. 
(ill As. L. LEWIS, m Richmond St. OlnolnnaH, 6] 

AT L.IBEBTV- Comedy Sket/:Ii Team, Man 
and Wife, Stngles and Doubles, Illustrated songs. 
Both pin* ulis. OnodB. F. Com. Song and Dance. 

TDK EARLS, X-JHrnsdSl. Iltlei, B. V. 



FB3BUAgy 13 


— ' ' i 





AdyertrsMnenta— ?2.80 per Inch, single col- 
Biun. , - 

Advertisements nt with border, 10 per 
Cent. extra, 

One year In advance, $<; six month*, ?2; 
three months, $1. Foreign postage extra. 
Slnglo copies will bo sent, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cents. 

Oar Term* are Cnsb. 
THD CLIPPER Is Issued every Wednesday 
pinrnlnr. The (net four (advertising) pages 
GO TO PRESS on Saturday nt 11 a. v., nnd 
the other pages on MONDAY and THESDAY, 
The Forms Closing: Promptly, Tuon- 
Uuf, at 10 o'«loek A. M. 
Please remit by express, money order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. All cash en- 
closed with letter Is at the risk of sender. 
Addrc» All ("(immunlrariimi lo 
TUB NEW YORK, clipper, 

4.7 West 28th Street, New York. 
negMcret Cable Address, "AuTnoBiii." 


Of Tub Clippkb Is lorated at Room 502, 
AahUind. Block. Chicago, Walter K. mil, 

ninnngcr and correspondent, whore adver- 
tisements nod subscriptions ore received at 

out regular roles. 


Located at 48 .Cranbourn St., London, W. C, 
J. P. Cpughlnn, manager and correspondent, 
where advertisements and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rates. 
Tun CMpntn cam pb ortainep, wnoLV- 

811.0 AKD betail, at our Agents, DrentRnn's 

news depot, 37 Avenue de I'Oporn, Perls, 
France; M. Lllleutbnl, Frederick BtMAso 
10i' (Terminus Hotel),. Berlin, N. W., Ger- 
many ; Diamond News Co., 07 Prado, Ha- 
vana ; Manila Rook and Stationery Co., 128 
Escolta, Manila, !'• I.; Albert & Ron, 137- 
130 King St., Sydney, Australia 

only an* edition, and lliut U dated 
IrniB S'civ York. 


No Replies l.y Mall «r Telegraph. 

f si — f. 


CLIPPER I'usi Officio, alt, lrttsrm wii.i. 

Pul'ilUT, lir.J-l'l: TO Olill LIST OP ItOlrTKM 


. 1 1. (',., Qgdensburg. — We have no knowl- 
edge of the present whereabouts of the-parly. 
Amlress a letter In our ear* nnd we will 
Advertise It h. Tiiti Ci.irriJt letter list. 
ft," E. S., Wilmington, 
G. It .v., Newark. 
W. P. K., Homer, 
Miss L: M.. IVs Moines, 
J. C. it.. YVitshlngtiiii, 
Mrs. M. J. .\I., Washington, 
W. II. P., New Tork, \ 

A. 8. M., Cleveland, * ■ 

U. M.,' Albany, Aj a 

'•I'BiisoNAf, Fkimnp," Providence, 
).. It., Manchester, 

I. 11., New Y'ork, 
A. V., Atlanta, and 

3. A. M., Argentu. — See answer to 0. 0. 
obove.' ' 

A. L. Itronklyh. — H was originally played 
by* McKee lliinklii. ' 

II. W.. Cleveland. — You will find the Ad- 
dresses you require In Cnhn's Guide, published 
l.y Julius' Culm, Empire Theatre Building, 
New York City. It Is (he same party. 

.1. IT.. Ft. Wayne.— Tun letter Is still at 
I his office, 

W. &, Astoria,— There are two companies, 
one of which Is headed by Joseph Hurt and 
Carrie Be Mar. We can not give the roster 
of either company. 

W. IV K., Owciishoro. — The letter has not 
been claimed. 

J. I. V., Cleveland. — 1. lly personal uppll- 
eatlmi In the managers or through agents. 
5. A New York City business directory will 
furnish joii n list. :L From $20 n week up. 

M. •>!., Allantle Clly. — Owing lo Hie el.w- 
Ing uf the theatres In Chicago the eompsuy 
was closed. You will find route of the com- 
puny In our route list iih ko.ui ok It opens. 

"llANCHit." Clinton. — Thus, Spcuccr. 440 
West Thirty-sixth Street, New York Clly. 

C. J. It., .Newark.-— 1. See answer to O. 
G. 2. Wo hnvo no knowledge of miy Bitch 

"A Iti-Aiifn. Jersey City. — 1. At the expira- 
tion of the forly-lwo years, when the ropy- 
iiglil expires, It heroines public properly. 2. It 
does nut. 3. He can not. 

A-.& C, Toledo. — Not being familiar with 
the net we have no Idea of Us worth. Apply 
to any of Ihe recognised vaudovllln agents. 

J. v.. U., Raltlinore. — Prom ?!I0 a week up. 

O,- C. llnstim. — The iwrty d'ed Jan. 2. 
10(14, nnd the denth notice appeared in Tin: 
«Xipw;r dated Jan. ".). 

e'Ciimni'N,-" Bristol. — We nro not In n po- 
sition lo Rive you the desired Information. 

TJ. M. A., Chicago. — Yon will find wlmt yon 
desire In Calm's Guide, published hy Julius 
Cahh, Umpire Tlientre Iiiilldlng, New York 

J.. O., New Y'ork.— Aildresa some educii- 
tionfll pnl ill.'.it Ion for the Ittfnriiinllon. 

M«fl. D. C. G.. North Pownal. — We have 
no means of knowing, 

W. 0. H., Toronto.— I. Prmn $-10 np. X. 
They do. 3. We will publlsli such u list 
in April or Mb. 

It. 8. T., Brooklyn. — We can not aid yon. 

"lltinTKV Bov," New York.— Address ^t. 
Witmark * Sons, 144 West Thlrly-sevcntu 

D. 8., rn route, — We bavo not published 
the dcalll notice of the party, who Is still 
•i live, 

C. V. B., Warren.— -Consult n commerelnl 

I* St. P., St. I.ouls.— Advertise your wnnts 
In Titii Ci.H'PKr. 

K. J. T., Hamnlon.— Address Hick & Pits- 
gernld. 1H Ann Street, New York City. 

R. W. D, Nnw York.— •Addresii Prof. Stlrk, 
Stlrk's llnb, I'nst Boston, Mass. 

II. W. I'.. Chttnnto.— Address Carl Plsher, 
a Fourth Avenne. New York City. 

B. 0. K.. Yonkers.— J,etter wai wnt to 
Reaver FnllS, Pn., Dec. 15. 

••II. 3. vov W., Bpinfiwlek.-r>iddn<ss Me,x 
riolin. In care of this olllee. and we will nd- 
ftortlse the letter In Tub Clittsr letter Hit. 

IIII. 1.1 AllDS, POOL, ETC. " 

C. R. YV.. Metropolitan. — Match, Feb. '15, 
1ssi, oiisliloti caroms; J. Scliaefer Km 
iHilniw, W. Sexton BOB — Cooper Institute, 
N. Y. City ; DeJiaefer's average 3.04-1D2. 
fti-xlon's average 3.00-102. A second match 
Wo* pinyed by these players, uAder olnduvr 
i.iniliiloHS, at Tammsjiy Hall, N. y. f., on 
IVh. id. JS8I. which Sexton won; score, 
Seilini 40«i, Hchaefer 303; average. Sex- 
ton :;.40-120, Scbaefer . 3.3-120. 

J. D. R, Harrison Hot Springs. — Wo do 
not know iho sxnet salary reeelvscl by ball 
plsyers. As a rule, li Is purely guesswork. 
■ C. C. New Castle. — Uci should place the 
rarri where it can he readily referred to In 
case of subsequent dlt-pute, hut Is not obliged 
to j-xp<i*c bis haud. 

A axu II, I'rovldener. — 11. liaving made in 
pl.iy Ihe Hire.-! he bid, and having hut ouu 
in go, won tlie game with high. 

I.. M. I*. Illsbee.— D won, ns be needed 
hut on,, point, nnd jack outranks game In 
the connl. 

J. W. II., Green Bay.— B could not accept 
the card exposed in the -draw, but wum en- 
titled to tbe next card dealt from the top of 
the dek, and before nny player to his left 
was lu' to cards. 

YV. II.. Washington.— "Royal flush" Is a 
Icrm uut found in nny standard work on the 
game of pokor. A strnlglit (lush composed 
or nee. king, queen, Jack and ten spot is 
the highest hand that can be held In tie 

J. 0. A., Hamilton.— State tlio question 
dourly, nuu we will answer. 

O. I. IT. — No ofQclnl decision having been 
rendered, the bet Is drawn. 

T. R., Nlngura Palls. — Tommy Bynn (right 
name Joseph Youngs) was horn nt I ted wood, 
N. V., Jlanh 20, 1870. We know nothing 
about bis private affairs. 


Amatfub. — Write to the Navy Depart- 
ment, YVnahlogton, D. C, for the desired In- 



Western Bareaa 
Of the New Y'ork Clipper, 
Room 003, Asbliiml Hloek, Chicago. 
Chicago is gradually emerging from Its long 
period of theatrical gloom. The present Is 
pnuulslng and the ftiriuv Is fraught with 
bopefuluess. McY'lckei-'s '1'heatre swung Into 
line ls«t ..Monday evening. Jan. S. when "In 
Old Kentucky" wns given as our first thea- 
trical performance since Mayor Harrison, In 
furt he MM of his unrivalled specialty of 
'"Getting Out From Under," closed every 
theatre In Chicago Salurdny afternoon, Jan. 
2. The Criterion was Ihe second theatre to 
open when, ou Thursday evening, Sehnn Her- 
mit n took up Hie In si. half of her week's 
booking lu "The Charity Nurse." Two morn 
house*— the I'lHiple's nnd Hush Temple— ant 
hilled i<> open this ( Saturday) evening. Sun- 
day ufloriiunn ihe. Trix-ndero and the Mar- 
lowe Thenlre, lu Klglewood. hope to open, 
with A. II. WixMiliull's llljrh Hollers ami • Tho 
Little Church Around Ihe t'orner'' an their 
ifMiieetlve at tract Ions, hunduy evening the 
Warrick expects to present I'uuln Kdwanlex. 
in "tVliisonte Winnie," nnd ou Monday even- 
ing Ihe Illinois Theatre pluun to resume oiier- 
nli.itis, with Henry Irving as tlw attraction, 
l Urns with Henry Irving na tbe iitlraetloVi, 
the (irniid 0|u>rii n»use hoping lo ofTer Cbas. 
Rlelniuin, in "Cafit. Harrington," as Ita open- 
ing nt unction lite same evening. These 
a ix' the Immediate prnMpeeU. Tbe Chi- 
cago llpem Hinise will represent Kohl 
Si Cusllc's vaudeville Interests after Mon- 
thly, 15, thoru iH'lng llttlo likelihood of 
the Hayunirket opeulug for .some little time, 
nnd a prospect that' the present Olympic may 
never opeu. The Hludflinker will also opeo 
n week it-din Monduy, fully equipped as to 
every reqnlrcuioni of the new ordinances. 
Next Sunday Solum Herman will probably 

fen Hopkins', but the date of oiieulng the 
Mr Stnlr A Ilnvlln local theatres — the 
Jon. Academy anil Alhambra — Is, nt pres- 
ent, decidedly indcllulte, Ih>sido the Olympic 
the list of thealies which may not be able 
in comply with Hie new regulations In- 
cludes the Great Northern, which will have 
trouble lu providing exits; tho Thlrty-llrst 
Jiirect, La Salic nnd Sam T. Jack's, which 
tire nbovc the twelve feet limit • for non- 
Jlrepronf buildings, and the Masonic Temple 
liouf Theatre, which Is eighteen stories 
above the xldewalk and out of tbe running. 
It will be remembered that theatres which me 
opening now do so under n special priv- 
ilege extended for tholr temporary relief, 
'flie management of ench house must ill c n 
Ismd before permit Is Issued, In the sum of 
S25,0Mi, that overy requirement of the new 
building ordlniiutcs slmll be compiled wlln 
u'v Sepi. 1 next, lu ninny cases steel stuge 
Hi l ructures, lly galleries nnd rigging lofts, 
along with the sprinkler system, will be the 
only requisites to Insure full compliance with 
the ordinances. Fireproof brick proscenium 
walls, :.ieel curtains, n complete equipment 
of lire lighting uiipnralus nud tho proper nr- 
rtiiiKi'inents' of aisles anil exits are absolute 
ussimtlalH to even teiniKimry opening. The 
Inspection cf iheatres Is going along as fast 
lis practicable, and the required alterations 
are l<elug msi|e as fust ns leseen nnd uiiin- 
ngei.-: can mnkc tlicir rirrnngemeuts with 
niH)iM.r(y owners for the footing of the bills. 
In line in*i these diplomatic oillces ended In 
Ihi> u'libilruwiil of 1-1. I). Slnlr and. Geo, 
Middle! on from the lease of Hie Columbus 
Theatre, Hie house reverting in YY'ehcr Bros., 
lis owners. The manager of the American 
Theatre expects to complete all the reonlred 
strueluml changes lieforc opening. ■ Cleve- 
land's Theatre Is in contact with the nlder- 
nitinle minnitttee liecnuse of Us hick of n 
Mi* proscenium wall, tilt hough u |r pup. 
jillnl with a supposedly ilreprnrif wall, sep- 
arating the stage from the auditorium, row- 
ers' lias no iltvproof proscenium wnll of nny 
sort, and will Iw delayed in opening until 
n lirlek partition can he constructed. The 
Milwaukee Avenue tlarrlek. Howard's und 
till! Avenue, out lying stock company ihen- 
tr«-H, along Willi tillckmnu's Y'lildlsb Theaire. 
Hie calumei. In Sourh Chlengoj and Hie 
London Dime Musee. nwnll Inspection nnd are 
eoiiseqiieiitlyyet folic heard from. One peculiar 
outcome of Ihe opening of McY'leker's wns 
Hie relatively modern to business resulting 
from the cngtiKcincnt. "Our show hungry 
Ihcntregocrs" seemed averse lo Indulging 
llielr ,i|ipetltes lo the extent of box ofllce 
goiiruiondism which one might suppose 
would follow Hie opeulug of the rli-Rt tbeatro 
for the only tnrntricnl performance lu a 
town 4rf two million people. The opening 
house displayed many entply seals, business 
srAdtl&lty pivRliig Up until the seating cn- 
pqellv was consumed on t'rldny night. Be 
it 'known, meanwhile. Hint "standing room" 
wllt-jiol be sllowvd to l^ sold under Hie M 
nrdln.inei'. The nnslerule liuslneBs. under 
the firviimsl niiccs, must lie altrlhuted to the 
fuel Hint our theatregoer.! have drifted Inin 
ot Iter nvtiulcs of tiiiiii*eiin>nl, and our mnn- 
uBern will llnd this feature a potent element 
to orensmie. However, wllh a dlversllled 
selection, coupled wllh a goodly supply ot 
Bovelty. Hie current dnya may serve lo 
awaken our theatregoers from (heir lethargy. 
Two of tbe four down lown offerings are new 
to Chicago, with Sir Henry Irving In a class 
,hy himself. "Resurrc-llen," nt MeYJcket-'s. 
relurns to n field where Miss Walth nltrneled 
capacity business for four weeks last Spring. 
The slgns-of, the times are Indeed promising, 
oiid rlitcngii feels lielrer. 

It.tixois Tn'tATBB (Will J. Davis. ' mana- 
ger ).— Sir tleary Irving l« billed to open 

M.exlay oveiilug, Feb. 8, for a iortulghfs 
nujagemeat. The announcements for the first 
wefek are: •I'be Merchant of Y'enlce," Mon- 
day. Wednesday and FrUlar evenings nud 
Saturday's matlnis!; "The Story of AYaier- 
lorf' and "Tlje Hells," Tuesday nid Thursdny 
fA«nlngs, "Louis I" on Saturday nlghi. 
Uwhig to It» structural Bilvsntages this house 
Was required to make comparatively' few 
changes, llie'closlng of It* gallery being tbe 
taopt radical change nnjuired hy tbe new 

(iiAxn Opkiia House <Pred R. Hamlin, 
btiilness manager). — Charles Itlehman Is au- 
rtoiinced to reopen this popular resort ou 
Monday evening, 8, then niakLng Ids local 
debut as a «ta-r, and presenting, for the llrst 
thpe here, Victor Mapex' new piny, "Capf. 
BHrrlngton." His managers, Wehcr A Fields, 
h.ivr. Mirrounded him with a supporting eom- 
iwhy (if 'promised excellence, George YYIlson, 
of j ho old Iloston Museum Company: William 
Refltuond und Suiaime Sheldon belug the 
principals. Tcmjiorary changes reduce the 
seating capacity somewhat, the closing of 
the gallery being necessary under the new' 
regulations. On IS Blanche Hate* will be- 
gin n limited engagement, presenting "The 
Darling ot the liods." 

McVickix's Thkatbb (Geo. Warren, husl- 
ncts manager). — Jncob Litt took all that 
en me In last Week, "In Old Kentucky" being 
fit first attraction otir theatregoers have 
had opportunity to patronize since Satur- 
day nfiernoon, Jnn. 2. Tho house opened 
Fe|i. 1. with good business, attendance gradu- 
ally Increasing- until the seating rapacity 
was tosied Friday night. Bessie Harris- 
cale's Madge iirterly was heartily commend- 
ed, others who engaged la the first theatrical 
performance under Chicago's new era being : 
Kstella Dale, May Anderson, Thomas Rlonm, 
Oils Turner, ijlias. Randall, James Roberts, 
Jidin I'nwell, Geo, Heath. J. W. Cope, Prank 
Russell, Geo, Deyo, and numerous plcks- 
nlnnles, buck ilaneeni nnd "real coon en- 
tertainers. Blanche Walsh on Feb 7 begins 
a return engagement lu "Resurrection." 
I'barles Warren. In "Drink." opens two 
weeks later, to be followed hy Louis .Tomes 
arid Frederick Wnrde and "The F.rernn! 

.Gaubick TnnATiiB (Cbas. A. Rlrd, busi- 
ness manager). — Paula Kdwardes, billed to 
open Sunday night, 7, will make her local 
debut as a star, In "Winsome Winnie " 
Alexander Clark, Madison Smith, Wat. E. 
Phillips. Evclyne Carter, Caecellla Rhode 
and Isobel Hall will give chief aid In sup- 
port. Many changes will, of course, be noted 
in the Interior arrangement of this house, a 
reduction of Its seating capacity, particular- 
ly In the upper tiers, being the most radical 

Cbitebion Theatre (Ben M. Giroux, busi- 
ness malinger). — "The House of Aisles and 
Kxlts." ns Lincoln J. Carter now bills his 
popular North side resort, was Chicago's 
si'. ond theatre in the field. On Thursday 
night. 4, quickly following the issuance of n 
permit, nnd without previous announcement 
or hilling, Selma Herman opened. In "Tho 
(Tiarlty Nurse." Business was Just whnr 
'might have been exneeled— not overly good. 
On Sunday "The Ministers Daughters" 
opens for a week of the usual two dolly per- 
formances which rule here, and Hie Inler- 
niuicd season of popular plays will again lie 
In full swing. Joseph J. und Myrn Ditvls 
Howling were chief in Miss Herman's sup- 
port, and "The Charily Nurse" deserved a 
heller fole Ih.'.n "pot luck" in breaking the 
Criterion's spell of darkness. 
, Pfwi.f.'n Tiiratrh (Millie Wlllard Nelson, 
manager). — Saturday evening, II. wns the 
dale set for the reopening here. Mav Hoamcr 
and her clever slock company lielng an- 
nounced for presentations ot "The Men of 
Jlnuown." Being among the first permitted 
lo open, this house may, by that same token, 
lij! set down as among the safest. Rebuilt 
mid opened Inte in the season. It conformed 
closely to Ihe old ordinance nnd was thus 
able to more readily meet tho reeitlremenls 
of new conditions. For the current dnvs. 
and probably longer, (Miss Qosiuer will have 
lite only theatre runulng on the great West 

! Bush Temple Theatre (T. J. Ecarnan. 
manager). — The Players Stock Co., headed 
l(v Grace Reals and Joseph J. Sullivan, were 
announced to resume presentations of "Ivau, 
^he Terrible," on Saturday night, (I. Thbs 
liouw, lielng a breproof structure, will' bu 
tlie nuly "up stairs' theatre allowed to run, 
for some time at least. The twelve foot 
Hmlt was abolished by tho City Council, as 
sppllcd to this resort, through the introduc- 
tion of the onlv evidence of "statesman- 
ship" put forward In behalf o,' nuv Chicago 
theaire. Several aldermen made eloquent 
•liens In behalf "of the young men who have 
Invested their entire fortune lu the house." 

tiger). — Indications, nt this writing, point 
tn the reopening of Ihl-i popular theatre on 
Sunday afternoon. 7, with A. H. YVoodhuH'a 
High Rollers. Rice & Uarioti's Big Gulely 
<>. Is due to follow. Fluid Inspection ot 
the structural changes wns expected Satur- 
day, and It a permit is Issued "The Wheel" 
will once more turn In burlesque gaiety nt 
the Sundav nintlnec. 

I'UiiK Strkkt MrsKtM (Louis M. Hedges. 
managec). — This resort opened Inst w<-ek ami 
Inns been attracting goodly crowds, lis some- 
what Interior conforms to Hio re- 
quirements, nnd curios uud vaudeville will 
bold forth, as In ihe past, for the edifica- 
tion of the ii'.ultltudes. 

Avi'lTOKti:»t Theatre (Milward Adams, 
manager). — Theodore Thomas' Chicago Or- 
chestra, giving concerts Friday afternoons 
nnd Saturday evenings, continues the es- 
tablished attraction here. Jncques Thlhaud, 
violinist, was the soloist (I and 7. Mrs. 
Jeanette Durnn Collins will he ncxr week's 
soloist. On Tuesday afternoon, 2, "society" 
spread lis mnntle over n benefit performance 
given In nld of Impoverished thesplans hen- 
abonts. As n result ihe programme was 
more notable for the presence of nsplrlng 
iiuinlenrs. drawn from the "smart set.'' than 
II wns commendable As a meritorious enter- 
tainment. Many professions Is, however, 
bolstered the show to a point of accepta- 
bility, uitiong the number being Nellie Follls, 
Have l^wls, .Maude Alice Kellev. NoIIIh 
O'Neill. Marshall and Thtsdale, Blanche Ho- 
man. Grace Reals John O'Hnrn, Joseph J. 
Sullivan. Itessle He Y'oe and Prank Youuge, 
Gertrude Ritchie, and Robert McWnde. Wal- 
ter Jones had the stage management, and 
n fund amounting to a little more than 
$2.IU10 was accumulated. Tlie Actors' Church 
Alliance, nnd the Hill Posters' nnd Stage 
Mechanics' unions have charge of the distri- 
bution of Ihe fund. I.lllinn Nordlen Is hilled 
for a song recital 10. The Apollo Club will 
nuttier "F.ll)n" 22, with Caroline Ilnrdv and 
Klennore Klrkbnni. ot New Y'ork. as prin- 
cipal sdiolsts. 

ASTF.iiMATlt. — Chicago Local No. 4, Actors' 
Protect lve Union, will hold a "vaudeville" 
nr the Milwaukee Avenue Turner ■ in II, Mon- 
day evening, 8, for the purpose of gaining 
funds to ii Id Impoverished memliera of their 
nrffanlRalioii lu (his clly. q'he programme 
«III Is 1 « strictly "membership" affair, and 
ft. D. Rlcardo. business rftntngor ot Ihe local. 
Is putting forth Ills best efforts to make the 

niTuIr a eopiplcln lolui Rlngllng 

l« buck /mm his tluro's'sii I rip. und preun ra- 
tions are uuder woy for the opening of Hlng- 
ling llrolhcrs' animal sen«..n nt the Coliseum 
early lu April. "The Rig Show" will be new 
In many departments of Its arenle dlsplav- 
thls season, and nlthmifh the nmnagement is 
Olplotnnllea'ly, reticent us to devclopmcrtts. It 
can he safely- stinnlsetl ibnt John Rlngllng's 
lliiropeaii pilgrimage was something more 
Htnn a nlenstire I rip, nnd wq eavihuvii lv expect 
rn nvnlnnche of foreign notelck^s when "The 
Pride of Ihe. YVest" svi-lngs' Into view'...,.. 
Former employes of tlie American Theatre 
will hold n dnnco at Urlch's Hall 11. wllh n 
view to the main chance In hope of relmbura- 

lod Uiclr excheiptcr ngalust a still lBdeflnlto 
peilod of closure at their place of employ- 

nYcjit. Sbelk Hadji Tabar was amoDg 

last week's callers at TrtE OMM Western 
Htirenu. He Is one of the Oriental ewmnls- 
si-Lrs to the World's Pair at St. Louis and 
will have a number of concessions on T™ 
Pike." Meanwhile his acrobatic troupes are 
IxUig operated In vaudeville from Chicago. . . 
II. A. YVIrkhsn Is In town. Just recovereil from 
a four weeks' hospital siege hi Iowa, following 
his thus enforced closing ns business man- 
ager of "Mr. Jolty, of Jollet." He Is spend- 
ing n imrt of his leisure with A. B. Wilbur, 
ulth wliom he laboreil some years ago, but 
who has now retired from the Bhow busi- 
ness to dabble lu stocks nnd houds on tbe 
Hoard of Trade YV niter Reemur baa en- 
countered misfortunes with Ids "Juggllncr 
Girls." One of them, Marie St. Angraond, 
Is -In a local hospital preparatory to under- 
going a surgical operation, and the other. 
Margaret Herrv, Is seriously 111 with typhoid 
fever. He Is consequently now working with 
his wife in n similar net to his previous 

socially Mitchell and Love were in 

town last week, gathering Items for The 
JUMHler, n pamphlet which they ore Issuing 
In' ihe Interest of their clever vaudeville 
lurn.. ..Marsh and Sartellu reached town 
Mouduy from a successful tour of the Or- 
pheum circuit, which ended at New Orleans. 
They are preparing a new vaudeville act, 
wlilch they will produce at Tony Pastor's 
early In March.... I-nncy Haskell stopped 
over In Chicago to gather YVttstern "atmos- 
phere" for his monologulng tour ot the Or- 
pheum circuit, which begins at Kansas City 

Sinidav, 7 Tho Two Hewitts (Kmma ana 

Kred) called nt the Western Bureau or 
The Cuweb Inst week. They go F.nst 
from here to fill vaudeville dates........ 

James W. Thompson Ik home from a visit 
lo-hls wife (Kittle Smith) ond his daughters 
(ihe Slstcre McCnnnell), with tho Flske 

Slock Co., In F.astern cllles Martin 

Beck Is obsent In the West on an Inspec- 
tion tour ot the Orpheum circuit, which, 
presumable, will extend to San FrancLsco. 

..- States Attorney Chan S. Dcneea will 

convene a special grand Jury na Monday to 
investigate the Iroquois Theatre tragedy of 
Dec. 30, nnd try and fix responsibility for 
the disaster. The. coroner's Jury held Mayor 
Harrlsou, Building Inspector Williams, Fire 
Chief Mnsham, Inspector Edward Laughian, 
cltr officials, and Will 1. Davis, manager; 
Wm. H. Sailers, fireman; James E. Cum- 
mlngs, carpenter, and Wm. McMullen, spot- 
light operator, connected with tbe Iroquois, 
to await action o.f tbe grand jury, although 
Mayor Harrison was, by special court pro- 
ceedings, discharged from responsibility. . . . 
Permits to open tbe Illinois, Garrlck, Troca- 
da>o, Bush Temple, People's or Grand Opera 
House had not been Issued up to noon Sat- 
urday, although all were bopefnl that they 
would be granted permission to open at the 
time announced for tbelr "reopening" per- 
formances. Charles A. Carter, manager 

of the National Theatrical Exchange, Is en- 
gineering n theatrical performance to be given 
ibis tSaturday) evening nt Handel Hall, as 
Hi "benefit for dtsiresned theatrical folk." 

Our managers are likely to meet strong 

competition In Chicago's llrst "auto snow, 
which Is to be held beginning Monday even- 
ing. In (be Coliseum Al. T. Phillips 

Is a new member of the Players' Stock 
Co.. opening In "Ivan, the Terrible," nt the 

Hush Temple Geo. Hamlin's Sunday 

nfternnnn isincerts are announced to be re- 
sumed next Sunday si ihe drand Opera 
House. Sunday concert* m the North Side 
Turner Hall hnve gone along without Inter- 
ruption during the "closed season" for amuse- 
men is. 

<■ » 


Newark. — Business Improved some last 

.Newark Tiibatub (Lee Ottolengul, mana- 
ger). — Marie Cahlll makes her drst arpeur- 
ance here us u star this week. In "Nancv 
Brown," and her Advent should Interest 
innuy. Dockstnder's Minstrels revealed a 
number of new features last week, and tho 
general quality of the show drew as many 
as the house would seat. " 'Way Down 
East" Feb. 15 and week. 
' Coliuibia Thbatbb (M. J. Jacobs, mana- 
ger).— "A Little Outcast" contains all .that 
goes lo raske melodrama a success, and prom- 
ises to hold tho patrons' attention for the 
present week. "The Eleventh Hour" plnved, 
to fair business, week endlug 6. "The 
Switchman's Daughter" will fill week of 15. 

Empire Theatre (H. M. Hyanis, . uinnu- 
ger). — "The Funny Mr. Dooley r ' presents n 
number of laughable complications and situa- 
tions nod a good musical programme this 
week, which will appeal to the majority. 
Paul E. Onlun and Chnrles H. Smith are the 
central figures. ."Robert Emmet" proved 
ns strong a bill as has appeared here this 
sensun, uud filled the house uightlv last 
week. "Soldiers of Fortune" comes 15 and 


IliA.vEv's Theatre fChas. E. Blnney, man- 
ager). — Melodniuia gives place to romance 
this week, aud "Under Southern Skies," pre- 
sented by a good company, should be a wel- 
come treat to the patrons. Patrice, in 
"Driven from Home." received fair attention 
last week. Eugenic Bessejcr, in "Hearts 
Adrift, week of 13. 

W.iLDMA.\.N*H Tueatre (W. S. Clark, man- 
ager). — The Thoroughbred Burlesqucrs com- 
mand attention (his week, with a bill varied 
In character and complete In detail, Includ- 
ing, la a long and interesting olio : Wash- 
burn nnd Plynn, Kennedy and Evans, Em- 
pire Comedy Pour, Russell and O'Neill, Mile. 
Iji Tosea, and Polk nnd Tresk. The Amer- 
ican Rurlcsnuers were fairly well received 
Inst week. The Tiger Lilies week of 15. 

PaocTpn'R Theatre (J. Austin Fynes, 
general manager). — Among the gonernllv 
good bills offered nt this house the current 
one stands out ns particularly entertnlnlng, 
nnd should receive generous support. Rlc- 
cnbonn's horses, YV111 M. Cressy and Blanche 
Daync. Adolph Zlnk. YY'nrd and Currnn, Prin- 
cess Chiqullla and Co., Kelly' and Reno, Al 
Coleman, and Cherry and Bates complete 
It creditably. Interest centred In John C 
Rlee and Sally Colin Inst week. 

Notes.— The piece entitled "To no Rurled 
Alive" has licen renamed "Tlie Switchman's 

Daughter." -.Legal complications arose 

over the slock Issue of the Electric Park 
Amusement Co. last week, nnd the case was 
carried Into the Chancery Court In nn effort 
to prevent President C. A. Dnnlnp nnd bis 
friends from voting nt the annual election 
Ihe result showed thnt Mr. DunlAp had been 
le-elecied president. J. O. Donovan made 
vice president and secretary, ond Joseph 
Capes treasurer c. K. Hart. C. A. Lee!n- 
hurdt and K. M. Pay were retired from ofUre 
Rols-rt Conness. of the "Robert Em- 
met Co., was tendered a reception and din- 
ner here Inst work hy State officials of the 
Knights of Columbus. 

Jersey Cltr.— The James H. Walllck 
AmiiHoiiieiit ; Company's scenic production, 
"llirthtgh Fire nnd YVater." filled with eph 
Aisles.. climaxes, mechanical effects, nnd with 
ii snlluhle cast, brought plenty ot business 
to the Academy week ending Feb. 0. C. F. 
yi hltlnker's melodramatic farce comedy, hav- 
ing as a sjieelnl feature n German band, the 
Needmor '.iiinrtet, a den of linns for a thril- 
ler, and n fetching title, "Her First False 
f-i^P- ^ Hrontth t a One attendance to the 
1 Hon during tho past week. At the Bon Ton 
the Kentucky BelleR presented a most en- 
Joyniile entertainment. The two extravn- 
ganzns were fn)l of ginger and snap. In 
the olio Malay Aleene and Fdilli Hamilton 
were excellent, and HaHey and Meehhn, in 
n lilnrk face talking nnd dancing turn, proved 
to be two very clever performers. The biisl- 
ness was fine. Harry Martel, who now con- 

trols the Belles, saw the idiow for the Ursi* 
time Feb. 1. ' 

'. AcADRur (Frank E. Henderson, ranan- 
Bfrr- — *; Xcw Mlnlater" 8-13,' SSn 
Mantell 15-20. 

P.t.ron (John W. Holmes, proprietor! — 
Wlearts^ Adrift" 8-18, "TJnacr • Southern 

Ron Ton' (T. W. Dlakins, manager) — 
Cherry Blossoms Rurlesquere 8-13, Parisian 
Widows 10-20.- r ' " - ,l, " ,n 

Notes.— Advertising Agent Fred Free 
man, of the Bijou, was married to Lettt'in 
Ferguson, at Christ Church, Brooklyn, N y 
(the bride's home), Jan. 31. Treasurer 
Harry Nelmes was beat man. The counis 
will make their homo In this city... 
Chnrles K. Hlancy has purchased the Oriole 
Theatre, Baltimore, MA, and the New Colum. 
bla Theatre, Philadelphia, Pn. They will 

be run ns combination houses Evelyn 

YVood, of this city, well known as an nctreVi 
of merit, and the daughter of one of our 
wealthiest citizens, has leased a theatre at 
Oakland, Cal., and will devote it to stock 
purposes "Shoot to Kill," a piny, writ- 
ten by Frederick Krafft, the Socialistic can- 
didate for mayor at the Inst election, will 

be presented March 20 Zflzel, a dan 

sense of "Theodora," has been engaged f<,, 
Ihe French ball at Grand View pnrk Hall 

Feb. 11 Special mnllnees nt Academy 

and Bijou 12. ' 

, . »■ , . ■■ 

Trenton.— At the Taylor Opera~noiise 
(A. H. Slmmonds, manager). — Van Horue- 
Follmuu Concert, Feb. 2, did splendid busi- 
ness. Field's Minstrels, .1. had good bUslnes* 
Clark Gihh's LHIputinn Minstrels, 4, had ex- 
cellent business. "Wife in Name Only," r, ■ 
"The Burgomaster," 0, had good business' 
Booked: Maude Adams 8. Payron's Corned v 
Co. !), and balance of week ; "The Prince of 
rilsen" 15. Harry l.elghton 16, 'Earl Bur- 
gess Co. 17-20. 

State Street TnrjiTnn (I. a Mlshler. 
manager). — "His Lost Dollar." Feb. 1-3, did 
well. "To Die at Da*n." 4, 5, had fair busl 
ness. "Princess Chic.'* 6, had good busi- 
ness. Booked: "Her First False Step" 8-10. 
Harry Clay Blahey 11-13, "New York Dav 
by Day" IS, Job. K. Hackett Id. Kate Ciat- 
ton. in "The Two Orphans," 17 ; "A Little 
Outcast" 18-20. Immense electric signs now 
Illuminate the front of this house, showing 
the name and attractions for blocks away. 

Trent TnEATRE (Edward Benton, mann- 
geri. — Business at this Bouse continues to 
Be excellent The following attractions and 
people delighted large audiences at everv 
performance 1 and »eek : Cotton's donkeys. 
John Gelger, Sansonc and Dellle. Orpheus 
Comedy Four, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew, 
Billy Clifford, Watermelon Girls, and the 
biograph. Rooked 8 and week: Four Lnkens. 
Baker nnd Lynn, Hajnor's bull terriers, re- 
lot. Harry Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Robyns. 
1 — - 

Potcrson. — Mrs. Ben Leavltt, owner of 
tbe BUou Theatre, has made an assignment 
to Arthur YV. Bishop, Louis Braun and Ar- 
thnr Katz. The house will be conducted 
along the lines laid out bv Mrs. Leavltt. and 
will be continued In the wheel. . 

Patersox Opera Horsn (John J. Coet- 
srhlus, manager). — A successful production 
ot Herbert and Smith's "Viceroy" wns given 
Fob. 3-0, by the 1'atersou Amateur Opera 
Co. On Monday night, K.'lhe Orpheus Club 
(Inrnl). In a concert. The remainder of the 
wi-ek. "Hidden Crime" n, 10, 'itoberi Emmet" 

Blioit The.vtob (Mrs. Ben Leavltt. man 
r.ger).— Tlie Blue Ribbon Co. presented a 
most excellent bill last week, patrons agree- 
ing that the performance took front rank in 
its kind. Le |{oy and I.e Vanlnn's corned v 
acrobatic work was n feature that took 
splendidly with the big audiences. The Mn- 
jestlcs nrc here this week. Eagle Bur- 
lesquers 15-20. 

. Pkxcilinos. — Local 20, Bill Posters & 
Hlllers of America, now boasts of a member- 
ship of nearly fifty. All Uicatres and bill 
posting companies In the city are now in 
tbe anion fold., ..Congressman Snlzer, or 
New York, delivered the oration nt the an- 
nual memorial service of Aerie 43, P. 0. K.. 
at the Opera House, on Snndny evening. 

Hobokeu — -At tbe Lyric (H. P. Soulier. 
manager). — VM'Hss" received a warm wel- 
come Jan. 31-Feb. 3. "New York Day l.r 
Dny," 4-0, also did well. "Lovers' Lane" 
7-10, "Young Toblc Hoxle" 11-13, "The Gov- 
ernor's Son" 14-17. Kate Clnxton, la "The 
Two Orphans," 18-20. 

Empire (A. M. Bruggeman, proprietor). — 
Splendid offerings produced K ood flnaneinl re- 
sults week endlug 7. For 8-14, special mati- 
nee 12: Julian Hose. Pantzer Trio, James 
nnd Bonnie Farley, Corbly and Burke, Mr. 
and Mrs. Deaves, and, at the urgent request 
of the patrons of the house, the Boston 
I-ndottes Orchestra, an admirable organiza- 
tion of cultured musicians. 

Elisabeth.— At tho Lyceum Theatre (El- 
roy <* Drake, mnuagera). — "Wife In Name 
inly came Feb. 1-3, to "ood bnsluess. "Dan' 
Devil Dorothy," 4-0, to excellent returns. 
Ihe company proved strong. To arrive: 
^.'He Mcllenry, lu "M'llss," 8-10; "Her 
Hrat False 8lep" 11-13, "A Little Outcast" 
ljj-li, 'In the Shadow of the Gallows" 18- 

Tips.— This theatre has Just placed fire 
alarm boxes, new reels of fire hose, two new 
exits, a pair of new lire escapes from gallery 
and balconies, ond new ventilator over stage. 

Jacobs'— "Prince of Pllsen" 10. 
n.r.? T,; ~ Th . omas Seabolt succeeded Alfred 
52W8 ,°1 Juvenile In "Dare Devil Dor..- 
!K y ..£ <>b ' ii- . Mr - Seabolt was formerly wltli 
the "Ben Hnr" Ca 

* . . . . * 

w C £0*? eu — At ,hn deaden Thoatre (M. 
v\lri " y ,i r ' "^pAger).— "Child Sieves of New 
in hi'- i' 10 , nulntesseace of thrillers, played. 
!r» ■» huslness, with S. R. o. at two por- 
K 1 *, "M'llss" followed, with Nellie 
McHenry, to packed houses. Thomas Shea 
nenJrf'"i ?'*X' whlch '"eluded two matinees, 
scored, heavily "To Die at Dawn" Feb. 8- 

lSjj5!**S£ RftkR " u "13- "Tne Slan Who 

k£1 jB -". "A Little Ontcnsl" 18-20. 
Pn™'nT,e W c7 °- WU>lt '- ,hp "Rube." of 

Pawnee Bill's Show, Is In lown. 

l it 


■ J * ! !"**— W lj the Opera House (E. 

l-r'nhmn^L Ef ° n '.. "WBOger).— One of CttOS. 

rnv T?,vf cxc ' ,|, <; nt companies, headed by 
wnshln^!?.!.^ (iuy "SfiS 'a 'Wblle- 
IttSi 111 "' was seea hero Jan. 20, by a 
4*CJSS*% GlrU w, » be OM? Feb. 
nnd Co 5 nL Ra S! ,| ?e Pn , t . ) ' Johtt L " 8«l«">' 
wick." 8. Hopper, In "Mr. Pick- 

•.^"S Sl"**B ( J °hn Rtlles, manager).— 
Ihe rJ?. , .',1? W ,'! y Wl , f "'" »•* to 'fair business, 
r. ,,« n, i., ll, K p "''.flesquers. 4-0, hnd good 

cfo^-n T.' B -Moonlight Molds .b 10. 
cerl : vv.»i" , r v !?£ (Fred r - «"»en- ranna 
fleb-'Tiin w !*! 1 **^ !: ''•■DfreUa nnd Sinus 

itnsVn^ls^oolr' A " n "' ''"*• *" >""'■ 

recent lv .„ Hk' °'^ m J,0 " B<> - who WW vVes! 
Tanv i« n ^ anQlfn " " Fn V Hrandpa" cotn- 
Wnll'sn„.?°»i """>*&' of Ihe Qtilnlao .v 
former o I 8 ' *??""! '° t,,p clofcfng or Ihe 

ot loe,.i"^.'„i.l ,c C, i? rlt f. Warblers, made up 
loin itii" 1 "? 1 .', u " rtcr ™<- dlreellon of Mrs. 
form™™' £ U ? qt0 Jl' WTP '»o minstrel per- 
giBygJt *l>o Opera House Feb. '2. 3. 

nnd he?*™Sl. 1 " ln,,< 'f KI "? Hoffman 

nhived ni ,T pan , J '. of Vaudeville performers 
ff , "> Cllumet Club Banquet Halt 
SLnL. Jv*°.,' n .'e«alnmcnt Was under Ihe 
direction of Mafiag>r l. ' d. Kelley , of Boston. 

mJSSFU' Watsov hoa n new single net. 
which was written for biro hy Frank Ken- 

EEBruaby 13. 



Clipper pom Of net 

In order to avoid mistakes ana to 
laanre t*e prompt delivery of the 

letters advertise* la thla Hat, a a 
eavelope plnvlaly addressed maat ba 
■ ant for eaea letter, and a written 
order for the letter, •!« ncd with the 
fall aarne and address aad the Um 
of bnalneaa followed, by tie aendar, 
etnat also be enclosed. 

Please mention the date (or aana- 
fcerT of THE CLIPPER In which the 
letter* aent for Were advertised. 

g ~- LADIES' ilST. 

Addison', G'ussli' i Goodrich Mamie Marshall, Loret. 
Abbott GcrUude Gallagher. Mcllrlllc. Hedge 

.\imto, M. (•• Blanche Mounlant. 

Adams, Lucille iGower, Math; Madcllu 

■■- ilurlond, Mtdlle Merrlbeiv, 
Qrey, Vera Un. A. 3. 

Uassman. Nlchol Si-Uers 

Josephine Newtou, Leah 

Dacrow. W. J. Uvett, Jo* a 
Day. Nat 


"- — aHHIKII, NT, 

Urace lisy. Doe. D. V. 
'eshlngtjii. Alb Ire. Harry 
raltt. 8. I. ' 


DuBoIs, IT. A 
PeUollla ft 

L.i Bird, Chaa. 
1,0 Mount, Har. 

I urni-den. D. M 

-. : Valuta Moid, Herb 

Devercaax. Dale Uftua, ST. 
IllU-n. Jno. 1*0, The*. 

F-merson. n. W. Lynn. Frank 
hlmeiidorf. W C l.cltor, U. B. 
Ildrlugo It. Urklns, Jno, 
I'.rnett. Harry LaKolc. lid. 
j:no. Harry Lawrence, llnl 
Ldwards. Sloan l-ufayelte. UL 
J4*nco, Fred Lewis, tiny I,. 
LuMt, Hobt. I«lle, w. \i. 
Lagleunna. Mgr |.ogan. (Jt». 
Mwarde, C._L. ;**veile, H. o. 

Aldruch Blanche 


Au.ltlD, Lot. Z. 

A u tier berg Slgre 
AMa, Mr sJiio 
Altliea Twins 
Hums, Be**. 
Brooby, Allco 
lVHklwtb, Cora 
liosledo Slater* 
lluttner,, Ada - 

Elslo J. 
Blnnchard, May 
Bergen, Annie 
Barrett, Oertr. 
Bates, Helen 
Purge, Marlon 
Barlow, Etbci 
Bally. Maud 
Bclmunt. Betto 
Bates, Helen 
Byron, Jean 
Bartlett. Rata. 
BeU. CrysUl 

Grunt. Nonta 
God, Ellen 
Gllmore, Bess. 
Uonraier Roalna 
Ournec, Alice 
Oaring, Mrs A J 
rtebbardt, Hark 
Qallney. . 
V '■• 'Mrs. Jobn 
Gillette. .Marie 
Gordon, Vita. C. 

Mrs. Bidder 
Hasklns, Veraa 
Mali, Artie 
Hall. Mi>. J. 
Horr, Doretby 
Hoyden, Lll. 
Ilearn, May 
Hunt, Lll. 
Hnyward, Maud 
Hoffman, (Icrt. 

BRrtlett, Marie I Hanson, Alice 
Bai'tun, .Grace Howard, Kdytbe 

BeoV Grace 

Holmes,' Yiolet 

Bteiinun Blancb Henderson. 

Belton, Beyt 
Cshlll. T. A. 
Curtis, Vera 

Ctilpln, Mildred 
Clarke Gertrude 
Clair,. VlrfJrJa 
Cnrletoni Birulc 
Carhoan, Catbr. 
Cnrren, Frances 
Crawford, TCdlth 
Co It on. Mrs J V 
Clemejit, Flora 1 
Chester, Ida 
Cogblan, - 

Gertrude, Co 
Clieslyn, Huso 
Clayton, Besslo 
Hodge, Delia 
Dtipree, Minnie 

Dcllenee, Went 
DcLeon, Mabel 

. Mr? a A. 
DeLncy, Miss 
Dorotby, Alice 
Dodge, lulu 

Mrs. M. 
Drew, Lena 
Dorothy. Alice 
IX'uae, Sadie 
Dcures, Maine t 
DuYoe, Mao 

Mrs. 0. T. 
Dale, Margaret 
Dupree, Mliiaie 
Dunbar, Lll. 
Dacre, Louie 
DeLeon, Kv* 
L> mount, Myra 
Daniels, Maud 
DeVerc, Pauline 
DcWesxc, Jennie 
Dempster Mabel 
Dorotliy, Bal>y 
DeGrall Slaters 
UeMllt. Gert 
Hurling, Grace 


llmcrald, Nell 
Mleen. Alice 
r'-suncraMa Kdna 
Kills. Hamle 

Clara C. 
I'roerson. Belle 
Vord. Maud 
Farlardeao. DI 
Flora. Mild. 
Fernando. Val. 
Fischer, i 

Mrs Frank 
Fuller. Ethel 
l'ord, Grace 
Forrest.. Edith 
Greene, Edith 

Ktllng, A. B. 
r'Un, Gilbert 
1-ordLsin, Art 
Frater, Jno. 
l'lood, Frank 

Mawn. II, P. 
Mlllny. R, B. 
Lazier, M. V. 
IjiTels, Marr. 
l.l'jti. Alex. 

Norton, Mbu 
Norrls, Eilk; 
Norton, Maud 
Nichols, c. B. 
Norton. Miss 
Noel, Lucille 
OlNell, Lll. 
Orr, • Pearl 
Orlctu. Mi's 
Well. L. V. 
Pardue. Marlon 
I'rlnglc, Jess. K. 
1'iUmcr, Inda 
i'aterson, . 
"... Jeannetle 
Palmer, Alllo 
l'antier, Mrs. 
I'oiton, livelvu 
Qotgg- Era ' 
Qulnn. Mrs G W 
Qulcksell. M. A. 
Rosscll, Mae 
Ueece. U*sllc 

Mrs, Art. 
Reid. Helen 
Uelnhart, M. J. 
Uamy, GeotgiaO 
Haylstou, Zeliu.i 
Radclifle, Pearl 
Ross, Elsey 

E.1HU W. 
Rober, K.itli. 
Kaynor, Etta 
Rumley Sisters 
rtlllsfell, Carrie 
daTlllc, Syl»U 
Eeott, Carrie 
Stuart Jessie 
ijbeldon, Viola 
Stelllng, Miss 
RiTllIe, Sylr.M 
Sigur, Lillian 
Surfent, Lydia 
Stevcnsoo Grace 


Mrs. J. D. 
St. Leon, Klsk- 
Scott. Mrs. <>M 
Sellea, Lnllclle 
Stinson, Mr.-. 
Sul. Dunnu 11. 
blultb, Eunice 
Saxon, Pauline 
Saxon, Mrs. F. 
Tyler, Florence 

Grace (10c. 

Haines, Josiu 
nail. Helen 
Hall. Maude E. 
Hill. Nell. 
Hayes. Gertie 
Hall, Violet 
Hoaeman, Bert 
Hawkes, Carrie 
Henry, Louise 
Hudson, Mabel 
Hsdicy. Lll. 
ltes, Carrie E. 
Irving, Vera 
Jockson, Marie 
Jeffreys, Carle 
Jacluon. B. 
King, HflKl 
Klittrsley Thelam 
Kohl, Evon 
Kennedy, Mm.L 
Krane, Vhla 
Keene, Mlttle 
Kins. Malic 
Laurence, Map 
l.ublc, Annie M. 
I.cClair, Dolly 
l.lndcr, Daisy 
l*wU, Alice 
l.uwlor, Murlc 
Loralne, AllleG 
I.ncear, Marlon 
tardea. May 
l.ainberr, Cliur. 

Emma u „, c i-~~ 

I.eMoync. Judith Towue, LeoiK'ra 
Undon, May 

Keru, Har. 
tierner, Fred 
illldeti. Mack 
tiendall, Rich. 
Gardiner, W. H. 

Uussell, Ur. 

Fields 4 Hanson l.sManars. Artb 
i-'lttrerad. II. P. Leslie, M. D 
Fowler, F. D. (.oeb. Lchi 
Flynn, W. U. I^cinlr. W. O. 
Ftynn. W. U. Lyons. EU. 
Fiupjtrlik, l.ewilllu, liar. 

Andrer/ I.angilun, Chaa. 
ralrlanks. l.uHarr. Art. 

.„ „ » red T- loisstk, UudJ 
I- lelds ft Hanson r«nard, Jus. 
Fredericks, F. C U*. Sam W 
Freeman, Wm B LulUuoro c 
Factor. 0. A. Lelab 

»ox, Edwlu LrVernr, II. C. 
Fordham. Art. Lawrence Geo A 
Flood Bros. Lydelle fc 

Flatt. Lew . Buttcrnortb 

Flood, J. J. I«wls, E. P. 
Flublgan. Jue I. Lawrence, Geo. 
Ferguson ft l/>ve. Joe 

Dopree t'.owande. A. A. 
Frohsln, Jonas I*wls, J. E. 
Fogarty. J. A. ■ l«onard. J. & S. 
F'eticks, Jno. l.ogau, F. A 
Fsnshuwe, A. L Luce, Grant 
Mtzgerald. Ger. Lawrence ft 
Frisco ft Faust . Mack 

Flynu, J. R. LrClolr. W. G 
Frotblngbam 4: [ajvc, V. K. 
Dealiam Ljoiw. A. N. 
1 lower, E. E. Lewis, M. W. 
Fisher ftJoUnsou Ltou. M. J. 
Farley. II. C. Lee. Billy 

LaMuutani!, Gus 
laouartl. Jas. 
Lloyd ft 

Gracey, Don 

Glinserettl, Maxwell, Joe 

Frank MeBrlde. TV. P. 6outhirn,.AUs;rt 
Gallagher. J. P. Jtlnnell. OHIO Surlnioto. M. K. 
Gully, Jno. - Mitchell. Geo W Stanley. W. U. 
Gibson, David •'-- «• -'•- * 

Mack, a 0. 

It'der, Kml' 
llemer, U. C. 
Raymond, 1'. A. 
Relff, Geo. W. 
Itlcharda. 8 
Roosevelt, L 
Reed, Wm. D. 
Roe. Tnos. 
Rac ft Uii'mIi 
Rowland. VAi. 
Huberts. A. M. 
Hanson. Guy C. 
Rcblnson, Tom 
Rrynurd, E. F. 
haglaiul. Oscar 
Pj-ed, Ha! 
K.nson. I". U. 
Rlcbe, Mr. 
Itubj. Jules 
L'fce ft Wallers 
Redmond. Jos. 
ltobsoii, Amlrew 
Rankin. Andy 
ItiddlrT, Claude 
Rennles. T. W. 
Rssscll. Phil 
Rogers, Har. 
Richards, V. E. 
Bay, J. ft E. 
Kjan aliicLt'eld 
Roeidie, A. 
Rosi, K. A. 
Rodlslll. Ivan 
Rider, Fred 
ItaalllB. I^ai 
Uosilre, Bob 
Reed. J. A. 
Rawlinson. Ttrrt 
Hillsdale. Frank 
tjater, Henry 
Scbaffer. 11. U. 
•,;. Tommy 

Scott. Mike 
8weet, T. D. 
Sbeacer, A. G. 
Rtrock, J. M. 
Stnltn. Larry 
Schwartz, F. 
Silvern, Gus 
Sfruhi. Wm. V. 
SmlUi ft Chester 
Stelllng. liar. 
Scott Bros. 
Sletso-J. Walt. 
Sully, J. F. 
Sharpsteen Vera 
Steiens. C A. 

Williams. Kd. 
Wilkes. Ernest 
Way. W. J. 
Warde. W. r. 
Warreo. Fwl 
Welieiier, Geo. 
Williams. Llun 

Waltone Spauldlng. W.IL 
Maekey.J.R. 2c. geflboar. 0. 9- 

((^,'ap i. L'nlnh) B. _- . TI....H 

SleCoy fc Kr.lght gargeot, Harry 
5*monia, M 

SolanHr, at B. 

Tiemey, Daisy 
Thornton. Clara 
Thatcher. Eva 
Vane, Ethel 
Vance, Clarice 
VauBureu. Hut. 
Vlrena. Bnby 
VuuTassell Cora 
Washburn. LIL 
West, Bnblar 
Wilt, Laura 
White, Ruth, 

Wren, Dclln 
Walsh. Mabel 
Walters, Nellie 
Weal, Joseph luo 
Waguer, Clura 
Wright, Edith 
Wlieeler, SSelna 

Madison, Maud i Wilson, Ella 
Mlddletoa, Wlcheru Walley 

Gladys Wilson, Qrara 
M.trvton, Zella 1 Wilton, Belle 

l.alluc, Grace 
r.nRcno, Mae B. 
Lee, H. 
1 ee, Jennie 
Longley. LouIbc 
Uslle, Elsa 
LsRenc. Mile. 
Load, Etta 
Lyons, Essie 
l.ottlc. Mrs W A 

IjiMarr. Etllth 
Mead. Delia 
Madlue, — 
llornn, Nor Inn 
Melrose, Elma 
McLeod, Grace 
Moran, Nell D 
Morrison, Belle 
Moore, Louis 
Miner, Mrs Har 

Mllborn. Crsce 

Montelth, Jenet 

Myers, Ira G. 

Melvale. Nell. 

Morston, ZeJla 

May. 8tella 

Monroe, Trlxle 

Mahr, Agnes 

Morrison, BeUe I. York, Bessy 

Montrose, Bess. Vorke. Marie 

Montague. Perth Young, C. 

Mitchell, EvaT.lZlmmer, A. B 

Watklns. Muuil 
Webb, Myrtle B 

Wiley, Stella 
Ward. Gypsy M. 
Young, Julia 


Addison A 

A lieu. II. E. 
Anuond, Ted 
Alos & Zola 
Anderson. Al 
A;hold, J. F. 
Alexander, B.B 
Araki, Taa 
Adantson, Jas. 
Allen, Al. R. 
Ancker, Lcula 

■ * lloward 
Avery, W. 
Alvora, Eddlo 
Arthur, J. II. 
Alexander, J. H 
Atnjln, Mr... 
Ashley. J. H. 
Albert loot, 

AlbluL H. 
Auer, Pete 
Allen, B. 3. 
Armstrong & 

Ashwortb. O. W 

Allen, Sid. 
Anita Stock Co. 
Aiton, Thou. 
Avolo, Cbns. 
Allen, S.-B. 
Audrews, E. A. 
Bennett, Fred 
liarrttt. 3. R. 
Iiernateln.- Will 
l'.urkbiirdt, F.J. Clark. W..K. 
Bartlett. I. 1'. Callahan ft . 
Bryant ft SaiUlc Mw* 

Hooth, w. H. Coagrorc. J. I 
OoIIujJ, Dave 

Boyer, W. T. 

Eeanos, The 
liaughman, I. G 
Brink. Edwlu 
Bauer, L. I'. 
Barrett, Ldm. 
Batle, 1 . A. 
Barlow, Lawr. 
Baldwin, Jno. 
lleldcn, Geo. M. 
Barnard. C. O. 
Benedict. Lew 
Brookes, Corncy 
Brolller, Rdbt. 
Brower, W. S. 
'Bund, of Keys' 
. Co. 

Brace, H. C. 
Brooks, E. V. 
Itellemin. Dave 
Burt, Glea 
Barnes, E. M. 
Barnell, Mr. 
Bentley. Musical 
Beck, Martin 
Brvau ft Blanch 
Blake. Charley 
Bnrke, Mr. 

(B. ftKoblnson 
Boweu, J. W. 
Burrlll. O. W. 
Burton, tteo. 
Barrett, Dan 
Batley, S. G. 
Bonn, J. 11- 
Co nnor, J. J. 
Clements, Roy 


Blair,. B. B 
Rtfncs, loo 
Kills, Joe 
IIqcouh, The 
Burr II LaSalle 
Byron ft Voster 
llurtrlll, Jos. 
Hnukson. Bay 
1 Hooks, Ms v well 
Bene, M. C. . 
Hall. Foster 
Bowers & Curtis 
Becker, J. O. 
Rcnawa, Cbus. 
Bnsh ft Gonlon 
Buchn, Wolhy 
Bcalleu, L. 1L 
Burbank, Chaa. 
Btrnes, M. M. 
Bennett. J. M. 
Bolses, 4 
Baker, Dave 
Bockey, J. J. 
ItiicYnatTi, Bert 
Hartim. H. O. 
Unci, Keaean 
Bonney, 0. A. 
P.artett, I. V. 
Brlatol, W. M. 
Hejcrle, C, S. 

Caropbell. B. B. 
Collins. Monto 
Coltoo ftDarrow 
Chapman. Will 
Garner, Geo. V. 
Crawford fc , 

Castle, H. B. 
Carlyle Dogs 
Carts, V. H. 
Curies. Ijndon 
Cuse. 01ms. 
Camilla & Evans 
Clifford, Billy b 
Cotton. O. M. 
Coanclly, C. D. 
Couture. Dave 
Cherry. A Bales 
Coleman. Jesne 
Carltrn. Wm. 
"Crlsla" Co. 
Carroll. W. M. 

Coleman, f. J. 
Clark, Fred . 
ailffoTd, Loo 
Crane, Laurence 
Cain, W, J 

Camp. Sbeppard 
Conialla. Don 
Craig, Mnrsb 
Chantrell & 

Carney, A. 
Clifford ft Burke 
Culleu, Jack 
Cl)Tner, I'crd 
Crumbley, Walt. 
Cooke, M. . 
Chester, Walt. 
Coutes, Edw. 
Chlsam, A. J. 
Castle. J. F. 
(lark, Jack 
Crook, K. tt 
Curry. S. I;'- 
Cari>enter. II. B 
(•lajtoo. Kred 
Curts, Dave 
Cuwthorne. Jus. 
Colby ft Way 
Coote, T. U. 
Cole, A. J. 
Crlsscy, W. 
Ducrow, Tote 
DeRoe, Billy 
»Jllott. W. «. 
Iiemonlo ft Belle 
Doty, E.X. 
Duyton. W. W. 
Davis, L. A. 
Dempsey. Jack 
Dynes, Geo. 

. Oyod^all 

Devercnux, Bobt 
Dclavoy, W. 
DeSoto, Merrill 
Duncan. A. O. 
Dean, Cliff 
DcFcy. 3«m. 
Delmore, Tom 
DcLlale. Wm. 
Dickinson, A. T 
Diako, How. 
Downs, Nelson 

Suutdlc ft D. 
Dooaao, Geo. 
DeForrcst, liar. 
Uranc. S«iu 

Dunn. J. J. 
Donovan. J. u. 
Dillon. \V. A. 
Drake. Prof- 

Bavidson. L. B. 
awson. BetiW 
Pinuunond, Jos. 
DfUutater. A G 
Doyle. MaJ. _ 
Donsgbor, II. T 
iHirldsAn. r. 1 . 
Darling, Fred 
Doyle. 3. T. 
Donaldson. C. A 
Dudley, Harry 
DutttD, W, . 

niuauih. uawu jtacK. u. u. solaour, 1. 1 
(ianwelfer. Geo. Melville, E. E spaun. Byroa 
Garnett. Geo. E. Martin. Frank Saggers, Laur. 
Gotthelf, Wm. sleKny. W. C. Sateeant, A. 
Getter, E. .Miller, H. L. Kwanson. C. 10. 

Gareld. Clias. G. Meehuu. Wni. seurlner, V- H. 
UriiteU, F. T. Mooney. Eniesln selbert. — 
Olllet, Fred Marlon ft Pearl Rtebllns. 81 
Gross, Louie Mealey, Jos. Simpson. F- E 
Gallagher. J. P. Morrell, 4. L. Sharkey. Jsck 
tllenroy. Jas. Murlon & Deaue Southird. Itoy 
Osrvlce. Cbas. Moutrell, Chas, ■• 
Glrard. Geo. Morrell, Frank 
Garslde, J. S. May. Bertie . 
Gray, Barry McHcnry, Basil 
(Irossmlth. Geo. Martin, A. G. 
Graves, Ned. uanloy ft Ruse 
Garrlck. Edwd. JlcCarlney, Dai 
Gallagher ftlilld Mahara. Frank 
Gardner, Jack Morrison, Lewlf 
Greyson. Chas 
Caron, Andy 
Hoerss, F. O. A 
tfewdnian. Art 
tllrdeilers. The 
tlllruy, Cbas. 
tlamett, Geo. fc 
Gibson, Wm. L. 
Henley, Joe 
Hininan, 81d. 
Hayes, Fred 
Uolman. A. E. 
Holmes, F. B. 
Mines, Win. F. 
Herriauun, «.B. 
Htllman, Geo. 
lTouillton, _ 
Wm. H. 
Hunt, Rich. 
Hunt, L. M. 
Harris, Mr. 
Horan, Ed- 
Hunter, 8. V. 

Cn is. 8C. 
Haekett. J. J. 
Havens, W. A 
llorue. Harry 

Howell. W. J. 
Hickman, Gny 
Morrison, Tom 

Hartwell, J. W. 



liltner, Guy^ 

Hvlacd, Jack 

Hoey, Cuos. 

Harris. L at. 

ilammon. Willie 

HofTnian. H. G. 


■ Geo. W. 

Haynes, Maur. 

Henschel. Fred 

Hodgeman, Tom 

Mot Springs 
Remedy Co. 



Heweit, C. A. 

Ilandworth Uur 

Henderson, Jack 

Harrington, Jos 

11 addon. T. P. 

Hurt, C. E. 

Hunter. S. V 

Hamilton Geo H 

Holt. Alf. 

Hollls. Fred 

Hocking, W. H. 

Hlckey. W. H- 

Howard. K. w. 

Hartwell. J. W. 

Harris. Phil 

Hair. Geo. M. 

Horan, Ed. 

Hunt, Joe 

Hart, J. 0. 

Humphreys. The 

IMwrt, <1. V. 

Ileocll. Geo. 

Hardell Bros. 

Howard alJaaaT 

Irving. J- W. 

Inland, O. H- 

Jerome, Vie 

Jefferson. 3i>l. 

Junes. E. C. 

Jordan ItAsMon 

J ( .hiistou, n. 

Johnson. J. L 

Julllit Jokers 

Jupiter Trio 

Jacksou ft 


Johnson, I*. W. 

Ji.rdau fcllarvcy 

Juckson A , . 

Jnekson. It. M. 
Kennedy. W. K. 
Kelly, J; T. 
Kecler, CIims, 
Kusell. Matt 
rvcnnu. Chas. 

Kaulcr. Alt. 
Kaciipcl. «. 1L 
hnlskern.A va 

Eeetb, E. H- . 
Kellv ft Mattluc 
Knight Bios. 
Keller. Wm. 
Klug. Wm, J- 
Mug, Burt 
Klugtr,' L- if- 
KeUcy. T. M- 
Kennedy, Jn;' 
Klela fc gagal 
Kelt. Jf"t w - 
Keeoe, 1^ 
l.unn'ag, F. I" 
Langlll. Judsw 
Llvlncston, JE. 
Mtilefeld, Fred 
LsVall. J»>- „ 
kan, CttU JIM 

Marsli ASartella 

Moa ft Goodrlck 

Mlttcnthal Bros 

Mack ft Elliott 

Mtldrre, Chas. 

Merunda, F. C. 

McKenxle. W. A 

Harco, J. 

McCarthy Myles 



Mack ft Ellott 

UeNunie.', — 
(clay mod. 

Steers. Alf. 

Mathews * 


Marsh. E. G. 

Mackey, F. A. 

Magee, J- J. 

McHouy. A. J. 

.Miller, K. A. 

Watihy. Chas. 

•Jlllard. G. W. 

McLelsh. 0. 8. 

Maltlaud. C. S. 

Morton, A. D. 

Mantte. L'. A. 

Mitchell. J. A. 

Mack. Robi. 

Mette. Paul 

Merrill. W. B. 

Moore. Tom 

Monroe, G. W. 

Musaeluiau, C U 

Mack, Chas. 

Moore, Frank 

Mardo, — 

Mack, Ollle 

McNalr. J. E. 

Monroe, Jno. 

McCann. Frank 

Marshall, Jack 

Mills. Wm. J. 

Mooney. 3. 
Man In Strange 
Land' Co. 

Meyers. Julius 

Morrow, J. T. 
McNalr, J. B. 

Morris. Jno. 
Martella. AL 

Mack, Wllb. 
Murlon ft Pearl 

Morgan ft Croue 
Murray, J. 
McGreevey Jack 
Morgan, J. H. 
Martin ft Qulgf 
Moiicelloc Mr. 
Morrell ft Evans 
Marriott Twins 
Marsh iSnrtellu 
MeClnlu, Chas. 
Nleoslu, Oias. 
Nelser, Henry 
Nixon, W. A. 
Ncvarro. Tuio 
Norwurth. Jack 
Neater. Henry 
Newton, Jos. 
Norrls. J. F. 
Nelson ft 

Nelsou. Fxldle 
Olvlo ft Fawn 
n'Rourkc. Bug. 
O'Grady 4 

OH. Malt. 
Udell i Hart 
O Brlen. L. O. 
Ortuu. Nurw. 
I'baaey. U. J. 
Pnwem. J. II. 
palnier, l*w 
peck. Earl 
Palmer. Dell 
Perry. 3. II. 
Fierce, Rer. 
powers Uros. 
Pike. Wallace 
Price. H- >•• 
Pnlge. G. V». 
Pacini, J. A. 
Puia.Hi C. I> 
I'rliurosc, C. a. 
Perriiw, I't"'. 
Powers. Jiin. f. 
hliuiey. BHUe 
,'aulo ft Hlka 
Probascv, Irr. 
Vlenun. Hesry 
PalDKT. Lew 
Prckhaui. 11. Bl 

eeL Fred, 
Prke. r. L. 
Parrut. Jos. 

Parlluian. Em. 
Prlmr<*e. '.'• ». 
Qnlgley. Bob 
Boliad. Wm. A. 
ItoMnsnn. H. L 
IlobKn, Phil 

Weltael AKrleml 

Wolf. A. C. Zelaro. Jno. 

Wanle Stuck Co. 7<\ Zaui. Mr. 
Wlxon, Nat /erllns. T. 

Wallace, Jack r>l Bros. 
Waltseu, Harry Maimer, Jno. 
Young-. ftBrouka 
e ■ a. ■ ' 

Kasrll ft Vernon 

t hu-lnnntl.- The old sign. "* li G.." 
lias been banished to the scrap heap of prop. 
( rtles In disuse, and «s far as Cincinnati 1H 
con'cernetl "crowded to the legul limit'' will 
Mirceed the old mark of theatrical success, 
"Standing; lloom Only." There were nights 
during the past week la which unoccupied 
seats were In evidence, but one or two houses, 
did not feci the slump. The return of John 
11. llavlln to Cincinnati was followed by too 
story that the big syndicate and the Stair 
A HaTlIu forces hid come to an agreement, 
which, us far as Cincinnati is concerned, 

prominent people ■» Marguerite, (tylra, Jessie 
Hartlett Davis. Wllllruu Hrodcrlek, and 
others are In the east. Maxlne Elliott, In 
"Her Own Way," drew big umlleoces week 
of Feb. 1. OouHBg week of IS. Annie Russell. 

iLYCKUM (J. K. Cooksoa, manager).— "The 
Heart of Maryland" H helng proiluced by a 
carefully selerted company. this week. Cbarlen 
Daltun, In' "A Gentlemitn of t'nituv,". fhmlu 
tl hit week of I. Hooked for week of 13, 
"In Old Kontuokv." • . 

"CumetAXh tJ. htt" Cookam. luanageri.-^ 
I.uiil-e llenton. u Clcvelaiul girl. Is invseutliiji 
"Rachel Uoldstaln" .the current week. ■ The 
play . has litre scenic equipment utul a good 
cast. The Smart Set, b novelty In the *hr 
of a musical eomedv, by ixdor^l actors, marM 
a aticccss week of I. "The Slain of Guilt" 
1B-2U; • 

Mhea'h KMrmu (Chits. J. Stevenson, man- 
ager!. — Blind Tom, the musical |iheuuinenou, 
Is the feature of current week's bill. His re- 
flPlH'tirnnro on the . atago Is meeting with 
success everywhere. Goleman'a cats ami 

means the Impossibility of the Independents dogs, a troupe performing many woudcrful it, Huwlea, niarmgrri. — "King Dodo" proved 
booklni; time litre. The Vino Street Oliera feats: Jennie Yeumnns, a favorite: the Or- u strong druwlog card week of Jan. " 

House Is locked, and would not be n suitable 
place for atich alms as Mrs. Fluke, Hen- 
rietta crosuian, and Weber ft Fields, even 
were It possible to borrow the key from M. 
C Anderson and Henry M. ZIfgler, who hold 
the lease. The Auditorium Is too small to 
make engagements there pay, nod Music 
Hall Is not equipped, and would be tun large 
were the stage arrangements good, Of thu 
trenty of i>eace which leaves Klaw & Kr- 
longer lu full control of the bookings of 
the higher priced theatres, and Stair ft llav- 
lln u like supremacy In the popular price 
Held, Manager Huvllu says : "The deal goes 
Into effect July 1 next, as wn will play nli 
uttructtons this season according to our or- 
iginal contractu. All I can say Is that the 
errnngement appeared perfectly. amicable to 
nil parties, and gives us a complete chain of 
theatres throughout thu country." 

Ouand Oren* Hul-sk (Harry llalufortli St 
John II. Huvlln. ntnaagers).— -K. It. Sol hern 
will introduce "Tim Proud Prince" Feb. S.- 
Ioist week W. II. Crane wns aceu lu Edward 
E. Hose's dramatlrutlon of Harry Leon Wll- 
Btm's novel. "The S|ieaders," and audiences of 
splendid size nnd tremendous enthuslnsin ap- 
plauded thu veteran (who Is'om? of (Mucin- 

"Hnele Totn's Cabin" gave two perform- 
ances Jiin. KO. lo good attendance. 'The 
Beauty Doctor" had a full house Feb. :'. 
■•Wliv Women Sin" 11 1 led the house ami gnv 
good' satisfaction 4. Coming; "Th* Chonn 
ons" 10, "The Tenderfoot" IJ, lll«rk Wtii 
IS. "Miss Hob White" 15, -Uertrt of Mary 
llind" 18, the Blondells 18i •'_ *•-•* , ' ' 

Mnrloii. — At the Urnnd "Op>ra.' House 
(Chns. 10. Terry, tuanagori. — Stelson's "(1. 
T. Ci"- had « big house Jan. 2(1. Thos. Jef- 
ferson, In "Ulp Vnn Winkle," did well 28. 
Coming: "Tho Chaperons" Feb. 0, "Why 
Wumon Sin" 12. •• * 

Sprlna-fleld.— At (ho Grand Opera House 
(I,. ,T. Dalle, roRnnger). — The Four Cohans. 
In "Unnulng for Odlce," hsd fair bullnesn 
Jan. 27. Nat Goodwin, In "A Glided Foot," 
Feb. 4 ; "A Son of Rest" 8. • •. ""• 
■ *s» ■■ » "• 


New Orlenits At' Tnliuio Theatre (W. 




Iglnul Newsboys' Quintette, which docs- good pleural. Thu work .of Uklmrd Golden, Isabel 

singing; Ocorge II. Wood. Farnum uud Nel- ttiulerwootl and Gerlnuln Humes won rounds 

•on. lu a comedy acrobatic act : Murlowe, f niiplnn^e. John Drew this week. 
Titian nud I'luukett, Kred Stubor, und tho c'hkscbnt Thsatub ( W. II. Itowles, raiuia- 

klnetogrnph cntniilete fho hill. ger). — Hose Melvllln and her splendid coni- 

Coloniai. (S. U. Culllus. manager).— After t*ny, presenting "91a llouklu^• r played last 
a short seuson of the leirltlniate. which was 

wcekr- , Hlg busluenH followed thivuglioui 
the entire week'. . "A l»rlnco of T»«ers,V 
With Al. Wilson. Keb. 7»13.- • -- '» . • 

Oiiamu Oi'gRA Hut'Mg (Uj. Greenwill, man- 

* the 

nger). — Mnunatct Walter H. llaldwln, of 
Hiililwln-Miilvllis Mtoek- Co.. returned here 
Jan. 31. and found an S. It. 0. matinee npd 

' J'Jp 1 -- 
most successful, vaudeville again holds the 
boards the current week. Johu I). Gilbert, 
a well known parodist and nionologtst, Is 
oue of the arousing features ; flat Stevens, 
wllb his clever Impersonations ; Matthew* 
mill Harris. In il new force, entitled "Tho 

lMrate Chief:" the Kour Huntings, In "A Flight honse nwaltliic his- conipsny,, III "The 
Night In the Konl House ; farrow Brothers, Kv „ Ml , n t^,.. ftn ,f a b |„ W eek s , Wslntsa 
Carmen Sisters, Coakley and Mcltrlde, Carter followed. "Hcsurrcctlon" this week. ':'. - 
and tlluford, and the vltascope plclures. ei.Vsiuu Thkatiik . (Wtn. Wilson, raann* 
Jainea K. - Haekett, lu "The Crowu. Trluii;. gerl.— VMonte Crlsto" proved a big draw- 
whs til* last of tire lnde)H>ndeut sturs In tlie Tng card last week. SI, anil well filled houses 
four .weeks', season of the legitimate-. . Mr. 
Huckett was at his best, und/ with n strong 
supporting company, did xplemtld a-ork. 

uatl's tlme-trU'd favorites! lu his portrayal 

"EIF • 
"Her Own Way." 15. 

of 1'nt.le I'eter Bines. Muxlne Elliott, In 

<b»w. Larry 

itsjbs. Phi 

IsoloDion. J. M. 
Setley, Chas. 
SulllTan. Laur. 
Snyder, K. H. 

Wllkess Co 
See. J. A. 
grata. G. H 
t-ltiger. Jack 
Smltb, W. B. 
emlth. Larry 
Polora, — 
Smith. »'. 0. 
Stack. Jack 
Savlllc, Ous 
Stone. B.s> W. 
Service. II. E. 
Snow, Mort. 
Stanley, Art 
•Stanley, Mart. 
Sylvester, 8. S. 
Spencer. J. K- 
Southerns, The 
Smith. Fletcher 
Scwell, L. 
Sargent. F. P. 
St. Leon. Gas 
Silver, G I. 
Sbsws, Aerial 
Sawyer, Jack 
Seeley, C. W. 

I»rim. Co. 
Stevens, Leo 
Sutton. Jack 
tsauelear, Qias. 
titlls. Har. 

Swift, Har. 

:>outhem. C. H. 
Tavtor, Jack 

Taylor. C. E. 

Takexaw*. F. 

Tbor, — 

Turner, r. J. 

Takezama, F. 

Taylor. W. P. 

Teellng, T. B. 

ihonjson. Fred 

Tajlor. H. S. 

Tooralnc Trio 

'I brow. C. K. 

Tborrc Art. 

'ihiyer. Jos. 

Tyrrell, A. H. 

Tenney, Ernest 

Tbur.-ton, U. 

Tucker, N. K. 

Teaber. Max 

Turner. F. J. 

Teevan, Boy 

Till. J. & L. 

Tialnor, Wm. 

TroutBdours, — 

Tbomsen, Mark 


Mr. ft Mrs. 

Thomas, David 

Totnklus. Wm. 

Tolvcr, ar. A. 

Taylor, C. a 

Tcrrlss, Jno. 

UdeU, O. E. 

Van. Blllv 

••VUlagc Post- 
inaster" Co. 

Vcdder. S. 

VanOofrc. Mr. 

Vance. E. K. 

Vontella ft Mua 

VjoBurcns, The 

VanVranken, Mr 

Vack, F- H. 

Valentine, Sam 

VauSess, VV. II. 

Vreelsnd, 0. W. 


Mr. t Mrs. 

Wesley, Ben 

Winters. Bunk 

Walter, bestir 

Ware. It. P- , 

Welch, J. ft Co. 

Wlnaegar Bros. 

WbluTord. G. K. 

Wallace. T.H.T. 

Wens A Juuire 
Wulden. Max 
Welch, Msp-bull 
Wert. J. 3- 
Wllkens, Nana 
Weaver. M. W. 
WiniK, J. M. 
West. W, E. 
Wlllsrd. Cbus. 
Woods. W. G. 
Wlillrsprar. l)T. 
Walsh, Christy 
Williams, H. T. 
ivtlllems. Mai. 

'■'■ Tlllg. JIHA 

Wesely. Ben 
Whalen Bros. 
WIUIanM/ O. K. 
a - est. Fred 
tialtart, IvUnsr 
Wacker, F. 
ll-jhlell. Dm: 
Wlnot. J. M. 
Wens. 1. J. 
West, JaaS TS a T i 
Tlnurs. C. A. 
Wat»D * 

Wash, PhU.. 

WALNVT StBKKT Tiikatw: (N. V. Anderson, 
rnanuger).— James A. Heme's "Shore Acres 
will be seen 7, after a rollicking week of "A 
Sou of ltesl." with Nat S. Wills as the tramp. 
Susaum- Itwamore. Alien Colin, Will Archie, 
Tom Gradi*. Monn Wynne, and Katherlno 
Manning were well cent in Hie "operatic 
Btorvette," as (lenrge Weston's creation was 
bllbsl on the prngraniuis. Max S. Wilt, who 
irvvldnl the music, directed the orchestra. 
Business was big. Sargent Aboru's "Ths 
l>\>rl inn; Teller" II. ... 

ItuBlNSOH'S OP1IBA llol SE (E. U. blulr, 

lessee nud manager). — Lincoln J. Carter s 
play, "Her Ouly Sin," with Julia Gray lu 
the leading role, supported by John T. Nichol- 
son, will open 7. I,ast week, wllb tem|»TK- 
tlire that hovered near the zero murk moBt 
of the time, Annie Sutherland and William 
Humphrey were seen lu Emlle Uergerat's 
play, "More than Oueeu." The new adminis- 
tration enjoyed only a fair run of business, 
nud the production deserved much better. 
Thu orchestra hero Is directed by Herman 
Uellstadt Jr. Jnlla Arthur's old Bryadwuy 
success was plendldly Interpreted. W. J. 
Domain, K. Owen Meech. Frauk A. Neff. EI- 
wyn Luton, Joseph Edmunds, Bessie Hum- 
jihrey und Melete Melton were members of 
the company. Charles Wurner'B "Drink" 14. 
Columbia Thkatrk (M. C. Anderson, man- 
ager) . — Fanny Mice Is coming 7 as the head- 
liner of a bill to which Uavls, Mscsuley and 
Co.. In "l'als;" the Three Fortunes Milliards 
uud Montrose, Beatrice Morcland, Muattlna 
und Stevens, George Schlndle, anil Fjirlu und 
Wilson will also contribute. Last week the 
stars were: George C, Boniface Jr. und 
Bertha Waltzlnger, In "The Woman Who 
Hesitates." Orthodox vaudeville enjoyed a 
fairly prosperous week. Flo Adler wound up 
her vocal act like a little whirlwind iftsr 
u falntlv xepbyry start. "An Uptown Flat," 
In which Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thome, Harry 
Clarke aud Mottle Temple appear, Is full of. 
notion. The Blaine Club In the Inaugural 
parade at Columbus was the uuvelty blogruph 

Lyceum Tiibatuk (Heuck, Mtslr ft ken- 
nrssy, muimgers). — Lincoln J. Carter's play, 
•Too Proud to Beg." will open 7. Last week 
Barney Gllmore apjiearcd In his old success, 
"Kidnapped In New York," In which Billy 
Hallman. the bull player, Is a leading char 
sx-ter. Sherman Wade, Megluu DonneTly, Al- 
bert Edwards. Tommy West and Baby Mar- 
lon wore members of the company. Business 
was big. "A Hogged Hero" 14. 

People's Theatre (Hubert Heuck. mana- 
ger). — The iFoy iFoster Co. will coano 7. Lost 
week Tom Mluer'a Bohemian Burlesquers 
gave one of the best shows of the year. The 
comedians were good, und the girls very 
pretty, while Harvey Parker, tho wrestler, 
met all comers at every performance. V Inulc 
Hensliuw. Andy Gardner, Louise Auber, 
Heeder Gilbert und Ida Nlculul all made good. 
The show did a splendid busloess. City 
Spuria 14. 

Gossip ok un: Louuv. — Mury Hull, who 
was tbo- lost leading ludy of the Pike T he- 
utre Company, Is coming with Sotheru. and 

she Is sure of B worm welcome Percy 

Brooke, who played Billy Brue, lu "The 
Spenders," retired from that orgunizotluu 
to go to his duck farm Id South Norwalk, 
Conn. He will be missed. Sam Heed, a 
brother of the lute Itoland Heed, camu uu, 
und Joined the Crane company here. - Ho 

will be the new Billy Brue Samuel 

Freednian came buck and witnessed tbo 
remarkable rush for Sotheru scuts tho 
day the sale commenced Mana- 
gers Broadhurst A Currlo came lo CIu- 
eliuiutl to look "A Hon of Ileal" over. 
They uow own the show, and II may be 
taken back to New York for another en- 
gagement, at the Fourteenth Street Tbeutre. 

" .The Lafayette Show s|ietit Its off week 

here and ugepets to go to Havana for a two 
weeks' engugeuiout at the Tacon Theatre.... 
A heavy brick wall Is to be bnllt between 
tho auditorium, and the stage at Uie People'H, 
without In any woy Interfering with the 
performances. . ; ... .James Murray Allison, 
who gave "The Banker of Batesvllle" to 
vaudeville, bus written another sketch, en- 
titled "'Llzabeth's Daughter." It will bo 
presented bv Miller Kent and Helga HoWurd. 

Jessie Straus, it Walnut II I lit* girl. 

who has been Louis Ilnllnberg's protege, nas 
bceu chosen violin soloist for Kousa's Band. 

Cora Mac ' Henry hus gone to 

New York lo Join her sister. Marthu 
M. Henry. Both • ore prominent In 

musical circles : . Mozart's birthday was 

celebrated Feb. 2. al Cosuiopolltun Hull, by 
the uinsleii! professluu. Ileniiiin Bellsteilt 
Jr*. arranged the prograunie. to which N". T. 
Klseuhvimiir. Joiw Marlen, Wm lloss, J. 1). 
Dubois, G. Ilugedum, It. Schlclwcu. ('. Burck, 
A. J. Sehuih. Ld. rkhatb, A. Weiss, A. 
Si-hull/. ('. Buuhardt und K. Kuehu cou- 
Irlhiiteil Manager I. M. -Mart In has re- 
turned from New York, uod uundunres that 
Chester Park Will open May II, and that 

the opera season will begiu June lb\. 

Luura A. Wcllcr went (o Louisville lo taku 
part In two concerts given by the ladles' 
Musical Club. . William Kruupner. pian- 
ist, made Ids American debut at the, Conser- 
vatory of Music Feb. 2 Siaglo Mildred 

Marsh, the ubuiuit, was recently married to 
Edmund Grfnwgll, of Chicago.'. ... .Will A. 

Page Is here In advance nf Mnxlne Elliott. 
. .. . . .I'.iL t.'ullen. of Uoblnsou's Circus staff, 

has been hattllng with grip.- .-■ 

Siaii (Drew it Campbell, uiunngers). — Bob 
Manchester's Cracker Jacks. RVe furnishing 
vaudeville, comedy and btirlosiuio current 
week.- Bob Van Austen Is; seen In "Dr. 
Muuvon Oufduiie" ami "Our Georgia Hose." 
In the vaudeville are: The Two Jacksons, 
Lillian Held nud May Trliuball. Howard aud 
North,, und the Wsugdoodle Four, composed 
of Herbert Hoblnson, Julius Glenn, Harry 
GovuVHI-nnd James White. Vunlty Fair IB-av. 

NirrK.— Mrtnager ChRR. J. Stevenson has 
resigned hi* |K>sltloii at Shea's Empire to take 
charge of Mr. Chase's Interests In New York. 
When Mr. Sims bought the Empire recently, 
from Mr. Chase. Mr. Stevensson was merely 
loaned lo Mr. Shea for u time until a satis- 
factory man could bo found to succeed him. 
Mr. Chase Is to be congratulated upon hav- 
ing so enterprising nnd successful H man- 
ager as Mr Stevenson, and his host of Cleve- 
land friends regret exiwdlngly that tliey are 
about to lose him. Ills successor has not 
beeu uuuounec-d. 

i i I ■ i i n • 

Toledo.— At the Valeutlne Theatre (Otto 
Kllvcs. manager).-- Wilton Lttckaye. In "Tho 
Pit." was well patronised Feb. 1. Oraco Van 
Sluddlford and a most ennublo company, lu 
"The Med Feather." to big business, a, 3. 
Booked : "Mum'sello Nupoleon," with Anua 
Held, 5, U : "The Yankee Consul" 8, U. 

Lvceum Tiihatbb (Frank Burl, manager). 
— "Shadows of a Great City." big results, 
,lun. •.'M-:il>. Joseph Murphy. Ill -Feb. a. to 
his usual good business. "The Chaperons' 
4-ti. "Busy Ingy" 7-10. 

Expire Theatre (Jules Herllg. tnuuuger). 
— Burlesque at this house sci'ins to have 
struck the nubile fnncy. Vanity Fair, woe* 
of Jan. HI. did large business. For week uf 
Feb. 7. the Crackur Jucks. 

Aiccauk Tiikatjie (O. W. Presloii. uiun- 
nger). — Last week's bill proved u good draw 

grecled the two opening performances, while 
good business ruled throughout the week. 
Allco Trent Hunt Joined forces with' tbo 
Elysium Co., uud will prove a tower of 
strength to this already, popular 
durlug her brief engRKOUiont. "The-Danltaa 

f K I it iitu|i \e ... *'•'£' a 

KkiMi'H Opkua Hodhb (F. Charley, inarui. 
ger). — I.Rrgu u nd (aslilonabls audiences wit- 
nessed tho French Oiiera Co. during- Isor 
week, when "Itett Muusuuctnlres au Cult- 
I'rupheie" was sung. A change of pro- 
grninmc Is promised far week of Feb. 7. 

Nr.wcxmn Theatbh (II. C Fonrton, tnin- 
ager). — Manager Fourt tin's newly organ tied 
stuck company wns not ready to opin Jan. 
Ill, as was expected, so he Immediately closed 
with a rompnnv to open Instead. The offer 
lug wns "A Life's Mistake." which drew well 
nil during the we«k. The company wns very 
Rood, and won aiiplausx. A change of bill 
Is promised for weok nf Feb, 7. 

St. OKWiKint (finis. E. llrny, 
uinuiiger). — A splendid bill wns offered week 
uf l, mid enjoyed n big week's business. 
The lilll for week of 8 Includes : Young und 
Do Vole. Kckhoff uud Gordon, .Anna Cald- 
well, diss, and Minnie Sn Vnn. Greene und 
Werner, Mice ami Provost, and Fllson and 
Errol (sucoud week). 

Noteh. — Crcatorc and his Italian Hand 
will gtve two concerts at the Tulnno Thea- 
tre, innllueo and night, 7 1/uiIh If. 

Fett, the popular scenic artist of tho Ha Id 
wlu-Molvllle Stock Co., enturlnlncd Bono Mel- 
ville and her "His Hopkins" Co.. as wall us 
tbo members nf the Haldwln-Melvllle Co,, 
with u uililulglit supper 4, at his studio. 

Uliouis Island. 

Provide moo. — At tho Providence Opera 
House (Felix It. Wenrtrlschuvfer, uiiiiiajier). 
— "Mognts > Brothers In London" pleased tire 
large audiences they ulwuys draw In this 

lng raid. Keough and llnllurd were big city week of Feb. I, und the period of their 
favorite* For week of 7: Two Hewitts, stay here was among the most itrolllible of 
Franklen nnd De Forest, Kckert and Berg, the seiuon. "Llttlo Jlnry" fllvldes tho week 

the Evans Trio, Arlington nnd Helnton, Wo 
nous und Frank, and the vllngraph. 

BrnT'H TitEATUK (Frnuk Burt. luunngcr). 
^— "The Little Church Around tho Corner." 
J:ui. a»-:lu. and "For Her Children's Sake,' 
31 .Feb. II, both proved populnr with patrons. 
"Macliel Goldstein" 4-U, ''The Great White 
• Diumond" 7-10. 

Yuungalown. — At the Opera IIouko 
(I'eter Mice, iiiimnger)'.— E. li. Sotheru. in 
"The Proud Prims-," Feb. I, delighted u 
cupuclty bouse. Ward and Yokes highly 
pleased a well tilled house '.'. "Miss Bolt 
White" came, to ' good business, 4, nnd 
highly satisfied. "When Johnny Comes 

of H with Andrew Mack, Id "A Bold Soger 
Hoy." ■•- 

I'.'mi'ihe Theai'RM (Hplta & Natlinusori, 
managers). — Thu attraction of 1-0, Joe 
Welch. In "The Peddler," was good cpough 
tu do large business, and tho character work 
of tho principal received splendid notices. 
Hiigcnlo Blnir Is seen In '"ium" week of. 8, 
followed by Mcbcccn Wurreu, In "Toss, nf the 
DTrbcr/HlL's," the first aupeuruuee of the 
ploy In this illy, 10-ao. 

■ I.mi'kuial TiiriATitn (Fullg It. . Wcndel- 
BClinefer, manager). — Florence Bindley, In 
"A Midnight Marriage." week of 1, was sue- 
ceitled by uuothcr thillllng ineludramn », 
"The Woint Wotnoia lii Ignukm." Hergmului 
lias the bouse week of IS, 

'" Marching Home" drew well und highly I'aiik Thkatiim iHpltz ft Nnthimson, man- 

r_ pleased. Booked: "Deserted at the Altar' ugers).— Tha Howard otock Co. put on half 

m 11, Stetson » "V. T. C." 1-, "Thu lender- u dozen plays from its repertory week uf .1, 

foot" 13. , "Winchester" followed, und will In turn be 

Park Th«atre (Joe Weber, manager). — 
Week of 1 found Henry Lee nnd his pluyers 
at this house. The company Included Slier- 
inuu und De Forest, Chas, M. Sweet, Gardner 
nnd Maddern. Talbot and Rogers, Valraoro 
nnd liortoii, and Ford nod Wilson ; also 
the klnetogrnph, presenting the very Inter- 
esting 01m, "The New Oreat Train Mobbery." 
The above company Is under the management 
nf Sol Myers, foimerly of this city. Joe 
Weber's amateur night occurred again B, 
und thu array of talent he preseuted met 
with great enthusiasm. Hyde's Cuuicdluus 

i.i I s ■ 

Columbus.— At the Great Tlieu- 
tre (L. M. Boda, uianagcr).— N. «'. Goodwin. 
lu "A Olldetl Fool," ulayetl, to u well pleased 
undleiioe, Feb. 0. \V. II. Cruue, In "Tho 
Slanders," 8, 9. ' 

, Hion Stbbkt Theatre (A, G. Ovens, mau- 
nger). — "The Wayward Sou" played, to big 
houses, 4-d. Due : '♦Only u Shop Girl" 8-10, 
followed by "Tho Little Church Around thu 
Corner" 11-13. 

(ijtANIi OPERA HOUHB (A. U. Ovens, IIISU- 

ager). — "Sujierba" played, to well pleased 
uuillences. 1-3. Isabel Irving. Ixi "Tim 
Crisis," did well 4-0, Coming: "Thu Fortunu 
Teller" 810, followed by "Arlwna" 11-13. 

EsiriiiE TltEATtiB (II. Wiseman, mnnu- 
ger).— "The Man from Mexico" did well 
week of 1. 

|. s . ' li 

Hit Hon. —At tho Victoria Theutru (C. Y. 
Miller, manager). — Mnymond Hitchcock ap- 
I»earedIn."TlM! Yankee Consul". Feb. U, be- 
fxire it representative audience. K. H. Soth- 
eru. In "The Proud Prince," did a splendid 
business I. Nat Goodwin appeared' In "A 
Glided Foul" C. Business was good.- . The 
Kour Cohans, lu "Hunnlug for Office," 8 ; 
"The Sultan of Sulu" 10, Win. II. Crunu 11, 
"The Silver Slipper" 12, Wcsl's Minstrels 13. 
Park Theatre (Gil Burrows, manager). 
— Wuller Fessier's production of ''The Great 
White Utajuond" played, to good business, 
1-3. "The" Llttln Church Around thu Cor- 
ner, " -presented by n capable, company, drew 
splendid audiences 441. Coming: "The Way- 
ward Son" 8-H). 

, Hoi.niiiRM 1 Hirtlli TilBATU'E.' — "Peek's • Bud 
Boy" comes V. "TbcKatxvnJammerKlds'MS. 

succeeded by Geou-go Obcr, In "Tho Wrpnu 
Mr. Wrlihl' T and "\Vhat Happened to Jones. 

Keith's Theatke (Charles Lovonberg, 
iniuiuger). — Among the good lipadlluors 1-U 
weio: HoiiHby's vlculrlcal spectacle, Winch 
ertiiun's licui-s and moiikoyw, (he Two Avo- 
los, anil Wuterbury llrutburs and 'fenny. Too 
iirogiHinnie for 8 Includes: Valerie Hergpre, 
In "My Japunesu Wlfd ;" tho ' Quartette 
l!n*i|ue, Mr. nnd Mrs, Gardner Grans, Id a 
farce: John Ford and Mnyum Gehi'ua r CIRrn 
llallerlnl; Fields nnd Ward, Ballerlpl's dogs, 
tun Misses Duluiore. Harry Lester, Hdag- 
klus und Lelth, Smith and Powell, Wilbur 
.linos, uud John J. Desmond. 

WEirrMiNBTKii Thbatuu (George 11. iiiitch- 
eirer, manager). — Al. Beeves' big show wa» 
the attraction liml week. TlmTrocaderos fol- 
lowed, uud un IS thu Blue Mlbbona will In) 
ulirn, i .. .., . 

Benson's Zoo '.I, T. Benson, manager).— 

Thu Four Shuiuroeks, Mile. Ilimsher, Le 

Vnlils, colored comedians,- and Hurkhord, coin 

inuulpulattir, are the sutortulncM week of 8. 

■ ♦«» — 


Baitaot. - J ijJjHh B. it m iBkv la 

Clevelnad. — At the Opera House fA. F 
nam. managT)^— 'Francis WHeon Is appear 

Akron.— At the Colonial Theatre (H. S. 
Vail, munsgert. — "The Blgn of the Cross" 
did well Feb. L'. "Tho Beauty Doctor" bad a 
fjttr sited bouse 3. Annu Held, in "Mile. 
NuisMeoni" had the caUaclty 4; Wallace- A 
Ollmore's' Co. comes 11!, Stetson's "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin" 13, "Mls» Bob White" 18. 

Oranp oio.i.A Hecsi: (T. K, Albaugh, man- 
ager).— "The Great While Diamond'^ pleaseil 
good houseo 4(1. ' "For Her ^Children's Bake 1 ' 
comes s-10. "Not Giilliy" 11-13, "Old I'lun- 
latloii" 1M7. 

Note.— I'aul V.. (Flip) Fleming, well 
. known circus advance man, died here Jan. 30. 

Louisville. — At Mfic:iuli < v'sTltriilrc.(John 
T. Mneauley, manager). — "The Sliver Sllp- 
m-r" raino: Feb. 1-8, giving; a delightful en- 
tertainment, to good audiences, Beautiful 
costumes, pretty girls, anil tuneful music 
nus tho twin-net that attracted. I&i II. 
Solhern, In ''The Pruud I'rlncc," 4-0, p-lnyad 
lo crowded houses. ■ Mr. Sotheru woe fre- 
quently applauded for lilts artistic work. Cum- 
ing: "Tho Gin With the Green Eyes" IS, lo. 

Masonic TltEATMr, tChns. A. Shaw, tnuna- 
agajr).— ^Cluy Clement, with a good company, 
presonted *Tho New Dominion" week of-1, 
drawing large audiences. For vroeb of 8, 
the Smart Bet. 

I Avkni.-b Tnt.ATtii) (Chas. A.. Shaw, maim- 
gcr». — "rJetirchllghts of New York" hut week 
iittructcil big cruvids nt each purfurmaiic*. 
Thu pluy was well rendered by a good rum- 
niiiiy, and gave satlsfacllou. For week of 
7, "Human Henrls." 

Ml'l'KINuiiam TlinATiui (Wlmlleu Uiosr.. 
muuugorsj.- -Tlio Menu-Hunt lev Burlcs(|Ua 
Co. Inst week played to crowded houses 
throughout - tlio engagctnent. The srww 
opened with thu burlesque. "The .Miitrliimnlul 
Market," und closed with "The Calif of 
Suln." both of which contained plenty of 
luuglilDg matter und some tuneful songs. 
For week of 7, tho Bohemians, uud Fay 1 'in- 
ter Co. week of 14. 

• f i i t ■ i i •' »- '. 

I'adtjcnh — At the Kctitucjiy (James at 
English. monagor).--*Tlio" Howard Domett 
Co., "Feb. 1-0, except 4. played (6 pftcUcd 
houses every nhrlit. The organization Is 
very popular with locul theatregoers, tllrt 
Murphy. 4,' In "The Man from Missouri," 
was received by a crowded house. Tho coin- 
pnny lays off fi.r two weeks, which Mr. Mur'. 
phy will spend at hit home, darks vl lie, 
'fenn. Comlog: "Pousso Cafs".ll, la, "The 

Man-afield — At ] 

UU aWiejft Kttk. »** (BflWja A lUSstWi 

-? ' '.■"'" _ TelmhorW Olfl" IS, "When Knlgbthoo'd Was 

Memorial Opera Hoot* in Flower" 3.7, "A fin ttiVbauk" 10. 




K. IV. HAHDLA.IT, Prei. 

OASTON AKOU1T, Director Q.neral. 


OAPITAXr stock:, - 



m m 

m m 



An imgumnt and mercam il<- coneeMlon occupy Ing 100,000 square feet, representing booth., bazaar., native industries, •MT t ^B3A^jVft r !S*S*M^3^SSmK ACTS o* ' Iverf d.wlption faltabu 
pastime* wltto elephant, tUMh, lacred oxen, tione", < tc, at tie Loololnna Porrha," Eipo.ltion. WAnTBD-NATIVBB and SBSTATlONAtOpeii Air and FBATURK*cx» or every ae.caipiion laitable 
for the above concession. Will boy KLItPIUMB, UJIEL1 ana NATIVE A.MBALS. CoBcrnloni and privilege, of all description, for »ale. Address uUeommunicntionsio 

__ ___ Doctor Benerel, 41 1 Mlsseurl Trust Bl.g,, St. Leilt, Me. 

poh BALE or rent, Mechanical Wax Figures, 
Illusions, Fine Snakes, Marionettes, Paintings, 
muffed a nl mul b. Buy, Bell or exchange. Send stamp 
lor answer. J. D SWBF.T, Atlantic City, N. J. 

MUSICI akh U8E I.1PPINE, the great Up hard- 
ener, strcngthener and r-ealer. By mall. 60c. Olro. 
Tree. The Llppine Co., 411 Parr Ave . Canton, o. 

Richmond Street. Newark, N. J. 


^____ BOX fts. Bowling, Ohio. 


M Prospect Place, Newark. W. J. 


-Ttie Properties, Scenery and Gosinmoe of the 
"Wild Rose" Theatrical Production will he sold by 
the undersigned as Auditor la attachment sguinst 
the Pan American- Amusement Co., at the Warc- 
hoose of LUKKR BROTHERS. 83 Bright Bt., near 
Jersey Ave ., Jersev City, on Feb. 10, 1904, at 2 P. M. 
16 Exoliange Pure. Jersey Olty. 

KQll SALE. Late Improved Edison Exhibition 
Model Klnetoscopo. guaranteed perfect asmo as 
new, $76. Lunette Flying Lady, dame as new, f 50. 
No sump, no reply. All kinds goods exchanged 
promptly. P.P. BARKLBY.Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Cotnedluns uf nil kinds. • Only top liners In Med. 
bis write. Salary sure, bnt you must work. Vin- 
cents, Al Marks, Anderson, write. J. B. NELSON, 
Wagner. 8. Dak., Feb 8. 20th Century M od. Co. 


The tint original, now In press: 
Unlike ell others. Copyrighted? Yesl 
How to secure It, get In line. 
Write cs now; be on lime. 
Address BILLY BENNETT, Mllact, Minn. 


Magic, C omic, etc. FILMS, Pa re of CL I PPER. 


Strong Cornet In Band, work in Acts. Have Conn 
Baritone for sale cheap; also Slide. To Buy— 
B, T., 70ft., with 60ft. Middle. 

M. MELVILLE, Mlndon, La. 

WAN te D— Reliable Professionals' making one 
night stttiidH to carry our line of Advertising Fans, 
winch are Sold to I)r jggists, Shoe Dealers, Hurd- 
witroMen, OoQeral Merchandise Healers, etc. Out- 
Hi consists of assortment of 80 designs, in oon 
venleat ahape to carry. |8per day eitslly made by 
Hiving business a lew hours of your lime each 
duy. PRO. H. JUNO ACQ., Cincinnati. Ohio. 


Now Ready, the (Ireatest Set of Comic Blldes 
for Die Comlo Hit, 

Peace Be With You. 

Published by THE WINDSOR MUSIC CO., N.Y, 

Get Ibis set of slides and you will use no other 

Comlo Bong Slides but these, as they outrival 

" all' sets ever made for a comic song. 


PBICB, $7.60 FEB SET, 17 8LIDE8. 


49-51 w. m -ft, I. v. 

, « — _~ . — I 1 — — . 

NEW OPERA HOUSE, Flihian, 111— En- 
ruiremcniB can be made by good companies. 
Address W, W. LOWARD. Flthlan. 111. 

FOR BALE— Tlir«o Logged Freak Calf, lack- 
ing forimitluii of one shoulder hlado and leg. For 
particulars, Frank Bailey, Box 77. Buoklln, Xas. 

TO INTRODUCE Our. Priming: Ion Letter- 
heads, 25c; 20U, <iuo.; 6Q0,,7r>c. Envelopes, same. 
Half Tune, tl. 32ds, 20c; l«h«, noc; stlcketp, 
:tno. ; conlraots, 740., etc. ; samples, to. Oakland 
Kbow Print, Pontine, Mich. 

WANTED, at Wine's Market jtttatre, Toledo, 
Ohio, all kinds of SpenlalllOH and BuneMiUi- 
Ladles; also Stock Ladies, wire or write atonoe. 
Long engagement to good people. 

JOHN A. WISE, Manager. 

EDISON Universal Kinelmoope. Kleetrlo 
Lump Khcosta', Oxv Hyd Jet »nd Screen very 
oliea p, UNIVK'tSAL. careof cl.lf'KR. 


"Twenty Years Hustling." 

The Genuine Ston of a Street Fakir, his graft, 
sim'I, Etc. Intensely Interesting and amusing, 
COO pages, cliiih. tl.oo. Fun on the Pool Table: 
easy, but astonishing fancy shots, with balls and 
cue. Every player shuuld have It, too. Masker- 
lyn's "Sharps and Flats," gambler's lateat Utrple- 
meals and methods explained, »1 oo. Herman, 
the Magician; his enure programme exposed, 
tl.oo. ••Spirit slate Writing," all methods, «.oo. 
Downs' Com Manipulation, 2V. Thurston's Card 
Trloka, latest. soe. Hundreds of Books on Muglc, 
llTPOotUm, spiritualism, occuliNni. . WrUe for 
list. M. WALLER. jM Race St .. Pli lla'eli.hla. I'n 

Ureal uwcovmy, axiKnw 
can not detect It from gen 
nine diamond. Combat 
oio-teoth. in brtuiancy and cut II ha* do equal 
Sotting aoUd gold Write for Illustrated catalogue!. 

wjwff * oo.. Dopt a «»»pw!?gj?--i'jjg , «g: 


100 Varieties; all up to date. COSMOPOLITAN 
N OVBuTV CO., 42 N. 4th St., Plilladeltilila, Pa. 

Boy AixxoLtetir 

Wants to commnnleate with a reliable [dramatic 
oianp'inv for next season: ago 10. RAYSIOND 
l-'ONl>KkHIDE, 201 Sprlugllcld St.. Dayton, Ohio. 



Two Somersault Dogs. 

Must be Al. PROF. C K. RICE, 

New Albany, Ind. 



Lyceum Theabt, Niagara Falls. 

WANTED, Vaudeville Acts 




VAUDEVILLE STUDIO. 138 5lh Ave., N. Y. 

Public hearing, and openings. Coach- 
ing and engagements secured. Want 
lOu people to study, be coached and re- 
hearsed for vaudeville. 


Two Little Boys and a Funny Clown. 

MR. NED WAYBORN, Come take a look. 
Obauipun Co., Yonkers, N. Y., week of Feb. 8. Re- 
1 1 able nigra, write. Address Poughkeepsle, N. Y. 


Dale's Troubadours, 

Including Special Scenery, Costumes and Special 
', all new this season 


Paper, all new this season. Scenery by Daniels, 
costumes by Wrlth and Daniels, all new this sea- 
son. $600 gets it. Everything opes for lnii 



. Cape May 



Newly furnished, no and ANNEX 181 N. Oth ST.; 
alto 132 N.Otn ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Special 
rates to professionals, tl per day; $5 and ft 
single, per week; 110 and 112 double, per week. 
A. V, ATTENHOFFER, Proprietor. 
Next door to Dime Museum. Three to Ave 
minutes to all theatres. 


Must plsv standard works; steady engagement 
year around with LADY orchestra. Write 

MINNIE E. 6LID0EN, Directress, 

ERlOKSUN'S CONCERT HALL, Portland, Oregon. 


John H. Sparks Show 


Route: CHAS. SPARKS, Stark, Fla , Fob. 18; 
Bronson, Fla., Feb. 16; Cedar Kev, Fla;, Feb. Id; 
Oalnsvllie, Fla., Feb. 17; Mlcaxopy, Fla., Feb. 18: 
Hawthorn, Fla., Feb. 19. 



(Baritone or Tenor). Good salary and treat- 
ment to good peopln. Six months' work, Tickets 
to people 1 know. State everything first letter. 
Address .1. L MaITLAND, Grand Forks, N. Dakota. 
P, 8 ■■ -This la not a Med. Show. 


Stock Hangers, Posters and Oats on hand for 
advertising every branch of the Amusement Busi- 
ness. Bond for Catalogue (D) of Dramatic and 
Show Prlntlagot all stints; Catalogue (0) Fair and 
Carnival Printing; Catalogue (B) BUI Postors, 
Comraerelal Posters 



513 Elm Street, 

St. Lou I., Mo. 

Wanted, Geo. W. Scott Co. 

For Repertoire, Summer and next season. Show 
opens March 21, 19J1, PCLL ACTING COMPANY, 
those doing specialties given preference; Man 
with scripts to direct and manage stage; Band of 
ten pieces. Musicians write. Address 

GEO. W. SC01T, Mgr., Crowley, La. 



Henry and Leading Juvenile Men. 

Other u not al people write orwlie quick. Join at 
once. Tloketx to thuse we know. 

4 PlcVerta A Co., TWon, Qa. 




Address FRED BADBR, 


Piano Flavor (prefers one who Doubles Baritone 
or Trombone). Man to rlay Strong Old Men part 
(play some lust rument in band). Juvenile Woman 
with specialty. Make salary reasonable, as It is 
sure. MoNAMARA BROS,, Mavsvllle, Mo., Fob. 10- 
11; Trenton, Mo.. Feb. 12-1 4. TV 11 all innrst l etter. 


Open Dates : Feb.. March, April. Population 8,600. 
Slate Normal School, 400 Students; Good Show 
Tom Write tor dates. W.E. CAMP, Manager, 
Jacksonville, Alabama. 

Managers and Actors' Pocket Thoatrlcal 

GC1DR of Opera Houses and Populations of Towns 
and rules Inn. 8 and Canada. Send 10c. to help 
pay expense of publishing bonk. C. 0. DOLAN (Wig 
Mason, Ml Green Street. Lockport, N. Y^ 



W. L. THEILE, car. Of CUPPER. 




Mow Being Bung by the "Best In Their Line" of the Profession. 



Professional conies t/> recognized performers or those 
sending up-to-date programmes. 

M. WITMARK & SONS, Publishers, 







Wanted «* Or-.ce 

We are In constant touch with managers requiring 

J ood Vaudeville Acts, Specialties and Sketches. 
1st with us at once. Send full particulars and 
photographs. Address 

In Connection with The Irving Theatre School, 
M Van Buren Street, Chicago, III. 


Cabinet Photos of yourself for selllng.lBO per 1.000. 
Mew Edena CARBON A finish. Samples for dime. 

U 1 HE Per 1,000: FORTUNES 60c.; Samp. lOe. 
- - . -.- por Future Photographs 

and Lovers' Post Office. 
608 Arch St PhUa., Pa. 



At moderate prices. Large stock, immense variety. 
Illustrated Catalogue Free. A. RoTERBERO, 
176 Ontario St., Chloago, 111. 


OobUbiI SlMplif aid Dinlni Oar, 

iuttarji for traveling companies. Also BAQQASB 




' Big money here. Town show hungry. Cut ont 

some of the dead ones and pluy me. M. II. ADKINS, 

Jim, If yon forgive me, write. 

UflyTCn A GOOD COMEDIAN, one that can 

nnniCU Dance; aKo a Good Silence Man: 
those that can change for one or two weeks. No 
tickets, but salarv sure Address K0LL1N0 
THUNDER, Miller Sta., Crawford Co., Pa. 


March, April. Refurnished; New Scenery; Stage 
Enlarged. DAN T. nUINAN. Manager. 


BRUCE W. YEAZELL, Box 131. La Rue, Ohio. 

AT LIBEHT7, Pianist and Organist. 

piay by ear, but can give ret. Play other I nstru. 
ments. Salary reasonable. Address 

L. F. ADAMS, Herrlck, III. 


Edison Machine and Electric Burner, 3 Films, 
Bass board, all comnlele to use, and Slide Carrier 
for |46. E 41. STEWART, Maishalltown, Iowa. 



No Stamp. No Raplr. 

"Make Good." 
73 E. VSd It., 
N. Y. fill*. 


11TW.MDST., NEW YORK (old Kojwr * Itlil'al, 
HALLETT THOMPSON, Manager (late Wood's 
Oym.l Special rate to performers, tl a week. 



47 W. 28th ST., NEW YORK. 


900 Beoondhand PLUSH OPERA CHAI RS, -~^ 
00., it-ti-tt West uth St.. New York Olty. 

n* ■_ na ■■ Dramatlo and Vandewllla 

I II L Li Instruction. Sand no money. 

Plirr Simply Name, Address and So. 

I 1 Bnt In stamp, A grand opportunity. 




For lone, July, Aug, and Sept, 

For the following Circuit of Street Railway Part*: 




Opera, Vaudeville or Repertoire. 

Bill to be changed nightly. Contracts to be made 
with respective Street Railways. Address 


Care of VickBhurg Railway and Light Co., 
VIckBburg, Miss. 


Uncle Si Haskins Co., 

Singing and Dancing Sonhrette, with Good 
Specialties: Cornet Player, to Doable Piano or 
Second Violin. Others that double brass also 
write. One night stand company. Fays board. 
Must Join at once. Address 

C. 8. PRIHROBB, Manager, 
Ashland, Neb., Fen, li; wahoo, Neb., 12; Val- 
paral?o,13;DBTld City, 16; Gtv.8ham. 16; Aurora ,17. 

Hew Opera House, 

POPULATION, 10,000. 

Stage Strictly Modern; evert convenience: depth, 
20ru.; width, 40tt.; height, Mft.; seating capacity; 
600. Good show town. Nothing but First Class 
Attractions wanted. Address 
^ J. B. CALDWELL, Manager. 


Comedian and Character Actor. Eocentrlc, Char- 
acter, Comedy Old Men and Tramps a specialty. 


Sonbrettea, Ingenues and Boys. Strong Singing 
and Dancing single and Double Specialties. A 
feature on any bill. AddreBB ED. R . WHELAN, 
Revere House, cor. Clark and Michigan Sts., 
Chicago, Illinois. 


A First Class Troupe of 
Well Trained Dogs. 

AddreBS M. A. MEEHAN, 

14M Mlchlgsn Ave., Seond Flat, Chicago, m. 


Woman to do singing and dancing specialty and 
worn in acts. Change for one week. Must be of 
good appearance and MAKE GOOD. Wire or 
write lowest, sore salarv. J. COOPER. 
Cooper Med. Co.. Tlltonvllle, Ohio. 



Cirnet, B. aid 0„ and Treasurer. 

Three seasons with L. W. Washburn. Can Join 
on wire or ticket. Week of Feb. «, Weaton, W. 
Va.; then Turtle Creek, Pa. 

"lectures for Medicine Ben,*' 

18. A 1,03) page book of Lectures and License 
Laws of every State. Also prescription for every 
disease. Only 26 left. WITTMAN MED. CO , 
Victoria Hotel, Evanevllle, Ind, 


For seven companies. Open Chicago April 1. Sea- 
son's work. WITTMAN MEDICINE CO., 
Victoria Hotel, Evanaviiie, ind. 


Account closing 
B. and O. or pans. 


with Filer's Big Show, Cornet, 
. Wire or write care of IMPE- 
Boulh State SL. Chicago, HI. 


And other .Useful 



People. Address as per route, 



Hack & Armours Comedians 

Gen. Business Msn, capable playing some genteel 
heavies. Man with specialty preferred. Man 
with Picture Machine to play parts. Al Piano 
Player, Juvenile Woman to sing illustrated songs. 
Those who wrote before write again; mall de- 
layed. Address, with all particulars, 

CHAS. DREW MACK, JefferBon City, Mo. 

Tramp Monologue 

This Is a Clever, Dp-to-Date Act and Includes the 
Costume, Wig and Face Make Cp, 600 Letter Heads 
printed In two colors, 600 Professional Cards and 
Complete Instructions. A great chance to secure 
an Act all ready for the road. We have Complete 
Acts of All Descriptions in stock. The Con. 
■olldat.d Costume and Supply Co., Box 
796, Providence, B. I. 


Bay Mare, 6 years old, Cake Walker, High Steps, 
Kneels, Lays. Rears, Hops, Stretches, Stands 
on Chslr, Turns It Over and Bact, etc.; fine 
0. Walker In harness: smooth Leaner for B. B. 
Riding; broken to the ring; fat and sound. 
Further, address ■ - 
JNO. R. MARTIN, Boi 268, PaltStl, Va. 



MuBt be able to do doubles and singles; also work 
In acts, other performers, write. Say If you plsy 
piano. Address DR. A. BaILEY, 

Frenchtown, Uuntt rdon Co., N. J. 

Warde and VogePs 


Wants Sinking and Dancing Soubrette, Woman 
for Old Maid Part. Piano Player, Sister Team. 
Must Join Feb 16 Full particulars and very lowest 
in flrst letter. Miriam Carson, write. B I. WARDE, 
Bub. Mgr., t New St., Wilmington, Delaware. 




Those doing Specialties preferred. Address 
HaRPER & DETRICK, Lisbon, K. D. 
Company going to We.t Coast. Long engage- 
ment to right patties. 


Casey's Nightmare, stort Price 180.00 

AH Bab* and the 40 Thieves, 6«0ft.. Price M 60 

Alice In Wonderland, 926ft Prlne tno.oo 

•M>J»b'e Dream, ltdft Pilce tll.00 

Me iint pelee.ioort Price f 

EDGBHE CURE & CO., »3n$2£"" 


U n •} Is the LATEST. Best work for Vande- 
lIU. I vilie Acts ever msued. Parodies, Mono- 
logues, Sketches, End Gags. etc. Prlee oOr. 
Ideas No*. 6, 0, 7, tl. Any iwo books. 80c. 
QUS BANKS, 221 Lockwood St ... ProrlCmce. R. I. 


Per. Med. Oo. Mallnta, Ohio. 

At Liberty, A. C. DAVIS, 


ONE PIECE PREFERRED. Bt, Uniontown, Pa. 

Plane Player at Liberty-Nellie Ritledge. 

Sight reader and fakir, and positively guarantee 
to play dance and specialty music to suit. Indian- 
ola. III., Feb. 13; Danville. 111., Feb. it tojo. 


Mtn with Al Picture Machine to Join Al Tenor for 
Oluba. Must be sober, ableto get work and bad- 
ness. JOHN TCLLY. >33 Third Ave., N. Y. Oilv. 



3610 Rhodes ATS., CHICAGO, 

Febbtjahy 13. 


jHss Clipper'* Anecdotes, Personalities and** 80. 
Comments Concerning Stage Folk. . inno. 

Oar London Letter 

Toe T«» Hewitts' I>og "Dun 

Maslc.and Song.. 

Setrl Alleu— Sketch 

Vaxlerllle nud Minstrel 

World of Player* 

iror Chicago Letter, , 

illlpiMT Poet Ofllee , 

Latest by Telegraph 

on the Head, , 

VatnltvlUd Kdote List 

<£«« and Checkers 



Queries Answered 

Sew York- City— Bevlew 

• 1210 




1211. 1223! 1221 



1217, 1218 

1218, 1218 

■• 1210 


•I&&&5* »•— Tto local offering are 

JSSRSf J: !L , s4teJ2»s.--.!i- s .ws q>«V 

'GnBiwa'* ■i'£I!-i"'"." ,r I'TOOUCfim, entitled 

n n222 « ,„? rav * ,s ;, Crawford* had 

SnBBJ!9% nudlcuw for the ant per 
nfff?2f?«°» gg.«8Bgyit ot "A Trip to 

end Comment. 1220. 1221 



I^w DociaUdtr^ketch 

with the Bill Posters 

Miscellaneous .• , 

Under the Tents 

Deaths Ui -the Profcssluu , 

Stage Mechanics , 

Foreign Show News ; 

Kew Plars .CopxrUrhted , 


SftSSf '" 1818 

Mabuma Uli 

Indiana 1213 

.New Jersey 1214, 12] ., 

KW Hampshire .,,, jjnj 

UMo ' iais 

Louisiana •• 1213, 121u 

Itaode Island j.01 B 

Kentucky 1215 

Massachusetts i2-, rt 

District of Colombia ...1220 

Maine .-..-.. ij^a 

Pennsylvania; .. 122c, 1227 

New Tori State 1221, 1227 

California .■..- 1227 

Maryland 1217 

West- Virginia 1217 

Missouri , I21u 

•loanecllcat 1210 

Canada 1221 

Oregon 1221 

Texas ' •' 1221 

Washington 1221 

WyOinlM ;.....'.. 122a ' 

Minnesota 1222 

iw&m'- •■■•;•- ;.. 1222 

Iowa ......... 1222 

Virginia 1222 

Illinois • ' 1222 

UMH ...'..'. 1222 

Wbiooiisln". ..I, '..!'.'.'.'. '.".'.'.'.'.'.'.':'.'.'.'.':'.'.'. 1224 

South Carolina ...' 1224 

Florida '•......'..; 1224 


Mo B8ByM*nt 'a Openings In All the 
•.„-•* ■•.,, • Big; Show Towns, 

• "• tyv>LDE!» GATE ULEAMSG9. 

Weber ■:* .Fields' CO. Open* \ospl- 
r.totmlj — HIr Business ltulea at 
-the Vnrlon* Houses. 

tjpseiol msptitchcB tuVi[K New Youk Cupi'sb. 

\'S4K.l i, n*NCisco. Feb. 9. — At tlie Columbia 
Theatre James and Wattle ami Co., In "Alex- 
wider tHe ' ttreat," begun a two weeks' cu- 
(oaemqat' lout night, lo good business. 

CaLIFOTNlA 'Tiihatub. — Murray and Mack, 
lu-"A Night ou Broadway," axe hero, this 
week; 'The. opening wad to a crowded house. 

Alcazar. 'l'ni:.mic. — The Guy Parisians 
Is.' the 'current offering. 

•Jbntu^l Tjieathb. — This week's bill Is 
"to -Sif-nt ot St. Paul's." 

ubano Ojtka notisu. — Last night marked 
the bf(rlnidne of a week's engagement of 
Wither and Fields and tlielr eutlre New York 
vu'tobuiy. Tlie prices wen- raised to $2, $1.50. 
SI, ;. TO and ...00. "W'hoon-Dee-Doo" and' 
"Catherine" were the offerings, to a crowded 
boose'.. Tbc advance sale la heavy. 

■TlTOLI Opkka House.— This is the HfUl 
week' of "When Johnny Comes Marching 
Home." - "The Gypsy Baron" Is in prepara- 
tion/, ■»-.-,-, 

iFilsciU-'a's jBUtnt. — Last nlgbt marked 
the drat production here of "Holy Poly," and 
tlie first apue.iracc with tbc company of 
Ne1HjE'.-I»j-p.clj, ua boulrette. Tbe bouse was 
tilled. . 

• Okpjieum Thbaths. — Bill for tlie week 
■uitnlnx Sunday, 7 : Van and Beaumbnt, 
Ihtfrao and Carletou, Snyder and Buckley, 
lllpe ,nud . Elmer, Robcrtus and Wl If redo, 
Monroe, Mack and Lawrence, Stuart' Barnes, 
l tie Two Sllvas, aud the olograph. 

'CiitJlBS.' — Programme opening last night 
for tbe' week': Wilson and Morau, Hanlon 
and iZanfrella, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Hall. 
I'lpi'oaee Raytleld, Mabel Lamson, Daley and 
Shaan, and the animatoscopc. 

',..-i."'.- — : — ■ 


wlv ilii. .1 ii •i": ,v "" " I'liuriuK in uie coal- 
Tn ■ ?«t, at il"- r Ml * on ' b ^ ,llR wrtnan Stock 

iln .i i 4pp 5* 5 New T o rk < V uack at tko 
Imperial, and pleased a large house HtrndJy 
Si&Uab'VS" . Culn »M« offer* a clevfr 
ra devllle bill, featnrluu Prances Ucddlin; 

»nd company, and Keffev's dogs Kred 

Irwin's Htirlesquers are at the Standard. 

Boston, Feb. 9.— Kail honses nil alonx 
g> *■ >■■ "Three Little Maids" was a hl« 
!■»— -■» «'<-' Colonial, n friendly tiomw en- 
J ^ 7 i55 o c v mv |f l ' : 7 1 P'ay- • • ■"The Dictator," 
mi^ h n e .„ P " k .V dlapln!reu . Wm - Colll « <• better 
.udvantaiw than any snow In which hi> bat 

^7 ter Charles Uawrrey gave thi« 

gpfcl W I I I J l U Moii of "Hhucv Sally. s at tho 
Hoiiis. It was well acted and pleased a 

wg audience Lew Dockstadcrs Minstrels 

f £». 35. tv .° b| 8 *ockg at the XremoDt. 
Last night a house and enthuslnsm assured 

,B4 t ."'Way Down East" began Its 

engagement at tho Boston with customary 

rupaclty houxe These popular priced 

hhows woro generously patronized : Rebecca 
Warren, in -^fess," at the Columbia : "The 
Howcry After Dark," at the Grand Opera i 
1. K. Murray, lu "Arrab-na-Poguc," at the 
Malestlc; Patrice, In "Driven from Home." 
and "Two Little Waifs," at the Hub. .;.. . 
Capacity ruled at the stock, vaudeville and 
bnrlcsijuo houses. 
.Kansas. Citt, Feb. 9.— Bertha (Jallaali. In 
Dorothy Vernon," upeocd a week's engaije- tbe .Willis Wood Theatre last, nlant. 

to good attendance "The Wlsard o£ 

Ox Co. arrived late yesterday afternoon, 
und tbe matinee at the Grand did not. start 
until four o'clock, but the packed house 
waited- pat Iehtly and were rewarded with 
a fine performance,, lu which Montgomery 
and Stone carried off the honors. The-houso 
was .sold out at night before the doors 

opened At the Orpbeutu two capacity 

houses ftreetcd the Orpheum Koad Show, In 
which- Slclntyrc and lleath were th6 stum. 
. . . .The "Tickings from Puck" Co. arrived 
too. late for their matinee at the. Auditorium, 
but at night a packed house was on hand, 
which thoroughly enjoyed Wllllard. S|mms 

and a good company At the Uillls two 

big bouses greeted "Yon Yonsou," and the 
Utppitins, at the Century, pleased with mat- 
inee and night outpourings. 

. Pkiladblphm, Feb. 9. — Theatres" made 
line showings last nlgbt, with audiences of 
large proportions all along the line, and an 

urray of offerings beyond cavil 

"Babette," presented by lively Frlul Scbeff's 
capital company, earned instant recognition 

at tbe Garrick At the Opera House, tbc 

Rogers Brothers hod n bouse full ot ad- 
mirers, nnd delighted them with an enter- 
taining performance An audience that 

tilled the beating capacity at the Chestnut 
applauded Marie Tempest and her support, 

!n "The Marriage of Kitty." "The 

Darling of the Oods" continued with un-. 
diminished patronage at the Broad, and other 
combination houses f tired well. ... .'.Vaude- 
ville was a strong drawing card at Keith's 
two houtiea : stock productions brought' out 
the uaual large enthusiastic cllciitel, and 
the test on tho list enjoyed liberal' patron- 

-Milwaukku, Fob. l». — Another big opening 
wag In evidence this week, "Superba," at 
the Alhambra, and Harry Morris, at the 
Star, turned hundreds away, matinee and 

night.... At the Davidson "The Red 

Feather" opeued to a well Ulled bouse, Graca 

Van Btuddiford scoring heavily "The 

Charity. Nurse," at the Bijou; "Sporting 
Life," at the Academy, and Roseman'a 
"Rhelnfahrt," at tho Pabst, were all highly 

'Louisville, Feb. U. — Tho Smart Sot 
opened at <tho Masonic, to a crowded house. 

Macatiley's Is dark uutll 12. ..... . 

"Hinnun Hearts". Is at tbe Avenue, nad 

opened -Sunday to Me crowds Tho 

Ikihcmlaas plnyod to the capacity at the 
Buckingham. Sunday. 

»■ > 


wo Or- 

Sevenil Tlieatrea In Chlcsvo Ri-opeji 

for Huilnm-"Saocy Sally" Ke- 

celvea lt» Preruler at Boston— Good 

J' llpainess Reported Along 4he Line. 

CnicAuo', 't'tb. 9. — The Sunday openlnK 
VWhs" of the Trocadero were interfered with, 
through inability to comply with i p ft lrt . pro- 
vlsjontr for temporary relief of onr thcaties. 
WeoihuilVHigh Rollcra hope to oiieu there 
Ilijs-Tue»dav evening. Neither Bush Temple 
nor 'rbe- People's Theatre, announced to open 
Saturday- evening, could make tho altcra- 
tlbns reaulred, nhd thelf reopening Is now 
set.; for Wednesdav evening, Feb. 10. Tho 
1 'arrlelK . Theatre, however, opened Sunday 
evening, us advertised, Paula Edwardes, In 

Winsome Winnie," playing to .'ho seating 
I'upa'ilts? and- turning hundreds away....... 

Blanelio. Walsh, In "Resurrection," begau 
U«r' return tonight, ■ with McVIckcr's Bold 
oat . > . .-Up at tbe Criterion, "The Minister's 
Daughters." held forth to all the people seatM 
coiilji accommodate, the Sunday night crowds 
mcliig.- a bilazard fiercely wlutcrlsh... v • 
Judio ,.Chy(rnus.on Monday convened th« 
fveolni grand Juij" which will Investigate and 
flx ; responsibility for the Iroquois tire. Mrs. 
Junes llennlng, the six hundredth known 
vlnnm"fof-'tU« dlaoster. died Monday morn- 
ing, . Jn Lakeside Hospital The- Colum- 

onr Theatre 1 fa billed to open next Sunday, 

with "The tMlnl»tcr J s Daughters." .The 

MajtoAco Theutre, Kaglewood, failed to open 
^SWWi as ' Manager Crescy had 
>»mt Outlying theatres, tho last to tc- 
'tilvc^ attention, from the committee, will 
probably bo Inspected this week, and their 

I'uture.- determined Charles Rlchmun's 

"UgtSeuiunt,, announced to begin Monday 
tvuBlng, 'at the Grand Opera House, has 
l*«n>' postponed until this (Tuesday) even- 
9ti • u • • *he Illinois Theatre resumed operu- 
tlotiB' Monday rilght with- a large house 'for 

l .'M9 Jrvlng's ."Merchant of Venice." . 

iTlends of Hdaa Wallueo Hopper learned 
'oduy that her suit against James Duusmuir 
rdKUTted In a verdict unfavorable to her. . 

•Wasbjnoton, Feb. 9. — "The Prlnco ■ of 
l'l|l«n'" opeued at tho Columbia lust nlgbt, ' TtTieellnat.— At the Court Theatre (B. 

,V i i.I H ' l * cd house Grace George, . in „ )."rnn«helm, mauoger).— Bzra Kendall, lu 

,<^fts"P0gCT," had a large and well pleased -rhe Vinegar Buyer." bud good business 
I^«Jvfag;oTthe Natiounl. ... . . "The "Kurgo- v ^\. Coming: ^The Chaperons" 12. AI. 

wJtterThad a tluo_ opeuilig at jtUe ^Lafayette. '• ^ff fft, r» Minstrels 18, Ethel Banymore 

Onisu Opbua Hocsii (Choe. A. Folnler. 
manager). — "An Opban's Prayer." 1-8, had 
Kood business, followed by "Hello, BUI," 
4-ti, to big returns. Coming? "A Hand- 
some Cabmau" B-10. "A Homespun Heart" 


Slat era t Hie. — At the Auditorium Thea- 
tre (A. It. Doyle, manager).— Mary Emerson, 
in "His Majesty and the Maid," Feb. 1, 
■cave a fine show to a fair Iiousp. Due : 
R lleIlo, BUI." S ; "A Handsome Cabman" 18, 
"Human Hearts" Itt. 

[Owing to the big: Uro In Baltimore Feb. 
7 anil S. which destroyed many millions of 
dollars worth of property, the Legislature 
of Maryland passed a bill declarlnga legal 
holiday la Kaltlmore for ten days. Tho bill 
was at once signed by tho governor. There 
was no performance at any of (he various 
theatres nlgbt of 8. Below are the attrac- 
tions booked for thla and next week. — Ed. 

-Baltimore. — At Ford's Opera House 
(Charles M. Ford, manager). — Ada Italian 
and Otis Skinner week of Feb. 8, giving "The 
Merchant of Venice," "The School for Scan- 
dal" and "The Taming of the Shrew." "Tlie 
Prince of PUsen" closed a good week 6. 
"Peggy from Paris" 15-20. 

■ Acauemy of Mt'sic (Nlxou & Zliumonuun, 
miinagerB). — Fay Darls. In "whitewashing 
Julia/' S-13. lllebard Manslield, with "Old 
Uoldelberg," filaycd, to large and apprecia- 
tive audiences, last week. Week of 10, Rob- 
ert millerd, In "That Man and I." 

■ CUAUB'ti 'IIIeamb (P. B. Chase, 
cer). — Tho Fawcett Co., In '"Tho T 
phans," 8-13 ; week of 10, "Under Two b logs.' 

MAnvio-Nu THElrsB (James L. Keraan, 
manager).— Ward aud Voltes 8-13, In "A Pair 
of links :" "The Show Girl" 1«W!9._ 



"ilijou TMBATttU (Kred Wilson, manager). 
—'"The Denver Express" 8-l», "An Orphan s 
Prayvr" 10 and week. 

•MONCMENrAL Tuua'Xkh (James L. Kernah, 
manager).— Clark's Runaway Ulrls week of 
g, and tbe Roso Hill Burlesquers 10-20. 
OpeoN TilEATitE (James Madison, nuuut- 
,. er ). — -.'Gibson's Holel" and "llio Black- 
birds" thlH week, with the following ubw peo- 
ple In Rpoelaltles : Edwards und Kcrnell. 
J.auru Ida Booth, and Teresa Morltn. 
♦ «» 

••'•'v.. A tine bill, headed by Helcne Glrardb 
nftavlJiB hories, packed Chase's ufteruuuo 
mM. nurht. i ... ,""*»»■• 


.."Over Niagara Kalis 
a^noient attraction at the Acudemy, crowd- 
ing the house "An Orphan's Prayer" 

[illitd'tlie Empire twice, as old also'Rohle'rt 
KnioMrpockers at the Lyceum. 
, 0in«n>4ti, Feb. 9.— E. H. Sotheni, who 
'b.iallod as a hero by Clsclanatlans, was eu- 
'^iiNlastlcaMy greeted nt the Grand Opera 
lioosa .tonight, where he was seen In "Tlie 

rTOrt'Prlnee.^. Sunday night's audience 

+ ere all good. "8hore Acres* r was seen at 

*h« Walout, Julia Gray mndo a bit In "Her 
i*ly«Tn". at Robinson's, "Too Proud to Beg 1 
Pleased the Lyceum's contingent. Fanny KIT* 
>«is;fre«|t4d by old friends at tbe Columbia. 
ind the Fny. Foster Btirlesquo Co. -packed 
llie PeopleV 

— Dan. Howe has been engaged usotago 
manager by Edward Waldmaun, ttr "Dr. 
Jeiyll aud Mr. Drdc." 

•j tbe Road, 

All Roatea Maat Ileaeh Va Not lAter 

Than Boadaj. 


Ailatus, Wuu.V (CLaMn Frohmsn, n«c. )— Itiiaci. 

a \.. i-cb. to. n.iir«io li-is. 

Allen. Moln (CunrltM VV. Allen, uutr.)— S. T. (Jlly 

Vtb. fl-Marrh IP. 
Aiihrcr'Stock. Ka«ti>rn, Millennial Brothers' Wil- 
liam DaTl.lpc, mar.) — Chwter, Ta., Feb. 8-13. 

New rlrunnwlck. N. J., IMS, 
Aubrey Ktoik. Wwtern, MItti-nthal Brothers' (Csrl 

Hretun. nurr.)— OlnvorsTtlle, N. T.. Feb. 8-18. 
"Are \»n a MnKinr" (Julius Calm, mar.) — !•■ 

aUI*. wa^ii., p^h. 7-1 ». Ellenlnm 15. 
"An ]!n K llBh Daisy" («>lx<r ft Kieldi!, lugrs.)-— 

N. V. Clly Pcb. «, liKleunlte. 
"Arlzons," M. 11. Kaymond's (J. H. l'sls^r, 

ngr.)— lork, Pa., Feb. 10, t'olumhU It. Beatl- 
. lug 12. '.'hiTnlirHUj 1.1, PMhuftlpbla ir,-ir0. 
"Arr»ona," M. B. Raynwod'a (Csarlei V. Brown, 

mgr.) — Columbus, o., Feb. 11-18. 
"Alphonw nml daston.'' Cos Hill's— li'ort Worth, 

Tex., Feb. to, Dallas 11, Trinidad, Otilu., 11, 

Pueblo 1C, I.eadTlllo Id, Cripple Oroek 17, Vlc- 

tor 1ft, Uolnrndo Springs 10, Oreelay 1*0. 
"At tho Old Cross Roads" (Arthur C. Alston. 

mgr.)— St. Joseph. M».. Feb. 10, SoliUers' 

aome. Kan., 11. Warrensburg, Mo., 12, Ho- 

ilalU 13. St. Isml* 14-20. 
"Across the Pudllc" (Harry Clay Blauvr. mgr.) 

—Trenton. N. J.. Frt. 11-13. K. Y. City 16-20. 
"At Cripple Creek"— Philadelphia, Pa.. Feb. IB- 

"At Pike's Peak," U. H. Rd^n's (Claude IJourd- 

mnn, mgr.) — udln, 111.. Feb. II, Itoant Vernon 

18, MeLeausbiiM 15, Harrl'burg 1G, Grayrlllo 

IS, Kublnson 20. 
".Uuerleaa Uobo" (W. D. Newall, mar.) — Athens, 

')., Feb. 18, McOounclUrlllc lit, Lancaster 20. 

... n 

Blaitchc Bates (David Belaseo, mgr.)— Phluulet- 
l.hlit, l'u.. Feb. 8-18. Chicago. 111., 10. In- 

Urrymore. Rthel (Charles Fniliman, mgr.)— 
Easton, Pa., Feb. 11, Harrlsbiirg 18. Alcouna 
•IB, Wheeling. W. Va., 10. 

Klngham, Amelia— Kochesler. X. V., Feb. », 10. 

Belfew, Kyrlc (Ltebler * Co., mgrs. )— Sprlng- 
■etd, Mass.. Feb. 10, Worcester 11, K. T. Olty 
IS, indefinite. l 

Boyd. Archie. In "Joshua WMteumh" (Kllpstrlok 
'(s -Burnlaton, mgrs.) — Bath, Me., Feb. 10, Ports- 
mouth, X. H., II, Lowell. Mass., 12, Law- 
rence 13, Fall Biter IS, Waltuam Id. Webster 
17, Marlboro 18. Itoeklaml IP, New Bedford 20. 

Blalr.-Eugeno (Heurl (Iresslt, mgr.) — Provldeuco, 
.It. L, Feb. S-13. Wori-esLer. Mass., 15-20. 

IWiclll, William, aud Kose Stahi— Klngaton,' Ou., 
Feb. s. Belleville 0. Woodstock 10, Umdon 11. 
3t. Tbomus- 12, Gait 13, Toronto 10 20. 

Beunett i Moulton (F. C Twltchell. mgr.)— Ge- 
neva. K. Y., Feb. 8-13. 

Benuett A Moulton (A. P. Reed, mgr.)— Danville, 
•Pa.. Feb.. 8-10, Mount Caruiel 15-20. 

Heutiett * Moulton (J. M. Torr, mgr.) — Altooaa, 
Pu.. Feb. 8-13, Joliastown 15-20. 

Bvntiett i Moulton. (Ira K. Newball. mgr.l — Nftw 
Britain,' Conn., Feb. 8-13, Youkers, S. Y., 1C- 
Jk. • 

Bennett i Moulton (W. A. PaMcllo, uigrj— Os- 
slnlng, X. Y„ Feb. 8-18, IluTeMtraw 15-20. 

Banting, Kmtn* (Karl- Burgess, mgr.) — Atlantic 
City, X. J„ Feb. 8-10. Trenton 17-20. 

UrockeiirldKe. Charles, Stock (Boyd P. Joy, mgr.) 
— Lawreucc, Kan., Feb. 11-18. *•••• 

BrowU Amusement, Southern (E. Brown, mgr.) — 
Houston, Tex., Feb. 8-13, La Granite 13-20. 

Bromi Amusement, Western IE. Brown, mgr.) — 
ClsrkSTllIe, Ark., Feb. 8-18, South McAlester, 
lud. Ter.. 1B-20. 

Bclelier's CotuedUns (W. M. Belcher, mtrr.) — 
Ozark, Mo., Feb. 8-18, Monett 10, 17, Kxeter 

Boyd Burrows Dramatic — b'pauldlug, Nebr., Feb. 
9-15, Wslliack 18-22. 

lturke-McCunu (M. MeCaun, nigr.i — Frostbnrg, 
Md.. Feb. 8-18. Keyser. W. Va., 15-20. 

"Ben Hur" (Klaw i' Erlanger, mgrs.) — Xaiih- 
TlUe, Tenn.. Feb. 8-13. 

"Buster Brown" ■fBrouQhurst 4 Currlc, mgrs.) — 
Hartford, Coun., Feb. 10, Bridgeport 11, New 
London 12, Wuterbury 13, PhUudelphia, Pa., 

"Break for Liberty". (J. M. Jacobs, mgr.)— Mld- 
dlelomi, Pa., Feb. 10, Conshohuckeu 11, 'Wil- 
mington. Del., 12. Burlington, N, J., 13. 

"llreejy Time" (Merle. H. Norton, mgr.) — Mag- 
nolia, Ark.,' Feb. 10, Tcxarkana 11, Atlantic, 
Tex., 12, Pittsburg 18, Mount Pleasant IS, 
Hulplmr Springs 10, Wolfe City 18, Honey 
Gtoro 18, Boiiaum 20. 

"Bowery After Dark." Sullivan, Harris & Woods' 
;— Boston, Mass., Feb. 8-11, Fall Blvcr 18-20. 

"Burglnr," Western (Wright ft Hulght. nurrs.)— 
Htiniburg, la., Feb. W, Bed Oak 11, Corning 
12, Ueuison 18. Sac Clly IB, Storm Lake M, 
Cherokee 17, Marcus 18, La Mars 18, Slnnx 
City 20. 

"Black Hand." Wm. B. Hurst's— N. Y. Olty Feb. 
8-13.. . . . '. 

.-•«•. o 

Crane, Wm. H. (Charles FroUmau, mgr.) — Day- 
ton, U.. Feb. 11, ludlanapolls, lud., 12, 18, 

Kransvllle 15, Jackson, Mich., 10, Battle Oreek 

Carter, Mrs. Lesllo (David Belaseo, mgr.)— Do- 

tiolt, MIcb.. Feb. 8-13. ■ .... 

Cro8ttiau. Henrletti (LiuvliI Belaneo & Manrlcn 

Campbell, mgrs.)— N. Y. Clly Feb. S. Indviltdtv. 
Cccliluu, lto.te (JnlcJ Murry, mgr.)— Fort Worlli, 

Tex., Feb. 18. -, . „ 

Collier, Wllllutn (Cliarlcs Frotimsn, mgr.)— Bos- 
ton. Mass.. Feb. 8 27. ■ • 
CttuuH, Four (FreiM Nlhlo, mgr.) — Blrmlusluui, 

Alu., Feb. 11, Chattanooga, TTeim.. 18, Pcnas- 

coln. Flu.. 119. 
Olsxtun, Kste— Norfolk, Va., Feb. 12, Trenton. 

N. J., 17. Hohokcn 18-20. 
Cook-Church (H. W. Taylor, mgr.)— Ashtabulu, 

p., Feb. 818. Oil City 15-20. 
Carpenter, Franklo (Jew Grady, mgr.) — Poagh- 

keepslo, N. Y;, Feb. 8-18, Amsterdam lli-20. 
Oouroy 4 Mack Comedians (P. P. Craft, mgr.)— 

Butler,. Pa.. Feb. 8-18, Tlldgway 15-17, Juhii- 

sonburs 18-20. 
Carroll Comedy (Ion Carroll, mar.)— Tniewell. 

Va.. Feb. 11-18, Mlddlesboro, Ky.. 1B-20. 
Gutter t Williams Stock (W. K. Cutter A.J. W. 

Williams, msrs.l—Weaton, W. Va„ Feb.' 8-13, 

Buckhannon 15-20. 
Curts DismatlR (M. D. Ourts. mgr.)— I,a Crosse, 

Wis., Fell. 8-10. 
Clark Stock (Miles Herry, mgr,)— Prlnceou, )nil,, 

Fel>. S-13, Fairfield, III., 15-20. 
Oreeil's Comedians robarlcs K. Creed, mgr.) — 

Athens. O.. Feb. 8-10, Wellaton 11-18,. MM 

"County CUalrtauu" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.)— 

N. Y. City Feb. 8, Imlellulte. 
"Cheekers" (Klrko La SbeUe, mgr.)— N. X. City 

Feb. 8-20. 
"Cavalier" (Wallace Monro, mgr.)— St. Pail. 

Mlun.. Feb. 11-13, Des Moines, Is-, 19. 
"Child Slaves of N«v York" (J, B. Isaac, mgr.) 

—Brooklyn. N. Y., Fob. 8-11!. 
"Charity Nurse" (John M. Cooku, mgr.)— Mil- 
waukee, Wis.. Feb. 7-13. 
"Colorado Waif (Cross 4 Kimball, mgrs.) — 

T.liieulu, Nebr.. Feb. ,10, uuialia tl. Nebraska 

City 12, Atchison, Kan., 18, Topeka 14, Wau- 

■uego 15, Sallria 16, Abllt-no-17, Juuotloii City 

18, Emporium lit, Lawrence 20. 
"County Fulr'' (II. A. Maim, nur.)— Philadel- 
phia, Pa.. Feb. s-13, Atlantic City, X. J.. IT. 

Treutou. 10-20. " 
"Cpnylet's Daugliter" (T. H. Wnsbburn. mgr.) — 

Si. Joseph, Mo., Feb. 11, 15, Dial Molaes, lu., 

10, IT. 

., U 

Itrew. John (Charles Prohmit). mgr.) — New Or- 
leans. La.. Feb. b-1.".. Blnulnghum, Ala., 10. 
D'Ottay, Lawrence IKIrke La Hhelle, mgr.) — 

Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 8-18, Brooklyn, N. X., 

Davis, Fay (Charles Frolnnou, mgr.*— Ualtluwre, 

Md., Feb, 8-13, Ptilladelidila, Pa.. 15-20. 
l>ndBe, Sanfortl — llnmpton, Ja., Feb. 10, Newton 

12, Perry 18, MuryvUle, Mo., IB, Crestoo, la.. 

17; Atlantic 20. 
UuTldsou Urutnatlc (Frank S. Daildaoo, mgr )— 

Morou. III., 'Feb. 8-10, Atlanta 11-13, Wanblt/g- 

ton fij-17. Wyomlug 18-20. 
Be Vondo, Chester. Stock (Phil I»vy, mcr.)— ' 

Jamestown, N. V., Feb. 8-13, Hurnellurulu 10- 

Davidson Stock (A. L. Davtdsou, mgr. >— Jollot. 

HI.. Feb. 8-13. 
Dllcer-Comeli— PItUton, 1M., Feb. 8-18, Carbon- 
dale 15-20. 
DyffrrB, Ethel .Eon Dytfryn, njgr.)— Xaugatuck, 

Conn., Feb. 8-13. 
Dc Voss, Flora (J. ll. Botuour, tagr.)— I'ort 

Dodge. la.. Feb. 8-10. 
"Desperate Chance," Ratten (Bett Howard, 

ingr.)— BmAlyil. M. T„ lf«b,- K-W, Hostmi. 

llass.. 16-20. 

"David Harmn" (Julius Cahu. aigr.) — Albert Lea, 

Minn.. Feb. 11. 
"DarJn»t Hour." Lincoln J. Carter's — Springfield, 

Jlaas.. Feb. 8-10. Uolyoke 16-17. 
"Dora Thome" (K. I.. Crrecy Amnsemont - Co., 
■'■gra,)— Chattanooga, Ttan., Feb. 13. 
"baalb Watch" (Will I'ressv. mgr.)— Hollund, 

Jth*., Feb. 10, Mcskegon 11. 
"IMtened at tbe Altar" (Perry (1. WUllatas, 

ragT.> — Yoniigatoftu. u.. Feb. II. 
"Isiwti by the Sea" (I'hll Hunt, regr.)— San 

Fruaclnco. Oal., FcN T-KI. 
"Driven (mm Home," Pitrlre (W. D. Pttsgrr- 

ulil. mgr.l — Boston. Mats... Veb. 8-13, Brmk- 

lyn. N. Y„ 15-20, 
"IWire Devil Dorothy" (Berger A O'Noll, mgrs.) 

— ltolyoke. Mass.. Feb. 1118; Fall River 18- 

"r>>wn and L'p" (George Hickman, m«r.)— 

Marlon, Iml., Feb. ID. Winchester' 11, Katun, 

0.. \t. New Castle. Ind.. 13, Cambridge City 

IB. Brookvllle 10. Connersrllle 17, Knlgnlntowu 

IB, Shelbyrllle 10, FntnkUa 20, West Baden 

Springs 21. 
"IVnver Express" (Holilen Brothers, mart.)— 

Baltlmnra. Md., Feb. 8-lil. 


Kllloit, Maxlne (U. B. niUlngbam, tugr. )— Pitts- 
burg. Pa., Feb. 8-13. ttm-tnuatl, it., IB-;". 

Edesno, llobprt (Henry B. Harris, mgr.)— N. Y, 
City Feb. 8. Indednltc. • 

Eclipse Stock (Lloyd ft neuter, mgrs.)— Haale- 
Imrat. Mlia., Feb. 10, .11, Cryatal Springs IS, 
Canton 15. 10, Durast 17. 18. Boycc La., 10, 
MansSeld 21. 

Empire St»ek (F. D. Lane, mgr.) — Framlngtiam. 
M»«.. Fob. 11. Wultham 32. Chelsea 13. Bo>- 
tou 18-20. 

Ktoerald Stock.— MaVM. S. Y., Feb. 8-10. Clyde 
11-18, Savannah 1B-17. 

Klleford Block— San Diego, Cat.. Feb. 8-20. 

"Karl of Pawtucket" (Klrke La Hhelle, mgr.)— 
Andersnu. Ind., Feb. 13, Marlon 17, 

"Kleveath Hour," Lincoln J. Carter's— Phlladcl- 
.plija. Pa.. Fob. 10-20. 

"K.ilfht Bells." Byrno Bros.'— Topeku, Kan., Feb. 

"Rast Lynne," Earl Ford's — Oreanup, 111., Feb. 
8. Windsor P, Is>v«lngtOn 10, Cerro tlordo 11. 
IllloiKills 13, Dawson 18, Olaifurd 17, fb'Dry 
10. Mineral 20. 

Flako, Mrs. (iiarrlson Grey l'lske. mgr.)— Sprlns- 

llclO, 111.. Feb. 8, Decatur 0, Danville 10, Tcrro 

Haute, Ind., II, lllooralugton, HI., 12. Peoria 

.18. - 
Faversham, Wm. tObnrlea Frohman, mgr.)— Usr- 

rlsburg. Pa.. Feb. 11, N. Y. Olty 16-20. 
Frawley. , Daniel . (Leigh D. Brncknrt, mgr.)— 

ChrUtchurch, N. X., Feb. 8-12, Duuedln 18-27. 
Fcnberg .Sleek ' (Ueorgo M. Faaberg, mgr.) — 

Nashua, N. II., Feb. 8-13, Haverhill, Mans., 13- 

Fleming, Mamie- (W. H. Grit coy, mgr.) — Wllllams- 

portvl'a., Feb. 8-18, »-. 
Frareds. .Marlon JOeorgo K. itoblnion. nurr,)— 

Dover, N. II., Feb. 8-13, Portsmouth 15-20. 
FertlK 'Cwmedluns (Harry Bubb, mgr.)— Duluth, 

Minn.. Feb. 8. Indeflnltr. 
I'lsko. & Stock (K. D. Flsko A T. V. Stock, mgrs,) 

—South Xorwalk, Coau., Feb. 8-13, Burlngield. 

Moaa,. 13-ao. 
FerROteu Stock (J. X. Montgomery, mgr.) — Jack- 
sonville, Fla.. l'el>. 8-13. 
Preneh, Irving iUon Maeiulllan, mgr.)— South Me- 

Ales ter. Ind. Tar.. Fob. S-IO, Muscogee U-IK. 
"FOXJt Qrandpa," Joseph Hart and Carrie Do 

Mlr-Wm. A Brady's (O. II. Butler, mgr.)— 

Minneapolis, Mlnu., Feb. T-18, Milwaukee, 

.Wis., 14-20. . . . 
"last Mali," Llucolu 3. Carter's— Easton, Pa., 

Feb. 12. 
"F* Her children's Sake," Western, Sullivan, 

lldrrls A- Woods' (Ed. 11. Lester, mgr. )— Akron, 

o„ Feb. 8-10. MaSKlllun 11, New Phlladelplilu 

12. Coshocton l;'.. Mount Vernon IB, t.osnn Hi, 

Wollston 17, Athens II), Nclsonvlllo 2U. 
"Fatal Wedding." Central. Sullivan, Harris A 

Woods' — Omaha, Neb.,. Feb. 8-10, St. Joseph, 

Mo.. 11-18, Kansas Olty. 14-20. 
"Fatal Wedding," Western, Sullivan, Harris & 

Wobds'— Spokane. Wash.. Feb. 11-lil. 
"From Bags to Riches" (M. 11. Meyers, mgr.) — 

Chicago. 111., Feb. 7-13. St. Paul, Minn., 14-20. 

JE . 

"Fbr 'Mother's Sake" (Uusco ft Holland, mgrs.) 

— -Duuver, (ill.. Feb. 14-20. 
"For ; Hls Brother's Crime" (George X. Balllnger. 

mgr.>— Baltimarc. Md., Feb. S-13. 
"liacuiry Olrl" (Charles H. Wucri!, mgr.)— St. 

Paul, Mlun.. Fes. 7-13, Minneapolis H-20. 
"FrfencI of the Family" (Will H. Gorman, mgr.) 

—Norfolk, Va., Feb. 10. 
"Fupny Sir. Dooley" (Frank D. Bryan, mgr.) — 

Newark, N. J.. Feb. 8-18. 

. ■ a . 

Goodwin, X. 0. (Klaw ft Erluuger, mgrs.)— -Uirm- 
InBhuni, . Ala., . Feb. 12. 

Gillette, William (Charles Frohman, mgr.)— 
J*. Y,. Olty Feb. 8, ludeiliilte. 

Graoo George (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.) — Washing- 
ton. D. (I., Feb. S-13. 

(Ithiiore, Paul (Jules Murry, mgr.) — Tueinna, 
Wush., Feb. 10, Victoria, B. C, 11, Nauuluu. 
12. Voueuuvcr 18, New Westminster 15, New 
Whatcom, Wash., 10, Everett 17, Scuttle 18-20, 

Griffith, John (John M. Hlckey, mgr.)— Noblea- 
vllle. Ind., Feb. 10, Union City 11, Alexandria 
12. Gn*micld 13, Columbus 15, Heymonr 10, 
Madison 17, Bloomlngloti 18, Torre Haute lit, 
Panu. III., 20. 

Grantley, Helen (James II. Delchcr, mgr.)--A1- 
hury.Ga., Feb. 10, Thonmsvlllu 11, Bnlnbrldiiu 
IS, Waycross 13, St. Auguslln. Flu., 15, Jack- 
sonville IS, Tampa 17. 18. 

Galland,' Bertha (J. F. Zlmnwrman Jr.. mgr.) — 
Kansas City, Mo., Feb.. 8-10, St. Joseph IT, Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 14-17. 

Oljlnore, Barpey (Hairy Montgigucry, mgr,) — 
fit. Louis, Mo.. Feh. 7-13, Alton, 111., fB, Jack- 
sonville 10, Galesburg 17, Kawanee 18, illoom- 
Ingtou 10, Elgin 20. 

Oraptwln.- Charles — Montreal, Can., Feb. 8-18. 

J?MUdelphIc. Pa., 15-20. 
rslde, Condlt & Muck big Stock (J. t>. Gnrnldo, 
■ngr.)— Fltchhunt, Muss., Feb. M-18. Gardner 

Our Btoek (Len G. Shelby, mgr.)— Jefferson Oily, 

Mo., Feb. 8-18. Sedulla 15-20. 
Grace Wayward Stock (Charles A. White, mgr.) 

— Orand KapidH. Mleh., Feb. 8-20. 
Godding Comedy (O. M. Cottoi. mar.)— Waasuu, 

-WhTiT. Feb. 8-18, Sheboygan 13-20. 
Ongnoh Pollock (Bert O. Gugnon, mgr.)— Key 
_W«l, Fla., Feb. 8-March 81. 
Cotiillin"* Ford — (lenvornenr. N. Y„ Feb. 8-l». 
tilnftHL Mint (Mlnnclll Brothers, mgrs.)-- Cui- 

cago. O.. Feb. 8-18. 
"Girl from KoyB" (Chnrlce Frotiuiun, mgr.) — 
.'N. Y. Clly Fib. 8. luileUnltc. 
"Girls Will He Oirls" (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)— 

Ilolyoke, Mass., l'eh. 11. 
"Olrl WHb Gfoon Kyes" (Charles Frohmau. mgr.) 

— Pworls. ■ III., Fob. 10, KvsiiSTllIe. It,d., II, 
„ Louisville, Ky., J2, i» PH'slstrg, Pa„ 1520. 
"Oaaaiu- Keeper," Smith O'Hrb u (Kowland A i.'lir- 

-ferd, "mgrs.l— -Aahlaiid, .Pa., Feb. 10. Ixs-k 

H.ifeh II, Heuovu 12, Dn Bols 18, Alloona 10. 
"GsuiC Keeper," 'ITiomss J. Smith (Uowland A 

Cllifunl. .iigrs.) — Cheyenne. Wyo., Feb. S, Kew- 

Uiik 9, Park City, L'„ 10. Halt Lake City 11-18. 

Orten.15. Iteuo. Nov.. 17, Nevada city, C*l„ 

•18/Orass Valley 19. Woodland 20. 
"Qrest White Diamond" (Walter Fussier, mgr.) 

— Tolodo, 'O., Fob. T-10. Orund Kaplds. Mich.. 

"«ay! Mr.' Goldstein," Harry Htuub— Soar Lake, 

T«v.; Feb. Pi, It, Galveston 18, 14. 
''Qovt-mor's 'Son" JKred Nfble, 1 ingr.)~Di.tioken. 

}»: J.'. Fob. 14-17. 
"tlopd Old .Summer Time," George Htuns (Shea 

'AtatMement Co., mgrs.)— N. Y. Olty Feb. 8-20. 

. :".-l "'. n 

Hacfcctt, Jbmksj K.—K. T. City Feb. 8-111, Tren- 
ton. N. J:, in. Wlfllumaport, Pa.. 10. 

Hanied, Vlrglida (Charles Fiohuuin, mgr.) — N. 
Y. City Feb. 8-111. 

Uewtrvy. Ubarles (Charles Frohman, mgr.) — bos. 
(on, Mass.. Feb. S-13, Fall Mlver 20. 

Ullllard, Robert (Frank L. Perley ft Co.. mgrs.) 
— iKVYv Ml/ Feti.H, Holtlmdre, Md„ 1B-20. 

Holland, Mlldreil (Edward U. White, msr.)— Hart- 
ford, Conn.', Feb. 11. 12. Uolyoke, Mtise., 17. 

Hall, nisnrlic (ICdwurd C. White, mgr.)— Mir- 
miugham, Ala., l-'eb. IS. 

Heudrkks, Bou '(Slduey K. Kills, mgr.)— Mar- 
iioetle. Mich.. Fell, 10, Isbpcmtnf If, Hanox.-k 
12, Calumet 1:1. Doluth. Minn., 15, West Hu- 
prrlor, Wis., 10, Brulnerd, Mlun., 17, Orand 
Fork. No. Oak., 18. Winnipeg, Man., 10. 20. 

Manforrf, Chariot B. (F. Lawrenco Walker, mgr.) 
—AIMa. la., Feb. 10, Cteston 11, Plattsatonth, 
Neb., 12. Fretnout 13, Colambat, Neb., IS, ' 
Grand Island 10, Kearney 17, North Pintle 18, 
Cheyenne, Wyo.. 10. Colorado Springs, Col., 20, 

Uowdrd Hall (Henry Plerson, mgr.) — lllchmvnd, 
Vd„ Feb. 8-1.1, Washington, D. I}.. 1620. 

Ban, Gwrsv F. (Fielding Amustmrut Co,, mgm.t 
.— Cmry.N. Y.. Feb. 10. St Calliertneii. Can., 
il, Brunifora 1*. l/>ndon 18. Patreloa IB, <Jua&- 

ham 1(1. Pt. Theraaa 17, Stratford 18. Weed- 

kteck 10, Hamilton 20. 
nigclns, David, and Getirgia Waldroo (Ktalr A 

Nlenlal. msrs.)- -Norfolk. Va.. Feb. B-18. 
Harper. Georsln (J. O. liarpcr ft Joseph Detrlck. 

mgrs.)— Hankliisen. N. It., Fob. 11-18, Lisbon 

15-17. Castleton 18-20. 
Herrmann, l*on (Kdwnrd Thiirnaer, uutr,)— 

Brooklyn, N. Y.. Feb. 8-18, Providence, K. (.. 

Hnll; Don C.--paaadcun, Cat., Fob, ;vlO, Pomona 

11-13, Loa Angeles 15-20. 
Hlmnieleln'a Ideals (John A. lllmmelsln, mgr.) 

Shnmokln, Pa., Feb. HI 3, Blngliamtoo, N. Y., 

Utramelelu's Imperial Stock (II. F. ITlmmalrln. 

mgr.)— Freepnrt, 111., Feb. 8-13. Clinton, la., 

Hunt Stock IM. A. Hunt, mgr.)— YpslltaU. 

Mlrh., Feb. 8 -18. Grand Itapbla 14-20. 
Hownnl-Dorsct (Oeorgo B. Howard, mgr.)— 

Kvtiisvillc, Ind., Feb. 8-13, Frankfort, Ky., 

Hamnirt Couicdy (Charles K. Harris, mcr.)— 

Portland. Me., Feb. S-13, Lcwlatoa 13-20. 
Hoyl's Conu-dy til. Q. Allen, mgr.)— Blloxt, 

Mist.. Feb. K-13. Laurel 16-20. 
Hownrd stock (A. G. Howard, mgr.)— Lewlttoa, 

Mo., l'eh. S-13. Portland 18-20. 
Uoi'illrr Sliow (Jack lloeffler, mgr.)— OentralU, 

III.. Feb. 8-18, Alton 16-21. 
Howard Stock (Harry Howard, tour.) — 8lou» 

Falls, So. Dak.. Fob. 12-1(1, Madison 17-20. 
Hidden Brothers Stock (Wm. Triplet!, mgr.)— 

New Orleans, La., Fob. 3. Indednltc. 
Hammond Stivk — Morrison, 111.. Feb. 8-13, 

Minituketn. In.. 14-20. 
Unrrls-lMrklnHon (Robert B. Harris, our.) — Boao- 

okc, Va.. Feb. N-13. 
"Heart of Maryland" (David Hclatci. mgr.)— 

Oleieland, O.. Feb. S-13, Canton IB, MunsBclu 

10. Snndnsky 17, Flndlay 18, Andarsoo, Ind., 

.10, Knkoino 20. 
"Her only Sin," Lincoln J. Carter'*— Clncln- 

nail. O., •■Pen. 7-18. 
"Hidden Crime" (J. M. Ward, mgr.)— Patarson. 

N. J., Feb. 10. Bridgeport. Coun., 12-18, Pat 

MWa, N. J., 1H-20. 

"Hiuinn SIa\e 


(J. M. Ward, mgr.) — Seruntou, 
l'u,. Feb. 8-10, Wllkctharru 11-13, Byraeuw, 
N. Y.. IB-IT, IliKhester 18-20. 

"Her First False Step" (K. A. Schiller, mgr.)— 
Vrenlim, N. J., Feb. 8-10, Elisabeth 11-13, 
Philadelphia. Pa.. 15-20. 

"ilenrts of Oak" (William B. Gross, mgr.)— 
Denver, Colo., Feb. 7-18, St. Joseph. Mo., 18- 

"Head Walters" (A. C. Ablwtt, boa, mgr.) — Cor- 
slenini, Tex.. Feb, 10, Tier 11, Greenvlll* 12. 
I'm is III, Denlaon IB. Sherman 10. Gaines- 
ville IT, Oullna 18. Fort Worth 19, Marshall 20. 

"lloualor Girl" (Gas Cohan, mgr.)— Madison- 
vllle, Ky., Feb. 10. Rnrlluvton 11. Hopklaivllw 

12, Claiksvltle, Teun., 18, liowluag Green, Ky., 
15, fillubethUiicn . 1(1, Lebanon 17. Danville 
19, ltleliiuoml 10. Paris 20. . , 

"Ilenrts Adrift" (Spnneer A Aborn, uigrs.) — Jer- • 

scy City, N. J., Feb. 8-13, Newark 15-20. 
"Holty Tolty" (Ollle Mack & Joseph M. Oaltca. 

wgrs.i — Hanlsiis-o, Mich., Feb. 10. Grand Bap- 
Ids 11-18, Buttle Creek. 10, Jackson 10, Cold- 
water 17, Ami Arbor 18, Teeuuujch 10, Adrian 

"Her Marriage Vow" (Vance * Sulllvau, ragrt.) — 

Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 8-18, Boston, Mat*., 15- 

"Human Hearts." liastern (Jistso M. Blaneharo. 

ii-vr.1 — Pblludoluhla. Pa.. Feb. 8-13, N. Y, City 

"Ilinuaii HeHHs." Western (Cluud Saunders. ■ 

mar.)— New Wi-stmlnstnr. 11. C. Feb. 10, New 

Whiiirotii. Wash., II, Hverutt 12, Salem, Ore.. 

14. Albany 15. - ■ 

"Human Hearts," Southern — Louisville, Ky., Feb. 

"Homespun Heart" (Loon . Williams, mgr.)—' 

Wheeling, W. Va- Feb. 11-13. . 
"Hottest Co->n In Hlxlu" (Eum>no HpolTord, mgr.) 

—Crete, Nobr.. Feb, M BeKard 11, York 12. 

Aurora 13, Kearney IB. Hasttngt 18, Oraiut 

Island 17. Columbus 18, Schuyler 10, Fremont 

"Hnpiiy Huullgan," Easleru, Gut Hill's (Charles 

K, Baitun, mgr.) — Louisville, Ky„ Feb. 7-13. 
"Happy Hooligan. " Western, Oim Hill's (AI. 

Iiolson, mgr.) — Duluth. Minn., Feb. 11. 
"Huns. Hanson'' (James T. McAlplu, mgr.)— • 

Farmer City. III., Fob. 10. Gibson Clly II. 

I'axtou 12, HoolH-ston 18, Westvlllo 14. Chris. 

innu 15, Clinton, Iml., 10. TarlS, 111., 17. 

Elfiughaia 18. 
"Hiindsomii titbniun"— Wheeling, W. Va., Feb. 

"Herri of Texas," Allen Vlllolr and I*eatl tewla 

— llooaUni, N. J., Feb. 10, New Brunswick 12. 
Irving, Sir Henry (Charles Frohman, mgr.) — 

Lhleuso, 111., Fob. 8-20. 
Isubcl Irving (.Tomes K. Hoekott, mgr.)— Frank- 
fort. Ind., Feb. in. 
"If Women Were Men" (M. W. Taylor, mgr,)— ■ 

N. Y. City Feb. 8-18, Brooklyn. N. Y.ri6-20. 
"lu Olil Kentucky." Jacob Lltt't— Detroit, Mich.. 

Feb. 8-18. Cleveland. O., 15-20. 
"In Lonltlaua" (G. D. Johnstone, mgr.) — Ns. ■ 

sileonvllln, La., Feb. 10, DonaldsoBvllls 11. 

PlmiuviqliM! 12, Batou Itougs HI. 
"In the Pnlnco of tbs King." Davis A Daley's— 

Full lllver. Mass., Feb. 15-17. 
James, Isiuls, aud Frederick Wurdo (Wagenhai* 

A Keai|<er, mars.)— San FrancbJeu, Cal., Feb. 

JefTeison. Tliiimns— I/H-knort. X. Y., Feb. 10, 

Cohues 11. Pueksklll 12. Newt.urgh ill. 
"James Hoys In Missouri (Frank Gasralo, mgr.) 

- --Syracuse, N. Y... Feb. fi-10. Itochestrr 11- 

HI, mica 16, Id. North Adams. Mass., 17. 

Troy. N. Y., 18-20, 
"Just Straek Town" (Lawn-nee Williams, mgr.) . 

— Burlington, la., Feb. 12. 
' K , 
Knott, Heuella (Frank L, Perley, lugrj— Meui- , 

pbls, Tenn., Fell. 13, pitdiienli, Ky., 17, Evans. 

vllle, Ind.. 18, 
Kendal), r.jrn (Llebler A Co., mgrs.)— Buffalo, N, 

Y.. Feb. 8-10, Itneboiter 11. 12, Sprlngdeld, 

Mass., 10. 
Kelcey, Ilerls-rt, and ElBe Shaunon (Daniel V. 

Arthur, mgr.)— Montreal, (Jan., Feb. 8-lg. 
Kellsr (Dudley McAdow. mgr.)— N. Y. Clly Feb. 

8-18, Boston, Mats., 18-20. ' 
Kennedy. Jamos (O. K. Wee, mgr.)— Fort Wayne, . 

Ind,, Feb. 8-1:1, Nile*, 0., 16-20. 
Keyblotie Dramatic (Lawrence B. McGIII, mgr.) 

—SAlem, Mao., Feb 8-18, Bath, Ma., 15-20. 
Khilk-llrban (Harden Klsrk, mgr.) — Ilutland, 

VI., Feb. 8-13, Iliirllngloii 15-20. 
fcsrndl, Dot (J. 0. Welsh, mar.)— Fall Illvor, 

Maas.. Feb. 8-13, I swell 18-20. 
Klagsley-Iluatell— Stunlairry, Mo., Feb. 8-13. 
Keller Stock (A. tl. Keller, mgr,)— Bsrllesvllle, 

Ird. Tor., Feb. 8-Hl. Iiidepeiulenoc, Kan., 11- 

13. Freiloolu 15-17, VnUm Center 18-20. 

King Itramulle (F. F. 'Olifkner, ugr. ) — Zaues- 

villi,, O., Feb. 8-13, Newark 16-20. 
King. Perkins (BOwnrd Tarter, mgr.) — Glenwood, 

Is., Feb. ID. Hbcuauiloali 11, Clarlmla 12, 

Mnrvvllle. Ma., HI. 
"Mug of Detectives." Hulllvuii. Harris A Woods' 

—Dim Mnluis. In.. . l-'eb. 8-10, Keokuk 13, 

t'eurln.' 111., 14. Ilidlanapollt, Ind., 16-17. 
"Kktninjaminer Kids" (Bloudell A Funneisy. 

ingri. )■ -Macon, Mo.. Fob. 10, Mnb-rly ,11. 

Hnunliiai 1'J, Louioiaiin 18, Frankfort, lira., 17. 
l.ul.gliT, Mrs. Lily (Khar!** Frohman, ugr.)— 

SI. Joseiih. Mo., F«b. 18J 
Laeku>c, Wilton (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)— M, Y. 

City Fob. 10, Indefinite, 
Lillian Lyons (Dean A Ogle, lugrn,)— Wettnetd. 

N. Y.. Feb. 8-18, Andover, 0., 15-20, 
l.'oig, Frank K.. Stock (J. A. Lacy, mgr.)— ■ 

Sierlltig, 111., Fob. 8-18. Dixon 15-20. 
Lyceum Stock (B. G. Groejeau, mgr.) — Tliomit. 

Ofcln., Feb. 10-12, Okeenu 11-10, I'.nld 17-10. 
I.o-ratne. lllm (It. IS. Weaver, mgr,) — (ileus Falla, 

X. Y., Feb. 8-13. Saratoga 16-20. 
Isjekn, The (Will II. Locke, mgr.)— Frankfort. 

Knn.. Feb. 81K. 
"Little Mary" (OharUs Frohman, mgr.) — Provi- 
dence. K. I., Feb.' 8-10, Now Bedford, Mass,, i 

II. Nc-wporl, ll. 1„ 12,. Hartford Ll. 
"Lovers' Lnue" — Ilobukeii, N. J„ Feb. T-10. 
"Llgblbouav ey the Sea" (Vance A Sullivan, 

mgis.)— lllrtutugham, Ala.,. Feb, 8-1J. Atlanta. 

Ou.. 15-20. 
"Little Hotnes'>-4fl" (Wiu. . Mucaiilcy, mgr.) — 

Yavw City, Ulas.. Feb. 10, Vlcksburg 11. 

Gns-nvllbi 12, Grvenwood 13. 
"Little Outcast," Hasten), (toorgv K. Oil)'* (Burt 

Mel'ball, Mgr.) -.New ark, N. J., Feb. 8-13, 

ISIlitabeth KMT, Tn-nbm 18-20. 
"Little Onlcast," Western, B. I. Caf[«nter'a— 

l-os Angeles, Cal.. Feu, 7-13. 
"Little Chur.ii Around the Corner" (Vance ft 

Sullivan. tm<r«.>— Indianapolis. Ind., Feb. 810,' 

Cvltualus; 0., 11-13. 


Uantacld, Klekara (Lyman B, Olovar. mar.)— 

Horoklyn. N. Y.. Fob. 8-13, Norfolk, Vs., 18; 

Murphy, Jaecpk— Grand Qaplils. Midi.. Veb. MO, 




^fiBBUABY 13. 

South, Bend, luil.. II, Otttwa, III., IS, Aurora 

Mary simmering (Frank McKce, mar.) — N. Y. 

■City Feb. 8-13. Marlon, Ind.. IB. 
Mack, Andrew « Rlclt * Harris, mgrs.) — Wor- 

ccsler, Mum., M. 10, Providence, It. I.. IMS. 
Miller, Henry— Toronto, Can., Feb. '8-10. Kyrn- 

case, N. Y.. 11. Utlcn 12, Rochester lit. 
Morrison. r*wi« (Jules Minry, mgr.)— Fort Worth, 

■Tex., Feb. 10. Austin 12. 
Mnrtlnot. Sadie (Jules Murrjr. ragr.) — Blrmlng- 

'hnrn. Ala.. Feh. Id, Selinn 11. 
Murray. J. K. (Davis * Bnltornehl. mgrs.)— Bos- 

ion, Mass., Feb. 8-13. N. V. City 15-20. 
Mnnlrtl, Rolicrl— N. K City Fell. 8-1.1, Jersey 

Oily, N. J.. 15-20. 
Melville, Itlwe (.1. P.. Stirling, mgr.)— Cliatta- 

■Dix>f,n, Term.. Feb. 10. 
McHcnry. Nellie (Spencer A Aborn, nigra.) — Ellin- 

■both, N. J.. Feb. S-lo, Brooklyn, N. ~Y„ l3-2«. 
Mown anil Mason Olroiidhurst A Carrie, im;r». > 

— Kock Island. III., Feb. 11. Uwkfonl 12, Kl- 

•Kln l.'l. Milwaukee, Wis., 14-20. 
Murray and Mock (Ollb 1 Mack, mgr.) — Han Fran- 

■rlken, Csl., Feb. 7-13, Oaklmkl II. Stockton 
1ft, San Jose 1(1, Rnnta Crui 17, Napa 1H, Hautu 

■ Rise in. Vallejo 20. 
McAiillnV Slock (lore McAulliro, mar.)— Jllnit- 

• tnmton. .V. X., Feb. 6-18, PHlsneld, linns., l.'i- 
Mykle A nunter <W. II. Hfclder. ragr.)— MM- 
dlelnwn, ft Y., Feb. ft-13, Haston, Pa., l."-i!». 
MTfcle «.- Harder (Kugeoe J. Hall, Bigr.) — Lan- 
ding, Mich., Feb. 8-13. 
Mark, Wlllier 'Wm. Stanford, mgr.)— New Al- 
bany, Jnd., Feb. 8, Indetlnlte. 
Murray A Mnitey (Jolm J. Murray, mgr.) — 
Huntington, W. Va., Feb. 8-13, Charlesum 1'.- 
. -2fr. 

Mai hen, Clara— afaafMaM, Ore., Tel). 10-12. 
Murk* Stock (Tora Marks, riitr.)— (lueliih. <Jau., 

■'Feb. 8-13. 
MoiK* Bros.. May A. Bell Marks (It. W. Jlnrks, 
tiigrO— North Bay, Con., Feb. 813, Mattawn, 

|mi stock It* Comte A Fleshor. rugrs.)— tola, 

■ltnli., 1'eb. 8-11. Chnniite 1.V17. IoIh 18-20. 
Myers, Irene. (Will 11. Myers, ingr.)— DMMM 

Ta., Feb. 8-13. 
Mfori. Will H., Stock (Sim Allen, ragr.)— Kit- 

■tunning,; Fa.. Feb. 8-13, l"unxr.ntswr\cy 16-2(1. 
Mack & Armour Comedians (Charles Drew Mack, 

■l.igT.I— BomvlllP, Mo.." Feb. 8*10, Fulton 11-13, 

Jpfierson Clly 18-17, Fayeite 18-20. 
McDonald Stock (O. W. McDonald, ingr.)— Ma- 
comb, Miss.. Feb.' 8-13. Magnolia IS, ID, Atalta, 

■I J., 17-20. 
Ma«ou & need Comedy (Sam T. Reed, ingr.)— 

Mnvwood. Mo., 'Feb. 813, Durham 16-20. 
Maynirrd Stock (Fred Maltlews, ingr.)— Ellen- 

■ville, N. Y.. Feb. 8-13. 
Mllvllle Dramatic (M. Melville, ragr.)— Mlnden, 

IMS Pfl>. 8-13, Spring Hill 15-18, T Naplea, Tev., 

1». SO. 
"Mrs. Wlgga, of the Cabbage Paloh" (Lleblor A 

Co., mgro.)— Phtladelpbui, Pa., Feb. 8-13, Nor- 
folk, Va., 10, 17. 
"Mr. J6lly or Jollet" (Broadhnnt A Currle, 

mem.)— Loulcfllle, Ky., Feb. 7-13. Hprlna;- 

tm. III.; 14, Decatur 16, Peoria 10;; lafayetle, 

lnU:. 17. 
"Minister"!! Danghtera" (Oroter Brotlicra, mgre.) 

>— Chicago, HI.. Feb. 7-13. 
"Jlldnbjht Marriage" (Forrcsler A Mlltenthal, 

■mcra^-^Brooklyn, N. X., Feb. 8-13, I'blladel- 

pbla. Pa., 10-20. 
"Mo-n from Sweden" (Freil W. Falkiner, mgr.)— 

Fergus Falla.' Minn., Feb. 12. Valley Clly. No. 

Dak.. 10, Derlla Lake 17, Mlnot lw, Cairlna- 

ton 20. 
"Motitnna Outlaw" (C. F. rjtnrenee, rasr.)— 

•Mnacallne, la., Feb. 10, D -ennort 11, Clln- 

lotl 13, Cedar Rapid* 10. 
"Moonshiner'* Dougliler" (W. V. Mnan, mgr.)— 

TrcV, N.Y.. Feb. 8-10, Hotmlck'FalH 11, Utli-a 

12, 13, Itocheater 15-17, Kyracuao 1S-20. 
"Mlaannrl Olrl,'" Kaalern, Fred Haymond'a (M. 

I. Singer, mEr.l-^Wolthnm. M.-i^a.. Feb. Hi, 
Fillinlrer 11-13, WiilteLeld. IS. I., 10. Knrk- 
land, Mam., 10, NiMrth Attlehom 17, Attle- 
liOro 18, Franklin 10, WootiBoeket, II. I., 20. 

"MISMiiin'GIrl," Western. Fred Haymoiiil'H (Harry 
8. .llopplng, mgr.l — Mel^-anslioro, 111.. Feb. 10, 
fnrnil lit New Hai-nmny, Ind.-. 12. Mount Ver- 
non 13, Oli.ev. 111.. 17, SiilllTim, Hid., 18. 1. ni- 
ton 1!), Brazil '20. 

•'Mel'acblen'H Flam," Ona nilPa (Tlminas II. 
Henry, mgr. )— Syracuse, N. Y., Feb. 8'H>, lto- 
eboakar 1MU, Scbenectady 1C, 

Nelll, Jnmea (Cliftrle* Aatnn Parker, bod. mgr.) 
i^-tXM.Altnelm. Ool., 1'eli. 8-20. 

Nclll-MoriiMco (CliarleH AKior Parker, con. mgr.) 
Ml TaiU Olt>'. V., Feb. 10-13. Sacrnmenlo, 
On).. 14. Oakl.iiid in. Sun Jow 10, Sniita Ilar- 
linrn 1», ItlTeralde 10, Sail Bernardino 20. 

National Sliwk (11. T. Click, mgr.)— St. AO- 
tiistlnc; Ffa., Feb, 8-10, Femandlqa 11-13. 

Noliie'd 'i'lientrc Warren NoMe, untr.) — Ohm- 
Vllle, ' Mltiti..- Feb. 8-10, Whwtori 11-18, Sl»w 
i mi, So. Dak., )•'. 20. 

Nifllrnal' Rlock (Cliaa. n.' Bchail, mgf.)— Oly- 
pliant, I»a.. Feb. 8-13, Hnwley 15-20 

"> and Nine" (I). J. Aalimnn, ragr.) — Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Feb. 8-13. N. Y. City JO-20. 

••New York Hay hy Day" ((loo. W. Wlmiett, 
irsr.l— I'bllndelpHla. Pa., Feb. 8-13, Trenton, 
N. J., IS, Olypliant, Pa., 17, Oxford, N. Y., 

"MKht Itefore Clirlslmns" (Burt A NIcolot. mgr«.) 
— (iruiid lluplda. Midi., Feb. 7-10. 

"Koillilleld Hunk lloliliery" (Percy Herbert, ingr.) 
—Wirt Huron. Mich.. Feb. 11, Saniln, Out., 
12, 'Mount Clemens, Mich.. 18, Wyandotte 14, 
Monroe 15, lirousnn 10, Hudson 17, Wauaeon, 
(>.. IS, Sanduaky 20. 

"Next lloor," Bros. Buyer (BbkII McIIenry. mgr.) 
— Mount Carmel. Pa., Feb. 11, Mlnemvllle 12, 
Mli'-dlclown 13, Lnneaater 18, Carlisle 17, Lcw- 
IhIoxvii 18. 

"Nn» flnllty"— Akrun. O.. Fob. IMS. 

"Ni'todv'H Claim" (Clinrles A. ItoUleu, |agr.)— 
Waslilngtuu, D. C. Feb. 13-20. 


Olrott, Cliatmcey (Angitatua Pllon, ragr.)— N. T. 
Clly Feb. 8-20. • 

IM, William (Mnrtln Sheeley, mgr.)— Chnrlen 
City. la.. Feb. 10. Cvdnr'FallH 11. Olar Bay- 
Ids 12, Maratialltonn 13, lown City 10. 

"Olber Olrl" (Clurlca Froliinaii, mgr.)— N. Y. 
City Feb. 8. Indetlidto. 

"Our New Mlnlnter" (Miller A Conyera, mgrs. ) 
--Jerwy City, N. J„ Feb. 8-1S, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 10-27. 

"Oier Nlngnm Falla. " A (Bowtaml A Clifford. 
msra.l — tt'iiHUIngton. D. C.. Feb. 8-13. 

"Over Niagara Falls." C (nowlanil A Ctlffonl, 
inurs. ) — Vhiburiiio. la., Feb. 1 0, ' Uockford. HI., 

I I, Belolt. Wl*.. 12, lonesvlllo 13. 

"fine Nlcht In June" (Henry B. Marks, mgr.l — 
Cranio Pass. On'.. Feb. 10, lioildlnv, Cal., 

1 1, Ail'anr. Oie„ 12. Salein 13, l'lirilmul 14-20. 
"On the Bridge at Midnlkhl" (l'ronk (ln«nU>, 

mgr.)— Montreal. Cau., Feb. S-13, tlttnwu 10- 

if. Quebec 18-20. 
"Oriban's Prayer" (Filw. He Coiirsey, rngr.1 — 

Wiishlnclon, D. C. Feb. 8-13. 
"OKI Arkansaw," Fred B.iyinond's (Oeorge «■»■ 

dee. ingr. )— Trenlon, Mo.. Feb. 10, Mibiu 11, 

I.iiclerlo 12. Klrksvllle IS. MempliN 13. K«- 

iioka HI, Burlington, ta., 17, Fort Madison IK, 

Allita 10, Chnrlfuin 20. 
"Only n Shop tllrl" (II. n. Wlnchrll, mgr.)— 

Columlms, 0-. Fell, 8-10. ■ • " _ 

"Our OoWlns'* (J. C. Harton, mcr.1 — CoffcyTllle, 

Kan,, Feb. 11, WlnOeW 12, Wichita 13, Netf- 

Inh 13. 
•'Old Plantation" (Frank L. Rool, mgr.)— Akron, 

()„ Feb. 10-17. 

rattan, W. B. (.T. M. Rliait. IligT.)— Hot Springs, 
Arl;., Feb. 10, Newport 11, Poplar Uluflr, Mo., 

12, 'Calm. 111.. 13, Fulton, Ky., 10. MM 
1(1 llopkliiartlle 17, Itnwllng (Ireen 18. 

Pavton, Corse, Slock (Uarld .1. niutiniie, ingr.) 

— Wllllmantlc, Oitin., Feb. 8-13, Oloueesler, 

■klaaji., l.VJO. 
Pavloti, Cow, Comedy (J. T. Maeanlry, mgr.l— 

Trenton, K. J.. K«b. 813, Wilmington, IK'l., 18. 

Pattou Sisters Comedy (Col. Frank Rnblusnn. 

mgr.)— Columbnn, ilii., II*. 8 13, Saviiuuab 

I'belnn' 'stock. F.astern (R. V. Plielau. mgr.l— 

Broeklou, Mass., Feh. 8-13, Nevf|K>rt, K. 1.. 13. 

Thelon, R. V., Stock, Western (Ralph A. WH4 

mrr.)— Shnron, Pa„ Feb. 8-13,Kr)e.iri-20. 
"Petldlcr," SttlllTnn, Harris A Woods' — Full 

Hirer, Mn»s„ FcK. 8-10. New llayrn, Cunii.. 

11-13. Brooklyn. N. Y.. 18-20. 
"Paul Uc-Tere" (Davkl A. Wels, mgr.)— Woreo* 

ter. Mass., Feb. 8-13. 
•Tickings from FueU" (Ollle Mack * Jor.rnh M. 

Onlles. mcrs.)^-K»B«as Olty. Mo., Feb. 7-13. 

I enrenworth. Kan., 14, Ottawa IB, Olinniito in. 

CorroTvllle 17, Paraona 18, Fort Scott 10. I'll la- 

Imrg 20. .... 

••peck's Hod Boy," A {Vnor J. Ifrench, mgr.)— 

I'eahodT, Knn., Feb. 8, tterington 0. fllhllmic 

10. To'peka 13. f.nwreoce W. llortoii 10. An 

hita, Nrbr., 17, Nebraaka Olty 18, Llntuln IV, 
i 80. 

"Peea'a lt»l Hoy." B (l<>roy J. French. i«Kr.) — 

Delrolt «3(y. Minn.. Feb. 8. Cr-'ksion !i. Ib>l 

l.nke Fnlls HI, Thief lilrer Falls II, «Jrsri«,. 

Nn. Hat.. 12. firtniil Fnrks 13, llemldjl, Minn., 

18, Hi, .id- in. Wodeaa 17, Hralm-rd 18, 

Mine i' ii- to. Milaea 20. 

"I'tck'H Had Hoy." Sonlhem (Harry Bca?*r, 

• mce.l-Welma, Ala.. TeU HI, reancola, Fu>., 

"I'mi'sse Cnfe" (Harris A Rlilr.iaa, ragrs.l — I'n- 
diii-sli. K>.. reb. 10. Cairo. III., 11. MM* 
U i ii IS. lUrnnndak- 18. F.Taiiarllle. lad.. 14. 

"PiMikln H'Mfcrr" iDkyM A. Martin, raar.»— 
Omnli.i. Krhr., Feb. HI. 

"Pride of Jii;iui«i"- our IlauMa, la., Ptb. 10. 


"Queen or I he Highway" (W. Mc«!owiui, mgr. I— 
8)innne. K, Y„ Feb. 8-10, Bocbefter 11-13, 
Bultlmnre. Md., 15-20. m _ m „. 

"Onlncy Adams Sawyer." Central (C. U. fcmllb, 
irrr.)— N. X. <!II> Fi'b. 8-March 5. 

••Onlncy Admns Hawyer," Wesleni (W. O. Bnell, 
lng, mgr.)— PlltslMirg, Kan., Feb. 10, Oalena 

11. Jopllu. Mo.. 12, Anmra 13, Sprlngfleld O, 
I'nriha.e 10, Webb City 17, Netada 18, Butler 
10, Ji-.Ti rsi-u Clly '20. 

"Qnlncy Adnina Sawyer." Eeatern (C B. Brooks, 

mgr.) — Keokuk. la.. Feh. HI. 
"'en of Uie White Slarea" (A. H. Wooils. 

mgr.)— Ilnrlfnnl, I'm Feb. li-13, Worcester, 

Msss., 10. Fall Blrcr 18-20. 
Bus-ell, Annie (Charles Frobmaa. out.) — S. Y. 

Oliy, Fell. 8. ImlHInlte. 
Bebnn. Ada. ami Otis Hklnner (I.lebler A Co., 

iiijrs.l-ltalilinorc. Md., Feb. 8-13, Wnshlng- 

imi. D. c. 15-20. 
I(,«er« Benthers (Klaw A Erlanger, mgra.) — 

I'liiU'k'Hdila, Pa., FeU 8-27. 
Jtnliwn, Kleinor (l.loller A Co., mgra.) — «. Y. 

City Feb. 8, Indefinite. _, 

Bli'hnian, Cbarles (^Veber A Fields, mgra.)— Cbl- 

mgo, HI., Feb. 8-13. 
flolierui, Florence (Fred Belaseo, mgr.)— Spokone, 

Wash., Feb. '7-10, Mlssnnla. Moot., 11, firent 

Fall«, 12. H'.'leua 13. BnHn 14-17, Pocalello, 

Ida.. 18,' Ogilen, II., 10; JO. ' 
Batan, Andre*' (J. W. Bennett, mgr.) — Han 

Bernardino. Cal.. Feb. lfi, Pomona' 11. 
Hyan. Daniel B. <W- S. Bate*, mgr.)— ^rtliamp- 

ton. Maes.. Feb. 8-13. Boston 18-20. 
Holier, Kalherlue (I/>n Brandno. fflgr.) — Xannton, 

Ma*».. Feb. 8-18. Lynn 13-20. 
Rockwell, 1. C, Dramati'- — Xt. Allians, Vf., Feb. 

Royal l.lllpntlana, Ous Hill's— St. Lnois. Mo., 

Ken. 8-13. Chicago. III., 14-211. . - 
Roe Stock (C. t. W. Bu*. mgr.) — Sohenectndy, 

N. Y.. Feb. 8-13. Lowell, Maw.. 18-20. 
Rapier Players (Otis Rapier & Frank Becker, 

nijtis.)— orrlct. Mo., Feb. 8-13,'Iilberty 15-20. 
Rnseell Comedians (F. F-. Moore, mgr.)— Flush- 
ing. O.. Feb. 8-10, Wcilesbnrg, W. Va., 11-18, 

Woodslleld. O.. 18-17. . • 

lfenfrow'a Jolly Pathfinders — Carbondale, P»., 

Feb. 8-13, lishklll. N. Y., 18-20. 
"Koliort Emmet" (J. Wesley Bosenquest. mgr.) 

New_ Haren, Conn., Feb. 8-10, Patersoa, N. J.. 

"Bnchid Ooldateln." BalllTan, Harris A Wooda'— 
CloTciand, O., I'>b. 8-13, Detroit, Mich.. 15-20. 

"Run on the Bank" (F. S. RoWnsou, mgr.) — 
Charleston. Mo.. Feb.. 11, Cune (Hrardeon 12, 
Mi.unt Vernon, 111., 13. BelfeTlUe 14. Nash- 
Tllle IB, Morpbyn ™ ,0 - Anna 17, Cairo 18, 
Pai'.ncih, Ky., 10, Boonvllle, Ind., 20. 

"Bn:naaee of Coon Hollow" (Archibald] Allen. 
biit.i— Des Moines, la.; Feb. 11-13. Muscatine 
15', Oskaloosa 10. Ottumwa 17, Albla 18. Iowa 
Olty IP. Cedar Rapids 20, Bock Island, HI., 21. 

"llBKSCd Hero" (Fielding Amusement Co., nigra.) 
— St. Louis, Mo.. Feb. 7-13, Cincinnati, O., 

"Royal Slave" (Hnrry Cordon, mgr.) — Milton. 
Pa.. Feb. 10, Emporium 18. Willlcmsport 10, 
Jersey Shore 17. Hollldayshurg 18, Monnt Pleas- 
nut 19. OoiraellsTlllc 20. , _ 

"lloyal Slave" (Harry (lordon, mgr.) — SIoox City, 
la., Feh. 10, Norfolk, Nebr.. 11, Onawn, It., 

12. Missouri Vlllev 13. Council Bluffs 14, Wa- 
terloo 17, Clatksvllle IS, Oclwelu 10. Boone 20. 

, S 

Sotliem. F,. H. (Daniel Froliman, aaaa^Jh-aja* 
clntiiili. «.. Feb. 8-13. ' . 

SKHldarr. Jjmes II. (Hubert Browcr. mgr .)— Dn- 
Inlli, Minn., Feb. 10. ApplClon, Wn , 11, Osh- 
K'-sb 12, Kau Claire 13, St. Paul, Minn.. 18-17, 
Minneapolis 18-20. . , 

Killi-, Duidel (WlUis E. Boyer, mgr. )— Wlnnipej, 
Man.. Feb. 10. ' ' 

Flurrt. ltnlph— Brooklyn, N. Y.. Feb. 18-20. 

Sidney. Oeorgc (Stair a. Nlcolai, mgrs.)— Toledo, 
p.. Fell. 7-10. Jackson, -Mick.. 11, Bay City 12, 
SiiRlnuw 13, rietodt 14-20. _ 

Smart Bat. (iua IHIPh— UuIstIHc, hy., Feb. T-13. 

Shiintions, Tiie (Harry Shannon, mgr.)— New 
Castle, Intl.. Feb. 10. Moiiinclicr 11. Hartford 
City 12, Dunkirk 13, Portland 15, Matthews HI. 

Sights. Pauline. (J. W. Sights, mgr.)— Clark, So. 
Dak.. Feb. '8-10, WatertoWn 11-13. 

fintiiliern Slock (Urorgc Hamilton, nigr.)— Owuis- 
lioro, Ky., Feb. 8-13. Henderson 15-20. 

Sluiullsb Stock (Ceorge B. Hell, mgr.);— M» 
vllle ' N. Y., Feb. 10-12, IHiultney. \a.. 13, 
Oloversvllle. N. Y., 15 17, Johnstown 18-20. 

Howard Show (Arthur J. Chlsnni, mgr.)— Pon- 
tlsc, III.. Fell. 12. 13. Ituiitonl 15. 10. I*'roy 17. 

Shirley. Jessie— Portland. Ore.. Feb. 7-13. 

"Sitrcta of Policliinellc" (Jstnea h. Hackett, 
mgr.)— N. Y. Clly ' Feb. 8. Indetlnlte. 

"Sky Farm" (Charles Frohnian. nirr.) — (lardner, 
Mess., Feh. 10, Keene, N. II., 11, Springfield, 
.Mn»s.. 20. . __. _ 

"Sweet Clover" (A. A. Thayer, mgr.) — Port Hu- 
ron, inch.. Feb. 10. 

"Soldiers nf Fortune" (Henry K. Harris, Mr.) 
— Phlladclphki, Pa., Feb. 8-13, Newark, N. J., 

"Shore Acres" (William B. On*-*, mgr.)— Cincin- 
nati O., Feb. 7-13. Centorvllle IB, T^neaster 
HI, NclsonvllbJ 17. Jackson 18, Portamuuth IB. 

"Sag Harbor" (William II.' Orois. mgr.)— Helena. 
Beat., I'eb. 10-12. Missoula 13. Spokone, 
Wusb... 14-17, North Yakima 18. F.llcbBbnra; 10, 
'I -icuiuil 20. 

"SwIlchnwn'H Daughter" (Harry 8. Bleluuila, 
mgr.)— Siirlugucld, .Mass., Feb. 11-13, Newark, 
N. J., 15-20. 

"Slaves of the Mine" (C. S. Callshau, mgr.)— 
Scuttle. Wash., Feb. 14-20. 

"Supcrba." llanlou'ii— Mllwnnkee, Wis., Fell, i- 

13. Ilallle Cieck. Mich., 17. ; ' 
"Sign of tbo Four"— Kochef ter, N. Y.. FcKS-lO. 
"Sign of Ihi Cross" (Bergvr A Cruerin, rogrs.)^ 

Pittsburg. Pa.. Feb. 8.13. 
"Stnln of tiulll" (fharles W. Daniels, ragr.)— 

Huffalo. N. Y.. Feb. -8-13, Cleveland, O., 15-20. 
"Siindv lloitom" (Hamilton & Hopkins, mgrs.) — 

Madera. Cal.. Feb. 10. Fresno II. Tulare 12. 

Bakersfleld 13, Pomoua 18, Sao Bernardino HI, 

lilversble 17. __— . 

"Side Tracked." Jule Walters' (Tom ^ortll. ragr.) 

— Cdlur ltKplds, la., Feb. 11. Dubuque 12. 
"Si Plnukard," J. C Lewis (Jack Sawyer, mgr.) 

— Franklin. Ind.. Feb. 10. llelfnrd 11. Bkjom- 

llcld 12. Torre Ilaule 13, Oreencastle In, Craw- 

f.inlsvllle 10, I^-bnnon 17. Oxford 18, Hon|w- 

lon. III., 10. Lafayette. Ind.. 20. 
"Side Tracked" (A. (J. Scammon, mgr.) — Har- 

rlslmnr. Pn., FpK 12, 13. 
"ShndowH nf a Oreat Clly" (0. B. Jefforson, 

mgr.) — ^Toroulo, Cau., Feb. 8-13, Kllxnlieth, N. 

J., 18-20. 


Feb. 8-1S, 

i. Mnrtln, mcr.)— irtiringncuj. mos-i., r™, 
nlnam. Conn.. 11, Norwich 12. New Lon- 
I. Brooklyn. N. V., 15-20. , , 

Tom's Cablii," >Vestern, Al. W. lisrtin s 

mgr.)— Phil- 

A Moulton'a 
Y.. Feb. 18- 

Tbnmpsnn, Denman — Iai Angeles, Cal. 

Tlii'ivrton. Adelaide (Frank J. & Claxton WIHtaeh, 
liigrs.l — Diilnlli. Minn.. Feb. Hi. 

TeiuiK^t. Marie (Charles Fmhinau, 
mlelpliia. Pa.. Fell, 8-20. 

Ttiruer. Olara-^loiillon, Thompsou 
(M. 11. Miller, mgr.)— Klmlra, N. 

T:ivlnr Stock (Albert Taylor, mgr. )— Croaiby. 
'Tv\„ Feb. 10. Shreveport, La.. 11-13, Wlnns. 
bnro. Tev., 18, 10. Sulphur Springs 17, 18, 
Mount Pleasant 10. 20. • 

ToKii Stuck (T. Hwlgbt Pcnner, mgr.) — Ar- 
kansas Clly. Ark., Feb. 8.10. Baslrop, !*., 11- 
13. Ilaiulsirg. Ark., 13-21. 

'"l-wo Little Waifs," Km. 1. Lincoln J. Carter's— 
Huston. Mass., Feb. 8*13, Monlreal, Can., l.V 
20. - 

•■T.« 1'tnn.I to BeB." TJncoln J. Carter's— Ctn- 
elunntl. «>.. Feb. 7-13. _ , ._. 

"Vwa l.llili! Sisters" (tllckey A Wannlngton, 
nigra. l—ChampaUn, HI., Feb. 10. Paris 11. 
Springfield 12. Clinton 13. I.n Sallp 14, 'Jaek- 
•mnville 15, Lincoln HI. Pekln 17. Mnttooo 18, 
tniarlest'in 10. Terre Haute, Ind., 20. 

"To Hie at Dawn" (J. M. Ward, nicr.)— Readlmt, 
Pa.. FeU S. Pntereon, N. J.. 0. 10, Bethle- 
hem. Pa.. 11. Alleulown 12. Eaaton 13. Oam- 
ilen, N. J.. 18-17. Mldillctown, N. Y„ 18, 
Pnnghkeeti«lo 10, Cnhops 20. 

"Through Fire and Water." .lames H. Walllrk's— 
I', Pa., Feb. 8-13. Boston, Muss.. 15- 
20. - . 

"Teias Steer," U. B, Rreery's — Klchgjond. Ya.i 
Frh. 10,,- AniiapDlls.Md.. 12, 
Atlantic Cilv, N. J.. 13. Brooklyn. N. Y. 18-20. 

"Two Merry Tramp*" (HeVenn 4 Vetter, ours.) 

-Iluqivdn, III.. Feb. 10. FalrCeM II. Olnej 12. 
,V„.|,li,ft..n, lad.. 13. West Baden 14, iledfori 
IS >ti, bni-T.l in. (ircenrllle, O.. 17, Hartford 
Ciij. H»d.. IK. Montpeller 10. Warren 20. 
iV-u Nlglds In a Bar Room." Terry s— Belle- 
ville. Ken., Feb. 10, Hanover 12, sshathn 13. 
Illuwailia ir,,.8lrtla, Well., 16. Iliaman J., 
(.'reie 18. Talmace lu. SprlngOel'l 2o. 

"Tbneigb tin- t>nlro of Die Earth." Edwartl Blnn- 
dill's (Wra. A. Stanley, oigr.)— Sleunentlllc, 
• ».. Feti. 10. Msn-oeld f". _ t _ ,„ 

■"Xrlp to Chinatown"— St. Louis, Mo., Feb, .•!„. 
II v 

•Under Snulhcm Skies." Kattera (Harry Duel 
l.rker. mgr. I— Newark, N. J., Feb. S-13. 4«f 

' ilnrier 'soniherri Skies." Western (Harry Doel 
Parker, mjr. (-Saginaw. Mlth.,Fcli. 10. Bay 
Clly 11. Ann Arts* 12, Jackton 13, Orand 
Kanlils H-17. TeJido, ft.. 18-20. _ „ „ „ 

"I'm-le Tom's Cohui," FJiolern. Al. W. Martin s 
(FjI. S. Martin, mgr.)— SprbigflelU. Mass., leb. 
10. Pnti 
(I'll 13. 

"Uncle Tom's CnWi., ,..^_„.... — _. 

<v: C. fViopcr. m»r.)— Wlndber. Ta., I-i-b. 10. 
llr.rgantown, W. Va.. 11. Unlontown, Pa., 12. 
Johnstown 12, Alloona 15, Ia-wIhIouti H, Lan- 
i aster 17, Norrlstown 18, Allentowa Hi, Heart- 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin," Stetson's,, Eastern (C. T. 

Brockr^ay. tnsr.)— Marlboro. Mm-s., Feb. 10. 

Mnynnirt 11. Lawrence 12, Lowell 13, >nshu.-i, 

N. II.. 15. Salem, Mas*.. 10. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," Stetson's. Norlbwcstern 

(Al. Osild. mzr.)— Sallda. Colo. led. I<>. 

1^'cdvllle 11, Aspen 12. Olcnwood Springs I... 

Oransl Junction IS, Provo City, If.. HI. 
"Cuclc Tom's CMhln." Sbjtsnn'B. Western (TAm. 

blbble, oigr.)— Brllalre. O., Feh. 10, Saline- 

vllle 11, Younsstown 12, Akron 13, I^irsln l.«, 

"llmSp'rom's CiWn," Central (Orant I.nce ragr.) 
—New I^lngton, O., I>b. 10. (Vimmg 12, 
Aiben.i 13. Mlddlcport 13, I'oroerny 10. 

■Tnder Two Flags" (O. D. Woodward, mgr.)— 
Milwaukee. Wis.. »b. 11-13. 

"tris-le SI llasklos" (U ' S. Primrose, mgt-l,— 
Aabland. Nob., Feb. 11. Wahoo 12, Valparaiso 
13, David City 15, Gresinm 18, Aurora IS, 
Benedict 1R. Strnmesburc 10, Slielby 20. 

"Uncle He*." Frank Adams'— I'ltimnn. Pa.. Feb. 
JO. NanOcnke 12. Bloomsburg IS, Bewick In. 
Ashland 10, Sbamokio 17. SheoajKloah IS, 
PotlBTllle 10. Beading 20. 

"Uncle Josh Spmceby" (J. P. Donnhne. rosr.)— 
Fnyetfvllle, Ark., Feb. 10. Van Burcn 11, 
Fort Smith 13. Menn 13, De Queen 16, Hope 
17, Prescott 18, Ounlon 10, Hot Springs 20. 

"Uncle Josh Spmceby" (Dave B. Levis mgr.)— 
L'tlca, N. X.. Feb. 11. 

Yen Dyke A Eaton (F. Mack ragrJ-^cKeea- 
I>ort. Pa., Feb. 843, Oraftou, W. va., 15-20. 

Vernon Stock (Benl. B. Vernon, mgr.)— Rldgway, 
Pa.. Feb. 6-10, St. Marya 11-1S, Austin 15-17, 
Mount Jewett 18-20. - 

"Virginian" (Kirke La Shclle, mgr.)— N. Y. City 
Feb. S. lndeltnlte. • 

"Volnnteer Organist" (Harry Mnntell, mgr.)— 
Torento. Can., Feh. 8-13. 

"Village Parson" (W. E. NaskevUle, mgr.) — 
Troy, N. Y-, Feb. 11-13. 

Walrh, Blanche (Wagenials & Kemper, mgrs.) — 
Chicago, III., Feb. 7-20. 

Warner. -Charles iRIcli *: Harris, mgrs. )— Pitts- 
burg, Pn., Feb. 8-13, Cincinnati, O., 14-20. 

WelsT A Fields — San Finr.clscu, Cal., Fen. 8-20. 

Wilson. Al. U. (Yale A Ellis, mgra.)— New Or- 
leans. La.. Feb. 7-13, Austin, Tex.. 10. 

Wills, Nat M. (Broadburst A Cwrle, mgrs.) — 
Lima, O., Feb. 10, Toledo 11-13, Plttsborg, Pa., 

Wonl A Voken (fliarlcs D. Wilson, mgr.)— Bal- 
timore, Md., Fell. 8-1.1, Washington, D. O., 15- 

Wnrren, Rpliecca (Wilson A Bn^. mgrs.) — Boston, 
Muss.. Feb. 8-1.!, Provfilence, R. L. 15-20. 

Walker Whltesliles— Davenport, la., Feh. 10. 

Wnlduuin, I-Mnanl (A. BeedKir. ingr.) — Kant 
Slrnudsbarg. Pa.. I'"eb. R» RlrWnshnry O, Slien- 
iiildoab Hi, Tyrone 11, Clearfield 12, Lewlslnu 

Wlunicer Brothers (Frank Wlnnlger. mgr.) — 
Hod Wing. Minn.'. Feb. 8-14. Owutonna 15-21. 

" 'Way Down East," Wm. A. Brady's— Boston. 
Mass., Feb. 8-20. 

" 'Way Down East," Wm. A. Brady's (John S. 
Hale, mgr.)— Bock (Springs Wyo.. Feb. 10, 
Rawlins 11, Lariioee 12, Cbeyenuc 13. 

"Worst Womnn In London" (Herger A Craerln, 
Mgrs.)— Providence, B. I., Feb. 8-13, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.. 18-20. . ■_. _ '_ .' I 

"Way of the Transgressor ' (». C. Cuniilnglinm, 
regr.) — HoJyokc, Mass., Feb. 8-10, Montreal, 
Can., 15-20. 

"Wife in Name Only" (Garland Gaden, mgr.) 
—Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 8-13. 

"Why Girls Leave Home" (Vance A Snlllvan, 
mgrs.)— Coboes, N. Y., Fel.. 10. Albany 11-13, 
SpilngOeld, Mass., 15-17, Hartford, Corns., 18, 
Ilildgwiort 19. 20. . _ 

"Why Women Sin" (M. W, Taylor, mgr.)— Dc- Mleb.. Feb. 7-13. . „ 

"Why Women Sin" (M. W. Tuylor, ingr.)— Mar- 
lull. O.. Feb. 12. 

"Wlilte Slave" (Itobcrt Campbell, mgr.) — Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. Feb. 8-13. 

"Wealth und Poverty" (John J. Brophy, mgr.)— 
N. '.. City Feh. 18-20. 

"When Women -Love" (Frank W. Nason, mgr.) — 
llui) Ii I,.. N. Y.. Feb. 8-13. 

"Winchester" (K. C. Mc-Wade. mgr.)— Providence, 
H. I.. Feb. 8-13. Sjirlngneld, Mass., 17. 

"What' Money Will Do" (J. A. Ingram, lugr.) — 
SI. Augustine. Flu.. Feb. 0. Palatini 10. De- 
laud 11, Duylon 12, Satiford 13, Orlando 15, 
Tlluiivllle 10. 

"Wavwnrd Sou" (Springer A Fleuilus, mgrs.) — 
Ibi) Id', (i.. Feb. S-)n. 

"When Reuben Conies to Towh" — Pittsburg, Pu„ 
Fell. 13-211. 

"Was She to Blame?" No. 1. J. G. Stnttt'— Tem- 
ple, Tex.. Feb. 10. 11. Taylor 12, 13. 

'Was She to Blame?" (Jed Cnrltoo, mgr.)— Cen- 
fctvillc. la., Feb. 10. Kddyvllle 11. Bella 12, 
Monroe 13. Prairie City 15. Brooklyn 19, Ma- 
rengo 20. 

"Weary Willie Walker" (Harry Dull, mar.) — 
Marlon. Ind., Fel. 13. 

"Weary Willie Walker" (B. E. Gregory, mgr.) — 
lligsliisvlllc, Mo., Feb. 10, SedaHc 11, Pleas- 
ant Hill 12, Rich Hill 13. 

"Yon Yonaon" (E. V. Glroux, ragr.)— Kansas 
Clly. Mo., Feb. 7-13, lola, Kan., 14, leaven- 
worth IB, St. Joseph, Mo., 16, 17, Union 18, 
Oulncv. 111., in, Hannibal, Mo„ 20. 

"Young Toble Hovie" (Charles D. Miller, mgr.)— 
l.'arrlsborg. Pa„ Feb. 10. Hoboken. N. J., Il- 
ls, Syracuse, N. Y., 18-17, Rochester 18-20. 

"Zlg Zag Alley"— NorfoUr, Va., Feb. 11. 

Rostnnlans (Charles B. Bacon, bus. mgr.l — MIs- 
soilln, Mont., Feh. 10. Wallace, Ida., 11, Spo- 
kane. Wash., 12, 13, Seattle 14-17, Victoria, B. 
C 18, Vancouver in, New Whatcom, Wssh., 20. 

Beixsr Prince Opera — lnwn Clly, la., Feb. 12, 

Boston Ladies' Orchestra (Oetlrude Mnltlaod Hall, 
mar.)— Rlnguniuton, N. Y., Feb. 8-13, Tltts- 
lleld, Mass., 18-20. 

Black Pnttl's Troubadours (Voelckel A Nnlsa, 
mgrs.) — Lngansport, Ind., Feh. 10, Peru 11, 
Tlmn, O., 12, Mansfield 13, Colnmbua 18-17, 
Dayton 18-20. 

"Rahra In Toyland" (Hamlin A Mitchell, mgra.) 
— N. Y. Olty FeK 8, Indefinite. 

"Billionaire" (Ik D. Stevens A Frank L. Perley, 
mgrs.) — Kansas City, Mo„ Feb. 7-13, Des 
llolnes. la.. 10. 

"riurgninaMor" (Wm. P. Cullem. mgr.) — Wash- 
ington. D. C, Feb. 8-13. Boston, Mass.. 15-27. 

Cahlll. Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.) — New- 
ark, N. J.. Feb. 8-13, Pittsburg. Pa., 15-20. 

Canadian Jubilee Singers (W. T. Cary mgr.) — 
Ullloton. X. IL, Feb. 10, Whltefield 11, Grove- 
ton 12. Islaml'Pnnd. Vf.. 13, II. Colebrook. N. 
II.. 15. Wist Stewnrlstown 10. Berlin 17. Gnr- 
bam IS. llelhel, Me.. 10, Bryant's Pond 20, 21. 

"Oilnese noreymonn" (S. S. Shubert, Nixon A 
Zimmerman, mgrs.) — N. V. City Feb. 8-20. 

"Chinese lloneyuionn" (S. S. Shubert, Nixon A 
Zimmerman, mgn.l — Oakland, Cal., Feb. 8-10, 
Sou Jose 11. 12. Stockton 13. Los Angeles 18- 
17. Fresno 18, SnCrnraento HI. 20. 

"Country Girl" (J. O. DufT. mgr.)— Portland, 
Me. Feb. 12. Montreal,. Can.; 15-20. 

"cnaperehs" (Kingsley A Wnlly. mgrs.l— Mans- 
fleM, O., Feb. 10. Wbeellng. W. Va., 12, Mari- 
etta. O.. 13. niiullngton. W. Va., 15, "Ports- 
moutli. O.. 10, Lexlnjgton, Ky., 17. Owcnslmro 
IS. Evausviile, Ind.. 10, PadUcnh. Ky.. 20. 

Daniels. |-rnuk (P. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— 
Brooklyn, X. Y.. Feb.. S-13. Wnsblngton. D. C, 

De Angells, Jefferson (S. S.- Shsbert, Nixon A 
Zimmerman, mgrs.) — JJincastcr. Pa„ Fi*. 10, 
Xerk 11, Haxrlabuig 12, WUiainfton, Del., 13. 

Davis Musical Kxtrnvuganj. I II. Wade. Davis. 

ten S. C. Feb. 10, Macoo, On., 11, Binning- 

.TTri m unV R "re 1 ner^ ta ;Mmon A Sargent Aborn 
7£5-Emmim. 0„ h-eb. 8-10, Cincinnati 

C.raml^Opern (HHtrkh Conrled, mcr.)— S- at 

G,^cf. 1 i?nin 8 '0 , pcra 3n ( 1 I ! :-C. Whltbey. mgr.)-SL 

"(il.\%.n ! B G^r C .a" 7 '(Fisher A Byley, SVSO- 

N. Y. (3ty I'eb. 10, Iwlenalte. 
Hooper, 1« Wnlf (E. B. Reynolds ™£;>-- 1 # rcl1 ' 

visas Feb. 10, Lawrence 11. Fall Biver 17. 
llel n Anna F Zieafcld. trgr.)— St. Louis, Mo., 

I'eb. 7 13. MliwnuTee. Wis.. 8-20. 

"Isle of Spice"— Peorln, 111., lob. 12. 

Jamea- Ladlea Band' (B. L. James, mgr.)-Los 

\ncelcs. Cal.. Feb. 8. indefinite. .• _ ._ 

Kilties iiand (T. P. J. Power. mgrO-Lady 

Smith, mat., nod Nnnaimo, II. f,., , *cb. 10. 

Vanwsiver 11, New Mestmlnster 12. New What- 

com Wash.. >3. Everett 14. Tncoma 15. Olym- 

rdi 10, ■ ll«in"-"n !'• I'nrtlond, Ore., 18, Salem 

"Kioa-*lK»dn" aienry W. Savage, mgr.)— Baton 

llouge. La.. Feb. M. Nalclic*. Miss., n. Vlcka- 

«W 10 Jackson 11. Meridian 12. Hattleannrs 

3, 'Peiisacola. Fla., 15, Mobile, Ala:, 10, Sel- 

ma 17. Montgomery 18, Atlanta, Ga., 1ft. 20. 

"Mother fewe" i Klaw A Erlanger, mgrs.) — c. 
V. Clly I'eb. 8-27. _ . 

"Mis* Bob White" (Nixon A Zimmerman, mgrs.) 
"xelsonvllle, O.. Feb. 10. Cambrldgo 1 1. Zanes- 
vllle 12, fymhocion 13, Mansfield 10. Wooster 
HI, Caninn 17, Akron 18, Ashtabula 20. 

"Medal and the Maid" (Fisher A Byley, mgrs.) 
— X. Y. City Feb. 8-20. . ' 

Nashville Students (Joe Becker. mgr.)-Osaije 
riiy Kan., Feb. 10. Council Grove 11, Hor- 
Ington 12. Sallna 13. MePbersOn 15 Hujhln- 
S HI. Lyons 17. Great Bend 18, Turned 1ft. 

"Peirgy from Paris" (nenry W. Stvage, mgr. — 
narrlsburg, Pa.. Feh. 8, Beading 9. Pottovlllo 
10, Scrnntnn 11, Plttston 12, Baltimore, Md„ 

•flkjatal Pllsen." Enstern^nenryW. Savage, 
•ragr!)-Wa 5 blngton. D. C^'Feb. «-13 Trenton. 
nTj.. IS, F.lleaU-ih 10, Bridgeport, Conn.. 17, 
New naven 18. Hartford 10, Waterbury 20. 

••p'rlnce of Pllsen." Western (Henry W. Savace, 
mgr.)— Marsliolltowp, la.. Fell. 8. Mason City 
orsioux City 10, Monkato, Minn., 12, Winona 
13, Chicago, 111., lu-March-O. 

P.udeslltc Concert (M. H. Ayer, mgr.)— Okolona, 
Mlsi., Feb. 10, Aberdeen 11, Colombus 12, 
Birmingham, Ala.. 13. 

Scheff. Fritzl (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Phila- 
delphia. Pa., Feb. 8-20. 

Sha7. Rose Cecilia, Opera— Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 
I"-15. _ . 

'Sultan of Sulu" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.)— 
Dayton, O., Teb. 10, Columbus 11, 12, To- 
ledo 13, Detroit, Midi., 15-20. ; 

"3nver Slipper" (John C. Fisher, mgr.)— Jn- 
'dlanapoUs, Ind.. Feb. 10. 11, Dayton, O., 12, 
Dnbutiue. la., 13,' Davenport 15, Cedar Rapids 
16, Des Homes 17.' St. Joseph, Mo.. 19. ' , 

"Snow .Girt" (B. C. Whitney, mgr.) — Philadel- 
phia. Pa., Feb. 8-13. Baltimore, Md„ 15-20. 

"Simple Simon" (C. S. Williams, mgr.) — Cort- 
lnrd. N. Y., Feb. 10. Canastola 11, Oneida 12, 
Auburn 13, Weedsport 15, Lyons 10, Clyde 17. 
Polmyrn 18. Geneva 10. 

"Three Little Maids" 'Charles Frohman A 
Oeorro Edwardes, mgrs.) — Boston, Mass., Feb, 

"Tenderfoot" (W. W. Tlllotson, mgr.) — Jackson, 
Mich.. Feb. 10, Mansfield. O., 12, Youngstown 
13. N. Y. City 22. Indefinite. 

"Telephone C.irl" (Charles Hlggs A Co., mgrs.) 
— Ulchmopd, Ky., Feb. 10, Winchester 11, Pa- 
'lucnh 15. 

Van Stialdltord, Grace (F. Zlegfeld Jr.. mgr.) — 
Milwaukee, Wis.. Feb. S-10. Dnlntli, Minn.. 12. 
13, St. Paul 18-20. 

Wilson. Francis (Nixon & Zimmerman, mgrs.) — 
Cleveland, O., Feb. 8-13. London. Can.. 20. 

Whitney Opera (A. E. Boor, mgr.)— Tltusvllle, 
l"a„ Feb. 8, Warren n. Mendvllle 10, Jnmes- 
mwn, N. Y., 11. Bradford. Pa.. 12. Dunkirk, 
X. Y., 13. Kane, Pa.. 15. Niagara Falls, N. Y., 
10, rxiekport 17. Olenn 18, Elmlra 10. 

Wells-nunnc-IIarhiu Musical Comedy (Jake Wells, 
ingr.) — Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 14-20. 

Wlllier Opera (W. 11. Fullwood. mgr.) — Hamilton, 
Cau.. Feb. 8-13. London 18-20. 

Wills Musical Comedy iWm. Gray, mgr.) — Sagi- 
naw, Mich.. Feb. 8-13. Tort Huron 15-17. 

"Wlrard of Oi" (Hamlin fc Mitchell, mgrs.) — 
Ktnsas City. Mo.. Fell. 7-13. 

•'WUard of Ox" (Hamlin A Mitchell, mgrs.) — 
Fort Scott Kan.. Fen. 8. Pittsburg 9, Joplln. 
Mo., 10, Sprlngfleld 11. Fort Smith, Ark., 12, 
Little Rock 13. Pine Bluff 15. Hot Springs 10, 
Tcxarkana 17, Dcnlson. Tex.. IS. Dallas 10. 20. 

'When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (F. C. 
Whitney-, mgr. )— Flralrn. N. Y.,-Feb. 13. 

"Yankee Consul" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.l— To- 
ledo, O.. Feb. 8, 9, Ann 'Arbor. Mich., 10. 
Grand Bnrlds 11. 12, South Bend, In)., IS, 
Rochester, N. Y., 15, Syracuse 10. 

J. 11. (Jurllu, nigra.)— MluuenpoUs, Mlnu.. Feb 

7-14, BLfaul 14-20." - - ' lu ' 

BelUy A Wood's (Pat Bellly. mgr.)— Rochester 

n7Y.. Feo.8-18. Albony 16-17, Troy l« To 
Runaway Girls (P. 8. Clark, mgr.)— Baltimore 

Md., Feb. 8-13, Washington, IX c„ 16-20 
Trans-Atlantlcs, Hurtlg A Heamon's (E. J. Cohr 

mgr.)— >'. Y. Olty Feb. 8-13, PhUadelphla/l-, 

15-20. ' 

Tiger LUIcs (W. N. Drew, mgr.)— Brooklyn \ 

V,. Feb. 8-13, Newark, N. J., 15-20. ^ ' ' 
Trocaileros (Waldron i Bryant, am.) Proti. 

aencc. R. 1., Feb. S-13, Boat*, Mass.. SSJ 
Tlioronghbreds (Frank B. Carr, mgr.)— Newark 

N. J.. Feb. 8-13, N. Y. City 16-30. """" 

Utopians (T. W. Dlnklns, mgr.)— Kansas city 

Mo., Feb. 7-18. " 

Vanltj- Fair (Harry Hill, mgr.)— Detroit, Mich 

Feb. 7-13. Cleveland. 0., 16-20. ' 

World Beators (J. Herbert Mack, mgr.) — N. Y 

Olt)- Feb. 8-20. 
Zaxell A Vernon's Cninedlana (H. Percy Bill 

mgr.) — Anderson, Ind., Feb. 0, 10, Ixi-ansnort 

12. Fort Wayno 15, DeSabcc, O., in, Akpi n 



Barlow A Wilson's (Lawrenco Barlow, mir )— 
Hickory, N. 0., Feb. 10. * " 

Di^kslnrier'R, Lew (Jnmes H. Decker, mgr.)— 
' Bos Ion', Mas.s., Feb. 8-20. ' 

Mold's, Ai: O. (J. M. J. Kai.e. mgr.)— Greens. 
I.urg. Pn.. Feb. If., Wheeling, W. Va.. 13. 

Konnnds', Billy (C. J. Smith A W. C. Thomp- 
son, mgrs.)— Savannah, Ga., Feh. 10. Brim, 
wick 11, WoycrOM 12, St. Augustine, Fla., 1:: 
Jacksonville 15, Femandlnn HI, Lake City It' 
Valdosta, Gn„ 18, Tbomasvllle 10. 

Qulnlrin A Wall's (Dan Qulnlnu. mgr.) — Danville. 
111. '(Soldiers' Home), Feb. 10, Terre Uinta 
Ind., 12, Vlncennes 13, Evansvllle 15, L-jnh- 
vDle. Ky.. 18. 

Richards A Prlngle's (Rnsco A nolland, mgrs.)— 
F'resno, Cal., Feb. 10, Merced 11, Napa 12, 
Vallejo 13, San Francisco 1 1-20. 

Sun's (Gns Snn, mgr.) — Grass Valley. Cal., Feh. 

10. Carson City, Neb., 12, Reno 15. 

V'ogel's (John W. Vogel. mgr.)— Jamestown, N. 
Y.. Feb. 10, Tltuavnie, Pa., 11, Kane 12, 
Johnsohburg 13, Henova 15, Ixick Haven 16, 
II Iltpsburg 17, Bellefonte 18, Latrobe Hi, 
Grecnaburg 20 

Wsi-hburri's, T. Kcoler's (Frank A. Small, mgr.) 
— Mldineporr, O., Feb.' 10, Aahlnnd, Ky., 11, 
Mount Sterling 12, Richmond 13, Wuxbeit^r 

Wan'. A Wade's — Boulder, Colo., Feb. 10. Greelev 

11, Loteland 12, Longmont 13, Fort Collins 15, 
Clievenhe, Wyo.," 10, 'Latimlo 17, Rawlins 18, 
Hock Springs 19, Evanston 20. 

West's, W.H^Day^n.O^Feb. 13. 

Orrto Brothers — City of Mexico, Mex., Feb. 8, 

Orton"?, Miles — Helena, Ga., Feb. 10, 

11, Ocllla 12. IctttaeraldrW. 
Stlnp's (Edward Bbipp, mgr.)— Ottawa, 

Feb. 8-13. 

Sparks. Chas. — Starke, Fla., Feb. 13, Bronsca 
nS; Cedar'Keys-TO, GoInesvHle 17, MIcanopy 

18, Hawthorne 19. 

Bostock's Trained Animal Arena (Frank 0. Bos- 

tock, mgr.)— Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 8, In- 

Cook?°'prof. J. ' W.— Meadvllle. Mo., Feb, 10. 

Wheeling 11, 12. .,„„_,, . 
Crystslplcx Carnival (M. H. Walsb, mgr.)— 

Portsnioulh, N. H., Feb. 8-13. 
Flints, Mr.- and Mrs. Herbert L. (H. L. Flint, 

mgr.)— Boone. la., Feb. 8-13. 
Hewett — lola, Kan., Feb. 12, 13, Yates Center 

15, 16, Ncodcshn 17, IS, Fredonin 19, 20. 
Knowles, The (Elmer K. Knowles, mgr.) 

Brunswick, Ga., Feb. 8-13, 

Terkins, F.1I— Barnesvllle, O 

10, Coming 17, Bellnlre 

Ind.. 19. , „ . „ _, 

Pr.i'llne (J. R. Pauline, mgr.) — Monnt Morrl". 

N. Y'.. Feb. 8-13. . 

Powers. E. J.— Shulbnno. 111., Feb. 8-13, nmckley 

Qnokcr Entertainers (Dr. Ilornllo, mgr.) — Ohlowa, 

Neb., Feb. 8-13, Strang 15-20. 
7ahrnvs, James and Ziria— Paris, 111., Feb. 8-10, 

.Suliivan, Ind., 11-13, Washington 15-20, 



Columbln, S. O., 15- 

, Feb. 15. Bosevllle 
IS, South Mllfnnl, 


.\raerlcnna iW. B. Watson, mgr.) — N. X. City 

Feb. 8-13, Philadelphia, Pa.. 13-20. 
Bryunt's Burlesquers (Harry 0. Bryant, mgr.) — 
Albany, ft Y.. Feb. -8-10, Troy 11-1S. Mon- 
treal. Can., 18-20. 
Brigadiers (Harry Marlcll, mgr.) — Buffalo, N. Y., 

I'eb. 8-13. Toronto, Can., 10-20. 
toll Tons (Ed. F. Bush, mgr.) — Hartford, Conn., 
Feb. 8-10, SprlngUeld, Mass., 11-13, N. Y. City 
Bohemians (Tbos, W. Miner, mgr.)— Louisville, 

Ky., Feb. 7-13, Iudlnunpolla, Iud„ 15-20. 
l.owery Burlcs^ucrs. Hurtlg A Seatnon's (Joa 
Hurtlg. lugr.)— Phlladelihla. Pa., Feb. 8-13, 
Scranton 15-17. Reading 18-20. 
Blue Blblioii!, iJncU Sl^nor, ingr.) — Providence. 

It. I., Feb. 15-20. 
I3lucan Show— Brooklyn. N. Y., Feb. 8-13. 
Cltv Sports (Phil Sheridan,- mgr.) — Pittsburg, 

l'n„ Feb. S-13. Cincinnati. O., 14-20. 
Crocker Jacks (Robert Manchester, mgr.) — Cleve- 
land. O., Feb. 8-13. Buffalo. N. Y., 10-20. 
Cherry Blossoms (Butler, Jacobs A Lowry, mgrs.) 
—Jersey City. N. J., Feb. '8-13, Brooklyn, N. 
Y.. 18-27. 
Deveie'a. Sam — Montreal, Can., Feb. 8-13. 
Dnlmy Duchess (L. Lawrence Weber, mgr.)— 
Toronto, Can., Feb. 8-13, Rochester, N. Y., 
Dainty Tareo Bnrlesmiers — Fall River, Mass,, 

Feh. 11-13. 
Fay Foster Burlesn.iiers (Joseph Oppenbclmer, 
mgr.) — Cincinnati. O., Feb. 7-13, Louisville, 
Ky..' 14-20. 
Gay Morning Glories (Sam A. Scrlbner, mgr.) — 

Boston, Mass., Feh. 8-13, N. Y. City 15-20. 
Goy Masqueraders (Eugene Wellington, mgr.) — 

N. Y. City Feb. 8-13, Patereon, N. J., 15-20. 
High Rollers (A. U. Woodhull. mgr.) — Chicago, 

III.,. Feb. 7-13. Milwaukee. Wls.7l4-20. 

Homraer A Mason's (Lou Hororaer, mgr.) — Bnf- 

falo, N. Y.. Feb. 8-13. Montreal, Can., 15-20. 

Innocent Maids (T. W. Dlnklns, mgr.) — Nlles, O., 

Feb. 10, Rochester. Pn., 11, Washington 12, 

ConnellBvllle 18. Morgnntnwn, W. Va., 16, 

Mononcal Id, riedmont 18, Cumberland, Md., 

10, Unlontnwn, Pa.. 20. 

Irwin's, Fred, Big Show— St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 

7-13, Kansas City 14-20. 
Indian Maidens (Louis nnrrls. mgr.) — Jeannette, 
Pn„ Feb, 10. IrWln 11, Washington 12, Mc- 
Keeesport 13. 
Imperials (nnrry W. Williams Jr., mgr.)— Chi- 
cago, HI., Feb. 7-13, Detroit, Mich., 14-20. 
Jolly OraBS Widows (Robert Fulton, mgr.) — 
Scranton. Pn., 1'eh. 8-10, Rending 11-13, N. Y. 
City 15-27. 
Knickerbockers (Louts noble, mgr.) — Washing- 
Ion. D. «.. Feb. 8-13. Pittsburg, Pa., 16-20. 
Kentuckr Belles (Whnllen Brothers, mgrs.) — 

Brooklyn. N. V.. Feb. 8-20. 
Merry Maidens (Holler. Jacobs A Lowry, mgrs.) 
—St. Pnul, Minn., Feb. 7-13, Chicago, III., 14- 
Majesties (Fred Irwin, mgr.) — Patcrson, N. J., 

Feb. MS. 
Moonlight Maids (Charles Franklin, mgr.) — Man- 
chester, N. Ii.. Feb. 8-10. Boston, Mass., 15.-20. 
Night on Broadway (narty Mott'is, mgr.)— Jill- 
woukee, Wis., Feb. 7-13, Minneapolis, Minn., 
Orpheum Show, Martin Beck's — Kansas City, Mo., 

Feb, 7-13, Omaha, Nebr, 15-20. 

Parisian Widows (L. Lawrence - Weber, mgr.l— 

ft Y. CilyEeb. 8-13, Jersey CltyrN. J„ 15-20. 

Reeves'. Al— Boston. Moss.. Feb. '8-18. 

Rose Hill English Folly (Bice A-Baytoo. mgrs.) 

— pLlladelnnla.'Pn., Feb. S- IS, BaiUjnoreTMd., 


Benti-Snntley (Abe 7j>avltt, pigr.) — Indianapolis, 

Ind.. Fob. 8-13, St. Lonls 1JJ20. 
Bice A Barton'aBtg-OalPtt-^Chleago, 111., Feb. 


Rose 8r«eU'i London Belles {Vf. S. OampbeU A 

ggggje Route Dst, 

TUIa lUt la made up or nearly accur- 
ate as It Im possible to make a Hat or 
vaudeville bookings. 

AdJIe's Linns, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 8- 

13 : PoIl'H, New Haven, 16-20. 
Adnmlnl A Taylor. Kelth'B. N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
Adair S Dahn, Columbln, St. Louis, Feb. 18-20. 
Addison & Livingston, Commodore, Cincinnati, O., 

Feb, S-13. 

Admns A Mack, Empire, Pncblo, Col., Feh. 8-13. 
Adams, Jas. R, Keith's Bijou, Phlbu, Feb. 8-Hi. 
Ahem A Baxter. Jacobs', Peoria, 111.. Feb. 8-1... 
Aberns, The. People's Seattle, Feb. 8-13 ; Edison, 

Senttlc, 15-20. 
Almunt A Dumont, Shea's, Toronto, Can., Feb. 

S-13. „.„ „ 

All A Pelser. O. H., Sharon, Pa., Feb. 8-13; 0. 

IL. Eric. Pa.. 15-20. 
All, Hunwr A All. Main Street, Peoria, III., Feb. 

8-13. ' 

Allen. Maud. Forst Keller. Milwaukee. Feb. 8-1.;. 
Aldrlch, Ohas. T.. Orpheum, Bkln.. Feb. 8-13. 
Allen. Searl A Violet, Pastor's, N. X. 0„ Feb. 

Ainerlv-an Trumpeters, Casto, Lowell. Mass., 8-13. 
Antrim A Peters, Pastor's, ft Y.'O., Feb. 8-13; 

Empire. Hoboken, N. J., 16-20. 
Anderson A Wullaue, Jacobs', Peorln, 111., Feb. 

Anderson, Casto, oLwcll, Mass., Feb. 8-13. 
Arlington A Hc.ston, Arcade, Toledo, O., Feb. i- 

Armstrong A Holly, Orpheum, Dtlca, N. Y., Feb. 

Arnoldson, Ada, Keith's Bijou, Phlladelpula, Feb. 

8 - 1!i - ' ^ m ,n 

Ascott A Eddy, Keith's New, Phila.. Feb. 8-13. 
Atherton. Agnes, A. A S.. Boston, Feh. 8-13. 
Austin Sisters, Casto, Fall River, Mass., Feb. 8- 

Aucrs. The, Proctor'B Bth Ave., N. X. C, Feh. 
8*18 ' * 

Bal!ey - A Fletcher. H. A S., ft Y. 0.. Feb. 8-18. 

Batchelor, Horry, Keith's Bijju, PhUs., Feb. 
8-13. .. -j. 

Bates A Ernest, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo., Feh. 

Bnrto A Lafferty, Watson's, Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 

Barnes A Curtis. Seattle, Wash., Feb. 8-13, Vic- 
toria, B. C, 15-20. ' _ 

Earr A Evans, Watson's, Bkln., Feb. 8-13 ; How- 
ard, Boston, 16-20.' Animals, Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. 0., 
Feb. 8-13. 

Barry A Halvors, Bradenhurgh's, ' Phlla., Feb. 


Bayes, Nora, Victoria, N. Y.-C Feb. 8-13. 
Barnes, Stuart, Orpheum, Sun Fran., Feb. 7-13. 
Barrett Bros., Weast's, Peoria, III., Feb. 8-1-. 
Barlows, The, noward, Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
Beverley, Frank A Ixmlse, Novelty, Oakland, Cal., 

Feb. 8-10. 
Bedlnl A Arthur. Avenue. Detroit, Feb. 8-13. 
Bell. Senator Frank, Keith's New, Phlla., Feb. 

Hlnney & Chapman, Music Hall, Gloucester, Mas?., 

Fell. S-ltl. 
Blmni. Homra, B-r-r-r, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 

Feb. 8-13. 
Bingham A Galiel, Forst Keller, Milwankee, leb. 

Blind Tom, Empire, Cleveland, Feb. 8-13; Sheas, 

Buffalo, 15-20. ^ . 

Boniface A Walttlngor, Circle, N. Y. 0., Feb. 8- 

Bonner, Grace, Howard, Boston. Feb. 8-13. 
Booth, Li.ura Ida. Odeon. Baltimore. Feb. 8-M. 
HoLscs, Four, Temple. Detroit, Feb. 8-13. _ . 
Bryant A Sav|lle, G. O. IL, Indianapolis, Feb. 

8-13; Columbia, Cincinnati 14-20. 
Brooks Bros.. Avenue, Detroit. Feb. 8-13. 
Brown, Harry. Boston. Lowell, Mass., "Feb. 8-13. 
Bilckloy. Madeline. Blngbnmtbn. N. Y.. Feb. S;l». 
Bush, Frank, Nelson, Sprlngfleld, Mass., Feb. 

Bnrko". Juggling, Avenue. Pittsburg, Feh. 8-13. 
Burnett A Weyerson, Casto,' Fal- River, Mass., 

Fab. 8-13. 
Bush A Gordon, Howard. Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
Buck'ier, Arthur, Nelson, SprtngDcbl, Mass., Feb, 

Caldwell. Fred, noward, Boston. Feb. S-13. 
CatfACrowlev, p. |t.,-Elthlra, N. V.. Feb. 8-1". 
Carter A Olrop, Ora'nby. Nottnlk. Vn.. Feb. S-l.i. 
CAldaell. Apna, Ornbeotn, New Orleans. Feb. S-l- 1 ' 
Carmeh Sisters. Avenue, Pittsburg, Feb. 8-13: 

Shea's. Buffalo, -K."Y.. 15^20. - 
Carmen Troupe. Keith's, N. Y. C, Fab. 8-13 J 

Empire, Hoboken, N. J., 1S-2U. 

Fe bruary 13. 



Castd * De Vent, Crystal, 8t Josepb, Mo., 

Feb. 813. 
.'-I'leUat & Hill, Howird. Doston. Feb. 8-13: 

Proctor'. 23d St. N. X. 0.. 10-^0. 
Canon 4 WUlard. H. & S.. N. Y. C, Feb. 15-1!0. 
Carter * Bluford, Colonial. Cleveland. Feb. 8-13. 
Carier, Mr. & Mm'. Carl, Memphis, Tonn., Feb. 

3-13 ; Hash.gen's, SL Lords, 15-10. 
G.rltn & Otto,' Orphenm, Omaha, Feb. 7-13; Or- 

l-beum, N- O.. 16-20. 
ttcrry 4- Bates, Proctor's. Newark, N. J., Feb. 

S-13; Howard, Bo«tOD, 16-20. 
il-ilatopr-cr. Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo.. Feb. 7-13. 
lilitnquUla. Priacees, & Oo., Proctor's, Newark. 

£ J., Feb. 8-13. 
el athani Slaters, Imperial, Leadvllic. Col., Feb. 

8-13 ; 8?ii Ton. Si.lVLako City, 15-20. 
Cllr.oru, Billy 8., Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo.. Feb. 

Clark, John P., Pastor's, N. Y. C, Feb. 8-13. 
Cl.-jtoo, Jenkins 4- Jasper, Empire, Newport, 

rug.. Feb. 8-13; Empire. Nottingham, 13-20. 
elite. Henry, Edison, Everett, Wash., Feb. 8-14; 

Edison. Whatcom, 10-20. 
Clifford oi Harvey, Portland, Portland, Me., Feb. 

s-13 . . *• . ■ 

Clark 4- Temple. Dnqaesne, Pittsburg, Feb. 8-13; 

Poll's. Sew Haven, Conn., 15-20. 
Clifford. J. W., Novelty, Denver, Col., Feb. 13-20. 
Clarke, Wilfred. & Oo., Avenue, Detroit, Feb. 8- 

13. .;■.•■ 

Cooper b Robinson, Orphenm, Utlca, N. Y., Feb. 

15-20. ... 

Corbliy & Burke, Empire, Hobokcn, N. J., Feb. 

( oakley & McBrlde. Colonial, Cleveland, Feb. 8-13. 
Colev. C. A-. Crystal, St. Joseph. Mo., Feb. 8-13. 
Couthoul. Jessie, Colombia, St. Loots, Feb. 8-13. 
Cos Bay. Keith's New, Pblla., Feb. 8-13. 
Cock & Sonora, H. & B.. Bkln., Feb. 813. 
Cole * Warder. Proctor's 123th St, N. Y. 0.„ 

Feb.' 8-13. 
Cole 4 Johnson. Orpheam, Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Coleman, Ah, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., Feb. S-13. 
Crane Bros.. Victoria, N. Y. 0., Feb. 8-13. 
Cox' Bay, Keith's New. Pblla., Feb. 8-18. 
Corrlgan, Enunctt, & Co., Orphcum, Bkln., Feb. 

fi-18 " 

CrlmmlnB & Gore, Keith's. N. Y. 0.. Feb. 8-13. 
Creasy. * Dayne, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., Feb. 

Crawford * Manning, Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. 0., 

Feb. 8-13. ... 

Cullcn, Jatnes, Watson's, Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Dicer k Chase, Lyric, San Diego, Cal., Feb. 8-13. 
"Dancing VlollnlBt," The, H. 4 B„ Bkln., Feb. 

8-13; Kelth'B, Providence. B. I., 15-20. 
Davis 4 Mecanlcy Columbia, Cincinnati, Feb. 

Da're/Vrink E., Will's Point, Tex., Feb. S-13; 

Dallas 15-20. 
Day Edmund, 4 Co., Keith's Bijou, Phlla., Feb. 


Daley 4 Sbean, Chutes, San Fran., Feb. 8-1S. 
Daly * Kelso, BIJi-u, Doluth,' Minn., Feb. 8-13. 
Djdov», Marie 4 Ernest, Gem, Lynn., Mass., Feb. 

8-13. > : - . .- • r- 
DacweU, Auric. Orpheuio, Utlca, N. Y., Feb. 

Dawnoii. Ely, People's, Seattle, Feb. 8-13. 
Dalv, Carlos, Unlgue. Indianapolis. Feb. 8-13. 
Delmorc As Wllcon, Kmplre, Bradford. Eng„ Feb. 

8-13; limpirt. Leeds, 13-20. _"\ 

Dcvcau. Hubert. Kelth'u Boston. Feb. 15-20. 
Delmorc, Slllisei, Keith's, Providence, B. I., Feb. 

8-13: KelUTe. Boston, 15-20. 
Leaves.. Mr. 4 Mrs., Empire, Hoboken, N. J., Feb. 

Db Voc. Eddie, Proctor'* 23d SL, N. Y. 0., Feb. 

Dvmonio & Belle. Pastor's, N. Y. C-. Feb. 8-13. 
De Witt. Shorty tc Lillian, Fulton Street, Bkln., 

Feb. 15-20. 
I'llleu Bros.. Kelth'B BIJou. Phlla., Feb. 8-13. 
Lillks 4 DUks, Casino, Manchester, N. H., 1-eu. 

Dixon. Burt 4 Leon, Howard, Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
Dlmr-le, Dottle, Orpoeum, Terre Haute, Feb. S-1J. 
Dickson, Chan., 4 Co., Keith's, New, Pblla., Feb. 

S-"3 " 
Boyle, ' Patsy, Casta. Fall Blver. Mass., Feb. 8-L'l. 
Donovan, Jas. B., Duquesne, Pittsburg, l'Cb. 8-13. 
Downey 4 Wlllard, Coucr D'Alenc, Spokane, 

Waili.. Feb.' 8-18. 
Dorian. Bertha. Tlvoll. Bnlalo, N. Y., Feb. 8-13. 
Dorle 4 Granger. Pythian Temple, Amsterdam, 

N Y.. Feb. 8-13. , _^ _ _ _ _ 

Downs, T. Nelson, Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. 0., 

Feb. 8-13. 
Dressier. Marie, Orpbeum. Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Dinne, Sam D., Casto. Fall Blvct, Mass., K-b. 

8-13; Casto, Lawrence, 16-20. 
Dnryea, Mny, Nelson. Springfield, Mass., Feb. 8- 

Dumonds (3). Victoria. N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
Duncau, A. O., O. O. H.. ImllanupollB, Feb. 813. 
Dtpout Mary, 4 Co., Methanlc, Salem, Mass., 

l:arl 4 Wltion, Columbia, Clnelunatl, Feb. 7-13. 
Lckert 4 Berg, Arcade, Toledo, O., Feb. 813. 
Ecklioff 4 Gordon, Orphcum, New Orleans, K-b. 

Edwards 4 Kernel], Odeon. Baltimore, Feb., S-13. 
Edw.rds 4 Co., Jacques. Waterbury, Conn.. Feb. 

Kldrld,' Gordon. Keith's, Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
Kldiidge. Press, Keith's, Boston, Feb. 8-13, 

Keith's New. Phlla.. 15-20. . 

LliJcra 4 Norlne, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 0., 

Feb. 8-18; Howard, Boston. 15-20. 
Electric. Braileuburgh's, Phlla., Feb. 8-lu. 
Emmett 4 Kane. Golden Gate, Virginia, Mlnu., 

Feb. 8-13. 
English GlrU (8). Casto. Fall Blver. Feb. 8-13. 
Ernest. ChaB., Keith's BIJou. Phlla.. Feb. 8-13. 
Eimonde, Mr. 4 Mrs., Shea's, Buffalo, Feb. 8-13. Trio, Arcade, Toledo. 0.. Feb. T-13. 
Everett "Slaters, Standard. Ft. Worth. Tex., Feb. 

8-**0 . - ■ - 

Ereretts, The. Unique, Indianapolis, Feb. 8-13. 
FadetlB Orchestra , Empire. Hoboken, N. J.. Feb, 

8-18; Trent, Trenton, 15-20. 
Farley, James 4 Bonnie, Empire, Hoboken, N. J., 

Pagan 4 Myroo. Keith's New, Phlla.. Feb. S-l.J 
Famirni 4 Nelson. Empire, Cleveland, ieb. 8-l.L 
Fsntas (2), Crystal, St. Joseph, Ncv., Feb. H> 

20.' •.-■-'-■- „. 

l'erg'ison 4 BeeaA'n. Pastor's, N. Y. City, Feb. 

Kerry, Grauman's. Stockton, Cal., Feb. 8-13. 
FerguMin 4 Dupree, Cryatal, 8t. Joseph, Mo., 

Feb. 8-13: Lincoln. Neb.. 15-20. 
Kleldi 4 Hanson, Lyric. St. Joseph, Mo., Feb. 

7-13;'Dnque<ne. Wttob-iw. 15-20. 
Fisher. Mr. 4 Mrs. Perkins, Proctor's Albany, 

N.Y., Feb.' 8-18; Dnqm-'sne, Pittsburg, 15-20. 
Flake 4 McDonongb. H. 4 B.. Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Kidding, MatUe, Gem, Lynn, Boston, Mass., Feb. 

8-18 • ■ — 

Klttgtraia-McCoy Trio, Kellh's New, Pblla., Feb. 

Flaher'4 Carroll, Proctor's 5Ui Ave., N. Y. 0.. 

Feb' 8-13 
Fitzgerald, H. V., Fulton Street, Bkln., Feb. 13- 

Fields, W. C Tlvoll, Cape Town, 8. Af., Feb. 

8-20. „ . 

Fllson & Brrol, OrpheuiD, New Orleans, Feb. 

S-13. . ~ •■■ • - 

Flahef 4 Wacker. Circle, N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
Flynn, Joe. Temple, Detroit, Feb. 8-13. 
Flora. Mildred. Avenue. Detroit, Feb. 8-13. 
Flood Bros:, Keith's, N. Y. C. Feb. 8-18. 
Fleory Trio, Victoria. N. Y. 0.. Feb. 8-13. 
Flenr. La, Orpbeum, Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Fortunes (3, Columlla, Cincinnati, Feb. 7-13. 
Forrester, Selmti Alhambra, Suvannah, Ga., reu. 

8-13. ' '■ ~ 

fonl SUters. Victoria, N. Y. C;. Feb. 8-13. 
Forbes 1 4 Forbes, Chutes, San Fran., Feb. 15-.0. 
l'drd 4 Wilson, Shea's, Buffalo, Feb. 8-l» , 

Shea's. Toronto. Can.. 15-20. - •■ 

Foy. Eddie. Temple, Detroit. Feb. 8-13. 
Fraipr 4 Mac, Empire, Leeds, Eng., Feb. 8-13, 
t .Paisce, Hull, 15-5o; ,■;■• .. _ _„,, 

Franklin. Irene, Proctor's. Albany. N-„»- rcU - 
. 8-18: Troctor's, Newark, N. J-. l£-20. 
Iranklln 4 De Forest, Arcade, Toledo, O., hcb. 

S-13 ■ • - 

French Bros.. Victoria, N. T. C. Feb. 813. 
Fuller, Ida, Lelpxlg. Oer., Feb. 8-13. 
• Jarrltous, Julea if EU«. Howard. Boston, leb. 

8-13 -- -- • - - 

OoUagher. Barrett * Co., 0. O. H.. Indianapolis, 

Feb. 8-137 ' " „ '„. „,„ 

Cuscli Suiters. Mechanic, Salem, Mass., leb. 8-1J. 
''artnefi •? lucent, Keith's, K. Y. C. Feb. S-1J. 
Umleltl's Monkeys. Orpbeum, Bkln., Feb. S-13. 
fiarvie 4 Tliomp«n, Temple, Dttrolt, Feb. 8-1 (. 
Cenaro 4 Theol. Empire, NewcasUe-on-Tyne, b^g., 

Feb. 8-18: Empire, Edlnbureb. Scotj. 15--". 
Gerald 4 Errol, FrlU's, Portland. Ore., Feb. 
Gay.- The Gteat, Slandard. 'Hnustoo, Tet-, rcb. 

Olbwn'oUto. The. Ban Boucl. MUwaukec, Feb. 

Olllibnn 4 Mnrray. ColnmbU, St. Louis, £eb^ 8 -' 3 - 
Ulri With tbo Auburn" Hair. Keith's, K. Y. 0.. 

Gllwn 4 Hart, Orpheum, H. Y. C Feb. S-13; 
Howard. Boston. 15-20. _ . ,„ _ . o 
OUmore 4 IstWir, Jacobs', Peoria, 111.. «». 8- 
■ Mi-' 1 ■ Li__i; . 

eStSS '°'"> 1 D-. .Culontal, ClercUnd, Feb. 813. 
S-?3 Uuslcal "o* 8 - Victoria. N. Y. C. Feb. 

G1 S'7 )f V ^S"*" Blchmoud, Victoria. N. Y. O. 
*cu. o-13. 

iSS * Kttsl * 11 . Bradenburgh's, Phlla., Feb. 

Jj l ?, t . l ? C ',iS k *'J'' ,llr - Meriden. Conn.. Feb. 813. 
J.onld. Ullly. KelUl'. New. Pblla., Feb. 8-13. 
Goff. Bert. Star. Hamilton. Can.. Feb. 8-13. 
boolnuus, Musical, DuquesBe, Pittsburg, Feb. 8- 

CoMon. Belle, W.tsou's. Bkln.. Feb. S-13. 
(juleman's CaU 4 Dogs, Kmplre, Clcvelund, Feb. 

Gottlob, Fred 4 Amy, Dockstader's, Wllulnalon, 

Del.. Feb. 8-13; Trent, Trenton. N. J.. 15-20. 

u . & J . Hayes, UraumauV. Stockton, CaL. Feb. 

8-13; Novelty. Oaklaud. 15-20. 

« fn * Werut ■ ^ • Orpbeum, New Orleans, Feb. 

Gre *?.: Cv0 - J ■• I'roctors 3tb Ave.. N. Y. C. Feb. 

Oresory 4 Llud, Pastor's. N. Y. C. Feb S-13. 
<|roh. Frank, Crystal. Milwaukee. Feb. 8-13. 
Grant, Sydney, Avenue. Detroit, Feb. S-t:i. 
Orepsons, The. Keith's. Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
tiuerrero. Husarrlu, H. 4 B.. Bkln.. Feb. 8-13. 
1 unlou 4 ZanCn-tlu, Chutes, San Fran.. Feb. S-13. 

Feb *1S h<S ' EUV F * lr ' Ullfot0 ' Ulss -' 
Hall Mr. 4 Mrs. D. M., Chotos. San Fran., Teh. 

Hampton. Mary & Co., U. & B.. Bkln.. Feb. 

Iluthoway 4 Waltoa. Star. Phlla.. Feb. 8-13. 
Hamlltou-.Slio.ju Triu, Bradenburgh's, Pblla., Feb. 

Hurt. Willie 4 Edltu. Nebou. Springfield, Mass.. 

Feb. S-13. »■•'-.•• 

Huyward 4 Hayward, Proctor's 23d St, N. Y. 
, 0.. Feb. 8-13. 
Hancony Fo>:r, Pnlace. Hull, Enc, Feb. 8-13; 

Empire. NcwcasUe-on-Tync. 15-20. 
Haskell. Loeoy, T.yrle, St. Joseph. Mo., Feb. 7- 

13: Orpheum, Kansas City, 14-20. 
Hacker 4 Lester. Temple. Detroit, Feb. 8-13. 
Hem & Lewis, Star. Hamilton. Can., Feb. 8-13; 

Lyceum, Niagara Falls, 15-20. 
Herrmann, Adelaide. Poll's, Hartford, Conn., 

Pelk, 8-18: Toll's. New Haven, 15-20. 
BMW, Chas., Crystal. Denver, Col., Feb. 8-13 ; 

Crystal, Colo. Springs. 15-20. 
Henry. Louise. Keith's. N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
neunanns (3), 0. H., EJmlra. N. Y., Feb. 8-13. 
He»itts, The, Arcade, Toledo. O.. Feb. 8-13-. 
Hefroa. Tom. Eiiiplre. Seattle. Feb. 813. 
Heclow 4 Wheeler. Crystal. Denver. Col.. Feb. 8- 

13; Crystal, Colo. Springs, 15-20. 
Hlmrlns 4 riielps. Past*fs. N. Y. C, Feb. 8-13. 
lllnes 4 Bemlnglon. Park. Yonnntown, O., Feb. 

8-13; Avenue, Detroit, Ulch..'l5-20. 
Hodges 4 Launchnere. Star. Phlla., Feb. 8-13. 
Uobbs (2), Sheedy's Fall Blver, Mass.. Feb. 8- 

13; Hnber's. N. Y. (."., 15-20. 
Holdswortbs. The, Keith's. N..Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
Hollies 4 Waldon. Empire Bnlte, Mont, Feb. 8- 

13; Edison. Helena, 15-20. 
Holder 4 Florence, Orphenm. Los A., Feb. 7-20. 
Hoey 4 Lee, Fulton Street, Bkln., Feb. 15-20. 
Howley ft Leslie. Pastor's. N. Y. C Feb. 8-13. 
Hoey.- Elliott. 4 Fields, Fulton Street, Bkln., Feb. 

Hodge. Hall 4 Co., Keith's, Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
Howard's Dogs 4 Ponies, TL A S., N. Y. 0., Feb. 

Howard 4 Lluder. Keith's. Boston. Feb. 8-13. 
Hume, Boss 4 Lewis, Keith's. Pawtucket, R. I., 

Feb. 8-13; Empire. Hoboken, N. J., 15-20. 
Huntings, Four. Colonial, Cleveland, Feb. 8-13; 

Shea's. Buffalo. N. Y.. 15-20. 
Holm. Mr. '4 Mrs. Ben, Columbia, St. Louis, Feb. 

8-13. * 

Hutchinson 4 Bulabrldjc, Proctor's 5th Ave., Feb. 

Inness 4 Ryan. Krook, Matiou. Ind., Feb. 8-13. 
Janls. Elsie. Temple. Detroit, Feb. 8-13. 
Jcanre 4 Ellsworth. G«n. Lynn. Mass., Feb. 8-13. 
Johnson, Davenport 4 Lorella, Portland, Port- 
land. Me.. Feb. 813. 
Jose, B. J".. Mechanic, Salem, Mass., Feb. 8-13. 
Jordan 4 Crouch, Mechanic Salem. Mass., Feb. 


Karl &' King. Crystal, Denver. Feb. 8-13. 

Kelly, Claude. BIJou, Sun Diego, Cal.. Feb. 15-20. 
Keene, Mattle 4 Co., Portland. Portland. Me., 

Feb. 8-18; Mechanic. Salem. Mass., 15-20. 
Keno, Welsh 4 Montrose, Nelson, Springfield, 

Mass., 'Feb. 8-13. 
Kentcn, Dorothy, Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. 0., Feb. 

liVitens (3). Keith's BIJou. Pblla., Feb. 8-13; 

Portland, Portland. Me.. 15-20. _."■„_ 

Kelly, Claude, Clneograpb, Los A.. Cal., Feb. 8-13. 
Kelly 4 Reno, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., Feb. 8- 

Kennedy 4 James. Watson's, Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Kennedy. Maud, Fulton Street, Bkln., Feb. 15-20. 
Kltnruura Japs, Orpbeum, Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Klnic.-Cba*. H-. Crystal, Milwaukee. Feb. 8-13. 
KIclu, Ott, Bros., 4 Nlckerson, Avenue, Detroit, 

Ludalr 4 ' West. Capital, Glens Falls., H. Y., 

Lime, ' Chris'., Star.. Phlla., Feb. 8-13; Trent, 

Trenton, N. J- 13-20. 
Lawrence, AL, Proctors 125th SL, N. Y. O., 

Ln To'ur. Irene. Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., Feb. 

8-13: Proctor's, Newark, N.J. , 15-20. 
La Veen 4 Cross, Keith's BIJou, Phlla., Feb. 8- 

13 ; Keith's. Pawtucket. B. I.. 15-20. 
La Moines, The, Empire, Birmingham, Eng., Feb. 

Laments. The. Dockstader's, Wilmington. DeL, 
Feb. 8-13 ; Keith's, Providence. E. I.. 15-20. 

Lamson. Mabel. Chutes, San Fran.. Feb. 8-13. 

Lawrence 4 York, ■ Wenst's. Peoria, III.. Feb. 8-13. 

Lloyd. Herbert, Keiths, N. Y. C.. Feb. 8-13. 

Leonard 4 Drake. Howard. Boston, Feb. 8-13. 

Leonard, Jas. 4 Sadie, Pastor's, N. Y. C, Feb. 
8*13 ' 

Lee. Henry. Shea's, Bnffalo. Feb. 8-13. 

Lo Clair, Harry. Portland. Portland, Me., Feb. 8- 
13: Keith's BIJou. Phlla., 13-20. 

Le Roy 4 Xll.ylon, Keith's, N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 

Leo 4 Sulky, Orpheum, Terre Haute, lnd., teb. 

Le Clair. John, Duquesne, Pittsburg. Feb. 8-13. 
Levy. Mrs. Jules. 4 Co.. Crystal, Milwaukee, Feb. 

Lees, The, Unique, Fresno, Cal., Feb. 8-13 ; Gran- 

man's. Kun Je-se, 15-20- ... __ ,. 

U-ouard. Gu». Casto. Fall Blver, MaiB., leb. U- 

13 : Casto, Lawrence. 15-20. 
I^onard. John F.. II. AS.. N. Y. C. leb. 8-13. 
Leoonrd Sisters, Hub. Woonsocket, tt. I., Feb. 

Lewis 4 Delmorc. Howsrd, Boston. Feb. 8-13. 
Letfliurd 4 Drake. Howard. Beaton, *eb-.»;W. 
LIt:ht!eld, Mr. 4 Mrs. Nell. Orpbeum. N. 0.. ieb. 

Linden Sisters. Sun Soucl. Milwaukee. Feb. 8-13. 
LovMuere Sisters. Keith's New. PhlU., FeU 

LuS. TbeJKelU.'. New. Phlla Feb. 8-13. 
I.una. Babe, Orpheum. Bkln., rcb. 8-13. 
Lynch 4 Jewell. K.Hb's Bljon, B^,l%t« 
Lynns, The, Proctor's 23d St, H. Y. C, ken. 8- 

I.vnne 4 Leonard, Novelty, Denver. Feb. 8-18. 

Mesor-Kecler Oo., Columbia, St. Louis, Feb 15-20 

Mantell 4 Lamb, Broadway, San brau., leb. 8-13, 

Grand. Beoo. 15-29. -■ ... 

M.rion 4 rearl, MSCS& 1 n£: F^'h fi i : i 
Mackwoods, Tae, Jellb's Sew. PhUa., Feb. 8-1.3. 
Slarkey 4 Morau, Proctor's 2Sd St, "• Y. C, ten, 

,M. 8 r"tlni 4 r Max Mllllan, Trent, Trenton, M. J., 

MUtbews 5 "fc''Unrrls, Colonial, Cleveland, Feb. 

Madcaps <3K Star. Phlla., Feb. S-13. 

■MsSSl Mudgc, G. O. H., Indianapolis, Ind., 

May 4 Mlto, Sheedy's, Fall Blver. Mas... Feb. 

M. 8 gln!eys. The. Mft. S.J t& Feb. 818. 
Marlowe, Empire. Cleveland, Feb. «•»£:._.„,.. 
S la-el's Bas ReUefs, O. p. H., Indl.n.poIH, 

Feb. 8.13;Coloaibla. Clnctnnstl. 14-20. 
MartluctU' 4 Qros.1, Arcstfe, Toledo, O.. Feb. 7- 

Martin Bros.. KelthV BIJoo. Phil. .. Feb. 8-13. 
M.c 4 Mac, BUrllngtou, Vt, Feb. 8-13, O. 11., 

Mn F rlo B b rB«rr8hci^ New Kedlord. H». 

Mrftnkui'^Thc. Juggling. Crystal, Milwaukee. 

ST* Grant "Bmplre. I'uebto. Co... Feb. 8-13; 

»le N rrm lt, H. , i**«J ? 'o!' It.'*Indl««.|«.lls. Feb. J-13. 
Vesd'S Hones. Uowdoln K<|ulre. Boston. Feb. »-l t 
MStllfnj ; ABean. Vortlaud, Ore., teb. 

Memn'th Sletors, It 4 S.N. Y. C, Feb. 8-13; 

wSft R SSsJlSU Cct. Feb. 8-13. 

Meers (31. Tlcley's V.rleUes. Prague. M S-1X 
MLIgley 4 Carlisle, Keith's, Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
Mlfeli»l! 4 Matron. Howard. Boston, Feb. 8-lR. 
MlCireleys. The, Jacobs', PeorU. 111.. Ffb. S-l.'t. 
SlltU.ells (3). Nelson. SpruunVUI. Mass., Feb. 

8-13 1 Empire, tlobokcu. N. J.. 15-20. 
-Mltchill. Ortn. I-ortlaml. P\>rlland. Me., Feb. 7-13. 
Minor 4 (Inlbieth. Acnie. Hacnimvntu, Cal., Feb. 

8-13: Belle. Oakland. 15-20 
Mill-. W. J.. Crystal. St. Joseph, Mo., Feb. 8-13. 
Motoglrl. Uansii. Uamburg. Get. Feb. 8-SO. 
Morrison. Oraco, orpheum, Term Haute, lial.. 

Feb S-13. 
Muni.ey 4 Rich. Howard. Huston. Fell. S-13. 
Mootreil, Cliaa.. Casiao. Paris. Ft. Feb. 8-20. 
Monnv. Mack 4 Lawrence, Orpbeum, Sau Fran., 

Feb. 7-13. 
Morrell, Chas. 4 May. Kdlsuu. Victoria, B. 0., 

Feb. S-13: Ellison. Seattle. 15-20. 
Slorrello Bros., Proctor's 5th Ave., N. Y. C, Feb. 

Morris 4 Parker. BIJou. Huuitltnn. u.. Feb. 8-13. 
Morris 4 Morris, Putnam's, Richmond, V... Feb. 

Morris * Bowcn. Orpheum, Denver, Feb. 8-13. 
Muriihy 4 Francis. Keith's. Boston. Feb. 8-13. 
Murphy. Mr 4 Mrs. Mark. U. It. II., India- 

uupolls, Feb. 8-13; Columbia, Cincinnati, U- 

Kevlus 4 Arnold, Circle. N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
Newell & Nlbli. Avenue. Pittsburg. Feb. 8-1.1. 
Neltn. Ruth, Proctor's 5th Ave.. N. Y. 0., Feb. 

8-13: Proctor's 23d 8t., • 15-20. 
New York Newsboys' (Juartet Kollh's New, 

Pblla.. Feb. 8-13: Boston. 1520. 
Newell, Eil.. Proctor's. Newark. N. J., Feb. 8-13; 

Proctor's. Albany. N. Y.. 15-20. 
Nlbbc. Bordoucx 4 Nlbbe, Odeon, Baltimore, Feb. 

Norton. TuIkaUvc Miss., Proctor's 125th St, N. 

Y. C, Feb. 15-20. 
Norman. Mary, Keith's New, Phil... Feb. 8-1.1. 
Oakland, Marie, Nelson, Springfield, Mass., Feb. 

8-13. .' ' 

Olvlo 4 Fawn. Novelty, Stockton. Cat. Feb. 7-13. 
Owls<- 4 Randall. Portland, Portland, Me., Feb. 

8-1 X 
Orpbeus Comedy' Four. Circle. N. Y. a. Feb. 8- 

18; Empire. Cleveland. 15-20, 
O'Brien 4 West. Howard, Boston, Feb. 8-13;. 

Star, Phlla., 15-20. ' . . 

OTIrlcn 4 Uerold, Unique, Indianapolis, Ind., 

Feb. S-13. 
O'Brien 4 Havel, Troctor's 23d St, N. Y. 0.. 

Feb. 8-13. 
Otto Bros.; Keith's, N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
I'anUer Trio: Empire. Hoboken. N. J„ Feb.' 8-13 
Passports, Dancing, Cook's, Rochester, N. Y., 

Feh. 8-13. 
I'arros Brothers, -Colonial, Cleveland. Feb. 8-13. 
Patnauds, The, Orpheum, Terre Haute, lnd., Feb. 

3- IS. 
I-enrl,* Emily. Brmlcubuncb'H, Phlla.. Feb.' 8-18. 
I'etct-.lng Bros.. Tr»uit, Trentou. N. J., Feb. 8-13. 
l-cl'jl. Trent, Trenton, N. J., Feb. 7-13; Keith's, 

N. Y. C. 15-20. 
rierce 4 M.lsee. Sheedy's. New Bedford, kiss.., 

Feb. 8-13; Keith's. N. Y. O.. 15-20. 
Pippin, Eugene. Oriilieum, Terre Haute, Ind., 

Fob. 8-13. 
Plonkett Empire, Cleveland, FeU 3-13. 
Polos (3). Avenue, Detroit, Feb. 8-13; Colonial, 

Cleveland, 15-20. 
l'C'i'llcr, Edward. Cliieograph. Los A., Cal., Feb. 

b-13: BIJou, San Diego. 15-20. 
Prentice Trio, Jefferson, Portland, Me., Feb. 8-13; 

O. 11.. Lcwlston, 16-20. 
Powers. John T.: Bradenburih's. Phlla.. Feb. 8-13. 
Prelle's Dogs, Uowanl. Boston. Feb. S-13. 
Prlnrose. Geo. U., Nelson. Sprluglleld, Mass., 

Feb. 8-13. 
Pryor Bros., Keith's New, Phlla., Fob. 8-13. 
Frovo 4 Elmo, Walton's. Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
Ilamza 4 Arno. Sheedy's, New Bedford, Mass., 

Feb. 15-20. 
ltamlolphs. The. Lyric, Lincoln, Nebr., Feb. 8-13. 
Racket! 4 Hazard, Palace. Croydon, Eug., Feb. 

8-13; New South. I-ondon. 15-20. 
Rapoll, Leo, Circle. N. Y. C, Feb. 8-13: 
Itayfleld, Florence, Oiutes, Sun Frau., Feb. 8-13. 
Radford 4 Winchester. Empire. Leeds, Eng., Feb. 

8-13: Empire, Newer-stle. 15-20. 
R.e 4 Brosehe. Columbia. St. Louis. Feb. 8-13. 
Kevelle. Nellie, Crystal. Milwaukee, Feb. 8-18. 
Reno 4 Smith. Keith's New. Phlla., Feb. 8-13. 
Redding: Franceses, 4 Co., Columbia, St Louis, 

Feb. 8-18. 
Renos (3), H. 4 B„ Bkln.. Feb. 8-13. 
Reed 4 Shaw, Proctor's 23d St, N. Y. 0., Feb. 

RemingtoD. Msyme. 4 her Buugle Boo Loo Babies, 

Circle. N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. t t 

Rice, Fanny, Columbia. Cincinnati, Feb. 7-13. 
Bice 4 Cohen, Proctor's 23d St., N*. Y. C, Feb. 

Rlanos (4), Fulton Street. Bklu.. Feb. 15-20. 
Rice 4 Elmer, Orpbeum. Sau Fran.. Feb. 7-20. 
Richards (3), Avenue, Pittsburg, Feb. 15-20. 
Rlalta. Casto. Fall River, Mask, Feb. 8-18. 
Itleoboao'H Horses, Proctor's, Newark, N. J„ 

Feb. 8-1 3. 
Richards 4 Montrose, Columbia, Cincinnati, Feb. 

Rice 4 Prcvcst. Orpheum, New Orleuns, Feb. 8-13. 
Richards. Jcffers. Ssglnaw, Mich., Feb. 8-13. 
Rice Family. Jacques, Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 8- 

Rlcton, Juggling, Proctor's 5th Ave., N. Y. U, 

Feb. 8-1ST 
Rogers 4 Lavlne. Metropolitan, Tampa, Fla., Feb. 

Lobisch 4 Childress, Star, Walla Walla, Wash., 

Feb. 8-13: EdUou. No. Yakima. 15-20. 
Foaltlno 4 Stevens, Columbia, Cincinnati, Feb. 

Ivooney 4 Fruncls. Keith's. Boston. Feb. 8-13. 
Rosalre. Casto, l-owell. Mass., Feb. 8-13. 
1-obeilus 4 Wllfredo. Orphcum, Sun Fran., Feb. 

Poberls. Hayes 4 Roberts, Pastor's, N. Y. 0., 

Feb. 8-18 
Rose. Florence. Sans Soucl. Milwaukee, Feb. 8-18. 
Rosa. Serra 4 Belle. Victoria. N. V. C, Feb. 8-12. 
Rote, Julian, Empire, Hoboken, N. J., Fell. 8-13. 
Roberts (4), Clneogranh, Spokane. Feb. 8-13. 
Russell. BIJou, Kellh's. N. Y. C, Feb. 8-13; 

Keith's, Phlla..' 16-20. 
Rusell, Leah, Columbia. St Louis. Feb 8-18. 
Nulto, El, Columbia, St Lools, Feb. 8-13. 
SUto, O. K., Cirque, fitoikholm. Sweden, Feb. 8- 

13: Cirrus Varlele, Cotenburg. 15-20. 
St Vans. Chas. 4 Mlnule, Orphenm, New Orlcaus, 

Feb. 8-13. 
Sandor Trio, Keith's BIJou. Phlla.. Feb. 8-13. 
Sadler 4 Sadler, Jacobs'. Peoria. 111.. Feb.. 8-13. 
Saunders, Chalk, Mechanic, Salem, Mass., Feb. 

15-20. ,-,-•• 

Schcnk Bros., M. 4 3.. N. Y. a, Feb. 8-13. 
Scott Carrie M., Alhambra, Savannah, Os., Feb. 

Schlndler. Geo., Columbia, Cincinnati, Feb. 7-18. 
Seroou Children. Temple, Detroit, Feb. 8-13; 

Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y.. 15-20. 
Seymour 4 Dupree, Palace, Leicester, Eng., 

Feb. 8-13; Argyle, Birkenhead. 10-20. 
Serra, Stella, Forst Keller, Milwaukee, Feb. 

Shaw. Mrs., 4 Daughters, H. 4 B., Bkln., Feb. 

'8-13 »*■»•! ■- 

Sbaw. Mr. 4 Mrs. Larry, Howard, Boston, Feb. 

Shaw. Edith, Orphcum, Terra Haute. Ind., Feb. 

8-13. ■ »' 
Sherman 4 De Forest, Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 

Shannon 4 Brown. Keith's New, Polls., Feb. 8- 

Hllvsno. Mons.. Keltb's, Boston, Feb. 8-18, 
Slddon Bros., Howard, Boston, Feb. 8-13; A. 4 

8., Boston. 15-20. _ „_ - • 

Kllvas(2). Orphenm. Sou Frao.. Feb. 7-13. 
Srultt, A Fuller. H. 4 8.. N. Y. C Feb. 8-18. ■ 
Smith, Aerial. Keith's. N. Y. C-. Feb. 8-13. 
Snyder 4 Buckley, Orpbeum, San Fran., Feb, 7- 

Hpjdonl, PauL H. 4 B., Bklu., Feb. 8-13. 
Splasell Bros.. Cast". Lawrence, Mass., Feb. 8-13; 

Casto. Lowell, 16-20. 
Starr Sisters. H'cust'a. Peoria, III.. Feb. 8-13. 
Stuber, Fred 8.. Empire. Clevl.nrl. Feb. 8-13; 

Proctor's 23d St. N. Y. OJ 15-20. 
Ktenliens, Hal. Colonial, Cleveland, Feb. 8-13, 
HtellluK 4 Rtvelle. Victoria, N. Y. C. Feb. 8-13. 
SrelnKrollo, Orpheum. Los A., Cal., Feb. 8-13. 
St: Ives. Flora. Empire. Butte. Moot, Feb. 8-13; 

■Cosur d'Alene., 16-2t>. ' 
St. John 4 Lv'Fevre. Fulton Street, Bkln., Feb. 

St. Ouge Bros., Uechagle, Salem, Mass., Feb. 8- 

Suil^iusy Bros.. Keith's. N. Y. C, F»b. 8-13. 
Summers 4 Winters. Stocklou. C.I., Feb. 8-13. 
Bulckard. Mr. 4'Mrs., Oitord. Londop, Eug., teb, 

S-lBT Palace, Plymodtb, 15-JO. 
Swan 4 Bambard. Victoria. K. Y, 0.. Feb. 8-18. 
Swedish Ladles' Quintet, Orpheum, Kansas City, 

•Feb. 8-20; " 
Sweet Chss. R., Shea's, Buffalo, Feb. 15-20. 
Talbot 4 Rogers. Shea's. Buffalo. N.' Y., Feb. 8- 

13 : Shea's. Toronto, Can., 15-2H. 

Tannkas, The. Circle, N. Y. 0-. Feb. 8-13. 

Taffary'. Dotrs. Colombia.. St. tools, Feb. 8-15. 
Tcsnry. 4 Clark, Orpheuni, Title ILvjle, tad., 

rch. 813. 

Thnrslon. Howanl, Orpheum. N. O.. Feb. HI 20. 
Thome, Mr. 4 Mrs. Harry. Dmiuesur, Pittsburg, 

Feb. 3-13; Poll's. New Haven. 13-20. 
Thomsou, Harry, Oryhouiu. Sau Frau., Feb. 11- 

Thome 4 Cailetou, Orpheum, Sau Fran., Fob. 7- 

Tlllcy, Vesia. Circle, N. Y. l\. FeK 8-1.1. 
Tlertiey. John T . Colwubla. St. IahiIs, Feb. 13- 

Tlpivll 4 Kllment Chutes, Sau Fran., Feb. s- 

18: I.riTtisi. San Fran., ir. w. 
T Ill's Marionettes, Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. C, 

Feb. 8- 13. 
Titian. Empire. Cleveland. Feb. S-13. 
Toosoolu Arabs. Keith's. Boston. Feb. 813. 
Trainer 4 Buttou. Wrast's, Peoria, 111., Feb. 

Troobadvus Four, tirsinl. Syracuse. N. Y., Feb. 

S-10; Baker's. Rochester. N. Y.. 11-13. 
Tushrr ft Johnson. Sur. I'hIU.. Feb. 8-13: Proc- 
tor'. 3th Ave.. N. Y. C 15-20. 
Tuohev. Pit. Oulanihln, St. IjiiiIs, Feb. 8 13. 
Tyce 4 Jenrmn. Avenue, Detroit. Feb. 8-13; Co- 
lonial, Cleveland, 15-20. 
Itebers, lis?. Casio. Fall River, Mass.. Feb. kVU. 
Vulmorv 4 llorlsn. Shea's. Buffalo. N. Y., Fob. 

S-13: Shea's. Torunto. Can., 10-20. 
Van. Gladys, tissto. Ijiwrcuce, Mass.. Feb, 8-13; 

Casto. Lowell, 15-20. 4 llraiittiout, Orpheuiu, San Fran., Feb. 7-13. 
VTIiina Sisters. Temple. Detroit, Fob. 8-13. ' 
Ward A Cumin, Proctor's. Newark, N. J., Feb. 8- 

Wntsmi. Hulchlna 4 Edwards, Temple, Dvlmlt, 

Waller 4 Maslll. Caxto. Lowell, Mass.. Feb. 8-1:1. 
Warlenbert Bn«.. OhsHe's. Washington, Feb. 8- 

1.1- Cook's. Rochester. 15-20. 
Wajrnb 4'Lu Mar, Kdlsou, Whatcom, Wash., Feb. 

Walton. Lillian, Brailrnburch's. Pblla.. Feb. 8-13. 
Warreu 4 Blauchurtl, Pastor's, N. Y. 0., Feb. 

Waterbury Bros. 4 Teuny, - Keith's, Boston, Feb. 

Wesson, Wallers 4 Wesson, Columbia, St. Louis, 

Feb. 8-13i 

h, John J.,, Portland, Ore., Feb. 3- 


Wentons. The, Crystal. Milwaukee, Feb. 8-IH. 
Welch. James A. A Alice, Gem, Lynu, Mass., 

Feb. 8-13. 
Welsh, Chas. ft Jennie. Empire. Toledo. 0., Fen. 

8-13 : Smplre. Detroit. 10-20. 
West: John A.. Lar.yette. Buffalo. N. Y., Fob. 

8-13: Star. Toronto. Can.. 15-20. 
Wenmia ft Frank. Arcade, Toledo. O., Feb. 8-13. 
West ft Van Slclcn. II, k U., Bkln.. Feb. 8-13. 
Wbaleli A Lang. Keith's BIJou. Pullu., Feb. S-13. 
While, Stuart 4 Co.. H. A S.. N. Y. C. Feb. 8- 

Wilkinson. Josephine, Keith's, Boston, Feb. 8-13. 
Wlilelierhiau's Bean, Keith's, Hostrm, Feb. 8-15. 
Williams >. Jlelburu. Poll's. Brtdgeiiort Conn., 

Feb. 8-1.1. : ■ - 

Wills 4 Hsssaa, Uolumhla. St. Louis, Feb. S-13. 
Wlbtoii ft Morau. Chutes. Son Fran.. Fob. 8-18. 
Williams 4 Tucker. Victoria. S. Y. C, Feb. 8-13. 
Williams. Frank A -Ida, Weast's, Peoria. III., 

Fab. 8 13. 
Wilson 4 Demontrevllle. Gem, Lynn. Mais., Feb. 

Wlhstow. ' Wynns, Orpbeum. Bkln., Feb. 8-13. 
VVIIsou 4 Dsvls, Nelson. Sprlhgflrld, Mass., Feb, 

Wonil 4 Itay, Pc.rllatul. Mr.. Feb. 8-13; Keith's. 

Pawtucket. B. I.. 15-20. 
Worth. V. P.. Poll's. Waterbury. Coun., Feb. 

World's Trio. Portland, Portland. Me., Feb. 8-13. 
Worst. Geo. II.. Kmplre. Ulevelaud. Feb. 8-13 
Worth, Louis, Forst Keller, Milwaukee, Feb, 

Yalln Duo, On In Broi.' Circus. City of Mexico, 

Feb. 8-AprU 10, 
Yankee Comedy Four. II. 4 B.. Bkln.. Feb. 8-13. 
Yackley & Bunnell. Stsr, Pblla.. Feb. H-13. 
Yoiniojis. Jennie. Luiidre. Clevoland, Feb. 8-13. 
Yonug Amerlcnti Quintet, Uipiwidrome, Glasgow, 

Scot. Feb. 8-20. 
Yotig 4 De Vole. Orpheum, New Orleans, Fob. 

Zars ft Stetson, Proctor'. 23d St.. N. Y. C, Feb. 

Kink. Ailolnh, Proctor's, Newark. N. J.. Feb. 8-13. 
Zlaku ft King, Orpliemn, San Fran., Feb. 14-20. 
Zlngarellu. Armory, Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 8-13. 

wlillo necessary rltnnires In tbo stage and 
six uihlltlotiftl exits were mnde. Hopkins' 
Tmiiiloc'i'alilca aro auuoiiticcd for week ot . 
l-'cli. 7. 

Crybtal Tiikatrb (J. B. Jnckson, mnn- 
itKcri. — The beat bill of the season brought 
out S. II. O. Inst week nt every performance. 
People (or week of 27 tiro : Ferguson nnd 
Duiirio, chrlMtoplier, tliiles and Brnost, W. 
J. Mills, C'nsatl untl Do Voitio, C. A. Colcy, 
milt 014:11011'* niovtnu; pictures." 

S " 

Kansns City.— At the Willis Wood The- 
atrh IWnodWRrd A Burgciu Amusement Co., 

managers 1. — Lust wuek was illvlOcd between 
lllaiuiic Walsh, in "Resurrection." antl Idn 
t'orniuest. In "The Olrl with the flrecn Kyw." 
Miss Walsh's engagement wn« n return one. 
Munitions wiis fulr. "The Olrl with the Green 
Byes" proved 10 bo one of the most cujny- 
alilc plays wo bnvp si'i'ii this season. Idn 
Compicst mill Robert Drouct were renlly ox- . 
o'lleut. This week Hurthn Uallaod, In "Dor- 
nlliy Vernon." Mrs. Luugtry 15-17, nnd 
Henry living 18-20, 

tiittsn (Iliidsoo & Jiiilnh, innnngersl.— 
l.ust wei'k Hurry Herosfort!. In "The Pro- 
lessor's Lovo tory." had excellent business, 
anil Mr. llorosfonl rveelved IiIh usual warm 
welcome. This week, "The WJtard of Ox," 
iitul next week, "The Power llohltid tho 
Throne." ■ ■ 

OnriiKtiM (M. r.oliiiian, mnnnecr). — Lnst 
week's bill drew good houses. This week 
wu huvo tlm ever wolcomo Urphvum SUovv, 
In ivltii-li are Mclntyre nnd Heath, Morion's 
dogs, Bllziibrtli Murray, Melnnl Trio, Bd. 
1". Ueynnrd. Victor Moore, Albnrtls uiid Mil- 
iar, iiml tho kluodraiuc. 

(in. lis (B, IS. Iti'lglinni, nmtuigcr). — Last 
week the Itoynl Llllptulntis gave good per- 
formnnees to good btiHlnnsv. Tills week, "You 
YoMmn," and next week, "Tho Fatal Wed- 

Aipiroiiiu.M (Woodward & IlitrgosH Amuse 
-.ent Co., hiiiuntr 
l'nttl Co. drew 

.. mini bouses and save 
n show Hint pleased ibe patrons. -This 

merit Co., nimingors). — Cast week the Illilck 
woll ' 
week, Wlllard Slmnis, In "Pickings fnitn 
I'uck," and next week, "Bight Itellit?' 

Ckntort (J. J. riarretl. tiiniinger). — l.iinr 
week nice A Hnrtiiri's lllg (Jalety Co. gnve 
a splendid burlesque show, to good business. 
This week, the Utopians, untl uoxt wcok, 
Fred Irwin's >lnJ(>stli'S. 

«»» ' 



St. Louis. — Tho weather here week of 
Jan. 31 was quite cold, but fair, and all 
the houses did a good business. 

'Usa.nd (John (J. Sbcedy. numngcr). — The 
current offering H Itoyul LlliputlahN, opening 
l-'cb. 7. Airs. Flske, under the ablo man- 
ugement of Frank C. OrllBth. drew extrcmoly 
good utiendnnce last week ln "Mary of 
Magdala" had "Heddt liabbler." Ilobart 
Hosworth wus warmly applauded for Ills 
tremendously dramatic character work us 
Judas. He Is a great favorite bore. - 

QtTHne (!'. Short, manager). — Anna 
Held, lb "Mile. Napoleon," opened bcre 7, 
for.a week. Week of 1; tho attraction was 
llertha Uflllqnd, in "Dorothy Vernon, of llad- 
don Hail." Tho piece drew fairly well. 

Centthy (P. Short, manager). — Lulu 
tllaser. In "Dolly Varden," rctiirtis hero for 
a week, opening 7. Week of Jan. 31 "Tbo 
Wizard or Ox' r made money. Montgomery 
and Stone still hold tbelr houses whenever 
they come on. Allcno Crater utiii Anna 
Lauchlin wore bolb warm favorites. 

Odeox (Harry J. Wnlkcr, munager).— 
The German Stock Co, nut on "Alt llcldcl- 
lairg" evening of Jan. 31. Their Offerings 
Feb: 4 nnd 7 were "A Man of Menus" and 
"Flncbsmsn as Educator," respectively. The 
former was given as a benefit to Director 
Oeo. ' llelueronnu and was unusually well 
attended Well's Hand concerts Hun- 
day, Jan. 81 and Feb, 7, wero well at- 
tended..' The' Apollo Club concert ». 

..... .Burton Holmes bad the lmusa !i, 0, 

in hi* Illustrated lectures. ...'. . "Trov«t<>ro" 

was given 11, by tba Opera School of Mr. 
Delutomtu and Sirs, Kellogg. 

New Haven — At tho Hyperion (O. II. 

Ilunnell. nuiuugur). — Ulcbaril Mnnslleld rumu, 
to n lurga nudleuce. Jan. in. Ilnury Miller. 
in "Man Proposes" (the Inltlnl perfnrm- 
nnce); pleased n very Inrge audleni-e Feb. 
2. Mnry Mnnnorlng cntuo, to a good sited 
nudlonce. 3. William Collier. In lbs Initial 
performance of "The Dictator," 4, fi ; "A 
Country Ulrl" (J, "Duster Hrown" 0. "Parsi- 
fal" 8. 

Orasp Opeha (Iochb (d. II. Iluiitioll, umn. 
ngor). — "Bscnpcd from Sing Slug" enmo, to 
good buNlhcHs, Jan. M-'M). "Her Marrlngo 
Vow," Feb. f-3, to MM audiences. "The 
Darkest Hour" 4-U, "Robert Bintnet" 8-10. 

PlILI'H TllKATIIB (,S. Z. Poll, lutumgl-ri. — 

Tbo bill for the week of Feb. 1 iucludeil : 
Tom Nawn nnd Co., Minim, lioniui, li-r-r-r, 
UoHIo- Fowler, tho llenvculy Twins, head 
and Sbaw, Jones and Huttou, Macart'ti Cir- 

NntKH.— Charles Frolimnu was In town 

Ittst wuck Frank Mush entertained 

lite union I.enguo meroberH Jnti. 30 

Jlmmlo Hugo lias Joined Jiiaglliig Jobusuu. 

MrB. Carrie .Nation wlfnH' ut Poll's 8. 

s 1 

HiiFtroril.— The ntletnluuei! ut Ihc Him- 
tros the past week Iiqh boon up to the aver- 
ugq, In spile of the cold Weather. Taking 
the entire season Ibraiigb ihc nninngerH Imvii 
nothing lo complain of, duo to tba fact Hint 
tbo attractions have been first class, 

l'AiisoNa' (II. C. I'arBous, monngi-r).— 
Hhoimrds Moflag Pictures, Feb. Ill, aims 
lo fair return*. Mary Mamiertng, In "IJnr- 
rice's Honeymoon,'' 4, iilnycd to fc). ||. o, 
"Tho Country Olrl." fi, rilled tho theatre nun 
tuudc a bit. "Parsifal," 0, lo a Inrge anil 
well pleased liotisi;, Coming: "iliistcr Mrowri'* 
10, Mildred llolliind, In n Thc Triumphs of 
an Bmpress." 11, 1"; Uonry L). Dlxcy, lu 
"Little Mury," 13 ; Kyrlo Uellow, In A ilat- 

DCS," 0. 

Nkw IIaiitkorh Ch-kra IIoijhm (Jennings 
& Ornvcs, managers).— Tbo TrniiHatlnntic 
nxtrnvugauxn Co.. 1-3. i-amo to ciipurlty. 
"To lie llnrU'd Alive," under mnnrtgeinenf 
of Hurry S. Illcburds, 4-fl, plnyed to good 
liotiflf-s. Hooking!.: lion Ton llurlesqiiers 8- 
10. "Oucen of tlm White Hlavcs" 11-1,1. 

I'om'h (I,. B. Kllby, tnninigcr).— Tbo hill 
for week of 1 v.n* ubOvo tho nvvrago arid 
packed houses wus tho rusult. On evening 
of 2 tliu sale nf ticket* wns slopped on ac- 
count of the crowds. For week of M: Ifouvnu- 
ly Twins, Nellie Lntlne, Harrv Union and 
Hirers Lawrence. Bulk nnd Heamou, Adi- 
Inldo llcrrmuiiu, Ilerllu Towlor, Tom Niiwu & 


Notkw. — On Tuesday evening, 2, nt l'oll's, 
Clayton Kennedy, formerly of thin clly, una 
Mnttlo Itoom-y, Ills partner, wire given an 

ovation by tlm i-'avorlin Boclal Club 

Manager Kllby bus added during tho post 
Week Two now sol* of scenery to' the nlrcudv 
lurgs stock' . ..Ws iter (k-orge'H Llghl Opera 
Hlngprs will appear nt Boot (Juurd Hall 
evening of U, giving a list of Kolccllous 
from comic operas. 

Hrlilireimrt.— HmltliM Tbcutro (Kdwurd 
C, Smith, manager).— "Tho Darkest Hour," 
Ckawfobo/n (tl. V. Crawford, manager). Feb. 1-3. played to good t,itslnc«s. as did "Tins 
— "A Trip to Chinatown" Is offered week of County Fair" 4-fl. Hooked : "Tito HWIteb- 
i, with a comrntny 'including John J. Ulocli, man's Daughter" 8-llJ^ "Muster Drown" 11- 

Frank Iienmlsh,' Sylvia Btnrr and Muudo 
Parker. Ijtet week "At Valley 'Korga"- re- 
ceived good patronage. Maurice Freeman 
and Nudutic Winston did extremely good 
work and were well received. - Julie Barlo 
uud David Ulven were olio favorites. 

iMPrniAT. - (D. L.'. Kussell, tbritiuger). — 
"Kidnapped In- New York" Is tho current 
offering, with Durney OUmore, Last weak 
"The Lighthouse by the Sea'' was the at- 
traction. Harry B. lirudlcy bad the lending 
part. Attendance wus about average 
throughout the week. 

■Havlin's (Writ Garen, manager).— ^'A 
Ragged Hero" opened hero 7 for a week. 
Last week "Wedded nnd Parted" drew fairly 
well, with a company headed by Virginia 
Thornton. She showed considerable talent. 
-Columbia fMlddletoo k Talc, managers) - 
—Tho new bill, which went on matinee of 
8, "Includes: Krancesca Iteddlng and Co., 
TaBery'i" Docs, Jessie Couthoul, Wesson, 
Walt*™ and Wesson, Mae and Hrosche, Leah 
Itum-ll, Wlllt and Uasson, GUIIImn and 
Murray, Put Touhcy, Mr.' and Mr*. Hen 
Ilunn, Slgnoru El Bslto, and' the klnodromo. 

BtAKdajd (I,m Rclcbenbocb, manngcry. — 
Irwin's Burlesrtucra arc here nyeck of 7. 
Utopian Iliirlesouers preceded It lust week. 
IlcnU-Bantley Co. 14-20. 

Nt. Joseph. — At Tootle's Theatre (C. V, 
Phllley, menagcr). — Blrs. Leslie Carter, In 
"Du Harry,"' Feb. l.'Jf." Kverv seat wna sold 
In advance, "fiweet Clover," 0, with mat- 
inee : Bcftha Galtand 11. Uyrne Oroa., In 
"Blgbt Bells." 13: Mm, Lengtry, In "Mr*. 
Dcetlng'e Divorce," 18; "Tho Bllvcr Blip- 
per': 10. 

Ltctt" TUeATKE (C. U. Phllley, mann- 
gerl. — "Butt Lynue" had good buslncsan 
i f eturn eogngement J. Tho Orpheum Bbow had 
a big advance sale, for 4.. 'The Katxenjam- 
mer Kids" 5. fl, "At tbc Old Cross R6nd«" 
7. H. with Biiudoy nutlneo; "Tennejice't 
Parducr" 0. 10. "Fatal Wedding" 11-13, "A 
Convict's Daughter" 14. IS, "von Yonson" 
10. 17, "Hearts of Oak" 18-20. 

Lvnti' Tuami: (B. I». Churchill. 

Hunter Brown" 
13, Kyrle Hellew, In "Rallies," II, 

1'OLlfN TilKAtJiK (Joseph Crlddlc, mana- 
ger).— The bill for week of 1' did woll. 
■looked week of 8 : Mile. Adglu and her lions, 
James V. Kelly and Dorothy Kent, ' In "A 
Tramp'* Visit : Dolly Jordan, In songs : Lew 
lllooiii and June Cooper, In "The Trimbles ot 
11 Ilobo;" Arthur A. Whltalaw, Irlab com- 
edlnn; Toleito and Price, contortionists: 
Hlinm, Unnim and B-r-r-r, muslcul'ai't, tbo 

Noth. — Jack Burko, mannanr for Sam Do- 
vere, arrived In this city Bob. 3. with 111* 
wife, from Toronto, Can. Mrs. Burke Waal 
taken III with typhoid fever, and ls> now 'nt 
the Bridgeport Hrispltnl. Hhe takes a lead- 
ing part In Mr. Doverc's productions. Her 
Itusbund Is a member ot the team of Mnrko 
nnd Mt-Avoy, and W Bnm Doverc'a mnnnger. 
Ho rejoined the show nt Albany, N. V„ tl, 
• <s» 

Nhrrveport. — At tho Grand Opera House 
(Bbrllch Bros., managers). — limit's Opera 
CO. gave a . splendid performance of, . tlio 
"WUard of tba Nllo," to good attendance, 
Jan. lit. Rosa fVighlnn gave an excellent 
performance of "The Greatest Thing lu tho 
World," to Inrge business. Bob; 1. "Tbo 
HlorkH" blgbly iileased, to hnusu capacity, ". 
'Hpotlcss Town ctime, lo fair ijusiness, 8, 
"The Tower Behind tbo Throne" 6, "A!- 
phouso nnd na*ton" 7, "When Knighthood 
Was lu Blower" 8. 

fi > 
NKW .Il-Itsin . 

ger).— Mofingcr Churchill has decided to piny 
combinations In the future Instead of vande. 
rrllc, and Blair k Iluvlln atlmctlons wll) 

iiimblnatloosin. the future Instead of vande. 
rrllc, and Blair & Iluvlln attractions wll) 
Lc booked. TUo boiue noa closed, latst week, 

Atlinitle Ctty.— At tho Ocean Pier The- 
ntre tllarry V'Egtn, representative). — Excel- 
lent liuslness greeted tho Criterion Vaude- 
ville Co. week af I'eti, 1, This compnnv was 
composed of Brown and Emory, John Le 
Clair, Eredo and DAro, Irene La Tour, Ble- 
tibeti Oratton and Co., Wolfing'* 1 trained 
horses. Coming': Wm. Bavershnui Peo. 8, 
Bmmn Hunting, lu repertory, U-10 ; "Tb* 
County Fair" 17, 

AvuiTouiOi Pien (Giles , W. Clement, 
manager). — This bouse Is announced t$ re- 
open Keli. 20. wltH thn Imperial Op«r« Co,, 
lu u repertory o. UgUt vvne^t. . ' , 



Febbuaby is. 




.1 i , 

Review and Comment. — The event of 
last week, theatrically speaking, was the 
closing, by order of Mayor McClellan, of 
Biz of the amusement resorts of this city 
until they shall have compiled with the al- 
terations as set forth In the report of the 
commissioners appointed by the mayor to In- 
vestigate the various resorta of the city la 
regard to their safety In the event of fire. 
The booses ordered closed on Thursday, Feb. 
4, were the Princess, the Madison Squaiis, 
the Vavdevilxij, Htnmo & Seamom'b Music 
Ball, Hcbeii'b Muskom (theatre portion) 
and the Guard OrERA Hotjsb. Of these the 
first live named closed on that date, and the 
Gbam> Opera Housd closed on the following 
dato, nil Blx remaining dark for the rest of 
the week.- Work began at once on the altera- 
tions demanded on most of the resorts named, 
nnd was rushed with all poslhle haste In the 
hope of an early reopening. The museum 
end curio departments of Honor's remained 

open At the Victoria Theatre, on Feb. 

1, Oscar Hammcrsteln Inaugurated a now 
policy, nnd changed bis house to a vaude- 
ville theatre. ...At the Libic Theatre, on 
the same date Ada Kenan, Oils Skinner 
and company presented "The Merchant of 
Venice," and on Friday, S, they changed the 
bill to "Taming of the Shrew," which was 

retained to the close of the engagement 

At the Fourteenth Street Thbatbk Andrew 
Mack and company revived "An lrUh Gentle- 
man" Feb. 1 .-»... At the Manhattan Thea- 
jrjte, afternoon of 2, Miss France Hamilton 
gave a' special performance of "A Doll'a 
House," appearing as Nora. . . .At the Irving 
Placb Thkatrb, night of 2, "Der Detektlv" 
("The Detective"), a four act farce, by Ernst 
Oettke and Victor Leon, was given Its 'first 
American production At the Empire The- 
atre, afternoon of Feb. 4, students of the 
American Academy ot Dramatic Art and the 
Empire Theatre School of Acting presented 
"Tho Stronger," "Conaclonce," "Simpson «t 
Co." and "Double or Quits.".... Ow lug to 
the closing of the Vaudeviu-s Thkatrb night 
of. 4, "Candida" was' removf d to Carneoiis 
Lxckum, where It was presented for the rest 

of the week The bills at the Mbtbopou- 

tan Opera Hooks ■ for the eleventh week, 
ending Feb. 0, were: Monday night, Feb. 1, 
Bizet's "Carmen," with this cast: Carmen, 
Mine. Emma Calve (her flrst appearance here 
this seiBou) ; Mlcaela, Marguerite Lemon; 
Frasqulta, Mme. Paula Ralph; Mercedes, 
Miss Jacoby ; Don Jose, Herr Dlppel ; Esea- 
millo. Big. Scotti; Zualga, M. Begue; Ke- 
mendado, .Herr Reiss;. Morales, Doncalro, M. 
Dufriohe, Felix Mottl conducted. Wednes- 
day night, 3, "Tristan qnd Isolde." Mme. 
Termlna was the Isolde, and Mme, Homer 
the Brangaene, otherwise the cast was the 
same as before. Thursday night, 4, 'Tarsi- 
fa)" (seventh performance). Marlon Weed 
sang tho role of Kundry, otherwise the cast 
was the same as before. Friday night, 6, 
"L'Ellscr D'Amore," with Enrico Caruso and 
Mmo. Sembrlcri in the leading roles, and the 
rest of the cast the same as before. Slg. 
Caruso was glTen an ovation. Saturday 
afternoon, 0, "Carmen," with Mme. Calve 
in the title role, Pierre Riviere (a new 
acquisition to Mr. Conrted's forces), Don 
Jose; M. Jonrnet, Escamlllo, and 81g. Guar- 
dabassl an Morales. Otherwise there was no 
change in the cast from the previous per- 
formance. Enrlca Varesl, a premlorc dan- 
Beuse, made her first appearance this season 
In the ballet. Saturday night, 6, "Fldello, 
with Mme. Ternlna In the title role ; Herr 
Dlpcl as Florcstan, Mme. Seygard as- Mar- 
celllne, M. Blass bb Ilocco, Herr Gorltz as 
Plrzarro, and Herr Rela» as Jacqulno. ..... 

The continued attractions for the week end- 
ing Feb. 6 were : Annie Russell at the Gar- 
rick, Virginia Harned at. tho Criterion, 
Robert Hllllard at the Savoy. "The Other 
Olrl" at the Empibd, "Checkers" at the 
academy, William Glllctto at the Nnw Lt- 
i-bum, "The County Chairman" at Wal- 
lace/!), "Babes In Toyland" at the Ma- 
jestic, "Sweet Kitty Bellalra" at Belasco's, 
the German stock company at the Ibvino 
Place, tho stock company at tho Mitbbay 
HIll, "The Girl from Kay's" at the Herald 
Squabs, grand opera at the Metropolitan 
Opera HooSb, "Mother Qoose'.' .at the N«w 
Amsterdam. Eleandr^Robson at the Garden, 
•The Medal and the Mald'-at the BroadwAT> 
"Tire Virginian" at tho Manhattan, Cuaun- 
coy Olcott at the New York, "An English 
Daisy" at the Casino, Robert Edeson nt the 
Hudson. "Sergeant Kitty" at Dalt's, Amelia 
Bingbnm at the Knickerbocker, Ada Rehan 
and Otla Skinner at the LTRIC, "By Right 
of Sword" at the American, and Andrew 
Mack at the Fourteenth Street, the last 
four named closing on. that date. Dramas 
by the K V. Proctor Btock companies, with 
added vaudeville features, were presented at 
Pxocioa'a Fiptk Avenue and One Hun- 
dred and Twbntt-pikth Street The 

one week stands closing 6 were: me 
Worst Woman In London" : at the Third 
Avbnob, "The Show Girl'! at Proctor a 
HU1J ■HWIll Street, Marie Tempest at the 
HXrlem Opera Housb, "Under Southern 
Skies" at tho West End, "Tho Funny Mr. 
Dooley" at the Metropolis, and "The Bow- 
ery After Dark" at the Star Variety 

entertainment was furnished at tho Cihci.h, 
Tony Pastor's, Reitti's Union Square. 
Proctor's Hilliy Street, Lion 
Palace, Miner's Bowrnr. the Dewbt, Mi- 
ner's Eiohth Avbnub. tho London, the 
Olympic, Bnd the Orviisum. Hubbr's Mu- 
heum presented the usual Ions list of curios, 
curios, freaks and vaudeville, 

Vaudeville Theatre (Charles Frouuirm, 
manager).— The sudden closing of this the- 
atre on Feb- 4. by order of Mayor 'McClellan. 
made It necessary for Arnold Daly to change 
Ms plana In regard to the first production or 
•Th- Man of Dostlnv." which was announced 
for Feb. 6. "Candida" wns presented by 
Mr. Daly and his company nt the Carnegie 
Lyceum and the Strollers' Hub at different 
performance*, evenings of 4-,-Ti, tl nnd matinee 
of <i. This week Mr. Daly announces as a 
double bill, nt the Carnegie Lyceum. "Can- 
dida" and "The Man of Destiny," mat'nees 
of Peb. 10. 11, ,12 nnd 13 

rroc tor's Fifth Avenae Theatre (J.. 
Austin Fynes, general manager). — A capital', 
presentation of the dramatization of Oulna's 
novel, "Moths," which was played at Wal- 
lace's years ago, wus given by the house 
Stock company on Feb. 8. The stage settings 
were strikingly pretty, and occasioned much 
favorable comment. Rose Stuart did splen- 
didly as the shallow, unscrupulous butterfly 
of society, who marries her daughter most 
unhappily, and Lotta Llnthlcnm's emotional 
powers were most effectively framed In the 
role of the daughter. Malcolm Williams was 
clever, and Hugh Ford, who bursts forth 
occasionally from the seclusion of stage man- 
nsemenl, did capital work. John Westley. 
Albert Roberts and Chua. S. Lang gave good 
aid, and Fancbon Campbell won special 
honors for her worthy acting. Bcttlua Ge- 
rard rendered a good account of herself. 
Tho cast : Prince Zouroff, Chas. S. Lane ; 
Duke of Mull and Cantyre, John Wostley; 
Lord Jura, Hugh Ford; Raphael de Correzc, 
Malcolm Williams; ivan, Albert Roberts ; 
Duchess do Sounaz, Detfjira Gerard; J.ady 
Dolly Vnnderbecken, Rose Stuart ; Vero Her- 
bert, Lotta Llnthlcum ; Fuschla Leach, 4'an- 
chon Campbel ; I*rlncess Nadine, May Ber- 
trnnd. In the vaudeville portion of the bill 
were : Fisher and Carroll, well known? cc- ' 
centric comedians ; Hutchinson and Bnlh- 
Mdge, In Edmund Day's bit, "Raising the; 
Wind;" Ruth Nelta, in coon songs r the 
Auors, whose pictures In rays arc odd and 
clever ; Juggling Ricton, whose long suit Is 
manipulation of tennis balls ; Moreno Broth- 
ers, hand to hand balancers ; fleorge J.' 
Urecn, baritone, nnd the knlatechnoseopey 

Miner'* Eighth Aveune Theatre (Ed- 
win D. Miner, manager). — The World Beat- 
era are giving evidence of attempting to live 
up to their title by whipping the West side 
of town Into line and bringing the people- to 
this house in large numbers. The audience, 
tinning of Monday, Feb. 8, was ot good size, 
as is usually the case at this resort,, and 
evidences of approval were literally showered 
upon the excellent organization. Everything 
went with favor, from curtain rise tcrthe 
final rolling down of the asbestos. Next 
week. Jolly Grass Widows. ■ 

Irving Place Theatre (Helnrich Con- 
rled. manager).— "Der Detektlv" (The" -De- 
tective), a four act comedy, by Ernest Uettite 
and Victor Leon, was acted here, for the 
first time in America, Tuesday evening, . Feb. 
C before a crowded bouse. The play Is 
breezy, with many funny situations, brought 
about by the various characters consulting 
the same detective, and was well acted. .She 
cast: Emil Holler, ltichard Scblaghtttnor ; 
Anna, Bertha Rocco : Otto Merwinger, Oustav 
von Seyffertitz; Christine, Elisabeth Arlaons; 
Eras, Muriel Hope; Josefa, Eda Frey ; Lapl- 
tnn Breltncx, Julius Haller ; Carta, Hedwlg 
v. Oste-rinann: Dr. Raab, Matthias Claudius; 
Hermann Mlttcrleln, Otto Meyer; Von Kern, 
»;. Hohenwort; Tlpfelmann, Julias Kobler ; 
Hulda, M Klorschner ; Ratetzgy, Willy Frey ; 
I'aullne. Annie Kelse; Waller, Constaatin' 
Ackermann; Nurse, Senta Schefzky. #J '.. 

Fourteenth Street Theatre (J.'W*8ley 
Rosenquest, manager). — "The Good Old Sum- 
mer Time," a three act musical comedy. Book 
by tten Shields, music, by George . Evans, 
staged by Frank Smlthson, received -^ Its 
metropolitan premier at this house on Mon-- 
dav evening, Feb. 8, being presented under 
the management of the Shea Amusement 
Company. It was originally^ produced^at 
Jamestown, N. Y., Sept 24. 1903, and has 
since been played successfully on the road. 
The popularity of George Evans, familiarly, 
known, as "Honey Boy?' In his vaudeville 
specially, ensured him a generous welcome 
on his initial appoarnme in this city jisis 
Btar, nnd this he received from n house. 
Idled in evnry part, when be made his bo*r, 
the applause being loud and long continued. 
As usual, with attractions ot this character, 
there la little of plot t? t»«J>»««\ J*^ 
contains an abundance of laugh making ma- 
terial, end proved an excellent vehicle- tpr 
the exploiting of the star's specialties. .Mr. 
Evans has written several songs new to a 
New York audience, nnd tho following were 
repeatedly demanded: "The Sweetest Flower 
that GrowB In Tennessee" "Sunday. Mom- 

Prootor'a Fiftr*elKhth Street The- 
atre (J. Austin Fynes, general manager).— 
ICellar, assisted by Mrs. Kellar, opened the 
week at this bouse on Monday, Feb. 8, and 
attracted a large and appreciative audience, 
whom he mystified, notwithstanding that 
the closest attention was bestowed upon bis 
every motion. Borrowed hats that yielded 
an almost Inexhaustable supply of ribbons, 
flowers nnd clothing were in evidence as of 
yore.' Card tricks were there galore, and the 
levltatlon of one of his female assistants was 
apparently new to the majority of his au- 
dience. Second sight, table moving, light- 
ning calculating, cabinet manipulations and 
the usunl gamut of irlrks w«r« run through, 
all apparently being enjoyed. by the audience, 
which was largely composed of young people. 
Sunday's concerts attracted the usual large 
jiaylng crowds, Feb. 7. Next week, Harry 
Way Blaney, In "Across the Pacific," ia 

Knickerbocker Theatre (Al. Haymrtn 
& Co., managers). — On (Monday evening, leb. 
8, Viola Allen made bet flrst metropolitan 
appearnce as Viola, In Shakespeare's comedy, 
"Twelfth N'lght," before an audience that 
filled the house. The text was divided Into 
four acts and ten scenes, nnd the work was 
given a handsome setting. Miss Allen's tem- 
perament and nbilities well fit her for this 
charming Shakespearean heroine, and she 
■gave a very satisfactory performance. She 
revealed many of the most charming attri- 
butes of Viola, running the gamut of its 
moods cleverly and daintily. Without com- 
parison With the Violas of the past we may 
wifely say that few within the past two de- 
codes have .proved as pleasing. With few 
exceptions the supporting company did ex- 
cellent work, and lent good aid In giving a 
thoroughly enjoyable performance. The cast 
In full : Orsino, John C'ralg ; Sebastian, James 
Young ; Antonio, C. Leslie Allen ; Valentine, 
itoblnson N'ewbold ; Curio, Percy O. Waram ; 
Sir Toby Belch, Clarence Handyslde: Sir An- 
drew Aguecheek, Frank Currier; Malvollo, 
John Blair; Fabian, F. Perclval Stevens; 
Fcste, Edwin Howard ; A Sea Captain, Frank 
Andrews ; A Priest. Robert Tate ; First Offi- 
cer, F. J. Bennett: Second Officer, C. W. 
Atwood; Olivia, Grace Elllrton; Marie, 
Zeffle Tilbury ; Viola, Miss Allen. 

Mnrray Hill Theatre (Henry V. Don- 
nelly, manager). — "Trelnwney of the Wells," 
nnother Plnero play, la this week'o bill. The 
play is handsomely staged and well acted by 
the company, cast as followu: Torn Wrench, 
Edwin Holt; Ferdinand Gadd, George Far- 

• ren 1 ; James Telfer, Priestly Morrison ; Augus- 
tus Colpoys, Emmet Schackelford ; Bose Tre- 
lawncy, Edna Phillips; Avonla Bnnn, Kose 
Swain; Mrs. Tolfor (Miss Violet Sylvester), 
Madge Ollnger ; Imogen Parrott, Mary Home ; 
O'Dwyer, Louis Bishop Hall; Mr. Denzll, 
Henry Wilton ; Mr. Mortimer, Charles Bur- 
ton ; Mr. ' Houston, Tipton Lawlor ; MJS3 
Brewster, Grace Hawthorne; Hallkeeper at 

:the Pantheon, William Dutton. Non-theatri- 
cal folk: Vlce-Chancdlor .Sir William Gower, 
Knfc, William J. Butler ; Arthur Gower. Theo- 

• doro Gaauble ; Clara de Foenlx, Viola Kellog ; 
i Miss Trafalgar Gower, Emma Lnthrop ; Cap- 
' tain de iFoonlx, Edgar Allan Woolr; Mrs. 

Mossop, Louise Buslelgh; Mr. Ablett, John 
. Kenton ; Chailes, Randolph Morton : Sarah, 
Ella Baker. Next week, "When We Were 

Third Avenue Theatre (Martin. J. Dix- 
on, manager). — "The Black Hand" had Its 
first New York production Monday, Feb. 8. 
.c-lth the following cast : Case Marcum, Will 
K. Walling; Colonel Clayton, Frank G. Camp- 
hell; Gabe Stetson, Harry Clarens: Dink 
Botts, Jos. Fltzpatrlck ; Jim Clayton, 
Wm. Abrams; Sheriff Bangs, C. C. 
li.irtilng; Herman Hocksteln, All. Dennier; 
Wash, Harry Warden : Judge Barker, Clay 
Varney ; Belle Clayton, Henrietta Mayor ; 
Marah, Marion Walsh ; Mrs. Clancy, Su- 
zanne Willis ; Cherry, Maud Soivnsea ; 
Mammy Lee, Gladys Meach. The play Is In 
four acts, by Wm. B. Hurst, and deals with 
the operations of a secret, combination. 

American Theatre (Klaw, Erlanger & 
Wels, managers). — "Qulncy Adams Sawyer" 
"a the offering at this house, and tho open- 


t]\tt <*roWR La ICnnOBBee, ouuuaj .uvm- im iu»? uui'iin^ in Linn jauuh"-, .iiti a ilh: vlh'h- 

lnc When tho Church Bells Ring," "My ing Monday night, Feb. 8. was to a large 
Y fftle Janonee." "In the Sweet Spring nudlencc. The cast In full : Qulncy Adams 

Little Japonee," "In the Sweet Spring 
Time" ancl"'When the American Eagle 
Screams." The scenes are laid at tbe-sea- 
Bide nnd the race track; being plctureajlia.1 
doserve- the applause they enlisted, while 
the costuming was worthy of the commenda- 
tion heartily bestowed, and the choruses,. in- 
troducing a. Htagcfui of handsome young 
J adlcs; thoroughly well drilled, added much to 
the attraction of the presentation, aud.con- 
peai'cntly to the pleasure of the audience, 
who frequently gave enthusiastic expression 
to their delight. That the offering was- a 
genuine success cannot bo gainsaid. Mid: Mr. 
Evans nnd his capable company haye excel- 
lent prospects ahead. The others who, aside 
from the star, contributed chiefly to the fun 
bo liberally retributed during the evening 
were- Goff Phillips, as a German brewer; 
John Coaroy, a sporting hotel keeper; Chap. 
Seacrave, detective: Annie Martell, the star's 
Bwecthoart. and Pentl Revare, a Bowew 
beauty. The cast In full: Tommy Todd,- 
Oeorgo Evans; Con Mahoney, John Conroy , 
Macon Goode, Chas. M. McDonald : Spike tip 
Oulrk, Joo Natus ; Bob Mahoney, Karl Stahl , 
Hans L'pp. Ooft Phillips': Oarlock Bones, 
Charles ; tfeagravo; 1. Doollttlc, Harlan 
Knight: Murphy's Sister,. Dorothy Lamar , 
ima* Mnhoney, Annie Martell ; Bosle Ulley, 
I'eorl Revare : Kitty Dldd, Murle Hvlands ; 
Petty Cash, Delia Frees* : Annie Work. Lues 
(;over; Tllflo Vesta, Esther Marks ; ffl JM, 
Al. Price; E, Z. Bot, Ted Sharkoff ; Vander- 
lee Smith, Lee Mlers; Pickaninnies. Eliza-. 

betb Elliott. Blanche WlUnot; Is It?A horee. 
Executlce staff: Julo Dclmar, manager: .Will 
H. Barry, business manager ^ Fred Hylands,. 

H. Barry, busroess manager; rreu nyions,. 
mnslcal director ; Charles . Seogcave, stage 
manager; Bert Coponsplre, stage carpenter ; 
G. Hfil and.Wm. Caron, chlereloctrlcl^ns ; 
Al. Olendorf. master of propei-tles; Mrs, p. 
Rovnre, wanlrobe mistress. _ : :.: 

Circle Theatre (Percy O. Williams, 
manager).— Talented Vesta Tlllcy was^n 
magnet whoso potency attracted audiences 
which- tested tho capacity on each occasion 
of her nppearanco last week, and Is Just as 
suro to do so this week. Perhaps the on-. 
nouncement that this Is Miss Tlllcy s only 
engakfuient In vtiudovllle partly accounts 
for the tremendous voguo this clever woman 
is now eujoylng at Mr. Wllllnms' playhouse. 
It demonstrates two facts, however, the de- 
sire to witness real talent, and Manager 
Williams' business sagacity In affording ino 
nubile an opportunity to do so. The bill 
this week Is also entertaining In other d me-, 
tlons, notably In tho flrst appearance here 
of Geo. r. Boniface Jr. and Bertha WalUlug- 
er, In their ooaiedlctta, by Louis Do Lange, 
entitled "The Woman Who Hesitates Is 
Won." There was no hesitation on the part 
of the large Monday audience in convincing 
l hr- plavers thut. their bright lltle playlet 
had won success. Maymo Remington and 
her Bungle Boo Loo Rallies scored strongly 
In one of tho best offerings In Its way : Ne- 
vlns and Arnold appeared In a ucat singing 
nnd dancing specialty, the Orpheus Comedy 
Four sustained a prominent place on, the 
schedule lu good shape. Rapnll proved to- bo 
n deft Juggler. James F. McDonald sang ac- 
ceptably, Fisher and Wacker, Tyrolean 
coinlnues, hold over this week ; the Tanakas 
made new friends In their neat specialty, 
and the American vltagrnph showed a now 
series of Interesting views. ; • 

Victoria Theatre (Oscar Hammersteln, 
manager!. — Tho bill weel; of Feb. 8 names: 
Wllllnm« nnd Tucker, James Richmond fllen- 
roy, Glllett's musical dogs, the Three Du- 
monds, Stelllng nnd Rpvelle, the Three Crane 
Brothers, tho Flettry Trio, Scrra and Belle 
Rosa, Sunn and Rawbarri, the Ford. Slaters, 

i,,,-,it, oiviiii ml, I jiv^ivniu, iiiv rum .~iic 

Norn Bayes. nnd -the French Brothers. 
WaUack'a (Mrs. Thbo. Moss, manager).,...- ifnftaen Theatre (Henry B. Hnrrls, tnap- 
— "TIi«t.. Count;. ^ChalrojaVr enttred jtl agwJ.-^obe^t.EdesOB.^InT'yijnsoa'a FQUfk' 1 

Sawyer, James Thatcher; Zokell Pettenglll, 
George S. Lockwood; Obadlah Strout, Louis 
Hendricks ; Arthur Hastings, Corliss Giles ; 
Hiram Maxwell, Charles. Dow Clark; Deacon 
Mason, Burton Adams: Abner Stiles, E. H. 
Stephens; Bcnonl Hill, P. M., George Averill; 
Sam Hill, Hairy Goodwin; Bob Wood, Geo. 
H. Thurston; Jltn Cobb. H. R. Donaldson; 
BUI Cobb, Andrew Uall; Llndy Putnam, 
Virginia Russell; Alice Pettcnglll,' Hclaine 
H.idley : Mrs. Hepslbah Putnam, Sabra De 
Shon ; Mnndy Skinner, Gertrude A. llowe ; 
Huldy Mason, Virginia Bee<;h ; Tilly James, 
Ada Pugh ; Samanthy Green. Gertrude Au- 
garde: Aire. Crowley, Lea Reinonde; Mrs. 
Hawkins, Kathryn Vila. 

Miner's Bowory Theatre (Edwin D. 
Miner, manager). — W. B. Watson's Ameri- 
can • Burlesgucrs gave satisfactory perform- 
ances Monday, 8. "General Krausemeycr's 
Social" and "A Pleasant Evening" were the 
iinscmblc numbers, In which Jeanetie Dupre 
-nnd Billy W. Watson were Been to advantage, 
with the other members of the company also 
In aultuble roles. The list of specialties In- 
cluded: Paul and Arthur (Musical) Bells, 
Henrietta Wheeler nnd ltena Wasbburne, In 
o lively sister act: the Dancing Mitchells, a 
clever palv of cake wolkers and wU'rlers ; 
the Sisters Batcheler, singers and dancers, 
and McFarland and Murray, in comedy songs 
and dnncee. Next week, the Bon Tons. 

London Theatre (James II. Curtln, man- 
ager). — The Transatlantic Burlesquers are 
here this week with an excellent programme. 
The flrst part, entitled "Two Hot Nlglits," 
is fnll of actlob, and the patriotic finale 
secured n rousing encore. Ben Jansen, paro- 
dy singer ; Josie Kine and Phil Gotthold, in 
tnclr lively sketch, "A Medical Discovery," 
Flortmctt Swectmnn and the lady frogs, the 
Farrelle-Taylor Trio, In "The Minstrel Man," 
for which they ,.were . liberally applauded ; 
Cnrroelita L'Arcos, and Joale and Willie 
Barrows made up a fine olio. Friday night 
Is scheduled for amateur night Next week, 
the Thoroughbreds; 

Huber's Mnacam (John n. Anderson, 
manager). — The usual crowd of visitors con- 
tinue to pass the portals of this popular re- 
sort, ana during exhibition hours there is 
almost a ceaseless throng of patrons Incom- 
ing and outgoing through Its doors. This 
week nearly un entire change is noted Id 
tho cnrlo hall attractions, and the list In- 
cludes: Amy, eword nwallower; Wyoming 
Jack and Nell, expert rifle shots; William 
Doss, telescope man; Countess Sidonlc, 
needlo queen : De Bonnalre's l'unch nnd 
Judy : Prof. Rocthy, magic, and Capt Aus- 
tin, midget policeman. 

New York Theatre (Klaw & Erlanger. 
managers). — Chauncey Olcott, In "Terence," 
begnn bis sixth week and last fortnight 
Feb. 8. 

Prlneesn Theatre (Sam S. Shubert. man- 
ager). — Kvrlc Bcllew's successful run nt this 
house, in 'Raffles." was brought to an abrupt 
close on Feb. 4, because of tho closing of the 
house on that date, by order of tho mayor. 
Mr. Bel lew and bis company ore on the road 
this wee*, and the city engagement of 
"Raffles", wilt be resumed next Monday, Feb. 
15, at tho Savoy Theatre. 

Mew Amsterdam Theatre (Klaw & Er- 
langer. managers). — "Mother Goose" began 
Its eleventh week Feb. 8. 

Mnjestle Theatre (George H. Nlcolal, 
general manager). — "Bnhes In Toyland" com- 
menced Its eighteenth week Feb. 8. 

Criterion Theatre (Charles Frohmnn, 
manager). — Virginia Hamed, In "The Light 
that-Lles In Woman's Eyes." began her Itilrd 
nnd Inst week Feb. 8. Eleanor Robson, In 
"Merely M«rr Ann,: 1 - follows, opening Feb. 15; 

EMMi (?lsra S, A Lee Shubert.. tcana- 
fw»i [.-t'*An> jfogl'Sll p*'By4 vommtncadfJta 

Proctor's Twenty-third Street The- 
atre (J. Austin Fynes, general manager).— 
1 hl3 week the headllners are John C. Rice 
and Sally Cohen, who have again taken up 
the vaudeville end of the amusement pro- 
viding business. They' kept a SmmAn 
audience on Feb. 8 on the Jump In the mat- 
ter of laughter with "Our Honeymoon, a 
skit which had plenty^ of bright lfnes and a 
'ood move on It in the matter of "action, 
loth principals In its Interpretation scored 
ill their comedy points well, and the result 
was oleaslng all around. OBrlen and 
Tllvel brouiSt forth the Will M. Cressy 
rketch, "Ticks and Clicks," and aroused a 
storm of applause. Tommy O'Brien s clever 
acrobatic work, and Clara Havel's excellent 
efforts, were voted the genuine article, If 
their reception meant anything. A novcltv 
In animal training was presented by Barnes 
animal actors, which had many points of 
merit, emplovlng ponle3, dogs, monkeys, and 
a mountain lion. T, Nelson Downs performed 
his downright Interesting series of tricks 
with cards and coins, and Crawford and 
Manning won marked approval for their, ec- 
centric black face singing and dancing spe- 
cialty. Others were: The LynnB, In their 
entertaining kid specialty, "Cousin Sammy ; ' 
Moran and Markey, Irish comedians; Reed 
nnd Shaw, muscular development act; John 
TIIl's marionettes, Zara and Stetson, baton 
Jugglers and gun spinners ; Dorothy Ken- 
ton, banjoist ; fiddle De Voe, acrobatic tramp 
comedian, and Hayward and Hayward, com- 
edy singing and dancing. The kalatecbno- 
scope continues. 

Dewey Theatre (Sullivan & Kraus, man- 
agers). — Judging by the crowds which flocked 
to tbis house Feb. 8, there was a manifest 
, intention on the part of the Dewey patrons 
to give L. Lawrence Weber's Parisian 
Widows Co: 'a royal welcome upon Its first 
visit to this city this season. Long before 
the curtain rose upon the first skit every 
seat was filled, and expectation was rife as 
to what the new company would offer to sus- 
tain the excellent reputation of those which 
had appeared here under Mr. Weber's man- 
agement. Comparisons were soon forgotten, 
however, and the bright and lively farce of 
"Roses and Onions, which fairly scintil- 
lates with comedy lines, and Is musically 
as clover as anything seen here this season, 
had completely won Its way, and placed the 
company upon that surest of pedestals — pub- 
lic favor. Following Is' the cast : Conan Graff, 
Bert Leslie; Moule Snaregrader, Ben Cook; 
Izzle Cohan, Thomas Humphrey ; Al Mooney, 
Frank GLrard; I. Stealsome, Lester Pike; 
General Disaster. James Simpson ; The 
Widow, Marie Richmond; Mi's. Snaregrader, 
Flora Simpson ; Delia Card, Madeline Franks ; 
I Nu I N,u, Anna Peyser ; Miss Tulip, Edith 
De Long; Mis3 Geranlwm, Dot Walker; MUs 
Sunflower, L. Jacobs ; Miss Bntteronj), Miss 
Hamilton : Miss Daisy, Amelia Woods ; Miss 
Pansy, Lizzie Evans; Miss Fachia, Loretta 
Marshall; Miss Rose, May Pike; Miss Vio- 
let, Margaret Koster: Miss Poppy, Ada Kra- 
vln ; Bliss Morning Glory, Jennie Anion. This 
company carries a capital olio of specialties, 
In- which the following appeared ; Anna Pey- 
ser, a petite soubrette; James Simpson, In 
drum and xylophone numbers, who was 
obliged to do a single act, as Flora Simpson, 
through Illness, was unable to appear on 
Monday ; ■ the Bison City Quartet, accom- 
plished vocalists; Bert Leslie, Marie Rich- 
mond and Co., In a roaring comedietta, "Ho- 
gan's Visit," and the pleasing ballad singer, 
i'has. Falke. The long and entertaining pro- 
gramme was brought to a close by the en- 
fire company presenting "The Widows at 
Sea," and a Jolly good programme it was. 
Executive staff for L. Lawrence Weber: L. 
L. Weber, proprietor ; Chas. Falke, manager ; 
Bert Leslie, stage manager; B. W. Harris, 
musical director. Next week, -Bcrlbner's Gay 
Morning Glories Co. 

Keith's Theatre (B. F. Albee, general 
manager). — In the excellent bill provided 
for the patrons here thiB week "The Girl 
with the Auburn Hair" again holds the top 
line position In the splendidly staged and 
beautiful church choir scone, in which the 
selections offered by the singer are of high 
class and most Impressive. There are sev- 
eral good comedy sketches listed here this 
week and prominence Is given to the act of 
Dan Crimmins and Rosa Gore, late stars of 
"A Warm Match" Co., in a scene from that 
musical comedy, during which Miss Gore 
did some wonderfully quick and elaborate 
changes of costumes. Their reception on 
Monday was cordial In the extreme, and they 
scored the unqualified success and recogni- 
tion their work fully entitled them to. Wal- 
ter Le Roy and Florence Clayton. In "Hogan 
of. the Hansom," added another link to their 
chain of successes In metropolitan vaude- 
ville, and comedy was again in evidence in 
Frank Gardiner's playlet, "An Idyl of the 
Links." With sprightly Lottie Vincent and 
Harry Bartlette as assistants, Mr. Gardi- 
ner's skit pleased. La Troupe Carmen sur- 
prised many In their work upon the wire; 
the Maglnloys, aerial gymnasts; Herbert 
Lloyd, assisted by Lillian Lllynn, In a comedy 
juggling act, were excellent, and Mr. Lloyd 
deserves much credit for bis new "props" 
and original comedy effects, which are 
also new ; Adamlnl and Taylor, musical 
net ; Flood Bros., comedy acrobnts ; Louise 
. Henry, "The Sal Skinner Gal;" Bros. Otto, 
German comedians and songs and dances ; 
Bijou Russell, coon songs and dances : the 
Snlloquay Bros., bag punchers; the Holds- 
worths, musical and dancing act, and the 
American -blograph compose the bill for this 
week.. .. • 

.Pastor's. Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — The bill this week here Includes the 
names of performers' who. through frequent 
visits, have become well known, and equally 
well liked by the patrons of Mr. Pastor's 
cozy playhouse. A welcome "hand" generally 
greets each performer, applause during their 
net Is given unstintedly and with a warmth 
. that carries conviction, and there is no the- 
atre la this country' whose clientel 1b more 
loyal to manager and performers alike than 
at Mr. Pastor's theatre. Warren and Blanch- 
ard, as "The Comedian and the Singer." 
top the bill this week, and right worthily 
hold the ^position. As an- extra attraction 
Roberts, Ilnyes and Roberts, In their com- 
edy sketch, "The. Infant," renewed- old ac- 
quaintances and made new friends with 
tlielr capitil work; John F. Clark, In his 
merry monologue, and with new songs, was 
cordially welcomed. We know of no per- 
former In his line who has so suddenly, but 
Kiirely, gained the vory front rank of monol- 
oglstB, a position which he holds to-day 
through steady perservorance and talents 
properly directed. The bill Includes: Fer- 
guson and Benson, In a comedy sketch, In- 
troducing Miss Beeson's expert soft shoe 
dancing; Senile and Violet Allen, In a 
lirieht comedy aklt, "The Sign Painter," 
Introduced a deal of new material, and their 
act scored strongly, as It Justly deserved 
all. the laughs and applause granted to It ; 
Three Rio tiros., athletes : James and Sadie 
Leonard, In "The Wrong Tip;" Howley and 
Leslie, "The Soubrette nnd the Dancing 
Roy :" Hnrry Demonlo nnd Minnie Belle, in 
their original specialty : Marlon and Pearl, 
ncroballe comedians : Gregory and Llnd. 
club and boon manipulators ; Antrim and 
Peters, In "A Meal Under Difficulties :" 
Digging and Phelps, singing and talking act, 
oud the American vltagrnph. 

Madlaon Sqnare Theatre (Sam S. & 
lee Shubert, managers). — "The Secret of 
rollchlnelle." the first success which this 
house has nnd In some time, was compelled 
to end It* run abruptly on Feb. 4, becanBO 
of the order of the mnvor which closed the 
house on that dale. The play's New York 
engagement will 'be resumed on Feb. IB, at 
the Uunlen Theatre. 

- -. New Lveentu Theatre (Dnnlel Froh- 
^B«n, manager) .— William Gillette, ' In • "The 
Adairable ri cbton," opened his thirteenth. 

Grand Opera House (John H. Springer 
manager). — This fcomse was one of the six 
city playhouses ordered closed by the Mayor 
on Thursday night, Feb. .4. Manager Spiln'gnr 
kept his house open on thut night, cloaln: 
his gall«ry. But <»x tho following night ? 
the house was closed, and "The Earl of p'awi 
tucket," the attraction playing there, lost 
.the last three performances of the week.' "A 
Chinese Honeymoon", was .announced as this 
week's bill. 

Garrlck Theatre (Charles Frohman. 
manager). — Annie Russell, in "The Vounittc 
Mrs. Purling," entered - on her third week 
Feb. 8.. . . 

savoy Theatre (Prank McKee, mana- 
ger).— Robert Hllllard, In "That Man aud 
I," entered on his third and last week Feu 
o. Kyrle Bellew, In "Raffles," opens an en- 
gagement here Feb. US. resuming the run cut 
short by the closing of the Princess Theatre 

Manhattan Tneatre (Harrison Qr»v 
Flake, manager).— '"Eho Virginian" enteral 
on' Its sixth week Feb. 8. ' 

i>iii>'» M'heutre (Daniel Frohman, man- 
ager). — Virginia Eari, In "Sergeant Kluv- 
opened her fourth and last week Feb "8 
"Ulltterlng Gloria" follows 15. ' 

Belasco Theatre (David Belasco, mana- 
ger). — Henrietta Crosman, In "Sweet Kim 
Uellalrs," entered upon her tenth week 
Feb. 8. 

Academy of Music (Gllmore & Tomp- 
kins, manugers;. — "Checkers," with Thos 
W; Ross, began Its third week and last fort' 
night Feb. 8. 

A thbatwcal sale will be conducted at 
tho Knickerbocker Art Galleries, No. 7 West. 
Twenty-ninth Street, during the week begin- 
ning Feb. 15, when the arms, armor, pictures 
costumes, furniture, draperies and other the- 
atrical properties used by the late Lester 
Wallack and bis associates in the series of 
notable plays produced at the various Wal- 
lack theatres will be offered. These effects 
have been removed for the sale from the 
property room of Wallack's Theatre. There 
were some of Mr. Wallack's possessions sold 
at auction soon after his death, but the pres- 
ent sale Includes the strictly theatrical ef- 
fects used by him in "Rosedale." "The Vet- 
eran," "The School for Scandal" and other 

"A Dort's Hodsb" was given a special 
production matinee of Tuesaay, Feb. 2, at 
the Manhattan Theatre, by France Hamil- 
ton and a company gathered for this single 
production. Miss Hamilton, who Is a young 
aspirant for . honors In the dramatic field, 
played Nora with sincerity, and gave evi- 
dence of having devoted conscientious study 
to the role In the effort to make her concep- 
tion of it forceful and appealing. She was 
interesting at times, but did not carry the 
portrayal to the point of success which she 
was aiming to attain.' Her work, however, 
was given warm applause by a large audi- 
ence, and her dancing was very well done. 
The supporting company wa3 In the main 
capable. The caBt : Nils Krogstad, John E. 
Kellerd ; Dr. Rank, Albert Brualng : Thorval 
Helmer, Henry Weaver; Porter, George S. 
Stevens : Mrs. Linden, Mrs. Viola Fortoscue ; 
Annie, Fannie Louise Burt: Iv'ar, Dorothy 
Virginia Mayer; Bob, Ariel Klngsley ; Emmie. 
Wesley AUelne; Ellen, Adelaide Alexander: 
Nora, France Hamilton. 

The sixth matinee bt the Senioks of 
the american academt o? dramatic arts 


was given at the Empire Theatre, matinee of 
Thursday, Feb. 4.. Four, plays were, given, 
and the students acquitted themselves .most 
creditably. In "The Stronger," by August 
Strlndberg, Zara Anderson and Marjorle But- 
ler were capable. In "Conscience,'' a drama 
In two acta, adapted from the Italian of 
Frederlco Marlnnl, by David Drummond, the 
leading roles were taken by Katherlne Boyce, 
Marlon Sherwood, n. G. Hovscplaai, Honry 
Bayard, Robert H. Booth and S. L. Richard- 
son. Poole's "Simpson & Co." was played 
by the Misses iSherwood, Wood and Bruener 
nnd Messrs. Fullbnrt, Bnrkhardt, Booth and 
Grecnwell. and in "Double or Quits," by B. 
a. Family, Marlon Lorne, -Elizabeth Brock, 
Georgo W. Haley, Robert H. Booth and Wil- 
liam Lambert appeared. 

Charles Frohman has arranged to con- 
tinue Virginia Harned In the present produc- 
tion of E. H. Sothern's comedy, "The Light 
that Lies in Woman's' Eyes," for the entire 
present season. Miss • Harned will, there- 
fore, not be, seen in this city In a new play 
until next season. Her engagement at the 
Criterion will close Saturday, Feb. 13, and 
the following Monday she will begin her 
tour of the principal cities. On Mon- 
day evening, Feb. 15, Eleanor Robson will 
move from the Garden Theatre to the Cri- 
terion, where she will continue to present 
"Merely Mary Ann." 

Forbp.s Robertson will play "Hamlet" for 
two weeks, beginning March 7, under the 
management of Klaw & Erlanger, at the 
Knickerbocker Theatre. At the conclusion 
of this engagement Mr. Robertson, Gertrude 
Elliott ana other members of their company 
will sail for England. 

The run of "The Medal and the Maid" 
will be brought to an end at the Broadway 
Theatre on Fob. 'JO. It will then be taken 
to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Bos- 
ton and other large cities. Henry W. Savage 
will bring "The Yankee-' Cotasul" to the 
Broadway, opening Washington's- Birthday. 

The theatrical, effects of Lester Wal- 
lack and his stock company will lie sold Feb. 
17, at the Knickerbocker Art Galleries, 7 
West Twenty-ninth Street. ' The collection 
will be placed on .view Saturday, Feb.- 13. ; 

Hfjinrich Conried announces that he will 
give a special matinee performance of "Par- 
sifal" on Washington's Birthday. The cur- 
tain will rise at 11.30 In the forenoon. 

■Wright Lorimer, -who Is to make bis first 
New York appearance, in "The Shepherd 
King," at the New York Theatre, April 4, 
has engaged the following players, who will 
continue members ot bis company: May 
Buckley, Dorothy Rossmore, Chnr)es .Kent. 
Edward Mackay, Edmund Breese, Harold 
Hartsell, Florence - Gerald, Margaret Hay- 
ward, Marian Ward, ' Ethelbert Halesj Wll : 
Ham Frederic, Preston Kendall, Charles R- 
Gilbert, Edward Earle, William Balfour, 
Charles.. H. Martin, John Wheeler; Frank- 
Walsh, John O'Meara, Angela Ogden and 
Marian Frederic. Walter Clarke Bellows has 
been engaged as .stage, director; and F.. C. 
Butler as stage manager,' ' 

Cosmos Gohboit Lennox, husband of Marie 
Tempest, and the author of her success, "The 
Marriage of Kitty." is wrltlnga one act play 
specially for the Actors' Fund benefit, which 
tnkes place at the New York Theatre on 
March 1. 

"The Triumph or Love," with which Mar- 
tha Morton Con helm won the Theatre. Uaga- 
tine -prize in competition with about Bun 
other plays, was produced at a special mati- 
nee at tho Criterion Theatre on -Monday, Fen. 
P. It is a four act play, and proved very talky. 
bringing to view little wqrthy of commenda- 
I Ion. Carlotta Nlllson won a conspicuous suc- 
cess for her natural methods lb the portrayal 
of a leading role, and Minna Gatc-Hayoes nltn 
Hcored emphatically, The cast ; Leaorc Ev- 
orard, Minna Galc-Haynca ; Miriam Selwyn, 
rarlorta Nlllson: Mrs. 'Tyrrell. Grace Fllklns; 
Mrs. Grace Forrester Grace Hoyer: Mrs. Sel- 
wyn. iBabel Waldron; Mrs. Larkin, Victoria 
AtMl3on; Mrs. Leroy, Louise Delmar; Miss 
Adelaide Thompson, Marlon Fairfax: Joyce, 
Davenport Seymour : Colonel Deerlng, WH- 
llftin ' Harconrt ; Noah Quale, Maclyn Ar- 
buckle: A. Balthasar Kvornrd, F. F. Mackay : 
Hector Forrester. Robert Whlttlcr; Tom But- 
t-on, Sydney Rico: Dr. Belwyn. George 
Packus: Mr, Tvrrell. Douglas 3. Wood ; Mr. 
FlBh, Harold Howard; Mr. Livingston, Mal- 
colm Duncan:.- Mr. Wendell, W. .1. MoNees; 
Mr. Larkin. Edward Earle; Mr. Jordan. R, 
R/Ne1ll:Mr. Webster. Henry Conklin : Mr. 
• Adams, Royal Dana Tracy ; Mr. Wostow, 
Bennett 'PhelRn ; Mr. Canning, Dudley B, 

nnHnnr, »/Tatft>b, jJB] 1 11a £ ST ' ' Vta rrrf «a .1 '. '"■ -■ 


#fiBStJA&Y 13. 

Adnnilo Gh*den (W. Kramer's Boos, 
«,nrnszcr9)-— Mile. Salora, In her transforma- 
K^ovelty act; Barr and EvanB, the coin- 
28? too I BldOfa, the juggler; Joe Helman 
«i Mildred Franklin, In "A Matrimonial 
A^»nc\ •" Nevada. Foirrlngton, vocalist, and 
85 , Elite Lady Orchestra axe the attrac- 
tions for this week. Special programmes 
Km been arranged for Lincoln's Birthday. 

Herald 8iiunre Theatre (Charles Froh- 
Jn manager)-— "The Girl from Kay's" Is 

« in Its fifteenth week. 

Theatre (Charles Frohman, man- 



Sullivan & Kraus* 
attraction this week. . 
reviewed In these columns before. "The thea- 
tre occupies four lots on One Hundred and 



'"■ ;anor 
inn,- entered, upon 
we i»k here l"«b. ;8. 
Chlnelle" follows 15, resuming the success 

B „.) — lilearior Uohson, In "Merely Mary 
»..n "' entered ■ upon her seventh and last 
gS here. Feb. ;8: "The Segret of Poll- 

nil run which was Interruptedly the sudden 
dosing of the. Madison Square Theatre. 

Vmalre Theatre (Charles frohman, man- 
o0 r r — •The Other Girl" opened Its third 
S5t at this house Feb. 8. , . 

* Uronaway Theatre (A. W. Dingwall, 
™™neer) —•'The Medal and the Maid" began 
K fifth week and last fortnight ' Feb. 8. 
vonzla Calne replaced Jeannette Lowrie, .as 
Miss Ventnor, ,'tlin schoolmistress, matinee 
of Feb. 8. ' ' 

fcarleta>-iat the Harlem Opera House 
(Alex Lltchensteln, manager).— Mary Man- 
nSrine In "Harriet's Honeymoon," should 
Sn profitable engagement, as the house 
,, W oll Ailed Feb. a and the advance sale 
III reported as a good one. Next week, 
William Faversbam, in "Lord and Lady 

A '^Vest End Tmeatrb (George A. Blwnen- 
*hkl manager).— James K. Hackett nre- 
sen M hereTevening of Feb. 8, for the first 
time in 15* .M City, George H.Broad- 
,iiNt'3 four act satirical romantic fantasy, 
-The Orowxt Prince *■ which first saw the 
llibt at the Court Square Theatre, Spring- 
field Mass., oft Dec. 25 last As Mr. Broad- 
l.urs't bas labeled his play a satire, a license 
"o- wield a pen which occasionally turns out 

tesnue. •■ Mir. Hackett referred In a cur- 
tain speech to a production made, here 
vears ago .of a. clever (satire, and ex- 
presses the hope that in Mr. Broad- 
hdr«t's play a worthy composition on the 
MM order would be found. With this duly 
impressed upon the mind of the auditor, 
considerable humor is to be found In the 
heroics' Of the play, and as there Is a rather 
nretty lOve story to claim attention, some 
good comedy and entertaining dialogue, a 
success was scored by play and star. The 
fourth and last act held the Interest re- 
markably well, and the action was well 
sustained until the final curtain, which Is 
a state of affairs well worthy of comment. 
Its story tells of how Robert, crown 
Brlnce of .Morflntla, meets Cecelia, queen 
S Khodoland. at a ball, and though they 
have been betrothed since their early 
childhood, they have never seen each other, 
and. still In the dark as to each others 
iaentitv, they fall In love at first sight It 
then transpires that the Duke of Burnell, of 
Khodoland, Is Implicated In schemes to kill 
Robert and ascend the throne of Morunlla, 
and he secures possession of valuable papers 
giving ,plan& Of Morantla's defences. Robert 
turns highwayman, holds up the duke, takes 
the papers away from him, and being seen 
bv the queen In this high handed act is 
immediately suspected by her as being an or- 
dinary brigand. But finally, after many 
trifels, In which the queen aids him on several 
occasions, Robert at length convinces ber 
that he is the crown prince, and Is In turn 
brought to realize that she Is queen, the 
usual happy ending then being in order. 
Mr. Hackett, whose most conspicuous suc- 
cesses havo beeh made In costume parts, ap- 
peared to splendid advantage In the leading 
role, and did some very good comedy work, 
as well as scoring In the more strenuous 
situations. He never ranted, having pitched 
his voice to a subdued key, and his 
acting was particularly good where a com- 
edy scene fell, to his lot. Chflj-lotte Walker, 
In a Juliet costume, made a dfttnty, girlish 
heroine, and played with charming In- 

own company, la the Charles B. Blaney and Howard Hall's melo- 
Tbls company has been drama, "The Child Slaves of New York" 
opened, to n large audience, night of 8. The 
play is full of heart Interest and interest- 
ing situations. Good business last week. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" next. 

Theatric USMCa (Frank B. Carr, mana- 
ger). — The Spider and the Fly, and London 
'Jaloty Girls Extravaganza furnish this 
w-ik's amramMl. The opening house, S, 
was well filled. The olio: Clnra Adams and 
Iluth Gnrnol, Cftrn»y and Flynn, Mile. r> 
Ome, All»n and Deimain, Jolson Hrotheis. 
J.«j Pnrdello. wrestler. The burlesques pre- 
sented are "Her First Night: nut" and "Her 
■Fltst Night. In." Good business last week, 
rmnlng next, Jos. Barnes' Dainty Pareo IX 
Lvoeitm (Louis Phillips, manager). — Emma 
Roll is seen this week as Maslova, In "Re- 
surrection," and Mr. Holden plays the Prince. 
A big aud'encc wss present at the opening 
performance. 8. Good business last week. 

Notes. — Paytoa's Fulton Street house, 
which has been under his management for the 
past three seasons as a stock house, bas 
changed Its name and bill again- Frank i. 
Kcenev, who conducts a billiard parlor In the 
lower ssctl<-n of this borough, has leased the 
house tfor a term of three years, and it is to 
he run as a high class vaudeville house, at 
.popular prices. The house Is to be known as 
the Vaudeville, and Will present its initial 
bill Feb. Id, with such favorites as : St. john 
and I* Fovro, Maud Kennedy, Hocy, Fields 
nnd Elliott, late of Payton's Stork Co. ; 
Shorty and Lillian De Witt, II. V. Fitz- 
gerald, Meredith Sisters, Hocy and Lee, the 
Four RInnos, and the vltngrapb. Mr. Kconey 
will be the manager, and Gus Bernard will 
net as his business manager. Thore are few 
changes to be made In the house, as extcnslvo 
alterations were made during the Summer 
by Ooxse Payton. The house seats about 
1,400. .... .Corse Pay ton Is to resume work 

with his road coaiedy co. again. He. opens 
with the company Feb. 8. This la Mor. Pay- 
ton's first departure from Brooklyn for a long 
time. Since he opened his Lee Avenue house 
he bas at various times filled eogagaments 
that called him away for a week, and he was 
tilwavs given a b!g reception on his return 

home Manager Will McAllster, of the 

liljou Theatre, is rapidly in>.pmving from 
Ms attack erf appendicitis. 
i * i t 

Empirii THBATM.-Cle»w vaudeville, ill- Mkrgaret Date Own, MMH^M^[ 
udlng Boyle and Lewis, eccentric cpawdl- Bowman, , Adele Chirk, .Una K'tehun.- Law- 

Twenty-fifth Street,, running through to One 
Hundred and Twenty-slxth Street, making 
the plot &nx200. The building Is sevonty- 
two feet wide. There are two balconies, and 
the seating capacity Is sixteen hundred. A 
lobby thirty-two feet, wide leads to th» audi- 
mtlum, the balcony nelng reached hv a 
marhlo stairway ten feet wide. The lobby 
is, in cream white and gold, and It crossed 
by transvetsed rows of lights. There arc 
four proscenium boxes. The stage Is fifty 
feet wide and thirty-five feet deep. There 
are no flies, all the work being don* from the 
stage. While not entirely completed, the 
theatre presented a pleasing aspect 8, nnd 
oil arrangements have been made for the 
comfort, of the patrons. The prices range 
from 25 cents to one dollar, and there will 
oi intlnees every afternoon. Several floral 
offings were displayed in the vestibule 
from friends of the management, with suit- 
able inscriptions wlshinz them success. The 
executive staff is as 'follows: George J. 
Kraus, manager ; Samuel Kraus, treasurer ; 
Max Furzman, leader of orchestra, and John 
J. McSonley, stage manager. Next week, the 
World Beaters. 

Olympic (Thos. W. Valentine, manager). 
■ — Smart & Wlllams' Octoroons Is the attrac- 
tion for this week, and, considering the op- 
position of a new house, their opening 8, 
was a good one. The show is deserving of 

OJtritEiFM (Dr. Leo Sommers, manager).— 
Business continues good. This week's hill : 
Lottie Gllson and Billy nirt, Gilbert Sa- 
rony, Four Laredos, Fuller and Rose, Rae 
nnd Benedetto, the Vedroars, Mildred Han- 
son, and Robert Owens. 

eluding Boyle _ 

«ns, »nd good moving pictures, Jan. 25-30. 
Savot Thbatrb. — The stock company gave 
— '0»ty 

excellent performances of 
grammes 25-30. 


St. Joan. — At the Opera House (A. 0. 
Skinner, manngert.— The Dalle; Stork C<\ 
gave n very pleasing performance of •• Hu- 
man Hearts" Jan. 28-80, to good business. 
It opened Its seventh week Feb. 1, with a ,„"), 
fine production of "Northern Lights," to a Mo( 
big house. The company received numerous 
nirtnln calls. The bill for 4-8 was "'Sweet 
f.aivnder;" "Tennessee's Vardner" 8-10. 

.Yobk Tubatrs:. — "Yeoman of the Guard" 
will be presented by local talent, under the 
direction of A Chlpmnn Ritchie, 11-13. 

Notes.— W. R- Dailey and wife (nee May 
Nannarv) arrived In the city 3. Mr. Dailey 
is proprietor of the Dailey Stock Co., and 
wilt make bl3 first appearance in "Tennessee's 

Fardner." Mrs. E. L. Brass arrived in 

the city 3, to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
I. .J. D. Landry. . 

rehce Wakefield, H. 6. Sstockej, Oscar Gra- 
ham and Harry Corson Clarke. 

■Standard Thbatwb (Alvldo iXasserrj, 
managers). — Business has been ttty »ofid 
People 1-6: Franclsca Crlno, Etta Howitd 
L»nolrs, George nnd Laura; the Ellsworths, 
Melton Twin Blators, May Von Colton, 
Kttohl and Richards, Pearl Gllmore, ■'Maud 
Grayson. Fay Drimar, Ntceila, Wm. Mllnt)<\ 
Agnes Gloln, Ernest RaJlny, Clarenofl Rnn- 
*-in, Tom Kelly, John B. Clark, and tb« 

oores. !..•••■ '■; 

Brooklyn. — At the Montauk (Isabel Slnn< 
Hecht, manager). — Richard Mansfield pre- 
sents "Old Heidelberg" Feb. 8-13. A big 
audience gave the star a big reception. The 
company Is a large one, ana splendid acting 
Is witnessed. Elective scenery Is displayed. 
"A Chinese Honeymoon" last week did n big 
business. "The Earl of Pawtucket" 15-20. 

Grand Opera Housb (Lew Parker, man- 
ager). — "A Midnight Marriage," a melo- 
drama with sensational episodes, as well as 
plenty of comedy, met with favor with the 
audience 8. Florence Bindley, who Is r pop- 
ular player. of this borough, is seen in the 
stellar role, and wins applause for her work. 
"Our New Minister" did excellent business 
last week. Next week, Ralph Stuart, In "By 
Right of Sword." 

Pabk Theatre (Nick Norton, manager). 
— The policy of thi3 house 13 to present 
melodramas of the most Interesting nature 


Quebec— At th* Auditorium Theatre (A. 
J. Small, manager). — William Bonellt, In "A 
Stan of the World," was a welcome treat. 
Feb. 1, for three nights and matinee. Mr. 
Bonelll will be welcomed back at- any time. 
He has. won the support of our theatregolng. 
people, and the big business that he played 
to urns well deserved. England's moving 
pictures of Indoor circus came as n novel 
attraction 4-0, to large audiences. 

Jacques Cartier Ham. t Louis Berun, 
tnansger). — M. Frnd, In "L'Aiglon," was the 
drawing card for week ending fi. The piece 
W6.S. well staged and the cast strong, and 
large audiences prevailed 
. l ' 

w innlpe*_- At the -Winnipeg Theatre 
f Chats. C Lindsay, manager). — ''Foxy Grand- 
pa" rinsed a Very successful three nights' 
engagement Jan. 28, playing to very large 
business, and giving the best of satisfaction 

The. Bnstnnlnjis came 20' ' 
"The Serenade" and "Robin 
'tendunop was large. 

Bftsh," Feb. 1-8, and business was of tho 
Iwst. J. H. Stoddart and Reuben Fax am 
Joint stars. Dan Sully 8, 0, Rojs •''rcellA 
ShM Opera Go. 10-14. 

best of satisfaction. ma3cot mhuatrb \j. j. jucca 

20: 80, presenting managers).— -Week of Feb. 1 bus 

bin Hood.' r The at- tlnued fairly good, with Irene Wi 

•The Bonnie Brier La Var, Grace Lester, Wllflftw 

Bnflalo. — At the Star Theatre (J. R. 
Stirling, manager). — Ezra Kendall pays a 
seoonrl visit Feb. 8-10, In 'The Vinegar 
Buyer." Maude Adams, In "The Pretty Sis- 
ter of Jo«e," 11-18 (no matinee). Francis 
Wilson, In "Drminle," JC-17. With two 
splendid attractions la3t week business was 
bnt fair, owing to the almost Impassable 

St. Cn Oiarlnra. — At tho Graud Opera 
House (Chas. H " 
Southern- Skies' 
nacity of: the . 

h good advsniw sale 5. G. F. Hall, In "The 
Ragged Hero," lit 

For tho second time this season the patrons row»tfonj » f ,*52jS^S?JS^lSi in— Vnnrv 
witnessed "A Desperate Chance" 8. "The the wintry elements. Mario C illh.ln 


White Slave" last week crowded the house. 
•'If Women Were Men" to follow. 

Colombia (Dave A. Wels, manager). — 
Herrmann, the magician, this week. Be pre- 
sents an nnusnRl list of astonishing tricks, 
Including bl3 latest sensations, "Tho Bride 
Elect" and "The Queen of Flame." Excel- 
lent business ruled last week. "M'llss" next 
week. ■ ... 

Bwoti (Will McAllster, manager).— Mrs. 
Spooner celebrates her third anniversary 
here this week. She presents the pretty 
melodrama, "The World Against ner." Splen- 
did work Is contributed by Edna May 
Spooner, in the role of Madge Carlton, and 
Mr. Phillips, as James Carlton, while the 
remainder of the company are well placed. 
Cecil Spooner and Harold Kennedy made 
good a3 proprietors of a Punch and Judy 
show. Mrs. Spooner In the past three 
years has made a great reputation for her- 
self in stock work. She has in each 
year advanced and strengthened her com- 
pany, so that she Is capable of producing 
plays of any kind. Since her arrival here 
there have been produced, under her per- 
sonal supervision, twelve new plays, each one 
scoring a success. During the performance 
this week the usual specialties are Intro- 
duced. "The Captain's Mate" last week 
was a record breaker. To follow, "Bonnie 

Portland. — At the Marouam Grand (Cal- 
vin Helllg, manager). — "Happy Hooligan" 
<lld fair business Jan. 25, 20. Alberta Galla- 
tin did fair business 27, 28, with "Ghosts." 
A big house was present 21), on the occasion 
of' the benefit for v. B. O. E. Lodge 142, 
under the direction of Leo Cooper. The 
participants were local people, and the per- 
formance was an artistic success. The 
Je<-k Thbatrb (Stirling & Cornell, man- .Fatal Wedding" Feb. 1, 2, the Baker Thea- 
agers). — The eagerly anticipated engagement tre Stock Co. 3, 4, in ''Charley's Annt," 
of the Castle Square Opera Co. begins 8, and "The Devil's Auction" 5. 0. 
in "Othello," nnd lasts a fortnight Herr- Cordray'h Theatrb (Cordroy & Russell, 
mann, the magician, delighted excellent sized .manogersL — 'Mickey Fin' " 
audiences In his feats of magic last week, houses Jan. 31 

Brown," proved charming Indeed, and the 
pretty ooera attracted Ita quota of the trade, 
while Henry Miller, In his delightful new pro- 
duction of "Man Proposes," a comedy Involv- 
ing the exploits of two English brothers, ce- 
monted the admiration of his local followers. 
Managers ChSTles Frohman and J. M. Fedrls 
have left nothing undone In the cast and 

The mantle of his famous uncle seems to 
have been transferred to a worthy sue- 


Acadejii Theatrb (Stirling & Cornell, 
managers). — "When Women Love" will be 
explained this week. "Deserted at the Al- 
tar' occurs J&-20. "On the Bridge at Mid- 
night" waB well acted. Theatrical Protec- 
tive Union, has n big benefit 7, with ten 

'Convention Ham, (Henry L. Meech, man. 
agr-D.—A cecillan Recital took place 8, 
t'arrie Bridewell, Franc. L. Orannls and Hu- 
bert O. Fox appearing. ' 
last concert, 6, was falrl 

Inn" had two big 
'Lost River" did good busl- 

and "Maloney'B Welding" did 
The Je3slo Shirley Co. 

Victor Herbert's 
rly successful. 

played wltn cnarmios m- jna - •»« 
genuousness and splendid effect throughout. Scotland. 
Joseph Brennan, as the duke, did capital 
work, and Brtghom Royce also tallied a suc- 
cess to His credit Margaret Robinson 
proved worthy .of being singled out for par- 
ticular tnentlon, and Minnie Monk and Grace 

X ws| aV gU^ib^l d t a%ri fl 1 i"too«lsJ : v C e l^f^To^f^^i^^ 
l^.E. 1^ Duanesnd _James See- and the Kettle Others are Charles^^. 

Lyceum Theatrb (J. Langhlln, manager). Jessie frbore,' tho American Mostiope. 
"The Stain of Guilt" tbls week, "The VII- Park Theatre (Frank Monro*, ma 

ness 24-27, 

hie business 28-30. 

wfll present "The Blue Grass of Old Ken- 

tueky** Feb. 7-10, and "Dorris" 11-13. "One 

Night In June" comes 14. 

Baker's TintATRa (George Li- Baker, mnn- 
oger).— Pollard's LUlputlan Opera Co. hart 
S. R. O. nt both performances Jan. 81. The 
enttagement Is for one week. The Baiter 
Theatre Stock Co. did good business week 
of 24, In "A Celebrated Cnae." Tho company 
returns Feb, 7, presenting "Jsne." 

Aucadfi THBA'jnr. (8.- Morton Conn, man- 
ager!.— Stoddard and Leslie, Turner and 
Lester, _I>uolla ..Cross, tbe Great Raymond, 


Orpheom (Percy G. Williams, manager). pl » tnreg ^^ a 'f P atnre- Sundays and a weekly 

—Marie Dressier, and the Walter C. Kelly 5' a ^[ n " * f $2 5 continues. Annie Ward T f- 

Company are retained for another week, 2I5 wm B, ..^---- -• ■ - «—• •***■ " ~- 
owlng to the success they made last week in 
"Sweet Kitty Swell Airs," which Is retained. 
Another Important act on the bill 13 Emmet 

Italian. — At: the Opera House (Geo. 
Amy, manager. — "A Hot Old Time" amused 
a fair Mzed nudlence Jan. 2(1. Havarly's 
Minstrels SO. Koselln Knott, In. -v When 
Knighthood Was In Flower," had, fjilr busi- 
ness Feb. 2, with matinee.- "The Storks" 3, 4, 
with mallnec; "The Rivals" >;, Louis Morri- 
son 8, 9. ■_ • ' ' ■. . 


tre, under the management of T. L. Tally, 
opened for 'business Jan. 20. "Ma.Ja, tbe 
Mysterious," was greeted with fair business. 
The peoale areKtnkand Edyth, and Conors 
snd Mitchell, ' ; ^ 


TttFATRD— ^wUl open -for business Feb. 8 
(Jako Schwartr, manager).— Ed. L. Weston, 
Edw. Marques, Lon Jackson. Ornce Bollinger, 
Geo. Bolton nnd Mltte Mae Compton. 

Camp Street TttnATkn (Geo. C. Dennlsa, 
manager.— Week of Feb. 1 business was good, 
l'eopio were: Shadrlck nnd Cn Rose, Chris 
Christopher, Elsie Graham, Margeret llnrker, 
J no. McMnnara, Len Lnughlln, Thomas nnd 
Riley, nnd Amy Gilbert. 

11 1 ' • 

finlveiton. — At tho Grand Opsra Home 
(Fred 0. Wels, manager). — "King Dodo," at 
advanced prices, drew a large and well 
pleased aadlencs Jan. 29. Jisseph' Jefferson 
Jr. and William Jefferson, supported by. a 
well balanced company, presented "The Ri- 
vals," to « large house, Feb. 1. 

Ma3cot Theatrb (J. J. McCabe & Co., 
business con- 
West, BpssI* 
Jaultby, E(ta 
Mnultby, tlodle Gregory, Elale YouhR, M|3» 
Theresa, Birdie Varneil, the Great. Bunker. 
Alvlo. and J. J. Bowen: thn stock, In a 
comedy, called t'The Ladles' Club at Mid- 
night.* .. .... " , . 

Aait la.— At Hancock's Opera nouse (Geo. 
1 Golden, lu 
. . house Jon. 20. 
Mr. nolden wss greatly appredated. Matl- 
noe and night of £7 "When Kolghthood Wni 
lh FIower' r drew crowded hoases. Miss Knott 
being III, her nnderstndy took the trading 
rolo, receiving curtain after curtain «oci 

freat applause. Katherlne WJIlnrd, In "Thn 
•ower behind the Throne," did good busi- 
ness 20. Due; "The rnrUh Priest 1 ' Fob. Id, 
Al. Wilson 19, "The Runaways" 2BT V, . 
» »» 


Seattle,— At the Grand Opera Home 
(John Cort, manager).— Alberta GsJUtln, In 
"Gbostfl," Jsn. 3l-FeS. 3 ; the Kilties Band 
7-8. ■. ■ ■ 

' SrATTxr) Theatre (J. P. Howe, manager). 
— "Humnn Hearts" Jan. 31-Feb. 4, "The Fa- 
tal Wedding" 0, 0, "Are You a Mason r v T«l$. 

Third avenue Theatrb j Russell & Drew, 
managers). — Week of Jan. 31, Jessie Shirley 
Co., In .Rip Van Winkle" and "Caprirfl, 
"Mnloney's Wedding" Feb. 7 : 18. 

Edison Theatre. — New: SI and Mandy 
Kelly, Lombard nros., Cheoowlttn, Clement 
Perkins, and klnetoscope pictures.' *• ' 

Rmpiue Theatre. — New: .flnitb j. Em- 
melt. Freeio Bros., O'Dell and Hart, Edward 
While, motion pictures. _ 

Crystal Theatre. — New: The Yertas, 
Hnyden and Hartln, Hayes and Wlnchell, 
moving plcti)res. . ■ 

Im rtTiTB THiATOB. — Newt nayden and 
Hayden, Four Bragdons, Herbert and Gerard, 
moving pictures. , 

A»Ciiw THKATW'— Ii«wi Batatons- dog 
and pony circus, Stafford and Stone, Clamagn 
nnd North, Karl and De Klmer, Owens and 
I* Marr, Lillian Lester, Dorothy Vernon, tbe 
La Kolas, Nick Williams. _ "^ „ ' 

' People's and QeBram TiTEATms.— New : 
'fro/and Ward, Carl Cliarles, Tyron, Franks, 
Mann and Franks, Rafferty and Dale, Geo. 
A. and Mf.ile Bird. Bearls and Gross, Cbeno- 
with. Owens and f^ Marr, Lombard Bros., 

H Wilson mnnaser) ■— "tindor .'■"■ ii Itf I WnfOrWTtqpara 

i" came Feb - ? Ic Tthe eS.' Walker, mannger) , — Blctard 

houl? "Holtv' Toltv" hart "King Dodo,': drew a crowded h( 

nouse. -liouy tony nan .. R-ij-.'-.n m ,i v .nnre,- 1 

in his acting. 

Ky acquitted themselves with credit. The 
cast: Robert, James K. Hackett; Carlford, 
James Seeley i The Duke of Burnell, Joseph 
nrennftnj Captain Selbourne, Brlgham 
Royce v Furlontf, E. L. Dnane ; General Mer- 
land, Albert Perry ; Lieutenant Bromstead, 
Morgan Cotnkfc ; The Prime Minister of Rho- 
rtoland, Carl Ahrehdt: A Young Officer, Irvln 
Foster ; Servant of the Duchess, Frederick 
Nichols ; Cecelia, Charlotte Walker: the 
Duches3 at WoWnrton, Minnie Monk; Hilda, 
Grace Barber; The Countesn ot Braith- 
walte, Margaret Robinson; Yonnc Woman, 
frothy HnTamnck. 

Metropolis (Henry Rosenberg, manager). 
— Robort Mantell presented "The Lights of 
Other Days," for the first time In Harlem, 
at. this house, 8, and turned hundreds away, 
with tho best -advance ■sale In the history 
reported, A cordial reception was accorded 

Aldrlch, Cole and Johnson, Galettl's mon 

■ t r _ »-, . _. - - - - T-|T_ M _™ Tift n«4l^^«T- Hint 

keys, the Kltamuras, Wynne WInSlow, Baby J^Jk alld SPPmPf i to satisfy them thorough- 
Lund, La Flcur, and the vltagraph. \^ aB \ u 
Hvon & Bkhman's (Archie II. Ellis, man- •*• g abpen Thbatrb:— Cnrrent Milt 

ager).— Th I this week Is an excel ent t Jgm and Hortoi 
oSe. It Is hearted by Senorlta Rosarlo Guer- ™^ nni ^ rorest ^ C has. Sweet, ,U. 
original ^pantomimic nnei rajm ^^ Fay, Mr. and Mrs. Es- 

r«;r<.>, presenting her 

iage Parson" presiding week of 16, Moving — Following Is tho bill for week of Feb", i: 

. ' ~.o,.M« m onrt o 1 Vtn ^,3 carr, Lizzie Weller, Jas. ilennessy, 

Billy Tann, B. IL Spencer, Edison's moving 

ahv, Tn "Shadows of a Great City," re- pictures. . ■• * 

celved many plaudits last week. ' Winter Garden (flsky .Barnett, mana- 

'Lafayette Thfatrb (Charles M. Bagg, ger).— Swor Bros., Dorothy Dayne, Leslie 

manager).— The Brigadier Burlesque Co. pre- Pomeroy, Eva Perl, Lorraine Sisters, Made- 

Eldes this week. Bob Manchester's CrackeT n n e Carbonato, Nadlnc Allen, Vic Lewis, ^""Vi^mn'^r,T"»^ne»"Viirt' Porriiitsr'' th< 
Jacks will be welcomed next week. Weber's Amellta, Memphis Kennedy, Chas. Brown, ^ e op T T ?, , ^ M ^^ ^nrt LueM«tod 
Dainty Duchess Co. drew the customary Andrews and Thompson. Great Elwo od, Geo. W. and Bene M non. 

.. .-..-- .v._ . k k. xub'Maisb (A. Shapiro, manager ).— Battle " " ' 

Ward, Madeline D'Blroy. John Morrison, Jes- 
sie Orr, Cora Richmond, Lapltte Josephine, 
Dorm Belle Christy. 

Fritz's New Thratre (William H. Brown, 

manager). — I/;wls Sisters, Beatrice South- 

wlck, the Bernards, Mysterious Ctesar, Maud 

tbeatren have been dark, Howard. Rons and Campbell, Errol 

sketch:enUtT^The;Ros C and the Dagger" ^^^ a ^ Wilson. Several altera 

Another Interesting feature is MWJJJ )Jon , j n thls „„,, other theatres have beer 

a very clever Juggler. Others are. mary rtnrNl mortc n? the author!!!"*, providing and Gerald, Nelsonla, Seymour and Junius. 
In The Meio- BrPRtPr W fcty. ■ Bi.azuiu's Conceut IIali, (Ell B. Davis, 

Tacoma— Ai the Taeoma Theatre (Cal- 
vin Helllg, •nanngsrl.^I'lorenii) Bob#rt3. 
Feb. 1, 2, for thn third time this season 
drew pactaO houses.' "rtapho" and "A Coun- 
Iry Girl" were put on. 'Tbe Fatal Wed- 
ding." 3, had u fair, attendant. "Too 
Devil's Auction," 4, hart, a good house. "Are 

Hampton and ' company, 
drama;" George Reno's Comedians, Cook 
and Sonora, Flske nnd McDonoiigh. Alice 
Shaw and daughters, and the Yankee Comedy 

ir °STAB (E. M. Gotthold, manager).— The 
Kentucky Belles are the entertainers this 
week. The opening burlesque Is fhe Mar- 
riage Trust," and the closing one Is "Down 
Whore the Blue Grass Grows. 



.The olio 

_i cordial reception was accoraeo "»"f Q l i il n " v ^ imnortant vaudeville acts. 
m« ^SrS*- '^ player8 - NClt . WePk '- H °" CO WA«o.V^o'zTc^ Va jw^ 


...Stab (Wbj. ; T. 
Women Were Men 
Will C. Murphy, f 
Pavilion,. Atlantic. ^ 

given for the first time In New York at this 
house sfterhoon of 8, to a well filled bouse, 
and met .with the full approval of the au- 
dience. The play Is well staged ; and cos- 
tumed, and the company was fully up to 
the standard. There are any number or 
Ftirrlng situations In this play, which Is 
"ne of the. best of the melodramatic clnss 
of production* seen here In many a day. 
The cast t, Colonel Hastings, J. H. Hnselton : 
Hlchurd- Carlton, Robt. Oalllard; Frederick 
Sheldon, , Johd Abbot: .Danny Barnes, R. 
Brandon Mitchell 1 -William ■ Booth Anderly, 
John Saunders; Barry, William Maussey ; 

Amphios (S. H. Cohen, manager).— 
- ?°°8% t^we«.^^i , ^S , J^ 

Montreal.— At the Academy of Music 
(W. A, Edwards,- manager). — Forbes Robert- 
tlon and Gertrude Elliott, In "Hamlet and- 
'The Light That Failed," to big houses, I eb. 
.Hi. Herbert Kelcey and; Effive. Shannon,, In 
'•Sherlock Holmes," 8-13 ; "A Conntty Girl" 

lft pjt6cTOR'3' (H. C. EgertOD,'mawiger).-- 
R»becca Warren, In "Teas, of the. D Urber- 
vllles," to fair houses, 1-fl, "The Awakening 
of Sir. Plpp" 8-13, "The Way of the Trans- 
pressor" 15-20. 1 » ■ ' ' 

Tiieattie Fbancais (F. Haworth, mana- 

" to fair 

gerT-Th'e MooS? *f>«iSr»Sf A 

"C new verses of "Hlnkcy Dee." ^Tho gaJJ; t o big ho.ise».'l-6. ■ 8am DeverB's Bur- 
v"fdewTe m presents" James. Cullen, '"The .^ oe l C o. 8-13, Harry ' Bryant's BurlesnUe 
I'artv from the West," Jn a new budget of c «. \5-Z0. „_ 


manager). — Belle Edwards, Gertrude Ste- 
vens, Glrllo Thompson, Dcvoy and Peri, Mar. 
jle Lake. 

EbicsbON'h Music Hall (H. D. Griffin, 
manager), — nejen . Mlgnon, Little Sunshine, 
Fnonie Estella. ■ 

v. • — :..:. «» ».• ' * " 

reception which 

the ppp- 


Irls, as 

well as the crowded houses- aunng ibe post 

demonstrated the wisdom of 

jFt. Wortb^— Greenwall's Opsra House 
(Phil W. Green wall, manager). — "A Hot Old 
Time" had. two fair audiences Jan. 30. W. 
B„ Pntlon. presented' "The Minister's Son," 
for the benefit of local lodge F. O. B., Feb. 1, 
to a big house. Haverly's Minstrels gave 
go'od performances, to two light bouses, 2. 

You n Mason)"' reluriied fi, «. "Ghosts" 7, 
R, Paul Gllmore 1ft. Pollard's Opera Co. 11- 
111,. Kill les Hand IS, "Thn Elornol Clty"J8, 
'Sag Harbor" 20. _ „, . 

lAc-r.LM TiiEArBB (Dean Worley, mane- 
aer).— "Maloney'B Wertrtlng," i-.i, hart good 

™!MJ ; inn Thraiiji.— Bill Lftj. Tctsurana 
Janane.w Troupe, Baldwin and Durrani, J«ay- 
oionti and C'larketfiftir TrVrtl''. -.';JBt«ilwnrt» 

W 5>irt>imtt . Tlreat«n . ^f»«o; .Miller, ■maaf- 
ger )._-rh« KubesV wns tho bill for ,1^1- 
Good husluoss prevails. • . . 

Tim 'Olvmi'Ic C'luu Theatre and tho Edi- 
son are' both doing capacity bnslness nightly. 

"WheD Knighthood Was In Flower" did fair Wa f^rn at Hartford, Cdnn, Ait » youth; he 
SwSfS the*" 1 6;^be 8 »V8'; ^.» tot ? f tbe.sto^aM^the 
Lewis Morrison 10, "Alpiioniie' and Gaston' 
]], Rose Costhlan 13, Andrews' Opera Co. in. 

taf comedy juggling team v Mclntyre 


reau, . manager). 

_ (G. Gsuv- 

The permanent ,. French 

•The. Black Flag,?' 1-9. 

Primrose hono?S In minstrelsy and vaude- gp ' coni nany. In "The Black 
vine •Kennedy and James, In a laughablo .. Thp Broth( ,„ ot the Coasr 8-13 
& ; K Borto and Lafferty. who dance thgn- 

SSvSf'lfiS "wSuSfc and H jJTordon, 

un by the Seymour Club, a local orgs nfca- 
Gon. y Blg business last week. Virginia l.arle, 
■Sergeant Kitty" 1K - 50 

Xiieatbe PES NcwvnAiiras.— r he petrna- 
nent French stock company, In • CoWtlns, 
to fair houses, 1-0. "La Tosca" 813. . 

Hamilton.— At tfi« Grand Opera House 
(A R. Ijouden, monnger).— Jan. 28 .30, tiwi 
Siimraer Slock Co. played to good buRlnetfl. 
with renertorv. Feb. 1, "Under Southern 
Hkl«" bad fair bu»loess. Kelcey nnd Hltan- 
non entertained a large audience. In 

■ • isrl n * 
MaKgle'.WeetonT Grace Carter,"' Harriett Lee ; 
£urse Riley, Ella St. Claire; Helen White, 
V*y Erroll : Ponipon, Samuel Rex ; G 
John Cools; Hawkins. Henry Mines. 
***, "The Ninety and Nine." _ . . 

Uurtio & Sbamon's MCSic Hall.— Owing 
», alterutionB ordered by the city, officials 
•his house Is In darkness, and will remain 
so the rest of thn week. It closed Feb. -1. 

FIFTH Stbeet Theatre (J. Austin lynes, 
^neral manager).— Arthur Wing p ' ner ° J 

in ''iSorgoant Kitty/" 1S-20. Th P ro non entertained a large audience. In (Bennett WIIroij, manager)— ^ There non m « lt ^ Tolly," 4, 

was a crowded km night "JAj"?*."^ gg houBe "Queen of the Highway" t 

Ninety and Nine" bevnn a week a stay. I«go b g no u . ^w ^Jj. , hn Op* 

business last week. Joe Welch, In jncrca j n rcpPrtory . 


. hail n 

was thn 

Opera Co., 

Pau.v, who have ■ Hndcorcd themselvfts - 
1'itrons of this houso by their capable work, 
riie Sunday concerts havo proven one or 
JM strong features of this house. The yande- 
ylle contributors for thlB week: Eleanor 
'■like. SpenBer Keelv, Al. Lawrence, Coin 
nnd Warner, and the kalatecbnoscopo. 
. The Gotham, Sullivan & Emus' new UWJ- 
•fe. threw open Its doors to the public b, 
nnd boforo the cuttaln went up they hart re- 
fused admission, to hundreds. The manage- 
roent claim that It Is one of the most com- 
plete vaudeville houses In the country. l"f 
buerloi- has h»en done Id the latest style or 
^oration, and green and gold predominate 
in the decomtlone, with green plush rtrap- 
^■"lea, canpeta and orchestra choirs In the 
pame .color. . The beBt of attractions have 
fe-n booked'for the balance. rffWJSHSI" 
Jhe loc?lir», hi- one of the best in -Hariem, 


business ishi. wecR. -•»: »■■•", — n repertory. 

nlT.' 1 next . „„,„ n „i, sirin TitEATnr (J. G. Applelnn, ronnsgeri 

1 'fliYirrr ^^^^-^^ISa -We'ek of T g.>od^ wns don, with $S^* 33mSZB4 
an Show, nlwayo a big draw mg earn n x oicrllent -ompany. headed by the lour , 

De Woe, the Leon- 
and Johnson and 

8TANbnin„TtrfiAT/!F; (Frshk Dc Beoiie, 
mannfjer):-^rrte dsn'rihe Af the Everett His 
ters Is the feature at litis house week of 1. 
James and Davis,' and Lillle Leslie" nre the 
other openings, the latter returning to tho 
Btsge after an nbsenco of several years. The 
other peonjei: Harris and DnvK Nagel and 
Adams; L*> Florence, Harry Phillips, Belle 
Hordon, Sena Beckman, Pearl Fair, May 
Mulnnesn, Ludlvlnn Gurth. «Hirl Copelnncl, 
Lulu Lawton, and Boh IWlette. The Blrong 
bill closea with moving pictures, under the 
direction of Prof. V. V,. Everett. The week 
opened to packed houses. 

Crown Tiikatb* (Phil Epsieln. manager). 
— "Thompson's Dead" Is the title of the 
curtain mixer week of J. Bsby Menisnils, 
Kiltie Klrknnm, nnd Mabel Wright are (be 
(■nenlimn. Thorn: holding over: Akermnn, 
trick 'cynllst; Frnnk nnrt Annie Ellsworth, 
Jim. Thortjnwin, Chas. Gates, Elsie Hnnwll, 
Hose 11. Mltcliell. Kittle Clark, Haul Harris. 
Llusil'! Wtrfiell, Ethel Russell, ami Ada Yulo. 

thers. Felix 
Sullivan and 
slons, Hurlon 
ward Blxley, 

b "^4 N?s t TFred Andrews. nWrV- 
••Quee?a" Is this week's offering. StrK Etta 
Rcod Pnyton In bcod In the title role, find 
Kirk Brown Is the husband. Most of the 
nMier favorites arc In the cast. A beneat 
wOTteSlwd to Robert Rlllott, who was 
SSn M?. Pavron's Fulton Street company, «n 
mtnday night, 7. Business contUioes large. 

\<xt. •'Between Love nnd Duty. 

-NovElTT (David Robinson, manager!.— 
"Her ifiurlage\'ow," with Its strong rnflo; 
ilrnmBtlc features and 
railroad arene, began t 
filled andappreclatKve 

Houston. — At Hwecney 4 Coombs' Opera 
House (Morris C. Michaels, manager).— 
"King Dodo-," Jan. 28, haft two Immense and 
well pp'osed houses. The Jcffersons, 30, In 
"The Rivals," hnrt two bouse* crowded to 
the doors, and pleased nveryone with .'he ex- 
rellence nf the cant. Den lliompaon. In "Tho 
Old Homestead," 1, drew two woll filled 
houses. "Alphonnn and Gaston," Febr 2, tn 
fair buslnewt. Katnerlnn Wlllmvl„«, Rose 
f'oghlan r>. "Head Walters" 0, Haverly's 
MlbllrelH «. "Gay Mr. Goldstein' 1 12. 
Emhbr Tiif-atbe (Harry Corson Clarke^ 
•xne awvu^b 1 aucituu «vj s«-'™s -SSIF"? manager) —Harry Corson Clarke Is demon- 

*L*!mt n J*±T'm ^ 8 ,f?, a . nind 5 11 Paul stMflngWt nn energetic and hustling wan- 
"Human Hearts 0. K Itlea Band 11, raw «™ ^ f £ |h ho|]w oppnw j 

Gllmore 13, the_Bostonlans It). ager con etondlng room 

company for week of R Ih: Beit 

and Lewis, Couture and OllletM, 

Elizabeth BHtellr. the Bmlths, 

Hartwell, tho Wilsons, and 

Beanislpy Ulsters. - , ■•• ' 

11 1* 

Vancoaverr— At the Opera House IE, 

n. Bickctls. manager ;. —The FISU J"bllee 

Singers, under the. aunplces of local \. M. 

PA., gave an enjoyable concert Jan. 26. 

"Are You a Mason T' scored a sdcccHS 2<. 

The Devil's Auction" 30, Florence Roberts, 

ml sirlklnply reallsflr- PEOPLt'a; TmATBg -WM IBercn, nan* Jffifl "«■« , ****' •« *&*■*, w1th-»OuT Regl- 

imu » hj'jiii,.'*.", —j* »M...«'-^-, .-j-^^-r.,--- 

nge of ilfleoix years ha ran away .from nbm'j 
to lo|n a traveling variety company with. 
which he wa* iflgftged i/>. do.a song Mn 
dunce. Ills 3eB»on . with this co«ijMH»y yoa 
9 short duration, owing to tho dlAbanfllM of 
tlir nrtonjtsi ion. ' Ifn next ; 10mm Skiff ■ 
fjaylorrt's MlnstriilB n«,on/l mon, lo go' on In 
titc olio and play the boss drum. \n n*fid. 
He was with this company unill the mm 
of Ibo season, aft'T which he played nt thn 
variety ihealrefl aiouod llostott. '1'he next 
year ho became loading comedian with* small 
inlnsirci company, with which he nsjaataen fl 
few w»?ekB, atul then ho wont to !>/Utlni</r';. 
where he met Charlie Dock»tader sod formed 
n porUiershlp with him. the act being known 
an tho DockBtndor Brolhers, I^w,«n/1 Cbai'll". 
Afler plnylna Bt diffornnl. VBrlnly« 
they Jolued llnverly's Minstrels anrf wero 
with him for two years. ■ After ihls, tw-y 
went lo CarncroM' Mln/<lrclB In Phllailclphls, 
where lie roinalnetl for n number of yearti. 
tw Iiocksladf.r's next migagemenl. WHt 
with Urn Birch, Wnuihold * Backus Han Prun- 
ilsco Mlnslnils nt their New York thestrc, 
leaving tbfiro to go n« cotncrtlnn 
with n largo mlnnfrel conjitany. ' Tim next 
hegt.on be went out with his. own minstrel 
'■ompnny, hut wbh not. tniCcesiirul. Arar 
tho i:bow clo'etl he. went hack lo New 
Yorlf. where he opened a permanent tnlnstjel 
company. IfM'Btert In Hie old Han Fran- 
cisco Mlnslrel Theaitre on Broadway, now 
tho Princess. During the flrst two years the 
theatre was a paying vantuTc, and Mr. Dock- 
sln/ler'a fame grew eaormouslr. Ho. went on 
tho rond end crossed the continent twUe. 
After four years. Docks! bjVt gave up tho 
theatre. ' no returned to vaudeville, bclne 
1 tin feature? with Weber A Fields for •six 
♦nonths, afler which, with Vesfa Tllley, la an 
nil star' vaudeville company, he played the 
leading theatres In this country, ft was dur- 
ing an engagement of foirr wet-kj) at the Ma- 
sonlo Temple, Chicago, that he met Janen 
H. Decker/ who secured- his Blpiawre to a 
five years' contrsxt to go mto mlnstrejsj.„ 

, - . -■- -.-*(ai«w>,««».iM»., >,--'■ 



Febetjaey 13. 

Bgj the BBI ftm. 

i , . — , , , : — , j 

Notts (rum ■ Local No. 12, Milwaukee.— 
President Green severely Injured hl» Hide 
l cb. 2, In tolling from bis wagon. Bros. 
VYelllngburst, Thomas and Mkk were elected 
members ot the executive board at our lust 
meeting, Jan. 17. Bro. Welllnghurst was 
elected business manager, to succeed Bro. 
O'Keefc, who resigned tbo olficc owing to 
other business duties. Bro. Scblchloiu Is 
oeullned to bis bouio wltb u severe uttuck 
■ >f (a prippe. Bros. Chan. McGinn and Jolin 
ivernun, of tbc BIJou advertising force, left 
.Ian. 28, to Join "The Girl of '70" mid "Thu 
Lighthouse Robbery" Cos., resjK!clIvcly. 
Brothers from out of town lo visit uh the 
post week Included: 1L S. Waitc, of Local 
No. II, Pittsburg, who Is booming "When 
Iteuben Comes lo Town." Tliat Bro. Wultc 
Is u prince' of good fellows 1m the general 
opinion of tbo boys. Bro. Sydcll, of Local 
No. 4, Philadelphia, and Bro. Luther, of 
Local No. 3, were also welcome cullers. 
Frail W. Hyde, recording secretary, requests 
all road members of Local No. 12 to send 
him their permanent address. Ills address 
Is 220 Third Street, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred Rciljy, of tbo Taunton, Mass., Hill 
Vesting Co., bus Joined tbo Clara Turner 
Co.. us lithographer. 

News from Local No. 13, Omaba, Neb. — 
On Jan. 21 -Brother Gllscu, of Local No. 7, 
asked to bo transferred to Local No. 1». .lack 
Is' tow married und, located In our city. 
Brother 3. P. Weaver, of No. 13, slgni*l u> 
join the Wallaeo Show ugolu the coming 
season. Brother Burkhart, of Local No. 13, 
transferred to Local No. 20, of Sioux City, 
la. Brother C. Klhc wan In Bloux City, at 
the request of tbo national secretary, to la- 
virstlgato thu local there, aud found things 
In good shape. After fixing things there, 
where he found one ot Local No."llT expelled 
members working, tbo brother left; and the 
local Is now doing eoincgood work, with u 
ir.embersblp of nine. On .Inn. 23 all tbc horses 
of' the Mulvlblll Omaha • posting 'services 
wore horned to death, and tub boys of Local 
No. 3 lost three days In buying new horse*, 
brother I. Kline wishes to hear from nil 
brothers of the local who ore going on the 
rood this season with circuses. Mall should 
be 'addressed care Of post office box Oh'.', 
Omaha. ■ 

■While President Charles Joseph wiih In 
New York recently lie was entertained by 
i-.c/vcfal members of IjucuI No. -V n theatre 
putty aud u supper uflcnvurd being purt of 
the programme. 

Geo. F. Cable, of Local No. 12, Milwaukee, 
Wis., has signed to ' manage advance car 
No. 2, of Golluiar Bros.' Big New It. It. 
Nbows. He Is engaging men Tor uext sen- 
son at his homo In Waukesha, Wis., where ho 
will remain until April 1. 

■W. P. Gardner, agent for (he "One Night 
In June" Co., writes; "In all of the Western 
cities 1 And 'tbo blllers all unxlous to litivu 
the BUI Potters aud Blllers unions extend 
io the coast cities. I hlruc soino good organ- 
izer will get thu coast cities in' line." 

J. J. Whitehead, of Local No. 10, Minne- 
apolis, who wus delegate to the Clnclnnuli 
convention, did good work In the Interest of 
his local and also tbc ulllaucc, and in recog- 
nition of that work ho wus elected president 
of Local No, 10 at the recent election. Mr. 
Whitehead Ib n hard- and conscientious work- 
er In the Interest of tbo craft, and thu honor 
conferred upon him ts well deserved. 

Fred W. Hyde, of Mllwaukeo Local, No. 12, 
lias originated a curd which nuiy be of In- 
terest to members of the alliance -lu gcueml. 
Tbo card Is n request to the business houses 
of Mllwaukeo that they will only permit 
members of Local No. 12 In good standing 
to hung bills or plnco cords In tho windows 
of the business bouses. Already 2.500 of 
these cards have been distributed, with good 

1'4'Sltl t.U * 

Note's from Local No. 17, Boston, Mass. : 
At u special meeting of this local It was 
voted to lucrciisu Iho Initiation fee lo S2n. 
i »nr first ' social aud banquet takes place 
Monday night, Feb. 28, at Pain's Tdemorlul 
Hull, on Applotou Struct. All traveling 
brothers uru welcome. Prank Lloyd, our 
president, is chairman. Geo. LliighiUn, fonii- 
erlv our business agent, Is no longer con- 
nected with this local. K. A. Rich Ib now 
c.ur business agent, and is the only one au- 
thorized an mteh. Bro. James Unmuiett, of 
the Palace Theatre, and Bro. Ed. Curtiu, of 
thu Columbia, who were on tho sick list, aro 
«t work again. Bro. Dave Superior, of 
(ienlrv's Circus, is In town for the Wluler. 
Uro. Geo. Collier, of Stair ft Wllber's forces, 
has two more theatres on his string, which 
makes five- In the city, and Is keeping thu 
boys busv. "Bones" Stevens, of Brooklyn 
branch, No. 2, Shd' wlth'Dockstador's Min- 
strels, Is In town this week. Abe Rich, our 
business agent, and Teddy Werhle, our as- 
sistant secretary, are to run Sun Jay night 
concerts at the Royal. Bro. Jack Mils, ' of 
the Opera House, our vlco president, and 
<)scar Klovonaar, our secrclary, showed lb"lr 
bustling abilities by malllug and addressing 
over 1.000 letters last week fur our banquel. 
Pro. Kloveniuir, secretary of Local 17, re- 
quests that nil nieuibors who have not com- 
munlcuted with, h'ni recently do so at once. 
Our officers arc : President, Prank Lloyd : 
vlco preshlcnt, John Ells : reiordlng «core- 
tury aud business agenl, E. A. lllcb ; cor- 
responding and ilnunclul secretary, O. Klon- 
waar; treasurer,' William Hale: 13. J. An tin, 
Ffnnk Donohni', J nines Gammon, trustees. 

Notes from Local No. 11, Cincinnati, O. — 
National Vice President J. H. Donovan, of 
this local, negotiated with tho miinugumvnt 
of the Puwuoo Bill Wild West Show, and 
hccurcd tholv signature to Iho circus ufin-c. 
incnr, Ab. Bcolt acting for l'nwneo Bills 
Wild West. Jlmrato'Kcllcy baa returned 
from Florida. Ho took a trip to rccupcriiln 
Ms health. Wullcr Thompson Is advertising 
iigcnt at Robinson's Opera noose. James 
Tohlu became u benedict lust week. Tlio 
horvlcos were performed In the church pur- 
lors of St. Xuvier Church. Jimmy Is us 
proud ns tho proverbial peacock. All mem- 
iiers of Local No. 11 will please send address 
to Secrotury A. P. Tlgho, S. W: corner of 
Twelfth und Vine Streets. Onu of our lale 
inombcrs, M. 3. Kuhti, of Hamilton, 0.. was 
n visitor ut our last session. Tho migel of 
•leulh bus visited this local. Win. V. Ctini- 
lalugs, familiarly called "Pap," died Feb. U. 
He .was a charter and life member of Local 
No. 11. Wo all mouru his loss. 

Notes from Local No. 21, Buffalo, N. V: 
V\> have with us several boyo from out of 
town locals, ujnong whom nro Pro. William 
Nhuw, of No. 3, oU PIltslMirg, who MM his 
test wishes to his liouni local through tlio 
-Old ItaUublo." Tm: Ni:\v VoitK Oiirrw. 
Also Bro. Rdlly, of T«n-ul No. 3, who closisl 
with tho MM "Arl«onu" Co. Bro. r. •'. 
'I'avor, our Unauclul secretary, Inis Imn con- 
HUed to his home lor tho last eight days. Wp. 
Inlvc a good number of tho boys who hnvo 
lilgned with some of the big snows for tho 
ciinilug svuv.oa. One ot our members, Bro. A. 
ltoltorwojth, ot Brnntfoixl, Can., wnda us 
word thct ho goes with tho Geatry llrolhers 
dog ond iwn» show. A||4hwMH sllll keep 
coming In. and overy member Is doing his 
l^ol lo help tho good work on, us we want 
to be omoug Ihe l>vst and biggest locals. 



Si. Paul — At tho Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. N. Scott, manager i. — Dan Sully, 
In "The Chief Justice," played, to fair busi- 
ness. Jan. 31-Keb, 3. Adelaide Thurston, 
In **I'olly PrlmrOBe," 4-8, drew well.' "Thel- 
inii" 8-10, Henry Irving canceling his en- 
Kugemoiit for these dates here, and at tho 
Metropolitan Opera House lu Minneapolis 
for thu balance of the week, to play the 
s.mie week's engagement III Chicago, which 
had been canceled by reason of the theatre 
ut which lie was to play there being tem- 
porarily closed. "Tho Cavullers" 11-18, 3. 
II. Stodchin. In "The Ilonnle BHur Blisli," 
14-17. unit Grace Van Sluddli'urd, In "The 
Red liVathur." 18 20. 

liitiNu criieodere L. Hays, muiiugcr). — 
Jo<! Hart and Currle IM .Mar, In "Foxy 
Grandpa," came, lo good business, week ot 
Jun. 31. "Tbc Factory Girl" week of Feb. 
7, mid "I'roui Rags to Riches" week of 14. 

Staii (M. II. Singer, manager). — Busi- 
ness was very good week of Jan. 31, with 
the Imperial Extruvuguhza Co. The Merry 
Maidens Week of Feb. 7, and Rose Sydell's 
Co. week of 11. 

Lsn-ntE (A. Wclohohcr, manager). — Busi- 
ness wus fair week of Jan. 31. For week ot 
I'eb. 7, new people: Renthau and Freeman, 
liliighniQ and Gable, Vera Stanley, and Vcd- 
ih-r and Deltoa. Holding over : The Luwrys, 
the Hughes, May Duytou, Brandt and Laruo, 
and the stock. 

Nat Goodwin 9, Rose Melville, In "Sis Hop- 31. "The ; Wieeof PlUen/' Feb 1 ; to a [|*y^jAtlj|lA 4«|/| 1tliM«tt«A a 
kins," 10 ; "Dom Tborne" 13. lour Cohans, packed ^",«j-. o|k 5? e 4 .." u de r Two Flags' 5 IHHIWfcVim HWII UttHMrg l. 
U - 0, ^'Just Struck Town" 7. '"The Girl #]th Notice to Correiiuondenta' 

Uuliith.— At the Lyceum Theatre (C. A. 
Mursliall, manager). — Daniel Sully, lu his 
new play, "The Chief Justice," Jan. 30, af- 
ternoon and night. Business was very fair, 
The new play 1h the best Mr. Sully bus 
brought lu Dulntli. "The Sultan of Bulu," 
with a good company, gavo three perform- 
slices Feb. 1, 2, to good business. A concert 
recital, given by thu Valenlsu Concert Co., Feb 
3. had a light house. Tho Shay Grand Opera 
Co. will givo three performances 5, 0. Ade- 
laide Thurston 0, 10, "Happy Hooligan" '11, 
Grace Vau Studillford 12, 13, taking tho 
dales of Charles button, canceled; Ben Hen- 
drlcksou 10, "The Prince of Pllsen" 10, 17, 
Virginia Drew Trescott 18. 

wfuThoi'ui.lTAS (J. T. Condon, manager). 
—Thu Ferris Stock Co. Is doing fairly well, 
with Iho best stock that has come to this 
house. Mummer Bubh, for tbc company, is 
giving good plays, and mounting them hand- 
somely. For 1-3 "Fablo Romunr' was given, 
and ''Her Fulsu Step" 1-0. Tbc specialties 
between the acts Included Harry Bums, bng 
puncher, and the Ruvul Imperial Japanese 
Troupe, four In number, who gave a very 
good net. "A Homespun Heart" 8-10, and 
"Taken from Lire" 11-13. 

1'aiii.ob TitiiATnB (W. J. Wells, inunuger). 
— ■Bdsluess continues fairly good. Tlio coin- 
pauv Sv mid week: Lillian Illllun. the Mar- 
tines, Mile. St. Ormontl, .Tag. Han-Is, Auulti 
Muck, Dick Brown, Agues Wnrren. W. J. 
Wells uud tin: stot:k. The new play for Ihe 
werk Is called "Adam and Eve." 

Buyii (Curtis* 'Ritchie, itiaiuigcrsl, — 1 l>in 
house Is doing n very good business. Tho 
place is well lllled nightly." The company 
■ peoliig l was a strung one. For week ot 
8-13 the new people uro some uf the best 
coining to tbo head of the lake. ' 

Notks. — ^Theatrical managers of Hie Stale 
of Michigan; Wisconsin and Minnesota met 
in Applotou, Wis., Jan. 20, to make a cir- 
cuit and schedule. The cities In the associa- 
tion arc: Appleton, Ashland. Wis.: Calumet, 
Mich.: Kan Claire, Wis.: Kscannbii, Mich.; 
Fond Oil Luc. Wis, ; Green Bay, Wis. ; llaii- 
cock, Iron Mountain, Ishpeinlug, Marquette, 
Mich. : Madison, .luuesvllle, Menominee, Osh- 
kosh. Sboboygnti. Wansau uud Superior, Wis. ; 
Kault Ste. Mnrle, .NUch. : Diilutb, Minn. 
Muiiugcr Marshall, of tbc Lyceum and thu 
Grniul Opera House, Superior, Wis.. Is thu 

president of the association While Dau 

Sully wns in Suiierior, Wis., Jan. 2U, lie wus 
thu guest of tho local acrlc of Eagles, alter 
the petformuuee. 

' ■ 

MliineopollH. — At the Mctro|iolltnii Opera 
Iloiisu i'L. N. Scott, manager). — Charlotte 
Til tell. In "Mio Cavalier." Feb. 7-10: "Home. 
spuu Hearts" 11-13. "Ited Koathcr" lfi-17, 
■■Tin' Bonnie Brier Bush" 18-20. Adelaide 
Tliui-Hluu bad fair busluess. hi "Polly Prim- 
ruse," Jan. ,'ll-l'eh. '.',, and Duiilcl Sully 
shnli d the same f ultimo 1(1. 

liuoi; tln.iiA HoiiKi: Cl'heo. L. Hays, mati- 
nger). — "l"oxy Grandpa'' 7 and week. "Tins 
Fuclery Girl' 1 follows 14. "Ibe Fatul Wed- 
ding" was played, to great houses, Jan. 31 
and week. 

Lyceum Theatbh (Pick Kerrls, manager). 
— Mr. Feats, In "When We Wero Twehty- 
une," beginning 7, and "Whose Baby Are 
You" comes 14. Fnlr houses saw : "Taken 
from Life" Jan. 31-Keb. 0. 

Uewbi TnEATBE.— I-ondon Belles furnish 
nmuBcment 7-13. Night on Broadway 14- 
20. Fair attendance wus the rule Jan. 31 
and week to see the Merry Maidens But- 

■»«» ■ 


Mciuplitii. — At tlio New Lyceum Thcalro 
il'iauk Gray, manager). — "Tlio EurlofPuw- 
luekci" came, to good business, Jun. 28, 2!'. 
'rim production pleased. Creatoro's Band 
idayiil. to crowded houses, 31-l'eh. 2. Com- 
ing: "When Knighthood Wus in Flower" IS, 
"Ren llur" 15 and woek. 

IbiPKINS' GUAM) OlT.llA HoUSI] (A. It. 

Morrison, manager*).— ^"Itooms for Rent." 
the hill offered 1 aud remainder of tho week, 
pitcked the houso every night. John J. Far- 
i ell and A. ill. Vun Duron were loudly ap- 
plauded. William Stuart was excruciatingly 
fuauy. Tlio vaudeville features wore : Leo 
anil Cliapuinn, In "Wanted, a Donkey," and 
.lames 3. Corbel t. In monologue. Week of 8, 
"The iDlseTlct Attorney." 

Nkw AiniTiiitii'M (Beni. M. Mtiilubock. 
inn linger).-— One of the Weber & Fields' bur- 
lewiues closed a very successful week Juu. 
30. House dark Feb. 1-4. 

NimUvlUe.— At thu Grand (Mrs. T. J. 
Boyle, nmuuger). — Feb. 1-0, for thu llrst 
time lu this codutry, Walter Howard's inolo- 
drumu, "Under tbo Russian Flag," was 
given by (he Boyle Stock Co. It proved a 
pronounced success, und the house vran 
packed nightly. Tho plot Is well mutle. tho 
characters clever!..- drawn mid tho dialogue 
turceful, while enough comedy is Injected to 
brlghtcu things very much. Miss Crolghtoli 
was exceedingly good. Miss Croitler unuMlss 
Vun Lluser mudo their respective characters 
ImttircH. Eugene Moore, Colin Campbell, 
Cameron demon. Joseph Puvul and G. C 
Alley deserve special mention for their In- 
telligent reading uud acting. .1. Gordon Ed- 
wards gnvi! a strong piece of character work, 
mid hisses rewarded his effective villainy. 
Frederick Paulding, ever original und ulwnys 
artistic, gave to the play a llucly drawn 
character III Wolf Marlsehla. ltlley Cliaiii- 
berlulu gave ninny pleasing hits of comedy. 
Boyle Stock Co. week of 8, III "Devil's 

Vr.Nuojii; (W. A. Sheets, manager). — John 
lirew. In "The Second In Cotaliinod." hail 
gtanl ImslnesH I. "The Earl of Fuwtuekct" 
hiid fnlr attendance T.. 0. "Hen Uur" S-18. 

Taui:unaitm:. — Adeltiiu Pulli delighted tin 
audience uf about 2,Uut> on 1. 


Notes viiom T'AYtott'H Coxcebt Co. — Wu 
ois-n the season of 1004 at Columbia City, lnd., 
fur two weeks, tbuu go under canvas May 
HI. We will carryn good compauy, making 
it 1 1 one and two week stands. We receive 
'I'm: Out Rkmaum: every Friday. 

NOTIIS EKOM Dixjiont's Mehuy Makiuis. 
— Wo urc lu our twenty-third week In onera 
huuses, playing lo good business und pleas- 
ing the natives, ns we carry one of the best 
medicine shows on the road. Our roster is 
us follows: Prof. Geo. Dclmunt, proprietor 
und lecturer: Mrs. Grace Delmunt, treasurer; 
l'ruf. Raymond. In hypnotism and mind read- 
ing; Mrs. Viola lluymond, singing and danc- 
ing soubrettc : O. E. Sutherland, comedian 
nnd magician; Grace Delmont. Illustrated 
songs ; Marvelous Turner, contortionist, rings 
and trapeze; the Dchuonts, character sketch 
team ; Prof. Geo. E. Turner, pianist and mu- 
sical director. We all read Thu 0m> Reli- 
ule regularly. 

Sambi B. Baidwi.v Notes. — This Is tlio 
fifth, tour around the world of Prof. Bald- 
win. Aifter retiring for live years, Prof. 
Baldwin organized the following company, 
und has laid plans for another four. W. L. 
Browning Is business manager; Joseph 
St/rouse, advance representative : Johu Hlck- 
Mfi booking agent : James E. Henry, stage 
director: J. W. ilcClenry, master of trans- 
porlullon ; K. P. Badwlu, treosorer, and tho 
<vmponv consists of the following: Prof. 
Sumrl S. Baldwin, the original White Ma- 
bu tmn ; Marvin H. Savage, pianist : Gertrude 
Bluucbe Goulet. singer; the Great Frcvoll, 
sleight of hand; W. L. Browning, Illusion- 
ist; Louis M. Gruuut, whistler, and Henry 
uM Young, comedy duo. 

Edwin' A. Davis, manager of the Quaker 
Medicine Co., Noll, now In their third week 
ut Pasadena, Cu!.,' was the recipient of a 
pleuwint surprise on the thirty-third ad- 
versary of bis birth, which occurred on Jan. 
30. The entire compuny, together with u 
few Intimate "friends, tendered him a ban- 
quet. The table was profusely decorated 
with flowers, and a bank of roses formed 
the centre piece. A huge birthday cake 
glittered under the lights of thlrty-thrco 
i undies. Among these present were : Dr. J. 
It. Berry und wife, Ur. II. (.'.. Stlckney, Harry 
Liigreiilu, Ed. Prink, M. C. Meulo, W. C. 
llamlltuu, Joe Gross, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. 
'.Iriiffutu and "Dovlc." 

On. anp Mas. KtiAuss were recent Clutek 
iiillers. They are organizing a big show- 
tor their Hot Springs Medicine Co. 

Rusi-lu Of PAnama Meiucink Co., No 1. 
— lir. ,1. M. Coudon, malinger und lecturer: 
Frank Gardner, hand balancing, traps, rings 
n ud Irish comedian; Lydlu Gardner, ballad- 
1st and dnuccr: Lee Herbert, character com- 
edlau : Baby tiardncr, child performer, tho 
feature or thu show. All arc well, uud busi- 
ness Is cscollont. 

— ". ' ' »'» 

Cheyenne. — At Turner Hull Theutre. — 
"The Game Keener" Feb. 8, "'Way IHiwn 
East" 13, C. B. Hanford IP. "A Trip lo 
Chinatown" bnd n Tcry good house. 

— "A Llttlo Outcaot" (Northern) will 
t lose Its season at Wheeling, w. Va„ Feb. 
17. The Rostcrn "A TJUlo Ontcast" C«., 
which plays the week stands only, Ia7 we arc 
Valvrmvd, booked eolld up lij Juno 4. 

ciinlliiiiiioitH. — At HicNewOperu Iluiisc 
(fuul It. Albert, manager!. ~ Al. H. Wilson, 
.inn. 23, uiatln'ee and night, came, tu two 
large bouses, and pleased. "A Texas Steer" 
25, West's Minstrels draw well 20. W. H. 
I'rnite, In "The Spenders," 20, enmo tnn large 
nudleucc, and proved one uf tbc most pious- 
lug attractions of the season. "The Earl of 
I'awtiickei' had a good tnmse Feb, 4. John 
Hew. In "Tho Second In Couuaand," 5, hail 
lino business, Coming ; Sudlo MatUnot 8. 

lies Moines. — At Foster's 0(iera House 
• Will. Euster, manugcr). — Anna Evu Fay 
drew crowded bouses the eutlre week Jan. 
20-30, und will play u' return cngugement 
ut the Aiidltorluiii. "York Statu Folks," 
Feb. 1, 2, drew n fulr house the opening 
night. Walker Whiteside S, 0. Uebry Irving 
lo. "The Billionaire" 10, "The Silver Slip- 
per" 17, "The Cavuller" 111. 

Gba.vo Ot'EiiA HorsE (Wai. Foster, muna- 
M|. — The Royul Llllputlaus, In "Gulliver's 
'Travels,' cume. to the cupaclty of the house, 
.bin. 2S-30. Willard Sluiius. iu "Pickings 
fnim Puck," opened, to good houses, Feb. 
1-3. "The Pnnklu Husker" 1-0, "The King 
id' Detectives" 8 10, •'Romance of Coon Ilol- 
luw" 11-13, "The Convict's Daughter" 15-17. 

Cedar Rapids, — At Greene's Opera House 
(Will S. Collier, business manager). — "Hearts 
uf Oak," Feb 1, hud light business.. "Thu 
Cavalier." 2. pleased. Coming: "York State 
Folks" 3. "The Prince Of Pllsen" 0, "The 
Pride ot Jennlco" 10, "Slda Tracked" 11, Wll- 
Ham Owen 12, "A Montana Outlaw" 15, "The 
Silver Slipper'' 10, "Romance of Cuou Hol- 
low" 20. • 

Notes. — Edward V. Giilllgan, business 
munuger of "York Stute folks," and Geo. 
N. Loonils, business manager of "The Prince 
of Pilstn," wero here Jan. 'JS. ...... .Ben 

Stems, in advance of "The Silver Slipper," 

was lu town 31 The Musical IT o vies 

entertained the Elks and lady friends Jan. 
27, at the usual semi-monthly gathering. 

W. M. Roddy, agent of "The Prince 

of I'llseu," >vas here Feb. 2. 

. ■ ■ 

Keokuk. — At the Keokuk Opera House 
(Ed. Jaeger Jr., manager). — Barlow's Min- 
strels gave good satisfaction, lo a well tilled 
house, Jan. 20. "A Run on the Bunk" 
pleused u moderate houso Feb. 3. Mason 
und Mason, In "Rudolph uud Adolpb," 4 ; 
Chas. B. Hanturd, in "Tbo Taming of thu 
Shrew," : Dodge & Welston's Moving Pic- 
tures uud Specialty Co. 8. 1), "King of De- 
tecllves" 13, "Qulncy Adams Sawyer" 10. 

Nim! — F. W. Chauiberlln, of Chumbfi'lln, 
Ilnrrlugtuti & Co.. managers of the Iowu uud 
Illinois circuit of theatres, and lessees of 
the Keokuk Opera House fur several seasons 
past, bus purchased the local buuso from 
J. C. Hnbluger, Its former owner. Exten- 
sive alterations and improvements uro to be 
made In tbo house during thu Summer by 
thu new owner, making It u thoroughly 
modern aud up to date playhouse. Ed. 
Jneger Jr., the present manager, will eon- 
llnue tu luok after tho local Interests uf tbo 


Dubuque — At the Grand Opera Houso 
(Wm. T. lloehl, manager). — Jan. 20 and 
week, North Bios.' Reis-rtury Co., ut popu- 
lar' Prices, Blled the house. Feb. 1, "Trial 
by Jury." by locals, under the direction of 
Prof. Rboner, iisslsted by W. F. Barnard, 
tenor, of Chicago, pucked Ihe house. "Thu 
Cavalier" 3, ''Tho Prince ot Pllsen" -I, 
ltluacbb Walsh, In "Resurrection," 0; Wm. 
Owen 8. "Over Niagara Falls" 10, "Sido 
Trucked" 12, "The Silver Slipper" 13. 

Notes. — Mr. Wlcham, manager of "Mr. 
Jolly, of Juliet," has recovered, and left for 
Chicago lust week.. . ...Sherman, eontor- 

tiouUi. uud dlslocatloulst, has been here for 
the pust week, aud appealed before the mem- 
bers of tbc bnbuquo Medical Society. Ho 
goes with tho Barnum Show next season. 

Hurtlnirton. — At tho Grand Opera House 
(Cliambcr|!n, Harrington & Co., managers). 
— Barlow's 'Minstrels, Jnn. 27, drew a fulr 
house. "The Prince of Pllson." 20, delight- 
ed u big audience. "The Cavalier." 30. mati- 
nee good, evening fair. "A Gentleman of 
Franco," Feb. 2, canceled. Mason and Mason 
3, "The Two Sisters" 5. canceled.' "The 
Little Chrbilliiii". 0, "A Llfo's Mistake." 8, 
canceled. CluiSTB. Hnnford I), "Tho Silver 
Slipper" 11. "Just Struck Town" 12, "Happy 
Hooligan" 10. 

Iloone. — At Aries 0|>era Uousc (Wiley ft 
Klrby. managers). — Flora Do Voss Co. drew 
KpU'iiiltd business Jan. 25-27. Pla.VB were ex- 
ceptionally good. "Old ArkiuuiUW" Company 
played, to fair business, SO, giving good sat- 
isfaction. "Tbc Beggar Prince" Opera" Co.. 
Feb. 1. 2, playing "The Bohemian Glri" and 
•'Plnnfote. to good luislnt'ss. Willard Simms. 
playing "Tickings from Puck," ntnl "I'oOn 
Hollow" did well. The Flint* Sl.'l, "A Roy- 
al Slave" 20. 

Davenport. — At the Bnrtls Op,!rn House 
l Direction rimmherlln, Klndr & Co.) — Wil- 
liam Owen Jan. 20, "A Run for Her Monev" 
Go, "'Hearts, pi Vak" SO. "Iho. Ska! Sbten'! 

the Green Eves" 8, "The Pride of Jennlco' 
!i Walker Whiteside 10. "Tho Montana' Oat- 
law" 11, "Tho Silver Slipper" 10. 

Iowa Oiiy^At the Opera Houso (John 
N. Coldren, manager) —The Brinton Moving 
Picture Co. bud good business Jan. 23^30. 
"Thu Lltle Cbrlstlau" came reb. 1, to i fulr 
busluess. Due: Chas. B. Hanford 3 "Just 
Struck Town" 8. "Beggar Prince 12, 1J, 
Wm. Owen 10, "Homuuce of Coon Hollow 
10, "Frauecscn da Rimini" 23. 

Fort Uodtce At thu MIdlaud Theatre 

(A. B. Beall, manager) .—"A Montana Out- 
law" bud a top heavy house Feb. 1. Over 
Nlagarii Fulls' r did good business Jan. 29. 
'The Royal Lllliiutians pleased u big house Si. 
-Hearts of Oak" hud a good advance sale fur 
Fob. 3. On Ihe way: Flora De Voss, in 
repertory, 8-10. 

Ft. Mudlson. — At the Eblnger Grand 
(Chas. H. Salisbury, manugur) . — Sam T. 
Jack's Burlesque Co., Jan. 27. pleused a 
crowded house. Barlow Bros.' Minstrels, 28, 
plaved to and pleased a good honse. "A Run 
on 'the Bank," Feb. 2, drew a fair bouse. 



Norfolk.— At tbc Academy ot Music (T. 
G. Loath, munager).— "Tho Prince of Pll- 
sen" played Jan. 20, 30, to splendid busi- 
ness, giving universal satisfaction. "A 
Friend of the Family" is booked for Feb. 0, 
10, "Zlg Zag Alley' 1 11. Kate Claiton 12, 
Richard Manslield 15, "Mrs. Wlggs, of tho 
Cabbage Patch," 10, 17. 

Obanby Thkatbu (Jake Wells, managor). 
— Howard Hall, In "The Man Who Dared," 
week of 1, played to packed houses. For 
week of 8. "His Last Dollar." 

Acmi; Tubatbu (Chas. al. West, maua- 
ccr). — in addition to the regular stock, the 
following people open for week of 8 : Tally- 
Ho Duo, Lemuels and Scofleld, Morgan and 
Crone, and the Fruukfordsv Business Is 

Bl.ion TuB.iiBii (J. M. Crlnulun, mana- 
cef). — The following is the bill for week of 
8: Hassmcr and Olivette, Sylvan and 
O'Noil, th'O Ryuns, Ada Daly, Mamie Con- 
nors, and tho stock. Business remains ex- 
cellent '' "" ' , , 

Manhattan Thkatmb has been leased by 
J. M. aud 0. A. Crlunlau, and will be opened 
Feb. 8, under the name of the Grand, with 
r. A. Crlunlau m charge. Chas. B. Rentz 
bus been engaged as stage manager. 

Aumtoiuvm Thkathe (J. M. Barton, man- 
ager). — People booked for week of 8 are: 
Johnson aud Sullivan's Burlesque Co., tho 
Mannings, Allen and Applotou, Mell Grant, 
Dunbar and Cusslday. Parker aud Roache, 
Raymond Sisters, Eddie Lauiout, uud Hadji 

■ ' 

Petersburg.— At the Academy of Music 
(Wm. E. French, munuger;. — "Florodora" 
proved u very" acceptable attraction, and 
was well received bv a good sized house, 
Juu. 30. S. Miller Kent eauceled 20. 

Danville. — At thu Academy of Music 

(John B. Wood, manager i . — "A Friend of 

thePunillv" plaved, to a well pleased house, 

Feb. 3. Lyuiau Twins, iu "At the Races," 0. 

< ■ a — 


ivn riii At tbo Grand (Chamberliu, Har- 

rlngtou & Co., managers.) — "The Wizard ot 
Oz," Feb. 3, had a big house, and Mrs. 
Leslie Cnrtcr, -1, fared tho same, making 
n most substantial bit. "Qulucy Adums Saw- 
ver," 0, 7, did well. Coming : "Isle of SplCc" 
12. Mrs. Flske 13, "King of Detectives" 14, 
"Hitppy Hooligan" 15. •'Pousse Cafe" 21. 

Main Stbkkt (Will 'Nusb, manager). — 
House will be closed 8, for two weeks, to 
mukc extensive alterations ordered by the 
eitv fire commission: A new and attractive 
lobby will be added, and a change made In 
the 'balcony, us well as new boxes added. 
ll will reopeu 21. ' 

Wkast's fP. A. Weast, proprietor). — Busi- 
ness Is entirely satisfactory. Week of 8: 
Uiwrence and York, Trainer and Button, 
Barrett Brothers, Starr Sisters, Frank and 
Ida Williams. 

Jacobs' (A. F. Jacobs, proprietor). — Good 
business Is being experienced. Week of 8 : 
Sadler and Sadler, Audersou and Wallace, 
Ahem and Baxter, GUmore and Lalour, tho 

Notes. — Bob FItzslmmous came up from 
St. Louis Feb. 1, and spent several days 
with friends. He has made arrangements 
to run a cafe there during the World's 

Fair Manager Nash has secured 

Mabel McKlnley and Jessie Couthoul for 
several one night stands in this part of tbo 
State. He also manages the Thomas Orches- 
tra, due at the Coliseum March 10. 
■ ___ 4»» 


Denver. — At the Broadway Theatre 
(Peter McCourt, manager). — Week of Feb. 
1, Howard Kyle, hi "Rosemary," bad good 
business. Week of 8, Mrs.- Lnuglry. 

TAiior. Gkimi Tiikatbc (Peter McCourt, 
munuger).— Week of 1 "Eight Bells" dkl 
good business. Week of 8. "A Hot Old Time." 

URi'iiuu.M Tiibatuu (Leo Honey, mana- 
ger).' — Week of 1 : Eight Vassar Girls, Ernest 
Hoguu and Muttle Wllkea, Rapoll, Harry 
Thompson, Alice Lyndon Doll, Zlska uud King 
und Muhcl Day played to crowded houses. 

Curtis MTilatbi; (A. L Pclton. mana- 
ger) .-^Week of 1 "Tho (lauiu Keeper" bad 
good business. Week of 8, "Ucartsof Oak." 

Nlw Cbvktal Tulatbh (Geo. Ira Adams, 
manager). — Week of 1 : Samson and Zaccho, 
Martin Trio, Homer A. Edwards, Karl una 
King, 'C. W. Williams, Jack and Paul, and 
Geo. Campbell bad good business. 

Novelty Tubatri) (Henry Lubclskl, man- 
ager).— Brlusley and Pellester, Uranus and 
Sweeny, Chas. Freeman,' Ellsworth Family, 
Mog> ebtls, tho Waltons, and R. V.